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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 50434

Chapter 50434 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Guo, S-qin.; Sun, Y-huan.; Fan, Y-ping.; Yu, X-dong.; Zhou, Z-guo.; Niu, L.; Cha, R-sheng., 2004:
Study on familial factors regarding injury-related behaviors in children

Study on familial outbreaks of alkaptonuria and articular chondrocalcinosis

WATANABE, S., 1961:
Study on far advanced chronic pulmonary tuberculosis, particularly its etiology, treatment and relationship with chemotherapy

He, Y.; Feng, S-juan.; Li, X-li.; Qiu, Z-jun., 2007:
Study on fast discrimination of varieties of acidophilous milk using near infrared spectra

He, J.; Chen, J.; Zhao, Q-Mei.; Qi, H-Bing., 2007:
Study on fast screening antifungus activity of endophytes from Pseudolarix kaempferi

Liu, J.; Zheng, C., 2005:
Study on feature extraction of the sleep-multigraph

Castells Cuixart, M.; Capdevila Prim, C.; Girbau Solà, T.; Rodríguez Caba, C., 2006:
Study on feeding behavior in school children aged 11-13 years from Barcelona

Honjo, S.; Sasaki, Y.; Kaneko, H.; Tachibana, K.; Murase, S.; Ishii, T.; Nishide, Y.; Nishide, T., 2003:
Study on feelings of school avoidance, depression, and character tendencies among general junior high and high school students

Tang, X-Ming.; Wang, Z-Xiang.; Shao, W-Lan.; Liu, J-Quan.; Fang, H-Ying.; Zhuge, J., 2003:
Study on fermentation condition of alkaline protease gene engineering strain and the purification and characterization of recombinant enzyme

Liu, W-Ming.; Wang, R-Zhao., 2006:
Study on fertillizer application techniques of annual Dioscoreae zingiberensis

Hong, P.; Zhu, P-yuan.; Huang, Y-feng.; Luan, J-feng., 2006:
Study on fetal SRY gene in maternal plasma using nested polymerase chain reaction

BARRY, J.; LEFRANC, G., 1961:
Study on fibers of the mamilloinfundibular projection in some mammals

BAGOLAN, P., 1951:
Study on fibromyolipomas originating in the intestinal wall

Zhou, X.; Wang, D.; Liang, G.; Zhang, X.; Zhang, Z., 2005:
Study on fingerprint chromatograms of water-soluble constituents of Salvia miltiorrhiza Bge. by high performance liquid chromatography

Li, T.; Wang, W-Jian.; Hu, X., 2005:
Study on fingerprint of unfinished product of Nauclea injection

Guan, J.; Bi, Z-ming.; Li, P., 2006:
Study on fingerprints of astragalosides injection by HPLC-ELSD

ILLUECA, A., 1957:
Study on first permanent molares in children of the population of Chorrera, Panama

Zhang, H.; Chen, Y.; Huang, R., 2005:
Study on flavonoids from Hedyotis diffusa Willd

Luo, J-guang.; Kong, L-yi., 2005:
Study on flavonoids from leaf of Ipomoea batatas

Yin, H.; Zhang, S.; Wu, J., 2004:
Study on flavonoids from stem bark of Pongamia pinnata

Li, L-Hong.; Yuan, Z., 2006:
Study on flavonoids in leaves of Apocynum ventum

Wang, Z-dong.; Wang, Y-tian., 2006:
Study on fluorescence analysis for carbamate pesticides

Li, G-zhi.; Liu, Y-ming., 2005:
Study on fluorescence characteristics of pefloxacin based on charge transfer reaction

Li, G-zhi.; Liu, Y-ming.; Li, G-zhi., 2005:
Study on fluorescence characteristics of pefloxacin-La(III) complex and its application

Huang, S.; Chen, L.; Ma, L., 1997:
Study on fluorescence method of pefloxacin

Yuan, W-En.; Jiang, Z-Liang.; Pan, H-Cheng., 2005:
Study on fluorescence quenching mechanism of HSA-PMA associated nanoparticle system

Liao, X-Wei.; Su, Y.; Wang, Y.; Zhao, Y.; Wu, X-Mei.; Liang, X-Qin., 2005:
Study on fluorescence spectra of four kinds of pyrazoline dimers

Qian, Y-ming.; Wang, Y.; Wu, X-mei.; Zhao, Y.; Liao, X-we., 2005:
Study on fluorescence spectra of the four heterocyclic compounds in solution

Wang, X-dong.; Yu, H-qin.; Wei, Q.; Chen, H-jun.; Du, B.; Zhao, X-hua., 2006:
Study on fluorescence spectral behavior of trimethoxyphenylflurone with gallium in microemulsion

Wu, F.; Haung, J., 2003:
Study on fluorescent properties and application of the new reagent DCOBAQS with aluminium

Xu, J-shui.; Wang, B.; Wang, C-xian.; Gou, H-jian.; Mi, Z-huang.; Ling, J-hua., 2006:
Study on fluoroquinolone resistance and the relationship between resistance and mutations of gyrA and parC in Neisseria gonorrhoeae

He, Y-Na.; Zhai, F-Ying.; Hu, Y-Song.; Wang, Z-Hong.; Yang, X-Guang., 2007:
Study on food and antioxidant intake in smokers and non-smokers in China

Wang, M.; Wang, Z.; Ran, L.; Han, H.; Wang, Y.; Yang, D., 2003:
Study on food contaminants monitoring in China during 2000-2001

Zhuo, Q.; Chen, X.; Piao, J.; Gu, Lüzhen., 2004:
Study on food safety of genetically modified rice which expressed cowpea trypsin inhibitor by 90 day feeding test on rats

Zhang, H-dong.; Chang, L.; Liu, X., 2003:
Study on forensic expertise of medical tangle

Study on formalin arthritis in rats treated with phenylbutazone

KRAUSE, H.J., 1959:
Study on formation of an artificial vagina with aid of the sigmoid

Study on fractures of the base of the cranium

Wang, Z-yu.; Qian, R-qin.; Guan, S-hong., 2003:
Study on free radical mechanism of guanxin II in antagonizing ischemic myocardial damage

Zhan, X-ping.; Lou, J-guo.; Jin, X-ying.; Sun, M.; Jin, C-yu.; Xu, X-hong.; Qin, G-ming.; Xu, Y-qi.; Bao, J., 2005:
Study on function of decoction for invigorating the kidney and improving blood circulation on rabbits blood stasis model

GASTEVA, Z.A., 1952:
Study on function of the respiratory apparatus in chronic pulmonary emphysema

Matsuura, M.; Matsuda, T.; Okubo, O.; Okubo, H.; Nemoto, Y.; Matsuda, R.; Shikanaka, N.; Kojima, T.; Fukumoto, M.; Matsushima, E.; Taira, M., 2004:
Study on functional MRI of abnormal eye movements associated with schizophrenia

STENZ, K., 1959:
Study on functional morphology of the liver of the fetus and newborn

Study on fusion capacity in the selection for occupations with high visional requirements

Lin, Y-lin.; Cheng, H-zhen., 2004:
Study on gallnuts development and its tannin amount

Su, J-jing.; Xie, H-jun.; Zhao, W-wei.; Han, H-xiong.; Gao, T.; Xu, L.; Tang, G-mei.; Ren, D-ming., 2003:
Study on gamma-synuclein gene in patients with idiopathic Parkinson's disease

Zou, K.; Liu, S.; Liu, J.; Liu, Y.; Hou, X.; Yi, C., 2003:
Study on gastric empty disorder after the gastric ulcer healing and therapeutic effect of cisapride

Han, G.; Li, X.; Tian, H.; Tong, N.; Ouyang, Q.; Yin, P., 2003:
Study on gastric motility and its relevant factors in type 2 diabetes

Chen, L-rong.; Wang, H-jun.; Xu, J-hong.; Yao, L-fang., 2003:
Study on gastrointestinal stromal tumors by electron microscopy and immunohistochemistry

Lu, G.; Wang, J.; Zhao, X.; Kong, H.; Xu, G., 2006:
Study on gender difference based on metabolites in urine by ultra high performance liquid chromatography/time of flight mass spectrometry

Liu, Y.; Deng, X-ming.; Li, J-bao., 2003:
Study on gene expression difference of polymorphonuclear neutrophils in early and late periods of systemic inflammatory response syndrome

Yu, C-ding.; Xu, S-hua.; Mou, H-zhou.; Jiang, Z-ming.; Zhu, C-hong.; Liu, X-lin., 2005:
Study on gene expression profile difference in gastric cancer, pericancerous mucosa and normal gastric mucosa from the distant cutting margin by oligonucleotide microarray

Hu, K.; Shi, Z.; Wang, H.; Feng, E.; Huang, L., 2005:
Study on gene knockout using red system in Shigella flexneri

Li, H.; Sun, X.; Bu, D.; Zhu, X., 2003:
Study on gene mutation in 11 Chinese families with Hailey-Hailey disease

Duan, S.; Li, H-Yi.; Chen, Z.; Chen, S-Qin.; Bi, X-Jie.; Chen, L-Ming.; Du, C-Shu., 2003:
Study on gene mutations of alpha-thalassemia in the South of China

Wang, X-Ying.; Liu, X-Mei., 2005:
Study on gene polymorphism of fumonisin-producing Fusarium verticillioides strains

Itokawa, M.; Arai, M.; Ujiie, H.; Sora, I.; Yoshikawa, T.; Ikeda, K., 2004:
Study on genes involved in pathogenesis of schizophrenia with DNA microarray

Lu, S-qi.; Wang, F-yun.; Zhang, K.; Xu, L-zhi., 2007:
Study on genetic approach in the detection of Cryptosporidium parvum and Giardia lamblia in acquired immunodeficiency syndrome patients

Study on genetic characteristics of vaccinal strains of influenza viruses type A2

Liu, J-zhong.; Wang, L-rong.; Huang, L-jia.; Xiao, B.; Zhou, Y., 2005:
Study on genetic diagnosis and prenatal diagnosis of alpha-thalassemia

Hemmati, R.; Javan-Nikkhah, M.; Okovvat, S.M.; Ghazanfari, K., 2006:
Study on genetic diversity of Magnaporthe grisea using PCR and determination of the mating type alleles distribution in Mazandaran province, Iran

Cui, G-hong.; Chen, M.; Huang, L-qi.; Liu, M-ting., 2006:
Study on genetic diversity of natural and cultivated Cistanche tubulosa

Sun, X-kun.; Xu, A-e.; Meng, W.; Wei, X-dong.; Jiang, Z-min.; Yan, X-feng.; Ou, Y-jie.; Lu, L-jun.; Chen, M-hua.; Zhang, D-min., 2006:
Study on genetic epidemiology on 815 patients with vitiligo in Zhejiang area

Yang, Y.Qin.; Li, J.Cheng.; Li, X.Hong.; Tang, Y.Mei.; Tang, X.Hua., 2005:
Study on genetic instability of NM23H1 gene in Chinese with the epithelial ovarian tumor

Lu, H.Ying.; Zhang, G.Qiang.; Li, J.Cheng., 2006:
Study on genetic instability of nm23H1 gene in Chinese with original gallbladder tumor

Xu, Y-ping.; Wang, M.; Zhu, L-jun.; Yao, S-hang.; Shao, L.; Ge, W-guo., 2005:
Study on genetic phenotype of asthma through examination of neonates' cord blood cells and interleukin-4

Chen, Y.; Ji, Z.; Xu, J.; Wu, C.; Li, G., 2005:
Study on genetic polymorphism of NQO1 and susceptibility to benzene poisoning

Jiang, J-hong.; Li, Z.; Su, G.; Jia, W-hua.; Zhang, R-hua.; Yu, X-juan.; Zhang, M.; Wen, J-ming.; Zeng, Y-xin., 2006:
Study on genetic polymorphisms of CYP2F1 gene in Guangdong population of China

Zhao, R.; Zhu, H.; Dao, J.; Li, Z., 2003:
Study on genotypes of cystathionine beta-synthase in neural tube defects

Si, J., 2003:
Study on genuineness of traditional Chinese medicine cortex Magnoliae officinalis

Zhang, H.; Ouyang, Q.; Wen, Z-hui.; Liu, W-ping.; Chen, D-yun.; Li, F-yuan., 2004:
Study on glucocorticoid receptor alpha and beta in colonic mucosal cell of patients with ulcerative colitis

He, S-li.; Dong, J-cheng.; Guan, Y-hui., 2004:
Study on glucose metabolic rate in non-small cell lung cancer patients with blood stasis syndrome and non-blood stasis syndrome

GEVAUDAN, P.; GAY, R.; ARNAUD, G., 1960:
Study on glutamic-oxalacetic transaminase activity in KB cells in normal culture and after inoculation with a virus related to that of choriomeningitis

Study on glutathione. I

Study on goiter. X. Importance of water in genesis of experimental goiter; conclusions

Zhang, W-ping.; Wang, J-min.; Ju, X-ping.; Song, X-min.; Tong, S-peng.; Li, H-mei., 2003:
Study on graft-versus-host disease in the allogeneic peripheral blood stem cell transplantation for the treatment of leukemia

RENDON PEON, A., 1951:
Study on granulosa cell tumors

Xiao, S.; Liu, Z., 2003:
Study on green upconversion luminescence of fluoride glasses doped with Nd3+

Kannan, V.; Ramesh, R.; Sasikumar, C., 2005:
Study on ground water characteristics and the effects of discharged effluents from textile units at Karur District

Study on growth of Rickettsia. V. Penetration of Rickettsia tsutsugamushi into mammalian cells in vitro

Shi, W.; Jiang, S.; Zhu, H., 2003:
Study on guideline of alga in source water

SJOSTROM, K.E., 1953:
Study on gustatory sense of psychiatric patients

IIZUKA, T., 1955:
Study on hair and hair type density in apes

Study on hazards of exposure in use of alkyl mercury compounds for seed treatment on small farms

Thapa, N.; Jha, A.Kumar.; Rijal, J.Prasad.; Shah, A., 2004:
Study on head and neck tumours presented in ENT OPD of Nepal Medical College Teaching Hospital

Pan, S.; He, Q-cheng.; Zhou, B-sen.; Yuan, Y., 2006:
Study on health economics regarding the screening of gastric cancer in Zhuanghe high risk area

Tian, B-chun.; Zhang, W.; Qian, L.; Lv, S-hong.; Cheng, Y-lan.; Zhang, J-bin.; Wang, Z-zhen.; Tian, X-yang.; Xiong, G-lian.; Yan, W-hong.; Zhang, X-wei., 2006:
Study on health related behaviors and its protective factors of junior middle school students in 4 cities of China

Zhong, J.; Lin, L.; Tan, J.; Lin, L.; Huang, L.; Liao, G., 2005:
Study on heavy metals in growing area soils and young fruit of Citrus grandis 'Tomentosa'

GIL COLLADO, J., 1962:
Study on hematophagic Diptera (the Simulidae family)

Yang, H-shen.; Pan, W-sen.; Zhang, L-tao.; Guan, J-tao.; Ma, J-yi.; Ma, N.; Fu, X-hua., 2004:
Study on hemodynamic changes and cardiac troponin I level in pig model of acute experimental pulmonary embolism

Study on hemoglobins; hemoglobin C disease in the white race; 1st case report in Cuba

Toyama, K.; Imazumi, T.; Yoshifuji, K.; Miyata, K.; Kawamura, M.; Kohama, I., 2005:
Study on hemosiderin deposition after intracerebral hemorrhage

Study on hemostasis in hepatobiliary diseases

Study on hemostatic properties of sodium alpha-naphthylamino-4-sulfonate

Duncan, A.Ebo.; de Vries, N.; Nyarko, K.Biritwum., 2018:
Assessment of Heavy Metal Pollution in the Sediments of the River Pra and Its Tributaries

Li, G.; Zhu, J.; Wu, L., 2003:
Study on hepatic-protective effect of "yinzhihuang" granula

Squeri, R.; La Fauci, V.; Sindoni, L.; Cannavò, G.; Ventura Spagnolo, E., 2007:
Study on hepatitis B and C serologic status among municipal solid waste workers in Messina (Italy)

Wang, S-ping.; Li, T-gang.; Wei, J-ni.; Shi, X-hong.; Li, S-zhen.; Feng, Y-liang.; Wang, X-jun., 2005:
Study on hepatitis B virus intrauterine infection state and its correlation factors

Xu, K.; Deng, X-zhao.; Ding, W-liang.; Gao, J.; Yu, R-bin.; Diao, Z-yu.; Tan, Y-fei.; Zhang, Y., 2006:
Study on hepatitis C virus genotyping in Yixing area, Jiangsu province

Luo, M-Yue.; Shan, H.; Jiang, Z-Bo.; Li, L-Fang.; Huang, H-Qing., 2003:
Study on hepatocellular carcinoma-associated hepatic arteriovenous shunt using multidetector CT

Huang, F-Jie.; Lv, Z-Bing.; Li, Q.; Wei, L-Jun.; Zhang, L.; Wu, W-Tong., 2005:
Study on hepatoprotective effect of peptide S-8300 from shark liver

Wu, P.; Zhang, J.; Su, Y.; Han, C.; Wang, Q.; Lu, J., 2003:
Study on hereditary toxicity of bass wood dust

Wang, F-Bao.; Fu, J-Feng.; Dong, L-Feng., 2005 :
Study on heredity laws of keratin membrane and sugar content in semi-leafless vegetable pea and their utilization in pea breeding

BRIHAYE, J., 1959:
Study on herpetic encephalitis & acute necrotizing encephalitis

COBELLIS, L., 1952:
Study on heterotrophic thyroid diseases

Zhou, K.Fu.; Chen, Q.Wei.; Liu, G.Fa.; Zheng, Q.Chang.; Yang, G.; Wang, H.Cong.; Chen, L., 2004:
Study on high efficiency tissue culture of mature seeds of rice (JiaHe-ZaoZhan)

Fei, J.; Yu, H-jun.; Zhou, J.; Huang, X-kai.; Liang, H-ping.; Jiang, Y-guang., 2005:
Study on high mobility group-1 protein in patients with multiple trauma

Li, H.; Ran, J.; Gou, L.; Wang, F., 2004:
Study on high strength mica-based machinable glass-ceramic

Liu, C.S.; Song, L.; Kong, B.H.; Ma, D.X.; Wei, M., 2003:
Study on high-efficiency gene transfer of pseudotyped HIV vector

Sun, J.; Hong, A.; Zhang, L.; Sun, F.; Song, Z., 2005:
Study on high-expression of soluble hbFGF in Escherichia coli

Kawashima, E.; Terui, Y.S.; Ishido, Y.; Yokozeki, K., 2003:
Study on highly diastereoselective synthesis of (2'R)-2'-deoxy[2'-2H]guanosine

Guan, R-Ling.; Zhu, H., 2006:
Study on highly effective emulsified viscosity reducer FTIR and +H NMR

Study on histamine of the feces; amount in normal and allergic subjects

GHIRON, V.; DINIA, C., 1952:
Study on histogenesis of cancer

Study on history of hygiene in the USSR

Ren, D.; Yi, H.; Xie, W.; Ma, X., 2006:
Study on homogeneity of enzymatic degradation of chitosan as biomaterials by gel permeation chromatography

Study on homogeneous BCG suspensions prepared with tween 80

Meng, W.; Yang, T-bao.; Tan, H-zhuan.; Li, S-qi.; Liu, A-zhong.; Zhou, J.; Xie, M-zhi.; Tang, X-min.; Tang, S-lin.; Zhang, X-min.; Xiang, B-lin.; He, H-xian.; Li, L-lin., 2003:
Study on hospitalization expenses of flood disaster areas' residents of Dongting Lake in Hunan province in 1998

Yan, G.; Su, Y.; Ai, G., 2004:
Study on human amniotic membrane loaded with marrow mesenchymal stem cells and epidermis cells in promoting healing of wound combined with radiation injury

Huang, W.; Peng, D.; Zeng, S.; Qiu, P.; Li, S.; Zheng, S., 2003:
Study on human eye ciliary muscule cell culture and biologic characteristics

Xia, Z.; Han, J.; Wang, S.; Zeng, R.; Zhu, M.; Qi, H.; Chen, D.; Wu, X.; Gong, F.; Chen, S., 2005:
Study on human leukocyte antigen G1 reducing xeno-cell-rejection by transfecting porcine endothelial cells

Study on human sperm in repeated abortion

Study on hyaluronic acid and variations of its molecular size

Song, S.; Peng, C.; Gonzalez-Olivares, M.A.; Lopez-Valdivieso, A.; Fort, T., 2005:
Study on hydration layers near nanoscale silica dispersed in aqueous solutions through viscosity measurement

Dong, Y.; Zhang, Q.; Liu, B.; Guo, Z.; Lin, P.; Pu, Y., 2005:
Study on hydroxyapatite porous scaffold bonded by phosphates and its biocompatibility

Study on hygienic conditions at the tobacco plant and nicotine establishment in Debrecen; control of dust and nicotine poisoning

Tang, Y.; Deng, C.; Du, Q.; Li, G., 2003:
Study on hypermethylation of the calcitonin gene in malignant hematological disorders

Zhu, J., 2003:
Study on hypertension optimal treatment (HOT) and its inspiration

Yu, J-wen.; Lu, J-bo.; Zhang, X-juan.; Yang, Y-bin.; Yu, S-yi.; Liu, B-liu., 2005:
Study on hyperuricemia with hyperlipaemia, high blood sugar and hypertension in 1320 elderly people

Lu, L.; Zhao, Y., 2004:
Study on hypoglycemic action and active constituents of Momordica charantia L

ZAMBONI, P., 1954:
Study on hypotension induced by tetraethylammonium

Pan, A-hua.; Liu, J., 2005:
Study on identification of aconiti by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry

Xu, G.; Zhou, J.; Liu, W., 2006:
Study on identification of expiratory phase X-ray image

Yang, D-ye.; Cai, S-qing.; Wang, X.; Yang, W-lian.; Tani, T.; Yamaji, S.; Namba, T., 2006:
Study on identification of wild and cultirated Radix Scutellariae in different growing years

Zhang, H-xia.; Deng, Z-hua.; Yu, J-qun.; Xie, N.; Zhou, X-rong.; Chang, Y-feng.; Huang, L., 2006:
Study on identification using frontal sinus computer radiographic films of Han population in Sichuan province

Zheng, A.Ping.; Sun, H.Qing.; Li, P.; Tan, F.Rong.; Zheng, X.Li.; Li, Z., 2006:
Study on identification, colonization and reorganization of rice endophytic bacteria

ROYER, P., 1960:
Study on idiopathic hypophosphatemic vitamin-resistant rickets

MATHIEU, H., 1961:
Study on idiopathic hypophosphatemic vitamin-resistant rickets in children

Chen, S-Ren.; Luo, Y-Ping.; Zhang, J-Kun.; Yang, W.; Zhen, Z-Chao.; Chen, L-Xin.; Zhang, W., 2004:
Study on immune function of dendritic cells in patients with esophageal carcinoma

Dong, S-ying.; Ying, C-qing.; Wen, Y.; Lu, M-jun., 2006:
Study on immunocyte proliferation and DNA damage induced by lead in mice

Mei, L.; Zhou, R.; Lu, H-Song.; Bei, W-Cheng.; Liu, W-Hong.; Lin, L-Wen.; Hong, W-Zhou.; Chen, H-Chun., 2006:
Study on immunogenicity of the N-terminal polypeptide of RTX toxin I of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae

URINSON, R.M.; ORLOVA, L.D., 1961:
Study on immunological properties of the organism in chronic and acute leukemias

Yang, S.; Zhang, Y.X.; Lu, X.D., 2003:
Study on immunomodulating mechanism of the active fraction of liuwei dihuang decoction

Qu, P.; Sui, Y-Fang.; Guo, A-Lin.; Cao, Y-Xin.; Dong, H-Long.; Lu, S-Ying.; Ye, J.; Zhang, X-Min., 2004:
Study on immunoreaction induced by DCs loaded with hepatocarcinoma antigen peptide in-vitro

Wang, J.; Zheng, J.; Yang, X-Feng.; Kong, L-Hong.; Lai, B-Chang.; Si, L-Sheng.; Wang, Y-Li., 2004:
Study on immunoregulatory functions of E.coli heat-labil enterotoxin B subunit

Li, Y-Peng.; Li, Y-Jun.; Han, C-Hui.; Li, Y-Wei.; Zhao, X.; Jiang, T.; Zhong, K.; Zhang, J.; Chen, T.; Ji, R., 2006:
Study on immunorepressive mice model by gamma irradiation

Su, R-qiang.; He, Y.; Wang, R-cheng.; Zhao, L-hua., 2003:
Study on improvement of dissolution rate of water-honeyed pills of six herbs with rehmunnia by technique of super fine crushing

Zhu, L-qun.; Liu, Y-hua.; Huang, M.; Wei, H.; Liu, Z., 2004:
Study on improvement of islet beta cell function in patients with latent autoimmune diabetes mellitus in adults by integrative Chinese and Western medicine

Kuang, R-Ren.; Qian, F.; Li, Z.; Wei, D-Zhi., 2006:
Study on improving the selectivity of compounds that inhibit two PI3Ks (gamma and delta)

Sun, Z.; Liu, J.; Xu, S., 2006:
Study on improving the turbidity measurement of the absolute coagulation rate constant

Huang, Y.; Zhang, J.; Dai, P.; Qiu, X-qing., 2004:
Study on in vitro and in vivo antibacterial activity of pheromonicin-SA

Cheng, Y-jun.; Zang, C.; Zhao, X-mei.; Feng, Q-ran., 2004:
Study on in vitro dissolution rate of geniposide in huangqin qingfei dispersible tablet

Sun, X.; Zhao, L.; Hu, Y.; Du, J.; Yuan, Z.; Cui, G., 2005:
Study on in vivo drug delivery and repairing large segmental infected bony defect with massive reconstituted bovine xenograft aided by calcium phosphate cement drug core

Zhao, L.; Chen, Y-Hai.; Zuo, Y-Hua.; Wang, H-Ning.; Shi, W-Hua., 2006:
Study on in-plane optical anisotropy of semiconductor materials by reflectance difference spectroscopy

Bigliardi, L.; Sansebastiano, G., 2006:
Study on inactivation kinetics of hepatitis A virus and enteroviruses with peracetic acid and chlorine. New ICC/PCR method to assess disinfection effectiveness

KUNERT, H.; JUPTNER, H., 1952:
Study on incidence of toxoplasmosis

FRANKE, W., 1958:
Study on incidental biliary tract demonstration after surgical fistula formation

Tian, L.; Zhang, J-Ming.; Huang, L-Ping.; Chen, K-Shan., 2006:
Study on increasing anti-fungi activity of marine microbes by mixed culture

Weng, Y.; Shen, F.; Zhang, X.Ming., 2006:
Study on increasing expression of adrenomedullin in diabetic rats' retinal pigment epithelium cells

Study on indemnifiable traumatic hernias; evaluation and critique of 4 years experience in an industrial accident insurance surgical service

Xu, F-ying.; Dong, J-kang.; Zhu, Y-min.; Qu, M-juan.; Wang, F-juan.; Jin, Y-sen.; Ren, G-ping.; Lai, M-de., 2005:
Study on independent factors on the prognosis of colorectal carcinoma: TNM stage, tumor budding, perineural invasion, peritumoral-lymphocytic infiltration and urine glucose

Hong, Y-long.; Feng, Y.; Xu, D-sheng., 2006:
Study on index for formulation optimization of sustained or controlled released dosage forms

FASANOTTI, A., 1953:
Study on indifferentiated muscular tumors of the esophagus

Study on individual prescriptions in pharmacies in Tashkent and in the Tashkent Region of the Uzbek Republic

Niu, Y-ping.; Gao, R.; Helen, T., 2003:
Study on induction of ginsenosides on HL-60 cell apoptosis

Duan, Y-Zi.; Ke, S-Ying.; Cao, J.; Niu, Y-Ze.; Peng, C-Zhong., 2006:
Study on induction of polyploidy in Salvia bowleyana by colchicine treatment

Study on infant mortality in a Paris pediatric hospital from 1926 to 1950

Liu, G-wen.; Yan, M-ying.; Qi, G-ming.; Gao, S-yi.; Kan, B., 2005:
Study on infection of different strains of Vibro cholerae O1 by El Tor CTXPhi

Saeedizadeh, A.; Kheiri, A.; Okhovvat, S.M.; Zad, J., 2006:
Study on infection symptoms of root-knot nematode, Meloidogyneja vanica, on the stem of the tomato seedlings in greenhouse

KOIKE, S.; MURASE, S.; OOMI, A., 1962:
Study on infection with drug resistant tubercle bacilli from patients among the already tuberculin-positive persons without tuberculous lesions in a workshop

DONETS, I.I., 1961:
Study on infectious properties of pathogens of botulism type C

Yang, X.; Liao, Y.; Xian, S.; Liang, X.; Wei, W.; Wan, M., 2004:
Study on infiltration glass for machinable-infiltrated-ceramic and on its colorants

Wang, G-zhi.; Li, W-guang.; He, W-jie.; Han, H-da.; Ding, C.; Ma, X-na.; Qu, Y-ming., 2007:
Study on influence between activated carbon property and immobilized biological activated carbon purification effect

Tanaka, K.; Endo, S.; Ivannikov, A.; Toyoda, S.; Tieliewuhan, E.; Zhumadilov, K.; Miyazawa, C.; Suga, S.; Kitagawa, K.; Hoshi, M., 2006:
Study on influence of X-ray baggage scan on ESR dosimetry for SNTS using human tooth enamel

Jia, S-wei.; Wang, Q-shi.; Xu, W-gui., 2003:
Study on influence of acupunctural signal on energy metabolism of human brain by positron emission tomography

Chen, B-Yu.; Qin, J.; Chen, D-Wei.; Hu, H-Yang.; Yin, Y-Shu.; Yang, K-Liang.; Luo, Y-Fan., 2007:
Study on influence of buffer system on separate capacity of macroporous resin on ferulic liposome

Wang, Q-Zhen.; Ma, A-Guo.; Xue, M-Lan.; Sun, Y-Ye.; Zhang, X., 2005:
Study on influence of different dosage of vitamin E on peripheral blood cell activities in rats

Wang, Q.; Liu, R-Xia.; Guo, H-Zhu.; Zhu, Z-Ning.; Bi, K-Shun.; Guo, D-An., 2006:
Study on influence of processing methods on chemical constituents in Radix Paeoniae Alba

Study on influence of renal elimination on antigenicity of proteins

Jia, C.; Zhang, B.; Huang, M., 2003:
Study on influencing factors of the by-product CHCl3 produced in the electrochemical sterilization process

Li, H-Xia.; Yang, T-Yao.; Yang, T-Liang.; Ge, F-Huan.; Pan, W-San.; Yang, X-Gang.; Chen, J-Min., 2006:
Study on ingredients of essential oils of Curcuma wenyujin extracted by supercritical-CO2 fluid extraction and steam distillation

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Study on inhibiting the intimal hyperplasia after rabbit artery injury by local transfection of tissue-type plasminogen activator gene

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Study on inhibition on alpha-glucosidase and analysis of the hypoglycemic composition of lobster sauce

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Study on inhibitory actions of san huang yi gan capsule (SHYGC) on HBeAg with seropharmacological method

Li, N.; Fan, X-Gong.; Chen, Z-Hui.; Zhu, C., 2005:
Study on inhibitory effect of CpG-ODN on HBV replication in vitro

Liu, D.; Luo, M., 2003:
Study on inhibitory effect of ampelopsin on melanoma by serologic pharmacological method

Hao, J-hui.; Yu, M.; Shi, Y-rong.; Li, Q.; Hao, X-shan., 2003:
Study on inhibitory effect of antisense VEGF RNA on the growth of hepatocellular in vitro in vivo

Huang, J.; Zhang, M-jie.; Qiu, F-ming., 2005:
Study on inhibitory effect of matrine on cyclooxygenase-2 expression in colon cancer HT-29 cell line

Wei, S.; Li, Y.; Zheng, Q.; Wei, J.; Zhou, L.; Zuo, Y., 2004:
Study on injectable bioactive bone repairing material of nano-hydroxyapatite and polyamide-66 composite

Chen, S-yang.; Zhou, J.; Li, Z-jie.; Wu, Y-qun., 2004:
Study on injuries from emergency departments in 25 general hospitals

COLENO, R., 1960:
Study on injurious fish and on the injuries caused in man by fish

Study on innervation of cerebral capillaries

Yang, T-xin.; Wang, H-lei.; Wang, C-lin.; Zhai, Z-xi.; Guo, Y-hai.; Wang, S-an., 2005:
Study on inoculation technology of Cistanche tubulosa in the field

Study on inoperable lung cancer. On radon seed insertion therapy

Ono, K.; Oshima, K.; Ishiguro, D.; Iwaki, K.; Wakutsu, S.; Eihara, Y.; Fujimoto, H.; Mori, M.; Nakamura, K.; Huang, J-Kung.; Ushijima, S., 2005:
Study on inpatient care of patients with borderline personality disorder

Li, D.Y.; Zhang, G.C.; Ye, J., 1995:
Study on inspection method of anaerobes in periodontal pockets

Chang, F-shui.; Wang, Y.; Luo, L.; Sun, M., 2006:
Study on insufficiency of government investment to the centers of disease prevention and control

Parkash, I.; Rao, P.S., 2004:
Study on integration of the National Leprosy Eradication Programme into primary health care services: a pilot project

Li, Z-ying.; Zhang, X-xian.; Xu, Z-cheng., 2005:
Study on integrative point of traditional and western medicine--from "integrative disease and syndrome" to "integrative pathological process and syndrome"

Li, Z-wei.; Pan, J-jun.; Zhang, J-bao., 2005:
Study on intelligent system of hyper-spectral data gathering based on GPS in farm machinery

Li, Z-Wei.; Pan, J-jun.; Zhang, J-bao., 2007:
Study on intelligent system of hyper-spectral data gathering based on wireless data communication technology in farm machinery

Zhou, J-hong.; Feng, Y-ying.; Wu, X-hong.; Yang, H.; Xing, W.; Lu, T-hong., 2005:
Study on interaction between CT-DNA and cytochrome C using UV-vis spectroscopy and electrochemistry

Pan, B.; Gao, F.; He, R.; Cui, D.; Zhang, Y., 2005:
Study on interaction between poly(amidoamine) dendrimer and CdSe nanocrystal in chloroform

Saeedizadeh, A.; Kheiri, A.; Okhovat, M.; Hoseininejad, A., 2004:
Study on interaction between root-knot nematode Meloidogyne javanica and wilt fungus Verticillium dahliae on olive seedlings in greenhouse

Ye, F-Bing.; Dong, Y-Yan.; Zhou, P.; Mo, X-Man.; Hu, X-Wen., 2006:
Study on interaction between sulfonylurea herbicides and catalase by fluorescence spectroscopy

Jia, Y.; Zheng, X.; Hu, J., 2003:
Study on interaction between the metal ion in the active site of cytochrome C and trace elements by ultraviolet spectroscopy

Li, J.; Wu, B-yan.; Jiang, Y-rong., 2004:
Study on interaction of Radix Paeoniae 801 and endothelin-1 by using a piezoelectric quartz crystal biosensor

Ohyama, T.; Sasagawa, A.; Terui, N.; Mita, H.; Yamamoto, Y., 2003:
Study on interaction of a cationic porphyrin with DNA

Feng, S.; Li, Z-ping.; Zhang, S-hong.; Fang, Z., 2006:
Study on interaction of adriamycin and DNA with a resonance light scattering technique and its DNA analytical application

Bordbar, A-Khalegh.; Omidiyan, K.; Hosseinzadeh, R., 2004:
Study on interaction of alpha-amylase from Bacillus subtilis with cetyl trimethylammonium bromide

Wang, J.; Guo, C.; Liang, X-Feng.; Zheng, L-Li.; Chen, S.; Ma, J-He.; Liu, H-Zhou., 2006:
Study on interaction of anionic surfactant SDS and bovine serum albumin by fourier transform infrared spectroscopy

Bian, W.; Wei, Y-li.; Wang, Y-ping.; Dong, C., 2006:
Study on interaction of caffeine and theophylline with bovine serum albumins

Grimling, B.; Pluta, J., 2005:
Study on interaction of gastrointestinal agents in the presence of cytoprotective drugs. Part III. In vitro study on the adsorption of selected prokinetic drugs on sucralfate

Ohno, K-ichi.; Suzuki, S.; Fukushima, T.; Maeda, M.; Santa, T.; Imai, K., 2003:
Study on interactions of endocrine disruptors with estrogen receptor using fluorescence polarization

Suzuki, S.; Ohno, K-ichi.; Santa, T.; Imai, K., 2003:
Study on interactions of endocrine disruptors with estrogen receptor-beta using fluorescence polarization

Han, M-yong.; Zheng, S.; Yu, J-ming.; Peng, J-ping.; Guo, Q-sen.; Wang, J-lin., 2004:
Study on interleukin-18 gene transfer into human breast cancer cells to prevent tumorigenicity

Abe, Y.; Hyuga, D.; Yamada, S.; Aoki, K., 2006:
Study on internal flow and surface deformation of large droplet levitated by ultrasonic wave

Shi, W-guo.; Qu, L.; Wang, J-wen., 2003:
Study on interventing effect of puerarin on insulin resistance in patients with coronary heart disease

Lai, Y-nan.; Luo, J-wei.; Liu, X-dong., 2005:
Study on interventional ultrasonic thrombus ablation technique

Study on intestinal parasites in miners and recruited workers

Study on intracardiac pressures before and after ligation of the inferior vena cava

Study on intradermal reaction to formol Treponema suspensions in syphilitics and normal subjects

Liu, Y-Song.; Ma, L-Ting.; Wu, Z-Quan., 2004:
Study on intraluminal embolization with microcoils treating traumatic pseudoaneurysms in common carotid artery in rabbits

Wu, R.; Song, H.; Su, Q., 2003:
Study on intramolecular energy transfer and relaxation processes of rare earth complexes by photoacoustic and fluorescence spectroscopy

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Study on intrapartum service model during normal labor

Pan, C-mei.; Li, W.; He, H.; Deng, W-qiu.; Li, T-hui.; Xu, H-hua., 2006:
Study on intraspecific genetic diversity in different plant populations of Pogostemon cabli

Gui, Q-di.; Yue, Y-fei.; Li, S-hong.; Zhang, F., 2005:
Study on intrauterine infection of hepatitis B virus in pregnant women with hepatitis B surface antigen and hepatitis B e antigen negative

Wang, Y.; Peng, C.; Zhang, G.; Liu, Y.; Li, H.; Shan, J., 2003:
Study on invasion and metastasis related factors in differentiation of SMMC-7721 cells induced by matrine

Zhou, Y.; Shao, G.; Mou, S., 1997:
Study on ion chromatography (IC) for the low-molecular weight amines

Liu, J-feng.; Song, Z-guang.; Xu, T., 2007:
Study on ionic composition of rainwater at Guangzhou and the primary factors of rainwater acidity

OGAWA, H., 1961:
Study on iontophoresis therapy at genitourinary lesion (esp. gonorrheal urethritis of male)

Zhong, L-Yun.; Wu, H.; Zhang, K-Wei.; Wang, Q-Ru., 2007:
Study on irritation of calcium oxalate crystal in raw Pinellia ternata

Chen, H-Hong.; Li, W-Jun.; Zhang, Y-Qin.; Wang, D.; Tang, S-Kun., 2005:
Study on isolation and systematic taxonomy of strains of genus Nesterenkonia

Anonymous, 1953 :
Study on isoniazide in France in 1952

MURGIA, P., 1952:
Study on isonicotinic acid hydrazide therapy of tuberculosis

Sun, Z.; Li, E.; Zhou, F., 2006:
Study on isozymes of farm cultivars of Fructus trichosanthis from Shandong

Borin, L.Andreia.; Martins-Santos, I.Cristina., 2004:
Study on karyotype and occurrence of B chromosomes in two endemic species of the genus Pimelodus (Siluriformes, Pimelodidae) from the river Iguaçu

Qiu, J-Ying.; Lai, Y-Yun.; Chai, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Shi, Y.; He, Q.; Dang, H.; Lu, D-Pei., 2004:
Study on karyotype of 306 cases of myelodysplastic syndrome

Ma, J-min.; Liu, N.; Chen, A-ping.; Yang, G-huan., 2005:
Study on knowledge, attitudes and behaviors regarding infectious diseases among Chinese people in 2002

Yang, D-Qin.; Liu, T-Jia.; Zhou, X-Dong.; He, K-Fan.; Li, S.; Zhuang, H., 2005:
Study on lactate dehydrogenase activity of Streptococcus mutans isolates derived from caries-active and caries-free individuals

Study on lactoflavin metabolism. I. Intramuscular administration test as a rapid means for the study of disorders of flavin metabolism

Study on lactoflavin metabolism. II. Variations of lactoflavin elimination after administration of flavin and bi- and trivalent iron in malaria

Zhao-Rang, H.; Feng-Qi, L.; Bai, Y.; Li-Li, C.; Xin-Yi, T., 2005:
Study on laminar viscosity and zero shear viscosity of latex systems

Liu, H.; Cao, S.; Ren, X-Bao.; Zhang, P.; An, X-Mei.; Hao, X-Shan., 2005:
Study on large-scale CD34+ cell enrichment using immunomagnetic isolation apparatus

Song, Q.; LI, Q.; Xu, Y.; Dai, J.; Yu, S.; Chen, C.; Ma, X.; Lin, W.; Yao, S., 2005:
Study on laser flash spectroscopy of laser-induced interaction of DNA and polynucleotides with SO4*-

Song, Q.; Sun, H.; Li, Q.; Xu, Y.; Chen, C.; Yu, S.; Ma, X.; Wang, W.; Yao, S., 2005:
Study on laser flash spectroscopy of processes of photoionization of tyrosine: pH effects

Jiang, S-He.; Lou, X-Fa.; Li, S-Sha.; Cui, H-Rui., 2005:
Study on laws of clinical and basic integration acupuncture

Study on leptospirae of southern Viet-Nam

Wei, S-li.; Wang, W-quan.; Wang, H., 2004:
Study on licorice resources and their sustainable utilization in center and western area of China

GERDES, K.; MAURER, W., 1957:
Study on life time of fibrinogen in men and rabbits

Xiao, G-bing.; Lei, L.; Dempsey, P.; Ma, Z-hua.; Liang, Y-xin., 2004:
Study on lifting-related musculoskeletal disorders among workers in metal processing

Mei, Y.; Shi, Y-jun.; Zuo, G-qing.; Gong, J-ping.; Liu, C-an.; Li, X-hong.; Ren, M-jun., 2005:
Study on ligustrazine in reversing multidrug resistance of HepG2/ADM cell in vitro

Fu, H-xia.; Zhang, J-ying.; Li, G-shan.; Li, Y.; Xu, J-li.; Zhao, Z-niu., 2006 :
Study on linkage between polymorphism of interleukin 6 gene -572C/G and susceptibility to myocardial infarction

Study on lipoprotein from salting of serum in five patients with the nephrotic syndrome

Zhang, R.; Liu, Y.; Yang, L-chuan.; Bai, H.; Liu, B-wen., 2003:
Study on lipoprotein lipase gene Hind III polymorphism in Chinese type IIb hyperlipoproteinemia

Yu, Y-hong.; Li, X-chun.; Wu, T.; Tu, P-fei., 2005:
Study on liposome preparation technique of Bupleurum chinense volatile oil for injection

ADLER, B., 1951:
Study on lobotomy

Gao, P.; Yin, Z.; Liu, Y.; Wang, S.; Fan, H., 2006:
Study on long-term potentiation in developing rat visual cortex during the critical period of plasticity

Cong, W-Ming.; Zhang, S-Hui.; Xian, Z-Hong.; Wu, W-Qing.; Wu, M-Chao., 2005:
Study on loss of heterozygosity and microsatellite instability in hepatocellular carcinoma

Li, B.; Xu, Y., 2004:
Study on loss of heterozygosity at microsatellite locus in larynx and pharynx squamous cell carcinoma and neck lymph nodes

Wang, F-di.; Fan, W.; Wang, X-cai.; Ji, L-zhong.; Zhang, Y-ming.; Zhang, G-ying.; Yao, Y-ping.; Jin, X-peng., 2005:
Study on low back pain in decoration board workers

Shao, T-Juan.; Sun, M.; Zheng, J-Sheng.; Wang, Y-Jun.; Qiu, X-Bao., 2005:
Study on low-temperature alkaline lipase from Bohaisea-9145

ISHIKAWA, M., 1962:
Study on lumbar intervertebral disk herniation, with special reference to the pathological aspects

Sun, Z.; Wang, L.; Guo, C.; Wang, X.; Chen, J.; Zhang, X.; Zhu, G.; Zhang, Q., 2005:
Study on luminescence of the serial new ternary or tetradic complexes complexes of Eu (III) with beta-diketone

Sun, J-yue.; Xia, Z-guo.; Du, H-yan., 2006:
Study on luminescence properties of Eu2+ in (Sr, Ca)4Si3O8Cl4 host lattice

Zhang, S-ying.; Wei, K., 2005:
Study on luminescence property of nanocrystalline Y2O3:Eu3+ red phosphor

Lü, J-chun.; Chen, J-kun.; Ji, W-dong.; Jiang, Y-guo.; Shi, Lü-yuan.; Wu, Z-liang.; He, M.; Zeng, B-hang., 2004:
Study on lung carcinogenesis associated genes in human lung squamous cell carcinoma and malignant transformation of human bronchial epithelial cells induced by carcinogen

Raju, P.Sitarama.; Prasad, K.V.V.; Ramana, Y.Venkata.; Ahmed, S.Kabir.; Murthy, K.J.R., 2003:
Study on lung function tests and prediction equations in Indian male children

Study on lung innervation in adult hen

TAKAGI, S., 1954:
Study on lymph-nodes metastasis detected in pelvis at the radical operation of carcinoma of the cervix uteri

GULLINO, P., 1950:
Study on lymphatic nodules. I. Morphological aspects of lymphatic nodules in disease

GULLINO, P., 1950:
Study on lymphatic nodules. II. Experimental reproduction of morphological varieties of lymphatic nodules

GULLINO, P., 1950:
Study on lymphatic nodules. III. Morphogenesis and correlation of the various forms of experimentally reproduced lymphatic nodules

GULLINO, P., 1950:
Study on lymphatic nodules. IV. Synthesis of experimental results

Chen, C.; Zhan, J-biao.; Shen, F-ping.; Shen, J-gen., 2005:
Study on lysosomes degradation of ricin A chain

Liu, S-hua.; Cheng, G.; Li, S-wei.; Tian, W-dong.; Liu, L., 2005:
Study on mRNA expression of fibronectin and integrin beta1 during fracture healing

Li, W.; Liu, Y.; Jin, Z-jun.; Feng, Y-ji.; Huang, L-mei.; Chen, J., 2006:
Study on mRNA expression of the human novel gene NM23-H1B in ovarian tumor

Li, H.; You, D-Qiang.; Zhou, C-Ren.; Ran, J-Guo., 2006:
Study on machinable glass-ceramic containing fluorophlogopite for dental CAD/CAM system

You, J.; Wang, Z.; Zhang, G.; Ren, J.; Jiang, G., 2005:
Study on magnesium ionization in cathodic sputtering glow discharge plasma

Xu, D.; Wu, Y.; Wang, P.; Xu, Y.; Meng, A.; Li, H.; Liu, Z.; Zhu, R., 2003:
Study on making pneumoconiosis model and method of lung lavage in rabbit

MATSUI, K., 1959:
Study on malignant lymphoma, especially on the lymphoid-cell-producing tumor of the lymph node of human and mice

Iannacchero, R.; Cannistrà, U.; La Vitola, A.; Peltrone, F.; De Caro, E., 2005:
Study on management of headache by general practitioners in South Italy

Luo, L.; Waang, Y.; Sun, M.; Su, Z-Xin.; Ma, N.; Xie, H.; Wang, W.; Yu, J.; Yu, M.; Duan, Y.; Gong, X.; Chen, Z.; Wang, H.; Shi, P.; Liang, Z.; Yang, F.; Wang, D.; Yue, J.; Luo, S.; Hao, M., 2006:
Study on manpower allocation criteria of center of disease prevention and control in the context of province level, city level and county level

Liu, J.; Zhang, Y.; Zhang, Q.; Wang, L.; Zhang, J., 2007:
Study on mapping quantitative trait loci for animal complex binary traits using Bayesian-Markov chain Monte Carlo approach

Ma, X-jun.; Li, X-wen.; Du, J.; Xue, M.; Li, T.; Luo, Y-cheng., 2006:
Study on marking method for germplasm evaluation of Pinellia ternata

Li, Q.; Yan, H.; Wang, Q-li.; Kang, Y-jun.; Dang, S-nong., 2006:
Study on maternal health care status to agricultural and nomadic counties in Tibet Autonomous Region of China

Zhang, R-bao.; He, Q-ying.; Yang, R-hong.; Lu, B-bing.; Liu, Y-jing., 2006:
Study on matrix metalloproteinase 1, 9, 12 polymorphisms and susceptibility to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease among Han nationality in northern China

Wu, T.; Zhang, L-Shi.; Li, F-Qin.; Ji, R., 2006:
Study on maximum limits for Salmonella in milk and milk products

Study on measles

Lin, W.; Fan, L.; Gan, C.; Xu, B.; Zhu, Z., 2006:
Study on measurement of dispersive characteristics of higher order mode Lamb waves

Zeng, J.; Liang, D-kai.; Zeng, Z-wu.; Du, Y., 2006 :
Study on measurement of liquid refractive index by analyzing SPR spectrum character

Shao, Q-fang.; Dong, M.; Xie, X-hong.; Zeng, L-ping.; Leng, L-bao., 2005:
Study on measuring host-guest ratio of inclusion compound of beta-CD-permethrin by IR

Chen, Y.; Tan, X.; Deng, Q., 2003:
Study on measuring method of pulse oxygen saturation in clinical monitor

Chen, C-Zhi.; Ye, C-Xiu., 2006:
Study on mechanical circulatory support and currently available supporting parts in China

Chen, K.; Luo, S., 2003:
Study on mechanical compression regulating the proliferation of young growing rat masticatory myocyte in vitro

Tian, J.; Fan, Y-bo.; Sun, X-min.; Chu, Y.; Sun, Z-qiu., 2003:
Study on mechanical factors involved in sports muscle injury

Chao, Y.L.; Ding, X.Y.; Liang, X.; Han, X.L., 2004:
Study on mechanical properties of titanius alloy samples fabricated with vacuum-sintered powder metallurgy

Lian, F.; Liu, H-ping.; Wang, Y-xia., 2006:
Study on mechanism of Quyujiedu method in treating endometriosis of stasis-toxic syndrome type

Study on mechanism of acid and ammonia excretion by kidney after acid load

Sun, L-Rong.; Gao, B-Chang., 2005:
Study on mechanism of apoptosis of HL-60 cells induced by cytarabine

Sun, S.; Zhou, Q.; Hou, W.; Wu, Q.; Chen, G., 2003:
Study on mechanism of different PHAs during heating by FTIR

Duan, H.; Zhao, Y.; Yu, D.; Xia, E-lan., 2005:
Study on mechanism of infertility or sterility caused by uterine septa and reproductive prognosis after hysteroscopic metroplasty

Study on mechanism of leukocytic response in man after leukopenic treatment with antimitotics

Ha, W.S.; Kim, C.K.; Song, S.H.; Kang, C.B., 2003:
Study on mechanism of multistep hepatotumorigenesis in rat: development of hepatotumorigenesis

Xie, J.; Chen, Q-yong.; Zhou, J-ying., 2005:
Study on mechanism of tea polyphenols in inducing human lung cancer cell apoptosis in vitro

Shan, B-en.; Fu, X-mei.; Hua, Z-xiang.; Li, Q.; Liang, W.; Liu, J.; Zhang, H.; Liu, G., 2005:
Study on mechanism of the anti-tumor activity of Acanthopanax gracilistylus

Lu, X.; Hao, J.; Wang, Z., 2006:
Study on mechanism of the circulation reconstructing of skin flap after early-repeated short ischemia training

Wu, F-huo.; Liu, X-mei.; Guo, S-hua., 2006:
Study on mechanism of yangxincao capsule in regulating lipid metabolism

Wang, C-Pin.; Wu, Y-Lin., 2006:
Study on mechanism underlying the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis by Keshiling

Song, D.; Na, X.; Liu, Y.; Chi, X., 2003:
Study on mechanisms of human gastric carcinoma cells apoptosis induced by genistein

Study on medical application of the logetronography. 1

Yan, H.; Ding, X.; Peng, C.; Xiao, S., 2004:
Study on medical diagnosis decision support system for heart diseases based on hybrid genetic algorithm

Study on medical services: hospitalization in the field

THEOBALD, E., 1959:
Study on medical therapy of indurating and indurated specific hilus gland processes in childhood

WEDER, A.; MISSURA, T., 1959:
Study on medical therapy of various forms of deafness with a vitamin A and E combination (rovigon)

Ikeda, T., 2005:
Study on medico-legal toxicological tests of methamphetamine, arsenic and bromovalerylurea

Chen, X-dong.; Wan, R-fu.; Xu, W-ya., 2006:
Study on melanin from taihe silky fowl and its complexes with Cu2+, Fe3+ ions by IR spectrum

Xiao, Y-mei.; Wang, Z-ming.; Wang, M-zhen.; Lan, Y-jia., 2005:
Study on mental capacity among workers in chemical industry system

Study on mental deficiency in overseas territories; ethnopsychiatric perspectives in the French colonies

Saito, T., 2005:
Study on mental diseases: neural stem cells

Guan, X-qing.; Yu, J-lin.; Li, L-quan.; Liu, G-xin., 2005:
Study on mesenchymal stem cells entering the brain through the blood-brain barrier

PAGANO, J.E., 1950:
Study on metabolic causality; biochemical contribution to biological theory

Kuang, X-dong.; Li, X-hua.; Xiong, Y-qing., 2007:
Study on metabolism of tetramethylpyrazine in system of rat liver microsomes

Beránková, K.; Balíková, M., 2006:
Study on metabolites of 2,5-dimethoxy-4-bromamphetamine (DOB) in human urine using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry

Liu, P-yue.; Qin, S-guo.; Dai, J-he.; Sun, Y-xi.; Wu, L.; Zhang, J.; Deng, F.; Zhu, Z-ming., 2005:
Study on metallic-lactamases of Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection in lower respiratory tract of pneumoconiosis coal worker

KRISCHKE, W., 1959:
Study on metastasis formation after intravenous injection of cells of Ehrlich ascites carcinoma in dependence on time

Gao, C-yu.; Xiong, H-yan.; Yi, D.; Chai, G-jun.; Yang, X-wei.; Liu, L., 2003:
Study on meteorological factors-based neural network model of malaria

KONITZER, K.; FRICK, M., 1959:
Study on method of phosphorus determination in the clinical chemical laboratory

Study on methods for the quantitative determination of gonadotropins in the urine

Study on methods of enzymatic digestion of casein with papain and pancreatin

Study on methods of quantitative analysis of serum phospholipids, with special reference to 2 methods

Hu, Y-Yan.; Zhou, Z-Fen.; Nan, Q.; Jiang, H-Yan.; Zhang, L.; Li, X-Yan.; Duan, L-Ping.; Chen, Y-Rong., 2005:
Study on metronidazole resistance to Helicobacter pylori from three populations with different ethnics in Yunnan

Fu, H-Yan.; Xu, B.; Gong, Z-Hui., 2005:
Study on mice hepatitis virus

Hu, D.; Wu, J-He.; Yan, Z-Xin.; Liu, J-Chao.; Yuan, C-Yin.; Li, P.; Cheng, X-Lu.; Sun, Z-Mei., 2006:
Study on micro-behaviours shock ignition for epoxypropane using spectrum techniques

Xing, W.; Zuo, J-E.; Sun, Y-Jiao.; Li, J-Ping., 2007:
Study on microbial community in methanogenic granular sludge by FISH and DGGE

Tian, N.; Li, Y.Z.; Liu, Y.Y., 2003:
Study on microcirculation of blood stasis syndrome

Study on microcythemias; reproduction of erythrocytes by budding; value of the fact of general pathology

Ye, L.; Zhang, H-ying.; Bu, H.; Yang, G-hua.; Zhang, J.; Guo, L-xin.; Wang, S-li., 2004:
Study on microtubulin of human rhabdomyosarcoma

Shang, S.; Wang, H., 1997:
Study on microwave hydrolysis for the analysis of amino acids in egg by high performance liquid chromatography

Yang, S-Ting.; Dong, H-Yu.; Zhao, N-Hong., 2006:
Study on microwave-templated synthesis mechanism of LiMn2O4 by infrared spectroscopy

Zhu, Y.S.; Jiang, H., 2004:
Study on midazolam used for awake blind intubation of maxillofacial surgery

Luo, H-bo.; Zheng, S-gen.; Zhu, P.; Fu, N., 2004:
Study on mimotopes of E.coli lipopolysaccharide 2630

ROOTH, A.G.; HEGNAUER, R., 1955:
Study on mint. 7. The composition of ethereal oils of various domestic species of Mentha

ROOTH, A.G.; HEGNAUER, R., 1955:
Study on mint. 8. The anatomy of Mentha arvensis, Mentha spicata, and the hybrid forms, Mentha gentilis and Mentha dalmatica

Luo, J.; Peng, Z-gang.; Chen, Y.; Lai, Y-rong.; Lu, Y-ying.; Song, S-jun., 2006:
Study on mismatch repair genes of chronic myeloid leukemia

Ding, S.; Ma, L-ji.; Fan, W.; Zhu, R-juan.; Ying, Q.; Zhou, Y-ling.; Jin, F-sheng., 2004:
Study on mitochondrial DNA damage in peripheral blood nucleate cells of the workers exposed to acrylonitrile

Zhang, X-ying.; Zhang, S-lan.; Ke, B-shen.; Jiang, Z-shun.; Sun, R., 2004:
Study on mitochondrial DNA gene tRNA(Leu(UUR)) A3243G mutation in type 2 diabetes mellitus

Ren, H-rong.; Qian, L-jia.; Gong, J-bo.; Wang, X-xing.; Ren, C-yu., 2003:
Study on mitochondrial membrane mechanism of rat heart injury induced by constrainting stress

Pan, J-lan.; Xue, Y-quan.; Jiang, H-yan.; Li, J-yong.; Chen, S-ning.; Wu, Y-fang., 2004 :
Study on mixed lineage leukemia gene rearrangement in AML-M4/M5 by interphase fluorescence in situ hybridization

Zhang, W.; Wang, Z.; Xu, J., 2006:
Study on model of heat and mass transfer in Dioscorea opposita with microwave drying technique

Yang, C.; Yu, Y.; Zhao, D.; Zhao, G., 2006:
Study on modeling of multispectral emissivity and optimization algorithm

Study on modifications of bladder function induced by a recent parasympathicolytic drug

Study on modifications of capillary permeability in postoperative shock by means of the use of vitamin P controlled by the Landis test

Study on modifications of the temporal and frontal arteries and their importance in the genesis of Horton's arteritis

Sun, B.; Jiang, H.; Qiao, H.; Piao, D.; Sun, J.; Zhu, S.; Wang, X., 2003:
Study on modified cold storage method of rat livers with self-made hyd solution

Ou, F.; Zhang, L.; Chen, R., 2007:
Study on modified guar gum microsphere as a protein drug carrier

Qian, R.Q.; Yang, Y.; Jiang, W.Y., 2003:
Study on modulation effect of qi regulating and blood activating drugs on mechanism of immunity and hemorrheology in stressed rats

Li, B.; Xie, B-jun., 2004:
Study on molecular chain morphology and chain parameters of konjac glucomannan

Wang, Z-hai.; Xie, P.; Han, Y-Xiu.; Zhan, J., 2006:
Study on molecular epidemiology of Borna disease virus in Ningxia and vicinal regions

Zeng, N-hua.; Wang, Z-bin.; Tang, B-heng.; Xiao, H.; Wang, S-shan.; Li, X-guo.; Huang, J-liang.; Jiang, P-lin.; Wu, C-gang., 2003:
Study on molecular epidemiology of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Chinese army with PCR amplified fingerprinting methods

Yue, W.; Huang, S.; Nie, S., 2005:
Study on molecular epidemiology of Stenotrophomonas maltophilia in intensive care units

Cai, R.; Liu, J.; Wang, L.; Liang, X.; Xiao, B.; Su, L.; Zhou, Y.; Pan, L., 2005:
Study on molecular epidemiology of the alpha-thalassemias in Liuzhou City, Guangxi Autonomous Region, China

Liu, C-Sheng.; Wang, P-Yi.; Chen, Z-Hong.; Wang, D-Qun., 2006:
Study on molecular evidence of revision of taxonomic placement of Peucedanum decursivum

Zhou, S-Mei.; Yin, J.; Ren, J-Ping.; Zhang, R., 2006:
Study on molecular identification and pre-harvest sprouting characteristic of the transgenic anti-trxs-gene wheat line 00T89

Guan, G.; Zhu, D.; Dong, Z.; Yang, Z., 2003:
Study on molecular mechanism of anti-aging effect of rhidosin on olfactory bulb in senile rats

Sun, J-ping.; Jia, Y-jie.; Song, J-hui., 2006:
Study on molecular mechanism of inhibitory effect of baicalin on proliferation of insulinoma cell line in rats

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Study on mongolism

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Study on monitoring and clearing of organophosphate in blood in organophosphate poisoned rats

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Study on monitoring index of individual exposure dose of volatile organic compounds in environment

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Study on mono-dispersed nano-size silica by surface modification for underfill applications

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Study on monoamine neurotransmitters in rat serum and brain tissue by high performance liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection

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Study on monocyte HLA-DR expression in critically ill patients after surgery

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Study on morphological and histological identification of herba pogostemonis

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Study on morphological change in intestinal mucosa from injury to repair after hemorrhagic shock

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Study on morphological change of aspergillus flavus damaged by citral with a multi-channel micro-spectrophotometer system

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Study on morphological characteristics of pollen grains of Pinellia ternata in different populations

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Study on morphology of the pollen of 4 species from Geranium in Heilongjiang Province

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Study on mortality in cardiac diseases

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Study on motion artifacts in coronary arteries with an anthropomorphic moving heart phantom on an ECG-gated multidetector computed tomography unit

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Study on mouse pulmonary acute injury induced by air-borne PM2.5

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Study on multi-photon excited fluorescence combined with capillary electrophoresis

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Study on multipotential differentiation of human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells in vitro

Study on muscular work. Behavior of electrical resistance

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Study on mutation of ATM/PI3K region in NPC cell lines with different radiosensitivity

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Study on mutations of exon 12 of the PAH gene in 127 phenylketonuria patients

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Study on mutations of gyrA gene of tuberculosis quinolone-tolerant isolates in coal workers' pneumoconiosis

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Study on myositis ossificans progressiva with special reference to ACTH therapy

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Study on nanophase anatase-rutile transition with Raman spectrum

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Study on nanoscale abrasive interaction between nanoprobe and self-assembled molecular surface for probe-based nanolithography process

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Study on national active monitoring for food borne pathogens and antimicrobial resistance in China 2001

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Study on near-infrared absorption mechanism of alkali lignin

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Study on needling depth of Dazhui (GV 14), Jianzhongshu (SI 15), Xuanshu (GV 5) and Mingmen (GV 4) with CT

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Study on negative regulatory factors in bone marrow mononuclear cells of myelodysplastic syndromes

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Study on neodymium complexes by broad wavelength range photoacoustic spectroscopy

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Study on nerve fiber density in anterior vaginal epithelium for stress urinary incontinence

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Study on nerve growth factor liposomes on crossing blood-brain barrier in vitro and in vivo

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Study on network architecture of a tele-medical information sharing platform

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Study on neurotic and corticovisceral disorders in workers exposed to CNS tension and some therapeutic principles

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Study on new extraction technology of astragaloside IV

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Study on new methods of gastric tube insertion in patients with mechanical ventilation support

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Study on nitrogen cycling and transformations in a duckweed pond by means of modeling analysis

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Study on nitrogen metabolism in relation to androgens; clinical study on nitrogen metabolism in cancerous women submitted to testosterone therapy

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Study on non-programmed process using dimethyl sulfoxide and hydroxyethyl starch as cryoprotectants in cryopreservation of cord blood hematopoietic cells

Study on non-specific pharmacodynamics of anaphylactic shock in guinea pig induced by an intravenous injection of specific antigen; effects of histamine and hypnotic drugs

Study on nonchromaffin paraganglioma of the soft parts (3 observations)

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Study on nonmyeloablative allogeneic bone marrow transplantation in the treatment of L615 leukemia mice

Study on normal arterial oxygen saturation in Mexico City

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Study on novel gene GDDR related to gastric cancer

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Study on nursing college students' subjectivity in their attitude toward jobs

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Study on nutrition in New Guinea

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Study on nutrition in the customary environment of the Kwango. I. Caloric ingestion and consumption unit

HOLEMANS, K., 1959:
Study on nutrition in the customary environment of the Kwango. II. Direct familial inquiry

HOLEMANS, K., 1959:
Study on nutrition in the customary environment of the Kwango. III. Diet and needs (nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus) in children and adults

HOLEMANS, K., 1959:
Study on nutrition in the customary environment of the Kwango. IV. Diet of the nursing infant

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Study on nutrition of the pregnant women, especially their foods

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Study on nutritional characteristics of Pogostemon cablin

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Study on nutritional hygiene among university students

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Study on objectivation of syndrome typing of jaundice

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Study on obtaining the injectable oily solutions and their sterilization. II. Study on the sterilization of the oils by dry heat

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Study on occupational health hazards in building Qingzang railway and effectiveness of preventive measures.

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Study on occupational respiratory diseases in fur-processing workers

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Study on ocular changes in Hodgkin's disease

D'ERMO, F., 1951:
Study on ocular modifications in Paget's disease

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Study on ocular torsion of V patterns strabismus

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Study on odontal & periodontal tissue of guinea pigs, dogs and monkeys

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Study on of dietary pesticide residues in Chinese residents

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Study on operation under the artificial hibernation. 15. Liver circulation and oxygen consumption of internal organs

WATANABE, M., 1962:
Study on operation under the artificial hibernation. Special reference to renal function

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Study on ophthalmoneurological symptoms following prefrontal lobotomy or lobectomy

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Study on optical properties and synthesis of nanosized GeO2-SiO2 glasses

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Study on optical properties of rare-earth ions in nanocrystalline monoclinic SrAl2O4: Ln (Ln = Ce3+, Pr3+, Tb3+)

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Study on optical system of medical fiberscope

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Study on optimal extraction process of Yinju sugarless granules with orthogonal design

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Study on optimal harvest time of semi-wild Glycyrrhiza uralensis at Liangwai, Inner Mongolia

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Study on optimization for current distribution in magnetic stimulation therapy for urinary incontinence

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Study on optimizing extraction process of root of Polygonum multiflorum

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Study on optimizing the analysis condition for active compound in Eucommia olive

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Study on optimizing the extraction process of total free organic acids in Pinellia ternate Breit

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Study on optimum extraction conditions of alkaloids from Pinellia ternate

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Study on organogenesis and dry substance accumulation of Bupleurum Chinense

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Study on orientation of immunoglobulin G on protein G layer

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Study on origins of neurosis

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Study on osmotic pressures for aqueous lysozyme and alpha-chymotrypsin-electrolyte solutions with two Yukawa potentials

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Study on oxidative function injury of Al exposure on primary cultured neuron mitochondria

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Study on oxygen consumption rate and suffocation point of Whitmania pigra

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Study on p-ethylsulfonyl-benzaldehyde thiosemicarbazone (PE)

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Study on p53 tetramerization domain in improving functional affinity and biological activity of antibody

Study on painful shoulder and on frozen shoulder

Zhao, Z-wei., 2003:
Study on para-derivative of phenol as enhancers of chemiluminescence

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Study on parasites. II

Study on passive cellular transmission of tuberculin allergy in man

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Study on pathogenesis and therapy of nephrotic syndrome in infant

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Study on pathogenesis of CCl4 induced cirrhosis formation in rats based on the recipe used

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Study on pathogenic bacteria in lung infection during mechanical ventilation for patients with acute organophosphorus pesticide poisoning

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Study on pathological changes in artery implantation in dogs

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Study on pathological electric activity of the brain in hexobarbital narcosis of epileptics

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Study on pathological features and diagnosis, differential diagnosis of olfactory neuroblastoma

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Study on pathological rhythm of traditional Chinese medicine about circadian distribution of premature ventricular contractions in 240 patients with viral myocarditis

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Study on pathologico-anatomic changes of the lungs on the basis of clinical and roentgenological picture

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Study on patient satisfaction with the treatment of mycosis on the extremities with terbinafine (SETTA)

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Study on patient satisfaction with two type of Twin-block

Study on penetration of cysteine and cystine into the aqueous humor of rabbits and its relation to early x-irradiation effects on the eye

Zhou, Y.; Hu, S.; Hu, S.; Liang, G., 2005 :
Study on peparation of anemonin from Ranunculus japonicus Thunb

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Study on perception of Shanghai population with labial profile

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Study on percutaneous absorption of Xuetie Dingchuan Plaster

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Study on performance following Key Performance Indicators for trauma care: Khon Kaen Hospital 2000

Study on perineal testicular ectopy

Fukuyoshi, I., 2005:
Study on perineural infiltration in bile duct neoplasm--with special reference to the relationship with RET

Study on periodontal disease

PFEIFFER, K., 1959:
Study on peripheral skeletal metastasis

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Study on persistent infection of Japanese encephalitis virus Beijing-1 strain in serum-free Sf9 cell cultures

Study on phagocytosis of leucocytes in tuberculosis. I. On the factors influencing phagocytosis

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Study on pharmaceutical characterization and pharmacokinetics of daunorubicin long-circulating liposomes in rat

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Study on pharmaceutical services under national health insurance; preliminary report

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Study on pharmacodynamics of run chang tong bian granules

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Study on pharmacokinetics of PVP coated beta-elemene liposome in rats

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Study on pharmacokinetics of ferulic acid and paeoniflorin in Angelic-Paeonia root powder

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Study on pharmacokinetics of scutellarin in rabbits

Study on pharmacological actions of gramicidin-J1-methansulfonic acid

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Study on pharmacology of ultra-fine particles compound Rehmannia

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Study on phlebotomine sand fly (Diptera: Psychodidae) fauna in Belo Horizonte, state of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Study on phospholipids of various segments of the brain with the use of various methods of paper chromatography in the rat

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Study on photo-degradation kinetics of hemin in the presence of anion surfactant

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Study on photocatalytic degradation of several volatile organic compounds

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Study on photochromic diarylethene with phenolic Schiff base: preparation and photochromism of diarylethene with benzoxazole

Chen, Y.; Zeng, D.X.; Xie, N.; Dang, Y.Z., 2005:
Study on photochromism of diarylethenes with a 2,5-dihydropyrrole bridging unit: a convenient preparation of 3,4-diarylpyrroles from 3,4-diaryl-2,5-dihydropyrroles

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Study on photodegradation kinetics of lomefloxacin hydrochloride aqueous solution

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Study on photoelectric dispersion characteristic of liquid crystal light valve

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Study on photofluorography for gastric mass screening

Xiao, Z-hong., 2006:
Study on photoluminescence of 8-hydroxyquinaldine gallium acrylate and methyl methacrylate copolymer

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Study on photoluminescence spectra of Cd(1-x)Mn(x)Te/CdTe diluted semiconductor superlattices with high Mn compositions

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Study on physical and mental health status and influencing factors of middle-aged intellectuals

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Study on physical and some serum parameters of inhabitants living in agricultural Terai region, Nepal

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Study on pile drivability with one dimensional wave propagation theory

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Study on placental glycogenesis using low temperature fixation technic

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Study on plant pigments by photoacoustic spectroscopy

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Study on plant tissue culture of Cornus officinalis

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Study on plasma antibodies against heat shock protein 70 in the hypertensive patients with cerebral infarction

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Study on plasma lipids, apolipoprotein A1, apolipoprotein B100 in simple obese children

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Study on platelet activated state and platelet activated function in adults with acute leukemia

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Study on platelet-associated tissue factor and its significance

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Study on platinum(II) induced formation of dithiiranes

Study on pleuropneumonia-like organisms and L-forms of bacteria

Study on poliomyelitis antibodies in pregnant women in the city of Maracaibo, Venezuela

Saito, K.; Sato, N.; Takahashi, A.; Tsutsumi, R.; Sato, S., 2006:
Study on pollutant pathway of norovirus contamination in oysters

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Study on pollution for the photoelectronic material InP

Cai, J-long.; An, G.; Xu, B.; Zhu, G-ying.; Fan, S-qiang.; Yan, H-shan., 2006:
Study on poly A site gene mutation of transforming growth factor-beta1 receptor type II between multiple and single site keloid

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Study on poly(vinyl alcohol)/carboxymethyl-chitosan blend film as local drug delivery system

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Study on polymorphic Hind III restriction site of the Y chromosome and essential hypertension in Tangshan district

Zhu, R.; Xia, Z., 2004:
Study on polymorphisms in metabolic enzyme genes, DNA repair genes and individual susceptibility to childhood leukemia

Ye, X-ping.; Peng, T.; Li, L-qun., 2007:
Study on polymorphisms in metabolic enzyme genes, DNA repair genes and individual susceptibility to hepatocellular carcinoma

Li, X-Long.; Gong, Y-Fang.; Zhang, J-Wen.; Liu, Z-Zhu.; Valentini, A., 2005:
Study on polymorphisms of microsatellites DNA of six Chinese indigenous sheep breeds

Gumuła, T.; Błazewicz, Sław., 2005:
Study on polysiloxane resin-based composites for bone surgery application

Luo, H-li.; Huang, Y.; Wang, L-ming.; Liu, Z-heng.; Xie, J-ping.; Hu, C-hua., 2005:
Study on population diversity and antimicrobial activity of actinomycete from acidic soil in Xizang area

Study on porto-hepatic hemodynamics in heart disease. II. Right auricular, free subhepatic, blocked subhepatic and intrasplenic pressures

Davison, L.; Sargan, D.; Herrtage, M., 2005:
Study on portosystemic shunts in dogs

Takahashi, K.; Horie, M., 2005:
Study on positive control for GM papaya (55-1) detection method by GUS (beta-glucuronidase) assay

Study on possible chemical evaluation of digitalis leaves

Song, J.; Wang, Q.; Wang, X.; Qu, Y.; Qin, Z.; Li, J.; Wang, P.; Zhang, J., 2003:
Study on post-laryngectomy partial laryngeal defect repaired with omohyoid myofascial flap

Shi, Y.; Zheng, S.; Hu, X-Ye.; Sun, L-feng.; Zhang, S-zhan., 2005:
Study on post-translational processing and active forms of the novel metastasis-associated protein SNC19

Zhu, L.; Lang, J-he.; Liu, Z-feng.; Sun, D-wei.; Leng, J-hua.; Fan, Q-bo.; Li, Y.; Chen, W-lin.; Song, Y-na., 2005:
Study on posterior intra-vaginal slingplasty for pelvic floor reconstruction

OKAMURA, H.; SAITO, K., 1961:
Study on postoperative continuous artificial hibernation in thoracic surgery

Yokoyama, S.; Kano, M.; Watanabe, M., 2005:
Study on postoperative diastasis of epiglottic closure procedure (Biller method)

Study on postoperative variations in bilirubinemia; attempted interpretation

Hu, Y., 2005:
Study on postpartum hemorrhage in cesarean section in Nanjing

Study on postresective thoracoplasty for pulmonary tuberculosis

Mosahebi, G.; Koohi-Habibi, M.; Okhovvat, S.M., 2006:
Study on potato virus M (PVM) occurrence in potato fields in Iran

Yang, J.; Liu, T.; Li, J., 2003:
Study on potential anti-caries DNA vaccine pcDNA3-gtfB integration into host cell genome

Zhang, H.Yu.; Ren, Z.Long., 2007:
Study on powdery mildew resistance transfer from S. cereale L.cv. Weiling rye into wheat

Dural Eken, M.; Akman, Bşir., 2018:
Assessment of heavy metal pollution of seston from freshwater resources poured into the Northeast Mediterranean region

Liu, Y-de.; Ying, Y-bin.; Fu, X-ping., 2006:
Study on predicting sugar content and valid acidity of apples by near infrared diffuse reflectance technique

FUKAZAWA, T., 1963:
Study on predictions of dysentery epidemics by an extension of trends in the past

Study on premature infants; nutrition, well-being, development and morbidity under public health nursing

WALLGREN, A., 1952:
Study on prematures

Ma, Y-yan.; Mu, R-li.; Wang, L-yi.; Jiang, S., 2003:
Study on prenatal diagnosis using fluorescence quantitative polymerase chain reaction for congenital toxoplasmosis

FINKE, L., 1952:
Study on prenatal sex determination by skin reaction following testosterone propionate injection

Chen, Q-huo.; Zhang, W-gong., 2007:
Study on preparation and fluorescence characteristic of the (Alqx)/Al2O3 nano colloids

Zhan, H-bing.; Chen, W-zhe.; Li, G-hui.; Wang, M-quan., 2005:
Study on preparation and optical spectroscopy of nickel phthalocyanine-doped sol-gel materials

Pan, Y.; Xu, H.; Zhao, H-ying.; Wei, G.; Zheng, J-min., 2003:
Study on preparation and oral efficacy of insulin-loaded poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) nanoparticles

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Study on preparation and spectroscopy of silica-alumina hydrogel and silica from kaolin

Li, Z.; He, S.; Xue, H.; Su, M.; Wang, X., 2003:
Study on preparation and tissue distribution of SEA liposomes

Deng, F-Zheng.; Zhu, A-Xia.; Yang, R., 2006:
Study on preparation of CuO/Cu2 (OH)3Cl powder and its spectrum behavior for photodegradation decoloration of dyes

Ren, G.; Huang, X.; Dai, L.; Ye, H.; Liang, P., 2003:
Study on preparation of a wound healing agent: fibronectin

Guan, Z-Yu.; Pu, C-Hai.; Zhao, K-Jun., 2006:
Study on preparation of beta-cyclodextrin inclusion compound for borneolumsyntheticum from Huoxuezhitong capsules

Mao, C.; Lu, T., 2003:
Study on preparation of beta-cyclodextrin inclusion compound of volatile oil from Aucklandia lappa

Li, D.; Xu, J.; Xia, S.; Pu, C.; Jin, S.; Liu, M., 2005:
Study on preparation of beta-cyclodextrin inclusion volatile oil from Rhizoma Curcumae

Zhang, Y.; Hou, S-xiang.; Lu, Y.; Chen, G.; Ju, J-hong., 2006:
Study on preparation of konjac glucomannan-hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose compression coated tablets for colonic delivery and in vitro release

Zheng, H-li.; Tang, M-fang.; Gong, Y-kun.; Deng, X-jun.; Wu, B-hua., 2003:
Study on preparation of lanthanum-doped TiO2 nanometer thin film materials and its photocatalytic activity

JANOT, M.M.; RUOSS, L., 1955:
Study on preparation of oily injectable solutions and on sterilization control. 3. Modifications of oils exposed to lipolytic and oxidizing bacteria and to Penicillium glaucum

Han, G.; Xu, J.; Li, W.; Ning, C., 2005:
Study on preparation of the inclusion compound of curcumin with beta-cyclodextrin

Zhao, Y.; Chen, G.; Sun, M.; Jin, Z.; Gao, C., 2006:
Study on preparation of the pH sensitive hydroxyethyl chitin/poly (acrylic acid) hydrogel and its drug release property

Wang, L.; Chen, Y., 2003:
Study on preparation procedure of Suppositoria Radix Bupleuri for kids

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Study on preparation process and analytical methods of ESAC from Ganoderma lucidum

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Study on preparation technological process of huangqin qingfei koufuye

Xu, Z.; Gong, L.; Zhang, A.; Wang, H., 2005:
Study on preparation technology of limonene dropping pills

TAKAKI, J.; SAITO, T., 1963:
Study on preschool congenitally deaf children

Tang, D.; Liu, X.; Zhao, W., 2004:
Study on prescriptions of gutianquan capsule by orthogonal experiment

Wei, L-Hui., 2005:
Study on preservation of female function in therapy of cervical cancer

Xu, K.; Pan, X.; Liu, Y., 2005:
Study on prethrombotic state in patients with paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria

Cao, D., 2005:
Study on pretreatment for the determination of several nutrition element in eggs with AAS

Zhang, S-zhen.; Xi, Q.; Kong, W-shun.; Li, Z-hong.; Kong, X-tai.; Kong, L-yu.; Qian, A-hua.; Li, J-ling., 2005:
Study on prevalence and correlation factors of bronchial asthma in Zaozhuang area, Shandong province

Xiang, H-ding., 2003:
Study on prevalence rates of hypertension and chronic diabetic complications of in-patients with diabetes

Xu, B-ping.; Long, S-xian.; Hu, W-han., 2003:
Study on prevention and treatment of radiotherapy caused post-visual pathway injury in nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients by traditional Chinese medicine

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Study on prevention of catheter associated urinary tract infection by using JUS long-acting antibacterial material

SCHICKER, H., 1959:
Study on prevention of postoperative intestinal atony

Sharma, S.; Khan, N.; Sultana, S., 2004:
Study on prevention of two-stage skin carcinogenesis by Hibiscus rosa sinensis extract and the role of its chemical constituent, gentisic acid, in the inhibition of tumour promotion response and oxidative stress in mice

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Study on preventive effect of buyang huanwu decoction on cardiomyocyte apoptosis induced by hypoxia-reoxygenation in rats

Lin, Y-ping.; Ma, J-hua.; Feng, E-you., 2003:
Study on preventive effect of jiangu granule on osteoporosis in ovariectomized rats

Study on primary carcinoma of the salpinx

Huang, J-Hua.; Wu, P-Hong.; Gu, Y-Kui.; Zhang, F-Jun.; Li, C-Xing.; Gao, F.; Zhang, L.; Fan, W-Jun.; Li, C-Jiang., 2006:
Study on primary hepatocellular carcinoma associated with hypersplenism treated by partial splenic embolization combined with hepatic arterial chemoembolization

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Study on process of removing impurity from water-extraction of gutianquan-capsule

Yang, Z.; Zhang, B.; Cai, L., 2003:
Study on processing conditions of wine baked radix Achyranthis bidentatae

Suo, F-Mei.; Chen, S-Lin.; Ren, D-Quan., 2005:
Study on producing area suitability of genuine traditional Chinese drugs

Zhu, X.; Guo, T., 2003:
Study on producing medical oxygen by pressure swing adsorption from air

Li, X.; Zhou, J.; Li, H.; Du, S.; Li, Y.; Huang, L.; Chen, D., 2005:
Study on proliferation effect of extracts of Piper longum on mesenchymal stem cells of rat bone marrow and the relationship to chemical functional groups

Wang, W-qin.; Zhao, X-ying.; Xu, G-bo.; Liang, Y., 2007:
Study on proliferation inhibiting and apoptosis inducing effects of cerulenin on multiple myeloma cells

Study on proliferation of erythroblasts based on mitotic index and on karyokinetic histogram; anemia due to leishmaniasis

Study on properdin. III. On some biological activities of a partially purified preparation of bovine properdin

Bai, Y.; Li, W-Jia.; Wu, Y-Qin.; Zheng, W-Jie.; Yang, F., 2006:
Study on properties and resonance rayleigh scattering spectra of nanometer selenium(0) particles in liquid phase

Mou, L.; Chen, X.; Li, L., 2005:
Study on properties of fluorescence and room temperature phosphorescence of 2-bromomethyl naphthalene

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Study on properties of residue-residue contacts in protein

Huang, X.; Yang, M.; Wu, X.; Yan, J., 2004:
Study on protective action of lycium barbarum polysaccharides on DNA imparments of testicle cells in mice

Wang, J-ying.; Zhong, X-mei., 2005:
Study on protective effect of Shenmai injection on hematopoiesis of bone marrow in acute leukemia patients with chemotherapy

Dong, H.; Xiong, L-ze.; Chen, M., 2004:
Study on protective effect of shenfu injection on cardiac function of patients undergoing valve replacement

Zhang, H.; Li, Y-yu.; Wu, X-zhong., 2006:
Study on protective effect of tetrandrine on lipopolysaccharide induced pancreatic acinar cell damage and its mechanism

Study on protein fractions and free amino acids in mental diseases

FERRARIS, M., 1952:
Study on prothrombin in neurological diseases; vitamin K test of prothrombin curve in a case of Wilson's disease

Study on pseudocholinesterase of serum, exudates and transudates in relation to albumin

Bellone, M.; Cottencin, O.; Rigot, J.M.; Goudemand, M., 2006:
Study on psychiatric disorders and defensive process assessed by the "defense style questionnaire" in sterile males SAMPLE consulting in andrology

BRISOTTO, P., 1952:
Study on psycho-facial reflexes

Study on psycho-infantilism

Wang, Z-Ying.; Zhang, Q., 2004:
Study on pulmonary delivery of peptide drugs in rats: effects of absorption enhancers on cellular membrane fluidity

Wang, Z.; Zhang, Q., 2003:
Study on pulmonary delivery system of salmon calcitonin in rats

Li, Y-qin.; Lü, H-bing.; Fang, M-rong.; Liu, B.; Xu, J-bo., 2004:
Study on pulmonary fibrosis and state of angiogenesis in acute lung injury

Study on pulmonary ventilation in measles

Study on pulsating tumors of the sternum

SAGAWA, F., 1962:
Study on pulseless disease

Jiang, T-tao.; Ouyang, Z.; Miao, Y-dong.; Zhang, X-feng., 2006:
Study on purification of 2,3,5,4'-tetrahydroxy-stilbene-2-O-beta-D-glycoside from Polygonum multiflori

Zhang, Y-jun.; Xu, L-ying., 2007:
Study on purification of Radix Paeoniae Alba by HPD100 macroporous resin

Liu, Q.; Yang, L.; Wu, X.; Chen, J., 2003:
Study on purification of glycyrrhizic acid with macroporous adsorption resin

Yang, L-qing.; Xu, Z-qi.; Mao, G-hua.; Wu, X-yang.; Fu, H-zhen.; Liu, J., 2007:
Study on purification of polysaccharides from exocarp of Ginkgo biloba L. by macroporous adsorption resin

Cao, Q-hua.; Qu, W-jing.; Li, J-gui.; Deng, Y-xia., 2005:
Study on purification of total flavonoids from seed residue of Hippophae rhamnoides with macroporous resin

Liu, Y.; Jin, X.; Ye, J.; Zhou, Z.; Xie, Y.; Wang, X., 2005:
Study on purification of total peony glycoside with D140 macroporous resin

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Study on purification technology of patchouly oil with molecular distillation

Study on pyribenzamine aerosols in asthmatics

Li, X-duan.; Tong, Y.; Ma, Z-shan.; Wang, L., 2005:
Study on qualitative and quantitative methods for yinhuang liangxiao granule

Liu, B-ming.; Lai, M-xiang.; Liang, K-ni.; Chen, Y.; Yan, K-jian.; Cai, Q-lin.; Li, Y-hua., 2005 :
Study on quality analysis of essential oil from twig and leaf of Baeckea frutescens

Wang, L.; Cao, Y.; Xu, H.; Ye, J., 2006:
Study on quality control and fingerprint of Chinese traditional medicine Yinhuang oral liquid

He, Y.; Zhao, H-dong.; Tang, L-ying.; Wang, Z-ju.; Zhang, Q-wei., 2006:
Study on quality control of Paeonia lactiflora

Huang, Z-Fang.; Luan, L-Jun.; Shao, Q.; Cheng, Y-Yu., 2005:
Study on quality control of effective fraction in qixue bingzhi decoction

Alves, J.G.; Montezuma, R.; Margo, O.; Santos, L., 2004:
Study on quality control parameters of a TLD system for individual monitoring

Deng, L.; Ye, L-ming.; Hou, S-xiang.; Chen, G.; Chen, C., 2005:
Study on quality evaluation methods of pretreatment for polystyrene-type macroporous absorbing resins

Wu, Z.; Su, W.; He, X., 2003:
Study on quality evaluation of Forsythia suspensa with grey pattern recognition

Wang, A-min.; Wang, Y-lin.; Hu, L-na.; Li, Y-jun., 2006:
Study on quality for Herba Polygoni Orientalis

Su, J., 2003:
Study on quality of crude ramulas cinnamomi in different reserve period and their prepared products

Liu, B.; Wang, X.; Wang, W., 2003:
Study on quality standard for heshouwu dispensing granule

Wang, F-Yun.; Li, S-Ming.; Zeng, L-Yun.; Zhan, L-Ling.; Zhang, J., 2006:
Study on quality standard of Yixin Tablet

Li, W-jian.; Li, X-en., 2006:
Study on quantified relationship between contents of active components in Forsythia suspense and nutrition of soil

Zhang, L-da.; Qi, X-ming.; Yang, J-hua.; Zhao, L-lian.; Li, J-hui.; Yan, Y-lu., 2003:
Study on quantitative analysis with near-infrared spectra using latent root regression model

Gao, G-zhen.; Jiao, Q-cai.; Ding, Y-lei.; Chen, L., 2003:
Study on quantitative assay of chondroitin sulfate with a spectrophotometric method of azure A

Xu, X.; Luo, Y.; Xiang, Y., 2004:
Study on quantitative relationships between electronic structure and toxicities of phenyl-aldehydes and nitrogen-containing aromatic molecules

Wen, Z-li.; Tan, D-ming.; Peng, S-fang.; Hou, Z-hua.; Cheng, J., 2006:
Study on quasispecies of hepatitis B virus and the clinical manifestation of their infection by melt curve analysis

Li, S.; Huang, D.; Lu, X.; Liu, J.; Sun, M.; Li, Y.; Cheng, J.; Bu, H.; Liang, C., 2003:
Study on rabbit mesenchymal stem cells differentiation to the adipogenic or osteogenic lineage in vitro

Zhou, Y.B.; Yang, Y., 2003:
Study on radiation dose estimation and monitor in TBI using an anthropomorphic phantom

Study on radioiodine therapy of thyroid gland carcinoma after surgery

Mohamed, A., 2005:
Study on radon and radon progeny in some living rooms

Li, W.; Che, B.; Gong, S.; Chen, Z.; Wen, D.; Liao, Y.; Liu, H., 2005:
Study on rapid determination of aristolochic acids in Aristolochia medicinal plants

Zhao, C-ting.; Wang, B-zhong.; Meng, D-mei.; Cao, Y-xian.; Yang, J.; Zhao, X-dong.; Chen, B., 2005:
Study on rapid generation of dendritic cells from K562 cell line induced by A23187 alone

Zhang, X-yan.; Mi, X-yun.; Xiao, Z-yi.; Liu, Q-sheng., 2006:
Study on rare earth doped long luminescence glass

Wang, X.Yan.; Baba, A.; Taniguchi, K.; Hagio, M.; Miyazaki, K., 2005:
Study on rat subcutaneous reaction to experimental polyurethane elastomers

Yang, Y.; Heng, Z-chang., 2007:
Study on rat's DNA damage of p53 induced by chlorinated acetic acids of drinking water disinfection by-products

Cai, H.; Shu, Y.; Huang, H.; Cheng, B.; Li, J., 2004:
Study on reactions of 2-(dinitromethylene)-4,5-imidazolidinedione

Study on reactogenic properties and epidemiological effectiveness of the whooping cough-diphtheria vaccine in Rostov-on-Don

Yan, S-kai.; Luo, G-an.; Wang, Y-ming.; Cheng, Y-yu., 2006:
Study on real-time control of extraction procedure of Furitus gardenia by near infrared spectroscopy

Study on recognition of the early stages of experimental myocardial ischemia

Ma, J-wei.; Wang, Z-zhen.; Li, J-hui., 2006:
Study on recovery of copper from waste printed wiring boards by electrostatic separation

Bai, X-dong.; Zhang, L-xing.; Chen, T.; Li, G-zhong.; Wang, X-hai.; Zhang, W-guo., 2004:
Study on recovery of ethyl acetate after extracting tripterygium wifordii extractum with ethyl acetate

Lin, G.; Xie, Y.; Liang, X.; Wu, X.; Liu, W.; Yi, M.; Lin, P.; Wang, Q., 1997:
Study on red cell enzymes and isoenzymes in patients with leukemia and myelodysplastic syndromes

Yan, L.; Liu, Z-wei.; Yang, X-liang., 2005:
Study on red up-conversion luminescence of fluoride glasses doped with Er3+, Yb3+ and Tm3+

Dong, J.; Zhao, Y-sheng.; Wang, Y-hong.; Chen, Z-rong.; Liu, Y-ying.; Han, R., 2007:
Study on redox buffering of landfill leachate contaminated aquifer sediments

Pei, L-Jun.; Ren, A-Guo.; Zhu, H-Ping.; Hao, L.; Zhao, W-Rui.; Li, Z.; Hou, G-Wang.; Zhang, B-Lan.; Jiang, Y-Ying.; Wu, L-Min.; Pan, Y-Juan.; Zhang, M-Lan., 2004:
Study on reduced folate carrier gene (RFC1) polymorphism in the southern and northern Chinese population

Li, L.; Xie, M.; Yi, X., 2003:
Study on reducing blood sugar of polysaccharide from Cyclocarya paliurus (Batal.) Iljinsk

Li, X.Q.; Zhang, H.; Li, X.W., 2003:
Study on reference laboratory diagnostic index of liver-fire ascending syndrome

Peng, L.; Shi, S-gen.; Tan, H.; Song, Y-liang., 2004:
Study on reference value of healthy teeth mobility of youth

Tang, X-Dong.; Wu, H-Mei.; Wang, Z-Bin.; Shao, Y.; Hu, Y-Chi., 2006:
Study on reflux esophagitis treated by Tongjiang granule

FUJIEDA, J., 1962:
Study on regeneration and reconstruction of the urinary tract. I. Cystoplasty using preserved bladder graft

Lou, C.; Zhang, S-zheng.; Zhang, D-ping.; Huang, Z-ke.; Yu, L-liang., 2004:
Study on registration method of functional SPECT brain imaging with CT anatomic brain imaging

Zhang, M-min.; Huang, Y-qin.; Zeng, K-qin., 2006:
Study on regulatory effect of Bushen Antai Recipe on levels of estrogen and progesterone in blastocyst implantation dysfunction mice

Peng, W.; Jiang, S.; Dai, M-sheng., 2003:
Study on regulatory effects of interleukin-6 on placental growth factor expression in trophoblast cells

Study on relapse in pulmonary tuberculosis of the post-primary cycle

Yu, Y-hong.; Gong, S-peng.; Su, G-dong., 2004:
Study on related factors of premature delivery and perinatal management

PAGANELLI, F., 1951:
Study on relation between hemopoiesis and gastric function

Study on relation between kalium ion and heart muscle component by Yagi-Straub method

Chang, S-Ok.; Park, Y-Joo.; Youn, J-Won., 2004:
Study on relations of variables: attributions of somatic symptoms, fatigue, chronic pain and depression in the elderly

Zhou, J.; Gao, X-ling.; Zhang, B-zhou.; Huang, S.; Wang, L.; Sheng, L.; Shi, D.; Yan, X.; Yang, A.; Huang, T.; Pei, Y.; Chen, J.; Cheng, X., 2004:
Study on relationship among thyroid hormone relativity and Syndrome Differentiation-types of TCM in patients with congestive heart failure

Yang, B.; Hu, J-yuan.; Hong, M-fan., 2003:
Study on relationship between Arg778Leu/Gln gene mutation spot in ATP7B and TCM syndrome type in Chinese patients with Wilson disease

Yao, W-juan.; Diao, Z-yu.; Deng, X-zhao.; Kong, J.; Zhou, Z-an.; Gao, J.; Zhang, Y., 2006:
Study on relationship between HBV post-transcriptional regulatory element and response to IFN-alpha by using a reporter gene luciferase

Chen, R.; Liang, F-xia.; Huang, Y-xia.; Li, B., 2004:
Study on relationship between TCM Syndrome types (Xin-qi and Xin-yang deficiency) and contents of cytokines (tumor necrosis factor-alpha and interleukins) in patients with congestive heart failure

Dai, H.; Song, W.; Gao, X.; Chen, L., 2004:
Study on relationship between ambient PM10, PM2.5 pollution and daily mortality in a district in Shanghai

Liu, C.; Xia, Y.; Sun, S.; Yuan, G.; Tong, E., 2003:
Study on relationship between anticardiolipin antibody and cerebrovascular diseases

Chen, J-hua.; Li, W.; Zheng, Y-ping., 2006:
Study on relationship between bent angles of dental fiber reinforced composites posts and their flexural properties

Bi, Y.; Tao, N.; Tan, X.; Wang, F.; Li, Y.; Su, Y., 2003:
Study on relationship between carbon disulfide exposure and symptoms and signs of nervous system in workers

Zhang, S-shan.; Xu, Y-gang.; Yang, X-hong., 2004:
Study on relationship between cellular immunity and TCM typing in patients with minimal residual leukemia

Shu, X-ji.; Liu, L-jiang.; Hu, J-wei., 2004:
Study on relationship between changes of geometry parameters in human spleen nuclei and the postmortem interval

RAFFA, L., 1957:
Study on relationship between chemical structure and sweet taste

Xiao, Y-Mei.; Wang, Z-Ming.; Wang, M-Zhen.; Lan, Y-Jia., 2005:
Study on relationship between coping resources and strain in mental workers

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Study on relationship between different bcr/abl fusion transcripts and clinical manifestations in chronic myeloid leukemia

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Study on relationship between emotional stability in flight and nerve system excitability

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Study on relationship between expression level and molecular conformations of gene drugs targeting to hepatoma cells in vitro

Wu, S-Ying.; Wang, M-Zhen.; Wang, Z-Ming.; Lan, Y-Jia., 2005:
Study on relationship between fatigue and work ability in chemistry workers

Zhang, B-Chang.; Zhao, Z-Hu.; Wang, Y-Guang.; Yu, X-Qin.; Liu, C-Xuan.; Ma, Q-Jun., 2005:
Study on relationship between length of homologous sequences and chromosomic recombination rate in Saccharopolyspora erythraea

Bai, N.; Tang, S.; Lin, J.; Zhu, B.; Luo, Y.; Lin, S., 2004 :
Study on relationship between leukocytes and early diabetic retinopathy

Ouyang, T.; Song, J-Nan.; Miao, Y.; Lin, Q.; Niu, X-Hong.; Jin, H.; Chen, B., 2005:
Study on relationship between polymorphism of apolipoprotein E gene and syndromes of phlegm and blood stasis in patients with coronary heart disease

Zhang, C-cheng.; Wu, J-min.; Cui, T-pen.; Wang, P.; Pan, S-xiu., 2006:
Study on relationship between polymorphism sites of TIM-3 and allergic asthma in a population of adult Hans from Hubei province of China

Zou, J-pan.; Wang, W-dong.; Li, G-xi., 2003:
Study on relationship between quantitative data of tongue picture and state of illness in 224 patients with severe acute respiratory syndrome

Zhao, Y-Juan.; Yue, Y-Fei.; Liu, X-Qin.; Li, S-Hong.; Liu, Z-Yang.; Wang, Y., 2004:
Study on relationship between serum cholylglycine and placental apoptosis in patients with intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy

Mao, Y-lin.; Yuan, Z-kai.; Huang, X-ping.; Lu, F.; Tan, G.; Hu, Z., 2004:
Study on relationship between the polymorphism of angiotensin converting enzyme gene and blood stasis syndrome in patients with coronary heart disease

Zhang, Y.; Guo, Y.; Wang, Y.; Qiao, Y., 2005:
Study on relationship between three-dimensional quantitative structure and retention parameters of chromatography

Li, C-dong.; Lan, Q-fang.; Zhang, J-juan., 2003:
Study on relationship between tongue picture and cell apoptosis in patients with chronic gastritis

Sun, J.; He, W., 2004:
Study on relationship of biodegradable properties of PGLA film in vivo and in vitro

Lei, Y.; Chen, K-ji.; Li, Z-wen., 2003 :
Study on relationship of clinical effect of xuefu zhuyu concentrated pill and serum pharmacological anti-platelet activating effect in vitro

Ding, K-feng.; Zheng, S., 2004:
Study on relationship of fucosyltransferase gene types in breast cancer with metastasis and prognosis

Zhang, P.; Wei, F.; Jiao, W.; Yang, Y., 1997:
Study on relationship of soluble interleukin-2 receptors in serious hepatitis B patients and the T lymphocyte subgroup

Yang, J.; Jiang, X.; He, L.; Zhou, J.; Li, S.; Lin, S., 2004:
Study on relative bioavailability of aspirin in afenca tablet

Yang, Z-yi.; Pei, J.; Liu, R-min.; Cheng, J.; Wan, D-guang.; Hu, R., 2006:
Study on relative bioavailability of ferulic acid of combination Radix Angelicae Sinensis and Cortex Cinnamomi in mice

Chen, P.; Wang, P.; Chen, G.; Gong, S., 2006:
Study on remodeling of astrocytes in facial neuclus after peripheral injury

Fan, H.; Gao, X-Ming.; Bao, J.; Wang, X.; Huang, T.; Huang, W.; Cao, Z-Song.; Zhang, W-Jun., 2006:
Study on remote sensing of methane leakage using a tunable diode laser

Zhao, Y.; Chen, Y.; Lin, S.; Yao, C.; Zhang, L., 2004:
Study on removal of arsenic in drinking water by metal loaded materials

Study on renal clearance of radioiodine in man; findings in 347 cases

Study on renal function in children born by cesarean section. Endogenous creatinine clearance

BIDONE, E., 1952:
Study on renal myosarcoma

Song, Q.; Shi, B.; Zheng, Q., 2006:
Study on repair approach of bilateral cleft lips and nose deformity

Xing, C-hong.; Ji, Z-ying.; Li, G-lan.; Yin, S-nian., 2006:
Study on repair capacity of DNA damage associated with chronic benzene poisoning

Lin, Y.; Zhu, Q-san.; Yin, F.; Guo, L., 2004:
Study on repairing injured middle brain by Schwann cells transplantation

Liu, G-hong.; Chen, L.; Yang, K-di.; Mo, S-xiong., 2006:
Study on reproductive and developmental toxicity of the pregnant mice and their foetus co-administered by p, p'-DDE and beta-BHC

MONSEUR, X., 1957:
Study on reserpine in Rauwolfia of the Belgian Congo and determination

Figueruelo, J.; García-Lopera, R.; Falo, M.; Abad, Cón.; Campos, Aín., 2005:
Study on resolution capacity and secondary mechanisms of three different TSK gels for organic SEC

Qu, X-You.; Qin, S-Yun.; Yang, D-Quan.; Li, Q-Sen.; Peng, F-Sheng., 2006:
Study on resource and varieties of Guoshangye

CHERNIAK, N.B., 1957:
Study on respiration and glycolysis in leukocytes

Study on respiratory function in mitral stenosis. II. Oxygen consumption during work

Zhang, P.; Xu, J., 2003:
Study on retention and stability of linear occlusal complete dentures

Shi, R.; Wang, S.; Hou, Z.; Sang, L., 2006:
Study on retention time shift correction of fingerprint chromatograms of soybean isoflavones

ONISHI, N., 1952:
Study on reticulo-endothelial system in the central nervous system

Chen, S.; Huang, Z.; Wang, L.; Jiang, T.; Wu, B.; Sun, G., 2003:
Study on retinal ganglion cell apoptosis after explosive injury of eyeballs in rabbits

Zhang, X.; Yun, Z., 1997:
Study on reversed-phase ion-pair chromatographic determination of thiosulfate and iodide anions

Wang, Z-ming.; Wang, M-zhen.; Lan, Y-jia.; Liu, J-dong.; Wu, F-rong.; Fan, S-jun.; Chen, G-wen.; Chen, X-he.; Li, J-sheng., 2004:
Study on revising the criteria of classification of hazard conditions of productive dust

Zhang, L-Lin.; Zheng, C-Yang.; Lei, J-Du.; Ma, G-Hui.; Su, Z-Guo.; Wang, L., 2006:
Study on rhG-CSF modified with polyethylene glycol

Wang, D-ming.; Hao, Q.; Cai, X-he.; Wan, K-lin.; Wang, Z-xiao.; Chen, J., 2004:
Study on ribotyping of Lyme borreliosis spirochete in Guizhou province

IIDA, H., 1961:
Study on rickettsial diseases (including ezo-fever) in Hokkaido

Liu, D.; Chen, P.; Chen, W.; Lian, X-qun.; Yu, Z-hai., 2003:
Study on risk factors and molecular typing of Acinetobacter baummanii in nosocomial infections

Wang, Y.; Liu, Y-he.; Zheng, W-ping.; Ming, Y.; Shen, Z-yang., 2006:
Study on risk factors for early postoperative infection after orthotopic liver transplantation in adults

Fu, C-Wei.; Xu, B.; Luan, R-Sheng.; Zhan, S-Yan.; Chen, W-qing., 2006:
Study on risk factors of depressive and/or anxiety symptoms in patients with coronary heart disease in general hospitals of urban China

Li, Y-ting.; Zhu, Y-yi.; Shen, W-guo.; Zhang, A-xiang.; Zhang, J-ming.; Ren, H.; Yuan, G-ping.; Gu, L-juan., 2006:
Study on risk factors of sporadic hepatitis E virus cases in some districts of Shanghai

Nakai, Y., 2004:
Study on role of natural killer T cells in progression of arteriosclerosis using the mouse model

Misawa, H., 2006:
Study on root fracture and alveolar bone absorption of doweled lower premolars

Wang, H-mo., 2006:
Study on rules of distribution field of channels and collaterals

Hosoe, K.; Kitano, M.; Kishida, H.; Kubo, H.; Fujii, K.; Kitahara, M., 2006:
Study on safety and bioavailability of ubiquinol (Kaneka QH) after single and 4-week multiple oral administration to healthy volunteers

Ma, P-lin.; Yang, M-shi.; Li, Q.; Ou, H.; Peng, Y.; Su, J-wen.; Zhao, J-zhu., 2006:
Study on safety of apnea test in clinical determination of brain death

LEGER, P., 1950:
Study on sanitation

FIOR, R., 1955 :
Study on sarcomatous tissue in the stroma of a laryngeal carcinoma

Study on saving of the various materials by culture of tubercle bacilli. V. On the simplification of egg media for the isolation culture of tubercle bacilli

Hongxin, C.; Zhengguang, L.; Hongwei, Z., 2007:
Study on scalable coding algorithm for medical image

Study on scattered radiation. 1. Measurement of effective voltage of scattered radiation by half value layer method and rotating half value layer meter

Chen, Z.; Li, Y.; Zhou, J.; Cao, L.; Hu, Y.; Li, Y., 2006:
Study on screening immunocopetent position in Rabdosia amethystoieds (Benth.) Hara

Zhou, D-Dan.; Ma, F.; Wang, H-Yu.; Dong, S-Shi., 2005:
Study on screening methord of aerobic denitrifiers

Liu, R-Rong.; Yu, Z.; He, Q-Hua.; Wang, X.; Xu, Y., 2005:
Study on screening mimicking epitope of ochratoxin A from phage display peptide library

Study on secodary electrons. 1. On the energy spectrum of secondary electrons produced in matter by 320 kVp white X-rays

Lu, G.; Yang, G.; Wang, J.; Ni, A.; Jing, X., 2006:
Study on second filtering algorithm based on tracing the interfering spectral peaks of radar non-contact life-parameter detection system

JOIRIS, E., 1956:
Study on secondary bacterial growth in the staphylococci

Shvachko, L.P.; Litvinovich, S.V.; Kibirev, V.K., 2006:
Study on secondary structure and properties of alpha- and gamma-forms of human thrombin

Li, Y-Sen.; Guo, Q-Sheng.; Wang, C-Lin.; Liu, L., 2006:
Study on seed dormancy mechanisms of Changium smyrnioides and its geminating conditions

Huang, H.; Liu, X.; Wu, X.; Lai, X.; Zhang, S., 2003:
Study on seedling inducement from seed of Anoectochilus roxburghii

Guo, Q-Sheng.; He, X-Yuan.; Liu, L.; Xu, W-Bin.; Hu, J-Guo.; Cai, Y-Xin., 2004:
Study on selective breeding of medicinal Chrysanthemum morifolium

Wang, C.; Gong, N-bo.; Zheng, Q-tai.; Guo, W-sheng.; Lu, Y., 2004:
Study on selective isolation of volatile oil in the seed of Fructus foeniculi

Izawa, S.; Kodama, M.; Nomura, S., 2005:
Study on self and other ratings of hostility

Hu, X.; Mao, Y.; Lu, W.; Sun, S., 1997:
Study on self-activation of phosphorylated amino acids to form peptides by FTIR

Zhang, W-Wei.; Ren, X-Ming.; Li, H-Fang.; Lu, C-Sheng.; Hu, C-Jiang.; Zhu, H-Zhen.; Meng, Q-Jin., 2003:
Study on self-assembled monolayers of functionalized azobenzene thiols on gold: XPS, electrochemical properties, and surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy

Duan, X-Rui.; Li, Z-Ping.; Cui, P-Juan.; Su, Y-Qin., 2007:
Study on self-assembly of gold nanoparticles directed by glutathione with resonance light scattering technique and its analytical applications

Shen, M-wei.; Yi, Y-ji.; Xu, Q. , 2003:
Study on sensitivity of event-related EEG sychronization and desychronization visual memory load

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Study on sensitivity to adriamycin of down-regulated cells expressed hOGG1 gene which target to oxidative DNA damage and repair

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Study on separating characteristics in capillary reversed-phase electrochromatography

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Study on separation and purification of anthraquinones in radix et rhizoma rhei by D301 macroporous resin

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Study on separation of aristolochic acid I and II by micellar electrokinetic capillary chromatography and competition mechanism between SDS and beta-cyclodextrin

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Study on separation of epirubicin and doxorubicin isomers by displacement chromatography

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Study on sequence difference and SNP pheomenon of rDNA ITS region in F type and H type population of Dendrobium officinale

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Study on sero-diagnosis of nasopharyngeal carcinoma using a dual antibody test against recombinant Epstein-Barr virus antigens

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Study on sero-pharmacology of fresh Gecko Swinhonis Gunther freeze-dried powder in inducing cell apoptosis of C6 glioma cells in mice

Study on serum alkaline phosphatase in neoplasms and its diagnostic value in hepatic metastasis

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Study on serum and urinary cortisol levels of asthmatic patients after treatment with high dose inhaled beclomethasone dipropionate or budesonide

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Study on serum ceruloplasmin in early diagnosis of pneumoconiosis

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Study on serum erythropoietin levels in patients with hematologic malignancies

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Study on serum inhibin concentrations in women during menopausal transition

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Study on serum leptin level of urban resident and the relationship between body mass index, blood lipid, insulin and leptin level

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Study on serum levels of E- selectin, integrin beta 1 subunit and intercellular adhesion molecule-1 in gastric cancer patients and their clinical implications

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Study on serum lipoproteins by agar electrophoresis and by immunoelectrophoretic analysis

Study on serum macroglobulinemia by gel and paper electrophoresis and ultra-centrifugation

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Study on serum organochlorines pesticides (DDTs) level, CYP1A1 genetic polymorphism and risk of breast cancer: a case control study

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Study on serum oxidized low density lipoprotein and anti-oxidized competence in patient with coronary heart disease

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Study on serum soluble interleukin-6 receptor levels in patients with malignant hematological diseases

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Study on serum vascular endothelial growth factor level in ovarian malignant tumors

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Study on several institutions for the aged in the city of Vienna, from the standpoint of their organization & methods

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Study on several methods of character analysis and classification for pulse-condition based on statistics theory

Study on sewage disposal in Valencia

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Study on sexual behavior and HIV/STIs among miners in Yunnan province

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Study on shift schedule saving energy of automatic transmission of ground vehicles

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Study on shock produced by polysaccharide from the colon bacillus in tumor-bearing rats (preliminary note)

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Study on short-term therapeutic effect and its impact factors of stereotactic surgery for treating opiate users with opiate dependence in Sichuan

Study on sialopolysaccharides in the normal human endometrium

Tang, X-bin.; Hou, J.; Tan, Y-shan.; Zhou, H-hua.; Liu, J., 2004:
Study on significance of single nucleotide polymorphisms in the redox domain of aprimidinic/apurinic endonuclease/redox factor-1 gene in Chinese sporadic colorectal cancer

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Study on significance of the interlacing fibers in the stroma of the uterine mucosa

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Study on silica induced DNA damage and its influence factor

Li, F.; Liao, Z.; Ding, J.; Qin, Y.; Shuai, Q.; Jiang, Z., 2003:
Study on simultaneous determination of multiplex trace elements in Chinese herbal medicine loulu by ICP-AES

Study on simultaneous function of the first and second signal systems of the cerebral cortex

STINGL, A., 1959 :
Study on simultaneous presence of myoma of diverse origin

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Study on single nucleotide polymorphism of beta2 adrenoceptor gene in patients with pregnancy induced hypertension of northern China

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Study on singly Chinese herbal drugs in intervention of visceral fibrosis

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Study on sini decoction in treatment of intestinal ischemia-reperfusion injury in rats: mechanism relating to oxygen radical and bcl-2 protein

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Study on skull asymmetry

Huang, X.; Luo, J.; Liao, Y.; Qu, Y.; Yang, Z., 2006:
Study on small intestinal submucosa as repair materials in urethral reconstruction

Study on so-called carcinoid syndrome

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Study on sober-up effect of crystal sugar-vinegar solution

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Study on socio-behavioral risk factors of acquired drug resistance of tuberculosis in Sichuan province

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Study on sodium lauryl sulfate (SDS) induced fluorescence enhancement of rhodamine 6G in water solution excited by 532 nm laser

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Study on solid phase extraction and spectrophotometric determination of cadmium with 2-[2-(5-bromoquinolinylazo)]-5-diethylaminophenol

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Study on solid phase extraction and spectrophotometric determination of uranium in water with 2-(2-quinolylazo)-5-dimthylaminophenol

Cui, Y.; Zhang, X.; Zhai, P.; Hu, Q.; Yin, J.; Yang, G., 2004:
Study on solid phase extraction and spectrophotometric determination of vanadium in environmental samples with 2-(2-quinolinylazo)-1,3-dihydroxidebenzene

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Study on solid phase extraction spectrophotometric determination of zinc with 2-(2-quinolylazo)-5-dimthylaminophenol

Wang, L.; Hu, Q-fen.; Yang, G-yu.; Yin, J-yuan., 2005:
Study on solid-phase-extraction spectrophotometric determination of silver with p-sulfobenzylidene-rhodanine

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Study on soluble antigens of Pagumogonimus skrjabini by SDS-PAGE and two-dimensional gel electrophoresis

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Study on soluble guanylate cyclase in pulmonary hypertension rat model

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Study on solvent abuse among junior high school students in Saitama, Japan

Study on some biochemical tests in experimental fural poisoning

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Study on some details in the process of preparation of extracts of Viburnum bark

Study on some esterification products of natural animal and plant oils

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Study on soyasaponins by HPLC-electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry

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Study on space flight-mutants of Monascus purpureus using Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA

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Study on space motion sickness before, during and after spaceflight

Guo, R.; Jia, H-Feng.; Cheng, S-tong.; Li, X-jin., 2006:
Study on spatial site selection assessment of urban medical waste treatment facility

Study on spearmint. IV. The anatomy of Mentha rotundifolia, Mentha longifolia and two hybrids

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Study on specific cellular immunity of enhance intracellular survival antigen of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis

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Study on spectra pretreatment in near infrared spectroscopy analysis using charger coupled device detector

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Study on spectral behavior of trimethoxyphenylflurone with cadmium in microemulsion

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Study on spectral emission characteristics of infrared lamps

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Study on spectral identification of methamidophos artificial antigen

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Study on spectral properties of Chinese herbal medicines additives in cosmetic

Huang, C.; Fang, Y-wen.; Ouyang, Y-dong.; Yu, Y-peng., 2005:
Study on spectral properties of natural plant ultraviolet absorbent

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Study on spectral properties of the associated particle of berberine-PHLO and its analytical application

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Study on spectral properties of tri-functional polymers containing terbium complex

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Study on spectrophotometric determination of silver(I) with 2-(2-quinolinylazo)-1,5-dihydroxidebenzene

Dong, C.; Ming, F., 2005:
Study on spectrophotometric determination of trace nitrite with brilliant cresol blue

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Study on spectroscopic properties of rare earth complexes with poly (N-vinylacetamide)

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Study on spectroscopy of alpha, alpha'-dioxoketene cyclic s, s-acetals

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Study on sperm quality of males living in cold area

Ding, X-Ping.; Yan, S-Wen.; Zhang, N.; Dong, W.; Zhang, L.; Lu, H-Ou.; Tang, J.; Liu, X., 2003:
Study on sperm quality of the soldiers influenced by reinforced training

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Study on spotted fever group Rickettsiae in Guangdong province

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Study on spray-drier preparation technology of weitai granules using orthogonal experiments

Wu, X., 2003:
Study on stability of beta-cyclodextrin to chlorogenic acid

Qian, K.X.; Wan, F.K.; Ru, W.M.; Zeng, P.; Yuan, H.Y., 2006:
Study on stable equilibrium of levitated impeller in rotary pump with passive magnetic bearings

Study on staphylococal infections. III. Survey of carriers carried out in the nursery of the Hospital das Clinicas. Antibiogram and phage typing of the samples

Study on status evaluation of the personnel in a psychiatric clinic

Xue, J-ping.; Zhang, A-min.; Sheng, W.; Zhao, F-lan., 2003:
Study on stem-tip tissue culture of the traditional Chinese medicine Chrysanthemum morifolium

Liu, X.; Ling, Y.; Zheng, X.; Huang, J., 2003:
Study on stereometric parameters of optic nerve head of normal, big-cupped disk and glaucomatous eyes using Heidelberg retina tomograph

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Study on steroidal compounds from Dioscorea zingiberensis

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Study on steroidal saponins of Dioscorea septemloba thunb

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Study on sterols and triterpenes from the stems of Akebia quinata

Yang, J-min.; Kang, Y-mei.; Zhang, W-qing.; Yang, F., 2006:
Study on strategy of filariasis control in Heze City

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Study on strength of plaster splints with reference to a reinforcement strip on splints for immobilization of forearm and hand

TIMOSSI, G., 1958:
Study on streptokinase-activated fibrinolysis in irradiated patients

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Study on stress among nurses working in two shifts at a pediatric oncology hospital in Campinas

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Study on stroke syndrome of Chinese medicine and its relationship with blood hypercoagulative status and insulin resistance in diabetic ischemic stroke patients

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Study on structural variation of silica gel using Nd3+ as a probe by photoacoustic spectroscopy

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Study on structure and spectral properties of carbon nanotubes doped silica gel glass composites

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Study on structure of ribosomal RNA by time-resolved luminescence anisotropy analysis

Liu, Z-Gang.; Zhu, J-Qi.; Huang, H-Zhen.; Xu, H., 2006:
Study on structures of blattela germanica allergen, Bla g 2 expressed by eukaryotic and prokaryotic vectors using fluorescence and CD spectra

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Study on subclinical hepatic encephalopathy in patients with hepatic failure

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Study on subcretin in 8 minorities of Yunnan province

Xu, Z.; Qian, G.; Liu, S.; Li, Z.; Chen, X., 2005:
Study on subcritical water extraction of baicalin from Radix Scutellariae coupled to high performance liquid chromatographic analysis

Zhong, W.; Miao, J., 2005:
Study on submerged culture conditions of lipase inhibitor producing strain

Okasaka, Y.; Morita, N.; Nakatani, Y., 2006:
Study on suicide attempts among drug addicts--prevalence of suicide attempts and investigation of related risk factors

Study on summer diarrhea in infants in 1956; biological & clinical aspects

Yu, R-min.; Jin, Q-xing.; Zhao, Y., 2006:
Study on supension culture and quantitative determination of total ginsenosides from the crown gall of Panax quinquefolium

Chen, J.; Huang, S.; Zhu, B., 2003:
Study on supercritical CO2 extracting conditions on Phyllanthus urinaria

Bai, Y.; Ge, F., 2004:
Study on supercritical CO2 extraction of lecithin from radix Polygoni Multiflori Preparata by orthogonal design

Yang, S.B., 2003:
Study on supercritical CO2 fluid extraction and separation of components from fruits of Schisandra sphenanthera

Li, X-guang.; Gao, Q.; Weng, W.; Luo, H-min., 2007:
Study on supercritical carbon dioxide fluid extraction process of lignans from Kadsura heteroclita (Roxb.) Craib

Balaban, A.T.; Khadikar, P.V.; Supuran, C.T.; Thakur, A.; Thakur, M., 2005:
Study on supramolecular complexing ability vis-à-vis estimation of pKa of substituted sulfonamides: dominating role of Balaban index (J)

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Study on surface adhesion protein 33 gene sequence of different Trichomonas vaginalis isolates

Chow, J.C.L.; Grigorov, G.N.; Barnett, R.B., 2006:
Study on surface dose generated in prostate intensity-modulated radiation therapy treatment

Shen, Y.; Wang, G-xue.; Quan, X-jun.; Yu, Q-song., 2006 :
Study on surface modification and biocompatibility of NiTi alloy intravascular stents

Huang, F-hua.; Peng, Y-ru., 2006:
Study on surface-capped CdS nanoparticles as fluorescence probes

RADNOT, M.; KUHAR, G., 1959:
Study on surgery of iris cysts

Sharma, S.N.; Saxena, V.K.; Lal, S., 2006:
Study on susceptibility status in aquatic and adult stages of Aedes aegypti and Ae. albopictus against insecticides at international airports of south India

Pan, Z-ping.; Jin, Y.; Zhang, H., 2004:
Study on switched reluctance generator

BLEGER, J., 1962:
Study on symbiosis in "El Reposo del Guerrero"

JABONERO, V., 1955:
Study on synapses of the peripheral autonomic nervous system. II. Interneuronic synapses in the intramural ganglia of the digestive tract

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Study on syndrome pattern in insulin resistant model rats

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Study on synergic or antagonistic effects of different acupoint groups on vertebro-basilar insufficiency

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Study on syntheses and IR spectra of novel chelate resins containing hydroxyalkylamine group

Xu, Z.; Wang, M., 2005:
Study on syntheses and spectroscopic property of complexes of quinoxaline-2,3-dicarboxamide with transition metals

Kuang, D.; Zhang, F., 2005:
Study on synthesis and molecular spectra of the N-(2-hydroxy) naphthylmethyleneamino iron(III), cobalt(II) and copper(II) complexes

Gao, B-jiao.; Yang, Y-feng.; Cheng, Y.; Shi, D-jian., 2003:
Study on synthesis and photoluminescence of the complexes of rare earth Eu(III) with 4-vinyl pyridine copolymer

Wang, B.; Zhang, Z-li.; Guo, Y.; Wu, X-hua.; Liu, J-yi., 2006:
Study on synthesis and purification of calcium 5-formyltetrahydrofolate

Yin, Z.; Niu, H.; Tan, H.; Xie, X.; Zhong, Y., 2006:
Study on synthesis of physically crosslinked biomedical polyurethane hydrogel

Yang, Z-Yin.; Wang, Y.; Wang, Y., 2007:
Study on synthesis, structure, and DNA-binding of lanthanide complexes with 2-carboxylbenzaldehyde thiosemicarbazone

Shen, Z-yun., 2005:
Study on systematic bioloay and syndrome of traditional Chinese medicine

Study on tannin in certain vegetable preparation of Rosaceae

Study on tartrate fermentation

OHYA, Z., 1959:
Study on tattooing in Japan

PREVOT, A.R.; RAYNAUD, M., 1957:
Study on taxonomy of pectinolytic Clostridium

KRIMMENAU, R., 1958:
Study on technic of conization of the portio uteri

Liu, J.; Qiu, A., 2005:
Study on technique of extraction and purifying chlorogenic acid in Eucommia ulmoides Oliver leaves

Qu, J.; Liao, Q.; Zhang, X., 2006:
Study on technique of thermal imaging and soft-sensing

Peng, M-jun.; Zhou, C-shan.; Lei, Q-fu.; Chen, L-sheng., 2005:
Study on technology of extracting geniposidic acid from Eucommia ulmiodes and its application

Zhang, J.; Chen, H-cai.; Chen, X-dan., 2005:
Study on temperature correctional models of quantitative analysis with near infrared spectroscopy

Watanabe, A.; Morita, S.; Ozaki, Y., 2006:
Study on temperature-dependent changes in hydrogen bonds in cellulose Ibeta by infrared spectroscopy with perturbation-correlation moving-window two-dimensional correlation spectroscopy

Qian, X-Wei., 2005:
Study on teratogenic effect of potassium dichromate on Vicia faba root tip cells

Shen, Z-Bin.; Luo, W-Ying.; Yan, Y-Shao.; Zhu, J-Fang., 2006:
Study on terpene of Dryopteris fragrans L

Xie, C.; Liu, N.; Lin, D.; Guo, Z., 2007:
Study on testing methods of the elastic nature for equivalent material of human skin

Zhao, J-li.; Chen, Z-jiang.; Zhao, Y-ran.; Zhao, L-xin.; Wang, L-cheng.; Li, Y.; Tang, R.; Shi, Y-hua., 2005 :
Study on the (TAAAA)n repeat polymorphism in sex hormone-binding globulin gene and the SHBG serum levels in putative association with the glucose metabolic status of Chinese patients suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome in Shandong province

SCHWARZ, H., 1959:
Study on the 1957 influenza epidemic in the Ruhr area

Study on the 1st cases of dieldrin poisoning & the application of xenodiagnosis to humans

Wang, D.; Yu, L.; Zhou, X.; Wang, C., 2004:
Study on the 3D mathematical mode of the muscle groups applied to human mandible by a linear programming method

Watanabe, K.; Imase, K.; Tanaka, A.; Tokunaga, K.; Sugano, H.; Ishida, H.; Takahashi, S'ichi., 2005:
Study on the 8 cases with supplemental hemostatic treatments after small intestinal biopsy

Tao, W-dong.; Zhang, H.; Fang, X-ming.; Wang, F.; Zhang, Z-fangr.; Bai, G-ru., 2006:
Study on the CD and ORD of the crystal NaClO3

Shi, J.; Shao, Z-hong.; Liu, H.; Jia, H-rong.; Sun, J.; Bai, J.; Wu, Y-hong.; Jing, L-ping.; He, G-sheng.; Cao, Y-Ran.; Wang, X-li.; Tu, M-feng.; Hao, Y-shu.; Yang, T-ying., 2005:
Study on the Characteristics of cell cycle and proliferation of CD34+ hematopoietic stem cells in myelodysplastic syndromes

Fu, T-ting.; Wu, J-yuan.; Wang, L.; Ma, Y.; Wang, Y.; Liu, Y.; Ding, H., 2007:
Study on the Chinese herbal formula for treatment of vaginitis and the antimicrobial activity in murine models

Sun, Y.; Yang, Z.; Wu, J., 2005:
Study on the Co(DC)2-NaDC mixed micelle system

Liu, J-li.; Dong, W-wei.; Li, J-pin., 2005 :
Study on the DNA damage and repair of peripheral mononuclear leukocytes in cerebral ischemic stroke

Peng, M-yong.; Chen, S-de.; Qiao, D-jiang.; Zhang, C-sheng.; Qi, H-xing., 2003:
Study on the EMF-temperature co-effects on protein conformation by fluorometry

Hernandez Arieta, A.; Yokoi, H.; Arai, T.; Yu, W., 2007:
Study on the Effects of Electrical Stimulation on the Pattern Recognition for an EMG Prosthetic Application

Lan, F-li., 2004:
Study on the English translation of description of huangdi neijing suwen

Lan, F-li., 2005:
Study on the English translation of description of huangdi neijing suwen (2)

Xiao, L-ren.; Gao, F.; Tang, J-yuan.; Zhang, W-gong., 2005:
Study on the Eu-containing coordination polymer. I. Structural characterization of Eu (III)-thienyltrifluroacetone-poly (styrene-acrylic acid)

Jang, D.Hwan., 1969:
Study on the Eurytrema pancreaticum: II. Life Cycle

Study on the H2S effect on tactile organs of skin in sick persons

Li, C-Rong.; Wan, X-Xiang., 2006:
Study on the HPLC fingerprints of Styela plicata

Chen, Z.; Zhu, Q.; Xu, S.; Wan, S., 2003:
Study on the IR and UV dual-spectrum radiation

He, J.T.; Wang, G.Z., 2003 :
Study on the LMCT band of zinc-bovine serum albumin

Lin, S., 2005:
Study on the Langevin piezoelectric ceramic ultrasonic transducer of longitudinal-flexural composite vibrational mode

Sado, T.; Saito, S.; Morikawa, H., 2003:
Study on the Mechanism of the Bone Formation Process by 17beta-estradiol during Rat Bone Marrow Stromal Cell Culture

Tian, H.; Liu, B.; Song, Z.; Shen, S.; Han, J.; Fang, Y., 2005:
Study on the NIR-Raman spectra and NIR-SERS spectra of amsacrine

Maksimowski, Pł.; Skupiński, W., 2005:
Study on the NaNp/Al2O3-SiO2 system

Feng, H-Feng., 2003:
Study on the PTEN Tumor Suppressor Gene

Tai, H.; Dian, Z.; Ouyang, H.; Li, Z.; Wan, H.; Ruan, C., 2003:
Study on the Polymorphism of Intron 22 (CA)n Repeat within FVIII Gene in Dai, Yi and Han Populations of Yunnan Province

Halmerbauer, G.; Gartner, C.; Schierl, M.; Arshad, H.; Dean, T.; Koller, D.Y.; Karmaus, W.; Kuehr, J.; Forster, J.; Urbanek, R.; Frischer, T., 2003:
Study on the Prevention of Allergy in Children in Europe (SPACE): allergic sensitization at 1 year of age in a controlled trial of allergen avoidance from birth

Chang, Z-rui.; Yang, R-quan.; Wang, Y-bin.; Ren, L-li.; Wang, M.; Yang, Y-wu.; Guo, L.; Chao, Y-gong.; Qu, C-yi.; Wang, J-wei.; Hong, T., 2005:
Study on the RNA of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) associated coronavirus in the blood and excretion of convalescent patients with SARS

Gu, J., 1997:
Study on the Raman spectra of ZYA system

Hong, W., 2003:
Study on the Raman spectra of baotite

Study on the Richmond-crown or half-crown with typified root canal pin and individual tooth mounting

Chen, S-qing.; Zhu, Q-rong.; Wang, J-she., 2006:
Study on the S region gene mutation of hepatitis B virus during prevention of HBV transmission in uterus with hepatitis B immunoglobulin

Zhang, P.; Wang, L.; Li, X., 2003:
Study on the SCR of NO over automobile exhaust catalyst Ag/SAPO-34

GASSMANN, W.; LACK, H., 1959:
Study on the Sturge-Weber syndrome

Shen, R.; Xu, C-gao.; Li, L-zhen.; Zhang, T.; Qin, X-mei.; Li, J.; Zhao, C-li., 2004:
Study on the T lymphocytes early activation and soluble tumor necrosis factor receptor in patients with aplastic anemia

Li, Y-fei.; Zhong, L.; Zhu, X-hua.; Zhu, X-hua.; Yang, J., 2004:
Study on the TCR Vbeta binding sites in the superantigen staphylococcal enterotoxin D

Yang, J.; Bai, F.; Xu, G., 1997:
Study on the TICT property of phenothiazine and its derivatives

Chen, J.; Cao, Z-yi.; Zhang, P.; Peng, Z-lan.; Yang, Y-lin.; Bi, J-hong., 2004:
Study on the TIL and NK of IL-2 injected via pelvic retroperitoneal space in gynecological cancer patient

Zhang, J-Zhi.; Wang, Y.; Chen, X-Ming., 2006:
Study on the TLC-SERS of sulfamethoxazole

Wei, F-huan.; Zhang, J-jia.; Zhang, L., 2006:
Study on the TLC-fingerprint of Xiatianwu

Sasaki, N., 2005:
Study on the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease--a cytobiological evaluation of pkd1 gene

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