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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 50451

Chapter 50451 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Mimura, S.; Kobayashi, H.; Kanoh, S.; Motoyoshi, K.; Aida, S., 2003:
Summer-type hypersensitivity pneumonitis in monozygotic twins

Rezende, N., 1950:
Summer: a government problem

Kennedy, D.; Summers, L., 2006:
Summers and Harvard

Holland, R.W., 1957:
Summerskill's dacryocystorhinostomy

White, J.M., 1962:
Summerskill's operation for naso-lachrymal duct obstruction

Bjerklie, D., 2003:
Summertime booze

Benko, L.B., 2004:
Summertime grilling. Lawmakers question WellPoint execs on bonuses

Petrakis, M.; Psiloglou, B.; Kassomenos, P.A.; Cartalis, C., 2003:
Summertime measurements of benzene and toluene in Athens using a differential optical absorption spectroscopy system

Hurt, O.J., 1951:
Summertime medical emergencies

Toy, J., 2003:
Summertime...and the learnin' is easy

Borghi, R.; Santarsiero, M., 2003:
Summing Lax series for nonparaxial beam propagation

Clark, N.M.; Friedman, A.R.; Lachance, L.L., 2006:
Summing it up: Collective lessons from the experience of seven coalitions

Diamant, Z.; Boot, J.Diderik.; Virchow, J.Christian., 2007:
Summing up 100 years of asthma

Leigh, D.A., 2004:
Summing up ligand binding interactions

Uvarenko, A.R.; Balitskaia, O.V., 2003:
Summing up of functioning of the system of compulsory medical insurance in the Russian Federation and prospects for its formation in Ukraine

Ch'ien, H.C., 1958:
Summing up of mass technical experiences with a view to expediting eradication of the five major parasitic diseases

Sevbitov, A.V., 2003:
Summing up the 5-year monitoring of morphology and function of the stomatognathic system in children exposed to radiation

Hulshoff, A.A., 1950:
Summing up, 1929-1949

Rowland, L.P., 2004:
Summing up: An action plan for ALS research

Butkiewicza, T., 1955 :
Summing-up by the chairman of the Polish Society of Surgeons

Jernigan, S., 2005:
Summit Hospital's response to Hurricane Katrina

Aumiller, J., 2003:
Summit meeting of breast cancer experts--many new ideas and practical progress. When the breast becomes malignant

Nolen, R.Scott.; Rezendes, A., 2006:
Summit works toward national animal disaster plan: groups seek to avoid mistakes of Katrina

Anonymous, 2005:
Summit yields urgent call to eliminate disparities in CVD care

Harder, Z.; Zunino, R.; McBride, H., 2004:
Sumo1 conjugates mitochondrial substrates and participates in mitochondrial fission

Kikuchi, Y., 2005:

Scheschonka, A.; Tang, Z.; Betz, H., 2007:
Sumoylation in neurons: nuclear and synaptic roles?

Liu, S-Tung.; Wang, W-Hung.; Hong, Y-Ren.; Chuang, J-Ying.; Lu, P-Jung.; Chang, L-Kwan., 2006:
Sumoylation of Rta of Epstein-Barr virus is preferentially enhanced by PIASxbeta

Park, J.; Seo, T.; Kim, H.; Choe, J., 2005:
Sumoylation of the novel protein hRIP{beta} is involved in replication protein A deposition in PML nuclear bodies

Li, Q.; Xiao, H.; Tam, J.P.; Liu, D.X., 2006:
Sumoylation of the nucleocapsid protein of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus by interaction with Ubc9

Mascle, X.H.; Germain-Desprez, D.; Huynh, P.; Estephan, P.; Aubry, M., 2007:
Sumoylation of the transcriptional intermediary factor 1beta (TIF1beta), the Co-repressor of the KRAB Multifinger proteins, is required for its transcriptional activity and is modulated by the KRAB domain

Ball, E.A.M.; Horlock, N.M., 2006:
Sump drainage with an atraumatic diffusion sucker in DIEP flaps

Chang, P.L.; Dunner, D.L.; Harding, J., 1964:
Sun Dc: An Improved Technic for Tubeless Gastric Analysis

Johnson, D.E.L., 2003:
Sun Health report to medical staff builds corporate culture. Attractive, quick read addresses physicians' issues

Botvin, J.D., 2004:
Sun Health uses seafaring theme effectively in report to community

Evans, G.R.D., 2004:
Sun Tzu's Art of war

Lee, H-Sook.; Sun, X-miao., 2006:
Sun Xi-miao in the biography of the Avatamsaka-Sutra

Blind, 1952:
Sun and Sea Cure Center at Vallauris

Asseng, H.; Ruhtz, T.; Fischer, Jürgen., 2004:
Sun and aureole spectrometer for airborne measurements to derive aerosol optical properties

Eiken, P.A., 2006:
Sun and cancer

Schwarzwald, M., 1957:
Sun and cutaneous carcinoma

Paltrinieri, M., 1951:
Sun and sand baths in the treatment of chronic non-tuberculous arthritis

Bertoldi, G., 1950:
Sun and sea cure in arthrosis and non-tuberculous chronic arthritis

Hill, M.J., 2005:
Sun and skin: still a burning issue

Aquilina, S.; Gauci, A.Amato.; Ellul, M.; Scerri, L., 2004:
Sun awareness in Maltese secondary school students

Schaeffer, L.F., 1954:
Sun bath and black mustard

Jordan, P.; Holtschmidt, J., 1952:
Sun baths causing lupus erythematosus in sanitorium therapy of pulmonary tuberculosis

El-Nourya, M.A.; El-Begawyb, M.B.; Morsyc, M.E.; Al Sherbineyd, E.M., 2018:
Assessment of Laser Biostimulation in Induction of Ovulation

Affleck, P., 2005:
Sun exposure and health

Stoebner-Delbarre, A.; Thezenas, S.; Kuntz, C.; Nguyen, C.; Giordanella, J-P.; Sancho-Garnier, H.; Guillot, B., 2005:
Sun exposure and sun protection behavior and attitudes among the French population

Neale, R.E.; Purdie, J.L.; Hirst, L.W.; Green, Aèle.C., 2003:
Sun exposure as a risk factor for nuclear cataract

O'Connor, W.J.; Lim, K.K.; DiCaudo, D.J.; Warschaw, K.E.; Zalla, M.J., 2003:
Sun exposure before mohs for melanoma

Molgó, M.; Castillo, C.; Valdés, R.; Romero, W.; Jeanneret, Vérie.; Cevo, T.; Torres, C.; Silva, P.; Flores, L.; Riquelme, A.; Ayala, Mía.Fernanda.; González, Fán.; Hasbún, Mía.Trinidad.; Baladrón, Mía.José., 2005:
Sun exposure behaviors and knowledge among Chileans

Aydin, Z.Dilek., 2005:
Sun exposure may confound physical activity-prostate cancer association

Le Marchand, Lïc.; Saltzman, B.S.; Hankin, J.H.; Wilkens, L.R.; Franke, A.A.; Morris, S.J.; Kolonel, L.N., 2006:
Sun exposure, diet, and melanoma in Hawaii Caucasians

Robinson, J.K., 2005:
Sun exposure, sun protection, and vitamin D

Dahl, M.V., 2004:
Sun exposure, vitamin D metabolism, and skin cancer

Lindelöf, B.; Granath, F.; Dal, H.; Brandberg, Y.; Adami, J.; Ullén, H., 2003:
Sun habits in kidney transplant recipients with skin cancer: a case-control study of possible causative factors

Adamson, H.G., 1952:
Sun heat and artificial heat in relation to skin eruptions due to local irritants

Anonymous, 1952:
Sun over Albis

Barták, P.; Ettler, K., 2003:
Sun photoaging

Young, R.A.; Logan, C.; Lovato, C.Y.; Moffat, B.; Shoveller, J.A., 2005:
Sun protection as a family health project in families with adolescents

Robinson, J.K.; Rigel, D.S., 2004:
Sun protection attitudes and behaviors of solid-organ transplant recipients

Mang, R.; Krutmann, J., 2003:
Sun protection during holidays

Faurschou, A.; Janjua, N.Rezaq.; Wulf, H.Christian., 2004:
Sun protection effect of dihydroxyacetone

Dajani, Z.; Swetter, S.M.; Demierre, M-France.; Geller, A.C., 2005:
Sun protection factor content and warning statements for sunless tanning products: an examination of retail outlets and the Internet

Almahroos, M.; Kurban, A.K., 2003:
Sun protection for children and adolescents

Morris, J.M.; Gould, D.; Bennett, S.; Bastin, J.; Salter, L.; Watt, A., 2005:
Sun protection initiatives in Cornwall

Janda, M.; Kimlin, M.G.; Whiteman, D.C.; Aitken, J.F.; Neale, R.E., 2007:
Sun protection messages, vitamin D and skin cancer: out of the frying pan and into the fire?

Pagoto, S.L.; McChargue, D.E.; Schneider, K.; Werth Cook, J., 2004:
Sun protection motivational stages and behavior: skin cancer risk profiles

Kirsner, R.S.; Parker, D.F.; Brathwaite, N.; Thomas, A.; Tejada, F.; Trapido, E.J., 2005:
Sun protection policies in Miami-Dade County public schools: opportunities for skin cancer prevention

Eakin, P.; Maddock, J.; Techur-Pedro, A.; Kaliko, R.; Derauf, D.Christian., 2005:
Sun protection policy in elementary schools in Hawaii

Stanfield, J.W.; Feldman, S.R.; Levitt, J., 2006:
Sun protection strength of a hydroquinone 4%/retinol 0.3% preparation containing sunscreens

Reichrath, Jörg.; Querings, K., 2005:
Sun protection, vitamin D deficiency, and management of cutaneous oncology in organ transplant recipients (OTR)

Krutmann, J., 2003:
Sun protection. Correction of an error

Puente Duany, N., 1950:
Sun rays and cutaneous cancer

Stevanovic, D.V., 1960:
Sun screening substances. Their physical evaluation and clinical application

Vickery, K., 2004:
Sun, Genesis find their footing. Two different approaches, two successful turnarounds

Ceaser, M., 2005:
Sun, sand, and an M.D

Batalla-Duran, E.; Oakeshott, P.; Hay, P., 2003:
Sun, sea and sex? Sexual behaviour of people on holiday in Tenerife

Schober, H., 1962:
Sun-glasses and their uses

Cohen, P.H.; Tsai, H.; Puffer, J.C., 2006:
Sun-protective behavior among high-school and collegiate athletes in Los Angeles, CA

Salas, R.; Mayer, J.A.; Hoerster, K.D., 2005:
Sun-protective behaviors of California farm workers

Garbinski, T.; Ludewig, F., 1956:
Sun-ray treatment in pulmonary tuberculosis with antistine protection

Price, J.; Ness, A.; Leary, S.; Kennedy, C., 2006:
Sun-safety behaviors of skiers and snowboarders on the South Island of New Zealand

Jequier, M.; Rabinowicz, T., 1960:
Sun-stroke, 3 anatomo-clinical cases

Spörri, D.; Mullis, P.E., 2006:
Sun-tanned and still not healthy!

Taylor, S.R.D., 2004:
SunSmart Plus": the more informed use of sunscreens

Miles, A.; Waller, J.; Hiom, S.; Swanston, D., 2005:
SunSmart? Skin cancer knowledge and preventive behaviour in a British population representative sample

Boldeman, C.; Jansson, B.; Dal, H.; Ullén, H., 2003:
Sunbed use among Swedish adolescents in the 1990s: a decline with an unchanged relationship to health risk behaviors

Gallagher, R., 2005:
Sunbeds--do they increase risk of melanoma or not?

Weber, Bärbel., 2006:
Sunburn -- or yet not?

Johnson, B.E., 2005:
Sunburn and swelling: the edema of erythema

Woolley, T.; Buettner, P.G.; Lowe, J.B., 2003:
Sunburn in Australian men with a history of non-melanoma skin cancer

Hemphill, W.J., 1951:
Sunburn prevention: a vanishing cream effectively opaque to actinic rays

Jausion, H.; Calop, R.; Benard, P.; Aboud, B., 1950:
Sunburn preventives

Thieden, E.; Philipsen, P.A.; Sandby-Møller, J.; Wulf, H.Christian., 2005:
Sunburn related to UV radiation exposure, age, sex, occupation, and sun bed use based on time-stamped personal dosimetry and sun behavior diaries

Shoss-Glaich, A.B.; Uchida, T.; Wagner, R.F., 2007:
Sunburn risk factors at Galveston beaches

Gross, M.; Stevens, K., 2005:
Sunburst periosteal reaction in osteogenic sarcoma

Du Plessis, D.J.; Heselson, J., 1957:
Sunchronour abdomino-thoracic resection of the oesophagus

Cao, S.; Low, K-Ngee.; Glover, R.P.; Crasta, S.C.; Ng, S.; Buss, A.D.; Butler, M.S., 2006:
Sundaicumones A and B, polyprenylated acylphloroglucinol derivatives from Calophyllumsundaicum with weak activity against the glucocorticoid receptor

Masson, A., 1952:
Sunday drives and group walks: experiments at Rouen and Alencon

Kinnear, A.I., 1952:
Sunday in our hospitals and its place in our future planning

Haddy, R.I.; Haddy, T.B., 2005:
Sunday morning rounds when the Baptist Church Choir came through

Anonymous, 1950:
Sunday, holiday and night medical services

Ludwig, K.S., 1951:
Sunder-Plassmann's neurohormonal cells as a special type of thyroid epitheliocyte

Klaffke, S.; Staedt, J., 2007:
Sundowning and circadian rhythm disorders in dementia

Dewing, J., 2003:
Sundowning in older people with dementia: evidence base, nursing assessment and interventions

Wick, J.Y.; Zanni, G.R., 2006:
Sundowning: disruptive behavior with many causes

Reimann, S.P., 1957:
Sundry cancer research problems and their clinical applications

Lowe, J., 1951:
Sundry experiences in the chemotherapy of leprosy

Saltzman, M., 1954:
Sundry features of otosclerosis

Willert, B.; Genell, S., 1961:
Sune GENELL: in memoriam

McCook, A.; Bergström, S.K., 2004:
Sune K. Bergström

Scarzello, M.; Smisterová, J.; Wagenaar, A.; Stuart, M.C.A.; Hoekstra, D.; Engberts, J.B.F.N.; Hulst, R., 2005:
Sunfish cationic amphiphiles: toward an adaptative lipoplex morphology

Weber, R.W., 2006:

Findikcioglu, A.; Kilic, D.; Hatipoglu, A., 2006:
Sunflower seed mimicking complicated hydatid cyst

Muserskii, N.N., 1951:
Sunflower seeds a cause of unusual coloring of crackers; practical experience

Bull, L., 2007:
Sunflower therapy for children with specific learning difficulties (dyslexia): a randomised, controlled trial

Choi, H.Soo.; Yamashita, A.; Ooya, T.; Yui, N.; Akita, H.; Kogure, K.; Ito, R.; Harashima, H., 2005:
Sunflower-shaped cyclodextrin-conjugated poly(epsilon-lysine) polyplex as a controlled intracellular trafficking device

Fu, L.Kuo.Tai.; Tz'u, S., 2004:
Sung Tz'u (1186-1249) and medical jurisprudence in ancient China

Dain, S.J., 2003:
Sunglasses and sunglass standards

Niedert, J.A., 1954:
Sunglasses vs. the sun

Glavas, I.P.; Patel, S.; Donsoff, I.; Stenson, S., 2004:
Sunglasses- and photochromic lens-wearing patterns in spectacle and/or contact lens-wearing individuals

Narain, S., 2005:
Sunita Narain. Interview by Catherine M Cooney

Vollmer, H., 2006:
Sunitinib for gastrointestinal stromal cell tumors and advanced renal cell carcinoma

Joensuu, H., 2006:
Sunitinib for imatinib-resistant GIST

Bukowski, R.M., 2007:
Sunitinib in advanced renal cell carcinoma: new treatment option?

Motzer, R.J.; Hoosen, S.; Bello, C.L.; Christensen, J.G., 2006:
Sunitinib malate for the treatment of solid tumours: a review of current clinical data

Chow, L.Q.M.; Eckhardt, S.Gail., 2007:
Sunitinib: from rational design to clinical efficacy

Williams, D., 1964:
Sunland's Program for the Blind

Knox, J.M., 1961:
Sunlight ... A mixed blessing

Anonymous, 2005:
Sunlight = prostate cancer protection

Vianden, J., 1965:
Sunlight and its use as a Therapeutic Source

Sakurai, Y., 1964:
Sunlight and Petroleum

Honeycuff, W.M.; Dillaha, C.J.; Jansen, G.T., 1964:
Sunlight and Skin

Campbell, J.F., 1964:
Sunlight and Skin Cancer

Honeycutt, W.M.; Dillaha, C.J.; Jansen, G.T., 1964:
Sunlight and Skin. Ii. Photosensitivity Disorders

Asbeck, F., 1954:
Sunlight and biogenesis

Puente Duany, N., 1950:
Sunlight and cancer of the skin

Bureau, Y.; Barriere, H., 1956:
Sunlight and skin; essay of regional cutaneous pathology; pellagroid erythema and bullous allergides

Lindsey, D.T.; Brown, A.M., 2004:
Sunlight and "Blue": the prevalence of poor lexical color discrimination within the "grue" range

Panepinto, V.; Leone, S., 1951:
Sunlight as a determining factor of seasonal variations of retinal detachment; significance of statistical correlations of detachment and isolation

Blum, H.F., 1955:
Sunlight as an environmental factor in cancer of the skin

Lubick, N., 2006:
Sunlight breaks down antiepileptic drug

Lutzenkirchen, A., 1953:
Sunlight effects, sunlight dermatosis and sunburn prevention

Caronna, T.; Gambarotti, C.; Palmisano, L.; Punta, C.; Recupero, F., 2003:
Sunlight induced functionalisation of some heterocyclic bases in the presence of polycrystalline TiO2

Tang, S-J.; Zanati, S.; Dubcenco, E.; Cirocco, M.; Kandel, G.; Haber, G.B.; Marcon, N.F.; Kortan, P., 2004:
Sunlight interference with wireless capsule endoscopy

Ichihashi, M.; Nagai, H.; Matsunaga, K., 2004:
Sunlight is an important causative factor of recurrent herpes simplex

Pelley, J., 2005:
Sunlight turns landfill gas into hydrogen

Zasloff, M., 2005:
Sunlight, vitamin D, and the innate immune defenses of the human skin

Jäger, C.; Hartschuh, W.; Jappe, U., 2004:
Sunlight-induced granulomatous reaction to permanent lip liner

Noojin, R.O., 1954:
Sunlight; it's good and it's bad

Kanerva, M.; Poussa, T.; Pitkäranta, A., 2006:
Sunnybrook and House-Brackmann Facial Grading Systems: intrarater repeatability and interrater agreement

Weaver, S., 2006:
Sunnyside High School Doctors Academy: a principal's experience with HPPI

Elsner, P.; Beissert, S.; Luger, T.A., 2005:
Sunprotection: possibilities and limitations

Erdtmann, B.Kreutz.; Erdmann, A.Lorenzini., 2004:
Sunrise model and the sensitive reason in nursing

Peace, A.Virginia., 2005:
Sunrya's birth tale

Scheuer, E.; Warshaw, E., 2006:
Sunscreen allergy: A review of epidemiology, clinical characteristics, and responsible allergens

Lademann, J.; Schanzer, S.; Richter, H.; Pelchrzim, R.V.; Zastrow, L.; Golz, K.; Sterry, W., 2006:
Sunscreen application at the beach

Srinivas, C.R.; Lal, S.; Thirumoorthy, M.; Sundaram, S.V.; Karthick, P.S., 2006:
Sunscreen application: not less, not more

Tanner, P.R., 2005:
Sunscreen product formulation

Epstein, H., 2006:
Sunscreen savvy: why do sunscreens fail to protect?

Jones, S.Everett.; Saraiya, M., 2006:
Sunscreen use among US high school students, 1999-2003

Devos, S.A.; Baeyens, K.; Van Hecke, L., 2003:
Sunscreen use and skin protection behavior on the Belgian beach

Anonymous, 2005:
Sunscreen use in children may lower risk of developing future skin cancer

Deleo, V., 2005:
Sunscreen use in photodermatoses

Thieden, E.; Philipsen, P.A.; Sandby-Møller, J.; Wulf, H.Christian., 2005:
Sunscreen use related to UV exposure, age, sex, and occupation based on personal dosimeter readings and sun-exposure behavior diaries

Naylor, M.; Robinson, J.K., 2005:
Sunscreen, sun protection, and our many failures

Anonymous, 2004:
Sunscreen. From buying to applying

Lorentzen, F.V., 1955:
Sunscreening ointments-spectrophotometric investigations

Draelos, Z.Diana., 2005:
Sunscreens and hair photoprotection

Brand, R.M.; Pike, J.; Wilson, R.M.; Charron, A.R., 2004:
Sunscreens containing physical UV blockers can increase transdermal absorption of pesticides

Gallagher, R.P., 2005:
Sunscreens in melanoma and skin cancer prevention

Haywood, R.; Wardman, P.; Sanders, R.; Linge, C., 2003:
Sunscreens inadequately protect against ultraviolet-A-induced free radicals in skin: implications for skin aging and melanoma?

Vielhaber, G.; Grether-Beck, S.; Koch, O.; Johncock, W.; Krutmann, J., 2006:
Sunscreens with an absorption maximum of > or =360 nm provide optimal protection against UVA1-induced expression of matrix metalloproteinase-1, interleukin-1, and interleukin-6 in human dermal fibroblasts

Wolf, R.; Matz, H.; Orion, E.; Lipozencić, J., 2003:
Sunscreens--the ultimate cosmetic

Wolf, P., 2003:
Sunscreens. Protection against skin cancers and photoaging

Heath, W.A., 1955:
Sunset and shadows

Alpert, J.S., 2005:
Sunset and sunrise

Anonymous, 2003:
Sunset law includes new requirements for dental assistants who take radiographs

Holmqvist, A.Sällfors.; Chen, Y.; Wu, J.; Battles, K.; Bhatia, R.; Francisco, L.; Hageman, L.; Kung, M.; Ness, E.; Parman, M.; Salzman, D.; Wadhwa, A.; Winther, J.Falck.; Rosenthal, J.; Forman, S.J.; Weisdorf, D.J.; Armenian, S.H.; Arora, M.; Bhatia, S., 2018:
Assessment of Late Mortality Risk After Allogeneic Blood or Marrow Transplantation Performed in Childhood

Bernard, R.; Reboud, E.; Maestraggi, P., 1959:
Sunset-shaped image of the right diaphragmatic hemi-cupula (intra-thoracic ectopic kidney)

Brown, M.S.C., 1954:
Sunshine Home Residential Nursery Schools for the Blind

Sher, L., 2006:
Sunshine and suicide: bright light may lead to serotonin-driven behavioural activation without improvement in depressive cognitive deficits

Grant, W.B.; Strange, R.C.; Garland, C.F., 2006:
Sunshine is good medicine. The health benefits of ultraviolet-B induced vitamin D production

Sterry, W., 2006:
Sunshine: friend or foe?

Marks, R., 2006:
Sunshine: the natural way is the best way

Schove, D.J., 1951:
Sunspots, aurorae and blood rain: the spectrum of time

Izzo, G., 1957:
Sunstroke & heat stroke in various climates

Raymond, V., 1958:
Sunstroke & industrial medicine

Tearse, H.G., 1957:
Sunstroke and heat exhaustion

Wright, C., 2006:
Suntan safety

Souza, S.R.P.de.; Fischer, F.M.; Souza, Jé.M.P.de., 2004:
Suntanning and risk of cutaneous melanoma: a literature review

Sulzberger, M.B.; Lerner, A.B., 1958 :
Suntanning-potentiation with oral medication

McDermott, L.J.; Lowe, J.B.; Stanton, W.R.; Clavarino, A.M., 2005:
Suntans and sun protection in Australian teen media: 1999 to 2000

Bateman, C.; Sunter, C., 2003:
Sunter throws his cap into SAMA's ring

Sarcione, E.J., 1963:
Sunthesis of alphal-acid glycoprotein by the isolated perfused rat liver

Haro, S., 1961:
Suomen Collegium Medicum--Bureau of Public Health: 150th year

Malmio, K., 1954:
Suomen Radiologiyhdistys; history of the association 1924-54

Isemein, L.; Farisse, P.; Lesbros, A., 1965:
Supadol with Amidopyrine in the Treatment of Pain

Anonymous, 2004:
Super Bowl ad part of HIV/AIDS campaign

Zhao, H-jin.; Cai, S-xi.; Zou, F.; Tong, W-cheng.; Wan, W-ren., 2004:
Super SMART cDNA synthesis technology for amplifying small amount of total RNA of peripheral blood eosinophils from asthma patients

Goumont, Régis.; Kizilian, E.; Buncel, E.; Terrier, Fçois., 2003:
Super acidifiers: the origin of the exceptional electron transmission capability of the SO2CF3 group in carbanion stabilization

Ihara, M.; Matsuda, K.; Shimomura, M.; Sattelle, D.B.; Komai, K., 2004:
Super agonist actions of clothianidin and related compounds on the SAD beta 2 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor expressed in Xenopus laevis oocytes

McCrory, P., 2003:
Super athletes or gene cheats?

Omi, R.; Hatori, M.; Sano, H.; Watanabe, K.; Watanabe, M.; Kokubun, S., 2004:
Super bone scan due to bone marrow metastases appearing 19 years after surgery for early gastric cancer--a case report

Taizo, U.; Hifumi, E.; Okamura, Y., 2006:
Super catalytic antibodies (antigenase) capable of destroying H. pylori urease

Hifumi, E.; Okamoto, Y.; Uda, T., 2005:
Super catalytic antibody [I]: decomposition of targeted protein by its antibody light chain

Swanberg, H., 1952:
Super high energy x-ray therapy at relatively low cost in near future

Barker, G.H., 2006:
Super hospitals

Underwood, A., 2006:
Super nutrients

Lee, E.Seong.; Na, K.; Bae, Y.Han., 2005:
Super pH-sensitive multifunctional polymeric micelle

Suzuki, H., 2004:
Super pathogenic avian influenza

Creary, X., 2006:
Super radical stabilizers

Khoury, J.; Jerushalmi, J.; Cohen, H.Isaac.; Loberant, N.; Zaina, A., 2003:
Super scan leading to definitive diagnosis in a patient with recurrent syncope

Halpern, J., 2003:
Super sleuths

Anonymous, 2005:
Super stents keep the blood flowing. New technology leaves damaged arteries wide open and unclogged

Ortiz de Bertorelli, L.; De Venanzi, F.; Alfonzo, B.; Camacho, C., 2003:
Super sweet corn hybrid sh2 adaptability for industrial canning process

Groen, J.J., 1964:
Super- And Subliminal Binaural Beats

He, Y.; Barkai, E., 2005:
Super- and sub-Poissonian photon statistics for single molecule spectroscopy

de Souza, V.K.; Wales, D.J., 2006:
Super-Arrhenius diffusion in an undercooled binary Lennard-Jones liquid results from a quantifiable correlation effect

Wepner, U., 2006:
Super-GAU suicide--the family physician as crisis manager

Gorman, V.; Clark, A.J., 1964:
Super-Therapists or Super Sisters?

Ciesielski, A.; Cyrański, Mł.K.; Krygowski, T.M.; Fowler, P.W.; Lillington, M., 2006:
Super-delocalized valence isomer of coronene

Grunberger, B., 1958:
Super-ego & narcissism in the psychoanalytic situation

Neves, W., 1959:
Super-growth in child after diaphysary fracture of the femur

Chen, A.; Peng, X.; Koczkur, K.; Miller, B., 2004:
Super-hydrophobic tin oxide nanoflowers

Ferreira, H.C.; Berezin, A.; Barbieri, D.; Larrubia, M.N., 1960:
Super-illumination in hyperbilirubinemia in newborn infants

Ferreira, H.C.; Berezin, A.; Barbieri, D.; Larrubia, M.N., 1960:
Super-illumination in hyperbilirubinemia in the newborn

Ferreira, H.C.; Berezin, A.; Barbieri, D.; Larrubia, N.M., 1960:
Super-illumination in the treatment of hyperbilirubinemia in the newborn

Rieder, W., 1953:
Super-infection in directed antibacterial treatment

Mashimo, C., 2006:
Super-integrons: a new strategy for bacterial resistant gene capture

Hikita, M.; Tanaka, K.; Nakamura, T.; Kajiyama, T.; Takahara, A., 2005:
Super-liquid-repellent surfaces prepared by colloidal silica nanoparticles covered with fluoroalkyl groups

Guan, L.; Shi, Z.; Li, H.; You, L.; Gu, Z., 2004:
Super-long continuous Ni nanowires encapsulated in carbon nanotubes

Agoroaei, Lţa.; Mircea, C.; Butnaru, E.; Ilicenco, D.; Proca, M., 2004:
Super-oxide dismutase and catalase in smokers

Tscherniak, S., 1953:
Super-polyamides in dental prostheses; a turning point in the profession

Wu, Z-de.; Rao, W-xiong.; Ma, F-yuan., 2003:
Super-proximity routing in structured peer-to-peer overlay networks

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Superficial keratitis of the cornea in Favaloro's endothelitis

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Superficial keratitis with temporary loss of epithelium

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Superficial lymphography of the upper extremity

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Superficial papillary urothelial carcinoma

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Superficial papilloma of the ovaries

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