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The culture of farm work and it's implications on health, social relationships and leisure in farm women and men in the United States

Bolwerk, C.A.L.

Journal of Cultural Diversity 9(4): 102-107


ISSN/ISBN: 1071-5568
PMID: 12674886
Accession: 050595548

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This ethnographic study on 15 farm women and men in Southeastern Wisconsin focuses on their work and its implications on health, social relationships, and leisure. Beginning in childhood, farm women and men learn the cultural meaning of work which in turn affect their health and safety, leisure time, and social relationships. This study embodies the social culture of work in farming. Ethnographic data supports that farm work is never ending, leaving little time for off-farm leisure. However, the data also supported positive implications of farm work creating family unity, source of identity, and self-worth.

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