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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 50604

Chapter 50604 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Weichselbaum, E.; Elmadfa, I., 2005:
The diet of Europe's children

Bernard, P.F.; Visseq, L., 1963:
The diet of digestive surgery patients

Isaac, G., 1971:
The diet of early man: aspects of archaeological evidence from Lower and Middle Pleistocene Sites in Africa

Gardiner, P.A., 1956:
The diet of growing myopes

Ceizel, P., 1962:
The diet of miners on the night shift

Tatarelli, G., 1955:
The diet of oarsmen

Taylor, R.J.; Worden, A.N.; Waterhouse, C.E., 1959:
The diet of sledge dogs

Koike, G., 1961:
The diet of the aged--preferences of the aged and protein nutrition

Andrivet, R.; Leclercq, J., 1963:
The diet of the athlete in major international competitions

Graham, S., 1954:
The diet of the toddler

Boario, G., 1961:
The diet of the worker

Gribovsky, E., 1961:
The dietary and medicinal treatment of postgastrectomy symptoms

Regala, A.C.; Pascual, C.R.; Santiago, L.C.; Bautista, A.P., 1951:
The dietary and nutritional approach to some medical and public health problems in the Philippines

Iannelli, P.; Zarrilli, V.; Varricchio, E.; Tramontano, D.; Mancini, F.P., 2006:
The dietary antioxidant resveratrol affects redox changes of PPARalpha activity

Eckel, R.H., 2005:
The dietary approach to obesity: is it the diet or the disorder?

Barbour, J., 1952:
The dietary aspects of metabolic studies

Perry, E., 1956:
The dietary assistants' course; Cleveland

Irving, J.T., 1950:
The dietary calcium requirements of man

Hinkle, M.M., 1957:
The dietary department and public relations

Lofquist, A.J.; Knudsen, H.L.; White, R.M.; Wolcyn, B.A., 1960:
The dietary department in a small hospital. Minnesota survery reveals a challenge for dietitians

Cornfeld, L., 1956:
The dietary department of Malben, Israel

Eck, E.M., 1951:
The dietary department of the University of Chicago Clinics

Spinella, J.R., 1954:
The dietary department of the future, a scientific laboratory

Shtenberg, A.I.; Okorokova, I.I.; Eremin, I.N., 1963:
The dietary factor and endemic goiter

Barnes, A.C., 1953:
The dietary management of the pregnant patient

Zhou, J.; Huang, C.; Xu, Y.; Sun, G.; Li, X.; Piao, J.; Yang, X., 2003:
The dietary patterns and nutritional status of adult Yi people in Liangshan autonomous region

Hagen, H.; Scheffler, H., 1956:
The dietary problem in diabetes in children

Ferrajoli, F., 1959:
The dietary ration of the Italian soldier with special reference to the protein quota

Shekhter, M., 1957:
The dietary requirements in Israel as compared to other lands

Braeckman, B.P.; Demetrius, L.; Vanfleteren, J.R., 2006:
The dietary restriction effect in C. elegans and humans: is the worm a one-millimeter human?

Trufanov, A.V., 1958:
The dietary significance of p-aminobenzoic acid

Warnock, G.M., 1955:
The dietary survey an analysis of the energy and nutritive value of the diets

Sanderson, D.M., 1959:
The dietary toxicity of glycerol formal in the rat

Dawson, A.M., 1952:
The dietary treatment of hypertension

Pullmann, W., 1955:
The dietetic after treatment of patients with stomach resection

Rinetti, M.; Scarabicchi, S., 1961:
The dietetic contribution and the addition of fluorides in dental caries

Burmeister, J.; Schmucking, C.G., 1953:
The dietetic effect on water economy; a contribution to the use of isotopes in medicine

Campanacci, D., 1962:
The dietetic factor in the etiopathogenesis of arteriosclerotic disease

Mulargia, A.; Pedrazzi, F., 1959:
The dietetic influence of lysine in some morbose forms. Clinical and laboratory contribution

Robinson, W.F., 1961:
The dietetic internship

Macera, H.Z.; Marquez, L.A., 1961:
The dietetic orientation of a newborn infant

Kolta, E.; Bartosiewicz, G., 1953:
The dietetic therapy of hypertension

Stahl, R., 1959:
The dietetic treatment of heart diseases

Stahl, R., 1959:
The dietetic treatment of heart diseases. II

Busson, A.; Davezac, J.F., 1960:
The dietetics of diarrhea

Serrate Torrente, A., 1960:
The dietetics of enuresis

Leymarios, J., 1963:
The dietetics of gastritis

Mugler, A., 1960:
The dietetics of hypercholesterolemia and hyperlipemia

Patte, D., 1961:
The dietetics of spontaneous hypoglycemias of adults

Petrow, V.; Stephenson, O.; Wild, A.M., 1958:
The diethylaminoethoxyethyl ester of diethylphenylacetic acid; a new antitussive agent

Loew, F.; Siebert, G., 1954:
The diethylaminoethylhydroiodide ester of benzylpenicillin; comparative studies on pulmonary and cerebrospinal affinity

Grenèche, M-Odile.; François, L.; Pathenay, C.; Munduteguy, S., 2005 :
The dietician encounters difficulties with a newly-diagnosed diabetic

Schaer, L., 1952:
The dietician in America

van Strien, T.; van de Laar, F.A.; van Leeuwe, J.F.J.; Lucassen, P.L.B.J.; van den Hoogen, H.J.M.; Rutten, G.E.H.M.; van Weel, C., 2007:
The dieting dilemma in patients with newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes: does dietary restraint predict weight gain 4 years after diagnosis?

Vanderwarker, R.D., 1959:
The dietitian and decision-making

Hinkle, M.M., 1957:
The dietitian and professional responsibility

Ross, M.A., 1953:
The dietitian and public relations

Tripp, D., 1959:
The dietitian and the regional hospital council

Coll, P.L., 1961:
The dietitian and the technology of hospital food services

Small, D.S., 1958:
The dietitian as supervisor

Cole, E.A., 1951:
The dietitian dishes up good will

Kelly, M.C., 1957:
The dietitian has a selling job to do

Brown, M.L., 1960:
The dietitian in a diploma nursing program

Grawfis, E.H., 1954:
The dietitian in the mental hospital

Zetterstrom, M.H., 1951:
The dietitian in the modern home for the aged

Macdiarmid, J.C., 1961:
The dietitian in the treatment team

Mallory, H., 1950:
The dietitian looks at her job

O'brien, F.M., 1956:
The dietitian on the mental health team

Elliott, F.E., 1959:
The dietitian on the nursing faculty

Hunzicker, B., 1953:
The dietitian's challenge

Bengs, H.A., 1955:
The dietitian's contribution in the care of the mental patient

Zahasky, M.C., 1963:
The dietitian's contribution to food service planning

Kirk, R.B., 1959:
The dietitian's hidden nature?

Ferguson, S.A., 1952:
The dietitian's job is administration, too

Wagner, M.G.; Dreyer, A.S., 1962:
The dietitian's perception of authority

Trenholme, M.; Fraser, D., 1961:
The dietitian's role in the metabolic ward

Sister Joseph Alphonse, 1952:
The dietitian's role in today's hospital

Vivian, V., 1954:
The dietitian-patient relationship

Baines, A.H.; Hollingsworth, D.F., 1955:
The diets of elderly women living alone

Tepmongkol, S.; Pasawang, P.; Krisanachinda, A.; Srimahachota, S., 2006:
The difference among stress and rest normal reference databases using non-corrected, scatter corrected, and scatter with attenuation corrected Bull's eye myocardial perfusion scintigraphy in both genders

Whitaker, I.Y.; Gennari, T.D.; Whitaker, A.L., 2003:
The difference between ISS and NISS in a series of trauma patients in Brazil

Block, J., 1955:
The difference between Q and R

Hammerschlag, C., 2004:
The difference between a good surgeon and a great surgeon

Hurkmans, H.L.; Bussmann, J.B.; Selles, R.W.; Benda, E.; Stam, H.J.; Verhaar, J.A., 2007:
The difference between actual and prescribed weight bearing of total hip patients with a trochanteric osteotomy: long-term vertical force measurements inside and outside the hospital

Grayson, M.L., 2003:
The difference between biological warfare and bioterrorism: Australia finally makes a start towards real preparedness for bioterrorism

Zetler, G., 1950:
The difference between brief anesthesia and complete narcosis

Ebejer, K.A.; Winn, J.; Carter, J.F.; Sleeman, R.; Parker, J.; Körber, F., 2006:
The difference between drug money and a "lifetime's savings"

Campbell, W.W.; Landau, M.E., 2003:
The difference between fibrillations and positive sharp waves is due to tissue filtering

Kanamori, N.; Yagi, A., 2003:
The difference between flipping strategy and spinning strategy in mental rotation

Langen, D., 1961:
The difference between fractionated hypnosis and gradual active hypnosis

Verschueren, N.; Schaeken, W.; De Neys, W.; d'Ydewalle, Géry., 2004:
The difference between generating counter examples and using them during reasoning

Saglani, S.; Bush, A.; Payne, D., 2006:
The difference between groups and individuals

Johnson, S., 2003:
The difference between health insurance and health assurance

Kawasaki, Y.; Yama, H., 2006:
The difference between implicit and explicit associative processes at study in creating false memory in the DRM paradigm

Shields, L.; Twycross, A., 2003:
The difference between incidence and prevalence

Rothstein, J.M., 2004:
The difference between knowing and applying

Mathur, P.; Seow-Choen, F., 2003:
The difference between laparoscopic and keyhole surgery

Kiedrowski, L., 2003:
The difference between mechanisms of kainate and glutamate excitotoxicity in vitro: osmotic lesion versus mitochondrial depolarization

Burger, M.; Hevelke, G., 1957:
The difference between physiosclerosis as a process of aging and arteriosclerosis as a disease

Verstraete, M.; Verwilghen, R., 1951:
The difference between plasma-dicumarol and plasma in avitaminosis K

Antonietti, A.; Mellone, R., 2003:
The difference between playing games with and without the computer: a preliminary view

Mel'nik, B.S.; Garbuzinskiĭ, S.A.; Lobanov, M.Iu.; Galzitskaia, O.V., 2005:
The difference between protein structures that are obtained by X-ray analysis and magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Shields, L.; Twycross, A., 2003:
The difference between quantitative and qualitative research

Wang, J.Li., 2004:
The difference between single and married mothers in the 12-month prevalence of major depressive syndrome, associated factors and mental health service utilization

Brolin, S.E.; Hellman, B., 1953:
The difference between specific and secondary effect upon thymus; experiments with hexoestrol

Zernike, K., 2005:
The difference between steroids and Ritalin is..

Goffin, J.R.; Savage, C.; Tu, D.; Shepherd, L.; Whelan, T.J.; Olivotto, I.A., 2004:
The difference between study recommendations, stated policy, and actual practice in a clinical trial

Blouin, D.C.; Riopelle, A.J., 2004:
The difference between t and z and the difference it makes

Mon, D.T., 2006:
The difference between the EHR standard and certification

Westerman Holstijn, A.J., 1950:
The difference between the analytic and the psychotherapeutic situation

Kumahara, H.; Yoshioka, M.; Yoshitake, Y.; Shindo, M.; Schutz, Y.; Tanaka, H., 2005:
The difference between the basal metabolic rate and the sleeping metabolic rate in Japanese

Choe, Y.B.; Jang, S.J.; Jo, S.J.; Ahn, K.J.; Youn, J.I., 2006:
The difference between the constitutive and facultative skin color does not reflect skin phototype in Asian skin

Preskorn, S.H., 2005:
The difference between the formal and the functional dose: the case of the patient on thioridazine and fluvoxamine

Kriehuber, E., 1955:
The difference between the hereditary and acquired deficiency of coagulation factor V

Zhang, D-zhi.; Zhao, Y-rong.; Zhang, Q-hai.; Wang, Z-yi.; Qin, B.; He, H.; Zhou, Z.; Guo, S-hua.; Zhang, D-feng., 2004:
The difference between the positive rate of anti-HCV in the patients with severe viral hepatitis detected by the first generation or second generation enzyme linked-immunosorbent assay

Coldicott, Y.G.M., 2006:
The difference between the use (or not) of 'resuscitative measures' and 'Do Not Attempt Resuscitation' requests

Elseviers, M., 2005:
The difference between two means: is it significant?

Singh, K.; Jacobsen, B.K.; Solberg, S.; Kumar, S.; Arnesen, E., 2004:
The difference between ultrasound and computed tomography (CT) measurements of aortic diameter increases with aortic diameter: analysis of axial images of abdominal aortic and common iliac artery diameter in normal and aneurysmal aortas. The Tromsø Study, 1994-1995

Spechter, H.J., 1952:
The difference between waist and pelvic circumference, a factor in labor prognosis

Van Balen, G.F.; Mali, J.W., 1954:
The difference between "specific and causative" and symptomatic factors with consideration of urticaria

Bernhard, C.G.; Bohm, E.; Kirstein, L.; Wiesel, T., 1956:
The difference in action on normal and convulsive cortical activity between a local anaesthetic (lidocaine) and barbiturates

Gondim, L.de.Gouveia.Pacheco.; de Oliveira, W.Almeida.; Grossi, S.Aurora.Alves., 2004:
The difference in acute myocardial infarction pain between diabetic and non diabetic patients

Butkevich, I.P.; Vershinina, E.A.; Mikhaĭlenko, V.A.; Leont'eva, M.N., 2004:
The difference in behavioral indices of prolonged pain in the formalin test during sexual maturation of male and female rats exposed to prenatal stress

Clemetson, C.A., 1956:
The difference in birth weight of human twins. Twin blood studies. I. Oxygen analysis of umbilical cord blood

Clemetson, C.A., 1956:
The difference in birth weight of human twins. Twin blood studies. II. Cord blood haemoglobin levels

Clemetson, C.A., 1956:
The difference in birth weight of human twins. Twin blood studies. III. Placental transfer of amino-acids

Marinaccio, G.; Fersini, M.; Micelli, O.; Giordano, D.; Leondeff, J., 1959:
The difference in caliber of inflow and outflow catheters in extracorporeal hemodialysis with the Dog liotti-Battezzati-Taddei artificial kidney

Smit, W.; Parikova, A.; Struijk, D.G.; Krediet, R.T., 2005:
The difference in causes of early and late ultrafiltration failure in peritoneal dialysis

Zhou, J., 2005:
The difference in cognition consistency between the sciences and humanities

Xie, Y.; Zhao, H.; Ou, W-ni.; Yan, J.; Du, S-cai.; Xu, D-zhen., 2005:
The difference in distribution of HCV genotypes between patients infected with HCV by transfusion and non-transfusion routes

Sun, J.; Qiao, Q.; Qi, K., 2004:
The difference in estrogen receptor protein level between breast hypertrophy and micromastia

Bertelsen, T.I., 1956:
The difference in exophthalmometric values on the two eyes in persons with high degree of myopia in one eye

Titov, V.N., 2005:
The difference in fatty acid transfer in very low- and low-density lipoproteins and the biological bases of correction of familial hyperlipoproteinemias

Hecht, I., 1952:
The difference in goal striving behavior between peptic ulcer and ulcerative colitis patients as evaluated by psychological techniques

Thompson, J.; Lane, M., 2006:
The difference in pregnancy rates between elective single embryo transfer (SET) compared to double embryo transfer is dependent on the implantation rates of embryos being transferred. Using mathematical modeling to determine when SET becomes a viable option

Yao, R.; Chen, H.; Deng, L.; Li, L., 2003:
The difference in proliferation and differentiation ability of cultured marrow stromal cells between 3-month-old and 12-month-old rats in vitro

Lauber, E., 1959:
The difference in purified and non-purified, so-called "cold-pressed" olive oils

Pasternak, G., 1963:
The difference in reactivity of 2 inbred strains of mice to specific antigens of isologous transplantable carcinogen tumors

Youmans, G.P.; Youmans, A.S.; Kanai, K., 1959:
The difference in response of four strains of mice to immunization against tuberculous infection

Papst, W.; Echte, K., 1962:
The difference in sensitivity threshold in achromates, determined with the aid of the electroretinogram

Labeyrie, F.; Slonimski, P.P.; Naslin, L., 1959:
The difference in stereospecificity between the lactic dehydrogenase extracted from anaerobic yeast and that extracted from aerobic yeast

Honti, G., 1960:
The difference in the antihistaminic action of salicylic acid and sodium hydrocarbonate

van LOGHEM, J.J., 1950:
The difference in the genetic relation of Cw to C and c, and Du to D and d

Westling, H., 1958:
The difference in the metabolism of injected [14C]histamine in male and female rats

Kraff, A., 1957:
The difference in the ministry between hospital and parish

Oehring, H.; Funk, G., 1962:
The difference in toxin formation by diphtheria bacteria of types gravis and mitis. (Experimental and statistical studies)

Aazami, M.H., 2004:
The difference is meaningful: anatomic coronary-coronary bypass or physiologic coronary-coronary bypass?

Brown, R.P.; Day, E.Anthony., 2006:
The difference isn't black and white: stereotype threat and the race gap on Raven's Advanced Progressive Matrices

Hajts, G.; Miskolczy-Fodor, F., 1956:
The difference limen for intensity at threshold; its clinical examination by standard audiometer, its significance in the diagnosis and its behaviour in different types of deafness

Luscher, E., 1950:
The difference limen of intensity variations of pure tones and its diagnostic significance

Lamacki, W.F., 2005:
The difference makes the difference

Feng, J.; Xie, Z.; Yu, M.; Guo, N.; Shen, B., 2004:
The difference of binding epitopes on human CD16 (FcgammaRIII) interacted with hIgG1 and monoclonal antibody B88-9

Czok, G.; Lang, K., 1955:
The difference of effects in filtered and unfiltered pure coffee

Wolny, E.; Idasiak, A.; Wydmański, J.; Miszczyk, L., 2006:
The difference of larynx cancer stage evaluation between clinical and pathological examinations

Karasaki, Y.; Kashiwazaki, H., 2005:
The difference of mutation in the peroxisome proliferator activated receptor gamma2 gene among people at high altitudes and low altitudes in Bolivia

Li, Q.; Liu, Y.; Li, M.; Wu, Y-min.; Zeng, L.; Li, Y-yu., 2006:
The difference of nerve growth factor and ciliary neurotrophic factor between the sensitive and motor fibres regeneration

Agaeva, M.Iu.; Nikitin, N.I., 2003:
The difference of spectral composition of a sound stimulus and the velocity of its movement in the vertical plane

Klaus, D., 1953:
The difference of the blood pressure in the arm and leg

Muller, E.A.; Hettinger, T., 1953:
The difference of training speed of atrophied and normal muscles

Koch, T., 2004 :
The difference that difference makes: bioethics and the challenge of "disability"

Brandalise, B.B.; Gottsdanker, R.M., 1959:
The difference threshold of the magnitude of visual velocity

Cutcliffe, J.R., 2003:
The differences and commonalities between United Kingdom and Canadian Psychiatric/Mental Health nursing: a personal reflection

Krementsova, A.V., 2005:
The differences and regularities of life-span dynamics for human and animal populations

McInnes, G.T., 2003:
The differences between ACE inhibitor-treated and calcium channel blocker-treated hypertensive patients

Fokkema, S.D., 1957:
The differences between American & European psychological thought, with special reference to the selection of flying personnel

Hu, G.; Lesneski, E., 2004:
The differences between claim-based health risk adjustment models and cost prediction models

Zheng, J.; Lu, H-ling.; Chen, L., 2003:
The differences between left & right side development of osteophiphysis in estimating male juvenile age

Biran, S., 1955:
The differences between phobia and anxiety hysteria

Khan, H.; Waheed, A., 2006:
The differences between physicians and the surgeons in prescription pattern of benzodiazepines

Briceno Rossi, A.L., 1963 :
The differences in alastrim virus

Dong, H.; Gbangou, A.; De Allegri, M.; Pokhrel, S.; Sauerborn, R., 2006:
The differences in characteristics between health-care users and non-users: implication for introducing community-based health insurance in Burkina Faso

Yaşar, F.; Akgünlü, F., 2006:
The differences in panoramic mandibular indices and fractal dimension between patients with and without spinal osteoporosis

Kim, J-Hee.; Lee, I-Sook., 2005:
The differences in quality perceptions, expectations, evaluation, and satisfaction for nursing service between patients and nurses: small-medium sized general hospitals

Rubin, P.; Grise, J.W., 1960:
The differences in response of grafted and normal skin to ionizing irradiation

Rother, P., 1963:
The differences in the structure of the parotid duct and the submandibular duct

Hamajima, H.; Masao, N.; Fujiwara, N.; Nakaaki, S.; Tatsumi, H., 2005:
The differences in young and elderly adults on false memory: examination on the effect of retention interval

Vernon, H.M., 1902:
The differences of action of various diastases

Kwon, J.Hwan.; Moon, J.Hwan.; Kwon, M.Sang.; Cho, J.Hwan., 2005:
The differences of blowout fracture of the inferior orbital wall between children and adults

Jansen, H.H., 1960:
The different K/Na content of both heart chambers depending on disorders of mineral metabolism

Lee, P-Chang.; Hwang, B.; Tai, C-Tai.; Chiang, C-En.; Chen, S-Ann., 2006:
The different ablation effects on atrioventricular nodal reentrant tachycardia in children with and without dual nodal pathways

Radermecker, M.A.; Limet, R., 2004:
The different accesses to the left atrium

Saunier, C.; Petit, J.M.; Sadoul, P., 1959:
The different alveolar parameters. Their relative value, their normal limits

Civatte, L., 1951:
The different appearances of allergy under the microscope

Winckler, G., 1953:
The different aspects of Anatomy in the course of its evolution

Von Holst, E., 1953:
The different behavior of central nervous function mechanisms, as seen in animal experiments

Keibl, E., 1955:
The different behavior of colchicine and colcemid (demecolcine) in the therapy of chronic myelosis

Schlipkoter, H.W., 1951:
The different behaviour of Leptospira in stagnant and running water

Grundfest, H.; Fritsch, G., 1963:
The different careers of Gustav FRITSCH (1838-1927)

Bisson, M.A.; McGrouther, D.A.; Mudera, V.; Grobbelaar, A.O., 2003:
The different characteristics of Dupuytren's disease fibroblasts derived from either nodule or cord: expression of alpha-smooth muscle actin and the response to stimulation by TGF-beta1

Farid, Z.; Fox, S.M.; Ishak, K.G.; Neptune, E.M.; Pfischner, W.C., 1956:
The different clinical pictures of brucellosis in Egypt

Azzolini, F., 1959:
The different clinico-biological behavior of S.D.V.-vaccinated and unvaccinated persons in presence of highly infectious tubercular contagion

Seidel, K., 1959:
The different composition of amino acids of the human brain and peripheral nerve

Hissard, R.; Moncourier, L.; Jacquet, J., 1952:
The different connective tissue fibers and the formation of basocytes

Keller, P., 1952:
The different eczemata of the hands

Shin, W-Ho.; Kim, E-Joo., 2005:
The different effects of phenothiazines on cardiac action potential duration

Han, C-Chung.; Balakumar, R.; Thirumalai, D.; Chung, M-Tsu., 2006:
The different electronic natures displayed by the alkylthio groups in simple and higher conjugated aniline systems

Lee, P-Change.; Hwang, B.; Tai, C-Tai.; Chiang, C-En.; Yu, W-Chung.; Chen, S-Ann., 2004:
The different electrophysiological characteristics in children with Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome between those with and without atrial fibrillation

Pileri, S.A.; Marafioti, T.; Pozzobon, M.; Sabattini, E.; Ascani, S.; Mancini, C.; Piccioli, M.; Hansmann, M.L.; Delsol, G.; Mason, D.Y., 2004:
The different expression of key-molecules allows the easy subclassification of Hodgkin's lymphoma cases as well as their distinction from non-Hodgkin's lymphomas

Abdullah, A.; Mahmud, M.R.; Sabir, H.A.; Saim, L., 2004:
The different faces of facial nerve schwannomas

Rodríguez-Reyna, T.Sofía.; Alarcón-Segovia, D., 2006:
The different faces of shared autoimmunity

Amadio, M.; Battaini, F.; Pascale, A., 2006:
The different facets of protein kinases C: old and new players in neuronal signal transduction pathways

Albot, G.; Kapandji, M.; Lunel, J., 1961:
The different forms of chronic intra-hepatic cholostasis

Zarrabi, M., 1959:
The different forms of optic neuritis in Iran

Sharif, S.; Bots, M.L.; Schalkwijk, C.; Stehouwer, C.D.A.; Visseren, F.L.J.; Westerink, J., 2018:
Association between bone metabolism regulators and arterial stiffness in type 2 diabetes patients

Strauss, E.; Waliszewski, K.; Pawlak, A.L., 2006:
The different genotypes of MTHFR 1298A>C and PON1 -108C>T polymorphisms confer the increased risk of the abdominal aortic aneurysm in the smoking and nonsmoking persons

Kastein, S., 1951:
The different groups of disturbances of understanding language in children; a general clinical study with one case report of auditory apathy

Conte, M.; Conte-Marti; Fablet, J., 1960:
The different histopathological types of cancer of the stomach and their prognosis after gastrectomy. Value of examination of the fragment from gastrectomy (tumor and ganglia). Possible therapeutic consequence

Mosse, A., 1961 :
The different hypocholesterolemic oils

Bourque, J.P., 1959:
The different intestinal segments in urology. Personal technic of colo-cystoplasty for bladder enlargement and substitution

Su, J.; Bachmann, G.; Tang, A.; Zumegen, C.; Michel, O.; Wittekindt, C., 2004:
The different levels of prednisolone in perilymph after local and systemic treatment

Ibrahim, A.; El-Sherbini, A., 1961:
The different ligaments of the symphysis pubis in the pregnant and the non-pregnant state

Merlini, D., 1952:
The different manifestations of cytotoxic action of alloxan in some species of animals

Buerger, M.; Wuest, G., 1959:
The different nucleic acid content of tumor tissue and normal tissue as demonstration of the metabolic autonomy of cancer tissue

Burt, S.Alexandra.; McGue, M.; Carter, L.A.; Iacono, W.G., 2006:
The different origins of stability and change in antisocial personality disorder symptoms

Myhrvold, T., 2006:
The different other--towards an including ethics of care

Paradiso, R.; Alexandre, A., 2005:
The different outcomes of patients with disc herniation treated either by microdiscectomy, or by intradiscal ozone injection

Perls, T., 2006:
The different paths to age one hundred

Zinnitz, F., 1953 :
The different pharmacological effects of modern antirheumatic drugs

Gajewski, H., 1962:
The different possibilities in roentgen cinematography

Schmitz, W., 1952:
The different possibilities of fluorine therapy

Le Grand, G., 2006:
The different profile patients and their pathologies. Synthesis

Zeitlenok, N.A.; Lovtsevich, E.L.; Bagdasar'ian, G.A., 1961:
The different reaction of attenuating and virulent strains of poliomyelitis virus to the action of chlorine and soil adsorbents

Werley, H.H., 1963:
The different research roles in army nursing

Grasso, D.; Milardi, D.; La Rosa, C.; Rizzarelli, E., 2004:
The different role of Cu++ and Zn++ ions in affecting the interaction of prion peptide PrP106-126 with model membranes

Thompson, C., 1957:
The different schools of psychoanalysis

Audoye, H.; Perdoux, G.; Anthoine, D.; Razafindrahaba, 1960:
The different specific and non-specific aspects of postprimary systematized condensations in young adults. (Apropos of 25 cases observed at the Sanatorium des Neiges at Briancon)

Wandalsen, G.F.; Cocco, R.R.; Solé, D., 2003:
The different spectra of cow's milk allergy

Verspyck, R., 1961:
The different stages in the radiological examination of sciatica

Tarner, I.H.; Härle, P.; Müller-Ladner, U.; Gay, R.E.; Gay, S., 2004:
The different stages of synovitis: acute vs chronic, early vs late and non-erosive vs erosive

Fontaine, R., 1953:
The different technics of taking specimens with regard to rapid cytodiagnosis and histodiagnosis

Huguenard, P., 1956:
The different techniques for parenteral perfusion

Franceschetti, A., 1955:
The different techniques of corneal grafting and their indications

Papageorgios, S., 1961:
The different types of blood transfusion and their choice

Seringe, P.; Bach, C.; Loewe Lyon, S.; Hallez, J.; Bocquet, L.; Veron, P., 1961:
The different types of female pseudohermaphroditism not due to congenital adrenal hyperplasia. Apropos of a cryptogenetic form

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The difficulties of training psychoanalysis as related to therapeutic psychoanalysis

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The difficulty in diagnosing heart failure in the elderly

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The digestive system

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The digestive system

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The digestive system

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The digestive system

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