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The effects of starches on mechanical properties of paracetamol tablet formulations. I. Pregelatinization of starch binders

Alebiowu, G.; Itiola, O.A.

Acta Pharmaceutica 53(3): 231-237


ISSN/ISBN: 1330-0075
PMID: 14769246
Accession: 050624395

A study has been made of the effects of pregelatinization of native sorghum and plantain starches on the mechanical properties of a paracetamol tablet formulation in comparison with corn starch BP. The mechanical properties tested, viz. tensile strength (T) and brittle fracture index (BFI) of the paracetamol tablets were affected by pregelatinization of the starch. The results suggest that pregelatinized starches may be useful as binders when a particular degree of bond strength and brittleness is desired.

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