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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 50737

Chapter 50737 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Giarelli, L.; Maschio, C., 1955:
The spleen and the visceral lesions of diphtheria toxin

Evans, T.S., 1955:
The spleen and thrombocytopenic purpura

Fieschi, A., 1958:
The spleen and thrombopenia

Schliephake, E., 1955:
The spleen as an organ of regulation and defense

Tizianello, A.; Pannacciulli, I.; Salvidio, E., 1960:
The spleen as the site of normal hemocatheresis. An experimental study

Duperrat, B.; Vautier, J., 1952:
The spleen in Besnier-Boeck-Schaumann disease

Marcolongo, F.; Carcassi, U., 1958:
The spleen in auto-immune acquired hemolytic anemia

Kent, G.; Popper, H.; Dubin, A.; Bruce, C., 1957:
The spleen in ethionine-induced cirrhosis; its role in gama-globulin elevation

Ferrand, B., 1959:
The spleen in idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura. Anatomopathological and etiopathogenetic considerations

Sen Gupta, P.C.; Bhattacharyya, B., 1951:
The spleen in kala-azar

Tefferi, A.; Nagorney, D.M., 2004:
The spleen in myelofibrosis with myeloid metaplasia

Paton, D.N.; Goodall, A., 1903:
The spleen in relationship to the processes of haemolysis

Layani, F.; Aschkenasy, A., 1958:
The spleen in rheumatic diseases

Cecchi, E., 1950:
The spleen in rheumatoid arthritis; clinical contribution

Mukherjee, A.M.; Sen Gupta, P.C.; Chatterjea, J.B., 1959:
The spleen in thalassaemia

Lutembacher, R., 1951:
The spleen in the course of malignant endocarditis

Greppi, E., 1954:
The spleen in the function of blood reservoir

Marmont, A., 1959:
The spleen in the picture of diseases caused by autoaggression

Galíndez, E.J.; Estecondo, S.; Casanave, E.B., 2003:
The spleen of Zaedyus pichiy, (Mammalia, Dasypodidae): a light and electron microscopic study

Blumenthal, I., 1952:
The spleen of the elk (Alces alces L.)

Navara, C.S., 2004:
The spleen tyrosine kinase (Syk) in human disease, implications for design of tyrosine kinase inhibitor based therapy

Hall, D.P., 1951:
The spleen, a few surgical aspects

Reid, S.E., 1954:
The spleen, a surgical troublemaker

Lauda, E., 1955:
The spleen, an incretory organ

Fiehrer, A., 1955:
The spleen, an organ involved in erythrocyte maturation and iron metabolism

Gupta, S.K.; Sen, K., 1959:
The spleen, liver and lung weights in experimental tuberculosis of guinea-pigs

Bibawi, E.; Mahfouz, M.M.; Massouda, B., 1954:
The spleen-carotid time and its evaluation in bilharzial hepatic fibrosis

Allen, H.E., 1952:
The spleen: its relation to splenectomy and hemolytic disorders

Irmak, S., 1959:
The splendor and misery of medicine

Braz, Jé.Reinaldo.Cerqueira.; Braz, L.Gobbo., 2005:
The splenectomized dog: do we have to say farewell to an established hemorrhagic shock model?

Piomelli, S., 2005 :
The splenectomy controversy

Dargent, M.; Mayer, M.; Pommatau, E.; Poulain, S., 1961:
The splenic adrenal transplantation in the treatment of breast cancer in the advanced phase

Davis, W.D.; Batson, H.; Schindel, W.; Reichman, S., 1959:
The splenic approach to the portal circulation

Mazhnaya, A.; Tobin, K.E.; Owczarzak, J., 2018:
Association between injection in public places and HIV/HCV risk behavior among people who use drugs in Ukraine

Whipple, A.O., 1954:
The splenic circulation in relation to certain of the splenopathies

Mosca, F., 2005:
The splenic hydatid disease: our experience

Rescigno, B.; Logroscino, C., 1953:
The splenic localizations of tuberculosis in various ages

Saathoff, J., 1951:
The splenic pulp in anoxia; experimental investigation of erythropoesis in the spleen

Beck, A., 1955:
The splenocoronariotomy

Schellen, A.M., 1959:
The splenogenital syndrome

Mannheimer, E.; Reimer, E.E., 1954:
The splenogram of osteomyelosclerotic hemopathy

Vialla, M., 1963:
The splenogram. A method of exploring the spleen

Craxi, P.; Aragona, F., 1950:
The splenohepatopathy of leishmaniasis in its relations with Banti syndrome

Raybaud, A., 1960:
The splenomegaly of measles

Fabre, J.; Jeandet, J.; Rudhardt, M., 1962:
The splenomegaly of pyelonephritis

Fouchet; Vargues, R.; Charmot, G., 1960:
The splenomegaly-macroglobulinemia syndrome in tropical pathology. First case in Madagascar

Campi, L.; Abeatici, S., 1953:
The splenoportographic aspects of the Cruveilhier-Baumgarten syndrome

Abeatici, S.; Campi, L., 1960:
The splenoportographical characteristics of tumors of the liver and of the upper abdomen

Luzzatti, G., 1963:
The splenoscintillogram in the diagnosis of masses of the left half of the abdomen

Fritsch-Stork, R.; Müllegger, D.; Skriner, K.; Jahn-Schmid, B.; Smolen, J.S.; Steiner, Günter., 2006:
The spliceosomal autoantigen heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein A2 (hnRNP-A2) is a major T cell autoantigen in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

Peng, R.; Hawkins, I.; Link, A.J.; Patton, J.G., 2006:
The splicing factor PSF is part of a large complex that assembles in the absence of pre-mRNA and contains all five snRNPs

Scaife, E.R.; Johnson, D.G.; Meyers, R.L.; Johnson, S.M.; Matlak, M.E., 2003:
The split abdominal wall muscle flap--a simple, mesh-free approach to repair large diaphragmatic hernia

Mendoza, A.R.; Tomlinson, M.J., 2003:
The split denture: a new technique for artificial saliva reservoirs in mandibular dentures

Yano, H.; Hirata, R.; Nakashima, M.; Hirano, A., 2007:
The split fracture of mandibular symphysis

Petros, P., 2004:
The split labium minus flap graft technique

Ducic, Y.; Athre, R.; Cochran, C.Spencer., 2005:
The split orbicularis myomucosal flap for lower lip reconstruction

Esmore, D.S.; Markman, P.L.; Agrawal, S.; Burton, P.R.; Rosenfeldt, F.L., 2005:
The split radial technique: an alternative to the Y-graft for total arterial myocardial revascularisation

Anderson, R., 1952:
The split skin graft

Sved, A., 1951:
The split tube and lock, and swirl tube attachments

Lipow, E.G.; Fulcher, O.H., 1962:
The split-felt plaster collar for ambulatory patients

Velanovich, V.; Mohlberg, N., 2006:
The split-stomach fundoplication after esophagogastrectomy

Thaminy, S.; Miller, J.; Stagljar, I., 2004:
The split-ubiquitin membrane-based yeast two-hybrid system

Reichel, C.; Johnsson, N., 2005:
The split-ubiquitin sensor: measuring interactions and conformational alterations of proteins in vivo

Rinaldi, S.; Bulmer, K., 2006:
The splitting headache. Prehospital assessment and treatment of acute head pain

Zahn, H.; Kocklauner, R., 1954:
The splitting of O-dinitrophenyltyrosine by the amino acids

Taufel, K.; Krusen, F., 1952:
The splitting of citric acid by lactobacillus

Rosenfeld, E.L.; Lukomskaya, I.S., 1957:
The splitting of dextran and isomaltose by animal tissues

Mckusick, V.A.; Reagan, W.P.; Santos, G.W.; Webb, G.N., 1955:
The splitting of heart sounds; a spectral phonocardiographic evaluation of clinical significance

Herken, H.; Silbersiepe, H.O., 1951:
The splitting of protein peptide compounds by hypochlorite

Peters, R.A.; Wakelin, R.W., 1947:
The splitting of some thio-ether linkages by silver salts under mild conditions

Van Lingen, B.; Greenstein, J.; Whidborne, J., 1954:
The splitting of the second heart sound in pulmonic valvular stenosis

Sauerwein, E., 1952:
The splitting power of certain caries microorganisms and of Bacterium acidophilum in relation to various carbohydrates and their reaction on the saliva pH

Elias, J., 1961:
The splitting scrotal incision

Piférini-Lagoidet, C., 2004:
The spoiled child, a tyranny that can be strangled in the crib

Thibault, P., 2004:
The spoiled child. Affection and authority are not antinomic

Rudloff, U., 2005:
The spoke wheel sign: bowel

Osmond, H., 1954:
The spoken paper

Pulley, A., 2004:
The spoken vs. the written

Vineberg, A.; Deliyannis, T.D., 1958:
The sponge operation for myocardial revascularization: an experimental study

Maldonado, A.; Ober, R.; Gulik-Krzywicki, T.; Urbach, W.; Langevin, D., 2007:
The sponge phase of a mixed surfactant system

Haddad, F.Salim., 2004:
The spongia somnifera

Maatz, R.; Graf, R.; Lentz, W., 1954:
The spongiosa test; contribution on testing of bone for transplantation with consideration of bone regeneration

Dell'adami, G.; Meneghini, C., 1954:
The spongy kidney: first instance of the disease in brothers

Gregersen, E., 1958:
The spongy structure of the human iris; preliminary report

Lu, W.B., 2003:
The sponsoring process of Chinese Association of the Integration of Traditional and Western Medicine

Shang, X-Ying.; Chen, H-Song.; Zhang, H-Gang.; Pang, X-Wen.; Qiao, H.; Peng, J-Run.; Qin, L-Ling.; Fei, R.; Mei, M-Hui.; Leng, X-Sheng.; Gnjatic, S.; Ritter, G.; Simpson, A.J.G.; Old, L.J.; Chen, W-Feng., 2004:
The spontaneous CD8+ T-cell response to HLA-A2-restricted NY-ESO-1b peptide in hepatocellular carcinoma patients

Dubaniewicz, A.; Hoppe, A., 2005:
The spontaneous and stimulated nitroblue tetrazolium (NBT) tests in mononuclear cells of patients with tuberculosis

Aschkenasy-Lelu, P., 1960:
The spontaneous consummation of alcohol in the rat in the course of the estrus cycle

Forster, E., 1955:
The spontaneous course of neurotic disorders in children

Nolan, B., 1960:
The spontaneous dissolution of renal calculi

Lubell, D., 1957:
The spontaneous diurnal variation of urinary phosphate excretion and its relation to the parathyroid hormone test

De Carlo, M.; Zinolli, L.; Casertano, F., 1958:
The spontaneous electrical activity of the human thyroid gland. II. Changes under the influence of sympathomimetic drugs

Zinolli, L.; De Carlo, M.; Casertano, F., 1958:
The spontaneous electrical activity of the human thyroid gland. III. Changes under the influence of parasympathomimetic drugs

Cervini, C.; Leofreddi, L., 1962:
The spontaneous extra-circulatory hemolysis time in hepatic cirrhosis

Cervini, C.; Leofreddi, L., 1962:
The spontaneous extra-circulatory hemolysis time in rheumatoid arthritis

Caffier, P.P.; Erdmann, U.; Ullsperger, P., 2005:
The spontaneous eye-blink as sleepiness indicator in patients with obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome-a pilot study

Keosian, J., 1961:
The spontaneous generation question a century after Pasteur. Recurring origin of the simplest microorganisms

Bombelli, R., 1957:
The spontaneous healing process of meniscal fractures

Konig, H., 1953:
The spontaneous hematoma of the rectus sheath

Kreitner, H., 1952:
The spontaneous internal fistula between gallbladder and duodenum

Ronchese, F., 1953:
The spontaneous involution of cutaneous vascular tumors

Zahner, H.; Baettig, K.; Grandjean, E., 1961 :
The spontaneous left-right alternations of the rat and its modification by psychopharmacological drugs

Orecchia, C.; Vitale, M., 1961:
The spontaneous perforation of the normal colon

de Kleer, I.M.; Kamphuis, S.M.; Rijkers, G.T.; Scholtens, L.; Gordon, G.; De Jager, W.; Häfner, R.; van de Zee, R.; van Eden, W.; Kuis, W.; Prakken, B.J., 2003:
The spontaneous remission of juvenile idiopathic arthritis is characterized by CD30+ T cells directed to human heat-shock protein 60 capable of producing the regulatory cytokine interleukin-10

Zaki, M.; Greenwood, C.; Redman, C.W.G., 2003:
The spontaneous reversal of pre-eclampsia associated with parvovirus-induced hydrops and the placental theory of pre-eclampsia: a case report

Granirer, L.W.; Milstein, J.J.; Schmidt, H., 1958:
The spontaneous rupture of the spleen in Felty's syndrome

Young, B.W.; Bacci, O.J., 1950:
The spontaneous rupture of tubo-ovarian abscess into the urinary bladder

FREETH, D.; MacVINE, J.S., 1951:
The spontaneous separation of ovarian tumours

Tarantili, V.V.; Halazonetis, D.J.; Spyropoulos, M.N., 2005:
The spontaneous smile in dynamic motion

Sobottke, R.; Horch, C.; Lohmann, U.; Meindl, R.; Muhr, G., 2006:
The spontaneous spinal epidural haematoma

Zieren, Jürgen.; Paul, M.; Scharfenberg, M.; Müller, J.M., 2005:
The spontaneous splenic rupture as first manifestation of mantle cell lymphoma, a dangerous rarity

Duex, A.; Thurn, P.; Schreiber, H.W.; Broicher, H., 1962:
The spontaneous splenorenal anastomosis in the splenoportogram

Charonnat, R.; Lechat, P., 1952:
The spontaneous variations of temperature in the rabbit during the day

Wong, I.H.N., 2003:
The sporadic nature of shedding cells in blood: Multiple RNA diagnostic testing and prognostication of cancer progression

Friedel, M.G.; Berteau, O.; Pieck, J.Carsten.; Atta, M.; Ollagnier-de-Choudens, S.; Fontecave, M.; Carell, T., 2006:
The spore photoproduct lyase repairs the 5S- and not the 5R-configured spore photoproduct DNA lesion

Demalsy, P., 1953:
The sporophyte of Azolla nilotica

Castro, R.M., 1960:
The sporotrichin test. Contribution to its study

Heiss, F., 1954:
The sport and its medical aspects on the problem of intervertebral disk displacement

Parker, W.L.; Trifunov, J., 1960:
The sport of amateur boxing--good or evil?

Bendorf, G., 1954:
The sport physician and Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome

Clark, T.P.; Tofler, I.R.; Lardon, M.T., 2005:
The sport psychiatrist and golf

Toussaint, D., 2004:
The sportive certificate and...the responsibility!

Borthwick, J.W., 1960:
The sports day that grew

Moodie, D.S., 2004:
The sports physical: one-on-one is OK; one-on-300 is not

Lemonick, M.D., 2006:
The sports-drink wars

Powell, J.F., 1951:
The sporulation and germination of a strain of Bacillus megatherium

Powell, J.F.; Hunter, J.R., 1955:
The sporulation of Bacillus sphaericus stimulated by association with other bacteria: an effect of carbon dioxide

Snow, D.J., 1956:
The spot-map in epidemiology: a note on the use of spot-maps during two epidemics of poliomyelitis in Western Australia

Murray, H.A., 1953:
The spotlight is on us

Radinsky, G., 2003:
The spotlight on PBMs: federal enforcement of the anti-kickback statute on the pharmaceutical benefit management industry

Lauritsalo, H., 1960:
The spotlight on today's physician

Redmond, W.B., 1963:
The spotting method of phage typing mycobacteria

Mukherjee, A.; Kekre, N.S.; Gopalakrishnan, G., 2007:
The spouse as a donor in renal transplants

Rychtarik, R.G.; McGillicuddy, N.B., 2006:
The spouse situation inventory: a role-play measure of coping skills in women with alcoholic partners

Malchesky, P.S., 2006:
The spread and breadth of artificial organ technologies

Nielsen, E., 1961:
The spread and duration of breast feeding in Arhus County in 1960

Langmann, R., 1960:
The spread and early control of diabetes--with regard to public health efforts of foreign countries

Hoare, C.A., 1957:
The spread of African trypanosomes beyond their natural range; essay on historical zoogeography of the host-parasite system

Burruano, L.; Seydel, J., 2006:
The spread of HIV/AIDS in Ukraine

Lomaestro, B.M.; Tobin, E.H.; Shang, W.; Gootz, T., 2006:
The spread of Klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemase-producing K. pneumoniae to upstate New York

Paraense, W.L., 1953:
The spread of Leishmania enriettii through the body of the guineapig

Bablet, J., 1951:
The spread of Pasteur's ideas throughout the world

Giroud, P.; Yassemi, H., 1952:
The spread of Q fever throughout the world and its establishment in Iran

Adrian, E.D., 1925:
The spread of activity in the tenuissimus muscle of the cat and in other complex muscles

Schmincke, W., 1957:
The spread of alcoholism

Josefsson, M., 2006:
The spread of alien species is considered to be one of the greatest threats to biological diversity

Helms, P., 1957:
The spread of bacillary pulmonary tuberculosis in West Greenland

Javert, C.T., 1952:
The spread of benign and malignant endometrium in the lymphatic system with a note on coexisting vascular involvement

Grinnell, R.S., 1950:
The spread of carcinoma of the colon and rectum

Moore, G.E.; Sako, K., 1959:
The spread of carcinoma of the colon and rectum: a study of invasion of blood vessels, lymph nodes and the peritoneum by tumors cells

Clements, K.M.; Burton-Wurster, N.; Lust, G., 2004:
The spread of cell death from impact damaged cartilage: lack of evidence for the role of nitric oxide and caspases

Waddy, B.B., 1954:
The spread of cerebrospinal meningitis across Africa

Minkina, V.A.; Chebarova, V.I., 1961:
The spread of chronic tonsillitis in school children and its treatment

Johnston, F.D., 1957:
The spread of currents and distribution of potentials in homogeneous volume conductors

Koch, O.; Roemer, G.B., 1952:
The spread of diphtheria bacterii in the organism and their role for the pathogenesis of diphtheria

Kitahara, T.; Kuri, S.; Yoshida, J., 1956:
The spread of drugs used for spinal anesthesia

Reed, J.D., 1951:
The spread of effect within a compound response

Quintieri, C., 1955:
The spread of erythromycin in intraocular fluids

Watanabe, A.; Takeda, K., 1963:
The spread of excitation among neurons in the heart ganglion of the stomatopod, Squillia oratoria

Onuigbo, W.I., 1957:
The spread of extra-porta tumours to the liver

Kuyjer, P.J., 1952:
The spread of gastric cancer into the section lines

Stuteville, O.H., 1958:
The spread of infections in the head and neck

Isaacs, A.; Andrewes, C.H., 1951:
The spread of influenza; evidence from 1950-1951

Fendall, N.R., 1961:
The spread of kala-azar in Kenya

Nishimura, N.; Kitahara, T.; Kusakabe, T., 1959:
The spread of lidocaine and I-131 solution in the epidural space

Onuigbo, W.I., 1958:
The spread of lung cancer to the brain

Sallares, R.; Bouwman, A.; Anderung, C., 2005:
The spread of malaria to Southern Europe in antiquity: new approaches to old problems

Moore, G.E.; Sandberg, A.A.; Watne, A.L., 1959:
The spread of malignant cells: a review

Fitts, W.T.; Patterson, L.T., 1955:
The spread of mammary cancer

Sakao, Y.; Miyamoto, H.; Yamazaki, A.; Ou, S.; Shiomi, K.; Sonobe, S.; Sakuraba, M., 2006:
The spread of metastatic lymph nodes to the mediastinum from left upper lobe cancer: results of superior mediastinal nodal dissection through a median sternotomy

Hamilton, L., 1957:
The spread of nerves in the uvula

Rosa, A.; La Placa, M., 1958:
The spread of neutralizing anti-poliomyelitis antibodies among the population of Bologna

Kuyumgieff, I., 1957:
The spread of ornithosis in Bulgaria; preliminary report

Windorfer, A., 1953:
The spread of poliomyelitis in Germany since the end of the second world war

Henigst, W.; Fox, J.P.; Gelfand, H.M., 1957:
The spread of poliomyelits virus & of other viruses occurring in human stools; report on observations in a selected group of population

Burian, V.; Vojtova, H.; Zacek, K.; Vaneckova, N., 1960:
The spread of polioviruses in the population vaccinated with live attenuated polioviruses in comparison with the nonvaccinated population

Franks, L.M., 1953:
The spread of prostatic carcinoma to the bones

Fisher, S.; Mendell, D., 1958:
The spread of psychotherapeutic effects from the patient to his family group

Cantor, J.J., 1955:
The spread of pulmonary tuberculosis: a vascular pressure hypothesis

Junk, F., 1956:
The spread of rabies in the German Federal Republic since the start of the post-war period

Dukes, C.E.; Bussey, H.J., 1958:
The spread of rectal cancer and its effect on prognosis

Bryce-Smith, R., 1954:
The spread of solutions in the extradural space

Petsche, H.; Marko, A.; Kugler, J., 1954:
The spread of spikes and waves at the cranial surface

Walter, C.W.; Kundsin, R.B.; Shilkret, M.A.; Day, M.M., 1958:
The spread of staphylococci to the environment

Wener, J.; Scherlis, L.; Sandberg, A.A., 1951:
The spread of the excitatory process and the left ventricular cavity potentials in left bundle branch block as studied with exophageal leads

Akoua-Koffi, C.G.; Nekouressi, G.; Tieoulou, L.; Guillot, S.; Faye-Kette, H.; Ehouman, A., 2004:
The spread of the wild Poliovirus in the rural environment, the case of the Adzopé health district, Côte d'Ivoire

Driesen, H.H., 1953:
The spread of tissue pigments into the feather anlage, with particular reference to the shell parakeet, Melopsittacus undulatus Shaw

Moore, G.E., 1960:
The spread of tumor cells

Anonymous, 2004:
The spread of value-based purchasing depends on the corporate employer

Mori, K.; Yamada, S.; Ohori, R.; Okada, H.; Suhara, A., 1961:
The spread of various subcutaneously injected dye fluids in connective tissue

Ginsberger, O., 1953:
The spread of venereal diseases under the influence of spontaneous factors and planning measures

Rhoads, P.S., 1952:
The spread of viruses to susceptible hosts

Garis, R.I.; Clark, B.E., 2004:
The spread: pilot study of an undocumented source of pharmacy benefit manager revenue

Acartürk, S.; Gencel, Eüphan., 2004:
The spreader-splay graft combination: a treatment approach for the osseocartilaginous vault deformities following rhinoplasty

Popkin, G.L.; Brodie, S.J., 1962:
The spreading excision scar

Okano, K.; Kaku, T.; Hamada, S., 1951:
The spreading factor in Yoshida sarcoma

Becker, Y., 2006:
The spreading of HIV-1 infection in the human organism is caused by fractalkine trafficking of the infected lymphocytes--a review, hypothesis and implications for treatment

Gorter, E.; Van Ormondt, H.; Meijer, T.M., 1935:
The spreading of complex proteins

Petsche, H.; Marko, A., 1955:
The spreading of macrorhythms at the brain of man and rabbit, based on toposcopic studies

Zichella, L., 1961:
The spreading of malignant ovarian tumors

Gorter, E.; Van Ormondt, H., 1935:
The spreading of myosin

Juhlin, L., 1956:
The spreading of spherical particles in dermal connective tissue

Afsar-Siddiqui, A.B.; Luckham, P.F.; Matar, O.K., 2003:
The spreading of surfactant solutions on thin liquid films

Fromme, A., 1961:
The spreading of tumor cells during surgical operations and its prevention

Dorsey, C., 1962:
The spreading of warts by metal expansion watch bands. A report of three cases

Burkhardt, M., 1953:
The spring angle clamp

Winslow, G.B., 1957:
The spring exerciser

Haase, G., 1952:
The spring hooked clasp as a resilient joint in free-end prosthesis

Huddleston, O.L.; Henderson, W.; Campbell, J.W., 1958:
The spring opponens splint

Michele, A.A., 1961:
The spring sign in detection of fracture of the internal meniscus

Huddleston, O.L.; Henderson, W.; Campbell, J.W., 1958:
The spring wrist cock-up splint

Caujolle, F., 1955:
The springs of Luchon

Bryk, F., 1955:
The springtail Sira demonstrated in Sweden as a human parasite for the first time

Nimeh, W., 1952:
The sprue in the Middle East

Ammann, R., 1961:
The sprue syndrome and the morphological changes at the level of the small intestine. Value of intestinal biopsy

Sleisenger, M.H.; Almy, T.P.; Barr, D.P., 1953:
The sprue syndrome secondary to lymphoma of the small bowel

Adlersberg, D.; Rabinowitz, D., 1950:
The sprue syndrome-improved dietary management

May, J.R., 1961:
The sputum in chronic bronchitis

Goldstein, N.J.; Cialdini, R.B., 2007:
The spyglass self: a model of vicarious self-perception

Dickhart, W., 1955:
The squalene contents of various oils

Ventegodt, Søren.; Andersen, N.Jørgen.; Merrick, J., 2003:
The square curve paradigm for research in alternative, complementary, and holistic medicine: a cost-effective, easy, and scientifically valid design for evidence-based medicine and quality improvement

Petersen, N.; Davies, D.S., 1953:
The square flap in repair of unilateral hare-lip

Collins, J.W., 1950:
The square hospital means economy

Baretich, M.F., 2007:
The square peg and the round hole: Murphy's Law and medical device connections

Maheswari, P.Uma.; Roy, S.; den Dulk, H.; Barends, S.; van Wezel, G.; Kozlevcar, B.; Gamez, P.; Reedijk, J., 2006:
The square-planar cytotoxic [Cu(II)(pyrimol)Cl] complex acts as an efficient DNA cleaver without reductant

Shah, M.A., 1942:
The squatting index of the femora of Punjabis

Mahomed, A.A.; Panchalingum, L.; Nikolopoulos, Y., 2006:
The squeeze technique to assist transumbilical delivery of pyloric tumor

Dodwell, P.C.; Bessant, D.E., 1961:
The squirrel as an experimental animal: some tests of visual capacity

Goniewicz, M.; Peryga, Pł.; Piejak, T., 2005:
The stabbed wounds as a cause of injuries of different parts of the body

Auersperg, A.; Aidar, O.; De Barros, S.A., 1949:
The stabbing sensation in response to the stereotyped excitation of the parietal peritoneum

Atanasov, M.; Reinen, D., 2005:
The stability and eventual lone pair distortion of the hexahalide complexes and molecules of the fifth to eighth main-group elements with one lone pair, as isolated entities or in oligomeric clusters: a vibronic coupling and DFT study

Hund, A.M.; Plumert, J.M., 2004:
The stability and flexibility of spatial categories

Boal, A.K.; Tellez, H.; Rivera, S.B.; Miller, N.E.; Bachand, G.D.; Bunker, B.C., 2006:
The stability and functionality of chemically crosslinked microtubules

Godley, M.D.; Kahn, J.H.; Dennis, M.L.; Godley, S.H.; Funk, R.R., 2005 :
The stability and impact of environmental factors on substance use and problems after adolescent outpatient treatment for cannabis abuse or dependence

Cumming, L.W., 1952:
The stability and preservation of litmus solutions

Pledger, R.A.; Lechevalier, H., 1957:
The stability and production of candicidin in a neutral soil

Morton, C., 1955:
The stability and sensitivity of instruments used in spectrophotometric analysis

Hertwig, F., 1956:
The stability at various storage temperatures of penicillin preparations ready for use

O'sullivan, W.J.; Perrin, D.D., 1961:
The stability constants of MgATP -2 ion

Davis, B.; Saltman, P.; Benson, S., 1962:
The stability constants of the iron-transferrin complex

Rodrigues, Jão.Lima.; Rocha, Pícia.Souza.; Pardim, S.Letícia.de.Souza.; Machado, A.Cláudia.Vieira.; Faria-E-Silva, Aé.Luis.; Seraidarian, P.Isaías., 2018:
Association Between In-Office And At-Home Tooth Bleaching: A Single Blind Randomized Clinical Trial

Benesch, R.; Haouchine, M.; Jacksier, T., 2004:
The stability of 100 ppb hydrogen sulfide standards

Cameron, J.S., 1962:
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The state of nuclear medicine, 2007

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The state of nursing in the United Kingdom

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The state of our health

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The state of our pensions

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The state of our specialty

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The state of ovarian carcinoma therapy

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The state of oxidative processes in the acute phase of rheumatism in children

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The state of preparedness in Texas dental practices for medical emergency responses: a survey

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The state of primary care

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The state of rehabilitation research: art or science?

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The state of research on social inequalities in health: building on successes to tackle the next challenges

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