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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 50806

Chapter 50806 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Kukulianskii, A.A., 1964:
Total Structure of the Nitrogen Bases of Desoxyribonucleic Acid in Bacteria of the Dysentery Group

Shumway, N.E.; Lower, R.R.; Hurley, E.J.; Don, G.E.; Stofer, R.C., 1963:
Total Surgical Correction of Fallot's Anomaly

Schwyzer, R.; Sieber, P., 1963:
Total Synthesis of Adrenocorticotrophic Hormone

Shapiro, D.; Rachaman, E.S., 1964:
Total Synthesis of Cytolipin H

Nagata, W.; Terasawa, T.; Aoki, T., 1963:
Total Synthesis of Dl-3alpha-Acetoxy-5beta-Pregna9(11),16-Dien-20-One

Stork, G.; Cheung, H.T., 1965:
Total Synthesis of the Cephalosporin Antibiotics. I. the Dihydrothiazine System of Cephalosporin Cc

Turner, D.L.; Silver, M.J., 1963:
Total Synthesis of Unsaturated Phosphatidylserine and its Activity in Clotting Systems

Rappaport, I.; Shiffman, M.A.; Bodfish, R., 1964:
Total Thyroidectomy and I-131 in Thyroid Cancer

Perzik, S.L., 1963:
Total Thyroidectomy. Indications, Complications and Sequelae

Derabago, P.; Derabago, G.; Calderonmontero, J., 1964:
Total Transposition Of The Pulmonary Veins. Presentation Of A Case With Coronary Sinus Exit Corrected Surgically With Success

Iacomi, G.; Kirileanu, T.; Kalamara, G.; Constantinescu, C.; Beraru, G., 1964:
Total Traumatic Rupture of the Right Primary Bronchus. Pneumonectomy with Lateral Tracheal Suture. Recovery

Rapaport, H.G., 1964:
Total Treatment of Allergic Disease in Children

Drachuk, P.S., 1963:
Total Tuberculosis of the Patella

Farrior, J.B., 1965:
Total Tympanoplasty: V. the Radical Mastoidectomy, Paraffin Implant, Sandwich Graft and Fenestration of Horizontal Canal

Schroeter, R.; Precht, K.; Boeck, G., 1964:
Total Unilateral Renal Calcification Following Trauma

Demiguel, J., 1964:
Total Vagotomy and Selective Anterior Vagotomy in the Surgical Treatment of the Duodenal Ulcer

Cooley, D.A.; Nelson, T.G., 1964:
Total Valve Replacement for Acquired Valvular Heart Disease: Results in 171 Patients

Casal, C.; Di Guglielmo, L., 1956:
Total abdominal and vaginal hysterectomy

Leventhal, M.L.; Lazarus, M.L., 1951:
Total abdominal and vaginal hysterectomy, a comparison

Stamou, K.M.; Karakozis, S.; Sugarbaker, P.H., 2003:
Total abdominal colectomy, pelvic peritonectomy, and end-ileostomy for the surgical palliation of mucinous peritoneal carcinomatosis from non-gynecologic cancer

Hublin, H., 1952:
Total abdominal gastrectomy

Clercx, L., 1957:
Total abdominal hysterectomy according to the Aldridge technic

Hiilesmaa, V.; Nieminen, U., 1960:
Total abdominal hysterectomy and the Musgrove method

Symmonds, R.E.; Pratt, J.H.; Welch, J.S., 1961:
Total abdominal hysterectomy by the Mayo Clinic (Masson-Counseller) technique

Murless, B.C., 1963:
Total abdominal hysterectomy for benign conditions. Some technical considerations

Daveo, J.P.; Paoli, 1955:
Total abdominal hysterectomy without drainage; 150 cases

Howkins, J.; Williams, D., 1963:
Total abdominal hysterectomy. 1,000 consecutive, unselected operatons

Guezo, J., 2003:
Total abdominal hysterectomy: development of a patient-centred care pathway

Stearns, H.C., 1953:
Total abdominal hysterectomy; a report on technic and experience with the operation

Robinson, P.T., 1956:
Total abdominal hysterectomy; case reports and choice of suture and incision

Pellizzari, C., 1950:
Total abdominal hysterectomy; total subfascial hysterectomy

Lazar, C-C.; Mure, J-P.; Denis, M-H.; Auquit Auckbur, I.; Milliez, P-Y., 2006:
Total abdominal wall reconstruction. Management of full-thickness losses of the abdominal wall after a long ischemic compression

Anonymous, 1950:
Total abdomino-thoracic gastrectomy

Total abnormal pulmonary venous return. Presentation of 4 cases of a certain type from a radiological point of view

Beker, J.C., 1955:
Total abruption of normally situated placenta and toxemia

Malfait, F.; Symoens, S.; Coucke, P.; Nunes, L.; De Almeida, S.; De Paepe, A., 2006:
Total absence of the alpha2(I) chain of collagen type I causes a rare form of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome with hypermobility and propensity to cardiac valvular problems

Johnson, E.E.; Warner, M.; Simonds, J.P., 1951:
Total absence of the cerebral hemispheres; report of two cases

Besner, G.E.; Bates, G.D.; Boesel, C.P.; Singh, V.; Welty, S.E.; Corpron, C.A., 2005:
Total absence of the small bowel in a premature neonate

Rosas, A., 1955:
Total absence of the vagina; surgical construction

Bohm, F., 1953:
Total absent bronchus without shadowing of the parenchyma region in pulmonary and bronchial tuberculosis

Bliokh, Y.P.; Felsteiner, J.; Slutsker, Y.Z., 2005:
Total absorption of an electromagnetic wave by an overdense plasma

De Pascale, A.; Feruglio, F.S., 1953:
Total active blood calcium and its relation to coagulation in dicumarol induced hypoprothrombinemia

Farina, A.; Lambert-Messerlian, G.M.; Canick, J.A.; Banzola, I.; Carletti, A.; Concu, M.; Tempesta, A.; Gabrielli, S.; Morano, D.; Rizzo, N., 2006:
Total activin A in maternal blood as a marker of preterm delivery in low-risk asymptomatic patients

Perez Moreno, B., 1955:
Total acute disorders of the respiratory system in influenza in infants

Ottaviani, P.; Toscano, A., 1951:
Total acute myeloasthenia from paraphenylene diamine and acetylsalicylic acid

Bertrand, P., 1960:
Total acute puerperal uterine inversion

Catolla-Cavalcanti, A., 1955:
Total adrenalectomy and survival with inositol

Lawrence, E.A.; Irwin, G.W., 1954:
Total adrenalectomy for advanced breast carcinoma; a preliminary report

Parsons, W.H.; Blackshear, S.G.; Lee, S.S., 1960:
Total adrenalectomy for advanced carcinoma of the breast: with a report of twenty-five additional cases

Fergusson, J.D., 1954:
Total adrenalectomy for malignant disease of the prostate and breast

Lyons, C.; Holley, H., 1952:
Total adrenalectomy for malignant hypertension

Harrison, J.H.; Thorn, G.W.; Jenkins, D., 1953:
Total adrenalectomy for reactivated carcinoma of the prostate

Arnott, W.M.; Crooke, A.C.; Donovan, H.; Taylor, S.H., 1957:
Total adrenalectomy for severe hypertension

Ejrup, B.; Franksson, C., 1956:
Total adrenalectomy in five cases of malignant hypertension

Marson, F.G., 1954:
Total adrenalectomy in hepatic cirrhosis with ascites

Miller, R.D.; Gentry, R.W.; Zinsser, H.H.; Schlueter, F.E., 1954:
Total adrenalectomy in rheumatoid arthritis

Baronofsky, I.D.; Faucett, R.E.; Weiss, H.A., 1960:
Total adrenalectomy in the treatment of intractable ascites

Scarinci, C.; Zucconi, C., 1953:
Total agenesia of the left lung well tolerated in a 20-year-old male

Fouquet, J.; Heimann, V.; Arnoldi, M., 1951:
Total agenesis of the left lung in a 12 year old girl

Scarinci, C., 1953:
Total agenesis of the left lung, well tolerated in a young man 20 years old

Chass, R.L.; Tow, P.S.; Lunche, R.G.; Shaffer, N.R., 1960:
Total air pollution emissions in Los Angeles County

Shoun, P.; Steelman, R.; Barber, B.; Olson, M.; Pate, M.Frances.D.; Zimmerman, A.T., 2004:
Total airway obstruction by a mucous plug relieved with extreme positive pressure: case report of a pediatric patient

Zeidan, A., 2006:
Total airway obstruction during tracheostomy in a patient with multiple tracheal stenosis--A case report

Lai, Y-Yung.; Ho, H-Chueh., 2006:
Total airway occlusion in a parturient with a mediastinal mass after anesthetic induction--a case report

Bjornberg, O., 1960:
Total albinos among the Cuna Indians

Neuwald, F.; Loges, W., 1956:
Total alkaloid determination in Rauwolfia roots

Pang, J-Xin.; Ma, R-Qiang.; Liu, L-Mei.; Jiang, Y-Ping.; Sun, L-Sha., 2005:
Total alkaloid of Macleaya cordata: in vitro cytotoxic effect on Hep3B cells and in vivo antitumor effect in mice

Raghavan, P.; Nagendra, A.S.; Dutta, N.K., 1962:
Total alkaloids of Saussurea lappa in treatment of bronchial asthma. An assessment of its therapeutic value by clinical and ventilatory function studies

Quevauviller, A.; Le Men, J.; Janot, M.M., 1954:
Total alkaloids of the periwinkle Vinca minor having spasmolytic and ganglion-blocking effects

Hurter, E., 1950:
Total alopecia due to traumatic shock

Cremieux, A.; Alliez, J.; Bremond, J.; Pache, D., 1960:
Total amaurosis caused by quinine poisoning with partially regressive course

Vakil, E.; Hoofien, D.; Blachstein, H., 1992:
Total amount learned versus learning rate of verbal and nonverbal information, in differentiating left-from right-brain injured patients

Robbe, H., 1958:
Total amount of haemoglobin and physical working capacity in anaemia of pregnancy

Guerguerian, G., 1952:
Total amygdalectomy and pulmonary tuberculosis

Laron, Z.; Epstein Halberstadt, B., 1960:
Total and 1-tartaric acid inhibited rat serum acid phosphatase

Ferrero, S.; Anserini, P.; Remorgida, V.; Bentivoglio, G.; Ragni, N., 2006:
Total and active ghrelin levels in women with polycystic ovary syndrome

Brunschwig, A.; Daniel, W., 1954:
Total and anterior pelvic exenteration. I. Report of results based upon 315 operations

Garmendia, J.V.; Zabaleta, M.; Blanca, I.; Bianco, Nás.E.; De Sanctis, J.B., 2004:
Total and biologically active serum-soluble CD154 in patients with chronic idiopathic urticaria

Jousilahti, P.; Salomaa, V.; Kuulasmaa, K.; Niemelä, M.; Vartiainen, E., 2005 :
Total and cause specific mortality among participants and non-participants of population based health surveys: a comprehensive follow up of 54 372 Finnish men and women

Rabagliati, C.; Fratti, C.; Moreschi, A.; Tenconi, M.T., 2004:
Total and cause-specific mortality trends are analyzed in Pavia Province from 1991 to 2000

Gandra, S.R.; Lawrence, L.W.; Parasuraman, B.M.; Darin, R.M.; Sherman, J.J.; Wall, J.L., 2006:
Total and component health care costs in a non-Medicare HMO population of patients with and without type 2 diabetes and with and without macrovascular disease

Llorente, L.; Barbero, S.; Merayo, J.; Marcos, S., 2004:
Total and corneal optical aberrations induced by laser in situ keratomileusis for hyperopia

Malliaraki, N.; Mpliamplias, D.; Kampa, M.; Perakis, K.; Margioris, A.N.; Castanas, E., 2003:
Total and corrected antioxidant capacity in hemodialyzed patients

Baylon, H.; Ferrabouc, L.; Pedoya, C., 1956:
Total and curable canities

Lurie, S.; Rahamim, E.; Piper, I.; Golan, A.; Sadan, O., 2007:
Total and differential leukocyte counts percentiles in normal pregnancy

Leng, S.; Xue, Q-Li.; Huang, Y.; Semba, R.; Chaves, P.; Bandeen-Roche, K.; Fried, L.; Walston, J., 2005:
Total and differential white blood cell counts and their associations with circulating interleukin-6 levels in community-dwelling older women

Friis-Hansen, B.; Tudvad, F.; Vesterdal, J., 1951:
Total and extra cellular body water in children during ACTH treatment

Marcenaro, A.; Lotti, G.; Menozzi, P.G., 1960:
Total and extracellular water in essential hypertension in various clinical stages

Stolte, L.A.; Bakker, J.H.; Verboom, E., 1955:
Total and fractional determination of 17-ketosteroid excretion in women, relative to age, eventually intact gonadal function and presence or absence of hirsutism

Cacciari, E.; Corsini, F.; Manfredi, G.; Pintozzi, P., 1959:
Total and fractionated lipids in stroma and water-soluble parts of normal erythrocytes

Bellieni, A., 1959:
Total and fractionated proteins in acute inanition

Paez Pumar, J.I.; Planchart, A., 1960:
Total and fractionated proteins in normal and toxemic pregnancies (electrophoretic study)

Bonucci, E.; De Matteis, A.; Giornelli, C., 1959:
Total and fractionated proteins, glycoproteins and lipoproteins in umbilical cord and maternal blood

Gabryelski, W.; Ciba, T., 1960:
Total and free cholesterol level in the serum in normal subjects with special reference to the age and sex

Abdel Gader, A.M.; Al-Mishari, A.A.; Awadalla, S.A.; Buyuomi, N.M.; Khashoggi, T.; Al-Hakeem, M., 2006:
Total and free tissue factor pathway inhibitor in pregnancy hypertension

D'Orazio, O.R.; Lambert, O.L.; Vallati, J.C.; Franco, F.L.; Romano, Són.V.; de Lasa Stewart, Tás.A.; Saenz, C.A., 2005:
Total and immediate daytime and nighttime continence with a right colonic neobladder--What makes it possible? An 11-year followup

Yang, C.; Zhao, C.; Amadio, P.C.; Tanaka, T.; Zhao, K.D.; An, K-Nan., 2005:
Total and intrasynovial work of flexion of human cadaver flexor digitorum profundus tendons after modified Kessler and MGH repair techniques

Gryboś, M.; Krzemieniewska, J.; Stacherzak-Pawlik, J.; Wilczyński, A.; Woźniak, Mław.; Majsnerowicz, M.; Gryboś-Jagielska, A., 2005:
Total and ionized magnesium concentration in the blood plasma and erythrocytic magnesium concentration of women in the third trimester of pregnancy with imminent preterm labor

Sebzda, T.; Saleh, Y.; Gburek, J.; Warwas, M.; Andrzejak, R.; Siewinski, M.; Rudnicki, J., 2006:
Total and lipid-bound plasma sialic acid as diagnostic markers in colorectal cancer patients: correlation with cathepsin B expression in progression to Dukes stage

Capps, N., 2006:
Total and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol responses to ezetimibe in clinical practice

Porvari, P.; Verta, M., 2003:
Total and methyl mercury concentrations and fluxes from small boreal forest catchments in Finland

Bustamante, P.; Lahaye, V.; Durnez, C.; Churlaud, C.; Caurant, F., 2006:
Total and organic Hg concentrations in cephalopods from the North Eastern Atlantic waters: influence of geographical origin and feeding ecology

Sambamoorthi, U.; Shea, D.; Crystal, S., 2003:
Total and out-of-pocket expenditures for prescription drugs among older persons

Muraro, U., 1959:
Total and partial patellectomy

Webster, R.C.; Coffey, R.J.; Kelleher, R.E., 1960:
Total and partial reconstruction of the lower lip with innervated musclebearing flaps

Lee, G.J., 1957:
Total and peripheral blood flow in acute myocardial infarction

Hampel, H.; Teipel, S.J., 2004:
Total and phosphorylated tau proteins: evaluation as core biomarker candidates in frontotemporal dementia

Ticinese, J.B.; Ezzaoui, J.L.; Falco, J.R., 1956:
Total and segmental opacities of the middle lobe in children

Neuman, M.; Tiucra, A.; Caruntu, F.; Radvan, A., 1956:
Total and segmental pylephlebitis; clinical study of three cases

Samochocki, Z.; Zabielski, Sław.; Czarnecka, I.; Paluchowska, E., 2004:
Total and specific IgE and immediate skin tests in the prognosis of atopic dermatitis

Lévesque, Bît.; Duchesne, J-François.; Gingras, S.; Allard, P.; Delvin, E.; Aubin, J.; Rhainds, M.; Lajoie, P.; Ernst, P., 2005:
Total and specific immunoglobulin E and their relationship to respiratory symptoms in Quebéc children and adolescents

Mediaty, A.; Neuber, K., 2005:
Total and specific serum IgE decreases with age in patients with allergic rhinitis, asthma and insect allergy but not in patients with atopic dermatitis

Leander, M.; Grzegorzewska, A.E.; Karolewski, M., 2004:
Total and subset lymphocyte counts, angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors, and dialysis duration in younger and older peritoneal dialysis patients

Baggish, M.S., 2005:
Total and subtotal abdominal hysterectomy

Cutait, D., 1953:
Total and subtotal colectomy; 10 cases

Cutait, D.E., 1952:
Total and subtotal colectomy; 12 cases

Miloslavskii, I.M., 1960:
Total and subtotal combined resections of the stomach in cancer

Müller, J.; Myers, J., 2018:
Association between physical fitness, cardiovascular risk factors, and Parkinson's disease

Aguerre, J.A., 1953:
Total and subtotal hysterectomy

Ferrari, A.J.; Ferrari, O.J., 1961:
Total and subtotal hysterectomy. Simplification of the operative technic

Pugliese, R.; Maggioni, D.; Sansonna, F.; Scandroglio, I.; Ferrari, G.C.; Di Lernia, S.; Costanzi, A.; Pauna, J.; de Martini, P., 2006:
Total and subtotal laparoscopic gastrectomy for adenocarcinoma

Bianchi, G.; Nurra, A., 1953:
Total and subtotal scapulectomy in cancer of the scapula

Scuderi, Nò.; Ribuffo, D.; Chiummariello, S., 2005:
Total and subtotal upper eyelid reconstruction with the nasal chondromucosal flap: a 10-year experience

Namiki, M.; Mizokami, A., 2003:
Total androgen blockade

Rimini, R.; Duomarco, J.L., 1960:
Total angiopneumography and selective angiopneumography

Nagashima, M.; Takahashi, H.; Kakumoto, S.; Miyamoto, Y.; Yoshino, S., 2006:
Total ankle arthroplasty for deformity of the foot in patients with rheumatoid arthritis using the TNK ankle system: clinical results of 21 cases

Doets, H.Cornelis.; Brand, R.; Nelissen, R.G.H.H., 2006:
Total ankle arthroplasty in inflammatory joint disease with use of two mobile-bearing designs

Kopp, F.J.; Patel, M.M.; Deland, J.T.; O'Malley, M.J., 2006:
Total ankle arthroplasty with the Agility prosthesis: clinical and radiographic evaluation

Feldman, M.H.; Rockwood, J., 2004:
Total ankle arthroplasty: a review of 11 current ankle implants

Su, E.P.; Kahn, B.; Figgie, M.P., 2004:
Total ankle replacement in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Murnaghan, J.M.; Warnock, D.S.; Henderson, S.A., 2005:
Total ankle replacement. Early experiences with STAR prosthesis

Wood, P.L.R.; Deakin, S., 2003:
Total ankle replacement. The results in 200 ankles

Laurence, K.M.; Brown, R.J., 1960:
Total anomalous drainage of pulmonary veins into the left gastric vein

Atik, F.Antibas.; Irun, P.Egusquiza.; Barbero-Marcial, M.; Atik, E., 2004:
Total anomalous drainage of the pulmonary veins-- surgical therapy for the infradiaphragmatic and mixed anatomical types

Morales, D.; Ferrer, G.; Espino Vela, J., 1962:
Total anomalous drainage of the pulmonary veins. Electrocardiographical study

Gott, V.L.; Lester, R.G.; Lillehei, C.W.; Varco, R.L., 1956:
Total anomalous pulmonary return; an analysis of thirty cases

Atik, E.; Cassar, R.Sá.; Morhy, S.Saady.; Andrade, Jé.L., 2007:
Total anomalous pulmonary venous connection and a restrictive foramen ovale, with left-sided deviation of the atrial septum mimicking left-sided cor triatriatum: echocardiographic misdiagnosis

Neema, P.Kumar.; Duara, R.; Manikandan, S.; Rathod, R.Chandra., 2006:
Total anomalous pulmonary venous connection in a patient with situs inversus and dextrocardia: which internal jugular vein to cannulate, right or left?

Watanabe, N.; Ishihara, S.; Sugiyama, Y.; Iwasa, S., 2006:
Total anomalous pulmonary venous connection showing an unusual shape of the pulmonary vein successfully repaired in a neonate; report of a case

Lucas, R.V.; Adams, P.; Anderson, R.C.; Varco, R.L.; Edwards, J.E.; Lester, R.G., 1961:
Total anomalous pulmonary venous connection to the portal venous system: a cause of pulmonary venous obstruction

Kikuchi, S.; Yokozawa, M., 2005:
Total anomalous pulmonary venous connection with a ductus arteriosus aneurysm in a neonate: report of a case

Mishra, A.; Garg, R.; Raghunath; Maheswari, S.; Sharma, R., 2006:
Total anomalous pulmonary venous connection with intact interatrial septum

Hancock Friesen, C.L.; Zurakowski, D.; Thiagarajan, R.R.; Forbess, J.M.; del Nido, P.J.; Mayer, J.E.; Jonas, R.A., 2005:
Total anomalous pulmonary venous connection: an analysis of current management strategies in a single institution

Sridhar, P.G.; Kalyanpur, A.; Suresh, P.V.; John, C.; Sharma, R.; Maheshwari, S., 2004:
Total anomalous pulmonary venous connection: helical computed tomography as an alternative to angiography

Silverman, L.M.; Turken, H.; Samet, P.; Bernstein, W., 1958:
Total anomalous pulmonary venous connection; a case report

Longmire, W.P.; Burroughs, J.T.; Maloney, J.V., 1958:
Total anomalous pulmonary venous connection; report of a case with complete surgical correction

Eadie, M.J.; Hood, J.H.; Masel, L.F.; Murphy, M.E., 1959:
Total anomalous pulmonary venous connexion

Cooley, D.A.; Balas, P.E., 1962:
Total anomalous pulmonary venous drainage into inferior vena cava: report of successful surgical correction

Levin, B.; White, H., 1961:
Total anomalous pulmonary venous drainage into the portal system

Rosenfeld, I.; Silverblatt, M.L.; Strauss, L., 1957:
Total anomalous pulmonary venous drainage into the portal vein

Ryan, N.J.; Williams, G.R.; Cayler, G.G.; Snyder, D.S.; Taybi, H.; Richardson, W.R.; Campbell, G.S., 1963:
Total anomalous pulmonary venous drainage. Results of openheart correction in four infants

Harris, G.B.; Neuhauser, E.B.; Giedion, A., 1960:
Total anomalous pulmonary venous return below the diaphragm

Chang, J-Sheng.; Lai, Y-Chang.; Li, P-Chun.; Chen, C-Long., 2003:
Total anomalous pulmonary venous return complicated by progressive pulmonary venous stenosis after total repair: report of one case

Hisagi, M.; Higuchi, K.; Koseni, K.; Inaba, H., 2006:
Total anomalous pulmonary venous return in an adult

Nurkalem, Z.; Gorgulu, S.; Eren, M.; Bilal, M.Salih., 2005:
Total anomalous pulmonary venous return in the fourth decade

Kung, G.C.; Gao, H.; Wong, P.C.; Sklansky, M.S.; Uzunyan, M.Y.; Wood, J.C., 2004:
Total anomalous pulmonary venous return involving drainage above, below, and to the heart: a mixed bag

Woodwark, G.M.; Vince, D.J.; Ashmore, P.G., 1963:
Total anomalous pulmonary venous return to the portal vein. Report of a case of successful surgical treatment

Perrin, A.; Saint-Pierre, A.; Felix, H.; Froment, R., 1963:
Total anomalous pulmonary venous return. Apropos of an anatomoclinical case

Bellizzi, M., 1960:
Total anomaly of the pulmonary venous return

Corman, M.L., 2003:
Total anorectal reconstruction to restore intestinal continuity after conventional proctocolectomy: report of a case

Romano, G..; La Torre, F..; Cutini, G..; Bianco, F..; Esposito, P.., 2003:
Total anorectal reconstruction with an artificial bowel sphincter: Report of five cases with a minimum follow-up of 6 months

Romano, G.; La Torre, F.; Cutini, G.; Bianco, F.; Esposito, P.; Montori, A., 2003:
Total anorectal reconstruction with the artificial bowel sphincter: report of eight cases. A quality-of-life assessment

Devesa, J.M.; López-Hervás, P.; Vicente, R.; Rey, A.; Die, J.; Fraile, A., 2005:
Total anorectal reconstruction: a novel technique

Chang, M.A.; Chuck, R.S., 2005 :
Total anterior corneal surface and epithelial stem cell harvesting: current microkeratomes and beyond

Fasano, E.; Franco, M., 1956:
Total anterior mediastinal hernia and anomalous pulmonary vein

Vazquez, V.de.Lima.; Sugarbaker, P.H., 2003:
Total anterior parietal peritonectomy

Chandrawathani, P.; Yusoff, N.; Wan, L.C.; Ham, A.; Waller, P.J., 2004:
Total anthelmintic failure to control nematode parasites of small ruminants on government breeding farms in Sabah, East Malaysia

Bartosz, G., 2003:
Total antioxidant capacity

Astaneie, F.; Afshari, M.; Mojtahedi, A.; Mostafalou, S.; Zamani, M.Jafar.; Larijani, B.; Abdollahi, M., 2005:
Total antioxidant capacity and levels of epidermal growth factor and nitric oxide in blood and saliva of insulin-dependent diabetic patients

Baltacioğlu, E.; Akalin, F.Alev.; Alver, A.; Balaban, F.; Unsal, M.; Karabulut, E., 2006:
Total antioxidant capacity and superoxide dismutase activity levels in serum and gingival crevicular fluid in post-menopausal women with chronic periodontitis

Voronin, M.V.; Sidneva, E.S.; Lisitsyna, T.A.; Zhanataev, A.K.; Durnev, A.D., 2004:
Total antioxidant capacity of blood plasma from healthy donors receiving vitamin and mineral complex

Gawron, A.; Chrzczanowicz, J.; Nowak, D.; Nonas, M.; Drygas, W.; Jegier, A.; Kostka, T., 2006:
Total antioxidant capacity of blood plasma in healthy men and in men with coronary heart disease

Kankofer, M.; Lipko, J.; Zdunczyk, S., 2005:
Total antioxidant capacity of bovine spontaneously released and retained placenta

Shi, Y-chao.; Sun, H-min.; Shang, X-jun.; Zhu, P-yuan.; Huang, Y-feng., 2006:
Total antioxidant capacity of seminal plasma in fertile and infertile men

Frisman, E.; Drozda, D.; Sipulová, A.; Rácz, O.; Babík, J., 2004:
Total antioxidant capacity of serum and prognostic indices in patients with burn trauma

Wiid, I.; Seaman, T.; Hoal, E.G.; Benade, A.J.S.; Van Helden, P.D., 2004:
Total antioxidant levels are low during active TB and rise with anti-tuberculosis therapy

Tulunoglu, O.; Demirtas, S.; Tulunoglu, I., 2006:
Total antioxidant levels of saliva in children related to caries, age, and gender

Ustundag, B.; Atmaca, M.; Kirtas, O.; Selek, S.; Metin, K.; Tezcan, E., 2006:
Total antioxidant response in patients with schizophrenia

Ogunro, P.S.; Ogungbamigbe, T.O.; Ajala, M.O.; Egbewale, B.E., 2006:
Total antioxidant status and lipid peroxidation in HIV-1 infected patients in a rural area of south western Nigeria

Katsoulis, K.; Kontakiotis, T.; Baltopoulos, G.; Kotsovili, A.; Legakis, I.N., 2005:
Total antioxidant status and severity of community-acquired pneumonia: are they correlated?

Grudziński, I.P.; Frankiewicz-Jóźko, A.; Szarska, E., 2005:
Total antioxidant status in the blood serum of rats exposed to N-nitroso compounds and nitric oxide synthase inhibitors

Aycicek, A.; Iscan, A.; Erel, O.; Akcali, M.; Selek, S., 2006:
Total antioxidant/oxidant status in meningism and meningitis

Karowicz-Bilińska, A.; Kowalska-Koprek, U.; Suzin, J.; Sieroszewski, P., 2003:
Total antioxidative activity measured by ABTS method in pregnant women treated with L-arginine for IUGR

Szlagatys-Sidorkiewicz, A.; Zagierski, M.; Renke, J.; Korzon, M., 2006:
Total antioxidative status in colostrum. The influence of maternal smoking

Gupta, M.; Bhan, A.; Khanzode, S.; Das, S.; Ray, R., 2007:
Total aorta replacement in takayasu arteritis presenting as mega aorta

Takahara, Y.; Mogi, K.; Sakurai, M.; Nishida, H., 2003:
Total aortic arch grafting via median sternotomy using integrated antegrade cerebral perfusion

Jin, T.; Ni, Y-ming.; Zhang, C., 2005:
Total aortic arch replacement

Kazui, T.; Bashar, A.Hasan.Muhammad.; Washiyama, N., 2005:
Total aortic arch replacement and limited circulatory arrest of the brain

Kitano, M.; Ashida, A.; Oka, F., 2004:
Total aortic arch replacement for aortic arch aneurysm in a 90-year-old woman; report of a case

Suzuki, K.; Kazui, T.; Bashar, A.Hasan.Muhammad.; Yamashita, K.; Terada, H.; Washiyama, N.; Suzuki, T., 2006:
Total aortic arch replacement in patients with arch vessel anomalies

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Total circulatory support with an LVAD in an adolescent with a previous Fontan procedure

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Total clearance method. I. Results of total clearance method with para-aminohippuric acid

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Total colectomy

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Total colectomy abdominoperineal resection (pan-colectomy) in one stage

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Total colectomy and anterior resection of the rectum with ileorectal anastomosis; a one-stage operation for ulcerative colitis

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Total colectomy and ileo-anal anastomosis in the treatment of ulcerative colitis in children

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Total colectomy and ileo-rectal anastomosis as the treatment of choice in ulcerative colitis

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Total colectomy and ileorectal anastomosis in diffuse ulcerative colitis

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Total colectomy for benign conditions with a consideration of anal ileostomy with sphincter preservation

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Total colectomy for carcinoma of rectum and hepatic flexure, with anastomosis of small intestine to anus

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Total colectomy for diffuse ulcerative colitis

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Total colectomy for ulcerative colitis

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Total colectomy improves altered distribution of regulatory T cells in patients with ulcerative colitis

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Total colectomy in diffuse polyposis

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Total colectomy in megadolichocolon and partial resection of the left intestine in volvulus of the sigmoid

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Total colectomy in multiple polyposis of the large intestine

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Total colectomy in one stage

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Total colectomy in one stage for ulcerative colitis

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Total colectomy in ulcerative colitis

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Total colectomy with combined abdominoperineal resection of the rectum: one-stage procedure

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Total colectomy with simultaneous ileorectostomy in severe nonspecific ulcerative colitis complicated by constriction of the rectum

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Total colonoscopy: a systematic surgical approach

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Total coloproctectomy and ileostomy in one stage for ulcerative colitis

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Total colpectomy

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Total colpectomy and hysterectomy after the closure of the perineal triangle in radical cure of total uterine prolapse in women after menopause

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Total colpectomy and perineal masculinization in surgical therapy of prolapse after hysterectomy

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Total colpectomy in the treatment of a case of irreducible uterine procidentia

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Total colpo-hystero-cystectomy for epithelial carcinoma

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Total colpocleisis for pelvic eventration

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Total concentration of fixed base in cells of the renal cortex of the rat

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Total concentration of fungi in atmospheric and indoor air

Total condensing and hypertrophic osteopathy of a rib in a young boy

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Total congenital achromatopsia with traces of color sensitivity

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Total congenital atrioventricular block in 10 children

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Total congenital corneal opacity

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Total consumption of oxygen in a case of late gestosis

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Total contact cast for management of neuropathic ulceration of the foot

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Total contact restoration prosthesis for partial foot amputations

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Total content of purines and acid-fast purines in B. breslau and in secondary cultures regenerated from filtrates

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Total contralateral atelectasis following rigid bronchoscopy in a child with scarf pin aspiration

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Total control of asthma

He, Q-ying., 2005:
Total control of asthma can only be achieved by changing the present medical service model

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Total coproporphyrinuria and free erythrocyte protoporphyrin in workers exposed to lead; follow-up

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Total corneal grafts

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Total corneo-scleral grafts

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Total correction of complete atrioventricular septal defect with tetralogy of Fallot

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Total correction of double-outlet right ventricle, atrial septal defect, pulmonic stenosis with a concordant atrioventricular relationship, dextrocardia and situs inversus

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Total correction of hemophilia A mice with canine FVIII using an AAV 8 serotype

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Total corticoids in urine, according to Staudinger and Bauer, in childhood

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Total costs of IBS: employer and managed care perspective

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Total count of bacteria in the air of three different laying hen housing systems

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Total cross-section of hydrogen and carbon for 153-MeV. neutrons

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Total curarization in anesthesia in surgery of the biliary tract

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Total cutaneous plastic surgery in the plant of the foot

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Total cyst excision with ultrasonic scalpel under the laparoscope for choledochal cyst

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Total cystectomy and bladder neoformation

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Total cystectomy and cancer of the bladder

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Total cystectomy and neobladder for women patients with invasive bladder cancer: a report of eight cases

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Total cystectomy and uretero-rectal implantation by extraperitoneal approach

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Total cystectomy for bladder tumors

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Total cystectomy for cancer of the bladder; five cases

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Total cystectomy for cancer of the urinary bladder

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Total cystectomy for carcinoma of bladder, with transplantation of ureters

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Total cystectomy for carcinoma of the bladder. Difficulties in technique and their management

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Total cystectomy in cancer of the bladder

Petkovic, S., 1952:
Total cystectomy in carcinoma of the bladder performed in two step

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Total cystectomy in malignant tumors of the bladder

Sorrentino, M., 1961 :
Total cystectomy in tumors of the bladder

Sorrentino, M., 1962:
Total cystectomy in tumours of the bladder

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Total cystectomy in vesical neoplasms

Alcala Santaella, R., 1951:
Total cystectomy in vesico-prostatic cancer

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Total cystectomy with rectal substitute bladder

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Total cystectomy with ureteroileo-urethral anastomosis

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Total cystectomy; experience in 10 years

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Total deletion of in vivo telomere elongation capacity: an ambitious but possibly ultimate cure for all age-related human cancers

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Total demyelinization of the peripheral nerves simulating surgical lumbar herniated disk

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Total dental prosthesis

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Total descending thoracic and abdominal aorta grafting in type III aortic dissection with aneurysm

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Total destruction of the fourth metacarpal bone by aneurysmal bone cyst: reconstruction with strut fibular graft--a case report

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Total detachment and reattachment of the retina; in herpes zoster ophthalmicus

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Total determination of aliphatic amino compounds in air in industrial plants

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Total determination of cerebral acid-soluble pentoses in guinea pigs treated with electric shock

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Total diaphragmatic hernia with volvulus of the stomach

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Total digestible nutrients as a measure of feed energy

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Total diphallia; case report of urinary tract abnormalities

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Total disc replacement arthroplasty

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Total disc replacement with the CHARITE artificial disc was as effective as lumbar interbody fusion

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Total disk arthroplasty

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Total dislocation of the astragalus

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Total dislocation of the feet in the talocrural articulation (luxatio pedis cum talo)

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Total dislocations of the astragalus

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Total dislodgement of St. Jude symmetry proximal aortic connector after OPCAB

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Total dislodgement of the femoral component following cemented total knee arthroplasty: a case report

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Total dissociative electron attachment cross sections for molecular constituents of DNA

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Total dorsal pancreatectomy for intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm in a patient with pancreas divisum

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Total dose received by workers exposed to radiations; use of film badges

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Total drainage of pulmonary veins into the right atrium

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Total dream loss secondary to left temporo-occipital brain injury

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Total duodeno-pancreatectomy for cancer of the second portion of the duodenum

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Total duodenopancreatectomy for a benign tumor

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Total duodenopancreatosplenectomy in surgery of pancreatic and gastric cancer

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Total duplication of the urethra

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Total ear reconstruction in the devascularized temporoparietal region: II. Use of the omental free flap

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Total ear reconstruction using the omental free flap

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Total ear reconstruction, a three stage procedure, with special reference to the scalp roll

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Total educational debt may be more important than monthly debt payments on career choices

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Total elasticity of arterial air chamber and its determination by an experimental method in living animal

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Total elbow arthroplasty

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Total elbow arthroplasty after interposition arthroplasty for elbow arthritis

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Total elbow arthroplasty after previous resection of the radial head and synovectomy

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Total elbow arthroplasty failure due to overuse, C-ring failure, and/or bushing wear

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Total elbow arthroplasty in rheumatoid arthritis using GUEPAR prosthesis

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Total elbow arthroplasty with massive composite allografts

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Total elbow replacement with the Souter-Strathclyde prosthesis in rheumatoid arthritis. Long-term follow-up

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Total electrogenesis of the heart in man & in the dog

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Total emasculation with perineal eventration in cancer of the penis

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Total emergency evisceration of the pelvis in grave hemorrhage of advanced cancer of the uterine cervix

Roy, B., 1955:
Total emergency gastrectomy in hemorrhage of ulcerous origin

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Total en bloc spondylectomy for spinal tumors: improvement of the technique and its associated basic background

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Total enantioselectivity in the DNA binding of the dinuclear ruthenium(II) complex [[Ru(Me2bpy)2]2(mu-bpm)]4+ [bpm = 2,2'-bipyrimidine; Me2bpy = 4,4'-dimethyl-2,2'-bipyridine

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Total endolabyrinthine syndrome and Kitahara-Horniker disease

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Total endoprosthesis replacement after hip joint arthrodesis

Anonymous, 2005:
Total endoprosthetic repair of the knee joint in patients with sequelae of tuberculous gonitis

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Total endoscopic CABG using robotics on beating heart

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Total endoscopic management of complicated urinary stone disease

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Total endoscopic management of the encrusted ureteral stent under a single anaesthesia

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Total endoscopic thyroidectomy

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Total endoscopic vaginal reconstruction in a case of Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome

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Total energy expenditure during fasting and refeeding of rats

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Total energy expenditure estimated using a foot-contact pedometer

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Total energy expenditure estimated using foot-ground contact pedometry

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Total enlarged gastrectomy for circumscribed, suppurative, pseudotumoral gastritis

Chidichimo, G., 1957:
Total enlarged hysteroadnexectomy through abdominal approach

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Total enteral nutrition as prophylactic therapy for pancreatic necrosis infection in severe acute pancreatitis

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Total enteral nutrition versus total parenteral nutrition: what do our patients think?

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Total eosinophil cationic protein levels in induced sputum as a marker of changes in eosinophilic inflammation in a patient with allergic asthma

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Total esophagectomy and antethoracic plastic surgery with the stomach by the Gavriliu technic

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Total esophagectomy and esophagocoloplasty

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Total esophagectomy with hypopharyngo-gastrostomy; a contribution on radical surgery in cancer of the throat and esophagus

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Total esophagectomy with intrathoracic esophagocoloplasty for cancer of the mediothoracic esophagus

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Total esophagogastric dissociation: 10 years' review

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Total esophagoplasty using intrathoracic right colon

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Total esophagoplasty using right colon

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Total evacuation of the vitreous body in therapy of nonevolutive grave opacities

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Total eventration & other abnormalities in a fetus at term

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Total evisceration according to G. V. Shor in autopsies

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Total exchangeable sodium and space in normal and pre-eclamptic patients determined with sodium; preliminary report

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Total exchangeable sodium in depressive illness

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Total exchangeable sodium in human hypertension

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Total excision of acid secreting gastric mucosa in the dog

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Total excision of cervical glands; block dissection

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Total excision of os-calcis for chronic osteomyelitis; a case report

Mckeever, D.C., 1957:
Total excision of semilunar cartilages through a small anterior incision

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Total excision of the aortic arch for aneurysm

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Total excision of the bladder in cancer by Lovsley-Johnson's perineo-abdominal technic

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Total excision of the left lobe of the liver in a case of cavernous hemangioma; therapy

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Total excision of the mesorectum in cancer of the lower and middle rectum. Oncological and functional results

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Total excision of the mitral valve and replacement with the autologous pulmonic valve

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Total excision of the scalp and portions of the face; restoration by skin grafting: the surgical management of massive cylindroma of the scalp and face

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Total exclusion of a loop of small intestine and treatment with terramycin; experimental research

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Total exclusion of heart in free circulation with donor. II. Study of oxygen consumption of the brain

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Total exclusion of the heart and artificial hypothermia by extracorporeal circulation

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Total exclusion of the heart in free circulation with donor

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Total exclusion of the heart in free circulation with donor. I. Electrocardiographic study, of the coronary pressure, flux and gaseous content

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Total exclusion of the pulmonary circulation

Morrison, S.D., 1953:
Total expenditure of energy by adult non-pregnant female rats

Morrison, S.D., 1954:
Total expenditure of energy by pregnant rats

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Total experimental hepatectomy in the dog. III. Correction by THAM of metabolic hepatoprivic acidosis

Metais, B.; Chabal, J.; Duffrene, D.; Chrzanowska, M., 1962:
Total experimental hepatectomy in the dog. Technical and biological data

Keller, R., 1952:
Total extensive hysterectomy as the only treatment in intra-epithelial cancer of the cervix

Jacod, M.; Masserann, L., 1951:
Total extensive laryngectomy by translingual route in certain epitheliomas of the epiglottic region

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Total external ophthalmoplegia induced by phenytoin: a case report and review of literature

Barthold, G., 1952:
Total extirpation of the stomach

Bergman, P.; Ferbas, E., 1961:
Total extirpation or supravaginal amputation of the uterus?

Konforti, B., 1953:
Total extra-articular arthrodesis of the tarsal joint; new surgical technic

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Total extracardiac cavopulmonary connection: an alternative technique of fenestration

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Total extracorporeal blood circulation and related aspects

Iona, E., 1957:
Total extracorporeal circulation realized at the Mayo Clinic

Barraquer, J., 1958:
Total extraction of the lens after disintegration of the zonula by alpha-chymotrypsin=enzymatic zonulysis

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Total extracts of Rauwolfia serpentina and reserpine; in vitro demonstration of anti-acetylcholine effects; proposal for biological determination

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Total extraperitoneal preperitoneal laparoscopic hernia repair using spinal anesthesia

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Total extrusion of the talus: a case report

Birgfeld, C.B.; Low, D.W., 2006:
Total face reconstruction using a pre-expanded, bilateral, extended, parascapular free flap

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Total face reconstruction with one expanded free flap

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Total failure to sense ventricular fibrillation with inappropriate defibrillator sensitivity adjustment

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Total failure with cortisone & unexpected success with ACTH in a case of acute articular rheumatism in a child with severe carditis

Pajtas, J., 1950:
Total familial hereditary hypotrichosis in four generations

Berend, K.R.; Lombardi, A.V.; Mallory, T.H.; Adams, J.B.; Dodds, K.L., 2004:
Total femoral arthroplasty for salvage of end-stage prosthetic disease

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Total femur replacement procedures in tumor treatment

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