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Treatment of anovulatory anoestrous postpartum dairy cows with a gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) , prostaglandin F2 alpha, GnRH regimen or with progesterone and oestradiol benzoate

McDougall, S.; Cullum, A.A.; Annis, F.M.; Rhodes, F.M.

New Zealand Veterinary Journal 49(5): 168-172


ISSN/ISBN: 0048-0169
PMID: 16032188
DOI: 10.1080/00480169.2001.36228
Accession: 050835005

To compare 2 treatments for anovulatory anoestrus (AA) in postpartum dairy cows. The treatments were combinations of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) and prostaglandin F2 (PG) or progesterone (P4) and oestradiol benzoate (ODB). Forty AA cows from each of 5 herds were blocked by age (2 or 2 years old) and randomly assigned to 1 of 2 treatments. The first group (GPG) were treated with 250 mug of a GnRH analogue, gonadorelin, followed 7 days later by 15 mg of the PG analogue, luprostiol. Two days later the cows were injected with 250 mug of gonadorelin. Cows were artificially inseminated 16-24 h after the second GnRH injection. The second group (P4+ODB) were treated with an intravaginal P4 releasing device for 6 days, followed 24 h after device removal by injection of 1 mg of ODB. Cows were pregnancy tested 35-40 days after the initial insemination and twice again at 6-8 week intervals thereafter. There was no significant difference between P4+ODB and GPG groups in the percentage of cows submitted for insemination in the first 7 days (94.0% vs 100% for P4+ODB vs GPG, respectively; p>0.3), in conception rate to first insemination within the first 7 days (43.6% vs 35.0% for P4+ODB vs GPG, respectively; p>0.2), in the percentage of cows conceiving in the first 28 days of the breeding period (68.0% vs 58.3%, P4+ODB vs GPG, respectively; p>0.1), or in median interval from the end of treatment to conception (20 vs 21 days; p>0.1). No differences in the reproductive performance of AA cows treated with either P4+ODB or GPG were detected. However, given the small number of animals enrolled, further data are required before the GPG protocol can be recommended for treatment of AA cows.

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