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Unidirectional lasing from a microcavity with a rounded isosceles triangle shape

Kurdoglyan, M.S.; Lee, S.-Y.; Rim, S.; Kim, C.-M.

Optics Letters 29(23): 2758-2760


ISSN/ISBN: 0146-9592
PMID: 15605496
DOI: 10.1364/ol.29.002758
Accession: 050886650

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We report that unidirectional lasing emission can be generated from a rounded isosceles triangular microcavity within a low nkD range, where n is the refractive index, k is the vacuum wave number, and D is the characteristic size of the microcavity. It is shown that unidirectional resonance modes have relatively high-Q values and in a nonlinear dynamic model appear as stationary lasing solutions with a low threshold. The formation of a whispering-gallery-type pattern along the rounded part on the symmetry axis is responsible for the unidirectionality of the resonances.

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