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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 50936

Chapter 50936 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Faivre, G.; Gilgenkrantz, J.M.; Cherrier, F.; Chapoutot, J., 1960:
Variations of the PQ space in recuperation from commissurotomies or pericardotomies

Di Renzi, L.; Saponaro, A.; Calafiore, G.; Melaragno, E.; Recine, G., 1961:
Variations of the Q-1st sound interval and missurotomy

Elstrom, E.R., 1952:
Variations of the Stenver's position

Thomson, A., 1884:
Variations of the Thoracic Duct Associated with Abnormal Arterial Distribution

Besta, B.; De Simoni, G.; Moretti, E., 1952:
Variations of the Thorn index caused by isonicotinic acid hydrazide

Cremer, G.; Bourel, M.; Coste, F., 1962:
Variations of the Thorn test (eosinophils) under the influence of corticoid treatment

Coste, F.; Delbarre, F.; Oury, M.; Hinaut, G., 1951:
Variations of the Thorn test during antirheumatic therapy with ACTH and cortisone

Struthers, J., 1874:
Variations of the Vertebrae and Ribs in Man

Tyler, C.S., 1956:
Variations of the Wallenberg syndrome

Bacchiega, M.; Vitale, G., 1959:
Variations of the activity of Salvioli's diffusible vaccine according to the age of the culture

Vacca, C.; Boeri, E., 1955:
Variations of the activity of muscle lactic dehydrogenase in the rat subjected to prolonged hypoxia

Harel, L., 1955:
Variations of the activity of the oxidation system of fatty acids (octanoic acid) in the rat liver as a function of diet; metabolic adaptation

De Franchis, V.; Galletti, F., 1951:
Variations of the agglutinating power of serum in typhoid treated with chloramphenicol and successive vaccine therapy; findings on cases of relapse

Couteaux-Bargeton, M., 1955:
Variations of the alkaline phosphatase activities of the glycogenic body of the chick during development

Leonardi, G.; Scanu, A., 1950:
Variations of the alkaline reserve and of the electrolyte balance in arthropathic subjects subjected to combined treatment with desoxycorticosterone acetate and ascorbic acid

Bonavolonta, G., 1954:
Variations of the alkaline reserve and of the hydrogen concentration of the aqueous humor after experimental treatment with acetazoleamide (diamox)

Kiersz, J., 1954:
Variations of the amount of excreted urine during 24 hours in physiological conditions

Covello, M.; Boisio, M.L., 1953:
Variations of the amylolytic power of barley during sprouting in relation to the presence of biocatalyzers in the maceration water. II..

Strandell, G., 1957:
Variations of the anatomy in stenosing tenosynovitis at the radial styloid process

Gulevsky, A.K.; Relina, L.I.; Grishchenkova, Y.A., 2007:
Variations of the antioxidant system during development of the cold-tolerant beetle, Tenebrio molitor

Strohl, A., 1951:
Variations of the apparent resistance of the membrane of nerve fiber according to the direction of passage, intensity and duration of a continuous current

Coste, F.; Delbarre, F.; Lacronique, F., 1953:
Variations of the ascorbic acid content of the endocrines under the effect of pituitary stimulins; content of ascorbic acid in rat testes as a function of age

Coste, F.; Delbarre, F.; Lacronique, F., 1953:
Variations of the ascorbic acid content of the endocrines under the effect of pituitary stimulins; variations in ovarian ascorbic acid content in the rat at different stages of the estrus cycle

Giannelli, S.; Pennetta, G., 1955:
Variations of the auditory threshold after vestibular stimulation

Cojazzi, L.; De Vido, G., 1950:
Variations of the auditory threshold in hyper- and hypoglycemia

Anteunis, A.; Liu, S.L., 1960:
Variations of the average content of DNA of nuclei of interstitial tissue of the testicle of the white rat in function of cellular activity

Tarkiainen, H., 1950:
Variations of the basal temperature in women

Ferrero, G.; Noberasco, G., 1960 :
Variations of the basedowian personality induced by medical and surgical treatment of Basedow's disease

Faure, J., 1954:
Variations of the behavior and of the bioelectric activity of the brain in relation with physiologic events of the endocrine system

Il'inskaia, O.V., 1956:
Variations of the blood adrenalin level in angioneurosis obliterans after various therapeutic measures

Grasso, A.; Molinatti, G.M.; Beccaria, G.C., 1952:
Variations of the blood chemistry picture induced by treatment with ACTH

Revelli, E., 1953:
Variations of the blood coagulation in relation to mixed anesthesia in gynecology

Labignette, P., 1959:
Variations of the blood formula after physical exertion

Langer, G.; Varkonyi, A.; Harkanyi, S., 1960:
Variations of the blood level of catecholamines in relation to different anesthetic methods, examined in the intra- and postoperative period

Picco, A.; Dogliotti, G., 1950:
Variations of the blood level of pyruvic acid in relation to surgical intervention

Sureau, B., 1963:
Variations of the blood levels of antibiotics as a function of the route of administration and the vehicle

Bizard, G.; Cousin, R.; Milbled, G.; Robelet, A., 1956:
Variations of the blood oxygen level under hypotension induced by a thiophanium derivative, the RO 2-2222

Ghione, M.; Saggioro, C., 1951:
Variations of the blood picture by the action of telepanroentgenotherapy in tuberculosis

Banche, M.; Salvadori, M., 1952:
Variations of the blood protein picture and of some liver function tests in liver diseases after prolonged administration of pantothenic acid

Barbanti, A.; Ollino, P., 1956:
Variations of the blood protein picture in guinea pigs exposed to roentgen rays, in relation to the exposure time

Fiorani-Gallotta, G., 1955:
Variations of the blood protein picture in subjects of fractures; electrophoretic study; preliminary note

Catalano, G.B.; Modica, V., 1955:
Variations of the blood pyruvic acid rate in patients with allergic rhinopathies

Bottiglioni, F., 1961:
Variations of the blood sugar and blood pyruvates after administration of glucose to normal gravid women

Herrnheiser, G., 1955:
Variations of the bronchi and segmental blood vessels

Gilardini, P.L.; Scorta, A., 1950:
Variations of the capillary permeability after barbital narcosis

Cordier, D.; Dessaux, G., 1954:
Variations of the cardiac glycogen reserve during tourniquet shock

Grandpierre, R.; Angiboust, R.; Chatelier, G., 1961:
Variations of the cardiac rate of the white rat subjected to different stress factors

Stein, E.; Scholmerich, P., 1951:
Variations of the cardiophonogram in mitral stenosis during Valsalva's experiment

Rabassini, A., 1961:
Variations of the cerebral ATP content following x-irradiation and their significance

Toury, J.; Busson, F.; Lunven, P.; Lanza, J.; Carbiener, R., 1960:
Variations of the chemical composition of African rice during processing

Poloni, A.; Maffezzoni, G., 1952:
Variations of the cholinergic activity of the cerebral cortex tissue caused by bulbocapnine, lysergic acid diethylamide and mescaline

Tolentino, P.; Nordio, S., 1951:
Variations of the cholinesterase power of the serum during anaphylactic shock and asthmatic attack artificially induced by acetylcholine and histamine aerosols

Tolentino, P.; Nordio, S., 1951:
Variations of the cholinesterase power of the serum during immunization

Naumova, R.P., 1959:
Variations of the clinical course of poisoning caused by the karakurt

Petit, C., 1953:
Variations of the coefficient of sexual isolation in isogenic strains of Drosophila melanogaster

Mazzanti, C.; Torretti, M., 1950:
Variations of the complement activity of the blood serum of patients submitted to therapeutic applications of radium and roentgen rays

Curzio, G.; Bruni, D.; Mastrandrea, F., 1961:
Variations of the composition of the bile after temporary interruption of the renal artero-venous flow

Pachioli, R.; Cheli, E.; Antonucci, M.; Lavagna, E., 1960:
Variations of the composition of the serum in nephropathies: their behavior for diagnosis and prognosis (special application to nephrosis and its intermittent and prolonged by corticosteroids)

Forte, D.; Gorelli, L.; Rossolini, A., 1956:
Variations of the concentration of fecal amylases and trypsin in children treated with oral streptomycin

Laget, P., 1955:
Variations of the consecutive potentials of mammalian nerves during anoxia

Hazard, R.; Beauvallet, M.; Hazard, J.; Larno, S.; Mouille, P., 1960:
Variations of the content of adrenaline in plasma during continuous intravenous perfusions of the hormone

Cervellati, L.; Mazzina Gherarducci, A.M., 1955:
Variations of the content of ascorbic acid in the ovary of normal and hypophysectomized subjected to irradiation of the brain

Vancura, J., 1954:
Variations of the content of azulene in flowers of Matricaria chamomilla L. during its vegetation

Cresseri, A.; Capraro, V., 1958:
Variations of the content of clearing factor in the rat heart after administration of heparin

Cordier, D.; Bange, C., 1960:
Variations of the content of inorganic phosphorus of plasma in the rat, the roussette (Scyliorhinus stellaris) and the sea eel (Anguilla vulgaris) as a function of oxygen tension in the external milieu

Perri, G.C.; Cappuccino, J.G.; Faulk, M.; Mellors, J.; Stock, C.C., 1963:
Variations of the content of lysozyme in normal rats and rats bearing Jensen sarcoma following surgery

Lorenzoni, L., 1956:
Variations of the content of perchloric-soluble mucoproteins in blood and subcutaneous connective tissue in rats treated with synthetic estrogens

Culot, P., 1953:
Variations of the content of phosphorus in mycelium of Aspergillus niger

Bertelli, A.; Galli, G.; Genovese, E., 1956:
Variations of the content of serotonin in various organs after repeated administration of reserpine

Lelievre, P.; Betz, E.H., 1959:
Variations of the content of tissues in free & fixed cystamine after injection of this substance

Stukovsky, R., 1959:
Variations of the content of vitamin A in the serum; statistical observations on the study by K. Vetter

Gatti, A.; Cavagna G Giustina, G., 1962:
Variations of the content of water and Na and K ions of the arteries of the rabbit in vivo and in vitro caused by the effect of hydro-chlorothiazide

Kruta, V.; Stejskalova, J., 1959:
Variations of the contractility and optimal frequency of auricular myocardium in some mammals

Cherniak, A.Z., 1957:
Variations of the course of Pick's disease

Felinskaia, N.I., 1955:
Variations of the course of hysteric reactions

Natsis, K.; Totlis, T.; Tsikaras, P.; Anastasopoulos, N.; Skandalakis, P.; Koebke, J., 2006:
Variations of the course of the upper trunk of the brachial plexus and their clinical significance for the thoracic outlet syndrome: a study on 93 cadavers

Gibertini, G.; Malaguti, G.; Vecchiati, R., 1955:
Variations of the creatine level in skeletal muscle in patients with arterial diseases before and after ganglionectomy

Fiorani-Gallotta, G., 1954:
Variations of the curve of the anterior tarsus in changes of the medical longitudinal arch of the foot

Beraud, T.; Vannotti, A., 1955:
Variations of the cytochrome C level in inanition states of rabbits

Leonardi, G., 1950:
Variations of the cytoplasmatic content of ribonucleic acid during the evolutive phases of the bacterial cell

Giacobini, E.; Akerman, L., 1953:
Variations of the cytoplasmic nucleic acids during the earliest stages of erythropoiesis in regenerating bone marrow of hen and chicken

Stich, H.F., 1962:
Variations of the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) content in embryonal cells of Cyclops strenuus

Le Magnen, J., 1953:
Variations of the depressive activity of barbiturates in relation to the sex hormone state and the mechanism of certain neuro-endocrine interactions

Romanini, A., 1952:
Variations of the desoxyribonucleinic acid of the hepatic cells after roentgen irradiation. II

Doring, G.K.; Feustel, E., 1954:
Variations of the differential blood count during the menstrual cycle

Bindoni, M.; Riva Sanseverino, E., 1961:
Variations of the elastase content of the pancreas during digestion in carnivorous animals

Salvini, L.; Viola, S.; Leone, O., 1960:
Variations of the elastin content of the aorta in aging

Jouve, A.; Corriol, J.; Albouy, M.; Velasque, P., 1955:
Variations of the electrical field of heart at thoracic surface before and after partial isolation of ventricular mass; preliminary note

Cornello, G., 1952:
Variations of the electrolytic threshold of coagulation-flocculation, according to Weltmann, in puerperium submitted to sulfonamide therapy

May, R.M.; Arpiarian, N., 1955:
Variations of the elements of the blood concomitant with the protective effect of brepho-plastic grafts of marrow-bone against the action of x-rays in the mouse

Klethi, J.; Mandel, P., 1959:
Variations of the enzymatic activities of the direct oxidative cycle of crystalline during aging

Scalamogna, G.; Zarbin, G., 1954:
Variations of the eosinophil count in normal children after oral load of glucose

Borgatti, M.; Infantellina, F., 1955:
Variations of the excitability of the sciatic nerves of frogs in tetanic stimulation

Michel, R.; Truchot, R., 1962:
Variations of the fatty acids of certain lipids in various thyroid states

Rondinini, R.; Gandolfi, G.; Turchetto, E., 1962:
Variations of the fatty acids of depot lipids during hibernation. Study in Chiroptera (Rhinolophus ferrum-equinum)

Bonanome, A.; Begani, R.; Sereno, L., 1957:
Variations of the fibrinolytic power of plasma in relation to prostatectomy

Travill, A.; Sandborn, E., 1960:
Variations of the flexor digitorum superficialis (sublimis)

Pimenta, A.M.; Albernaz Filho, P.M., 1954:
Variations of the form of the carotid siphon in cerebral arteriography: study of 120 cases without tumors

Bigozzi, U.; Rossi Ferrini, P.; Paoletti, P.; Ciampellil, 1961:
Variations of the frequency of "drumsticks" in rabbits after panirradiation

Choppy, M.; Le Beau, J., 1956:
Variations of the frontal lobe in their relation to certain mental functions

Eggers, H., 1957:
Variations of the fundus reflex in ametropia

Berti, T.; Cima, L., 1955:
Variations of the glucide composition of E. coli by the action of antibiotics. I. Tetracyclines and penicillin

Mule, F.; Garufi, L., 1950:
Variations of the glutathione level in the cerebrospinal fluid in tuberculous meningitis treated with streptomycin

Parentela, A.; Caramia, F.; Marchegiani, C.; Messinetti, S., 1959:
Variations of the glycogen content of the heart, striated muscle, liver and brain in hypothermia

Cordier, D.; Dessaux, G., 1953 :
Variations of the glycogen reserve of the myocardium during shock induced by adenosinetriphosphoric acid

Tattje, D.H., 1957:
Variations of the glycoside content of Digitalis purpura leaves. III. Variations of the content in the leaves in 24 continuous hours

Tattje, D.H., 1956:
Variations of the glycoside content of the leaves of Digitalis purpurea. II. Changes of content in the leaves of two-year-old plants

Claudio, R.; Claudio, U.; Alessandro, A.; Massimiliano, T.; Angelo, M., 2005:
Variations of the gonial angle in vertical surgical reduction of the maxillary-mandibular complex

Troshichev, O.A.; Gorshkov, E.S.; Shapovalov, S.N.; Sokolovskii, V.V.; Ivanov, V.V.; Vorobeitchikov, V.M., 2005:
Variations of the gravitational field as a motive power for rhythmics of biochemical processes

Valerio, V.; Ninni, A., 1959:
Variations of the hematic glyco-proteins in experimental bone transplants in the rabbit

Pansini, R.; Gambassi, G., 1951:
Variations of the hemato-medullary and biochemical picture from ACTH and cortisone

De Vries, A.; Izak, G., 1955:
Variations of the hemosiderin level in bone marrow in various hematological conditions

Singh, B.; Sohal, H.S., 1952:
Variations of the hepatic artery and its branches

Cabanie, H.; Soutoul, J.H.; Dejussieu, J., 1960:
Variations of the hepatic branch of the gastric coronary artery. (Surgical repercussions)

Auricchio, G.; Testa, M., 1960:
Variations of the hexosamine and glucuronic acid content in the vitreous and crystalline lens of animals of various ages

Van Dooren, F., 1955:
Variations of the horizontal diameter of the heart in 100 adults during 13 1/2 years

Lorke, D.; Manz, R., 1953:
Variations of the hydrogen ion concentration of portal blood after gastric administration of acid

Ronchetti, G.; Cavazzuti, F.; Marchi, L., 1959:
Variations of the hyperglycemic curve due to loading in the course of experimental gastrocolic fistulas

Delmotte, A.; Geeraerts, R., 1962:
Variations of the in vitro antiseptic activity of nitrofurans after contact with human skinn or blood

Ruffie, J.; Ducos, J.; Varsi, M., 1963:
Variations of the inhibitory power of the Gm-a and Gm-x factors following the collective Gm phenotype of the subjects

Bustamante Zuleta, E.; Altamirano, M., 1955:
Variations of the inion height in tumors of the posterior fossa in children

Giaja, J., 1956:
Variations of the intensity of metabolism in homothermia and in poikilothermia

Gines, A.R., 1949:
Variations of the interlobar fissures; anatomopathologic interpretation of Edgar Medlar

Bresciani, F.; Sgambati, F., 1960:
Variations of the intracellular content of sodium and potassium and metabolism of glycogen in liver sections of the x-irradiated rat

Giarman, N.J.; Pepeu, G., 1961:
Variations of the intracellular distribution of cerebral acetylcholine caused by drugs

Pitzurra, M.; Tarozzi, G., 1955:
Variations of the length of Bacillus subtilis during the various stages of its growth

Villani, R.; Visca, A.; Paoletti, P., 1960:
Variations of the level of acetylcholine bound to proteins in the course of neuro-surgical operations

Laquerriere, R.; Laumonier, R., 1960:
Variations of the level of desoxyribonucleic acid in the liver of albino rats after injection of serum from a hepatectomized rat

Alaerts, L., 1955:
Variations of the level of glucose in the aqueous humor in man

Caminiti, R., 1950:
Variations of the level of prothrombinemia after surgical operations

WILLE, G.; de VISSCHER, 1959:
Variations of the level of protide iodine in the male Rana temporaria temporaria during the year

Cordier, D.; Dessaux, G., 1952:
Variations of the level of the different forms of cardiac glycogen under the influence of anoxia of long duration

Fromentin, H.; Korach, S.; Sandor, G., 1960:
Variations of the level of the different forms of serum cholesterol in acute experimental trypanosomiasis of the white rat

Baron, J.B.; Bessineton, J.C.; Guillon, S.; Cabau, N.; Nham, L.; Monestier, F., 1955 :
Variations of the levels of organic and mineral ions in the eye, brain and serum in light and in darkness

Viallier, J.; Bertoye, A.; Carraz, M.; Vial, J.; Courtieu, A.L., 1961:
Variations of the levels of streptococcal antienzymes in fluid from Ehrlich's ascites sarcoma in the mouse

Cordier, D.; Chanel, J., 1958:
Variations of the levels of total non-protein nitrogen, non-protein and non-polypeptide nitrogen and of polypeptide-nitrogen in the blood of hogfish (Scorpaena porcus L.) under the influence of asphyxia

Bongini, O.; Mininni, G., 1950:
Variations of the lipemic picture in normal subjects subjected to experimental alkalosis and acidosis

Cohen, A., 1954:
Variations of the lipid content of the fetal adrenal cortex of the rat during development

Hanon, F.; Coquoin-Carnot, M.; Pignard, P., 1952:
Variations of the lipid rate in the pregnant uterus; new research on eutocine

Fontaine, M.; Hatey, J., 1950:
Variations of the liver glycogen in the young (Salmo salar L.) during smoltification

Sujatha, N.; Manjunath, K.Y.; Balasubramanyam, V., 2006:
Variations of the location of the greater palatine foramina in dry human skulls

Azran, A.; Hirao, Y.; Kinouchi, Y.; Yamaguchi, H.; Yoshizaki, K., 2007:
Variations of the maximum blood flow velocity in the carotid, brachial and femoral arteries in a passive postural changes by a Doppler ultrasound method

Paolino, W., 1949:
Variations of the mean diameter in the ripening of the erythrocyte

Agostoni, E., 1959:
Variations of the mechanical characteristics of the respiratory apparatus at birth

Mucci, P.; Grignaffini, G.F., 1961:
Variations of the mechanical resistance of the white cells produced by antiblastic treatment

Buch-Hansen, K., 1955:
Variations of the median nerve and the musculocutaneous nerve and their connections

Grandonico, F.; Viola, S.; Salvini, L., 1961:
Variations of the metabolism of mucopolysaccharides studied with S-35 in old age

Gastesi, A., 1956:
Variations of the morbidity and mortality indexes in the Phthisiology Center of Punilla; comparison between 1948 and 1954

Bigozzi, U.; Rossi Ferrini, P.; Paoletti, P.; Ciampellil, 1961:
Variations of the morphology of "drumsticks" in rabbits after panirradiation

Bauwens, P., 1956:
Variations of the motor unit

Rickler, R.; Marra, A., 1952:
Variations of the movements of the chest wall in lobectomized and pneumonectomized patients; thoracopneumographic research

Vecchi, C.; Bettini, F.; Belisario, C., 1960:
Variations of the mucoproteins of the serum, in the first months of life, in the premature infant

Tonelli, E., 1956:
Variations of the mucous coating in relation to culture medium

Abbozzo, G.; Cutrera, A.; Donati, M., 1959:
Variations of the natural agglutinin titer during labor and in the first week of puerperium

Burford, R.W., 1950:
Variations of the normal skull

Bartmann, K.; Krautwald, A., 1950:
Variations of the normal temperature of the upper and lower extremities in repeated tests of reflex dilatation in hot sitz baths

Fournier, P.; Piette, M., 1961:
Variations of the number of erythrocytes in the course of reticulocytal crises of the rat after the ingestion of lactose

Loiseleur, J.; Catinot, L., 1955:
Variations of the number of free functional groups during denaturation of blood serum by heat

Loiseleur, J., 1955:
Variations of the number of free functional groups during denaturation of serum by heat and formol

Linz, R.; Lecocq, E., 1955:
Variations of the number of living bacteria in cultures with added penicillin or streptomycin

Kocabiyik, N.; Yalçin, Bülent.; Ozan, H., 2006:
Variations of the nutrient artery of the fibula

Megighian, D., 1958:
Variations of the olfactory threshold in old age

Castelli, D.; Ruggenini, A., 1952:
Variations of the opsonic index during antibiotic therapy

Goisis, M.; Cavalli, P., 1959:
Variations of the organoleptic properties of human milk under treatment with antibiotics

Gasperoni, G., 1950:
Variations of the oscillometric index by endoarterial administration of vasoactive substances

Martelli, M.; Martinez, R., 1956:
Variations of the oxygen saturation percentage in arterial and venous blood during aerosol administration of sodium nicotinate

Fauconnier, B., 1953:
Variations of the pH of the allantoic fluid inoculated with influenzal virus; culture of the virus in allantoic fluid slightly acid

Klopper, P.J., 1955:
Variations of the pH of the stomach during the cephalic phase of gastric juice secretion in dogs

Correnti, V., 1950:
Variations of the panniculus adiposus in eutrophic and dystrophic children, measured by a new micrometric method

Gomirato, G.; Arian, E.; Gamna, G., 1951:
Variations of the pathergic curve in relation to the emotional states in dog; new experiments in olfactory emotional crises

Levy, M.; Delivet-Lachaze, A., 1962:
Variations of the phosphorylase activity of glycogen in hepatic tissue of animals with steatosis of various origins

Baczek, K.; Rostek, J., 1952:
Variations of the phrenic nerve and of blood vessels in the region of the neck

Badin, J.; Boussier, G.; Jayle, M.F., 1951:
Variations of the plasma colloid-chemical formula in post-obstetrical syndrome

Jayle, M.F.; Vallin, J., 1952:
Variations of the plasma protein formula during liver diseases

Bronzini, A.; Gatti, A., 1962:
Variations of the plasmatic level of fractionated cholesterin, of phospholipids, of total lipids and of the electrophoretic and lipoprotein picture in the aged after treatment with triparanol

Sun, X.; Qiu, Y.; Zhu, Z., 2006:
Variations of the position of the cerebellar tonsil in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis with severe curves: a MRI study

Cordier, D.; Cordier, G.; Bavoux, M., 1951:
Variations of the potassium level of the aqueous humor in experimental traumatic shock

Waelbroeck-Rihoux, Y., 1962:
Variations of the potassium level of the blood

Sparrer, S., 1951:
Variations of the presphygmic and sphygmic periods, systolic duration and the QT interval, and their relation to arterenol and hydergin

Fava, E.; Tarquini, A.; Querci, M., 1958:
Variations of the pressure in the right heart cavity in cardiac patients receiving blood transfusion

Buonsanto, A.; Torraco, D.; Grittani, M., 1953:
Variations of the principal factors in coagulation and the blood crasis after ligation of the hepatic artery

Anonymous, 2003:
Variations of the profile of infective endocarditis in France. Results of an epidemiologic survey carried out during a year

Nikolowski, W., 1950:
Variations of the prostatic secretion in prostatorrhea

Gomirato, G.; Baggio, G.F., 1957:
Variations of the protein content of the optic tract neurons at various levels in various functional activities and in relation to barbiturate narcosis

Aznar Reig, A.; Lopez Sanchez, A., 1961:
Variations of the protein spectrum in brucellosis treated with antibiotics

Karpovich, Z.A., 1962:
Variations of the prothrombin index in mental patients treated with aminazin. (Preliminary communication)

Paulet, G., 1961:
Variations of the pulmonary blood mass during different stresses

Grognot, P.A., 1953:
Variations of the rate of sanguine eosinophiles of man submitted to an ultra-sonorous vibration of the same characteristics as that produced by certain turbo-reactors

Viallier, J.; Bertoye, A.; Carraz, M.; Courtieu, A.L., 1956:
Variations of the rate of streptococcal antienzymes in the guinea pig; case of tuberculized animals

Mattern, P., 1954:
Variations of the rate of the polynuclear eosinophils in subjects sensitized to rickettsial antigens after an intradermal injection of a formol suspension of Rickettsia prowazekii

Montandon, A.; Russbach, A., 1954:
Variations of the recruitment phenomenon in the course of development of acoustic lesions

Ballarini, G., 1951:
Variations of the reducing substances of the menstruum of modified Les medium in relation to the pH, glucose concentration, and temperature

Pansini, A., 1950:
Variations of the relations between the spinal nerve roots during ontogenetic development

Tori, G.; Zarabini, G.E., 1961:
Variations of the relative superficial and deep biological effectiveness of radiations of different energy

Cardonnet, L.J., 1955:
Variations of the renal threshold and of glycemia in diabetics with intercapillary glomerulosclerosis

Fernandez-Guardiola, A.; Fischer-Williams, M.; Naquet, R., 1959:
Variations of the response by recruitment during different stages of cerebral anoxia

Naquet, R.; Regis, H.; Fischer-Williams, M.; Fernandez-Guardiola, A., 1959:
Variations of the response evoked by light along the specific pathway

Aubry, M.; Burgeat, M.; Pialoux, P., 1963:
Variations of the response of the cochlear nerve in the guinea pig in relation to prolonged repeated sound stimulation

Huber, H.; Stange, H.; Petersohn, K.L., 1958:
Variations of the reticulocyte count in healthy women and in gynecologica, diseases

Vacca, C.; Boeri, E., 1956:
Variations of the riboflavin and nicotinic acid content in rats exposed to repeated hypoxia

Naso, A.; Rickler, R., 1952:
Variations of the right cardiac pressure following pneumonectomy in animals prepared with pneumothorax; experimental study

Cappello, G.; Fovino, G.N., 1952:
Variations of the right diaphragmatic profile

Brun, R.; Ritz, A., 1958:
Variations of the sebaceous layer caused by pregnancy

Brun, R.; Enderlin, K.; De Weck, A., 1955:
Variations of the sebaceous skin layer of the forearm according to age and sex

Haab, P.; Willa, C.; Fleisch, A., 1963:
Variations of the second maximum expiratory volume and the instantaneous expiratory output at the juncture of resistance in the expiratory circuit

Dubois-Poulsen, A., 1952:
Variations of the sensitivity and nervous interactions of the visual field

Coletsos, P.J., 1952:
Variations of the sensitivity of Myobacterium tuberculosis to antibiotics in liquid culture media

Bertoye, A.; Carraz, M.; Pujol, J.P., 1953:
Variations of the sensitivity of staphylococci to penicillin in relation to the importance of the inoculum; study of 22 strains

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Variety of approaches provides vertical mobility/unique telelectures reach many professionals. Statewide education network/health mangers trained

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Varioloid in a fetus

Varioloid in milkmaids in connection with smallpox in cows

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Varioloid or paravariola

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Various Aspects of Spondylarthrosis Serving as An Orientation in its Prevention

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Various Aspects of the Bioelectrical Activity of the Brain in Middle-Aged and Aged Subjects

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Various Aspects of the Blood Coagulation System in Botkin's Disease During Pregnancy

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Various Aspects of the Course of Acute Surgical Diseases of Abdominal Organs in Diabetes Patients

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Various Aspects of the Course of Shock Produced by Compression of Soft Tissues During Acute Radiation Sickness

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Various Aspects of the Determination of Mental Activity

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Various Aspects of the Embryonal Development of the Human Stomach (A Study with Reference to the Localization of Stomach Ulcer

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Various Aspects of the Etiology and Pathogenesis of Tumors

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Various Aspects of the Etiopathogenic Problem of Myasthenia. the Autoimmune Theory

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Various Aspects of the Interaction Between Motor Reaction with Verbal Reinforcement and the Blinking Reaction in the Complex Conditioned Reaction in man

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Various Aspects of the Lip and Cheek Confines and the Tongue

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Various Aspects of the Metabolism of Glucose by Corn Roots

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Various Aspects of the Organization of Departments of Colpocytology

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Various Aspects of the Postoperative Period in Patients with Purulent Diseases of the Fingers and Hand

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Various Aspects of the Preparation of Infusion Fluids

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Various Aspects of the Problem of Organization of University Clinics

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Various Aspects of the Psycho-Social Role of the Physician in Families with a Physically or Mentally Retarded Child

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Various Aspects of the Sex Life of Psychotics. (Inquiry on 84 Hospital Cases)

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Various Aspects of Underwater Swimming and Otorhinolaryngological Examination of Frogmen

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Various Aspects of Vasomotor Reactions to Chemical Stimulation in Alternate Perfusion of the Small Intestine with Blood and Ringer-Locke Solution

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Various Biochemical Indices in a Study of the Placenta in a Case of Intrauterine Fetal Death

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Various Biological Explorations: Phospho-Calcium, Plasma and Urinary Equilibria; Phosphatases in the Course of the Therapeutic Action of 8075 C.B. (17-Beta-Hydroxy-17-Alpha-Methyl-2-Oxo-2-Androstanone)

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Various Cases of Vaginal Asplasia

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Various Causes of Recent Cases of Epistaxis

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Various Cell Types of the Adrenal Medulla

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Various Changes in the Electrolyte Metabolism of Patients with Chronic Cor Pulmonale and Respiratory Insufficiency

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Various Characteristics of Urine Containing Trichomonas Vaginalis (Trichomonas Vaginalis Donn'e) as Evaluated by Statistical Analysis

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Various Clinical Aspects of An Epidemic of Viral Hepatitis

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Various Clinical Considerations on Enuresis

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Various Concepts of the Function of the Corpus Striatum

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Various DNA content in myotube nuclei during myotomal myogenesis in Hymenochirus boettgeri (Anura: Pipidae)

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Various Developmental Disorders in Autopsy Material from the Period 1925-39 and 1945-59

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Various Electrophysiological Aspects of the Learning Processes. a Review of Literature

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Various Epidemiological and Clinical Aspects of the Smallpox Epidemic at Leopoldville (September 1961 to May 1962)

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Various Evolutive Peculiarities of Bouillaud's Disease in a Sanitarium

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Various Factors and Criteria Realizing the Concept of Obstetrical Trauma and the Great Difficulty of Validly Comparing Statistics of Different Sources

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Various Factors in the Chronicity of Nephritis

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Various Factors Influencing Rouleaux Formations of Erythrocytes, Studies with the Aid of Syllectometry

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Various Familial and Hereditary Aspects in Mucoviscidosis

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Various Findings On The Distribution Of Blood Groups Of The Abo System And Of Rh Factors In The Course Of Senescence. (Study Conducted On The Population Of Novara)

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Various Forms of Dyspnea

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Various Forms of Legg-Calve-Perthes Syndrome

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Various Gregarina of the Sète region

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Various Hazards of Vacuum Extraction

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Various Indications for Retrograde Aortic Catheterization by the Femoral Route

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Various Indices of the Functional State of the Cardiovascular System in Healthy Children

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Various Instruments Used in Dental Surgery Clinics

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Various Ixodes of the Amblyomma marmoreum group in the collection of the Museum of Hamburg

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Various Kernels in the Theory of Partial Differential Equations

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Various Medicosocial Aspects of Migration to the City During the Presenile Period

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Various Metabolic Sequelae Related to Water-Mineral Composition in Advanced Malnutrition in Children

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Various Methods for Introduction of Fluorine into the Steroid Nucleus

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Various Methods of Evaluating the Difference of two Variables

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Various Methods of Hospitalization of the Mentally Sick

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Various Modes of Behavior of Tattoos. Apropos of An Unusual Clinical Case of the "silicotic Granuloma" Type

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Various Mucoid Substances of the Blood in Polymorphous Erythemas

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Various N-alkyl, acyl & alkylaminoacyl derivatives of 3-aminoisocamphane of pharmacological interest

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Various N-alkyl-N'-(aryl-sulfonyl) ureas

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Various new Perspectives of Comparative Biochemistry

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Various new Preparations Used in the Symptomatic Treatment of Headache

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Various Observations on Medical Education. 3. Evaluation of Students

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Various Observations on the Presumable Relationship Between Periodontal Disease and Diabetic Disease

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Various Phases of Contraction of Striated Muscle Fibers Produced by Electric Stimulation

Moriwaki, H., 1964:
Various Phases of Malignant Metastasis in the Lung and its Differentiation

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