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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 50945

Chapter 50945 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Castorina, G.; Silipo, P., 1964:
Vertebral Angiography by Means of Percutaneous Puncture of the Brachial Artery

Deak, G.; Toth, S., 1964:
Vertebral Angiography Followed by Transient Korsakoff's Syndrome

Sano, K., 1963:
Vertebral Angiography in Posterior Fossa Tumors

Galloway, J.R.; Greitz, T.; Sjoegren, S.E., 1964:
Vertebral Angiography in the Diagnosis of Ventricular Dilatation

Scarfi, G.; Sassi, N., 1963:
Vertebral Ankylosing Hypersotosis

Henly, W.S.; Morris, G.C.; Balas, P.E.; Debakey, M.E., 1964:
Vertebral Arteriography by An Infraclavicular Route

Ecoiffier, J.; Bories, J.; Bourguin, M., 1964:
Vertebral Arteriography by Axillary Route; Preliminary Results in Vascular Syndromes of the Brain Stem

Ecoiffier, J.; Baudey-Pasquier, J.; Bourguin, M.; Bories, J., 1964:
Vertebral Arteriography by Direct Puncture of the Axillary Artery

Djindjian, R.; Hurth, M., 1964:
Vertebral Arteriography in Malformations of the Cervico-Occipital Joint

Scatliff, J.H.; Mishkin, M.M.; Hyde, I., 1965:
Vertebral Arteriography: An Evaluation of Methods

Wagner, M.; Kitzerow, E.; Taitel, A., 1963:
Vertebral Artery Insufficiency

Cloud, G.C..; Markus, H.S.., 2004:
Vertebral Artery Stenosis

Nizzoli, V., 1964:
Vertebral Artery Syndrome in the Course of Cervical Spondylarthrosis

Scott, M.; Murtagh, F.; Lapayowker, M.; Baird, R.M., 1963:
Vertebral Basilar and Carotid Angiography by Injection of Brachial Artery

Vinz, H., 1965:
Vertebral Body Fractures in Children. Results of a Follow-Up Study

Odman, M.; Dilsen, G., 1963:
Vertebral Charcot joint

Plagne, R.; Janny, P.; Montrieul, B.; Rampon, S., 1964:
Vertebral Circulatory Insufficiency During Lesions of the Cervical Spine

Brash, J.C., 1915:
Vertebral Column with Six and a Half Cervical and Thirteen True Thoracic Vertebrae with Associated Abnormalities of the Cervical Spinal Cord and Nerves

Masse, P., 1964:
Vertebral Dystrophies During Growth In Infancy And Adolescence

Rizzi, G.; Terranova, V., 1963:
Vertebral Echinococcosis

Rayport, M.; Wisoff, H.S.; Zaiman, H., 1964:
Vertebral Echinococcosis: Report of Case of Surgical and Biological Therapy with Review of the Literature

Williams, H.J.; Pugh, D.G., 1963:
Vertebral Epiphysitis: a Comparison of the Clinical and Roentgenologic Findings

Campanacci, M.; Cenni, F.; Manzoni, A., 1964:
Vertebral Fractures (Revision of 707 Cases Treated for Recent Traumatic Lesions). I. Thoraco-Lumbar Fractures (610 Observations)

Campanacci, M., 1964:
Vertebral Fractures (Revision of 707 Cases Treated for Recent Traumatic Lesions). Ii. Cervical Fractures (97 Observations)

Musshoff, K.; Mueller, W., 1964:
Vertebral Fractures During Corticosteroid Therapy

Davis, P.R.; Rowland, H.A., 1965:
Vertebral Fractures in West Africans Suffering from Tetanus: a Clinical and Osteological Study

Monticelli, G., 1963:
Vertebral Fractures Without Nervous Complications

Jaffari, S.M., 1964:
Vertebral Lesions in Tetanus

Kuppers, J., 1964:
Vertebral Manipulation, a Timely Subject

Mauduit, A.; Zumbiehl, J.; Saris, A.; Salinier, J.; Quinard, J., 1964:
Vertebral Osteochondroma of Lumbar Localization

Conti, R., 1962:
Vertebral Osteomyelitis

Dilsen, N., 1964:
Vertebral Osteoporosis in Rheumatic Diseases

Berk, R.N.; Brower, T.D., 1964:
Vertebral Sarcoidosis

Ravault, P.P.; Lejeune, E.; Gauthier, J.; Bertrand, J.N.; Vauzelle, J.L., 1963:
Vertebral Tabetic Arthropathies of Pott's Disease-Like Form

Finkelshtein, M.O., 1964:
Vertebral Venous Sinuses Under Normal Conditions and After Isolation of Caudal Vena Cava from the Heart

Scudese, V.A.; Calabro, J.J., 1963:
Vertebral Wedge Osteotomy. Correction of Rheumatoid (Ankylosing) Spondylitis

Barnosell, F., 1954:
Vertebral abnormalities in the school child

Hwang, P.M., 2005:
Vertebral abnormality in a patient with suspected malignancy

El Murr, T.; Tohme, A.; Farah, E.; Abadjian, G.; Ghosn, M.; Ghayad, E., 2003:
Vertebral actinomycosis: case report and review of the literature

VERONESI, R.; de CAMARGO, F., 1961 :
Vertebral alterations in tetanus. Clinical and radiological study of 137 cases

Floris, V.; Napoleone, F., 1962:
Vertebral and basilar occlusion syndromes (clinical and angiographic contribution)

Dickinson, C.J.; Thomason, A.D., 1959:
Vertebral and internal carotid arteries in relation to hypertension and cerebrovascular disease

Piacentini, L., 1951:
Vertebral and sacrococcygeal chordoma

Charrada-Ben-Farhat, L.; Saïd, W.; Bouslama, K.; Oueslati, S.; Dridi, L.; Rezgui-Marhoul, L.; Hamzaoui, S.; Ben Dridi, M.; Hendaoui, L., 2005:
Vertebral and spinal cord hydatidosis: contribution of imaging

Campbell, S.E.; Reed, C.M.; Bui-Mansfield, L.T.; Fillman, E., 2005:
Vertebral and spinal cord sarcoidosis

Vale, B.Pessoa.; Alencar, F.José.; de Aguiar, G.Brasileiro.; de Almeida, B.Ribeiro., 2006:
Vertebral aneurysmatic bone cyst: study of three cases

Batley, E., 1958:
Vertebral angiography (a new technique); an instrumental aid to percutaneous puncture of the vertebral artery

Martin, P.; Potvliege, R., 1957:
Vertebral angiography by catheterization of the radial artery

Radner, S., 1951:
Vertebral angiography by catheterization; a new method employed in 221 cases

Castorina, G.; Riccio, A.; Scrascia, E.; Silipo, P., 1962 :
Vertebral angiography by injection of the brachial artery

Bonte, G.; Riff, G.; Spy, E., 1958:
Vertebral angiography by retrograde femoral catheterization

French, L.A.; Gould, P.L.; Peyton, W.T., 1956:
Vertebral angiography by retrograde injection of the brachial artery

Pouyanne, H.; Caillon, F.; Leman, P.; Got, M.; Salles, M.; Gouaze, A., 1960:
Vertebral angiography by subclavian-subclavicular approach

Olsson, O., 1953:
Vertebral angiography in cerebellar haemangioma

Weickmann, F., 1956:
Vertebral angiography in diagnosis of disorders of the posterior cranial fossa

Temirov, E.S., 1958:
Vertebral angiography in diagnosis of tumors of the posterior segments of the greater cerebral hemispheres

Columella, F.; Papo, I., 1956:
Vertebral angiography in supratentorial expansive processes

Olsson, O., 1953:
Vertebral angiography in the diagnosis of acoustic nerve tumours

Conforti, P.; Giammusso, V., 1962:
Vertebral angiography in the diagnosis of cererovascular diseases

Lofgren, F.O., 1956:
Vertebral angiography in the diagnosis of hydrocephalus and differentiation between stenosis of the aqueduct and cerebellar tumour

Rogers, V., 1960:
Vertebral angiography in the diagnosis of meningioma within the lateral ventricle

Lofgren, F.O., 1958:
Vertebral angiography in the diagnosis of tumours in the pineal region

Mones, R., 1961:
Vertebral angiography, an analysis of 106 cases

Dotter, C.T.; Straube, K.R., 1961:
Vertebral angiography. Percutaneous transfemoral technic suitable for outpatient application

Allcock, J.M., 1962:
Vertebral angiography: its accuracy in the diagnosis of intra-cranial space-occupying lesions

Terracciano, S.; Vitale, A., 1960:
Vertebral angioma (anatomoclinical and therapeutic considerations)

Tapie, J., 1957:
Vertebral angioma and Rendu-Osler's disease

Palmieri, G.C., 1959:
Vertebral angioma and its therapy

Thurel, R., 1950:
Vertebral angioma with spinal cord compression; cure by radiotherapy

Lasserre, 1952:
Vertebral angiomatosis and Paget's disease

Beardmore, H.E.; Wiglesworth, F.W., 1958 :
Vertebral anomalies and alimentary duplications; clinical and embryological aspects

Gonzales, M.; Heuertz, S.; Martinovic, J.; Delahaye, S.; Bazin, A.; Loget, P.; Pasquier, L.; Le Merrer, M.; Bonaventure, J., 2005:
Vertebral anomalies and cartilaginous tracheal sleeve in three patients with Pfeiffer syndrome carrying the S351C FGFR2 mutation

Yun, H.C.; Grayson, D.; True, D., 2005:
Vertebral anomalies associated with Goldenhar syndrome

Barbieri, P.L.; Verdecchia, G.C., 1959:
Vertebral arteriography accomplished by means of transcutaneous puncture of the subclavian artery. Contribution of 40 cases

Umbach, W., 1954:
Vertebral arteriography and the blood picture as diagnostic aid in cerebellar angioblastoma

Pygott, F.; Hutton, C.F., 1959:
Vertebral arteriography by percutaneous brachial artery catheterisation

Barbieri, P.L.; Verdecchia, G.C., 1957:
Vertebral arteriography by percutaneous puncture of the subclavian artery

Tindall, G.T.; Cupp, H.B., 1961:
Vertebral arteriography by retrograde injection of the right common carotid artery

Vertebral arteriography by subclavian approach and aortography

Ruggiero, G.; Thibaut, A.; Bories, J., 1958:
Vertebral arteriography in neurosurgical diagnosis

Gros, C.; Betoulieres, P.; Minvielle, J.; Paleirac, R.; Bassede, J., 1953:
Vertebral arteriography in normal state

Spatz, E.L.; Bull, J.W., 1957:
Vertebral arteriography in the study of subarachnoid hemorrhage

Plaut, H.F., 1955:
Vertebral arteriography of the brain; detailed diagram of the arterial branches in the fronto-occipital roentgen view

Swann, G.F., 1958:
Vertebral arteriography using the Sheldon needle and modifications of it

Ruggiero, G.; Constans, J.P., 1954:
Vertebral arteriography: analysis of 48 cases of percutaneous vertebral arteriography after Lindgen's method

Bushard, M.; Yuhl, E.; Barris, R.W., 1952:
Vertebral artery aneurysm

Fazlullah, S., 1956:
Vertebral artery aneurysm; case report

Daentzer, D.; Deinsberger, W.; Böker, D-Karsten., 2003:
Vertebral artery complications in anterior approaches to the cervical spine: report of two cases and review of literature

Nurick, S., 1963:
Vertebral artery compression due to recurrent subluxation of a cervical vertebra

Nardone, R.; Venturi, A.; Wieser, A.; Tezzon, F.; Carducci, F.; Windegger, M.; Psenner, K., 2006:
Vertebral artery dissection after radiation therapy: A case report

Chen, W-L.; Chern, C-H.; Wu, Y-L.; Lee, C-H., 2005:
Vertebral artery dissection and cerebellar infarction following chiropractic manipulation

Bison, E.; Artico, R., 2005:
Vertebral artery dissection as a rare cause of vertigo: case report

Yu, N.R.; Eberhardt, R.T.; Menzoian, J.O.; Urick, C.L.; Raffetto, J.D., 2005:
Vertebral artery dissection following intravascular catheter placement: a case report and review of the literature

Aggrawal, A.; Setia, P., 2006:
Vertebral artery dissection revisited

Reuter, U.; Hämling, M.; Kavuk, I.; Einhäupl, K.M.; Schielke, E., 2006:
Vertebral artery dissections after chiropractic neck manipulation in Germany over three years

Cagnie, B.; Petrovic, M.; Voet, D.; Barbaix, E.; Cambier, D., 2005:
Vertebral artery dominance and hand preference: is there a correlation?

Gimelli, G.; Tefera, G.; Turnipseed, W.D., 2006:
Vertebral artery embolic protection via ipsilateral brachial approach during left subclavian artery angioplasty and stenting--a case report

Perren, F.; Poglia, D.; Landis, T.; Sztajzel, R., 2007:
Vertebral artery hypoplasia: a predisposing factor for posterior circulation stroke?

Cacciola, F.; Phalke, U.; Goel, A., 2004:
Vertebral artery in relationship to C1-C2 vertebrae: an anatomical study

Aota, Y.; Honda, A.; Uesugi, M.; Yamashita, T.; Baba, N.; Niwa, T.; Saito, T., 2006 :
Vertebral artery injury in C-1 lateral mass screw fixation. Case illustration

Schneider, R.C.; Schemm, G.W., 1961:
Vertebral artery insufficiency in acute and chronic spinal trauma, with special reference to the syndrome of acute central cervical spinal cord injury

Coburn, D.F., 1962:
Vertebral artery involvement in cervical trauma

Kizilkilic, O., 2006:
Vertebral artery origin stenting with buddy wire technique in tortuous subclavian artery

Carcassonne, M.; Galinier, L.; Padovani, J.; Audier, M.; Boudouresques, J., 1963:
Vertebral artery stenosis treated surgically

Mintz, E.P.; Gruberg, L.; Kouperberg, E.; Beyar, R., 2003:
Vertebral artery stenting using distal emboli protection and transcranial Doppler

Sharma, S.; Bhambi, B., 2006:
Vertebral artery stenting utilizing distal embolic protection with filter wire and a drug-eluting Taxus stent

Selim, M., 2006:
Vertebral artery susceptibility sign as a marker of vertebral thromboembolism on magnetic resonance imaging

Kenefick, E.V., 1958:
Vertebral artery thrombosis

Zidverc-Trajkovic, J.; Mijajlovic, M.; Pavlovic, A.M.; Jovanovic, Z.; Sternic, N., 2005:
Vertebral artery vascular loop in SUNCT and concomitant trigeminal neuralgia. Case report

Al-khayat, H.; Al-Khayat, H.; Beshay, J.; Manner, D.; White, J., 2004:
Vertebral artery-posteroinferior cerebellar artery aneurysms: clinical and lower cranial nerve outcomes in 52 patients

Miele, V.J.; Rosen, C.L.; Carpenter, J.; Rai, A.; Bailes, J.E., 2005:
Vertebral artery-to-middle cerebral artery bypass with coil embolization of giant internal carotid artery aneurysm: technical case report

Bonet, H.; Lambert, G., 1951:
Vertebral arthrodesis

Costantini, A., 1954:
Vertebral arthrodesis in therapy of lumbar spondylarthrosis

Diamant-Berger, 1952:
Vertebral arthrodesis with a pliable graft

Diamant-Berger, L., 1952:
Vertebral arthrodesis with flexible grafts

Ghetti, P.L., 1960:
Vertebral arthrodesis with multiple grafts (remote results)

Kilichan, E., 1961:
Vertebral arthrodesis with spinal autograft in univertebral lesions of Pott's disease. (A new technique)

de SEZE; RENIER, J.C.; RAKIC, M., 1962:
Vertebral arthrosis and osteoporosis. Comparative incidence of discovertebral arthrosis in 2 groups of subjects of comparable age: osteoporotics and non-osteoporotics

Hoffken, W., 1956:
Vertebral asoma, a rare spinal deformity

Anonymous, 2005:
Vertebral assessment using dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry for osteoporotic fracture risk assessment

Lieberman, I.H.; Phillips, F.M.; Togawa, D.; Modic, M.; Masaryk, T.; Obuchowski, N.; Slipman, C.W., 2004:
Vertebral augmentation and the limits of interpreting complications reported in the food and drug administration manufacturer and user facility device experience database

Nemeth, A.J.; Lie-Nemeth, T.J.; Marota, J.J.A.; Pryor, J.C.; Rabinov, J.D.; Hirsch, J.A., 2006:
Vertebral augmentation complicated by perioperative addisonian crisis

Cop, D., 1955:
Vertebral backache

Roederer, C.; Trial; Rescanieres, 1950:
Vertebral block

Ricard, A., 1950:
Vertebral block for additional time in surgical treatment of lumbar sciatica

Louyot, P., 1956:
Vertebral block in ankylosing spondylarthritis

Simon, M., 1954:
Vertebral blocks

Cloward, R.B., 1959:
Vertebral body fusion for ruptured cervical discs

Cloward, R.B., 1955:
Vertebral body fusion for ruptured lumbar discs; a roentgenographic study

Suzuki, T.; Kawaguchi, S.; Takebayashi, T.; Yokogushi, K.; Takada, J.; Yamashita, T., 2003:
Vertebral body ischemia in the posterior spinal artery syndrome: case report and review of the literature

Murakami, H.; Kawahara, N.; Gabata, T.; Nambu, K.; Tomita, K., 2003:
Vertebral body osteonecrosis without vertebral collapse

Riaz, S.; Fox, R.; Lavoie, M.V.; Mahood, J.K., 2006:
Vertebral body reconstruction for thoracolumbar spinal metastasis--a review of techniques

Christodoulou, A.; Ploumis, A.; Terzidis, I.; Pournaras, I., 2005:
Vertebral body reconstruction with injectable hydroxyapatite cement for the management of unstable thoracolumbar burst fractures: a preliminary report

Kandziora, F.; Schnake, K.J.; Klostermann, C.K.; Haas, N.P., 2004:
Vertebral body replacement in spine surgery

Knop, C.; Lange, U.; Reinhold, M.; Blauth, M., 2005:
Vertebral body replacement with Synex in combined posteroanterior surgery for treatment of thoracolumbar injuries

Thongtrangan, I.; Balabhadra, R.S.V.; Le, H.; Park, J.; Kim, D.H., 2004:
Vertebral body replacement with an expandable cage for reconstruction after spinal tumor resection

Ulmar, B.; Cakir, B.; Huch, K.; Puhl, W.; Richter, M., 2004:
Vertebral body replacement with expandable titanium cages

Martin, L.W.; Walsh, G.L., 2004:
Vertebral body resection

Betz, R.R.; D'Andrea, L.P.; Mulcahey, M.J.; Chafetz, R.S., 2005:
Vertebral body stapling procedure for the treatment of scoliosis in the growing child

Giraud, G.; Latour, H.; Izarn, P.; Dermenghem, M.; Olivier, G.; Simon, L.; Dauverchain, J., 1960:
Vertebral bone alterations during a subacute lvmphoblastosis

Griffith, J.F.; Yeung, D.K.W.; Antonio, G.E.; Lee, F.K.H.; Hong, A.W.L.; Wong, S.Y.S.; Lau, E.M.C.; Leung, P.Chung., 2005:
Vertebral bone mineral density, marrow perfusion, and fat content in healthy men and men with osteoporosis: dynamic contrast-enhanced MR imaging and MR spectroscopy

McClellan, J.W.; Mulconrey, D.S.; Forbes, R.J.; Fullmer, N., 2006:
Vertebral bone resorption after transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion with bone morphogenetic protein (rhBMP-2)

Cronqvist, S., 1961:
Vertebral catheterization via the femoral artery

Epstein, B.S., 1957:
Vertebral changes in childhood leukemia

Schermann, J.; Pereira, A.A.; Rodrigues, J., 1955:
Vertebral changes in congenital myxedema; presentation of 4 cases

Ilaslan, H.; Sundaram, M.; Unni, K.Krishnan., 2003:
Vertebral chondroblastoma

Sejhar, J.; Loucka, V.; Sebek, A., 1961:
Vertebral chordoma

Oifa, A.I., 1956:
Vertebral chordoma with metastases

Luder, J., 1954:
Vertebral collapse after cortisone therapy

Kapoor, V.; Theruvil, B.; Foria, V.; Sampson, M.; Harley, J.M., 2004 :
Vertebral collapse in a 71-year-old woman

Walls, T.; Bate, J.; Moshal, K., 2006:
Vertebral collapse in an 8-year-old girl

Thillard, M.J., 1959:
Vertebral column deformities following epiphysectomy in the chick

Aufdermaur, M., 1958:
Vertebral column findings in chronic inflammatory polyarthritis

Martoni, L., 1951:
Vertebral column of the premature from the radiological point of view

Grande, A.W.; Maher, P.Colby.; Morgan, C.J.; Choutka, O.; Ling, B.C.; Raderstorf, T.C.; Berger, E.J.; Kuntz, C., 2006:
Vertebral column subtraction osteotomy for recurrent tethered cord syndrome in adults: a cadaveric study

Selin, G.; Schlyen, S.; Jaffe, H.L., 1953:
Vertebral column; methods for removal, reconstruction, and gross sectioning

Jobin, J., 1952:
Vertebral columns in rheumatology

Huntoon, M., 2006:
Vertebral compression fractures in elderly osteoporosis patients receiving glucocorticoid intra-articular injections

Brunton, S.; Carmichael, B.; Gold, D.; Hull, B.; Kauffman, T.; Papaioannou, A.; Rasch, R.; Stracke, H.H.G.; Truumees, E., 2005:
Vertebral compression fractures in primary care: recommendations from a consensus panel

Old, J.L.; Calvert, M., 2004:
Vertebral compression fractures in the elderly

Bono, C.M., 2003:
Vertebral compression fractures what time destroys, methylmethacrylate may mend

Muszynska-Roslan, K.; Krawczuk-Rybak, M.; Krasowska, I.; Konstantynowicz, J.; Luczynski, W., 2005:
Vertebral compression fractures--the first manifestations of acute lymphoblastic leukemia of childhood

Mazanec, D.J.; Podichetty, V.K.; Mompoint, A.; Potnis, A., 2003:
Vertebral compression fractures: manage aggressively to prevent sequelae

Babb, A.; Carlson, W.O., 2006:
Vertebral compression fractures: treatment and evaluation

Bianchedi, S.; Galli, G.; Pelizza, A., 1962:
Vertebral coronal or sagittal hemispondylous fissure

Gupta, S.K.; Chhabra, R.; Sharma, B.S.; Das, A.; Khosla, V.K., 2004:
Vertebral cryptococcosis simulating tuberculosis

Kohler, G., 1957:
Vertebral decompensation signs in sportists caused by functional mechanical stress; its prevention and possibilities for treatment

Kellermayer, R.; Weisenbach, János.; Gyuris, P.; Aszmann, Mária.; Kosztolányi, Görgy., 2005:
Vertebral defects in a patient with Feingold syndrome

Rohmer, F., 1957:
Vertebral deformations & spinal cord diseases

Smith, C.K., 1958:
Vertebral deformities and other anomalies in Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease

Tóth, E., 2003:
Vertebral deformities and the underlying diseases

Jacobs-Kosmin, D.; Sandorfi, N.; Murray, H.; Abruzzo, J.L., 2005:
Vertebral deformities identified by vertebral fracture assessment: associations with clinical characteristics and bone mineral density

Ørstavik, R.E.; Haugeberg, G.; Uhlig, T.; Falch, J.A.; Halse, J.I.; Høiseth, A.; Lilleås, F.; Kvien, T.K., 2003:
Vertebral deformities in 229 female patients with rheumatoid arthritis: associations with clinical variables and bone mineral density

Kanesaki, K., 2005:
Vertebral deformities in female patients with osteoporosis: influence of trauma and bone mineral density

Edmond, S.L.; Kiel, D.P.; Samelson, E.J.; Kelly-Hayes, M.; Felson, D.T., 2005:
Vertebral deformity, back symptoms, and functional limitations among older women: the Framingham Study

Mihailide, D.; Mihailescu, N.; Iosipescu, I., 1962:
Vertebral degenerative rheumatism in heavy industry

Ruyssen-Witrand, A.; Gossec, L.; Kolta, S.; Dougados, M.; Roux, C., 2007:
Vertebral dimensions as risk factor of vertebral fracture in osteoporotic patients: a systematic literature review

Priouzeau, 1957:
Vertebral disease of cattle

Soeur, R., 1957:
Vertebral displacement in chronic lumbar hypertrophic arthritis

Fortuna, A.; Moscatelli, G.F., 1959:
Vertebral echinococcal cysts

Casiraghi, J.C.; Belleville, G.I., 1950:
Vertebral echinococcosis; clinico-radiologic, diagnostic-therapeutic and casuistic studies

del CAMPO, J.C., 1950:
Vertebral echinococcosis; total resection of the fifth lumbar vertebra

Chadeyras, J-B.; Mazel, C.; Grunenwald, D., 2006:
Vertebral en bloc resection for lung cancer: twelve years' experience

Cirla, A., 1956:
Vertebral eosinophilic granuloma

Vilaseca, J.M.; Teixidor, N.; Infiesta, J.L., 1951:
Vertebral epiphysial separation; study of 24 cases

Badolle, A., 1950:
Vertebral epiphysitis treated by radiotherapy

Pereda, D.; Uriarte, C.; Barriuso, C.; Mestres, C-A., 2005:
Vertebral erosion and paraplegia due to expanding thoracic aneurysm

Katz, S.H.; Harrison, A.W.; Key, J.A., 1962:
Vertebral erosion by an atherosclerotic lumbar aortic aneurysm: an unusual case

Schliack, H., 1959:
Vertebral fibular nerve paralysis

Stenzel, E., 1953 :
Vertebral fracture after per-abrodil injury of the spinal nerve roots, with muscular convulsions

Vokes, T.; Bachman, D.; Baim, S.; Binkley, N.; Broy, S.; Ferrar, L.; Lewiecki, E.Michael.; Richmond, B.; Schousboe, J., 2006:
Vertebral fracture assessment: the 2005 ISCD Official Positions

Arosenius, K.E., 1954:
Vertebral fracture in pelvo-spondylitis ossificans (Mb Bechterew)

Bucker, J., 1956:
Vertebral fracture in tabes dorsalis

Adachi, J.D.; Rizzoli, Ré.; Boonen, S.; Li, Z.; Meredith, M.P.; Chesnut, C.H., 2005:
Vertebral fracture risk reduction with risedronate in post-menopausal women with osteoporosis: a meta-analysis of individual patient data

Krieg, M.A.; Lamy, O., 2004:
Vertebral fracture: a major risk factor for osteoporosis

Vioreanu, M.H.; Quinlan, J.F.; Robertson, I.; O'Byrne, J.M., 2005:
Vertebral fractures and concomitant fractures of the sternum

Lucarelli, S.; Borrelli, O.; Paganelli, M.; Capocaccia, P.; Frediani, T.; Ferri, F.; Cucchiara, S., 2006:
Vertebral fractures and increased sensitivity to corticosteroids in a child with ulcerative colitis: successful use of pamidronate

Dewald, P.A.; Margolis, N.M.; Weiner, H., 1954:
Vertebral fractures as a complication of electroconvulsive therapy

Rauber, A., 1955:
Vertebral fractures caused by occupational strain

Mugnai, M., 1951:
Vertebral fractures during electroshock

Bothwell, J.E.; Gordon, K.E.; Dooley, J.M.; MacSween, J.; Cummings, E.A.; Salisbury, S., 2003:
Vertebral fractures in boys with Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Kuhlmann, R.; Wigand, W., 1960:
Vertebral fractures in eclamptic convulsions

Sonnenschein, A., 1951:
Vertebral fractures in electroshock

Landoff, G.A., 1953:
Vertebral fractures in insured and uninsured patients; analysis of the frequency and duration of symptoms, convalescence and disability

Moller, A.; Hasserius, R.; Besjakov, J.; Ohlin, A.; Karlsson, M., 2006:
Vertebral fractures in late adolescence: a 27 to 47-year follow-up

Fiume, M., 1962:
Vertebral fractures in old age

Mertens, H.G.; Bader, H., 1951:
Vertebral fractures in shock therapy

Neely, S.E.; Shannon, R.H., 1958:
Vertebral fractures in survivors of military aircraft accidents

Curtiss, P.H.; Clark, W.S.; Herndon, C.H., 1954:
Vertebral fractures resulting from prolonged cortisone and corticotropin therapy

Dereymaeker, A.; Mulier, J., 1958:
Vertebral fusion by a ventral approach in cervical intervertebral disk disorders

Schroder, K., 1954:
Vertebral genesis of Lermoyez's syndrome

Ectors, L., 1959:
Vertebral geodes simulating Pott's disease following discography

Sicard, A.; Gaudart D'allaines, C., 1952:
Vertebral graft fractures

Richard, A.; Graffin, P., 1952:
Vertebral grafting

Imbert, R., 1957:
Vertebral grafts

Guillet, R., 1952:
Vertebral grafts and industrial accidents

Perrot, A., 1952:
Vertebral grafts and their indications

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