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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 50950

Chapter 50950 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Johnson, H.E.; Altman, R.; Hamre, D.; Ward, T.G., 1964:
Viral Infections and the Common Cold

Ajjan, N.; Bonissol, C.; Virat, J.; Carre, M.C., 1964:
Viral Infections in a Childrens-Disease Hospital. a 4 year Statistical Study

Urbach, H., 1963:
Viral Infections of the Respiratory Tract and their Significance for Public Health, with Reference to their Effect on the Disease Status

Marchessault, V., 1964:
Viral Infections of the Respiratory Tract in Children

Valtuenaborque, O., 1964:
Viral Infections, Corticotherapy and Interferon

Zardi, O., 1963:
Viral Interference. Interference Between the Trachoma Agent and Influenza Virus

Wagner, R.R., 1960:
Viral Interference. some Considerations of Basic Mechanisms and their Potential Relationship to Host Resistance

Jahmias, A.J.; Kibrick, S.; Rosan, R.C., 1964:
Viral Leukocyte Interrelationships. I. Multiplication of a Dna Virus--Herpes Simplex--In Human Leukocyte Cultures

Robertson, K.; Fiscus, S.; Wilkins, J.; van der Horst, C.; Hall, C., 1996 :
Viral Load and Neuropsychological Functioning in HIV Seropositive Individuals:A Preliminary Descriptive Study

Prasuhn, D.E.; Yeh, R.M.; Obenaus, A.; Manchester, M.; Finn, M.G., 2007:
Viral MRI contrast agents: coordination of Gd by native virions and attachment of Gd complexes by azide-alkyne cycloaddition

Brokman, H.; Bujko, K.; Taytsch, Z., 1964:
Viral Meningitis in Encephalomeningitis Tuberculosa. (Preliminary Communication)

Gaillard, L.; Delphin, D.; Brugiere, P., 1964:
Viral Meningitis in the Newborn. Apropos of a Case of Coxsackie B3 Virus Meningitis Without Encephalitic Manifestation

Sanders, V., 1963:
Viral Myocarditis

Defranciscis, V., 1963:
Viral Myocarditis and Pericarditis (Presentation of a Case)

Gniazdowska, Z.; Okninska, A., 1964:
Viral Myocarditis in a Newborn Infant

Mandin, J.; Mandin, A., 1963:
Viral Pericarditis. Etiologic Considerations Apropos of Coxsackie Viruses

Varache, F.; Bascands, J.; Cathalan, G.; Deme, J.; Rabier, M.; Granger, D., 1965:
Viral Pleurisy in Saigon

Osajima, S., 1963:
Viral Pneumonia

Tasovac, B.; Calic Perisic, N.; Dukic, D., 1964:
Viral Pneumonia Following Influenzal Infection and Acute Myocarditis

Samaille, J., 1963:
Viral Pneumonia, Excepting Influenza and Adenovirus Infections

Salonen, A.; Ahola, T.; Kääriäinen, L., 2004:
Viral RNA replication in association with cellular membranes

Christian, R.T.; Ludovici, P.P.; Miller, N.F.; Riley, G.M., 1965:
Viral Studies of the Female Reproductive Tract

Wartiovaara, J.; Saxen, L.; Vainio, T., 1965:
Viral Susceptibility and Embryonic Differentiation. 5. Localization of Virus-Like Particles in Mouse Kidney Rudiment Infected with Polyoma Virus

Cartier, L.; Vergara, C.; Ramírez, E., 2005:
Viral Tax protein expression in salivary glands of patients infected with human t-cell lymphotropic virus type I and Sicca Syndrome

Noguchi, Y.; Hirai, Y.; Ishiwara, K.; Ikegami, I., 1963:
Viral Treatment of Skin Cancers

Paul, S.D.; Ahuja, O.P.; Shukla, B.R., 1964:
Viral Uveitis (A Review of 11 Cases)

Kurian, P.V., 1963:
Viral Vaccines

Young, H.M., 1964:
Viral Warts in the Anorectum Possibly Precluding Rectal Cancer

Manninger, R., 1951:
Viral abortions in mares

Stopar, D.; Cerne, A.; Zigman, M.; Poljsak-Prijatelj, M.; Turk, V., 2004:
Viral abundance and a high proportion of lysogens suggest that viruses are important members of the microbial community in the Gulf of Trieste

Colter, J.S.; Ellem, K.A., 1960:
Viral activation of cell response

Sabrá, A., 1994:
Viral acute diarrhea

Kaiser, L.; Deffernez, C.; Thomas, Y.; Koch, D.; Spicher, V.Masserey.; Uckay, I.; Schultze, D.; Siegl, G.; Perrin, L.; Matter, H.C.; Wunderli, W., 2003:
Viral aetiology of acute respiratory illnesses in patients with a suspicion of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in Switzerland

D'allesandro; Oddo, 1955:
Viral agents of human neuraxitis and principles of microbiological diagnosis

Olesen, H.Vebert.; Nielsen, L.P.; Schiotz, P.Oluf., 2006:
Viral and atypical bacterial infections in the outpatient pediatric cystic fibrosis clinic

Watt, S.; Aesch, B.; Lanotte, P.; Tranquart, F.; Quentin, R., 2003:
Viral and bacterial DNA in carotid atherosclerotic lesions

Härtel, H.; Nikunen, S.; Neuvonen, E.; Tanskanen, R.; Kivelä, S-L.; Aho, R.; Soveri, T.; Saloniemi, H., 2005:
Viral and bacterial pathogens in bovine respiratory disease in Finland

Emaikina, V.P., 1960:
Viral and bacterial pulmonary infection in animals with various forms of radiation injuries

Doyle, W.J.; Gentile, D.A.; Skoner, D.P., 2006 :
Viral and bacterial rhinitis

Glebe, D.; Urban, S., 2007:
Viral and cellular determinants involved in hepadnaviral entry

O'Donnell, S.M.; Hansberger, M.W.; Dermody, T.S., 2003:
Viral and cellular determinants of apoptosis induced by mammalian reovirus

Bucy, R.Pat., 2005:
Viral and cellular dynamics in HIV disease

Shi, S.T.; Lai, M.M.C., 2004:
Viral and cellular proteins involved in coronavirus replication

Kusne, S.; Blair, J.E., 2005:
Viral and fungal infections after liver transplantation--part II

Altlparmak, E.; Koklu, S.; Yalinkilic, M.; Yuksel, O.; Cicek, B.; Kayacetin, E.; Sahin, T., 2005:
Viral and host causes of fatty liver in chronic hepatitis B

Van de Perre, P., 2006:
Viral and host determinants of HIV-1 pathogenesis

Joseph, J.; Behar, T., 2004:
Viral and host genetic factors regulating HIV/CNS disease

Mondelli, M.U.; Barnaba, V., 2006:
Viral and host immune regulatory mechanisms in hepatitis C virus infection

Amedee, A.M.; Rychert, J.; Lacour, N.; Fresh, L.; Ratterree, M., 2004:
Viral and immunological factors associated with breast milk transmission of SIV in rhesus macaques

Gharizadeh, B.; Käller, M.; Nyrén, Pål.; Andersson, A.; Uhlén, M.; Lundeberg, J.; Ahmadian, A., 2003:
Viral and microbial genotyping by a combination of multiplex competitive hybridization and specific extension followed by hybridization to generic tag arrays

Wells, D.J., 2006:
Viral and non-viral methods for gene transfer into skeletal muscle

Lundstrom, K.; Boulikas, T., 2003:
Viral and non-viral vectors in gene therapy: technology development and clinical trials

Hurtado Picó, A.; Wang, X.; Sipo, I.; Siemetzki, U.; Eberle, Jürgen.; Poller, W.; Fechner, H., 2005:
Viral and nonviral factors causing nonspecific replication of tumor- and tissue-specific promoter-dependent oncolytic adenoviruses

Neidhardt, J.; Wycisk, K.; Klöckener-Gruissem, B., 2005:
Viral and nonviral gene therapy for treatment of retinal diseases

Gupta, A.K.; Cherman, A.M.; Tyring, S.K., 2005:
Viral and nonviral uses of imiquimod: a review

Viral and rickettsial causes of cardiac disease, including the Coxsackie virus etiology of pericarditis and myocarditis

Reeves, R.S., 1954:
Viral and rickettsial diseases of the respiratory tract

Burgoon, C.F.; Burgoon, J.S., 1956:
Viral and rickettsial diseases of the skin and mucous membranes

Robbins, F.C.; Gold, E., 1955 :
Viral and rickettsial diseases; summary of round table discussion

Cakar, M.; Ayanoglu, S.; Cabuk, H.; Seyran, M.; Dedeoglu, S.Semih.; Gurbuz, H., 2018:
Association between vitamin D concentrations and knee pain in patients with osteoarthritis

Toscano, F., 1952:
Viral and rickettsial lung diseases in children; classification, symptomatology, evolution, complications and therapy

Breton, A.; Walbaum, R., 1958:
Viral angina

Munuswamy-Ramanujam, G.; Khan, K.A.; Lucas, A.R., 2007:
Viral anti-inflammatory reagents: the potential for treatment of arthritic and vasculitic disorders

Hannoun, C., 1956:
Viral antigens

Calabrese, L.H.; Naides, S.J., 2005:
Viral arthritis

Sujoy, E., 1960:
Viral aseptic meningitis in childhood

Schneemann, A.; Young, M.J., 2003:
Viral assembly using heterologous expression systems and cell extracts

Le Garlantézec, C.; Masquelier, B.; Stoll, D., 2004:
Viral assumption and inverted papilloma: role of human herpes viridae n 8

Shan, H.; Zhang, P., 2004:
Viral attacks on the blood supply: the impact of severe acute respiratory syndrome in Beijing

Kellam, P.; Holzerlandt, R.; Gramoustianou, E.; Jenner, R.; Kwan, A., 2004:
Viral bioinformatics: computational views of host and pathogen

Bernhard, W.; Dontcheff, A.; Oberling, C.; Vigier, P., 1953:
Viral bodies in the cells of the Rous sarcoma

Bernheim, M.; Chaptal, J.; Jeune, M.; Sohier, R., 1956:
Viral bronchopneumopathies in children

Jeune, M.; Bethenod, M., 1962:
Viral bronchopneumopathies in the child

Münger, K.; Hayakawa, H.; Nguyen, C.L.; Melquiot, N.V.; Duensing, A.; Duensing, S., 2005:
Viral carcinogenesis and genomic instability

Wentzensen, N.; von Knebel Doeberitz, M., 2004:
Viral carcinogenesis of head and neck tumors

Ham, A.W.; Siminovitch, L., 1961:
Viral carcinogenesis with particular reference to in vivo and in vitro studies with the polyoma virus

Tran, T.H.C.; Bodaghi, B.; Rozenberg, F.; Cassoux, N.; Fardeau, C.; LeHoang, P., 2004:
Viral cause and management of necrotizing herpetic retinopathies

Lennette, E.H.; Magoffin, R.L.; Knouf, E.G., 1962:
Viral central nervous system disease. An etiologic study conducted at the Los Angeles County General Hospital

Herman, E.; Kuberski, Z., 1955:
Viral cerebrospinal meningitis in children

Boomker, J.M.; de Leij, L.F.M.H.; The, T.Hauw.; Harmsen, M.C., 2005:
Viral chemokine-modulatory proteins: tools and targets

Eyster, M.E.; Sanders, J.; Goedert, J.J., 2004:
Viral clearance occurs very early during the natural resolution of hepatitis C virus infection in persons with haemophilia

Pár, A.; Takács, Mária.; Brojnás, J.; Berencsi, Görgy.; Paál, Mária.; Horányi, M.; Miseta, A.; Hegedüs, Géza.; Mózsik, G.; Hunyady, Béla., 2004:
Viral co-infections in hepatitis C: HBV, HBV-C/HGV and TTV studies

Grando, L.Janete.; Machado, D.Cantarelli.; Spitzer, S.; Nachman, S.; Ferguson, F.; Berentsen, Bárbara.; Yurgel, L.Soares., 2005:
Viral coinfection in the oral cavity of HIV-infected children: relation among HIV viral load, CD4+ T lymphocyte count and detection of EBV, CMV and HSV

de Roux, Aés.; Marcos, M.A.; Garcia, E.; Mensa, J.; Ewig, S.; Lode, H.; Torres, A., 2004:
Viral community-acquired pneumonia in nonimmunocompromised adults

Trejos, P.A.; De La Cruz, E., 1952:
Viral conjunctivitis in newborn in Costa Rica

Trejos, A.; De La Cruz, E., 1953:
Viral conjunctivitis in newborn infants

Boboridis, K.G.; Konstas, A.G.P.; Krassas, G.E.; Georgiadis, N.S., 2006:
Viral conjunctivitis interfering with the clinical activity score and management of thyroid ophthalmopathy

Markham, F.S., 1962:
Viral content and stability of live measles vaccines

Brussaard, C.P.D., 2004 :
Viral control of phytoplankton populations--a review

Anastassopoulou, C.G.; Kostrikis, L.G., 2005:
Viral correlates of HIV-1 disease

Goodman, L., 2004:
Viral crossings

Leung, A.K.C.; Kellner, J.D.; Johnson, D.W., 2004:
Viral croup: a current perspective

Zaharopoulos, P., 2004:
Viral cytopathic changes in urine cytology of ileal conduit attributed to adenovirus: report of a case

Thelen, J., 1956:
Viral damage

Davidson, B.L.; Harper, S.Q., 2005:
Viral delivery of recombinant short hairpin RNAs

Wang-Johanning, F.; Johanning, G.L., 2004:
Viral detection

Wohnsland, A.; Hofmann, W.Peter.; Sarrazin, C., 2007:
Viral determinants of resistance to treatment in patients with hepatitis C

Grandien, M., 1996:
Viral diagnosis by antigen detection techniques

Hansen, J.; Lennartz, H., 1961:
Viral diagnosis for the etiological clarification of facial paralysis

Anonymous, 2007:
Viral diarrhea can be infectious for a long time

Phan, T.Gia.; Nguyen, T.Anh.; Kuroiwa, T.; Kaneshi, K.; Ueda, Y.; Nakaya, S.; Nishimura, S.; Nishimura, T.; Yamamoto, A.; Okitsu, S.; Ushijima, H., 2005:
Viral diarrhea in Japanese children: results from a one-year epidemiologic study

Drexler, S.; Kubelka, V., 1954:
Viral diarrhea in infants

Audu, R.; Omilabu, S.A.; Peenze, I.; Steele, D., 2003:
Viral diarrhoea in young children in two districts in Nigeria

Kliuchikov, V.N.; Iakovleva, Z.I., 1958:
Viral diphasic meningoencephalitis in the upper Volga region

Watkins, D.B., 1961:
Viral disease in tattoos: verruca vulgaris

Lennette, E.H.; Magoffin, R.L.; Schmidt, N.J.; Hollister, A.C., 1959:
Viral disease of the central nervous system; influence of poliomyelitis vaccination on etiology

Kaye, B.M.; Rosner, D.C.; Stein, I.F., 1953:
Viral diseases in pregnancy and their effect upon the embryo and fetus

Cramblett, H.G.; Merida, J., 1960:
Viral diseases of children

Langlois, I., 2004:
Viral diseases of ferrets

Hlavacek, V., 1959:
Viral diseases of the acoustic and facial nerves with special reference to herpetic origin

Rasmussen, A.F., 1955:
Viral diseases of the chest

White, F.V.; Dehner, L.P., 2005:
Viral diseases of the liver in children: diagnostic and differential diagnostic considerations

Shea, J.J., 1952:
Viral diseases of the nose and throat

Hairston, B.R.; Bruce, A.J.; Rogers, R.S., 2003:
Viral diseases of the oral mucosa

Krogstad, A.P.; Simpson, J.E.; Korte, S.W., 2004:
Viral diseases of the rabbit

Prusik, B., 1952:
Viral diseases of the respiratory tract and their clinical picture

Callan, R.J.; Van Metre, D.C., 2004:
Viral diseases of the ruminant nervous system

Salk, J.E., 1961:
Viral diseases; their control by immunologic means

Edlinger, E., 1958:
Viral distribution in cell suspensions of chick Rous sarcoma

Bruno, R.; Sacchi, P.; Ciappina, V.; Zochetti, C.; Patruno, S.; Maiocchi, L.; Filice, G., 2004:
Viral dynamics and pharmacokinetics of peginterferon alpha-2a and peginterferon alpha-2b in naive patients with chronic hepatitis c: a randomized, controlled study

van der Eijk, A.A.; Hansen, B.E.; Niesters, H.G.M.; Janssen, H.L.A.; van de Ende, M.; Schalm, S.W.; de Man, R.A., 2005:
Viral dynamics during tenofovir therapy in patients infected with lamivudine-resistant hepatitis B virus mutants

Reimann, H.A., 1952:
Viral dysentery

Hillis, R.E.; Lee, D.Anne., 2003:
Viral encephalitis complicated by neuroleptic malignant syndrome in a 7-year-old girl

Verlinde, J.D., 1956:
Viral encephalitis in Central Europe

Yokota, M., 1963:
Viral encephalitis in Japan. Clinical aspects and limits of diagnosis

Baquerizo, L.; Marmol, F., 1958:
Viral encephalitis transmitted by arthropods. I. Types, vectors & possible reservoirs. II. Serological verification of a human case of the Venezuelan type

Baquerizo Amador, L.; Marmol, F., 1958:
Viral encephalitis transmitted by arthropods. III. Influence of the age of white rats on the susceptibility to a strain of Venezuelan virus

Baquerizo Amador, L.; Marmol, F., 1958:
Viral encephalitis transmitted by arthropods. IV. Investigation of the Venezuelan type in some human blood on the Ecuadorian coast

Roos, K.L., 2005:
Viral encephalitis transmitted from donor to organ recipients

Duppenthaler, A., 2003:
Viral encephalitis, early summer meningoencephalitis

Arciniegas, D.B.; Anderson, C.Alan., 2004:
Viral encephalitis: neuropsychiatric and neurobehavioral aspects

Alexander, T.J., 1962:
Viral encephalomyelitis of swine in Ontario--experimental and natural transmission

Korsnes, K.; Devold, M.; Nerland, A.Helge.; Nylund, A., 2006:
Viral encephalopathy and retinopathy (VER) in Atlantic salmon Salmo salar after intraperitoneal challenge with a nodavirus from Atlantic halibut Hippoglossus hippoglossus

Scanu, A., 1951:
Viral encephalopathy in the cat; on the possibility of influencing the passage of the infection from a latent state to manifest disease

Verlinde, J.D., 1962:
Viral enteropathies

Doms, R.W., 2004:
Viral entry denied

Mesters, J.R.; Tan, J.; Hilgenfeld, R., 2006:
Viral enzymes

Mayer, C.F., 1957:
Viral epidemic hemorrhagic fever (Far Eastern type), further notes on its appearance in Europe and Asia

Panizon, F.; Cantarutti, F., 1955:
Viral etiology (influenzal) of pseudocroup

Nicolau, S.S.; Surdan, C.; Sarateanu, D.; Athanasiu, P.; Sorodoc, G.; Anagnoste, B.; Iliescu, C.; Radescu, R., 1962:
Viral etiology in cardiovascular affections. II. A virological study of 50 cases

Nicolau, S.S.; Sarateanu, D.; Athanasiu, P.; Surdan, C.; Sorodoc, G.; Anagnoste, B., 1962:
Viral etiology in cardiovascular affections. IV. Experimental and histopathological study of some cases of rickettsial thromboangiitis obliterans

Nicolau, S.S.; Athanasiu, P.; Velciu, V.; Mardare, I., 1962:
Viral etiology in cardiovascular affections. V. Morphological study of a myocardial infarction: histological evidence of rickettsial or pararickettsial infection

Moser, L., 1955:
Viral etiology in interstitial infant pneumonia

Nicolau, S.S.; Surdan, C.; Sarateanu, D.; Athanasiu, P.; Fuhrer-Anagnoste, B.; Iliescu, C.; Radescu, R., 1961:
Viral etiology in the field of cardiovascular disease. I. Isolation of viruses from the blood of patients with cardiovascular diseases

Catalano, V., 1954:
Viral etiology of Raymond-Cestan syndrome

Kosir, A., 1951:
Viral etiology of cancer

Gross, L., 1956:
Viral etiology of cancer and leukemia?

Aleksandar, T., 1961:
Viral etiology of cancer and other malignant neoplasms in men

Geiger, H., 1951:
Viral etiology of eclampsia

Maccallum, F.O., 1959:
Viral etiology of hepatitis

Hallauer, C., 1952:
Viral etiology of interstitial-plasmacellular pneumonia in early infancy

Gross, L., 1962:
Viral etiology of leukemia

Bergol'ts, V.M., 1959:
Viral etiology of leukemias

Parnes, V.A., 1956:
Viral etiology of leukosis

Lucam, F., 1955:
Viral etiology of leukosis in animals

Gross, L., 1961:
Viral etiology of mouse leukemia

Spanedda, A., 1962:
Viral etiology of neoplasms

Eiros Bouza, J.Ma.; Ortiz de Lejarazu, R.; Luquero Alcalde, F.J.; Bachiller Luque, M.R.; Solís Sánchez, P.; Castrodeza Sanz, J., 2007:
Viral etiology of pediatric gastroenteritis. A 20-year time-series analysis

Lutowiecki, J., 1958:
Viral etiology of pemphigus

Marchionini, A.; Nasemann, T., 1957:
Viral etiology of pemphigus & of Duhring's dermatitis herpetiformis

Wang, T-lin.; Chen, Z-min.; Tang, H-feng.; Tang, L-fang.; Zou, C-chun., 2005:
Viral etiology of pneumonia in children

Morozov, V.M., 1954:
Viral etiology of schizophrenia

Nicolau, S.S.; Petrescu, A.; Athanasiu, P.; Surdan, C.; Cajal, N.; Sarateanu, D.; Velciu, V.; Marin, D.; Cadere, N., 1963:
Viral etiology of ulcerous disease. II

Ramos-Casals, M.; García-Carrasco, M.; Brito Zerón, M.Pilar.; Cervera, R.; Font, J., 2003:
Viral etiopathogenesis of Sjögren's syndrome: role of the hepatitis C virus

Vandamme, A-Mieke., 2003:
Viral evolution and molecular epidemiology--evolving viruses and evolving analysis techniques

Burke, B.; Derby, N.R.; Kraft, Z.; Saunders, C.J.; Dai, C.; Llewellyn, N.; Zharkikh, I.; Vojtech, L.; Zhu, T.; Srivastava, I.K.; Barnett, S.W.; Stamatatos, L., 2006:
Viral evolution in macaques coinfected with CCR5- and CXCR4-tropic SHIVs in the presence or absence of vaccine-elicited anti-CCR5 SHIV neutralizing antibodies

Dove, L.; Phung, Y.; Bzowej, N.; Kim, M.; Monto, A.; Wright, T.L., 2005:
Viral evolution of hepatitis C in injection drug users

Fölster-Holst, R., 2004:
Viral exanthem

Doemoek, J.; Molnar, E.; Jancso, A., 1961:
Viral excretion after mass vaccination with attenuated polio virus in Hungary

Enders-Ruckle, G.; Siegert, R., 1961:
Viral excretion and antibody formation after use of a live trivalent poliomyelitis vaccine (Cox-Lederle)

MALIS, G.Iu.; DOLGIKH, S.I., 1954 :
Viral factor in pathogenesis of schizophrenia

Fried, M.W., 2004:
Viral factors affecting the outcome of therapy for chronic hepatitis C

Kanda, T.; Nagao, K.; Yokosuka, O.; Imazeki, F., 2004:
Viral factors and host factors in pathogenesis of fulminant hepatitis, type B

Yamagata, H., 1962:
Viral food poisoning in Japan, with special reference to several epidemiological problems

Nishio, O.; Akiyama, M.; Aiki, C.; Sugieda, M.; Fukuda, S.; Nishida, T.; Ueki, Y.; Iritani, N.; Shinohara, M.; Kimura, H., 2006:
Viral food-borne diseases caused by norovirus

Scheller, E.F., 1951:
Viral forms in cancer blood

Tsurudome, M., 2006:
Viral fusion mechanisms

Phan, T.Gia.; Yagyu, F.; Kozlov, V.; Kozlov, A.; Okitsu, S.; Müller, W.E.G.; Ushijima, H., 2006:
Viral gastroenteritis and genetic characterization of recombinant norovirus circulating in Eastern Russia

Hansman, G.Stuart.; Kuramitsu, M.; Yoshida, H.; Katayama, K.; Takeda, N.; Ushijima, H.; Surenkhand, G.; Gantolga, D.; Kuroiwa, C., 2005:
Viral gastroenteritis in Mongolian infants

Arif, M.; El-Hazmi, M.M., 2005:
Viral gastroenteritis in Saudi children

Colomba, C.; De Grazia, S.; Giammanco, G.M.; Saporito, L.; Scarlata, F.; Titone, L.; Arista, S., 2006 :
Viral gastroenteritis in children hospitalised in Sicily, Italy

Appelboam, R.; Hammond, E., 2004:
Viral gastroenteritis--a danger to the patient, a danger to the staff

Whittaker, D.R.; Campbell, J.T.; McCarten, M.D., 2004:
Viral gastroenteritis: the USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT experience

Mancheño-Corvo, P.; Martín-Duque, P., 2006:
Viral gene therapy

Prasad, B.V.; Prevelige, P.E., 2003:
Viral genome organization

Walsh, S.R., 2003:
Viral genomes

Soler, C.; Grandadam, M.; Béjan, Hé.; Rapp, C.; Nicand, E.; Joussemet, M., 2003:
Viral genomic screening before transfusion. The first French case of HIV-1 infection discovered in pre-serological phase

Bossart, K.N.; Broder, C.C., 2004:
Viral glycoprotein-mediated cell fusion assays using vaccinia virus vectors

Anonymous, 1952:
Viral grip, angine, and chronic tonsillitis

Nicastri, E.; Sarmati, L.; Dori, L.; Montano, M.; d'Ettorre, G.; Buonomini, A.Rita.; Parisi, S.G.; Concia, E.; Vullo, V.; Andreoni, M., 2003:
Viral growth assay to evaluate the replicative capacity of HIV-1 isolates

Curtis, N., 2006:
Viral haemorrhagic fevers caused by Lassa, Ebola and Marburg viruses

Crowcroft, N.S.; Morgan, D.; Brown, D., 2003:
Viral haemorrhagic fevers in Europe--effective control requires a co-ordinated response

Raja-Halli, M.; Vehmas, T.K.; Rimaila-Pärnänen, E.; Sainmaa, S.; Skall, H.Frank.; Olesen, N.Jørgen.; Tapiovaara, H., 2006:
Viral haemorrhagic septicaemia (VHS) outbreaks in Finnish rainbow trout farms

Granata, G.; Lambertini, C., 1957:
Viral heart disease in childhood

Bricout, F., 1962:
Viral hemagglutination

Schnittler, H-J.; Feldmann, H., 2003:
Viral hemorrhagic fever--a vascular disease?

Scrimgeour, E.M.; El-Azazy, O.M., 2007:
Viral hemorrhagic fever: Admission policy for hospitals in the Arabian Peninsula

Marty, A.M.; Jahrling, P.B.; Geisbert, T.W., 2006:
Viral hemorrhagic fevers

Grygorczuk, S.; Hermanowska-Szpakowicz, T., 2003:
Viral hemorrhagic fevers as a biological weapon

Taniguchi, K., 2004:
Viral hemorrhagic fevers--Ebola hemorrhagic fever, Marburg virus disease, and Lassa fever

Zieliński, A.; Rosińska, M.; Gut, Włodzimierz., 2004:
Viral hemorrhagic fevers--epidemiology and clinical picture

Cleri, D.J.; Ricketti, A.J.; Porwancher, R.B.; Ramos-Bonner, L.S.; Vernaleo, J.R., 2006:
Viral hemorrhagic fevers: current status of endemic disease and strategies for control

Castells, Lís., 2006:
Viral hepatitides infections in transplant recipients

Gellis, S.S.; Hsia, D.Y., 1953:
Viral hepatitis

Alter, H., 2006:
Viral hepatitis

Siede, W.; Schneider, H., 1957:
Viral hepatitis & posthepatitis liver diseases

Pirinoli, M., 1957:
Viral hepatitis & pregnancy

Banker, D.D., 2003:
Viral hepatitis (Part - III)

Banker, D.D., 2003:
Viral hepatitis (Part-I)

Banker, D.D., 2003:
Viral hepatitis (Part-II)

Banker, D.D., 2003:
Viral hepatitis (Part-IV)

Cardelle, G., 1952:
Viral hepatitis (serum hepatitis)

Talwar, C.L., 1962:
Viral hepatitis (serum hepatitis). Possible carrier state of virus hepatitis B in a blood donor

Talwar, C.L., 1960:
Viral hepatitis (serum hepatitis); report of ten cases

Tagle Arrospide, Mín.; León Barúa, Rúl., 2003:
Viral hepatitis A as a triggering agent of autoimmune hepatitis report of a case and review of literature

Nau, J-Yves., 2006:
Viral hepatitis A develops into disease requiring mandatory reporting in France

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