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Zinc (II) -induced color-tunable fluorescence emission in the pi-conjugated polymers composed of the bipyridine unit: a way to get white-light emission

Tian, L.; Zhang, W.; Yang, B.; Lu, P.; Zhang, M.; Lu, D.; Ma, Y.; Shen, J.

Journal of Physical Chemistry. B 109(15): 6944-6947


ISSN/ISBN: 1520-6106
PMID: 16851786
DOI: 10.1021/jp050375c
Accession: 050996021

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A series of fluorene and bipyridine (bpy) copolymers were synthesized, and their optical properties were investigated in the presence of zinc(II). By adjusting the bpy content in the polymer backbone, the emitting color of the polymer solution could be tuned from initial blue to green to white and violet when it interacted with zinc(II) ions. The counteranions of zinc(II) ions were also found to influence the optical properties of copolymers greatly.

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