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Biology, Geography & Health: Section 52

Section 52 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kolata, G.B., 1981:
!Kung bushmen join South african army

McCall, W.J., 1972:
"Before" and "after" photographs

Naini, F.B., 2012:
"Cotton wool roll" technique in orthognathic planning

Ge, J., 2015:
"Eye Science"in 2011

Rivera, F.; Caparrós, G.; Vozmediano, C.; Bennouna, M.; Anaya, S.; Sánchez de la Nieta, M.D.; García Rojo, M.; Blanco, J., 2010:
"Horseshoe kidney", renal adenocarcinoma and nephrotic syndrome

Texera Arnal, Y., 2010:
"Interim" black doctors and surgeons in the province of Venezuela in the 18th century

Arduin, P-Jean.; Frégnac, Y.; Shulz, D.E.; Ego-Stengel, Vérie., 2013:
"Master" neurons induced by operant conditioning in rat motor cortex during a brain-machine interface task

Baglar, R., 2013:
"Oh God, save us from sugar": an ethnographic exploration of diabetes mellitus in the United Arab Emirates

Söylemez, H.; Sancaktutar, A.Ali.; Altunoluk, B.; Atar, M., 2013:
"Re: Radiation protection in pediatric radiology"

Alexandropoulos, D.I.; Manos, M.J.; Papatriantafyllopoulou, C.; Mukherjee, S.; Tasiopoulos, A.J.; Perlepes, S.P.; Christou, G.; Stamatatos, T.C., 2012:
"Squaring the clusters": a Mn(III)4Ni(II)4 molecular square from nickel(II)-induced structural transformation of a Mn(II/III/IV)12 cage

Lange, M., 2013:
"The sweet poison": diabetes mellitus in the perioperative phase

vom Hau, M.; Wilde, G., 2010:
"We have always lived here": indigenous movements, citizenship and poverty in Argentina

Birch, H.G., 1945:
"Psychological differences As Among Races"?

McQueen, C.P.; Parish, R., 2011:
'Core' emergency medicine training in the United Kingdom: regional variations in training standards

King, S.; Walsh, K., 2007:
'I think PCA is great, but ...'-Surgical nurses' perceptions of patient-controlled analgesia

Schmied, V.A.; Duff, M.; Dahlen, H.G.; Mills, A.E.; Kolt, G.S., 2011:
'Not waving but drowning': a study of the experiences and concerns of midwives and other health professionals caring for obese childbearing women

Sternheim, A.; Jin, X.; Shmookler, B.; Jelinek, J.; Malawer, M.M., 2007:
'Telangiectatic' transformation in soft tissue sarcomas. a clinicopathology analysis of an aggressive feature of high-grade sarcomas

Stewart, G.N., 1902:
'nodules' In Colored Blood Corpuscles

Cai, Y., 2009 :
(1R,2S,3R,5S)-5-(1H-Benzimidazol-2-yl)cyclo-hexane-1,2,3,5-tetraol mono-hydrate

Rühm, W.; Wallner, A.; Cullings, H.; Egbert, S.D.; El-Faramawy, N.; Faestermann, T.; Kaul, D.; Knie, K.; Korschinek, G.; Nakamura, N.; Roberts, J.; Rugel, G., 2010:
(41)Ca in Tooth Enamel. Part II: A means for retrospective biological neutron dosimetry in atomic bomb survivors

Asiri, A.M.; Faidallah, H.M.; Ng, S.Weng., 2011:

Dobricki, M.; Maercker, A., 2010:
(Post-traumatic) embitterment disorder: critical evaluation of its stressor criterion and a proposed revised classification

O'Shea, S.D.; Taylor, N.F.; Paratz, J.D., 2007:
... But watch out for the weather: factors affecting adherence to progressive resistance exercise for persons with COPD

Arslan, H.; Vanderveer, D.; Yaşar, S.; Ozdemir, I.; Cetinkaya, B., 2009:
1,3-Bis(4-tert-butyl-benz-yl)-4,5-dihydro-imidazolium chloride monohydrate

Xian, L.; Cui, L.; Cheng, M., 2008:
1-(4-Nitro-benzo-yl)-3-(4-nitro-phen-yl)-thio-urea acetone hemisolvate

Cheng, Y.; Hua, W-Qian.; Zhou, Y-Hua., 2012:
1-tert-Butyl-3-(pyridin-2-ylmethyl-κN)imidazol-2-yl-idene-κC]carbonyl-dichlorido(dimethyl sulfoxide-κS)ruthenium(II)

Wang, M-Fang.; Yang, L-Hua.; Yang, X-Ling.; Zhang, R-Juan.; Dong, C-Xia.; Hou, L-Hong.; Liu, X-E., 2012:
1059 g/c gene polymorphism of C-reactive protein in patients with deep vein thrombosis

Lima, E.; Balmaseda, J.; Reguera, E., 2007:
129Xe NMR spectroscopy study of porous cyanometallates

Fukuchi, M.; Takegoshi, K.; Ishizuka, T.; Furuta, H., 2007:
15N solid-NMR and X-ray diffraction studies of N-confused porphyrins

Dahele, M.R.; Ung, Y.C., 2007:
18F-FDG PET in planning radiation treatment of non-small cell lung cancer: where exactly is the tumor?

Mukherjee, B.; Peterson, A.; Subramanian, V.Ravi., 2012:
1D CdS/PbS heterostructured nanowire synthesis using cation exchange

Temel, E.; Tokgöz, B.; Yazıcılar, T.Kaya.; Büyükgüngör, O., 2010:
2,2'-Bipyridin-1-ium 3-nitro-benzene-sulfonate

Gowda, B.Thimme.; Foro, S.; Babitha, K.S.; Fuess, H., 2008:
2,6-Dichloro-phenyl 4-methyl-benzoate

Odabaşoğlu, Hı.Yasin.; Büyükgüngör, O.; Avinç, O.Ozan.; Odabaşoğlu, M., 2012:
2-Amino-3-(hy-droxy-meth-yl)pyridinium 2-benzoyl-benzoate monohydrate

Dutkiewicz, G.; Chidan Kumar, C.S.; Yathirajan, H.S.; Mayekar, A.N.; Kubicki, M., 2009:
2-Isopropyl-5-methyl-cyclo-hexyl 5-acet-oxy-1,3-oxathiol-ane-2-carboxyl-ate

Scott, R.M.; Fisher, C., 2010:
2-year-olds use distributional cues to interpret transitivity-alternating verbs

Debenham, B.; Banerjee, R.; Fairchild, A.; Dundas, G.; Trotter, T.; Yee, D., 2012:
2009 Canadian radiation oncology resident survey

Anonymous, 2012:
2012 best practices for repositories collection, storage, retrieval, and distribution of biological materials for research international society for biological and environmental repositories

Abdi, M.Reza.; Hassanzadeh, S.; Kamali, M.; Raji, H.Reza., 2009:
238U, 232Th, 40K and 137Cs activity concentrations along the southern coast of the Caspian Sea, Iran

Chen, T.; Pan, G-Bo.; Wettach, H.; Fritzsche, M.; Höger, S.; Wan, L-Jun.; Yang, H-Bo.; Northrop, B.H.; Stang, P.J., 2010:
2D assembly of metallacycles on HOPG by shape-persistent macrocycle templates

Zhou, N.; Zeller, W.; Krohn, M.; Anderson, H.; Zhang, J.; Onua, E.; Kiselyov, A.S.; Ramirez, J.; Halldorsdottir, Głrún.; Andrésson, T.; Gurney, M.E.; Singh, J., 2008:
3,4-Disubstituted indole acylsulfonamides: a novel series of potent and selective human EP3 receptor antagonists

Sang-Jin Lee; Kavehei, O.;; Tae Won Cho; Younggap You; Kyoungrok Cho; Eshraghian, K., 2010:
3-D System-on-System (SoS) Biomedical-Imaging Architecture for Health-Care Applications

Elderfield, R.C.; Wright, J.B., 2010:
3-phenyl-4-chloro- and 3-phenyl-4,7-dichloroquinoline

Cilla, M.; Peña, E.; Martínez, M.A., 2013:
3D computational parametric analysis of eccentric atheroma plaque: influence of axial and circumferential residual stresses

Kristam, R.; Parmar, V.; Viswanadhan, V.N., 2014:
3D-QSAR analysis of TRPV1 inhibitors reveals a pharmacophore applicable to diverse scaffolds and clinical candidates

Srivastava, A.; Rao, L.Jagan.Mohan.; Shivanandappa, T., 2013:
4-(2-Hydroxypropan-2-yl)-1-methylcyclohexane-1,2-diol prevents xenobiotic induced cytotoxicity

Hulubei, V.; Meikrantz, S.B.; Quincy, D.A.; Houle, T.; McKenna, J.I.; Rogers, M.E.; Steiger, S.; Natale, N.R., 2013:
4-Isoxazolyl-1,4-dihydropyridines exhibit binding at the multidrug-resistance transporter

Tweet, M.S.; Polga, K.M., 2011:
44-year-old man with shortness of breath, fatigue, and paresthesia

Moumou, M.; Benharref, A.; Berraho, M.; Daran, J-Claude.; Akssira, M.; Elhakmaoui, A., 2011:

Larsen, M.; Holm, Ré.; Jensen, K.Gjervig.; Sveigaard, C.; Brodin, B.; Nielsen, C.Uhd., 2010:
5-Hydroxy-L-tryptophan alters gaboxadol pharmacokinetics in rats: involvement of PAT1 and rOat1 in gaboxadol absorption and elimination

Hadzic, A.; Sadeghi, N.; Vandepitte, C.; Vandepitte, W.; Van de Velde, M.; Hadzic, A.; Van Robays, J.; Heylen, R.; Herijgers, P.; Vloka, C.; Van Zundert, J.; Vesalius, A., 2016:
500th birthday of Andreas Vesalius, the founder of modern anatomy: "vivitur ingenio, caetera mortis erunt" ("genius lives on, all else is mortal")

Lin, R.; Rosahl, T.W.; Whiting, P.J.; Fawcett, J.W.; Kwok, J.C.F., 2011:
6-Sulphated chondroitins have a positive influence on axonal regeneration

Seela, F.; Ming, X.; Budow, S.; Eickmeier, H.; Reuter, H., 2008:
7-Fluorotubercidin: a halogenated derivative of a naturally occurring nucleoside antimetabolite

Anonymous, 2014:
84th annual meeting of the american thyroid association

Andrasik, M.P.; Valentine, S.E.; Pantalone, D.W., 2013:
iSometimes you just have to have a lot of bitter to make it sweet : Substance abuse and partner abuse in the lives of HIV+ men who have sex with men

Dheer, S.; Silverberg, C.; Zoga, A.C.; Morrison, W.B., 2013:
A 14-year-old with lateral knee pain and locking

Chung, C.H.; Lee, J.W.; Slebos, R.J.; Howard, J.D.; Perez, J.; Kang, H.; Fertig, E.J.; Considine, M.; Gilbert, J.; Murphy, B.A.; Nallur, S.; Paranjape, T.; Jordan, R.C.; Garcia, J.; Burtness, B.; Forastiere, A.A.; Weidhaas, J.B., 2015:
A 3'-UTR KRAS-variant is associated with cisplatin resistance in patients with recurrent and/or metastatic head and neck squamous cell carcinoma

Warner, G.Scott.; Smith, C.Allen., 2008:
A 48-year-old man presenting with night sweats and dyspnea

Werth, J.P.; Rohde, H.; Keserü, M.; Wagenfeld, L.; Richard, G.; Galambos, P., 2013:
A 7-year-old patient with sudden painful inflammation of the lower leg and eye

Pough, R.H., 1941:
A Bird List

Hill, R., 1916:
A Case Of Acute Myeloblastic Leukaemia

Turner, J.G., 1935:
A Case of Birth Injury of the Jaw: (Section of Odontology)

Jardine, R., 1892:
A Case of Prolonged Gestation with Complete Occlusion of the OS Externum

Butlin, H.T., 1898:
A Clinical Lecture on Halsted's Operation for Removal of Cancer of the Breast: Delivered at St. Bartholomew's Hospital

Davison, J.M., 1910:
A Contribution To The Problem Of Coon Butte

Gregor, G.D., 1916:
A Dental Plate In The Oesophagus

Garg, J.; Arun, P., 2013:
A Follow-up Study of Academic Functioning and Social Adjustment in Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Yu, Y-Wei.; Zhu, J.; Jia, S-Xing.; Shi, Y., 2009:
A High Isolation Series-Shunt RF MEMS Switch

Tharaldsen, C.E., 1931:
A Light Filter For Microscopes

Anonymous, 1918:
A Ministry of Health

El-Alfy, T.S.; El-Gohary, H.M.A.; Sokkar, N.M.; Hosny, M.; Al-Mahdy, D.A., 2011:
A New Flavonoid C-Glycoside from Celtis australis L. and Celtis occidentalis L. Leaves and Potential Antioxidant and Cytotoxic Activities

Klingensmith, C.W., 1945:
A note on the natural occurrence of Fluoroacetic Acid, the acid of the new rodenticide "1080"

Anonymous, 1949:
A Patient Remembers Lister

Gonzalez, A.; Weibust, K.S.; Miller, C.T.; Solomon, S.E., 2012:
A Preliminary Examination of Sexual Orientation as a Social Vulnerability for Experiencing HIV/AIDS-related Stigma

Hariri, F.; Cheung, L.Kwong.; Rahman, Z.Ariff.Bin.Abdul.; Ramasamy, S.Naidu.; Ganesan, D., 2014:
A Rare Orbital Complication of Eye Exodeviation With Limited Abduction During Monobloc Le Fort III Distraction Osteogenesis

Baum, M.L.; Kurup, P.; Xu, J.; Lombroso, P.J., 2010:
A STEP forward in neural function and degeneration

Sharma, A.; Zhang, L.; Niño-Liu, D.; Ashrafi, H.; Foolad, M.R., 2009:
A Solanum lycopersicum x Solanum pimpinellifolium linkage map of tomato displaying genomic locations of R-genes, RGAs, and candidate resistance/defense-response ESTs

Ali, A.N.; Diaz, R.; Shu, H-Kuo.; Paulino, A.C.; Esiashvili, N., 2012:
A Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) program comparison of adult and pediatric Wilms' tumor

Cheng, L.; Xiao-Yu, K.; Kang-Wei, Z., 2007:
A ULFC method for d(4)(D(2d)) ions and a study of the spin singlets contributions to zero-field splitting of Cr(2+) ions in zinc sulfide crystals

Chen, Y-Guang.; Liu, C-Hsien.; Shen, C-Hao., 2013:
A ball inside the abdomen?

Minnebusch, D.A.; Suchan, B.; Köster, O.; Daum, I., 2009:
A bilateral occipitotemporal network mediates face perception

Phelan, C.; Tangorra, J.; Lauder, G.; Hale, M., 2011:
A biorobotic model of the sunfish pectoral fin for investigations of fin sensorimotor control

Nakama, T.; Shibata, Y.; Kimura, T.; Fukushima, Y.; Inoue, Y.; Kuriyama, N., 2016:
A breakthrough trans-collateral retrograde access for occlusive superficial femoral artery: multi-site access and sheaths insertion (MUSASHI) technique

Gardner, H.B., 2009:
A bubble must be blown

Lu, Y.; Meyyappan, M.; Li, J., 2010:
A carbon-nanotube-based sensor array for formaldehyde detection

Tanir, G.; Tuygun, N.; Balaban, I.; Doksöz, O., 2009:
A case of Crimean-congo hemorrhagic fever with pleural effusion

Dadfarmay, S.; Dixon, J., 2009:
A case of acute cardiomyopathy and pericarditis associated with methylphenidate

Bercovitz, R.S.; Macy, M.; Ambruso, D.R., 2013:
A case of autoimmune hemolytic anemia with anti-D specificity in a 1-year-old child

Ozdemir, M.A.; Işik, B.; Patiroglu, T.; Karakukcu, M.; Mutlu, F.T.; Yilmaz, E.; Unal, E., 2015:
A case of congenital afibrinogenemia complicated with thromboembolic events that required repeated amputations

Kim, Y.Hyun.; Cho, J.Tae., 2012:
A case of exercise-induced acute renal failure with G774A mutation in SCL22A12 causing renal hypouricemia

Hyodo, I.; Ota, M.; Kobayashi, A., 2009:
A case of hypopigmentation triggered by S-1

Nishimura, J.; Tamada, Y.; Iwase, S.; Kubo, A.; Watanabe, D.; Matsumoto, Y., 2011:
A case of lung cancer with unilateral anhidrosis and contralateral hyperhidrosis as the first clinical manifestation

Stewart, I.J.; Gallagher, J.P.; Dahms, W.J., 2008:
A case of new onset Crohn's disease after renal transplantation

Uchida, T.; Nakano, H.; Omata, M.; Itou, H.; Shibata, T.; Ooka, S.; Yamada, H.; Ozaki, S.; Minagawa, N.; Michikawa, Y.; Koike, J., 2011:
A case of primary Sjögren's syndrome complicated by chronic progressive myositis

Obana, A.; Brinkmann, R.; Gohto, Y.; Nishimura, K., 2011:
A case of retinal injury by a violet light-emitting diode

Kim, H-Jun.; Park, E-Kyung.; Moon, I-Seok., 2014:
A case of sudden hearing loss during treatment with decitabine for chronic myelomonocytic leukemia

Singh, S.Kumar.; Rai, T., 2014:
A case of zidovudine induced pigmentation on palms and soles

Bolonesi, R.M.; Rogers, J.E.; Shureiqi, I., 2015:
A case report--treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer in a patient on hemodialysis

Müller, T.; Ensminger, I.; Schmid, K.J., 2013:
A catalogue of putative unique transcripts from Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) based on 454 transcriptome sequencing of genetically diverse, drought stressed seedlings

Sugiyama, K., 2012:
A challenge to primary open-angle glaucoma including normal-pressure. Clinical problems and their scientific solution

Blancato, V.S.; Magni, C., 2010:
A chimeric vector for efficient chromosomal modification in Enterococcus faecalis and other lactic acid bacteria

Habib, A.G., 2010:
A clinical and epidemiologic update on the interaction between tuberculosis and human immunodeficiency virus infection in adults

Winckler, T., 2007:
A clinical study with an HIV integrase inhibitor

van der Zwaag, B.; Staal, W.G.; Hochstenbach, R.; Poot, M.; Spierenburg, H.A.; de Jonge, M.V.; Verbeek, N.E.; van 't Slot, R.; van Es, M.A.; Staal, F.J.; Freitag, C.M.; Buizer-Voskamp, J.E.; Nelen, M.R.; van den Berg, L.H.; van Amstel, H.K.Ploos.; van Engeland, H.; Burbach, J.Peter.H., 2010:
A co-segregating microduplication of chromosome 15q11.2 pinpoints two risk genes for autism spectrum disorder

Carew, M.E.; Marshall, S.E.; Hoffmann, A.A., 2011:
A combination of molecular and morphological approaches resolves species in the taxonomically difficult genus Procladius Skuse (Diptera: Chironomidae) despite high intra-specific morphological variation

Gardner, E., 2010:
A commitment to patient care. Focus on technology, team approach helps North Shore-LIJ land NQF quality award

Webb, J.B.; Applegate, K.L.; Grant, J.P., 2011:
A comparative analysis of Type 2 diabetes and binge eating disorder in a bariatric sample

de Miranda, L.Carlos.Gomes.; Barrucand, L.; Costa, Jé.; Verçosa, Núbia., 2009:
A comparative study between one and two effective doses (ED95) of rocuronium for tracheal intubation

Li, G-hu.; Wu, Y.; Zhang, X-ji.; Cui, Y-sheng., 2011:
A comparative study of survival time of surgery combined with chemotherapy and non-surgical chemotherapy in SCLC

Adams, E.J.; Warrington, A.P., 2008:
A comparison between cobalt and linear accelerator-based treatment plans for conformal and intensity-modulated radiotherapy

Ngo, T.C.; Wong, I.Yi-Zhen.; Kennedy, W.A., 2013:
A comparison of calcium hydroxyapatite and dextranomer/hyaluronic Acid for the endoscopic treatment of vesicoureteral reflux

Kidwell, M.J.; Arpey, C.J.; Messingham, M.J., 2008:
A comparison of histologic effectiveness and ultrastructural properties of the electrocautery scratch pad to sandpaper for manual dermabrasion

Zang, S.; Dong, G.; Peng, B.; Xu, J.; Ma, Z.; Wang, X.; Liu, L.; Wang, Q., 2015:
A comparison of physicochemical properties of sterilized chitosan hydrogel and its applicability in a canine model of periodontal regeneration

Woolsey, C.L.; Jacobson, B.H.; Williams, R.D.; Barry, A.E.; Davidson, R.T.; Evans, M.W.; Beck, N.C., 2015:
A comparison of the combined-use of alcohol & energy drinks to alcohol-only on high-risk drinking and driving behaviors

Yuen, J.; Painter, I.; Abraham, L.; Melian, M.; Denno, D.M., 2015:
A comparison of trends in cesarean delivery in Paraguay between 1995 and 2008

Schwab, D.Roulet., 2014:
A complex reality

Bosu, W.K., 2014:
A comprehensive review of the policy and programmatic response to chronic non-communicable disease in Ghana

Ramírez-Rodrigo, Jús.; Moreno-Vázquez, Jé.Antonio.; Ruiz-Villaverde, A.; Sánchez-Caravaca, Mía.Ángeles.; Lopez de la Torre-Casares, Mín.; Villaverde-Gutiérrez, C., 2013:
A computer tool for cardiovascular risk estimation according to Framingham and SCORE equations

Gauthier, B.; Shi, R., 2012:
A connectionist study on the role of pitch in infant-directed speech

Geller, S.E.; Adams, M.G.; Miller, S., 2008:
A continuum of care model for postpartum hemorrhage

Black, C.A.; Hanton, L.R.; Spicer, M.D., 2007:
A coordination polymer strategy for anion encapsulation: anion-pi interactions in (4,4) nets formed from Ag(I) salts and a flexible pyrimidine ligand

Szady, A.D.; Pepine, C.J.; Sharma, S.V.; Cogle, C.R.; Perin, E.C.; Ellis, S.G.; Moyé, L.A., 2014:
A critical analysis of clinical outcomes reported in stem cell trials for acute myocardial infarction: some thoughts for design of future trials

Fox, S.H.; Johnston, T.H.; Li, Q.; Brotchie, J.; Bezard, E., 2013:
A critique of available scales and presentation of the Non-Human Primate Dyskinesia Rating Scale

Sachadyn, Pł.; Stanisławska-Sachadyn, A.; Kabat, E.Maria.; Zielińska, A.; Kur, Józef., 2010:
A cryptic ribosome binding site, false signals in reporter systems and avoidance of protein translation chaos

Akay, A.; Dragomir, A.; Yardimci, A.; Canatan, D.; Yesilipek, A.; Pogue, B.W., 2009:
A data-mining approach for investigating social and economic geographical dynamics of beta-thalassemia's spread

Wernhart, S.; Woernle, C.M.; Neidert, M.C.; Bode, B.; Rushing, E.J.; Studer, G.; Fuchs, I.; Regli, L.; Sürücü, O., 2014:
A deeply seated brain metastasis from a primary myxofibrosarcoma: case report

Fu, M.; Xiao, Y.; Qian, X.; Zhao, D.; Xu, Y., 2008:
A design concept of long-wavelength fluorescent analogs of rhodamine dyes: replacement of oxygen with silicon atom

Pannellini, T.; Iezzi, M.; Liberatore, M.; Sabatini, F.; Iacobelli, S.; Rossi, C.; Alberti, S.;, C.; Vitaglione, P.; Fogliano, V.; Piantelli, M., 2011:
A dietary tomato supplement prevents prostate cancer in TRAMP mice

Wilson, Y.M.; Murphy, M., 2009:
A discrete population of neurons in the lateral amygdala is specifically activated by contextual fear conditioning

Davis, L.M.G.; Martínez, I.; Walter, J.; Hutkins, R., 2011:
A dose dependent impact of prebiotic galactooligosaccharides on the intestinal microbiota of healthy adults

Zhang, H.; Wang, X., 2010:
A dual effect of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus replication on the phosphatidylinositol-3-kinase-dependent Akt pathway

Yao, S.; Lu, X.; Li, X.; Ou, T., 2009:
A facile approach for syntheses of nearly monodisperse nanocrystals: sol-solvothermal process

Nenner, F.; Thompson, K., 2012:
A family's struggle

Safra, T.; Bernstein Molho, R.; Menzcher, J.; Inbar, M.; Grisaru, D.; Levy, T., 2009:
A feasibility study of weekly docetaxel with capecitabine in ovarian cancer: a promising combination of two active drugs with a potential for synergism

Do-Pham, G.; Pagès, C.; Picard, C.; Galicier, L.; Lémann, M.; Dubertret, L.; Viguier, M., 2010:
A first case report of a patient with paraneoplastic dermatomyositis developing diffuse alveolar haemorrhage

Chu, Q.; Medvetz, D.A.; Panzner, M.J.; Pang, Y., 2010:
A fluorescent bis(benzoxazole) ligand: toward binuclear Zn(II)-Zn(II) assembly

Okada, E.; Fujiishi, Y.; Narumi, K.; Yasutake, N.; Ohyama, W., 2014:
A four-day oral treatment regimen for simultaneous micronucleus analyses in the glandular stomach, colon, and bone marrow of rats

Wu, C.; Jaramaz, B.; Narasimhan, S.G., 2010:
A full geometric and photometric calibration method for oblique-viewing endoscopes

Baumberger, J.P.; Leong, G.F.; Bardwell, K., 1948:
A further study of the effect of hemoglobin on cellular respiration

Shekhar, S.; Dunn, T.B.; Kotecki, B.J.; Montavon, D.K.; Cullen, S.C., 2011:
A general method for palladium-catalyzed reactions of primary sulfonamides with aryl nonaflates

Groff, D.; Chen, P.R.; Peters, F.B.; Schultz, P.G., 2010:
A genetically encoded epsilon-N-methyl lysine in mammalian cells

Yang, Y-Wu.; Liu, S.; Wang, X.; Mao, Q., 2014:
A giant falcine chondrosarcoma: case report and literature review

Wiedemann, A., 2009:
A good view in vaginal interventions

Waran, V.; Sek, K.; Bahuri, N.F.; Narayanan, P.; Chandran, H., 2012:
A haemostatic agent delivery system for endoscopic neurosurgical procedures

Caballero, M.R.; Lukawska, J.; Dugué, P., 2010:
A hidden cause of perioperative anaphylaxis

Kelly, G.C.; Hale, E.; Donald, W.; Batarii, W.; Bugoro, H.; Nausien, J.; Smale, J.; Palmer, K.; Bobogare, A.; Taleo, G.; Vallely, A.; Tanner, M.; Vestergaard, L.S.; Clements, A.C.A., 2013:
A high-resolution geospatial surveillance-response system for malaria elimination in Solomon Islands and Vanuatu

Liang, L.; Zhao, L.; Zeng, X., 2015:
A highly selective turn-on fluorescent chemodosimeter for Cu(2+) through a Cu (2+)-promoted redox reaction

Xue, F.S.; Liao, X.; Liu, J.H.; Yuan, Y.J.; Wang, Q., 2012:
A hollow bite block to keep mouth opening during facemask ventilation in anesthetized children

Peiffer, Véronique.; Gerisch, A.; Vandepitte, D.; Van Oosterwyck, H.; Geris, L., 2011:
A hybrid bioregulatory model of angiogenesis during bone fracture healing

Arya, M.; Williams, L.Tionne.; Stone, V.E.; Behforouz, H.Louise.; Viswanath, K.; Giordano, T.Peter., 2011:
A key strategy for reducing HIV in African American communities: promoting HIV testing

Arishima, H.; Kitai, R.; Kodera, T.; Yamada, S.; Kikuta, K-ichiro., 2016:
A large intramedullary neurofibroma in the thoracic spinal cord: case report

Nosan, G.; Bertok, S.; Vesel, S.; Yntema, H.G.; Paro-Panjan, D., 2014:
A lethal course of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in Noonan syndrome due to a novel germline mutation in the KRAS gene: case study

Kajiya, T.; Brunet, P.; Royon, L.; Daerr, A.; Receveur, M.; Limat, L., 2014:
A liquid contact line receding on a soft gel surface: dip-coating geometry investigation

Caga, J.; Ramsey, E.; Hogden, A.; Mioshi, E.; Kiernan, M.C., 2016:
A longer diagnostic interval is a risk for depression in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Gray, J., 2008:
A lottery with lives at stake

Harvie, K.W., 1979:
A major advance in the control of postoperative knee pain

Kolata, G., 1986:
A math image problem

Mozley, O.L.; Thompson, B.C.; Fernandez-Martell, A.; James, D.C., 2015:
A mechanistic dissection of polyethylenimine mediated transfection of CHO cells: to enhance the efficiency of recombinant DNA utilization

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A meta-analysis of efficacy and tolerability of buprenorphine for the relief of cancer pain

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Asthma patients with allergic rhinitis, To treat airways as a whole!

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Anonymous, 2014 :
BVA continues its support for pilot badger culls

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Calcium intake and body composition in African-American children and adolescents at risk for overweight and obesity

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Calcium-enriched mixture cement as artificial apical barrier: A case series

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Calculation of the best basal-bolus combination for postprandial glucose control in insulin pump therapy

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Calibration of the TonoLab tonometer in mice with spontaneous or experimental glaucoma

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Calling for serial inebriate programs

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Calprotectin in feces a well-documented marker of gastrointestinal inflammation. Indicates disease intensity--normalization of values predict mucosal healing

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Campylobacteriosis and Guillain Barre syndrome

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Can misfolded proteins be beneficial? The HAMLET case

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Can proton pump inhibitors accentuate skin aging?

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Can the analysis of GORD-related sleep disturbances help the clinician to better manage the disease?

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Can we and should we improve on frontline imatinib therapy for chronic myeloid leukemia?

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Can you hear me now? Musical training shapes functional brain networks for selective auditory attention and hearing speech in noise

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Canadian patient safety champions: collaborating on improving patient safety

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Cancer prevention in Africa: a review of the literature

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Cancer survivorship and the young breast cancer patient: addressing the important issues

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Candor, criticism, teamwork

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Cannabinoid-related agents in the treatment of anxiety disorders: current knowledge and future perspectives

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Capability and bacteria community analysis of an anaerobic baffled reactor treating soybean wastewater

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Capillary electrophoresis/mass spectrometry for the separation and characterization of bovine Cu,Zn-superoxide dismutase

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Capsule commentary on Ganzani et al., trust is the basis for effective suicide risk screening and assessment in veterans

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Carbachol-induced long-term synaptic depression is enhanced during senescence at hippocampal CA3-CA1 synapses

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Carbon-14 radiosynthesis of the benzofuran derivative and β-amyloid plaque neuroimaging positron emission tomography radioligand AZD4694

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Carboxylesterases are uniquely expressed among tissues and regulated by nuclear hormone receptors in the mouse

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Carcinoma of the Body of the Uterus in a Patient, aged 29

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Cardiac Neuroses

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Cardiac implantable electronic devices: pacing our enthusiasm

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Cardiac stem cell biology: glimpse of the past, present, and future

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Cardio-Vascular Anomalies

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Cardiorenal syndrome: conception, classification and consideration

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Cardiovascular responses to positive pressure breathing using two kinds of Jerkin-G-suit

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Care providers' satisfaction with restructured clinical pharmacy services in a tertiary care teaching hospital

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Careless girls and repentant wives: gender in postwar classroom films

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Caring for the radial artery post-angiogram: a pilot study on a comparison of three methods of compression

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Cartilage and bone extracellular matrix

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Case 1: A six-year-old with hyperactivity

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Case of Carcinoma of the Rectum Complicated by Enlarged Prostate

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Case of Lupus Erythematosus (Juvenilis)

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Case of Tay-Sachs Disease

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Case report: Prolonged collodion membrane causing constrictive bands of the digits and treatment

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Case-control study of risk factors for community acquired pneumonia among old persons in Shanghai City

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Cat scratch disease and other human infections caused by Bartonella species

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Catathrenia: getting the 'cat' out of the bag

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Caucasion allied health students' attitudes towards African Americans: implications for instruction and research

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Cause, setting and ownership analysis of dog bites in Bay County, Florida from 2009 to 2010

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Causes, characteristics and mid-term course of acute urinary retention in women referred to a urodynamics unit

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Cdk4/6 inhibition induces epithelial-mesenchymal transition and enhances invasiveness in pancreatic cancer cells

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Celebrex approved for juvenile arthritis

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Cell attachment and spreading activity of mixed laminin peptide-chitosan membranes

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Cell death-inducing DFF45-like effector, a lipid droplet-associated protein, might be involved in the differentiation of human adipocytes

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Cell proliferation, apoptosis, and apoptosis inhibition in malignant transformation of sinonasal inverted papilloma

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Cell type-specific regulation of ITAM-mediated NF-kappaB activation by the adaptors, CARMA1 and CARD9

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Cell-mediated and humoral immune responses after immunization of calves with a recombinant multiantigenic Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis subunit vaccine at different ages

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Cellular and humoral responses to tetanus vaccination in Gabonese children

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Cellular interactions and biomechanical properties of a unique vascular-derived scaffold for periodontal tissue regeneration

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Cellular telephony, any risk for health?

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Cemento-ossifying fibroma of the maxilla: a case report

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Central nervous system resistance; the effects of temporary arrest of cerebral circulation for periods of two to ten minutes

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Central venous catheterization--right internal jugular vein approach

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Cepharanthin effect on radiation-induced xerostomia and taste disorder in patients with head and neck cancer

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Cerebellopontine angle cyst

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Cerebral edema due to phenobarbital sensitivity; clinical study of a case

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Cerebral perfusion after a 2-year remission in major depression

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Cerebrospinal fluid and serum concentrations of ponazuril in horses

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Certain Features Of Renal Calculus

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Cervical cancer mortality in India - Authors' reply

Wierzbicka, Młgorzata.; Bartochowska, A.; Banaszewski, J.; Szyfter, W., 2013:
Cervical oesophageal and hypopharyngeal perforations after anterior cervical spine surgery salvaged with regional and free flaps

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