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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 51068

Chapter 51068 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Yu, Y-Wei.; Zhu, J.; Jia, S-Xing.; Shi, Y., 2009:
A High Isolation Series-Shunt RF MEMS Switch

Rollefson, G.K., 1924:
A High Resistance for use with Electrometers

El-Sallam, A.A.; Boussaid, F., 2009:
A High Resolution Color Image Restoration Algorithm for Thin TOMBO Imaging Systems

Beams, J.W., 1939:
A High Resolving Power Ultracentrifuge

Offner, F.; Gerard, R.W., 1936:
A High Speed Crystal Ink Writer

Emmons, R.C., 1931:
A High Temperature Electric Furnace and a Micro-Adaptation

Ahmad, S.; Hughes, M.A.; Lane, K.T.; Redinbo, M.R.; Yeh, L-An.; Scott, J.E., 2011:
A High Throughput Assay for Discovery of Bacterial β-Glucuronidase Inhibitors

Sinnett, S.E.; Sexton, J.Z.; Brenman, J.E., 2014:
A High Throughput Assay for Discovery of Small Molecules that Bind AMP-activated Protein Kinase (AMPK)

Fraser, B.; Maranchuk, R.A.; Foley, E., 2014:
A High-Content RNAi Screen Identifies Ubiquitin Modifiers That Regulate TNF-Dependent Nuclear Accumulation of NF-κB

Seo, J.Hee.; Mittal, R., 2011:
A High-Order Immersed Boundary Method for Acoustic Wave Scattering and Low-Mach Number Flow-Induced Sound in Complex Geometries

Poleszczuk, J.; Enderling, H., 2014:
A High-Performance Cellular Automaton Model of Tumor Growth with Dynamically Growing Domains

Campbell, A.J.; Heinz, D.L., 1992:
A High-Pressure Test of Birch's Law

O'neill, G.K., 1968:
A High-Resolution Orbiting Telescope: New techniques would lead to orbiting an optical telescope 25 times the diameter of Palomar's

Stallings, K.D.; Kitchener, R.L.; Hentz, N.G., 2013:
A High-Temperature, High-Throughput Method for Monitoring Residual Formaldehyde in Vaccine Formulations

Miller, M.E.; Parrott, E.E.; Singh, R.; Nelson, S.W., 2016:
A High-Throughput Assay to Identify Inhibitors of the Apicoplast DNA Polymerase from Plasmodium falciparum

Brown, S.; Yeckel, G.; Heinz, R.; Clark, K.; Sleper, D.; Mitchum, M.G., 2010:
A High-Throughput Automated Technique for Counting Females of Heterodera glycines using a Fluorescence-Based Imaging System

Kumar, R.; Ichihashi, Y.; Kimura, S.; Chitwood, D.H.; Headland, L.R.; Peng, J.; Maloof, J.N.; Sinha, N.R., 2012:
A High-Throughput Method for Illumina RNA-Seq Library Preparation

Lee, B-Hoon.; Finley, D.; King, R.W., 2013:
A High-Throughput Screening Method for Identification of Inhibitors of the Deubiquitinating Enzyme USP14

Current, K.Wayne.; Yuk, K.; McConaghy, C.; Gascoyne, P.R.C.; Schwartz, J.A.; Vykoukal, J.V.; Andrews, C., 2005:
A High-Voltage Integrated Circuit Engine for a Dielectrophoresis-based Programmable Micro-Fluidic Processor

Bihr, U.; Anders, J.; Becker, J.; Ortmanns, M., 2013:
A High-Voltage Neural Stimulator Combined with a Low-Voltage Recorder

Current, K.W.; Yuk, K.; McConaghy, C.; Gascoyne, P.R.C.; Schwartz, J.A.; Vykoukal, J.V.; Andrews, C., 2007:
A High-Voltage SOI CMOS Exciter Chip for a Programmable Fluidic Processor System

Rieg, T., 2014:
A High-throughput method for measurement of glomerular filtration rate in conscious mice

Anonymous, 1921:
A Higher Diploma in Ophthalmology

Zhang, L.; Cheng, Z.; Lü, Y.; Zhu, X., 2009:
A Highly Active Iron-Based Catalyst System for the AGET ATRP of Styrene

Page, I.H., 1935:
A Highly Active Pressor Substance from Cerebral Ventricular Fluid of Human Beings

Sulzer, J.S.; Roiz, R.A.; Peshkin, M.A.; Patton, J.L., 2009:
A Highly Backdrivable, Lightweight Knee Actuator for Investigating Gait in Stroke

Kapmaz, M.; Gülşen, I.; Kış, N.; Başaran, S.; Oksüz, Lütfiye.; Gürler, N., 2014:
A Highly Rare Cause of Lumbar Spondylodiscitis with Epidural Abscess: Actinomyces israelii

Xia, J-Bao.; Cormier, K.W.; Chen, C., 2012:
A Highly Selective Vanadium Catalyst for Benzylic C-H Oxidation

Du Nouy, P.L., 1925:
A Highly Sensitive Physical Method for Detecting Proteins in a Solution

Takahashi, S.; Furukawara, M.; Omae, K.; Tadokoro, N.; Saito, Y.; Abe, K.; Kera, Y., 2015:
A Highly Stable D-Amino Acid Oxidase of the Thermophilic Bacterium Rubrobacter xylanophilus

Raj, A.; Kumar, S.; Singh, S.Kumar., 2014:
A Highly Thermostable Xylanase from Stenotrophomonas maltophilia: Purification and Partial Characterization

Evans, B.A.; Fiser, B.L.; Prins, W.J.; Rapp, D.J.; Shields, A.R.; Glass, D.R.; Superfine, R., 2011:
A Highly Tunable Silicone-Based Magnetic Elastomer with Nanoscale Homogeneity

Granados-Lieberman, D.; Valtierra-Rodriguez, M.; Morales-Hernandez, L.A.; Romero-Troncoso, R.J.; Osornio-Rios, R.A., 2013:
A Hilbert transform-based smart sensor for detection, classification, and quantification of power quality disturbances

Li, S.; Ma, Y.; Jang, S.; Wu, Y.; Liu, H.; Cao, Z.; Li, W., 2010:
A HindIII BAC library construction of Mesobuthus martensii Karsch (Scorpiones:Buthidae): an important genetic resource for comparative genomics and phylogenetic analysis

Onaran, M.; Yilmaz, A.; Sen, I.; Ergun, M.Ali.; Camtosun, A.; Küpeli, B.; Menevşe, S.; Bozkirli, I., 2009:
A HindIII polymorphism of fibronectin gene is associated with nephrolithiasis

Bhatia, T.; Agrawal, A.; Beniwal, R.Pratap.; Thomas, P.; Monk, T.H.; Nimgaonkar, V.L.; Deshpande, S.N., 2014:
A Hindi version of the Composite Scale of Morningness

Mitra, D.N., 2011:
A Hindu marriage in Bengal

Mitra, D.N., 2011:
A Hindu wife

Henry, A.K., 1927:
A Hinged Graft for Unstable Feet

Thomson, E., 1930:
A Hint to the Presbyopic Retinoscopist

Harrison, J.F., 2009:
A Hirshfeld interpretation of the charge, spin distribution, and polarity of the dipole moment of the open shell (3Sigma-) nitrogen halides: NF, NCl, and NBr

Harrison, J.F., 2010:
A Hirshfeld-I interpretation of the charge distribution, dipole and quadrupole moments of the halogenated acetylenes FCCH, ClCCH, BrCCH, and ICCH

Khan, A.; Ameen, A.; Maraj, I.; Turitto, G.; El-Sherif, N.E., 2012:
A His bundle extrasystole can both induce and reverse 2:1 atrioventricular block

Sosna, M.; Boer, H.; Bartlett, P.N., 2014:
A His-tagged Melanocarpus albomyces laccase and its electrochemistry upon immobilisation on NTA-modified electrodes and in conducting polymer films

Liew, O.Wah.; Ang, C.Xia.; Peh, Y.Pei.; Chong, P.Ching.Jenny.; Ng, Y.Xia.; Hwang, L-Ann.; Koh, X.Yu.; Yip, Y.Mun.; Liu, W.; Richards, A.Mark., 2014:
A His6-SUMO-eXact tag for producing human prepro-urocortin 2 in Escherichia coli for raising monoclonal antibodies

Hanes, F.M.; Rosenbloom, J., 1911:
A Histological and Chemical Study of the Fatty Matter of Normal and Cryptorchid Testes

Parker, R.L., 1923:
A Histological Slide Drying Plate

Goodman, C., 1917:
A Histological Study of the Circular Suture of the Blood-Vessels

Gurd, F.B., 1911:
A Histological Study of the Skin Lesions of Pellagra

Duke-Elder, W.S.; Duke-Elder, P.M., 1929:
A Histological Study on the Action of Short-Waved Light Upon the Eye, with a Note on "inclusion Bodies"

Mallory, F.B., 1898:
A Histological Study of Typhoid Fever

Rohdenburg, G.L.; Bullock, F.D., 1915:
A Histological Study of the internal secretory Glands in Mice bearing spontaneous tumors

Ratnakumari, N.; Thomas, B., 2012:
A Histopathological Comparison of Pulpal Response to Chitra-CPC and Formocresol used as Pulpotomy Agents in Primary Teeth: A Clinical Trial

Takekoshi, S.; Yasui, Y.; Inomoto, C.; Kitatani, K.; Nakamura, N.; Osamura, R.Yoshiyuki., 2014:
A Histopathological Study of Multi-hormone Producing Proliferative Lesions in Estrogen-induced Rat Pituitary Prolactinoma

Wieland, G.R., 1925:
A Historic Fossil

Chidester, F.E., 1923:
A Historical Note on Sex Determination in Pigeons

Gudger, E.W., 1919:
A Historical Note on the Synchronous Flashing of Fireflies

Turner, L.E., 1957:
A Historical Note on Queen Charlotte's Maternity Hospital and its Paediatricians

Turner, L.E., 1957:
A Historical Note on Queen Charlotte's Maternity Hospital and its Pædiatricians

Yngve, A., 2010:
A Historical Perspective of the Understanding of the Link between Diet and Coronary Heart Disease

Moore, I., 1926:
A Historical Survey of Peroral Endoscopy

Brincker, J.A., 1938:
A Historical, Epidemiological and AEtiological Study of Measles (Morbilli; Rubeola): (Section of Epidemiology and State Medicine)

Ferree, B., 1889:
A History of Habitations

Brandon, A.R.; Pitts, S.; Denton, W.H.; Stringer, C.Allen.; Evans, H.M., 2009:
A History of the Theory of Prenatal Attachment

Stevens, T.M., 1882:
A History of Health-Work in Indiana

Golub, E.S., 1990:
A History of Immunology. Arthur M. Silverstein. Academic Press, San Diego, CA, 1989. xxii, 422 pp., illus. $39.95; Immunology, 1930-1980. Essays on the History of Immunology. Pauline M. H. Mazumdar, Ed. Wall and Thompson, Toronto, 1989. x, 307 pp., illus. $C39.95. Based on a congress, Toronto, July 1986

Blake, J.B., 1964:
A History of Medicine

Lussky, R.C.; Cifuentes, R.F.; Siddappa, A.M., 2005:
A History of Neonatal Medicine-Past Accomplishments, Lessons Learned, and Future Challenges: Part II-The 1990s, the New Millennium, Future Challenges

Johnson, G., 1868:
A History of Seven Cases in which a Morbid Growth was removed from one of the Vocal Cords by the aid of the Laryngoscope

Hegner, C.F., 1932:
A History of Thyroid Surgery

McNeill, R.A., 1960:
A History of Tonsillectomy: Two Millenia of Trauma, Haemorrhage and Controversy

Haring, C.M., 1911:
A History of the Control of Tuberculosis in Three California Dairies

Swan, G.S., 1941:
A History of the Rescue and Aftercare of Two Cases after Four Days' Burial

Anonymous, 1959:
A History of the Royal College of Surgeons of England

Caulfield, E., 1939:
A History of the Terrible Epidemic, Vulgarly Called the Throat Distemper, as It Occurred in His Majesty's New England Colonies Between 1735 and 1740

Hunter, R.H., 1936:
A History of the Ulster Medical Society

Anonymous, 1947:
A Hitherto Undescribed Form of Headache

Titchener, E.B., 1903:
A Hitherto Undescribed Visual Phenomenon

Klotz, O., 1904:
A Hitherto Undescribed epizoötic among Rabbits and Rats, caused by a Flagellate Micrococcus

Mallory, F.B., 1903:
A Hitherto undescribed Fibrillar Substance produced by Connective-Tissue Cells

Lor, P., 2013:
A Hmong professional woman's reflections and perspectives on the influences affecting the changing roles of Hmong women in America

Rambo, V.C., 1962:
A Holder Needle

Raw, A.; Lewis, S.; Russell, A.; Macnaughton, J., 2012:
A Hole in the Heart: confronting the drive for evidence-based impact research in arts and health

Anonymous, 1936:
A Holiday for Diabetic Children

Thompson, H.J.; Demiris, G.; Rue, T.; Shatil, E.; Wilamowska, K.; Zaslavsky, O.; Reeder, B., 2012:
A Holistic approach to assess older adults' wellness using e-health technologies

Pinals, R.S.; Golden, E.; Harlow, J., 2012:
A Hollywood mystery: the untimely death of Jean Harlow

Anonymous, 1842:
A Holy Alliance

Townsend, J.F., 1933 :
A Home-Made Electrically-Driven Psychrometer

Barkey, E.; Kaszkin-Bettag, M., 2012:
A Homeopathic Arnica Patch for the Relief of Cellulitis-derived Pain and Numbness in the Hand

Capasso, L.; Michetti, E.; D'Anastasio, R., 2009:
A Homo erectus hyoid bone: possible implications for the origin of the human capability for speech

Clarke, R.J., 2013:
A Homo habilis maxilla and other newly-discovered hominid fossils from Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania

Kythreoti, G.; Vourloumis, D., 2011:
A Homo sapiens cytoplasmic ribosomal decoding A-site affinity screen evaluating aminoglycoside and analogue binding

Noguchi, H., 1918:
A Homohemolytic System for the Serum Diagnosis of Syphilis

Thippanna, M.; Subramani, P.Aiya.; Lomada, D.; Narala, V.Ramireddy.; Reddy, M.C., 2014:
A Homology Based Model and Virtual Screening of Inhibitors for Human Geranylgeranyl Transferase 1 (GGTase1)

Noveski, P.; Madjunkova, S.; Maleva, I.; Sotiroska, V.; Petanovski, Z.; Plaseska-Karanfilska, D., 2013:
A Homozygous Deletion of the DPY19l2 Gene is a Cause of Globozoospermia in Men from the Republic of Macedonia

Ruiz-Blanco, Y.B.; Marrero-Ponce, Y.; Prieto, P.J.; Salgado, Jús.; García, Y.; Sotomayor-Torres, C.M., 2015:
A Hooke׳s law-based approach to protein folding rate

Jen, S-Ming.; Laih, C-Sung.; Kuo, W-Chung., 2009:
A Hop-Count Analysis Scheme for Avoiding Wormhole Attacks in MANET

Wilson, D.M.; Marin, A.; Bhardwaj, P.; Lichlyter, B.; Thurston, A.; Mohankumar, D., 2010:
A Hope Intervention Compared to Friendly Visitors as a Technique to Reduce Depression among Older Nursing Home Residents

Pajares, G.; Guijarro, Mía.; Ribeiro, A., 2010:
A Hopfield Neural Network for combining classifiers applied to textured images

Freedman, N.B., 1924:
A Horn on the Scalp

Davis, H.J., 1913:
A Horsebean removed from the Middle Ear during a Radical Mastoid Operation for prolonged Otorrhoea in a Boy, aged 9; with two Sequestra, containing the Outer Wall or the Canal of the Facial Nerve

Davis, H.J., 1913:
A Horsebean removed from the Middle Ear during a Radical Mastoid Operation for prolonged Otorrhœa in a Boy, aged 9; with two Sequestra, containing the Outer Wall or the Canal of the Facial Nerve

Agarwal, A.Kumar.; Bansal, S.; Nand, V., 2014:
A Hospital Based Study on Estimation of Adenosine Deaminase Activity (ADA) in Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) in Various Types of Meningitis

Anonymous, 1938:
A Hospital Clearing House

Anonymous, 1908:
A Hospital For Mental Diseases

Starey, C.J., 1961:
A Hospital Outpatient Referral Survey: A Study of the Referral Habits of a Group of General Practitioners

Chitty, H., 1915:
A Hospital Ship in the Mediterranean

Anonymous, 1937:
A Hospital Stock-Taking

Anonymous, 1930:
A Hospital Survey Of Great Britain: Growing Strength Of The Voluntary Principle

Little, E.G., 1914:
A Hospital Unit In The University Of Budapest

Howard, B., 1882:
A Hospital and Accident Ambulance Service for London

Anonymous, 1894:
A Hospital at Home

Anonymous, 1894:
A Hospital while you Wait

Karnik, M.; Printz, B.; Finkel, J., 2014:
A Hospital's Contemporary Art Collection: Effects on Patient Mood, Stress, Comfort, and Expectations

Antony, J.; Celine, T., 2014:
A Hospital-based Retrospective Study on Frequency and Distribution of Viral Hepatitis

Cervantes, L.; Chu, E.; Nogar, C.; Burden, M.; Fischer, S.; Valtierra, C.; Albert, R.K., 2015:
A Hospitalist mentoring program to sustain interest in healthcare careers in under-represented minority undergraduates

Loh, K.Beng.; Rahmat, K.; Lim, S-Yang.; Ramli, N., 2011:
A Hot Cross Bun sign from diffusion tensor imaging and tractography perspective

Baxter, W., 1971 :
A Hot Word from #AB 3,522,477

Corwin, J.F., 1947:
A Hot-Air Apparatus Dryer for General Laboratory Use

Davies, C.J.; Nixon, M.S., 2008:
A Hough transform for detecting the location and orientation of three-dimensional surfaces via color encoded spots

Aganj, I.; Lenglet, C.; Jahanshad, N.; Yacoub, E.; Harel, N.; Thompson, P.M.; Sapiro, G., 2012:
A Hough transform global probabilistic approach to multiple-subject diffusion MRI tractography

Breau, M.A.; Wilkinson, D.G.; Xu, Q., 2013:
A Hox gene controls lateral line cell migration by regulating chemokine receptor expression downstream of Wnt signaling

Pei, Y.; Fu, W.; Yang, E.; Shen, A.; Chen, Y-Chuan.; Gong, H.; Chen, J.; Huang, J.; Xiao, G.; Liu, F., 2013:
A Hsp40 chaperone protein interacts with and modulates the cellular distribution of the primase protein of human cytomegalovirus

Li, C.; Wu, X.; Zhang, H.; Yang, G.; Hao, M.; Sheng, S.; Sun, Y.; Long, J.; Hu, C.; Sun, X.; Li, L.; Zheng, J., 2015:
A Huaier polysaccharide inhibits hepatocellular carcinoma growth and metastasis

Bang, S.; Choi, J.; Park, J.; Park, S-Jun., 2007:
A Hub-protein based visualization of large protein-protein interaction networks

Seo, B.F.; Kang, I.Sook.; Jeong, Y.Jin.; Moon, S.Ho., 2014:
A Huge Morel-Lavallée Lesion Treated Using a Quilting Suture Method: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Kazem Moslemi, M.; Yazdani, Z., 2010:
A Huge Ovarian Cyst in a Middle-Aged Iranian Female

Morel-Salmi, Cécile.; Julia, A.; Vigor, C.; Vercauteren, J., 2014:
A Huge PVDF Adsorption Difference Between Resveratrol and ε-Viniferin Allows to Quantitatively Purify Them and to Assess Their Anti-Tyrosinase Property

Byrne, G., 1988:
A Huge Problem for NIH?

Moslemi, M.Kazem.; Hosseini, S.Jalal.Esshagh.; Firoozabadi, M.Hasan.Dehghani., 2010:
A Huge Renal Cell Carcinoma, Nine Years after Its Primary Diagnosis and Obligate Observation

Parse, R.Rizzo., 2007:
A Human Becoming perspective on quality of life

Glover, S.H.; Xirasagar, S.; Jeon, Y.; Elder, K.T.; Piper, C.N.; Pastides, H., 2009:
A Human Capital Approach to Reduce Health Disparities

Mangano, C.; Sinjari, B.; Shibli, J.A.; Mangano, F.; Hamisch, S.; Piattelli, A.; Perrotti, V.; Iezzi, G., 2017:
A Human Clinical, Histological, Histomorphometrical, and Radiographical Study on Biphasic HA-Beta-TCP 30/70 in Maxillary Sinus Augmentation

Schilling, H.K., 1958:
A Human Enterprise: Science as lived by its practitioners bears but little resemblance to science as described in print

Saiki, Y.; Ogawa, T.; Shiga, K.; Sunamura, M.; Kobayashi, T.; Horii, A., 2011:
A Human Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Cell Line with Acquired cis-Diamminedichloroplatinum-Resistance Shows Remarkable Upregulation of BRCA1 and Hypersensitivity to Taxane

Gibson, A.G.; Rose-Innes, R.H.; Gibson, J., 1938:
A Human Infection with Actinomyces Caprae

Anonymous, 1939:
A Human Milk Bureau

Anonymous, 2010:
A Human Monoclonal Antibody Against Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha

Peaslee, L.D., 1913:
A Human Monstrosity

Florenciotc, C.A., 2001:
A Human Rights Approach To Nutritional Well-being

Anonymous, 1884:
A Human Skull From The Loess Of Podbaba, Near Prague

Whitehead, W., 1891:
A Hundred Cases of Entire Excision of the Tongue

Erbay, A.Riza.; Ede, Hüseyin.; Zengin, Kürsad.; Erkoc, M.Fatih.; Tanık, S.; Albayrak, S.; Yetkin, E., 2017:
Association of Prostatic Volume and Carotid Intima-media Thickness in Patients With Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Queneau, B.R., 1964:
A Hundred Years of Metallurgy

Khan, I.; Shakeel, M.; Nagaraja, R.; Ram, B.; Thomas, A.D., 2012:
A Hunsaker Mon-Jet tube trapped in the larynx

Zanetti, A.; Tomanin, R.; Rampazzo, A.; Rigon, C.; Gasparotto, N.; Cassina, M.; Clementi, M.; Scarpa, M., 2014:
A Hunter Patient with a Severe Phenotype Reveals Two Large Deletions and Two Duplications Extending 1.2 Mb Distally to IDS Locus

Moynihan, B., 1923:
A Hunterian Lecture ON SOME PROBLEMS OF GASTRIC AND DUODENAL ULCER: Delivered before the Hunterian Society of London, January 29th, 1923

Ahmed, Z.; Tabrizi, S.J.; Li, A.; Houlden, H.; Sailer, A.; Lees, A.J.; Revesz, T.; Holton, J.L., 2011:
A Huntington's disease phenocopy characterized by pallido-nigro-luysian degeneration with brain iron accumulation and p62-positive glial inclusions

Camsund, D.; Devine, E.; Holmqvist, M.; Yohanoun, P.; Lindblad, P.; Stensjö, K., 2011:
A HupS-GFP fusion protein demonstrates a heterocyst-specific localization of the uptake hydrogenase in Nostoc punctiforme

Chang, Y-Ching.; Lai, L-Chun.; Chen, L-Hwa.; Chang, C-Ming.; Chueh, C-Chen., 2014:
A Hurst exponent estimator based on autoregressive power spectrum estimation with order selection

Gottwald, G.A.; Melbourne, I., 2013:
A Huygens principle for diffusion and anomalous diffusion in spatially extended systems

Kaiser, M.; John, M.; Borsdorf, A.; Nöttling, A.; Neumuth, T., 2013:
A Hybird Optimization Approach for 2D-3D Registrationbased Fusion of Ultrasound and X-Ray

Li-Ning Xing; Rohlfshagen, P.; Ying-Wu Chen; Xin Yao, 2011:
A Hybrid Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for the Extended Capacitated Arc Routing Problem

Srivastava, A.; Voth, G.A., 2013:
A Hybrid Approach for Highly Coarse-grained Lipid Bilayer Models

Duarte, C.W.; Klimentidis, Y.C.; Harris, J.J.; Cardel, M.; Fernández, Jé.R., 2012:
A Hybrid Bayesian Network/Structural Equation (BN/SEM) Modeling Approach for Detecting Physiological Networks for Obesity-related Genetic Variants

Wu, X.; Rózycki, Pł.; Wilamowski, B.M., 2016:
A Hybrid Constructive Algorithm for Single-Layer Feedforward Networks Learning

Khan, O.; Lim Choi Keung, S.N.; Zhao, L.; Arvanitis, T.N., 2017:
A Hybrid EAV-Relational Model for Consistent and Scalable Capture of Clinical Research Data

Ghoreyshi, A.; Galiana, H.L., 2010:
A Hybrid Extended Least Squares method (HybELS) for Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex identification

Thall, P.F.; Nguyen, H.Q.; Wang, X.; Wolff, J.E., 2012:
A Hybrid Geometric Phase II/III Clinical Trial Design based on Treatment Failure Time and Toxicity

Xu, J.; Li, Y.; Huang, G., 2013:
A Hybrid Interval-Robust Optimization Model for Water Quality Management

Yang, H.; Liu, J.; Sui, J.; Pearlson, G.; Calhoun, V.D., 2010:
A Hybrid Machine Learning Method for Fusing fMRI and Genetic Data: Combining both Improves Classification of Schizophrenia

Dawood, F.A.; Rahmat, R.W.; Kadiman, S.B.; Abdullah, L.N.; Zamrin, M.D., 2014:
A Hybrid Method for Endocardial Contour Extraction of Right Ventricle in 4-Slices from 3D Echocardiography Dataset

Ghafar-Zadeh, E.; Sawan, M., 2007:
A Hybrid Microfluidic/CMOS Capacitive Sensor Dedicated to Lab-on-Chip Applications

Timms, K.P.; Rivera, D.E.; Piper, M.E.; Collins, L.M., 2014:
A Hybrid Model Predictive Control Strategy for Optimizing a Smoking Cessation Intervention

Shutao Li; Mingkui Tan; Tsang, I.W.; Kwok, J.Tin-Yau., 2011:
A Hybrid PSO-BFGS Strategy for Global Optimization of Multimodal Functions

Zhou, N.; Cheung, W.K.; Qiu, G.; Xue, X., 2010:
A Hybrid Probabilistic Model for Unified Collaborative and Content-Based Image Tagging

Razjouyan, J.; Khayat, O.; Siahi, M.; Mansouri, A.Alizadeh., 2013:
A Hybrid Soft-computing Method for Image Analysis of Digital Plantar Scanners

Khadem, M.; Afshar, M.H., 2016:
A Hybridized GA with LP-LP Model for the Management of Confined Groundwater

Burghardt, K.J.; Seyoum, B.; Dass, S.E.; Sanders, E.; Mallisho, A.; Yi, Z., 2018:
Association of Protein Kinase B (AKT) DNA Hypermethylation with Maintenance Atypical Antipsychotic Treatment in Patients with Bipolar Disorder

Clements, L.P., 1937:
A Hydro-Agitator for Solutions

Motegi, A., 1938:
A Hydrostatic Approach to the Posterior Chamber for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Purposes

Hwang, S-Wook.; Hong, S-Kwon.; Kim, S-Hyun.; Seo, J-Keun.; Lee, D.; Sung, H-Suk., 2009:
A Hydroxyurea-induced Leg Ulcer

Genoni, A.; Merz, K.M.; Sironi, M., 2008:
A Hylleraas functional based perturbative technique to relax the extremely localized molecular orbital wavefunction

Watson, A.D., 1926:
A Hymn for Canada

Candelieri, A.; Conforti, D., 2010:
A Hyper-Solution Framework for SVM Classification: Application for Predicting Destabilizations in Chronic Heart Failure Patients

Murray, S., 1940:
A Hyperplastic Thymus

Large, R.G.; Brocklesby, H.N., 1938:
A Hypoglycaemic Substance From The Roots Of The Devil's Club (Fatsia Horrida)

Arauz, R.F.; Solomon, B.D.; Pineda-Alvarez, D.E.; Gropman, A.L.; Parsons, J.A.; Roessler, E.; Muenke, M., 2010:
A Hypomorphic Allele in the FGF8 Gene Contributes to Holoprosencephaly and Is Allelic to Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone Deficiency in Humans

Lee, J.; Mark, R., 2011:
A Hypotensive Episode Predictor for Intensive Care based on Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Time Series

McCombs, R.S.; McCombs, R.P., 1930:
A Hypothesis on the Causation of Cancer

Beaumont, A.B., 1936:
A Hypothesis To Explain Brown Rootrot Of Havana Seed Tobacco

Brosnan, S.F., 2011:
A Hypothesis of the Co-evolution of Cooperation and Responses to Inequity

Orchard, J.; Rodas, G.; Til, L.; Ardevòl, J.; Chivers, I., 2008:
A Hypothesis: Could Portable Natural Grass be a Risk Factor for Knee Injuries?

Haider, M.Z.; Rasoul, M.A.; Al-Mahdi, M.; Al-Kandari, H.; Dhaunsi, G.S., 2018:
Association of protein tyrosine phosphatase non-receptor type 22 gene functional variant C1858T, HLA-DQ/DR genotypes and autoantibodies with susceptibility to type-1 diabetes mellitus in Kuwaiti Arabs

Merriam, C.H., 1934:
A Hypothetical "sanctuary" for Ocean-Dwelling Seals

McKee, W.C.; Wu, J.I.; Rzepa, H.S.; Schleyer, P.von.Ragué., 2013:
A Hückel theory perspective on Möbius aromaticity

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A LMA CTrach for large patients

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A LQ-based kinetic model formulation for exploring dynamics of treatment response of tumours in patients

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A LSQR-type method provides a computationally efficient automated optimal choice of regularization parameter in diffuse optical tomography

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A La autoantigen homologue is required for the internal ribosome entry site mediated translation of giardiavirus

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A Lab-EMR interoperability profile as an eHealth architecture component for resource-constrained settings

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A LabVIEW based experiment system for the efficient collection and analysis of cyclic voltametry and electrode charge capacity measurements

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A LabVIEW based template for user created experiment automation

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A LabVIEW-Based Virtual Instrument System for Laser-Induced Fluorescence Spectroscopy

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A LabVIEW® based generic CT scanner control software platform

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A Label-Free Biosensing Platform Using a PLL Circuit and Biotin-Streptavidin Binding System

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A Labeling Surface for Laboratory Glassware

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A Labor-Saving Technique For Leaf Samples In Histological Work

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A Laboratory Exercise Demonstrating the Limited Circumstances in which the Cerebral Cortex is Engaged in Over Ground Locomotion

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A Laboratory Experiment In Animal Behavior

Anonymous, 1954:
A Laboratory Experiment in Family Health Service

Anonymous, 1911:
A Laboratory For Eugenics

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A Laboratory for Photographic Research

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A Laboratory Illustration of Ball Lighting

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A Laboratory Method of Demonstrating the Earth's Rotation

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A Laboratory of Plant Diseases

Huber, J.F., 1936:
A Laboratory Suggestion

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A Laboratory for AAL Applications

Anonymous, 1925:
A Laboratory for the Study of the Abnormal Classes

Anonymous, 1945:
A Labour Leader's View of Health Insurance

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A LacI-family regulator activates maltodextrin metabolism of Enterococcus faecium

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A Lacanian view on Balint group meetings: a qualitative analysis of two case presentations

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A Lachrymal Sac Removed Entire by the Intranasal Route

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A Lack of tolerance to the anxiolytic action of Echium amoenum

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A Lactobacillus casei Shirota probiotic drink reduces antibiotic-associated diarrhoea in patients with spinal cord injuries: a randomised controlled trial

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A Lactobacillus of cecal origin requiring oleic acid

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A Lactobacillus rhamnosus strain induces a heme oxygenase dependent increase in Foxp3+ regulatory T cells

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A Lady, an Explorer, and the Golden Orb

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A Lagrange multiplier approach for excited state properties through intermediate Hamiltonian formulation of Fock space multireference coupled-cluster theory

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A Lagrange multiplier mixed finite element formulation for three-dimensional contact of biphasic tissues

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A Lagrangian framework for deriving triples and quadruples corrections to the CCSD energy

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A Lagrangian level set-like method for modelling and simulation in bioengineering

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A Lagrangian network for kinematic control of redundant robot manipulators

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A Lagrangian relaxation network for graph matching

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A Laguerre Voronoi Based Scheme for Meshing Particle Systems

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A Lamb wave lens for acoustic microscopy

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A Lamb wave source based on the resonant cavity of phononic-crystal plates

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A Lamentable Case

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A Lamentation of birth

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A Laminar Flow Nebulizer for Aerosol MALDI

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A Laminin G-EGF-Laminin G module in Neurexin IV is essential for the apico-lateral localization of Contactin and organization of septate junctions

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A Lamp for Operations

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A Lamp for Ophthalmic Work

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A Lanczos-chain driven approach for calculating damped vibrational configuration interaction response functions

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A Landau-Squire nanojet

Anonymous, 1934:
A Landmark In Neurology: Jubilee Of First Operation For Removal Of Cerebral Tumour

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A Langevin canonical approach to the dynamics of chiral systems: populations and coherences

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A Langevin dynamics simulation study of the tribology of polymer loop brushes

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A Langevin equation approach to electron transfer reactions in the diabatic basis

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A Langmuir approach using on monolayer interactions to investigate surface active peptides

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A Langmuir monolayer study of the action of phospholipase A2 on model phospholipid and mixed phospholipid-GM1 ganglioside membranes

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A Langmuir monolayer study of the interaction of E1(145-162) hepatitis G virus peptide with phospholipid membranes

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A Langmuir probe diagnostic for time-of-flight measurements of transient plasmas produced by high-energy laser ablation

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A Langmuir-Hinshelwood approach to the kinetic modelling of catalytic ammonia decomposition in an integral reactor

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A Langmuir-Schaefer approach for the synthesis of highly ordered organoclay thin films

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A Lantern Slide Technique

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A Laplace pressure based microfluidic trap for passive droplet trapping and controlled release

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A Laplacian approach to multi-oriented text detection in video

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A Laplacian-based MMSE estimator for speech enhancement

Anonymous, 1944:
A Lapse of Memory, or What?

Banihashem Rad, S.Ali.; Mortazavi, H.; Eshghpour, M.; Salehinejad, J.; Shahakbari, R., 2014:
A Large Ameloblastic Fibro-odontoma of the Maxillary Sinus

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A Large Chondroitin Sulfate Proteoglycan, Versican, in Porcine Predentin

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A Large Chylous Cyst of the Mesentery

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A Large Concentration Camp in its Relation to a Civilian Community

Anonymous, 1900:
A Large Crystal Of Spodumene

McGibbon, J.E., 1930:
A Large Cystic Tumour of the Soft Palate

Wakeley, C.P., 1928:
A Large Dental Cyst

Davis, E.D., 1918:
A Large Dental Cyst involving the Floor of the Nose

Wright, A.J., 1929:
A Large Diverticulum of the OEsophagus at its Lower End [Skiagrams shown

Anonymous, 1889:
A Large Electric-Current Conductor

Wakeley, G.P., 1928:
A Large Exostosis of the Humerus in a Girl aged 10 years

Whale, H.L., 1922:
A Large Exostosis removed from the External Auditory Meatus of an Adult Male

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A Large Feeder for Small Cages in Avian Malaria Studies

Malcolm, J.D., 1911:
A Large Fibrocystic Tumour Distending the Buttock

Malcolm, J.D., 1912:
A Large Fibrocystic Tumour distending the Left Buttock and continuous with Tumours in the Vagina and in the Abdomen

Wolff, E., 1928:
A Large Implantation Cyst of the Conjunctiva

Shattock, S.G., 1912:
A Large Intra-abdominal Haematoma formed in an Accessory Spleen

Shattock, S.G., 1912:
A Large Intra-abdominal Hæmatoma formed in an Accessory Spleen

Searle, C.; Andresen, B.Storstein.; Wraith, E.; Higgs, J.; Gray, D.; Mills, A.; Allen, K.Elizabeth.; Hobson, E., 2013:
A Large Intragenic Deletion in the ACADM Gene Can Cause MCAD Deficiency but is not Detected on Routine Sequencing

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A Large Laryngeal Growth

Waite, F.C., 1896:
A Large Lobster

Baldwin, F.A., 1900:
A Large Multilocular Ovarian Tumour

Davis, H.J., 1911:
A Large Nasopharyngeal Polypus Removed from a Boy, aged 11

McCann, F.J., 1913:
A Large Pancreatic Cyst simulating an Ovarian Tumour

Koepfli, C.; Timinao, L.; Antao, T.; Barry, A.E.; Siba, P.; Mueller, I.; Felger, I., 2013:
A Large Plasmodium vivax Reservoir and Little Population Structure in the South Pacific

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A Large Pork Bone in the Bronchus: Report of Case

Holden, E.S., 1895:
A Large Reflector for the Lick Observatory

Anonymous, 1923:
A Large Renal Calculus

Balch, W.B., 1933:
A Large Respirometer

Anonymous, 1909:
A Large Retroperitoneal Cervical Fibroid

Christopherson, J.B., 1917:
A Large Salivary Calculus from Khartoum, Sudan

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A Large Sialolith Perforating the Wharton's Duct: Review of Literature and a Case Report

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A Large Southern Telescope

Newman, H.H., 1910:
A Large Sperm Whale Captured in Texas Waters

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A Large Subacute Gastric Ulcer: Case Report

McKenzie, D., 1918:
A Large Submaxillary Calculus

Moor, F.B., 1933:
A Large Substernal Adenomatous Goiter

Winsbury-White, H.P., 1934:
A Large Ureteric Calculus passed Spontaneously into the Bladder

Giles, A.E., 1910:
A Large, Solid Ovarian Tumour.? Adeno-carcinoma

Godley, S.H.; Garner, B.R.; Smith, J.Ellen.; Meyers, R.J.; Godley, M.D., 2011:
A Large-scale Dissemination and Implementation Model for Evidence-based Treatment and Continuing Care

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A Large-scale Study of the Characteristics of Impaired Drivers in Treatment in Texas

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A Large-scale genetic association study of esophageal adenocarcinoma risk

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A Larger Scope for AEC Laboratories

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A Laryngeal Case for Diagnosis

Lowry, E., 1921:
A Laryngeal Growth with Abductor Paralysis

Horne, W.J., 1918:
A Larynx with a Cystic Tumour of the Epiglottis

Jarvis, R.A., 1983:
A Laser Time-of-Flight Range Scanner for Robotic Vision

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A Lasso multi-marker mixed model for association mapping with population structure correction

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A Lasso regression model for the construction of microRNA-target regulatory networks

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A Last Go-Around for the MX Missile?

Conte, J.L., 1895:
A Last Word on Erect Vision

Browne, C.A., 1944 :
A Last Word on "starring"

Anonymous, 1905:
A Last Word on Accuracy

Anonymous, 1926:
A Late Report on a Case of Functional Albuminuria

Sorsby, A., 1932:
A Late Sixteenth Century Ophthalmic Book in English

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A Latent Class Analysis (LCA) of problem gambling among a sample of community-recruited gamblers

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A Latent Class Analysis of DSM-III-R Pathological Gambling Criteria in Middle-Aged Men: Association with Psychiatric Disorders

Lanza, H.Isabella.; Huang, D.Y.C.; Murphy, D.A.; Hser, Y-Ing., 2013:
A Latent Class Analysis of Maternal Responsiveness and Autonomy-Granting in Early Adolescence: Prediction to Later Adolescent Sexual Risk-Taking

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A Latent Class Approach to Examining Forms of Peer Victimization

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A Latent Factor Model for Spatial Data with Informative Missingness

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A Latin American man with palpitations, dizziness, episodes of nonsustained ventricular tachycardia, and an apical aneurysm

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A Latin American perspective on the new ACC/AHA clinical guidelines for managing atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease

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A Latin-American perspective regarding the past, present and future of epidemiology

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A Latino Oral Health Paradox? Using Ethnography to Specify the Bio-Cultural Factors Behind Epidemiological Models

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A Latino advantage in oral health-related quality of life is modified by nativity status

Chang, Q.; Yang, T., 2009:
A Lattice Boltzmann method for image denoising

Reed, S.C., 1959:
A Law for Human Genetics

Anonymous, 1946:
A Lawyer Speaks to Doctors

Weitzman, S.A., 1984:
A Lawyer's Perspective

Strahorn, J.S., 1937:
A Lawyer's View of Vital Statistics

Taylor, H.O., 1928:
A Layman's View of History

Roosevelt, T., 1897:
A Layman's Views on Specific Nomenclature

Farr, R.E., 1915:
A Lead Protector for use in Bone Work

Davis, W.M., 1918:
A League of Nations

Hamilton, D.P., 1990:
A Leaky Mystery for NASA

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A Lean Six Sigma approach to the improvement of the selenium analysis method

Bucci, R.V.; Musitano, A., 2011:
A Lean Six Sigma journey in radiology

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A Lean Six Sigma quality improvement project to increase discharge paperwork completeness for admission to a comprehensive integrated inpatient rehabilitation program

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A Lean Year for New Buildings:Congress Casts Critical Eyeon NASA, PHS Facilities Requests

Patterson, P., 2010:
A Lean process for OR technology

D'Ulizia, A.; Ferri, F.; Grifoni, P., 2011:
A Learning Algorithm for Multimodal Grammar Inference

Wan, T.; Bloch, B.Nicolas.; Danish, S.; Madabhushi, A., 2014:
A Learning Based Fiducial-driven Registration Scheme for Evaluating Laser Ablation Changes in Neurological Disorders

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A Learning Set Up for Detecting Minimally Conscious State (MCS)

Liao, S.; Shen, D., 2011:
A Learning based Hierarchical Framework for Automatic Prostate Localization in CT Images

Farra, C.; Yunis, K.; Yazbeck, N.; Majdalani, M.; Charafeddine, L.; Wakim, R.; Awwad, J., 2011:
A Lebanese family with autosomal recessive oculo-auriculo-vertebral (OAV) spectrum and review of the literature: is OAV a genetically heterogeneous disorder?

Novoa, A.; Eierhoff, T.; Topin, Jérémie.; Varrot, A.; Barluenga, S.; Imberty, A.; Römer, W.; Winssinger, N., 2015:
A LecA ligand identified from a galactoside-conjugate array inhibits host cell invasion by Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Mendel, I.; Shoham, A.; Propheta-Meiran, O.; Ishai, E.; Halperin, G.; Feige, E.; Breitbart, E., 2010:
A Lecinoxoid, an oxidized phospholipid small molecule, constrains CNS autoimmune disease

Gibbs, W., 1897:
A Lecture by Regnault

Lockwood, C.B., 1903:
A Lecture ENTITLED AN INTRODUCTION TO THE STUDY OF CLINICAL SURGERY: Delivered at St. Bartholomew's Hospital on December 16th, 1903

Franklin, W.S., 1905:
A Lecture Experiment in Hydraulics

Morris, H., 1876:
A Lecture Introductory to the Course on Anatomy

Little, E.M., 1912:
A Lecture ON A NEW MATERIAL (DURALUMIN) FOR SURGICAL APPLIANCES: Delivered at the Medical Graduates' College and Polyclinic

Morton, C.A., 1906:
A Lecture ON A SERIES OF CASES IN WHICH COLLECTIONS OF STONES FORMED IN THE PROSTATIC URETHRA: Delivered at the Medical Graduates' College and Polyclinic

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Association of proton pump inhibitor use with renal outcomes in patients with coronary artery disease

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A Lecture ON ACCLIMATIZATION TO HIGH ALTITUDES: Delivered to University College Medical Society, October, 1924

Pannett, C.A., 1914:
A Lecture ON ACUTE OBSTRUCTION OF THE SMALL INTESTINE: Delivered at the Medical Graduates' College and Polyclinic

Wenckebach, K.F., 1924:
A Lecture ON ANGINA PECTORIS AND THE POSSIBILITIES OF ITS SURGICAL RELIEF: Delivered before the Royal College of Physicians of London on May 5th

Routh, A., 1914:

Hayashino, Y.; Okamura, S.; Mashitani, T.; Tsujii, S.; Ishii, H., 2018:
Association of proton pump inhibitor use with the risk of the development or progression of albuminuria among Japanese patients with diabetes: A prospective cohort study [Diabetes Distress and Care Registry at Tenri (DDCRT 16)

Berry, R.J., 1924:

Jex-Blake, A.J., 1920:
A Lecture ON BRONCHIECTASIS: Delivered at the Hospital for Consumption Brompton, November 19th, 1919

Rowntree, C., 1923:

White, S., 1913:

Ryall, C., 1913:
A Lecture ON CANCER OF THE TONGUE: Delivered at the Cancer Hospital, Brompton, on February 12th, 1913

Hill, L., 1921:

Cunning, J., 1913:
A Lecture ON CARCINOMA OF THE COLON: Delivered at the Cancer Hospital

Cope, V.Z., 1912:
A Lecture ON CARCINOMA OF THE COLON: Delivered at the Medical Graduates' College and Polyclinic

Brown, W.L., 1924:

Hutchison, R., 1912:
A Lecture ON CHRONIC DIARRHOEA IN THE ADULT: Delivered at the Medical Graduates' College and Polyclinic

Bland-Sutton, J., 1907:
A Lecture ON CIRCUMCISION AS A RITE AND AS A SURGICAL OPERATION: Delivered at the Middlesex Hospital

Poynton, F.J., 1905:
A Lecture ON COMBINED AORTIC AND MITRAL DISEASE IN RHEUMATIC CHILDREN: Delivered at the Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street

Poynton, F.J. , 1911:
A Lecture ON COMPLICATIONS OF RHEUMATISM IN CHILDHOOD: Delivered at the Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street

Hutchison, R., 1910:
A Lecture ON CONDITIONS WHICH SIMULATE DYSPEPSIA: Delivered at the London Polyclinic

Poynton, F.J., 1906:
A Lecture ON CONGENITAL HEART DISEASE: Delivered at the Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street

Routh, A., 1906:
A Lecture ON DYSMENORRHOEA: Delivered at Charing Cross Hospital

Gibbons, R.A., 1910:
A Lecture ON DYSMENORRHOEA: Delivered at the Medical Graduates' College and Polyclinic

Broadbent, W.H., 1902:
A Lecture ON EPILEPSY: Delivered at the Medical Graduates' College and Polyclinic

Robson, A.W., 1909:

Lu, P-Jun.; Srivastav, A.; Amaya, A.; Dever, J.A.; Roycroft, J.; Kurtz, M.Stanley.; O'Halloran, A.; Williams, W.W., 2018:
Association of provider recommendation and offer and influenza vaccination among adults aged ≥18 years - United States

Mackenzie, H., 1905:

Bland-Sutton, J., 1909:

Shaw, H.B., 1919:

Ramsay, A.M., 1906:
A Lecture ON IMPORTANT SYMPTOMS IN DISEASES OF THE EYE: Delivered in the Post - graduate Course at the Ophthalmic Institution, Glasgow Royal Infirmary

Dunn, P., 1907:

Taylor, J., 1905:
A Lecture ON INTRACRANIAL TUMOURS: Delivered at the National Hospital for the Paralysed and Epileptic, Queen Square, W.C

Souttar, H.S., 1913:
A Lecture ON INTUSSUSCEPTION: Delivered at the West London Hospital Post-Graduate College

Mayo-Robson, A.W., 1912:
A Lecture ON JEJUNAL AND GASTRO-JEJUNAL ULCERS: Delivered at the Medical Graduates' College and Polyclinic, London

Williams, C.T., 1907:
A Lecture ON LAENNEC AND THE EVOLUTION OF THE STETHOSCOPE: Delivered before the Medical Department of the University of Oxford

Oliver, T., 1911:
A Lecture ON LEAD POISONING AND THE RACE: Delivered to the Eugenics Education Society, London, May 4th, 1911

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A Lecture ON THE OPERATIONS FOR CANCER OF THE TONGUE: Being an Appreciation of the Work of the late Sir Henry Butlin

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A Lecture ON THE USE AND ABUSE OF THE CURETTE: Delivered at the Polyclinic

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A Lecture ON THE USE OF PARAFFIN FOR SUNKEN NOSES: Given to the Post-graduate Students of the West London Hospital, December 1st, 1902

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A Lecture ON THE USES OF THE CALCIUM SALTS IN VARIOUS MORBID CONDITIONS: Delivered at the Medical Graduates' College and Polyclinic, November, 1908

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A Lecture ON TREATMENT OF THE WOUNDED IN THE AID POSTS AND FIELD AMBULANCES: Given to the Medical Officers of an American Division

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A Lecture ON VARICOCELE IN THE FEMALE: Given to Graduates at St. Mary's Hospital, Manchester, November, 1921

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A Lecture ON WOUND INFECTIONS AND THEIR TREATMENT: Delivered (with Demonstrations) at the Opening of an Exhibition of Surgical Appliances for the Treatment of the Wounded held at the Royal Society of Medicine from October 8th to 14th

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A Lecture ON WOUNDS AND INJURIES OF THE EYEBALL, EYELIDS, AND ORBIT : Introductory to a Course of Post Graduate Lectures at the Royal Eye Hospital, Southwark

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A Lecture ON "EYE" IN SPORT: Delivered at St. Thomas's Hospital before the Medical and Physical Society

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A Lecture Trip to the People's Republic of China

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A Lecture UPON THE NORMAL VENOUS PULSE: Delivered at the London Hospital Medical School, October 30th, 1908

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A Lecture Upon Acetylene

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A Lecture entitled a Therapeutic Retrospect

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A Lecture on Anatomical Peculiarities in Relation to Disease

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A Lecture on Arsenic as a Drug

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A Lecture on Asiatic Cholera

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A Lecture on Asthma: Delivered in the North-East London Post-Graduate College

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A Lecture on Backache, and the Diagnosis of its Various Causes, with Hints on Treatment

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A Lecture on Benign and Pernicious Malarial Fevers: Delivered at Charing Cross Hospital, January 24th, 1896

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A Lecture on Bougies, their Use and Abuse

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A Lecture on Cancer of the Tongue and its Removal

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A Lecture on Certain Phenomena of Hysteria Major

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A Lecture on Chest Complications in Abdominal Disease: A Study in Diagnosis: Being the first Hunterian Lecture of the Hunterian Society

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A Lecture on Cholera and Diarrhoea

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A Lecture on Chronic Rhinitis and its Sequelae

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A Lecture on Chronic and Tuberculous Mastitis: Being a Portion of the Hunterian Lectures on "Certain Diseases of the Breast.": Delivered before the Royal College of Surgeons of England

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A Lecture on Crime and Insanity

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A Lecture on Crime and Insanity. Lecture IV

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A Lecture on Diagnosis and Prognosis in Cases of Bright's Disease

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A Lecture on Disease of the Valves of the Heart

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A Lecture on Diseases of the Heart in the British Army: The Cause and the Remedy

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A Lecture on Dropsy: Its Pathology, Prognosis, and Principles of Treatment

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A Lecture on Eclecticism in Operations for Cataract

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A Lecture on Encephalitis Lethargica in England

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A Lecture on Haemoptysis: Its Causes, Results, and Treatment

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A Lecture on Hay-Fever

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A Lecture on Injuries of the Lower End of the Humerus: Delivered at Guy's Hospital

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A Lecture on Inversion of the Uterus: With Ten Cases Succesftully Treated by the Sigmoid Repositor

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A Lecture on Lumbago: Its Lessons and Analogues: Delivered at the National Hospital for the Paralysed and Epileptic

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A Lecture on Malaria: Delivered to the Students of the Practice of Medicine Class, and of the Clinical Medicine Class, of Professor T. McCall Anderson, of Glasgow University

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A Lecture on Miners' Nystagmus

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A Lecture on Myopathy and a Distal Form: Delivered at the National Hospital for the Paralysed and Epileptic

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A Lecture on Nettle-Rash

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A Lecture on Non-Diabetic Glycosuria: Delivered at the London Polyclinic on March 14th, 1900

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A Lecture on Preventive Medicine as Applied to Obstetrics

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A Lecture on Pulmonary Fibrosis in Children

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A Lecture on Recent Progress in the Pathology and Treatment of Cerebral Paralysis

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A Lecture on Rhythmical Hysteric Chorea

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A Lecture on Scarlet Fever and its Prevention

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A Lecture on Urinary Calculi

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A Lecture on Vesicular Emphysema of the Lungs

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A Lecture on Wound Infections and their Treatment

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A Lecture on Yellow Fever. With a Description of the Bacillus Icteroides: Delivered before the University of Montevideo on June 10th, 1897

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A Lecture on a Case of Puerperal Septicaemia, with Hyperpyrexia, Treated by the Continuous Application of Cold

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A Lecture on a Source of Urea Too Little Recognised

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A Lecture on some Points in Relation to the Diagnostic Significance and Therapeutic Indications of Laryngeal Symptoms Resulting from Pressure of Aneurysms upon the Vagus and Re-Current Laryngeal Nerves

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A Lecture on the Accumulative Action of Medicines, with Some Remarks on Slow Poisoning

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A Lecture on the Action of Blood-Letting, Heat, Cold, and Irritants, in the Treatment of Disease

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A Lecture on the Acute Necrosis of Growing Bones

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A Lecture on the Artificial Production of Tubercle in the Lower Animals

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A Lecture on the Clinical Significance of the Simple Solitary Ulcer of the Urinary Bladder

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A Lecture on the Enlargement of Ophthalmoscopic Images

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A Lecture on the Epilepsies

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A Lecture on the Exciting Causes of Disease

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A Lecture on the Functional Cardiac Murmurs of Anaemia

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A Lecture on the History of Embryulcia

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A Lecture on the Influence of Distension of the Abdomen on the Functions of the Heart and Lungs

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A Lecture on the Influence of Hereditary Predisposition in the Production of Imbecility

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A Lecture on the Lines of Advance in Abdominal Surgery: Being the Second Hunterian Society Lecture for the Session 1895-96

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A Lecture on the Mental Origin of Neurasthenia and its Bearing on Treatment: Delivered at the Polyclinic, London

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A Lecture on the Nature of Lupus, with Especial Reference to its Relation to Tuberculosis

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A Lecture on the Organisation of Field-Hospitals

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A Lecture on the Pathology and Treatment of Epilepsy

Althaus, J., 1866:
A Lecture on the Pathology and Treatment of Hysteria

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A Lecture on the Pathology and Treatment of Tumours of the Jaws: Delivered at the Medical Graduates' College and Polyclinic, December 4th, 1906

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A Lecture on the Pathology of Scrofulous Lymphatic Glands

Herman, G.E., 1906:
A Lecture on the Prevention of Difficult Labour: Delivered at the Medical Graduates' College and Polyclinic

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A Lecture on the Principles Involved in Prophylaxis and Therapy by Means of Vaccines

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A Lecture on the Principles of Treatment of Pulmonary Tuberculosis

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A Lecture on the Prognosis of Cerebral Haemorrhage

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A Lecture on the Proper Method of Treating Tapeworm

Johnson, G., 1875:
A Lecture on the Relation between Croup and Diphtheria

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A Lecture on the Relation of Madness to Crime

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A Lecture on the Relations of Micro-Organisms to the Treatment of Disease

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A Lecture on the Siamese and Other Viable United Twins

Wheelhouse, C.G., 1887:
A Lecture on the Surgical Treatment of Diseases of the Chest

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A Lecture on the Symptoms, Causes, and Prevention of Anoxaemia (Insufficient Supply of Oxygen to the Tissues), and the Value of Oxygen in its Treatment

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A Lecture on the Theory of Construction of the Nervous System

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A Lecture on the Third Stage of Labour

Johnson, G., 1869:
A Lecture on the Treatment of Catarrh and Bronchitis

Heron, G.A., 1898:
A Lecture on the Treatment of Consumption and of Lupus by Tuberculin: Delivered as one of the Post-Graduate Course on June 9th 1898

Ross, R., 1916:
A Lecture on the Treatment of Dysentery

Foster, B.W., 1865:
A Lecture on the Treatment of Gastric Ulcer

Payne, J.F., 1885:
A Lecture on the Treatment of Ringworm

Cobbold, T.S., 1874:
A Lecture on the Treatment of Threadworm

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A Lecture on the True First Stage of Consumption

Green, T.H., 1883:
A Lecture on the Tubercle-Bacillus and Phthisis

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A Lecture on the Use of the Microphone in Sounding for Stone

Corner, E.M., 1904:
A Lecture on the Value of the Imperfectly-Descended Testis, the Advisability of Operation, and the Value of the Operations Performed for its Relief: A Post-graduate Lecture delivered at the Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street

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A Lecture on the Various Forms of Renal Tube-Casts and their Diagnostic Significance

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A Lecture on "HOW DO DRUGS ACT?"

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A Legislative Joke

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A Lesson In Commercial Geography

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A Letter

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A Letter from Benjamin Gibson of Manchester on the Subject of the Publication of his Book

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A Letter From The Front

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A Letter of Lamarck

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A Letter Worth Reading

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A Letter from Australia

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A Letter from Ceylon

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A Letter from Dr. Alfred Cox

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A Letter from Dr. Alfred Cox. The White Paper

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A Letter from Dr. W. B. Howell

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A Letter from East Africa

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A Letter from Italy

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A Letter from No. 1 General Hospital, C.E.F

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A Letter from the CEO

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A Letter from the Forty First

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A Letter from the Past

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A Letter from the President of the Canadian Medical Association

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A Letter from the United States of America Dealing with Venereal Diseases

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A Libel on the California State Board of Health

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