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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 51072

Chapter 51072 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Winter, L.B.; Smith, W., 1923:
A Note on the Nature of the Blood Sugar

Hewitt, J.A., 1923:
A Note on the Nature of the Sugar in Blood

McGlone, B., 1908:
A Note On The Occurrence Of Two West Indian Fishes At Beaufort, N. C

Drew, D., 1902:
A Note on the Operation for Removal of Malignant Disease of the Breast

Ballance, C., 1932:
A Note on the Operative Treatment of Facial Palsy

Hay, O.P., 1928:
A Note on the Preparation of Biological Specimens by Filtration of Paraffin

Hurlin, R.G., 1918:
A Note on the Preparation of Skeletons by Bacterial Digestion

Cullen, G.E.; Chesney, A.M., 1918:
A Note on the Production of Acid by Pneumococci

Wadsworth, A.B.; Kirkbride, M.B., 1917:
A Note on the Production of Antipneumococcus Sera

Parkes, L.C., 1905:
A Note on the Production of Diarrhoea by the Bacillus Prodigiosus

Tuffler, T.; Desmarres, R., 1918:
A Note on the Progress of Cicatrization of War Wounds

White, H.L.; Watson, T., 1920:
A Note on the Quality of some Drug Preparations Sold in and Around Los Angeles

Reiner, L., 1936:
A Note on the Relation Between Toxicity, Resistance, and time of Survival

Rowan, J., 1912:
A Note on the Relation of Corneal and Absolute Astigmatism

Crozier, W.J.; Mangelsdorf, A.F., 1924:
A Note on the Relative Photosensory Effect of Polarized Light

Klopsteg, P.E., 1924:
A Note on the Ring Method of Measuring Surface Tension

Wolff, E., 1944:
A Note on the Rosettes, Nature and Nomenclature of "glioma Retinae"

Flexner, S., 1916:
A Note on the Serum Treatment of Poliomyelitis (Infantile Paralysis)

Stopford, J.S., 1913:
A Note on the Shape of the Normal Empty Stomach

Barkas, M.R., 1925:
A Note on the Significance of the Vegetative Nervous System in Tabes Dorsalis

Brody, S., 1924:
A Note on the Similarities Between the Curves of Growth and of Regeneration

Kesteven, W.H., 1908:
A Note on the So-Called Stimulating Effect of Alcohol on Protoplasm

Lambert, R.A., 1914:
A Note on the Specificity of Cytotoxins

Wylie, R.B., 1922:
A Note on the Sperms of Vallisneria

Riddell, W.J., 1943:
A Note on the Spherical Equivalent of Sphero-Cylindrical Lenses

Wallace, C.; Page, C.M., 1911:
A Note on the Sphincteric Control of the Bladder After Prostatectomy

Gafafer, W.M.; Doull, J.A., 1933:
A Note on the Stability of Resistance to Colds

Allen, F.H., 1912:
A Note on the Star-Nosed Mole

Fullerton, A., 1919:
A Note on the State of the Ureters and their Orifices in Cases of Gunshot Wounds of the Spine

Kayne, G.G., 1934:
A Note on the Study of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Infants and Children

Du Noöo, P.L., 1925 :
A Note on the Surface Viscosity of Colloidal Solutions

Sherren, J., 1918:
A Note on the Surgical Treatment of Certain Diseases by Splenectomy

Cuff, C.H., 1921:
A Note on the Surgical Uses of the Fascia Lata

Rideal, S.; Walker, J.T., 1915:
A Note on the Testing of Disinfectants

Duncanson, J.G., 1903:
A Note on the Therapeutic Value of Adrenalin

Cullingworth, C.J., 1906:
A Note on the Therapeutic Value of Sarsaparilla in Syphilis

Rankin, W., 1917:
A Note on the Thomas Splint for Fractures of the Femur

Moore, F.D., 1943:
A Note on the Thrombophlebitis Encountered

Hall, G.R., 1918:
A Note on the Thyro-Toxic Heart

Long, E.C., 1911:
A Note on the Transmission of Leprosy

Mouat, T.B., 1934:
A Note on the Treatment of Acute Infective Arthritis of the Knee-Joint

Auld, A.G., 1929:
A Note on the Treatment of Asthma

Fraser, P.K., 1935:
A Note on the Treatment of Boils and Carbuncles

Smith, E., 1903:
A Note on the Treatment of Chorea by Ergot of Rye

Sachs, E., 1919:
A Note on the Treatment of Compound Fractures of the Skull with Open Dura

Adams, J.E., 1920:
A Note on the Treatment of Cutaneous Erysipelas with Brilliant Green

Jamieson, R.H.; Hernaman-Johnson, F., 1931:
A Note on the Treatment of Erysipelas by X Rays

Colyer, J.F., 1917:
A Note on the Treatment of Gunshot Injuries of the Mandible

Heggs, T.B., 1923:
A Note on the Treatment of Leprosy

Blair, V.P., 1921:
A Note on the Treatment of Secondary Hemorrhage from the Branches of the Common Carotid Artery

Smith, H., 1922:
A Note on the Treatment of Squint

Cumston, C.G., 1918:
A Note on the Treatment of Wounds of the Genital Organs in Warfare

Ivens, F., 1921:
A Note on the use of Antigonococcal Serum

Brander, H.S., 1917:
A Note on the use of B.I.P. After Bone-Grafting

Kristjansson, F.K., 1957:
A Note On The Use Of Chlorpromazine In The Treatment Of Extreme Nervousness And Savageness In Farrowing Sows

Hay, P.J., 1939:
A Note on the use of Horse Hair Sutures for the Conjunctiva

Godson, J.E., 1907:
A Note on the use of the Blunt Hook

Longridge, C.N., 1916:
A Note on the use of the Galvanometer as An Aid to the Diagnosis of Nerve Lesions

Hess, S.R.; O'Connell, R.S.; Bednarz, C.P.; Waligora, A.C.; Golladay, G.J.; Jiranek, W.A., 2018:
Association of rapidly destructive osteoarthritis of the hip with intra-articular steroid injections

Leighton, P., 1910:
A Note on the Value of Ball's Operation for Pruritus Ani

Munro, D.G., 1923:
A Note on the Value of Symptoms in the Early Diagnosis of Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Pybus, F.C.; Slade, H.J.; Laws, P.C., 1919:
A Note on the Variety and Latency of Organisms on Missiles in the Tissues

François, J.; Neetens, A., 1963:
A Note on the Vascularization of the Optic Nerve

Browne, D., 1934:
A Note on the X-Ray Examination of Empyema Cavities

Berry, E.W., 1917:
A Note on the "age and Area" Hypothesis

Greenwood, M.; Thompson, C.M., 1918:
A Note on the "man Value" of Working Class Diets

Hall, A.J., 1923:
A Note on the "so-Called Parkinson's Mask."

Savin, L.H., 1939:
A Note on Three Cases Showing "crocodile Tears" After Facial Paralysis

Buist, R.C., 1936:
A Note on Toxaemia in Pregnancy

Garrison, F.H., 1910:
A Note on Traube's Theory of Osmosis and "attraction-Pressure"

Newman, J.L., 1933:
A Note on Treatment of Impetigo

Weber, F.P., 1929:
A Note on Tumours of Endocrine Glands

Lett, H., 1927:
A Note on two Cases of a Foreign Body in the Urinary Bladder

Wyler, E.J., 1927:
A Note on two Factors Affecting the Sero-Diagnosis of Syphilis

Kinyoun, J.J., 1915:
A Note on Uhlenhuths Method for Sputum Examination, for Tubercle Bacilli

Lyon, R.M.; Percival, G.H.; Stewart, C.P., 1932:
A Note on Urinary "proteose"

French, H., 1909:
A Note on very High Specific Gravity of the Urine in Healthy Women

Pietraszkiewicz, A.; van Asten, F.; Kwong, A.; Ratnapriya, R.; Abecasis, G.; Swaroop, A.; Chew, E.Y., 2017:
Association of Rare Predicted Loss-of-Function Variants in Cellular Pathways with Sub-Phenotypes in Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Crowell, J.F., 1904:
A Note on Western Farm Values

Colt, G.H., 1916:
A Note on Wick Drains

Wilkinson, G., 1922:
A Note On the Resonating System in the Cochlea, with Demonstration of a Model, illustrating the Action of a hitherto neglected Factor

Rickett, H.W., 1942:
A Note on "stomates"

Thomas, J.L., 1908:
A Note Upon a Case of Cancer of the Right Breast "cured" by the Cardigan "cancer Curers.": the Aftermath: a Danger-Signal to the Public

Stephenson, S.; Jamieson, J.A., 1910:
A Note Upon Phlyctenular Affections of the Eye

Dawson, J.B., 1909:
A Note Upon the Embryological and Pathological Significance of Certain Folds in the Anal Canal

Longcope, W.T., 1905:
A Note Upon the Growth of Pneumococci and Streptococci in Blood Serum

Rutherford, N.C., 1911:
A Note Upon the Mechanical Effects of a Massive Left-Sided Pleural Effusion

Geddes, A.C., 1910:
A Note Upon the Mechanical Effects of a Massive Right-Sided Pleural Effusion

Stephenson, S., 1917:
A Note Upon the Pseudo-Neoplastic Form of Interstitial Keratitis

Carter, E.P., 1914:
A Note Upon The Technique And Accuracy Of The Method Of Douglas And Haldane For Calculating The Dead Space In Breathing

Macalister, G.H., 1912:
A Note Upon the use of Antiformin in Sputum Examination, and on Staining Methods for the Demonstration of Tubercle Bacilli

Dalby, W., 1897:
A Note as to when Incision of the Tympanic Membrane should be Performed in Acute Inflammation of the Middle Ear

Anonymous, 1967:
A Note of Gratitude and Season's Greetings

Roth, P.B., 1920:
A Note on Abnormal Torsion of the Femoral Shaft

Nicholson, H.O., 1901:
A Note on Acute Dilatation of the Heart

Heckman, J.J.; Todd, P.E., 2009:
A Note on Adapting Propensity Score Matching and Selection Models to Choice Based Samples

Bollen, K.A.; Bauldry, S., 2010:
A Note on Algebraic Solutions to Identification

Murchison, F., 1875:
A Note on Angina Ludovici

Gamgee, S., 1877:
A Note on Antisepticism and Cotton-Wool

Weber, F.P., 1927:
A Note on Artificial Cerebral Congestion against Sea-sickness

Hodasi, J.K., 1963:
A Note on Ascaridia Galli in a Hen's Egg from Manitoba

Dalby, W.B., 1894:
A Note on Auditory Vertigo

Higginson, C.M., 1940:
A Note on Blackleg

Wright, A.E., 1894:
A Note on Certain Improvements in the Method of Determining the Condition of Blood Coagulability for Clinical and Experimental Uses

Greenwald, I., 1950:
A Note on Chatin and the Hypothesis that Endemic Goiter is Due to a Lack of Iodine

Martin, C.F., 1894:
A Note on Chlorosis in the Male

Kirk, T.S., 1910:
A Note on Cleft Palate Operations

Morris, N.; Elston, R., 2011:
A Note on Comparing the Power of Test Statistics at Low Significance Levels

Liang, H.; Wu, H.; Zou, G., 2009:
A Note on Conditional AIC for Linear Mixed-Effects Models

Wilson, A.J., 1934:
A Note on Cutaneous and Meningeal Hæmangiectatic Nævi associated with Contralateral Epilepsy and/or Hemiplegia (Syndrome Neuro-Cutané)

Thomas, J.L., 1904:
A Note on Dr. Cathelin's Urine Separator

Manson, P., 1904:
A Note on Dr. Primrose's Paper on Filariasis

Harington, V., 1899:
A Note on Dracunculus Medinensis

Cleland, J.B., 1910:
A Note on Eosinophile Cells in the Exudate from Tick-bites on a Horse

Semon, F., 1908:
A Note on Epiglottis Holders

Goadby, K., 1909:
A Note on Experimental Lead Poisoning

Wallace, J., 1897:
A Note on Exploratory Incision and Drainage Versus Paracentesis, in the Treatment of Ascites; and Exact Diagnosis by Peritoneal Speculum

Turner, J.G., 1915:
A Note on Extraction

Nightingale, H.J., 1945:
A Note on Fat Embolism

Patteson, R.G., 1899:
A Note on Fibro-Adenoma of the Male Breast

Bourne, A.G., 1888:
A Note on Filaria Sanguinis Hominis: With a Description of a Male Specimen

Long, Q., 2012:
A Note on Generalized Functional Linear Model and Its Application

Miller, R., 1927:
A Note on Gluteal Wasting as a Sign of Cœliac Disease

Edmunds, J., 1900:
A Note on Gout

Lloyd, W.D., 1928:
A Note on Heart Stimulants

Cooper, A., 1900:
A Note on Herpes Progenitalis from a Diagnostic Point of View

Risley, S.D., 1891:
A Note on Hyoscyamine

Eastwood, A., 1925:
A Note on Immunology and Malignant Disease

Stone, L.J., 1949:
A Note on Inexpensive One-Way Vision Material

Liebreich, O., 1886:
A Note on Lanolin

Adams, D.K., 1936:
A Note on Laryngeal Vertigo

McKenzie, D., 1915:
A Note on Mastoid Grafting

Wells, S., 1888:
A Note on Methylene and other Anaesthetics

Clarke, J.J., 1923:
A Note on Molluscum Contagiosum

Crookshank, F.G., 1913:
A Note on Mongolism

Hume, E.H., 1934:
A Note on Narcotics in Ancient Greece and in Ancient China

Prideaux, d.C., 1914:
A Note on Nathaniel Highmore, M.D. [1613-1685], and his Memorial Tablet in Purse Caundle Church, Dorset

Hill, H.W., 1903:
A Note on Paratyphoid Fever from the Public Health Standpoint

Gazioglu, S.; Wei, J.; Jennings, E.M.; Carroll, R.J., 2014:
A Note on Penalized Regression Spline Estimation in the Secondary Analysis of Case-Control Data

Hooton, A., 1904:
A Note on Perineal Litholapaxy: (Kieth's Modification.)

Power, D., 1896:
A Note on Picric Acid in the Treatment of Superficial Burns and Scalds

Horrocks, W.H., 1904:
A Note on Porro's Operation and a Suggested Modification

Broadbent, W.H., 1904:
A Note on Postural Albuminuria

Goldie, G.J., 1925:
A Note on Protagulin in Haemorrhage after Extraction

Goldie, G.J., 1925:
A Note on Protagulin in Hæmorrhage after Extraction

Mackey, E., 1882:
A Note on Respirators, Outdoor and Antiseptic

Avery, R.J.; Niilo, L., 1963:
A Note on Salmonellosis in Adult Cattle Caused by Contaminated Bone Meal

Ker, C.B., 1918:
A Note on Serum Sickness in Cerebrospinal Meningitis: (Abstract)

Joy, N.H., 1917:
A Note on Skin Grafting

McCowen, 1913:
A Note on Sleeping Sickness in Principe Island and Angola, West Coast of Africa

Jeaffreson, C.S., 1886:
A Note on So-Called Lead-Neuritis

Thin, G., 1900:
A Note on Species of Anopheles Found Amongst Mosquitos Sent from Shanghai and Java

Paek, I.; Holland, P., 2015:
A Note on Statistical Hypothesis Testing Based on Log Transformation of the Mantel-Haenszel Common Odds Ratio for Differential Item Functioning Classification

Shapira, R., 1984:
A Note on Sugihara's Claim

Colyer, F., 1947:
A Note on Ten Romano-British Skulls from a Burial Ground at Compton, Berkshire

Davies, A.T., 1923:
A Note on Thomas Davies, introducer of the Exploring Needle

Laurent, E., 1900:
A Note on Treatment of Abscess of the Liver

Milligan, W., 1916:
A Note on Treatment of Gunshot Injuries of the Larynx where "Webbing" of the Vocal Cords has taken place

Milligan, W., 1916:
A Note on Treatment of "Functional Aphonia" in Soldiers from the Front

Miller, R.S., 1894:
A Note on Tubercle Bacilli in House Dust

Barnes, F., 1885:
A Note on Twenty-Seven Cases of Perin AEorraphy

Whitehouse, B.; Featherstone, H., 1923:
A Note on Two Cases of Caesarean Section under Spinal Anaesthesia with Tropacocaine

Neville, W.S., 1929:
A Note on Two Cases of Carcinoma of the OEsophagus treated by Radon and Diathermy

Whitehouse, B.; Featherstone, H., 1923:
A Note on Two Cases of Cæsarean Section under Spinal Anæsthesia with Tropacocaine

Savin, L.H., 1942:
A Note on Two Cases of Megalocornea

Dailey, U.G., 1912:
A Note on Uterine Fibroids and Intercurrent Diseases

McKenzie, D., 1920:
A Note on Vestibular Function

Glueck, B., 1942:
A Note on War Psychiatry

Allan, C.M., 1897:
A Note on a Few Surgical Uses of Picric Acid

Smith, J.L., 1894:
A Note on a New Method of Preparing Culture Media

Melville, S., 1915:
A Note on a New Sign in the X-ray Diagnosis of Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Handford, H., 1900:
A Note on a Series of Cases of Epidemic Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis

Macready, J., 1892:
A Note on an Early Description of Infantile Hernia

Corney, B.G., 1913:
A Note on an Epidemic of Measles at Rotumá, 1911

Stoddard, J.L.; Woods, A.C., 1916:
A Note on experimental Nephropathy from some Bacterial Poisons

Tchetgen Tchetgen, E.J., 2014:
A Note on formulae for causal mediation analysis in an odds ratiocontext

Fraser, C., 1902:
A Note on some Cases Mistaken for Small-Pox During the Recent Epidemic

Milligan, W., 1915:
A Note on the After-treatment of Cases of Submucous Resection of the Nasal Septum without the Use of Splints

Miller, C.P., 1944:
A Note on the Agglutination of Meningococcus

Carter, J.T., 1909:
A Note on the Ameloblast Cells in Esox

Cushny, A.R., 1915:
A Note on the Antagonism of Drugs

Thin, G., 1896:
A Note on the Appearances found in the Tissues in a Fatal Case of Pernicious Malaria at Sierra Leone

Weber, F.P., 1929:
A Note on the Association of Extensive Haemangiomatous Naevus of the Skin with Cerebral (Meningeal) Haemangioma, especially Cases of Facial Vascular Naevus with Contralateral Hemiplegia

Bethune, N., 1929:
A Note on the Bacteriological Diagnosis of Spirochaetosis of the Lungs

Censor, Y.; Herman, G.T.; Jiang, M., 2010:
A Note on the Behavior of the Randomized Kaczmarz Algorithm of Strohmer and Vershynin

Goulston, A., 1911:
A Note on the Beneficial Effect of the Ingestion of Cane Sugar in Certain Forms of Heart Disease

Pearson, G.E., 1937:
A Note on the Calcium Aspirin Therapy of Chorea

Coombs, C.F., 1926:
A Note on the Cardiac Symptoms of Pernicious Anaemia

Wright, A.E.; Knapp, H.H., 1903:
A Note on the Causation and Treatment of Thrombosis occurring in connection with Typhoid Fever

Mackay, H., 1926:
A Note on the Clinical Diagnosis of Rickets in Infancy

Evans, J.F., 1888:
A Note on the Condition of the Blood in Malaria

Ravenel, M.P.; Gilliland, S.H., 1900:
A Note on the Disinfectant and Deodorant Properties of Ammonium Persulphate

Paul, J.R., 1936:
A Note on the Early History of Infantile Paralysis in the United States

Rolleston, J.D., 1933:
A Note on the Early History of Rosacea

Wright, A.E.; Semple, D., 1895:
A Note on the Employment of Diphtheria Antitoxin as a Culture Medium for the Diphtheria Bacillus: And on some Practical Points in Connection with the Preparation of Diphtheria Antitoxin

Le Bas, G.Z., 1924:
A Note on the Employment of Fasciola hepatica as an Antigen for the Serum Diagnosis of Bilharziasis

Coombs, C.F.; Hadfield, G.; Henson, G.E., 1926:
A Note on the Endocarditis of Swine Erysipelas and its Relation to the Cardiac Infection of Man

Dandekar, B.S., 1969:
A Note on the Equatorial Day Sky Brightness in the 70-90-km Altitude Range

McNaught, J.G., 1896:
A Note on the Examination of the Blood in Malarial Fever

Lin, X.; Sun, D., 2010:
A Note on the Existence of the Posteriors for One-way Random Effect Probit Models

Billingham, R.E.; Silvers, W.K., 1960:
A Note on the Fate of Skin Autografts and Homografts and on the Healing of Cutaneous Wounds in Hibernating Squirrels

Bansal, M.S.; Shamir, R., 2011:
A Note on the Fixed Parameter Tractability of the Gene-Duplication Problem

Ferris, V.R., 1954:
A Note on the Flagellation of Phytophthora infestans (Mont.) deBary

Hattie, W.H., 1929:
A Note on the Founding of Dalhousie University

Strain, R.W., 1941:
A Note on the Fractional Test-Meal in Duodenal Ulcer

Brown, S., 1909:
A Note on the Fresh-air Treatment of Acute Insanity

Weber, F.P.; Ledingham, J.C., 1909:
A Note on the Histology of a Case of Myelomatosis (Multiple Myeloma) with Bence-Jones Protein in the Urine (Myelopathic Albumosuria)

Crookshank, F.G., 1919:
A Note on the History of Epidemic Encephalomyelitis

Orr, A.B., 1932:
A Note on the Incidence of Contagious Bovine Abortion in Great Britain

Godfrey, F.; Gwyn, N.B., 1922:
A Note on the Incubation Period of Encephalitis Lethargica. Report of a Case Developing within Five Days of Exposure

Shute, P.G.; Maryon, M., 1961:
A Note on the Infectivity to Mosquitos of Patients in the Asymptomatic, Symptomatic and Post-symptomatic Phases of Parasitic Relapses of Induced Infections with Plasmodium vivax (Madagascar Strain)

Green, A.B., 1907:
A Note on the Influence of the Chemical Rays of Daylight on Vaccinia in Animals

Baumgartner, J.G.; Wallace, M.D., 1935:
A Note on the Influence of the Protein Content of the Recovery Medium in Germicidal Tests

Savage, W.G., 1912:
A Note on the Inter-classification of the Gaertner Group

Moynihan, B.G., 1904:
A Note on the Intravesical Separation of the Urine from each Kidney

Gordon, W., 1901:
A Note on the Knee-Jerk in Chorea

Slator, A., 1917:
A Note on the Lag-phase in the Growth of Microorganisms

Allan, D.W.; Farquhar, R.M.; Russell, R.D., 1953:
A Note on the Lead Isotope Method of Age Determination

Christie, M.M., 1900:
A Note on the Method of Using Haffkine's Prophylactic

Hunter, W.K., 1897:
A Note on the Microscopic Appearances of the Spinal Cord in Tetanus

Maylard, A.E., 1912:
A Note on the Mistake of Adopting the Inclined or Fowler Position after the Operation of Gastrojejunostomy

Turner, D., 1894:
A Note on the Mode of Action of Iodine

Mollison, W.M., 1917:
A Note on the Monochord, with some Illustrative Figures

Marshall, J., 1882:
A Note on the New Hospital at Antwerp

Wolff, E., 1933:
A Note on the Normal Medullation of the Optic Papilla in the Dog

Hellier, J.B., 1901:
A Note on the Occurrence of Abortion

Orton, S.T., 1913:
A Note on the Occurrence of B. Aerogenes Capsulatus in an Epidemic of Dysentery and in the Normal

Buzzard, E.F., 1908:
A Note on the Occurrence of Muscle-Spindles in Ocular Muscles

Pakes, W.C., 1900:
A Note on the Organisation and Conduct of Plague Laboratories

Fulton, J.F., 1930:
A Note on the Origin of the Term "Physiology"

Hay, W.D., 1928:
A Note on the Outbreak of Rabies in the Kingston District

Liebow, A.A., 1936:
A Note on the Papillary Adenoma of the Corpus Uteri

Steadman, F.S., 1914:
A Note on the Pathology of Cancer of the Tongue

Thomas, J.L., 1897:
A Note on the Pathology of a Double Colles's Fracture

Hall, W., 1901:
A Note on the Phenyl-Hydrazine Test for Sugar

Tisdall, F.F.; Harris, R.I., 1923:
A Note on the Phosphate Content of the Serum of Cases of Bone Tuberculosis Treated by Heliotherapy

Krause, A.H., 1922:
A Note on the Practice of Artificial Pneumothorax by the Hippocratic School

Fabyan, M., 1913:
A Note on the Presence of B. Abortus in Cow's Milk

Lane-Roberts, C.S., 1944:
A Note on the Problem of Subfertility

Macnider, W.D., 1911:
A Note on the Regeneration of renal Epithelium in the intact Cat Kidney

Smith, T.; Tenbroeck, C., 1915:
A Note on the Relation between B. Pullorum (Rettger) and the Fowl Typhoid Bacillus (Moore)

Pearce, F.S., 1903:
A Note on the Relation of Neuralgia to Altitude; with Report of Two Cases

Giles, A.E., 1913:
A Note on the Relative Frequency of Ovarian Tumours and Cysts based on the Analysis of 400 Ovariotomies

Wolfenden, R.N.; Williams, D., 1888:
A Note on the Rhythm and Character of Certain Tremors

Slight, J.D., 1901:
A Note on the Separation of the Placenta in the Third Stage of Labour

Orchard, W.E., 1934:
A Note on the Significance of Urinary Threads

Wright, A.E.; Bruce, D., 1893:
A Note on the Staining Reactions of Leucocytes

Marshall, L., 1901:
A Note on the Surgical Treatment of Spina Bifida

Osler, W., 1902:
A Note on the Teaching of the History of Medicine

Munir, S.; Freidin, M.B.; Brain, S.; Williams, F.M.K., 2018:
Association of Raynaud's phenomenon with a polymorphism in the NOS1 gene

Stevens, W.M., 1904:
A Note on the Tendon Reflexes in Uraemia

Broadbent, W., 1895:
A Note on the Transmission of the Infection of Typhoid Fever by Oysters

Auld, A.G., 1934:
A Note on the Treatment of Asthma: (Section of Therapeutics and Pharmacology)

Little, E.M., 1901:
A Note on the Treatment of Genu Valgum

Steadman, F.S., 1922:
A Note on the Treatment of Haemorrhage after Tooth Extraction

Levi, D., 1936:
A Note on the Treatment of Hypertrophic Pyloric Stenosis

Steadman, F.S., 1922:
A Note on the Treatment of Hæmorrhage after Tooth Extraction

Granville, J.M., 1882:
A Note on the Treatment of Locomotor Ataxia by Precise Nerve-Vibration

Lyle, R.P., 1901:
A Note on the Treatment of Puerperal Eclampsia

Bannatyne, G.A.; Lindsay, J., 1911:
A Note on the Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis by Vaccines

Laffan, T., 1888:
A Note on the Treatment of Spinal Abscess

Moullin, C.M., 1904:
A Note on the Treatment of Thrombosis of the Superficial Veins of the Lower Extremities

Eastwood, J.W., 1871:
A Note on the Use of Alcohol in Health and Disease

Hammer, B.W., 1911:
A Note on the Vacuum Desiccation of Bacteria

Williamson, H., 1920:
A Note on the Value of Blood Transfusion before Operation in Severe Secondary Anaemias

Williamson, H., 1920:
A Note on the Value of Blood Transfusion before Operation in Severe Secondary Anæmias

Webb, C.H., 1917:
A Note on the Value of Brilliant Green as an Antiseptic

Cayley, H., 1901:
A Note on the Value of Inoculation against Enteric Fever

Graham, J.E.; Ketchell, R.J.; Bodendistel, J.K., 1962:
A Note on the Value of Routine Fecal Examination

Watson, H.E., 1908:
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A Note upon the Symptomatology of Tumours growing in the Fourth Ventricle

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A Note upon the Treatment of Cholesteatoma

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A Noteworthy Aurora

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A Novel Derivatization Reagent in the Determination of the Number of OH End Groups in Poly(ethylene glycol) by Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Mass Spectrometry

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A Novel Dynamic System in the Space of Spd Matrices with Applications to Appearance Tracking

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A Novel ECG Data Compression Method Using Adaptive Fourier Decomposition With Security Guarantee in e-Health Applications

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Anonymous, 1889:
A Novel Electric Battery

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A Novel Extraction Method and Some Physicochemical Properties of Extractives of Irvingia Gabonensis seeds

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A Novel Function of the 26S Proteasome in Repressing Class-1 KNOX Genes During Leaf Development

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A Novel High-Throughput Screening Assay to Identify Inhibitors of HIV-1 gp120 Protein Interaction with DC-SIGN

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A Novel Homogeneous Fenton-like System with Fe(III)-Phosphotungstate for Oxidation of Organic Compounds at Neutral pH Values

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A Novel Human Lipid Binding Protein Coding Gene: PERF15, Sequence and Cloning

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A Novel Human Radixin Peptide Inhibits Hepatitis C Virus Infection at the Level of Cell Entry

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A Novel Innate Immune-Enhancement Strategy Combined with IVIG Rescues Mice from Fatal Staphylococcus aureus Septicemia

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A Novel Insulinotropic Peptide from the Skin Secretions of Amolops loloensis Frog

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A Novel Interaction between Pyk2 and MAP4K4 Is Integrated with Glioma Cell Migration

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A Novel Intra-body Sensor for Vaginal Temperature Monitoring

Cheng, G.; Salehian, H.; Hwang, M.S.; Howland, D.; Forder, J.R.; Vemuri, B.C., 2014:
A Novel Intrinsic Unscented Kalman Filter for Tractography from Hardi*

Butt, A.; Hamlekhan, A.; Patel, S.; Royhman, D.; Sukotjo, C.; Mathew, M.T.; Shokuhfar, T.; Takoudis, C., 2014:
A Novel Investigation of the Formation of Titanium Oxide Nanotubes on Thermally Formed Oxide of Ti-6Al-4V

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A Novel JPEG-based Wireless Capsule Endoscope

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A Novel LMNA Mutation Causes Altered Nuclear Morphology and Symptoms of Familial Partial Lipodystrophy (Dunnigan Variety) with Progeroid Features

Bahşi, Z.Banu.; Büyükaksoy, Aül.; Olmezcan, S.Mert.; Simşek, F.; Aslan, M.Hasan.; Oral, A.Yavuz., 2009:
A Novel Label-Free Optical Biosensor Using Synthetic Oligonucleotides from E. coli O157:H7: Elementary Sensitivity Tests

Reese, K.A.; Lupfer, C.; Johnson, R.C.; Mitev, G.M.; Mullen, V.M.; Geller, B.L.; Pastey, M., 2013:
A Novel Lactococcal Vaccine Expressing a Peptide from the M2 Antigen of H5N2 Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza A Virus Prolongs Survival of Vaccinated Chickens

Papachristoforou, R.; Petrou, P.P.; Sawyer, H.; Williams, M.; Drousiotou, A., 2013:
A Novel Large Deletion Encompassing the Whole of the Galactose-1-Phosphate Uridyltransferase (GALT) Gene and Extending into the Adjacent Interleukin 11 Receptor Alpha (IL11RA) Gene Causes Classic Galactosemia Associated with Additional Phenotypic Abnormalities

von der Borch, P.; Dimitriadis, K.; Störmann, Sère.; Meinel, F.G.; Moder, S.; Reincke, M.; Tekian, A.; Fischer, M.R., 2011:
A Novel Large-scale Mentoring Program for Medical Students based on a Quantitative and Qualitative Needs Analysis

Pan, G.; Ye, P.; Wang, P., 2015:
A Novel Latin hypercube algorithm via translational propagation

Kim, H.Young.; Hwang, J-Ik.; Moon, M.Jin.; Seong, J.Young., 2014:
A Novel Long-Acting Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 Agonist with Improved Efficacy in Insulin Secretion and β-Cell Growth

Wiener, A.; Touloei, K.; Glick, B.P., 2011:
A Novel Long-term Therapy of Facial Synkinesis with Botulinum Neurotoxins Type A and Fillers

Yoshihiro, T.; Nasir, K.Hisam.Bin.; Ito, A.; Kanzaki, H.; Matsumura, H.; Saitoh, H.; Fujisawa, S.; Kamoun, S.; Terauchi, R., 2007:
A Novel MAPKK Involved in Cell Death and Defense Signaling

Dürr, S.; Schmidt, W.; Janko, C.; Kraemer, H.P.; Tripal, P.; Eiermann, F.; Tietze, R.; Lyer, S.; Alexiou, C., 2013:
A Novel Magnetic Field Device for Inducing Hyperthermia Using Magnetic Nanoparticles

Thomson, E., 1921:
A Novel Magneto-Optical Effect

Buscema, M.; Penco, S.; Grossi, E., 2012:
A Novel Mathematical Approach to Define the Genes/SNPs Conferring Risk or Protection in Sporadic Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Based on Auto Contractive Map Neural Networks and Graph Theory

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A Novel Mechanism of PPARgamma Regulation of TGFbeta1: Implication in Cancer Biology

Bano, G.; Mir, F.; Beharry, N.; Wilson, P.; Hodgson, S.; Schey, S., 2013:
A Novel Medical Treatment of Cushing's Due to Ectopic ACTH in a Patient With Neurofibromatosis Type 1

Christensen, A.; Micevych, P., 2014:
A Novel Membrane Estrogen Receptor Activated by STX Induces Female Sexual Receptivity through an Interaction with mGluR1a

Nadumane, V.K.; Venkat, P.; Pal, A.; Dharod, H.; Shukla, M.; Prashanthi, K., 2014:
A Novel Metabolite from Aspergillus ochraceus JGI 25 Showing Cytotoxicity to Hela Cells

Wauters, J.; Spincemaille, L.; Dieudonne, A-Sophie.; Van Zwam, K.; Wilmer, A.; Malbrain, M.L.N.G., 2012:
A Novel Method (CiMON) for Continuous Intra-Abdominal Pressure Monitoring: Pilot Test in a Pig Model

Freifelder, D., 2014:
A Novel Method for the Release of Bacteriophage Dna. Ucrl-11833

Short, K.R.; Grant, E.J.; Vissers, M.; Reading, P.C.; Diavatopoulos, D.A.; Kedzierska, K., 2013:
A Novel Method Linking Antigen Presentation by Human Monocyte-Derived Macrophages to CD8(+) T Cell Polyfunctionality

Kim, Y.Soo.; Kook, D.Bee.; Hwang, E., 2017:
A Novel Method for Correction of the Hypoplastic Pixie Earlobe Deformity: V-Y Advancement Flap and Dermofat Graft

June, R.K.; Cunningham, J.P.; Fyhrie, D.P., 2014:
A Novel Method for Curvefitting the Stretched Exponential Function to Experimental Data

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A Novel Method for Detecting p53 Autoantibodies in Sera of Patients with NSCLC.

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A Novel Method for Motion Artifact Removal in Wearable PPG Sensors Based on Blind Source Separation

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A Novel Method for Real-Time, Continuous, Fluorescence-Based Analysis of Anti-DNA Abzyme Activity in Systemic Lupus

Horie, N.; Hayashi, K.; Morikawa, M.; Izumo, T.; Nagata, I., 2017:
A Novel Method for Super-selective Coil Embolization Using an Extremely Soft Bare Coil through a Liquid Embolic Delivery Microcatheter

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A Novel Method for the Assessment of Cortisol Hormone in Different Body Fluids Using A New Photo Probe Thiazole Derivative

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A Novel Method of Fabricating Convoluted Shaped Electrode Arrays for Neural and Retinal Prostheses

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A Novel Method of Postoperative Wound Care Following Total Ankle Arthroplasty

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A Novel Method to Fabricate Silicon Nanowire p-n Junctions by a Combination of Ion Implantation and in-situ Doping

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A Novel Microduplication in the Neurodevelopmental Gene SRGAP3 That Segregates with Psychotic Illness in the Family of a COS Proband

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A Novel Missense Mutation in BRAF Caused Cardio-Facio-Cutaneous Syndrome

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A Novel Missense Mutation in the Thyroid Peroxidase Gene, R175Q, Resulting in Insufficient Cell Surface Enzyme in Two Siblings

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A Novel Missense Mutation of DKC1 In Dyskeratosis Congenita With Pulmonary Fibrosis

Onsori, H.; Hosseinpour Feizi, M.Ali.; Hosseinpour Feizi, A.Ali., 2014:
A Novel Missense Mutation, E1623G, in the Human Factor VIII Gene Associated With Moderate Haemophilia A

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A Novel Mode of Applying Plaster-Of-Paris Bandages

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A Novel Model Predictive Control Formulation for Hybrid Systems With Application to Adaptive Behavioral Interventions

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A Novel Model of Acute Hepatic Failure in Dogs With Implications for Transplantation Research

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A Novel Model of Schizophrenia Age-of-Onset Data Challenges the Conventional Interpretations of the Discordance in Monozygote Twin Studies

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A Novel Moderate Constitutive Promoter Derived from Poplar (Populus tomentosa Carrière)

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A Novel Mu Rhythm-based Brain Computer Interface Design that uses a Programmable System on Chip

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A Novel Mutation in CPT1A Resulting in Hepatic CPT Deficiency

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A Novel Mutation of FOXC1 (R127L) in an Axenfeld-Rieger Syndrome Family with Glaucoma and Multiple Congenital Heart Diseases

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A Novel Mutation of the GNE Gene in Distal Myopathy with Rimmed Vacuoles: A Case with Inflammation

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A Novel Mutation of the Glucokinase Gene in Maturity-onset Diabetes of the Young Type 2 (MODY2)

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A Novel Mutation of the Steroidogenic Acute Regulatory Protein (StAR) Gene in a Japanese Patient with Congenital Lipoid Adrenal Hyperplasia

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A Novel PANK2 Mutation in a Patient with Atypical Pantothenate-Kinase-Associated Neurodegeneration Presenting with Adult-Onset Parkinsonism

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A Novel PHEX Gene Mutation in a Patient with Sporadic Hypophosphatemic Rickets

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A Novel Periplasmic Protein, VrpA, Contributes to Efficient Protein Secretion by the Type III Secretion System in Xanthomonas spp

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A Novel Peroxidase CanPOD Gene of Pepper Is Involved in Defense Responses to Phytophtora capsici Infection as well as Abiotic Stress Tolerance

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A Novel Perspective on Dopaminergic Processing of Human Addiction

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A Novel Phosphopeptide Microarray Based Interactome Map in Breast Cancer Cells Reveals Phosphoprotein-GRB2 Cell Signaling Networks

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A Novel Platelet-Activating Factor Receptor Antagonist Inhibits Choroidal Neovascularization and Subretinal Fibrosis

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A Novel Portable System for Gait Analysis and Rehabilitation

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A Novel Presenilin 1 Mutation in Early-Onset Alzheimer's Disease With Prominent Frontal Features

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A Novel Prothrombotic Pathway in Systemic Sclerosis Patients: Possible Role of Bisphosphonate-Activated γδ T Cells

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A Novel Qualitative and Quantitative Biofilm Assay Based on 3D Soft Tissue

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A Novel Quantitative Fluorescent Reporter Assay for RAG Targets and RAG Activity

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A Novel Quinazolinone Derivative as Fluorescence Quenching Off-On Sensor for High Selectivity of Fe(3+)

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A Novel Rat Model of Orthodontic Tooth Movement Using Temporary Skeletal Anchorage Devices: 3D Finite Element Analysis and In Vivo Validation

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A Novel Ratiometric Fluorescent Mercury Probe Based on Deprotonation-ICT Mechanism

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A Novel Real-time Carbon Dioxide Analyzer for Health and Environmental Applications

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A Novel Representation for Riemannian Analysis of Elastic Curves in ℝ

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A Novel Retrotransposon Inserted in the Dominant Vrn-B1 Allele Confers Spring Growth Habit in Tetraploid Wheat (Triticum turgidum L.)

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A Novel Risk Stratification Model for Patients with Non-ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction in the Korea Acute Myocardial Infarction Registry (KAMIR): Limitation of the TIMI Risk Scoring System

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A Novel Role of IGF1 in Apo2L/TRAIL-Mediated Apoptosis of Ewing Tumor Cells

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A Novel SCN5A Mutation in a Patient with Coexistence of Brugada Syndrome Traits and Ischaemic Heart Disease

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A Novel SHOC2 Variant in Rasopathy

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A Novel SNPs Detection Method Based on Gold Magnetic Nanoparticles Array and Single Base Extension

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A Novel Sandwich Electrochemical Immunosensor Based on the DNA-Derived Magnetic Nanochain Probes for Alpha-Fetoprotein

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A Novel Schlemm's Canal Scaffold: Histologic Observations

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A Novel Semisynthetic Anion Receptor: Synthesis and Ion Recognition of (1-H-pyrrol-2-yl)-4-oxo-perezone

Gan, N.; Xiong, P.; Wang, J.; Li, T.; Hu, F.; Cao, Y.; Zheng, L., 2013:
A Novel Signal-Amplified Immunoassay for the Detection of C-Reactive Protein Using HRP-Doped Magnetic Nanoparticles as Labels with the Electrochemical Quartz Crystal Microbalance as a Detector

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A Novel Solution for the High Defibrillation Threshold in Patients with a DF-4 Lead: Adding a High Voltage Adaptor/Splitter

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A Novel Space Partitioning Algorithm to Improve Current Practices in Facility Placement

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A Novel Splice-site Allelic Variant is Responsible for Wilson Disease in an Omani Family

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A Novel Splicing Mutation of the GNAS Gene in a Patient with Pseudohypoparathyroidism Ia

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A Novel Splicing Variant of Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor-γ (Pparγ1sv) Cooperatively Regulates Adipocyte Differentiation with Pparγ2

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A Novel Strategy for Surface Modification of Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for Lung Cancer Imaging

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A Novel Stratification Method in Linkage Studies to Address Inter- and Intra-Family Heterogeneity in Autism

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A Novel Subgenotype of Torque teno Virus 1 (TTSuV1) in Slaughter Pigs in China

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A Novel Subset of Human Tumors That Simultaneously Overexpress Multiple E2F-responsive Genes Found in Breast, Ovarian, and Prostate Cancers

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A Novel Support Vector Classifier for Longitudinal High-dimensional Data and Its Application to Neuroimaging Data

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A Novel Surface Reconstruction and Display Method for Cardiac PET Imaging

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A Novel Surface-Based Geometric Approach for 3d Dendritic Spine Detection from Multi-Photon Excitation Microscopy Images

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A Novel Synthesis of 1,3,5-Trisubstituted Pyrazoles through a Spiro-pyrazoline Intermediate via a Tandem 1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition/Elimination

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A Novel Synthesis of Computational Approaches Enables Optimization of Grasp Quality of Tendon-Driven Hands

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A Novel Technique for Endovascular Detection and Removal of Radiographic Contrast during Angiography

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A Novel Technique for Endovascular Removal of Large Volume Right Atrial Tumor Thrombus

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A Novel Technique for Micro-patterning Proteins and Cells on Polyacrylamide Gels

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A Novel Technique for Repair of Complete Atrioventricular Canal Defect: The Central Patch Technique

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A Novel Technique of Quantifying Flexural Stiffness of Rod-Like Structures

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A Novel Text Detection System Based on Character and Link Energies

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A Novel Therapeutic Agent for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: SGLT2 Inhibitor

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A Novel Thyroid Hormone Mediated Regulation of HSV-1 Gene Expression and Replication is Specific to Neuronal Cells and Associated with Disruption of Chromatin Condensation

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A Novel Time Series Approach to Bridge Coding Changes with a Consistent Solution Across Causes of Death

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A Novel Total Artificial Heart for Destination Therapy: In-Vitro and In-Vivo Study

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A Novel Training Program for Police Officers that Improves Interactions with Mentally Ill Individuals and is Cost-Effective

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A Novel Transgenic Mouse Model of Cardiac Hypertrophy and Atrial Fibrillation

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A Novel Translocation Involving RUNX1 and HOXA Gene Clusters in a Case of Acute Myeloid Leukemia with t(7;21)(p15;q22)

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A Novel Treatment of Obstinate Vomiting in Pregnancy

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A Novel Two-Tag System for Monitoring Transport and Cleavage through the Classical Secretory Pathway - Adaptation to HIV Envelope Processing

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A Novel Type of Vesicles Based on Ionic and π-π Interactions

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A Novel Unsupervised Approach for Minimally-invasive Video Segmentation

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A Novel Use of a Metronome in Dispatcher-assisted Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

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Association of recipient and donor hypercholesterolemia prior allogeneic stem cell transplantation and graft-versus-host disease

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A Novel YY1-miR-1 regulatory circuit in skeletal myogenesis revealed by genome-wide prediction of YY1-miRNA network

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A Novel alpha1,2-L-fucosidase acting on xyloglucan oligosaccharides is associated with endo-beta-mannosidase

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A Novel and sensitive spot-test for m-dinitroaromatics and their derivatives with sodium sulphite and dimethylsulphoxide

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A Novel de novo Balanced Reciprocal Translocation t(18;22) Associated with Recurrent Miscarriages: A Case Report

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A Novel mouse model of enhanced proteostasis: Full-length human heat shock factor 1 transgenic mice

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A Novel msDNA (Multicopy Single-Stranded DNA) Strain Present in Yersinia frederiksenii ATCC 33641 Contig01029 Enteropathogenic Bacteria with the Genomic Analysis of It's Retron

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A Novel multivalent OspA vaccine against Lyme borreliosis is safe and immunogenic in an adult population previously infected with Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato

Gutierrez, J.A.; Hannoush, Z.C.; Vargas, L.G.; Momany, A.; Garcia, C.C.; Murray, J.C.; Dunnwald, M., 2013:
A Novel non-sense Mutation in Keratin 10 Causes a Familial Case of Recessive Epidermolytic Ichthyosis

Ni, Y.; Ji, C.; Wang, B.; Qiu, J.; Wang, J.; Guo, X., 2013:
A Novel pro-adipogenesis factor abundant in adipose tissues and over-expressed in obesity acts upstream of PPARγ and C/EBPα

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A Novel sulfatide, GlcCer-I6 sulfate, from the ascidian Ciona intestinalis

Gabriele, B.; Mancuso, R.; Salerno, G., 2008:
A Novel synthesis of 2-functionalized benzofurans by palladium-catalyzed cycloisomerization of 2-(1-hydroxyprop-2-ynyl)phenols followed by acid-catalyzed allylic isomerization or allylic nucleophilic substitution

Egred, M., 2014:
A Novel use of the dedicated sideguard nitinol self expanding Cappella stent for the treatment of left main stem bifurcation

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A Novel "Maximizing Kappa" Approach for Assessing the Ability of a Diagnostic Marker and Its Optimal Cutoff Value

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A Novel, Homozygous c.1502T>G (p.Val501Gly) Mutation in the Thyroid peroxidase Gene in Malaysian Sisters with Congenital Hypothyroidism and Multinodular Goiter

Rao, P.Venkata.; Kumar, M.Nagendra.; Kumar, M.Ravi., 2013:
A Novel, Validated Stability-Indicating UPLC Method for the Estimation of Lansoprazole and its Impurities in Bulk Drug and Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms

Widmer, N., 2010:
A November night in Whitehorse

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A Nubian complex site from central Arabia: implications for Levallois taxonomy and human dispersals during the upper Pleistocene

Anonymous, 1946:
A Nuclear Research Institute at Oak Ridge: The Executive Committee, Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Studies

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A NudE/14-3-3 pathway coordinates dynein and the kinesin Khc73 to position the mitotic spindle

Lee, K-Tae.; Kwon, H.; Lee, D.; Bahn, Y-Sun., 2014:
A Nudix Hydrolase Protein, Ysa1, Regulates Oxidative Stress Response and Antifungal Drug Susceptibility in Cryptococcus neoformans

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A Numerical Method for Estimating the Variance of Age at Maximum Growth Rate in Growth Models

Hou, S.; Li, Z.; Wang, L.; Wang, W., 2012:
A Numerical Method for Solving Elasticity Equations with Interfaces

Ge, L.; Sotiropoulos, F., 2007:
A Numerical Method for Solving the 3D Unsteady Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations in Curvilinear Domains with Complex Immersed Boundaries

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A Nup133-dependent NPC-anchored network tethers centrosomes to the nuclear envelope in prophase

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A Nurr1 pathway for neuroprotection

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A Nurr1/CoREST pathway in microglia and astrocytes protects dopaminergic neurons from inflammation-induced death

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A Nurse Practitioner initiated model of service delivery in caring for people with dementia

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A Nurse's Eye-View on Health Literacy in Older Adults

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A NusE:NusG complex links transcription and translation

Kalyani, B.Sudha.; Kunamneni, R.; Wal, M.; Ranjan, A.; Sen, R., 2015:
A NusG paralogue from Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Rv0639, has evolved to interact with ribosomal protein S10 (Rv0700) but not to function as a transcription elongation-termination factor

Anonymous, 1942:
A Nutrition Council

Trujillo, J.M.; Hardy, Y., 2010:
A Nutrition Journal and Diabetes Shopping Experience to improve pharmacy students' empathy and cultural competence

Hervey, G.W., 1925:
A Nutritional Study Upon a Fungus Enzyme

Glaser, E., 1943:
A Nylon Blood and Plasma Filter

Sharma, P.; Ghosh, S.; Bhattacharya, S., 2010:
A Nyquist analysis of glassy dynamics, aging, and discrete basins of attraction in a small system

Oura, C., 2014:
A One Health approach to the control of zoonotic vectorborne pathogens

Coffin, J.L.; Monje, F.; Asiimwe-Karimu, G.; Amuguni, H.Janetrix.; Odoch, T., 2015:
A One Health, participatory epidemiology assessment of anthrax (Bacillus anthracis) management in Western Uganda

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A One Month Review of the Types of Medical Emergencies and their Treatment Outcomes at Two Urban Public Health Clinics

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A One Screw Technique in Oblique Fractures of Tibia

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A One Year Study on the Concentrations of Norovirus and Enteric Adenoviruses in Wastewater and A Surface Drinking Water Source in Norway

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A One- and Two-dimensional Paper-Partition Chromatographic Apparatus

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A One-Health integrated approach to control fascioliasis in the Cajamarca valley of Peru

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A One-Layer Recurrent Neural Network for Real-Time Portfolio Optimization With Probability Criterion

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A One-Pot Selective Synthesis of N-Boc Protected Secondary Amines: Tandem Direct Reductive Amination/N-Boc Protection

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A One-System Theory Which is Not Propositional

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A One-Two Punch: Hydralazine-Induced Liver Injury in a Recovering Ischemic Hepatitis

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