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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 51073

Chapter 51073 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Anonymous, 1949:
A Patient Remembers Lister

Turner, P., 1937:
A Patient Sixteen Years after an Operation for Acute Diverticulitis

Hamidian Jahromi, A.; Northcutt, A.; Youssef, A.M., 2014:
A Patient With Blunt Trauma and Cardiac Arrest Arriving Pulseless at the Emergency Department; is that Enough Reason to Stop Resuscitation? Review of Literature and Case Report

Kim, J-Ho.; Jang, S-Won.; Kim, D-Bin.; Lee, H-Jeong.; Kim, J-Gyung.; Kwon, B-Jun.; Cho, E-Ju.; Rho, T-Ho.; Kim, J-Hyung., 2009:
A Patient With Dysphagia due to an Aortic Aneurysm

Addison, O., 1932:
A Patient with Four Ureters

Lai, S.; Leslie, W., 2012:
A Patient With Metastatic Adenocarcinoma of the Jejunum Who Had a Prolonged Complete Response to FOLFOX

Weber, F.P., 1910:
A Patient a few months after Omentopexy and Peritoneal Drainage for Chronic Ascites connected with Hepatic Cirrhosis

Fraser, J.S., 1908:
A Patient after Vestibulotomy (Right Ear)

Horsford, C., 1908:
A Patient in whom a Small Fibroma had been removed from the Left Vocal Cord: (With Microscopical Specimen.)

Tilley, H., 1912:
A Patient in whom all the Sinuses were Operated on some Nine Years ago for Chronic Suppurative Sinusitis

Anonymous, 1908:
A Patient in whom an OEdematous Fibroma had been removed from the Left Vocal Cord

Anonymous, 1908:
A Patient in whom an Œdematous Fibroma had been removed from the Left Vocal Cord

Steadman, F.S., 1914:
A Patient showing a Follicular Odontome and Three Dental Cysts

Bristow, W.R., 1922:
A Patient showing the End Result of Treatment for Ununited Fracture of the Humerus and Complete Musculo-spiral Paralysis

Sherren, J., 1909:
A Patient six years after the performance of Omentopexy for Ascites due to Cirrhosis of Liver

White, C., 1929:
A Patient who was Operated on in 1914 for Neo-natal Subdural Haemorrhage

White, C., 1929:
A Patient who was Operated on in 1914 for Neo-natal Subdural Hæmorrhage

Thomson, S., 1912:
A Patient who wore a Tracheotomy Tube for Fifty Years

Pong, J.Chiu.Fai.; Lai, J., 2010:
A Patient with Bilateral Cataracta Membranacea

Nouws, J.; Wibrand, F.; van den Brand, Mël.; Venselaar, H.; Duno, M.; Lund, A.M.; Trautner, S.; Nijtmans, L.; Ostergard, E., 2013:
A Patient with Complex I Deficiency Caused by a Novel ACAD9 Mutation Not Responding to Riboflavin Treatment

Jeninga, E.H.; de Vroede, M.; Hamers, N.; Breur, J.M.P.J.; Verhoeven-Duif, N.M.; Berger, R.; Kalkhoven, E., 2013:
A Patient with Congenital Generalized Lipodystrophy Due To a Novel Mutation in BSCL2: Indications for Secondary Mitochondrial Dysfunction

Virupannavar, S.; Guggenheim, C., 2014:
A Patient with Fatal Necrotizing Fasciitis following the Use of Intra-Articular Sodium Hyaluronate Injections: A Case Report

Ruzevick, J.; Nicholas, S.; Redmond, K.; Kleinberg, L.; Lipson, E.J.; Lim, M., 2014:
A Patient with HIV Treated with Ipilimumab and Stereotactic Radiosurgery for Melanoma Metastases to the Brain

Mizuma, A.; Goto, Y.; Takahashi, W.; Takizawa, S.; Takagi, S., 2013:
A Patient with Hashimoto's Encephalopathy Presenting with Convulsive Seizure Alone as the Initial Symptom

Park, K.Eon.; Kang, S.; Ok, S.Ho.; Shin, I.Woo.; Sohn, J.Tae.; Chung, Y.Kyun.; Lee, H.Keun., 2012:
A Patient with Kikuchi's Disease: What Should Pain Clinicians Do?

Achappa, B.; Madi, D.; Shetty, N.; Mahalingam, S., 2013:
A Patient with Multiple Immune Reconstitution Inflammatory Syndrome (IRIS) Following Initiation of Antiretroviral Therapy

Takasu, N.; Nakayama, Y., 2011:
A Patient with Postpartum Hypopituitarism (Sheehan's Syndrome) Developed Postpartum Autoimmune Thyroiditis (Transient Thyrotoxicosis and Hypothyroidism): A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Bains, S.; Reimert, M.; Win, A.Zaw.; Khan, S.; Aparici, C.Mari., 2012:
A Patient with Psoriatic Arthritis Imaged with FDG-PET/CT Demonstrated an Unusual Imaging Pattern with Muscle and Fascia Involvement: A Case Report

Iyanaga, M.; Watts, S.; Kasai, T., 2010:
A Patient with Splenic Artery Aneurysm Rupture and the Importance of Rapid Sonography in the ED

Bouma, K.; de Groot, B., 2013:
A Patient with syncope, orthostatic hypotension, and postural-dependent focal neurological deficit

Spinler, S.A.; Willey, V.J., 2011:
A Patient's Guide to Taking Dabigatran Etexilate

Russell, J., 1879:
A Patient's History of Strain of the Valves of his Heart

Profumo, D.; Dinneen, M., 2010:
A Patient's Journey. At sixes and sevens: prostate cancer

Down, C.; Chappell, A., 2009:
A Patient's Journey. Childhood asthma

Purdy, D.; Leedham, W., 2009:
A Patient's Journey. Multiple sclerosis

Fisher, C.; Freris, N., 2013:
A Patient's Journey. Neuromuscular degeneration

Rostami, K.; Hogg-Kollars, S., 2013:
A Patient's Journey. Non-coeliac gluten sensitivity

Burden, M.; Bakere, H., 2013:
A Patient's Journey. Tuberculosis

Anonymous, 1958:
A Patient's Misinterpretation of a Commonly-Used Word (A Case Report)

Gantos-O'Brien, E., 2011:
A Patient's Perspective on the Multidisciplinary Liver/Pancreas Tumor Clinic: An All-in-One Resort

Robinson, A., 1957:
A Patient's Recollection of an Appendicetory Fifty-two Years Ago

Phelps, S.J., 2010:
A Patient's Voice

Barker, A.E., 1909:
A Patient, five years after Removal of the Splenic Flexure of the Colon for Carcinoma, in whom the whole Colon above the Excision was Excluded

Kleiner-Fisman, G.; Gryfe, P.; Naglie, G., 2013:
A Patient-Based Needs Assessment for Living Well with Parkinson Disease: Implementation via Nominal Group Technique

Pynnonen, M.A.; Hawley, S.T., 2014:
A Patient-Centered Approach to Clinical Practice Guidelines in Otolaryngology

Grasso, D.J.; Ford, J.D.; Lindhiem, O., 2016:
A Patient-Centered Decision-Support Tool Informed by History of Interpersonal Violence: "Will This Treatment Work for Me?"

Wang, B.; Prastawa, M.; Irimia, A.; Chambers, M.C.; Vespa, P.M.; Van Horn, J.D.; Gerig, G., 2012:
A Patient-Specific Segmentation Framework for Longitudinal MR Images of Traumatic Brain Injury

Salamonsen, A.; Drageset, B.J.; Fønnebø, V., 2012:
A Patient-defined "Best Case" of Multiple Sclerosis Related to the Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Batal, I.; Valizadegan, H.; Cooper, G.F.; Hauskrecht, M., 2012:
A Pattern Mining Approach for Classifying Multivariate Temporal Data

Sato, T.; Rocancourt, D.; Marques, Lís.; Thorsteinsdóttir, Sólveig.; Buckingham, M., 2010:
A Pax3/Dmrt2/Myf5 regulatory cascade functions at the onset of myogenesis

Pang, F.; Sun, X.; Guo, H.; Yan, J.; Wang, J.; Zeng, X.; Chen, Z.; Wang, T., 2010:
A PbS quantum dots fiber amplifier excited by evanescent wave

Du, H.; Yuan, W.; Zhao, B.; Shi, Y., 2007:
A Pd(0)-catalyzed diamination of terminal olefins at allylic and homoallylic carbons via formal C-H activation under solvent-free conditions

Li, Y-Xiong.; Xuan, Q-Qing.; Liu, L.; Wang, D.; Chen, Y-Jun.; Li, C-Jun., 2015:
A Pd(0)-catalyzed direct dehydrative coupling of terminal alkynes with allylic alcohols to access 1,4-enynes

Breazzano, S.P.; Poudel, Y.B.; Boger, D.L., 2013:
A Pd(0)-mediated indole (macro)cyclization reaction

Wang, F.; Chen, F.; Qu, M.; Li, T.; Liu, Y.; Shi, M., 2013:
A Pd(II)-catalyzed asymmetric approach toward chiral [3.3.1]-bicyclic ketals using 2-hydroxyphenylboronic acid as a pro-bis(nucleophile)

Chiba, S.; Xu, Y-Jun.; Wang, Y-Feng., 2009:
A Pd(II)-catalyzed ring-expansion reaction of cyclic 2-azidoalcohol derivatives: synthesis of azaheterocycles

Lim, C.Woo.; Le, H.Thi.; Jung, G.Soo.; Kim, T.Woo., 2013:
A Pd(II)-containing self-assembled macrocyclic host induces helical coiling of fatty acids

Prasad, B.; Sreenivas, B.Yogi.; Sushma, A.; Yellanki, S.; Medisetti, R.; Kulkarni, P.; Pal, M., 2015:
A Pd-based regioselective strategy to indole-1,2-fused 8- and 9-membered rings: their evaluation as potential scaffolds for apoptosis in zebrafish

Koester, D.C.; Leibeling, M.; Neufeld, R.; Werz, D.B., 2010:
A Pd-catalyzed approach to (1-->6)-linked C-glycosides

Ding, D.; Lv, X.; Li, J.; Qiu, L.; Xu, G.; Sun, J., 2016:
A Pd-catalyzed cascade reaction of N-H insertion and oxidative dehydrogenative aromatization: a new entry to 2-amino-phenols

Raffa, G.; Rusch, M.; Balme, Gève.; Monteiro, N., 2010:
A Pd-catalyzed heteroannulation approach to 2,3-disubstituted furo[3,2-c]coumarins

Kim, J.; Moon, Y.; Lee, S.; Hong, S., 2014:
A Pd-catalyzed one-pot dehydrogenative aromatization and ortho-functionalization sequence of N-acetyl enamides

Xu, L.; Ye, Z., 2013:
A Pd-diimine catalytic inimer for synthesis of polyethylenes of hyperbranched-on-hyperbranched and star architectures

Ram Reddy, T.; Srinivasula Reddy, L.; Rajeshwar Reddy, G.; Nuthalapati, V.Subbaiah.; Lingappa, Y.; Sandra, S.; Kapavarapu, R.; Misra, P.; Pal, M., 2012:
A Pd-mediated new strategy to functionalized 2-aminochromenes: their in vitro evaluation as potential anti tuberculosis agents

Yuan, H.; Liu, H.; Zhang, B.; Zhang, L.; Wang, H.; Su, D.Sheng., 2014:
A Pd/CNT-SiC monolith as a robust catalyst for Suzuki coupling reactions

Liu, Y.; Zhang, J.; Hou, W.; Zhu, J-Jie., 2008:
A Pd/SBA-15 composite: synthesis, characterization and protein biosensing

Bar, A.Kumar.; Mostafa, G.; Mukherjee, P.Sarathi., 2010:
A Pd6 molecular cage via multicomponent self-assembly incorporating both neutral and anionic linkers

Li, L.; Niu, Z.; Cai, S.; Zhi, Y.; Li, H.; Rong, H.; Liu, L.; Liu, L.; He, W.; Li, Y., 2014:
A PdAg bimetallic nanocatalyst for selective reductive amination of nitroarenes

Eagle, A., 2012:
A Pebble in Pennsylvania. New pavilion incorporates evidence-baed design strategies

Rich, J.L., 1914:
A Peculiar Behavior of Cumulus Clouds Over the Illinois River Valley

Hooper, J.J., 1916:
A Peculiar Breed Of Goats

Henderson, E.E.; James, R.R., 1928:
A Peculiar Case of Glaucoma

Hichens, P.S., 1912:
A Peculiar Case of Oesophageal Dilatation

Simon, W., 1889:
A Peculiar Case of Adhesion

Buller, F., 1882:
A Peculiar Case of Alopecia of the Eyelids

Collier, J., 1912:
A Peculiar Case of Congenital Paralysis

Macleod, J.M., 1913:
A Peculiar Case of Lymphangioma Circumscriptum in a Girl, aged 6

McReddie, G.D., 1870:
A Peculiar Case of Ovarian Tumour: Ovariotomy: Death

Jeffries, B.J., 1881:
A Peculiar Expression of the Eyes of the Color-Blind

McLouth, C.D., 1893:
A Peculiar Eye

Shepardson, G.D., 1893:
A Peculiar Fire

Clark, H.L., 1893:
A Peculiar Flora in Chicago

Hamilton, A., 1899:
A Peculiar Form of Fibrosarcoma of the Brain

Perry, J.C., 1905:
A Peculiar Form of Acromegaly, Possibly Resulting from Injury

McDonagh, J.E., 1909:
A Peculiar Form of Elephantiasis

Heckford, N., 1868:
A Peculiar Form of Scarlatina

Comstock, T.B., 1904:
A Peculiar Habit of the Badger

Wilson, A.W., 1902:
A Peculiar Hailstorm

Watson, F.R., 1910:
A Peculiar Heat Phenomenon

Winchester, G., 1929:
A Peculiar Lightning Phenomenon

Lyon, M.W., 1906:
A Peculiar Mutation of the Pine Marten

Wickersham, J., 1893:
A Peculiar Occurrence of Beeswax

Fitch, A.L., 1934:
A Peculiar Optical Phenomenon

Bashore, H.B., 1890:
A Peculiar Pipe from the Susquehanna

Harvey, A.M.; Tumulty, P.A.; Berthrong, M., 1950:
A Peculiar Pneumonia Associated with Retinal Cytoid Bodies

Garman, S., 1884:
A Peculiar Selachian

Futcher, P.H., 1938:
A Peculiarity of Pigmentation of the Upper Arm of Negroes

Stork, V.E., 1948:
A Pediatrician's Observations on Mental Hygiene

Tantawy, H.; Li, A.; Dai, F.; Elgammal, M.; Sukumar, N.; Elefteriades, J.; Akhtar, S., 2018:
Association of red blood cell transfusion and short- and longer-term mortality after coronary artery bypass graft surgery

Baba, Y.; Saito, B.; Shimada, S.; Sasaki, Y.; Murai, S.; Abe, M.; Fujiwara, S.; Arai, N.; Kawaguchi, Y.; Kabasawa, N.; Tsukamoto, H.; Uto, Y.; Ariizumi, H.; Yanagisawa, K.; Hattori, N.; Harada, H.; Nakamaki, T., 2018:
Association of red cell distribution width with clinical outcomes in myelodysplastic syndrome

Redmann, A.J.; Robinette, K.; Myer, C.M.; de Alarcón, A.; Veid, A.; Hart, C.K., 2018:
Association of Reduced Delay in Care With a Dedicated Operating Room in Pediatric Otolaryngology

Chen, X-Jun.; Yang, F.; Chen, Z-Qiu.; He, M-Cong.; Hong, G-Ju.; Huang, J-Yuan.; Zhou, Y-Chun.; Qin, Y-Xian.; Wei, Q-Shi.; He, W., 2018:
Association of reduced sclerostin expression with collapse process in patients with osteonecrosis of the femoral head

Xie, S.; Desjardins, B.; Kubala, M.; Liang, J.; Yang, J.; van der Geest, R.J.; Schaller, R.; Riley, M.; Callans, D.; Zado, E.; Marchlinski, F.; Nazarian, S., 2018:
Association of regional epicardial right ventricular electrogram voltage amplitude and late gadolinium enhancement distribution on cardiac magnetic resonance in patients with arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy: Implications for ventricular tachycardia ablation

van Veen, M.M.; Tavares-Brito, J.; van Veen, B.M.; Dusseldorp, J.R.; Werker, P.M.N.; Dijkstra, P.U.; Hadlock, T.A., 2018:
Association of Regional Facial Dysfunction With Facial Palsy-Related Quality of Life

James, R.R., 1927:
A Pedigree of a Family Showing Hereditary Glaucoma

Martin, J.P.; Bell, J., 1943:
A Pedigree of Mental Defect Showing Sex-Linkage

Usher, C.H., 1921:
A Pedigree of Microphthalmia with Myopia and Corectopia

Hubert, W.H., 1932:
A Pedigree Showing An Atypical Form of Hereditary Optic Atrophy Exhibiting Apparent Polymorphism

Thompson, A.H.; Cashell, G.T., 1935:
A Pedigree of Congenital Optic Atrophy Embracing Sixteen Affected Cases In Six Generations: (Section of Ophthalmology)

Nettleship, E.; Thompson, A.H., 1913:
A Pedigree of Leber's Disease

Hicks, J.A., 1914:
A Pedunculated Intra-bronchial Tumour (Sarcoma) causing Bronchiectasis

Ruedi, C., 1895:
A Peep Into the Future, with Respect of Pathological-Anatomical Researches

Ogilvie, J.A., 1930:
A Peep into West Indian Medical History

Liebscher, S.; Meyer-Luehmann, M., 2012:
A Peephole into the Brain: Neuropathological Features of Alzheimer's Disease Revealed by in vivo Two-Photon Imaging

Lane, J.Athene.; Wade, J.; Down, L.; Bonnington, S.; Holding, P.N.; Lennon, T.; Jones, A.J.; Salter, C.Elizabeth.; Neal, D.E.; Hamdy, F.C.; Donovan, J.L., 2011:
A Peer Review Intervention for Monitoring and Evaluating sites (PRIME) that improved randomized controlled trial conduct and performance

Enriquez, M.; Cheng, A-Lin.; Banderas, J.; Farnan, R.; Chertoff, K.; Hayes, D.; Ortego, G.; Moreno, J.; Peterson, J.; McKinsey, D., 2015:
A Peer-Led HIV Medication Adherence Intervention Targeting Adults Linked to Medical Care but without a Suppressed Viral Load

Johnson, V.L.; Simon, P.; Mun, E-Young., 2014:
A Peer-Led High School Transition Program Increases Graduation Rates Among Latino Males

He, J.; Gray, J.; Leisner, S., 2010:
A Pelargonium ARGONAUTE4 gene shows organ-specific expression and differences in RNA and protein levels

Basso, V.; Küpferling, M.; Sasso, C.P.; Giudici, L., 2008:
A Peltier cell calorimeter for the direct measurement of the isothermal entropy change in magnetic materials

Basso, V.; Sasso, C.Paolo.; Küpferling, M., 2010:
A Peltier cells differential calorimeter with kinetic correction for the measurement of cp(H,T) and Δs(H,T) of magnetocaloric materials

Bintcliffe, E.W., 1942:
A Pencil in the Urinary Bladder

D, W.M., 1907:
A Peneplain in Equatorial Africa

J, D.W., 1907:
A Peneplain in the Grand Canyon District

Barad, S.; Horowitz, S.Brown.; Moscovitz, O.; Lichter, A.; Sherman, A.; Prusky, D., 2012:
A Penicillium expansum glucose oxidase-encoding gene, GOX2, is essential for gluconic acid production and acidification during colonization of deciduous fruit

Yamazaki, Y.; Yasuda, K.; Matsuyama, T.; Ishihara, T.; Higa, R.; Sawairi, T.; Yamaguchi, M.; Egi, M.; Akai, S.; Miyase, T.; Ikari, A.; Miwa, M.; Sugatani, J., 2013:
A Penicillium sp. F33 metabolite and its synthetic derivatives inhibit acetyl-CoA:1-O-alkyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine acetyltransferase (a key enzyme in platelet-activating factor biosynthesis) and carrageenan-induced paw edema in mice

Tilley, H., 1910:
A Penny Removed from the Gullet of a Young Girl

Puthoor, P.R.; Hoffenberg, E.; Friedlander, J., 2016:
A Penny's Worth of Advice: Deep Esophageal Injury From a Coin

Knapp, K.; Norton, E.; Rihn, C., 2009:
A People to People nursing experience in Poland

Holden, C., 1983:
A People's Medical Society

Forehand, C., 1992:
A Peptide

Matson, J.B.; Webber, M.J.; Tamboli, V.K.; Weber, B.; Stupp, S.I., 2012:
A Peptide-Based Material for Therapeutic Carbon Monoxide Delivery

Liu, C.; Wang, L.; Li, T.; Lin, L.; Dai, S.; Tian, B.; Hua, Y., 2014:
A PerR-like protein involved in response to oxidative stress in the extreme bacterium Deinococcus radiodurans

Bradlow, A.; Clopper, C.; Smiljanic, R.; Walter, M.Ann., 2010:
A Perceptual Phonetic Similarity Space for Languages: Evidence from Five Native Language Listener Groups

Muratov, A.; Moussaïd, A.; Narayanan, T.; Kats, E.I., 2009:
A Percus-Yevick description of the microstructure of short-range interacting metastable colloidal suspensions

Chen, P.; Lin, C-Long.; Chern, I-Liang., 2013:
A Perfect Match Condition for Point-Set Matching Problems Using the Optimal Mass Transport Approach

Cadogan, M.P.; Phillips, L.R.; Ziminski, C.E., 2017:
A Perfect Storm: Care Transitions for Vulnerable Older Adults Discharged Home From the Emergency Department Without a Hospital Admission

Lang, Y.; Bishara, N.; Barak, Y.; Fineberg, E., 2010:
A Perforating Eye Injury Caused by a Staple Gun, Treated Successfully Without Vitrectomy

Lin, H.; Yang, X.; Wang, W.; Luo, J., 2015:
A Performance Weighted Collaborative Filtering algorithm for personalized radiology education

Cole, W.H., 1941:
A Perfusing Solution for the Lobster (Homarus) Heart and the Effects of its Constituent Ions on the Heart

Kapp, E.M., 1928:
A Perfusion Fluid for Elasmobranchs

Alexander, J.S., 1919:
A Pericardial Effusion of "gold-Paint" Appearance Due to the Presence of Cholesterin

Anonymous, 1924:
A Peril To Public Health

Bidgood, C.Y., 1926:
A Perineal Elevator

Shapiro, N.M.; Rosenman, L.D.; Specker, L., 1961:
A Perineo-Abdominal Approach for Resection of a Presacral Tumor

Korff, S.A., 1928:
A Periodic Classification of the Hardness and Melting-Points of the Elements

Watson-Williams, P., 1913:
A Periosteal Lining Flap in the Radical Mastoid Operation

Anonymous, 1925 :
A Perirenal Lipoma, with Myxo-sarcomatous Changes in One Portion

Tiengo, A.; Barbarini, N.; Troiani, S.; Rusconi, L.; Magni, P., 2010:
A Perl procedure for protein identification by Peptide Mass Fingerprinting

Morris, J.A.; Gayther, S.A.; Jacobs, I.J.; Jones, C., 2008:
A Perl toolkit for LIMS development

Anonymous, 1897:
A Permanent Census Bureau

Coffey, R.C., 1920:
A Permanent Colostomy or Enterostomy which May be Closed by An Extraperitoneal Operation

Gibbons, H., 1944:
A Permanent Emergency Medical Service for Disaster Relief

Anonymous, 1916:
A Permanent Pensions Board

Anonymous, 1945:
A Permanent Standards Organization

Thomson, S., 1931:
A Permanent Tracheostomy in Stenosis of the Larynx

Fletcher, A.H., 1935:
A Permanent Type of Ditch Construction

Anonymous, 1922:
A Pernicious Tendency in State Government

Candy, A.L., 1925 :
A Perpetual Calendar

Wujastyk, D., 2007:
A Persian anatomical image in a non-muslim manuscript from Gujarat

Sharifi, V.; Assadi, S.Mohammad.; Mohammadi, M.Reza.; Amini, H.; Kaviani, H.; Semnani, Y.; Shabani, A.; Shahrivar, Z.; Davari-Ashtiani, R.; Shooshtari, M.Hakim.; Seddigh, A.; Jalali, M., 2008:
A Persian translation of the Structured Clinical Interview for Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition: psychometric properties

Rezaei, M.; Rashedi, V.; Khedmati Morasae, E., 2018:
A Persian version of Geriatric Oral Health Assessment Index

Booth, G.H., 1943:
A Persistent Brow Presentation

Ruffner-Statzer, S.; Bernstein, A.L., 2008:
A Persistent Dementia-like Condition Following Treatment of Hepatitis C With Pegylated Interferon and Ribavirin

Bain, H.F., 1906:
A Persistent Error

Pringle, J.J., 1915:
A Persistent Gyrate Eruption (Erythema Gyratum Perstans)

Chapple, H., 1912:
A Persistent Occipito-Transverse Presentation: Labour Obstructed at the Pelvic Outlet

Little, E.G., 1915:
A Persistent Ulcer of the Plantar Surface of the Right Foot resulting from Exposures to X-rays

Pearce, L.D.; Foster, E.Michael.; Hardie, J.Halliday., 2013 :
A Person-Centered Examination of Adolescent Religiosity Using Latent Class Analysis

Yi-Frazier, J.P.; Smith, R.E.; Vitaliano, P.P.; Yi, J.C.; Mai, S.; Hillman, M.; Weinger, K., 2010:
A Person-Focused Analysis of Resilience Resources and Coping in Diabetes Patients

Weaver, S.R.; Kim, S.Yeong., 2008:
A Person-centered Approach to Studying the Linkages among Parent-Child Differences in Cultural Orientation, Supportive Parenting, and Adolescent Depressive Symptoms in Chinese American Families

Hargitt, C.W., 1917:
A Personal and Family History Register

Anonymous, 1938:
A Personal Experience Of Tetanus

Mc Farland, S.F., 1883:
A Personal Experience with Prismatic Glasses

Milliken, S.E., 1892:
A Personal Experience with Scarlet-Fever, Diphtheria, and Measles in Hospital Practice

Cerón, Jús.D.; Gómez, G.A.; López, D.M.; González, C.; Blobel, B., 2018:
A Personal Health Record System for Diabetes Care Conforming to the ISO 16527 Interoperability Requirements

Bryce, A., 1909:
A Personal Investigation into the Dietetic Theories of America

Anonymous, 1912:
A Personal Note

Vroman, K.; Chamberlain, K.; Warner, R., 2009:
A Personal Projects Analysis: examining adaptation to low back pain

Anonymous, 1911:
A Personal Question-New Year Greeting

Rickards, B.R., 1909:
A Personal Word

Ferguson, E.E., 1992:
A Personal history of the early development of the flowing afterglow technique for ion-molecule reaction studies

Esterberg, M.L.; Goulding, S.M.; Walker, E.F., 2010:
A Personality Disorders: Schizotypal, Schizoid and Paranoid Personality Disorders in Childhood and Adolescence

Tackett, J.L.; Rodriguez, L.M.; Rinker, D.V.; Neighbors, C., 2016:
A Personality-Based Latent Class Analysis of Emerging Adult Gamblers

Baumgartner, L., 1940:
A Personnel Education Program in the Department of Health

Gillson, G.R.; Zava, D.T., 2003:
A Perspective on HRT for Women

Gillson, G.R.; Zava, D.T., 2003:
A Perspective on HRT for Women: Picking Up the Pieces After The Women's Health Initiative Trial-Part 1

Van, T.D.; Tran, N.; Le, L.; Eisenhaber, F., 2013:
A Perspective on Rational Designs of a Hemagglutinin Based Universal Influenza Vaccine

Momparler, R.L., 2012:
A Perspective on the Comparative Antileukemic Activity of 5-Aza-2'-deoxycytidine (Decitabine) and 5-Azacytidine (Vidaza)

Darabi, R.; Perlingeiro, R.C.R., 2013:
A Perspective on the Potential of Human iPS Cell-Based Therapies for Muscular Dystrophies: Advancements so far and Hurdles to Overcome

Page, D.S.; Chapman, P.M.; Landrum, P.F.; Neff, J.; Elston, R., 2012:
A Perspective on the Toxicity of Low Concentrations of Petroleum-Derived Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons to Early Life Stages of Herring and Salmon

Al Ayubi, S.U.; Parmanto, B.; Branch, R.; Ding, D., 2014:
A Persuasive and Social mHealth Application for Physical Activity: A Usability and Feasibility Study

Anonymous, 1937:
A Pertinent Question

Minnier, J.; Tian, L.; Cai, T., 2011:
A Perturbation Method for Inference on Regularized Regression Estimates

Jang, J.Seong.; Shin, D.Gue., 2013:
A Peterson's hernia and subsequent small bowel volvulus: surgical reconstruction utilizing transverse colon as a new Roux-en-Y limb - 1 case

Hernández, J.Fredy.; Urueña, C.Patricia.; Cifuentes, M.Claudia.; Sandoval, T.Alejandro.; Pombo, L.Miguel.; Castañeda, D.; Asea, A.; Fiorentino, S., 2015:
A Petiveria alliacea standardized fraction induces breast adenocarcinoma cell death by modulating glycolytic metabolism

Albergante, L.; Timmis, J.; Beattie, L.; Kaye, P.M., 2014:
A Petri net model of granulomatous inflammation: implications for IL-10 mediated control of Leishmania donovani infection

Jeng, M.D., 1997:
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A Phase III Study of IncobotulinumtoxinA in the Treatment of Glabellar Frown Lines

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A Piece of Mutton Bone removed from the Entrance to the OEsophagus

Milligan, W., 1918:
A Piece of Mutton Bone removed from the Entrance to the Œsophagus

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A Piece of Paper

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A Piece of Slippery Elm Removed from the Bladder

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A Piezoelectric Ultramicrometer

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A Pigeon Sixteen Months after a Single Application of Alcohol to the Membranous Labyrinth (left side)

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A Pilot Study of Clinical Measures to Assess Mind-Body Intervention Effects for those with and without PTSD

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A Pilot Study of F18 EF5 PET/CT Imaging in Patients With Carcinoma of the Cervix

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A Pilot Study of a Family-Focused Intervention for Children and Families Affected by Maternal Depression

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A Pilot Study of the Psychological Impact of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

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A Pilot Study on the Potential of RNA-Associated to Urinary Vesicles as a Suitable Non-Invasive Source for Diagnostic Purposes in Bladder Cancer

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A Pilot Study to Examine the Feasibility and Potential Effectiveness of Using Smartphones to Provide Recovery Support for Adolescents

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A Pilot Trial of an Antihistamine, Methdilazine, in Measles

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A Pin in the Maxillary Antrum

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A Pin1/mutant p53 axis promotes aggressiveness in breast cancer

Anonymous, 1938:
A Pioneer Hospitals Centre

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A Pipeline Software Architecture for NMR Spectrum Data Translation

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A Pipette for diluting Serum, etc

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A Pipette for the Rapid Transfer of Measured Quantities of Solution

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A Pirandellian perspective on suicide

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A Piston Recorder for Small Volume Changes

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A Pit-1 threonine 220 phosphomimic reduces binding to monomeric DNA sites to inhibit Ras and estrogen stimulation of the prolactin gene promoter

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A Pituitary Tumour with Early Acromegaly

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A Pkd1-Fbn1 genetic interaction implicates TGF-β signaling in the pathogenesis of vascular complications in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease

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A Place to Get Worse: Perspectives on Avoiding Hospitalization from Patients with End-Stage Cardiopulmonary Disease

Anonymous, 1965:
A Place with the Artists

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A Placebo Controlled Trial on Add-on Modafinil on the Anti-psychotic Treatment Emergent Hyperglycemia and Hyperlipidemia

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A Plague-Like Organism from a Rat

Anonymous, 1893:
A Plain Right and a Plain Duty

Hoffman, F.L., 1919:
A Plan for a more Effective Federal and State Health Administration

Anonymous, 1908:
A Plan For An Exchange Of Teachers Between Prussia And The United States

Givler, J.P., 1916:
A Plan for Cooperation Among the Smaller Biological Laboratories

Schereschewsky, J.W., 1916:
A Plan for Education in Industrial Hygiene and the Avoidance of Occupational Complaints

Mayer, A.G., 1908:
A Plan for Increasing the Efficiency of Marine Expeditions

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A Plan for the Encouragement of Medical Research

Schussler, H., 1922:
A Plan For The Intensive Treatment Of Congenital Syphilis: Preliminary Report

Coleman, L.V., 1925:
A Plan for the Promotion of Small Museums

Bolduan, C.F., 1913:
A Plan for the Reorganization of the Public Health Service in the State of new York

Meleney, F.L., 1941:
A Plan for the Study of War Wounds

Rodman, J.S.; Neubauer, B.B., 1924:
A Plan of Management of Cranial Injuries Based on a new Grouping of Such Injuries

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A Plan of Publication for Agricultural Experiment Station Investigations

Kim, S.; Kim, D-Il., 2018:
Association of regular walking and body mass index on metabolic syndrome among an elderly Korean population

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A Plan for Facilitating the Reduction of Strangulated Hernia by Taxis

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A Plan for a Highly Correlated Course in Anatomy at Meharry Medical College

Young, J.C., 1937:
A Plan for the Reorientation of the Social Services

Marshall, S.F., 1945:
A Plan for the Surgical Management of Gastrojejunocolic Fistula

Anonymous, 1935:
A Plan of Health Insurance for British Columbia

Anonymous, 1961:
A Plan of Our Own

Edmonds, T.J., 1934:
A Plan to Increase Understanding of the Value of Scientific Medicine

Sargent, C.A., 1933:
A Plan to Obtain More Accurate Records of Infant Hygiene Field Work

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A Planar Microfluidic Mixer Based on Logarithmic Spirals

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A Plane Glass Retinoscope

Dus, G., 1960:
A Plank for Science

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A Planned Prospective, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Multicenter Trial Assessing the Effect of Helicobacter pylori Eradication on the Healing of Iatrogenic Ulcer after Endoscopic Resection of Gastric Neoplasm

Anonymous, 1965:
A Planned Public Relations

Anonymous, 1917:
A Plant Membrane For Demonstrating Osmosis

Smith, E.F.; Townsend, C.O., 1907:
A Plant-Tumor of Bacterial Origin

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A Plasmodium multi-domain protein possesses multiple inositol phosphate kinase activities

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A Plasmodium-encoded cytokine suppresses T-cell immunity during malaria

O'brien, H.C.; Hance, R.T., 1940:
A Plastic Cover Glass, Isobutyl Methacrylate

Anonymous, 1950:
A Plastic Disk for Retention of a Corneal Graft

Skinner, H.G.; Waud, R.A., 1943:
A Plastic Film Treatment of Experimental Burns

Shipley, A.M., 1926:
A Plastic Operation on the Chest

Lake, R., 1900:
A Plastic Operation for the Closure of Retro-Auricular Post-Operative Fistulae

Salk, J.E., 1948:
A Plastic Plate for Use in Tests Involving Virus Hemagglutination and Other Similar Reactions

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Association of Regulatory T-Cell Expansion With Progression of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: A Study of Humans and a Transgenic Mouse Model

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A Platinum Scoop for Transferring Sterile Powders

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A Plea

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A Plea for 'scient'

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A Plea for a Broader Botany

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A Plea for a Clinical Physiology

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A Plea for a Complete Urological Diagnosis at one Sitting: Preliminary Communication

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A Plea For A More Careful Consideration of the Pregnant Woman

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A Plea for a more General Recognition of the Qualifications of the Sanitary Engineer for Administrative Public Health Work

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A Plea for a more Living Pathology

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A Plea for a more Widespread Interest in the Investigation and Control of Typhoid Fever

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A Plea for a National Blood Transfusion Conference

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A Plea for a National Laboratory for the Study of Mental Abnormality

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A Plea for a Neglected Remedy

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A Plea for a Rational Puerperium, with a Record of a Hundred Cases

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A Plea for a Universal Standard in the Observation of the Morbidity of Childbed

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A Plea for a Wider and Better Extension of the Knowledge of Sanitary Science

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A Plea for An Improvement in the Post-Operative Care of Laparotomies

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A Plea for Applying the Usual Methods of Preventive Medicine to Venereal Diseases

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A Plea for Better Co-Operation Between Physicians and Dentists

Warman, P.C., 1903:
A Plea for Better English in Science

Anonymous, 1916:
A Plea For Certain Medical Officers Of The U. S. Army

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A Plea for Closer Interrelations in our Work

Klopsteg, P.E., 1919:
A Plea for Courses in Physical Measurements for Students of Chemistry and Related Sciences

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A Plea for Early Compression in Pulmonary Tuberculosis

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A Plea for Efficiency and Economy in the Maintenance and Operation of Private Agencies Working for the Conservation and Promotion of Public Health

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A Plea for Evacuation of the Uterus in Unrelieved Cases of Puerperal Eclampsia

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A Plea for Greater Simplicity in the Language of Science

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A Plea for Harrogate and other English Health Resorts

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A Plea for Ignoring "laudable Pus" in the Treatment of Septic Wounds

Johnston, J.B., 1905:
A Plea for Increased Reviewing of Scientific Literature

Stallard, H.B., 1960:
A Plea for Lateral Orbitotomy: with Certain Modifications

Anonymous, 1888:
A Plea For Light-Waves

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A Plea for Medical Referees Versus Inspectors

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A Plea for more Explicit Designation of Scientific Reprints

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A Plea for Organized Research in the Tropics

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A Plea for Surgical Work in the Cottage by the Country Practitioner

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A Plea for Terrestrial and Cosmical Physics

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A Plea For The Adoption Of A More Accurate And Scientific Method In The Investigation And Treatment Of Lateral Curvature Of The Spine, With Description Of A Simple Form Of Gauge

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A Plea for the Broader Education of the Chemical Engineer

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A Plea for the Earlier Diagnosis of Abdominal Emergencies

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A Plea for the Earlier Diagnosis of Pernicious Anaemia, with Quotation of Cases

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A Plea for the Earlier Operative Treatment of Acute Otitis Media

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A Plea for the Earlier Radical Surgical Treatment of Gastric Ulcer

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A Plea for the Earlier Recognition of Subacute Infantile Scurvy

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A Plea for the Encouragement of Epidemiological Cancer Research

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A Plea for the Habitual Performance of Autopsies in General Practice

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A Plea for the Homogenous Nerve Graft

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A Plea for the Immediate Reduction of Fractures

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A Plea for the Improvement in the Teaching and An Encouragement in the Study of Legal Medicine

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A Plea for the Metric System in Microscopy

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A Plea for the Retention of the Term "bios"

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A Plea for the Sense of Smell

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A Plea for the Study of Logic

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A Plea for the Study of the History of Medicine and Natural Sciences

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A Plea for the Study of the Philosophy of Mathematics

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A Plea for the use of Oatmeal in the Dietary of Children

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A Plea For The Use Of References, And Accuracy Therein

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A Plea For The Use Of Tuberculin Within And Without Sanatoriums

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A Plea in Favor of a Standardized Wassermann Test

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A Plea To Make The Smithsonian Instituition A National Institute Of Research

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A Plea To Publishers Of Scientific Books

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A Plea to Raman Spectroscopists

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A Plea for Aseptic Vaccination

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A Plea for Barabbas

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A Plea for Better Fracture Results

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A Plea for Better Understanding Between Physicians and Pharmacists

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A Plea for Botany in the Small Colleges

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A Plea for Cholecystectomy combined with Choledochostomy in cases of Chronic Cholecystitis associated with Gall-Stones

Anonymous, 1941:
A Plea for Conservatism in the Use of Anti-Luetic Therapy

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A Plea for Conservatism in the Use of Caesarean Section

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A Plea for Conservative Obstetrics

Anonymous, 1942:
A Plea for Conservative Surgery

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A Plea for Contract Surgeons

Anonymous, 1931:
A Plea for Dentistry

Anonymous, 1958:
A Plea for Disposable Anesthetic Carpules with Attached Sterile Needles

Anonymous, 1932:
A Plea for Doctors: Being a Tribute from a Layman

Theobald, G.W., 1926:
A Plea for Drastic Reform in the Teaching of Midwifery

Anonymous, 1940:
A Plea for Equality in our National Preparedness Program

Anonymous, 1938:
A Plea for Independent Racial Thought and Action

Kenney, J.A., 1945:
A Plea for Interracial Cooperation

Corrigan, S.H., 1930:
A Plea for Medical Archives

Anonymous, 1927:
A Plea for Meharry Endowment Fund

Bowditch, V.Y., 1896:
A Plea for Moderation in our Statements Regarding the Contagiousness of Pulmonary Consumption

Brunet, W.M., 1923:
A Plea for More Careful Histories and Physical Examination of Venereal Disease Patients

Coolidge, W.D., 1954:
A Plea for More Fundamental Research Effort

Stewart, D.A., 1930:
A Plea for More Medical Research

Givens, J.T., 1946:
A Plea for More and Better Consultations

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A Plea for Process in Personality Prevarication

Hambleton, F.H., 1875:
A Plea for Sanitary Engineering

Cordell, R.J., 1946:
A Plea for Stabilized Progress

Parks, W.J., 1909:
A Plea for Suggestive Therapy

Anonymous, 1923:
A Plea for Support of Our Medical Schools

Byrd, D.W., 1942:
A Plea for War on Syphilis

Bay, J.C., 1893:
A Plea for a Fair Valuation of Experimental Physiology in Biological Courses

Ballantyne, J.W., 1901:
A Plea for a Pro-Maternity Hospital

Anonymous, 1943:
A Plea for a Properly Balanced Diet

Bering, R.E., 1910:
A Plea for a State Institution for the Treatment of Chronic Alcoholic and Drug Habitues

Ferguson, R., 1920:
A Plea for better Obstetrics

Ghee, E.P., 1936:
A Plea for the Admittance of Negro Doctors to Municipal Hospital Staffs

Wordin, N.E., 1896:
A Plea for the Domestic Disposal of Garbage

Mallery, J.H., 1905:
A Plea for the Druggist

Levison, C.G., 1914:
A Plea for the Immediate Operation of Fractures

Rhetta, B.M., 1915:
A Plea for the Lives of the Unborn

Grant, A.J., 1921:
A Plea for the More General Use of Local Anaesthesia

Hickey, E.M., 1932:
A Plea for the Myxoedematous

Spencer, H.R., 1893:
A Plea for the Performance of Ovariotomy by Obstetric Physicians, Containing a Report of a First Series of Fifty Ovariotomies

Tuke, J.B., 1891:
A Plea for the Scientific Study of Insanity

Starr, F.N., 1920:
A Plea for the Sphincter Ani

Robertson, A.N., 1929:
A Plea for the Study of Meteorological Conditions in Relation to Open-Air Treatment and Tuberculosis

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A Plea for the Study of Psychology

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A Plea for the Systematic Study of Climatology in the Medical Schools

Fothergill, W.E., 1912:
A Plea for the Use of a Pathological Classification of the Diseases of Women

Dodd, H., 1944:
A Plea for the extended use of Unna's Paste Bandages

Burnham, G.H., 1925:
A Plea for the use of the "Combined Treatment" in Affections Other than those of the Eye

Anonymous, 1935:
A Plea from without for Organized Negro Medicine

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A Pleomorphic Bacillus from Pneumonic Lungs of Calves Simulating Actinomyces

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A Point in Nomenclature

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A Point in the Operation of Gastrostomy

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A Political Push for Scientific Cooperation: Working groups established 2 years ago at the Versailles summit are playing an important political role in science policy matters

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of Polygenic Diseases

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A Pope's teaching closes a loop

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A Popular Account Of Some New Fields Of Thought In Mathematics

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A Popular Fallacy about Hardness

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A Popular Observatory

Anonymous, 1884:
A Popular Work On American Natural History

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A Population Policy

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A Population Prediction Strategy for Evolutionary Dynamic Multiobjective Optimization

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A Porous Media Model for Blood Flow within Reticulated Foam

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A Portable Air Sampling Apparatus for the Collection of Large Volumes

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A Portable Dry Spirometer

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A Portable Hood for Smoking Kymograph Drums

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A Portable Kit for Determination of Blood Cholinesterase

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A Portable Light for a Dissecting Microscope

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A Portable Outfit for the Determination of Visible Dirt in Milk

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A Portable Oxygen Unit

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A Portable Perimeter with its Apology for Existence

Walker, J.P., 1936:
A Portable Scotometer

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A Portable Stereo Vision System for Whole Body Surface Imaging

Anonymous, 1955:
A Portable Visual Record Book

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A Portable "Snook" Apparatus. (2) A Transformer for heating current of the Coolidge Tube : (Abstract)

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A Porter's View [Abridged

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A Portion of Mutton-bone Removed by the Direct Method from the Right Bronchus of a Lady in whom it had been Lodged for Ten Days

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A Portrait of Richard Banister

Anonymous, 1923:
A Portrait Of Sir Charles Bell

Anonymous, 1929:
A Portrait of Professor Priestley Smith

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A Portrayer of Kings-and Doctors

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A Portuguese case of Hirayama disease

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A Portuguese manor in rural Brazil; or The saga of the enlightened Dom Frei Cipriano and the garden of the former episcopal palace in the late eighteenth century

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A Possible Clue for Cause of Plane Crashes

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A Possible Example of the Action of Selection in Human Blood Groups?

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A Possible Explanation of the Conflicting Reports on Twilight Sleep

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A Possible Factor in the Increasing Incidence of Goiter

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A Possible Fallacy in the use of the Cross-Cylinder

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A Possible Genetic Factor in Chronic Bronchitis

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A Possible Increase in Virulence of the B.C.G. Strain

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A Possible Line Of Descent Of The Gobioid Fishes

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A Possible Method of Increasing the Supply of Bread

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A Possible Mutant in the Bellwort (Oakesia Sessilifolia) which Prevents Seed Formation

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A Possible Predisposing Cause of Cancer

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A Possible Relation Between Mechanical, Chemical and Electrical Quantities

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A Possible Relation Between Mechanical, Electrical and Chemical Quantities

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A Possible Role of BA8 in Pre-surgical fMRI. Homage to an Exceptional Neuroscientist

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A Possible Solution of the Sealing Problem

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A Possible Source of Cosmical Energy

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A Possible Source of Laboratory Fires

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A Possible Source of Confusion as to the Origin and Character of Certain Shells

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A Possible Standard for Radioiodine

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A Possible Test in the Differentiation Between Human and Bovine Types of the Tubercle Bacillus

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A Possible use for Radium

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A Post-Graduate Course In Industrial Medicine

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A Post-Graduate Medical Association

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A Post-mortem Specimen of a Pituitary Cyst opened by the Killian-Hirsch Operation

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A Post-mortem Specimen of a Radical Mastoid Operation performed Six Months before Death, to illustrate Secondary Auditory Tuberculosis in an Adult

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A PowerPoint is for a conference, an article is forever

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A Powerful Weapon for the Health Administrator

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A PrEP rally. Key updates on pre-exposure prophylaxis and HIV-specific antibodies were among the main attractions at the annual Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections

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A Practical Aid to Continuous Intravenous Therapy

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A Practical Approach To Requirements For The M. D. Degree

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A Practical Approach to Home UVB Phototherapy for the Treatment of Generalized Psoriasis

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A Practical Operating Stand

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A Practical System of Classification for Medical Libraries, Large or Small

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A Practical Test of the Copper Sulphate Method for the Removal of Micro-Organisms from Water

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A Practical and Accurate Method of estimating Diuresis

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A Practising Veterinarian Views the Problems of Veterinary Education

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A Prayer for Imagination

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A Precis of the Conditions Under which Lunatics Are Received in Continental Asylums, with a Special Note on Voluntary Boarders

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A Precise Criterion of Speices

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A Precision Device for Faradic Stimulation

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A Precision Fine Adustment For Standard Microscopes

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