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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 51146

Chapter 51146 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Kelly, G.C.; Hale, E.; Donald, W.; Batarii, W.; Bugoro, H.; Nausien, J.; Smale, J.; Palmer, K.; Bobogare, A.; Taleo, G.; Vallely, A.; Tanner, M.; Vestergaard, L.S.; Clements, A.C.A., 2013:
A high-resolution geospatial surveillance-response system for malaria elimination in Solomon Islands and Vanuatu

Thevenon, F.; de Alencastro, L.Felippe.; Loizeau, J-Luc.; Adatte, T.; Grandjean, D.; Wildi, W.; Poté, J., 2013:
A high-resolution historical sediment record of nutrients, trace elements and organochlorines (DDT and PCB) deposition in a drinking water reservoir (Lake Brêt, Switzerland) points at local and regional pollutant sources

Salathé, M.; Kazandjieva, M.; Lee, J.Woo.; Levis, P.; Feldman, M.W.; Jones, J.H., 2011:
A high-resolution human contact network for infectious disease transmission

Mackay, A.; Tamber, N.; Fenwick, K.; Iravani, M.; Grigoriadis, A.; Dexter, T.; Lord, C.J.; Reis-Filho, J.S.; Ashworth, A., 2010:
A high-resolution integrated analysis of genetic and expression profiles of breast cancer cell lines

Majmudar, C.Y.; Wang, B.; Lum, J.K.; Håkansson, K.; Mapp, A.K., 2009:
A high-resolution interaction map of three transcriptional activation domains with a key coactivator from photo-cross-linking and multiplexed mass spectrometry

Foster, L.C.; Crumly, C.B.; Cohoon, R.L., 1970:
A high-resolution linear optical scanner using a traveling-wave acoustic lens

Lee, Y-Pyo.; Cho, Y.; Kim, S., 2015:
A high-resolution linkage map of the Rfd1, a restorer-of-fertility locus for cytoplasmic male sterility in radish (Raphanus sativus L.) produced by a combination of bulked segregant analysis and RNA-Seq

Kim, K.; Saleh, O.A., 2009:
A high-resolution magnetic tweezer for single-molecule measurements

Eckardt, N.A., 2009:
A high-resolution map of auxin distribution in the Arabidopsis root apex

Dolha, M.; Timar-Gabor, A.; Dicu, T.; Begy, R.; Anton, M.; Cosma, C., 2015:
A high-resolution map of gamma dose rates in Cluj County, Romania using LiF:Mg,Cu,P detectors

Finkers-Tomczak, A.; Danan, S.; van Dijk, T.; Beyene, A.; Bouwman, L.; Overmars, H.; van Eck, H.; Goverse, A.; Bakker, J.; Bakker, E., 2009:
A high-resolution map of the Grp1 locus on chromosome V of potato harbouring broad-spectrum resistance to the cyst nematode species Globodera pallida and Globodera rostochiensis

Li, J-Hong.; Yin, Y-Ping.; Zheng, H-Ping.; Zhong, M-Ying.; Peng, R-Rui.; Wang, B.; Chen, X-Sheng., 2011:
A high-resolution melting analysis for genotyping urogenital Chlamydia trachomatis

Yuan, J.; Haroon, M.; Lightfoot, D.; Pelletier, Y.; Liu, Q.; Li, X-Qing., 2009:
A high-resolution melting approach for analyzing allelic expression dynamics

Abeynayake, S.W.; Panter, S.; Mouradov, A.; Spangenberg, G., 2011:
A high-resolution method for the localization of proanthocyanidins in plant tissues

Yoshino, M.; Kin, T.; Shojima, M.; Nakatomi, H.; Oyama, H.; Saito, N., 2013:
A high-resolution method with increased matrix size can characterize small arteries around a giant aneurysm in three dimensions

Moore, J.C.; Sadowy, S.; Alikani, M.; Toro-Ramos, A.J.; Swerdel, M.R.; Hart, R.P.; Cohen, R.I., 2010:
A high-resolution molecular-based panel of assays for identification and characterization of human embryonic stem cell lines

Doroquez, D.B.; Berciu, C.; Anderson, J.R.; Sengupta, P.; Nicastro, D., 2014:
A high-resolution morphological and ultrastructural map of anterior sensory cilia and glia in Caenorhabditis elegans

Salmon, E.D.; Shaw, S.L.; Waters, J.C.; Waterman-Storer, C.M.; Maddox, P.S.; Yeh, E.; Bloom, K., 2007:
A high-resolution multimode digital microscope system

Salmon, E.D.; Shaw, S.L.; Waters, J.C.; Waterman-Storer, C.M.; Maddox, P.S.; Yeh, E.; Bloom, K., 2014:
A high-resolution multimode digital microscope system

Casu, M.B.; Cosseddu, P.; Batchelor, D.; Bonfiglio, A.; Umbach, E., 2008:
A high-resolution near-edge x-ray absorption fine structure investigation of the molecular orientation in the pentacene/poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene):poly(styrenesulfonate) pentacene/system

Peterson, E.J.R.; Reiss, D.J.; Turkarslan, S.; Minch, K.J.; Rustad, T.; Plaisier, C.L.; Longabaugh, W.J.R.; Sherman, D.R.; Baliga, N.S., 2015:
A high-resolution network model for global gene regulation in Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Knight, K.S., 2014:
A high-resolution neutron powder diffraction investigation of galena (PbS) between 10 K and 350 K: no evidence for anomalies in the lattice parameters or atomic displacement parameters in galena or altaite (PbTe) at temperatures corresponding to the saturation of cation disorder

Haberer, C.M.; Rolle, M.; Liu, S.; Cirpka, O.A.; Grathwohl, P., 2011:
A high-resolution non-invasive approach to quantify oxygen transport across the capillary fringe and within the underlying groundwater

Hua, H.; Hu, X.; Gao, C., 2014:
A high-resolution optical see-through head-mounted display with eyetracking capability

Zhang, H.; Luo, L-Ping.; Song, H-Peng.; Hao, H-Ping.; Zhou, P.; Qi, L-Wen.; Li, P.; Chen, J., 2014 :
A high-resolution peak fractionation approach for streamlined screening of nuclear-factor-E2-related factor-2 activators in Salvia miltiorrhiza

Mazumder, A.; Kumar, A.; Purohit, A.K.; Dubey, D.K., 2011:
A high-resolution phosphorus-31 nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopic method for the non-phosphorus markers of chemical warfare agents

Ding, H.; Gao, H.; Zhao, B.; Cho, H-Min.; Molloi, S., 2016:
A high-resolution photon-counting breast CT system with tensor-framelet based iterative image reconstruction for radiation dose reduction

Karere, G.M.; Froenicke, L.; Millon, L.; Womack, J.E.; Lyons, L.A., 2008:
A high-resolution radiation hybrid map of rhesus macaque chromosome 5 identifies rearrangements in the genome assembly

Goldammer, T.; Brunner, R.M.; Rebl, A.; Wu, C.H.; Nomura, K.; Hadfield, T.; Gill, C.; Dalrymple, B.P.; Womack, J.E.; Cockett, N.E., 2009:
A high-resolution radiation hybrid map of sheep chromosome X and comparison with human and cattle

Koestler, M.; Kirsch, D.; Hester, A.; Leisner, A.; Guenther, S.; Spengler, B., 2008:
A high-resolution scanning microprobe matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization ion source for imaging analysis on an ion trap/Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometer

Koyama, H.; Umeda, T.; Nakamura, K.; Higuchi, T.; Kimura, A., 2012:
A high-resolution shape fitting and simulation demonstrated equatorial cell surface softening during cytokinesis and its promotive role in cytokinesis

Cheben, P.; Schmid, J.H.; Delâge, A.; Densmore, A.; Janz, S.; Lamontagne, B.; Lapointe, J.; Post, E.; Waldron, P.; Xu, D-X., 2007:
A high-resolution silicon-on-insulator arrayed waveguide grating microspectrometer with sub-micrometer aperture waveguides

Thompson, C.L.; Ng, L.; Menon, V.; Martinez, S.; Lee, C-Kyu.; Glattfelder, K.; Sunkin, S.M.; Henry, A.; Lau, C.; Dang, C.; Garcia-Lopez, R.; Martinez-Ferre, A.; Pombero, A.; Rubenstein, J.L.R.; Wakeman, W.B.; Hohmann, J.; Dee, N.; Sodt, A.J.; Young, R.; Smith, K.; Nguyen, T-Nghi.; Kidney, J.; Kuan, L.; Jeromin, A.; Kaykas, A.; Miller, J.; Page, D.; Orta, G.; Bernard, A.; Riley, Z.; Smith, S.; Wohnoutka, P.; Hawrylycz, M.J.; Puelles, L.; Jones, A.R., 2014:
A high-resolution spatiotemporal atlas of gene expression of the developing mouse brain

Allen, M.D.; Qamar, S.; Vadivelu, M.K.; Sandford, R.N.; Bycroft, M., 2015:
A high-resolution structure of the EF-hand domain of human polycystin-2

Okada, C.; Yamashita, E.; Lee, S.Jae.; Shibata, S.; Katahira, J.; Nakagawa, A.; Yoneda, Y.; Tsukihara, T., 2010:
A high-resolution structure of the pre-microRNA nuclear export machinery

Dadon, Z.; Samiappan, M.; Shahar, A.; Zarivach, R.; Ashkenasy, G., 2014:
A high-resolution structure that provides insight into coiled-coil thiodepsipeptide dynamic chemistry

Brown, T.I.; Hasselmo, M.E.; Stern, C.E., 2015:
A high-resolution study of hippocampal and medial temporal lobe correlates of spatial context and prospective overlapping route memory

Cheng, V.S.; Bai, J.; Chen, Y., 2010:
A high-resolution three-dimensional far-infrared thermal and true-color imaging system for medical applications

Agrawal, G.K.; Thelen, J.J., 2009:
A high-resolution two dimensional Gel- and Pro-Q DPS-based proteomics workflow for phosphoprotein identification and quantitative profiling

Celliers, P.M.; Erskine, D.J.; Sorce, C.M.; Braun, D.G.; Landen, O.L.; Collins, G.W., 2010:
A high-resolution two-dimensional imaging velocimeter

Jee, S-Ryong.; Pimentel, M.; Soffer, E.; Conklin, J.L., 2009:
A high-resolution view of achalasia

Croucher, N.J.; Harris, S.R.; Barquist, L.; Parkhill, J.; Bentley, S.D., 2012:
A high-resolution view of genome-wide pneumococcal transformation

Nelson, D.A.; Charbonnel, S.; Curran, A.R.; Marttila, E.A.; Fiala, D.; Mason, P.A.; Ziriax, J.M., 2009:
A high-resolution voxel model for predicting local tissue temperatures in humans subjected to warm and hot environments

Yin, H.; Sweeney, S.; Raha, D.; Snyder, M.; Lin, H., 2012:
A high-resolution whole-genome map of key chromatin modifications in the adult Drosophila melanogaster

Shin, J.H.; Xu, L.; Li, R.W.; Gao, Y.; Bickhart, D.; Liu, G.E.; Baldwin, R.; Li, C-J., 2015:
A high-resolution whole-genome map of the distinctive epigenomic landscape induced by butyrate in bovine cells

Bahk, S-Whan.; Fess, E.; Kruschwitz, B.E.; Zuegel, J.D., 2010:
A high-resolution, adaptive beam-shaping system for high-power lasers

Hall, R.T.; Vrabec, D.; Dowling, J.M., 1966:
A high-resolution, far infrared double-beam lamellar grating interferometer

Kobayashi, E.; Ando, T.; Yamashita, H.; Sakuma, I.; Fukuyo, T.; Ando, K.; Chiba, T., 2010:
A high-resolution, three-dimensional thin endoscope for fetal surgery

Zhang, Y.; Yang, S.; Yang, Y.; Gould, M.; Ophir, N.; Lim, A.Eu-Jin.; Lo, G-Qiang.; Magill, P.; Bergman, K.; Baehr-Jones, T.; Hochberg, M., 2014:
A high-responsivity photodetector absent metal-germanium direct contact

Alamri, Y.; Stringer, M.D., 2011:
A high-rising epiglottis: a benign anatomical variant

Toyota, N.; Miyazaki, A.; Sakaguchi, H.; Shimizu, W.; Ohuchi, H., 2016:
A high-risk patient with long-QT syndrome with no response to cardioselective beta-blockers

Zima, B.T., 2011:
A high-risk population revealed

Moreaux, Jérôme.; Klein, B.; Bataille, Régis.; Descamps, Géraldine.; Maïga, S.; Hose, D.; Goldschmidt, H.; Jauch, A.; Rème, T.; Jourdan, M.; Amiot, M.; Pellat-Deceunynck, C., 2011:
A high-risk signature for patients with multiple myeloma established from the molecular classification of human myeloma cell lines

Sasagawa, N.; Koebis, M.; Yonemura, Y.; Mitsuhashi, H.; Ishiura, S., 2014:
A high-salinity solution with calcium chloride enables RNase-free, easy plasmid isolation within 55 minutes

McBryde, F.D.; Malpas, S.C.; Guild, S-Jane.; Barrett, C.J., 2009:
A high-salt diet does not influence renal sympathetic nerve activity: a direct telemetric investigation

Chugh, G.; Asghar, M.; Patki, G.; Bohat, R.; Jafri, F.; Allam, F.; Dao, A.T.; Mowrey, C.; Alkadhi, K.; Salim, S., 2013:
A high-salt diet further impairs age-associated declines in cognitive, behavioral, and cardiovascular functions in male Fischer brown Norway rats

Barp, L.; Purcaro, G.; Moret, S.; Conte, L.S., 2013:
A high-sample-throughput LC-GC method for mineral oil determination

Brufau, G.; Canela, M.Angel.; Rafecas, M., 2007:
A high-saturated fat diet enriched with phytosterol and pectin affects the fatty acid profile in guinea pigs

Ma, D.; Li, Y.; Ma, K.; Li, J.; Chen, J.; Yan, J.; Wang, Y., 2008:
A high-selectivity spectrophotometric reagent for determining platinum(IV)

Zeng, M-Shu.; Li, X.; Liu, Y.; Zhao, H.; Zhou, J-Chang.; Li, K.; Huang, J-Qiang.; Sun, L-Hui.; Tang, J-Yong.; Xia, X-Jie.; Wang, K-Ning.; Lei, X.Gen., 2012:
A high-selenium diet induces insulin resistance in gestating rats and their offspring

Yang, G.; Yuan, R.; Chai, Y-Qin., 2007:
A high-sensitive amperometric hydrogen peroxide biosensor based on the immobilization of hemoglobin on gold colloid/L-cysteine/gold colloid/nanoparticles Pt-chitosan composite film-modified platinum disk electrode

Sakuma, Y.; Washio, J.; Sasaki, K.; Takahashi, N., 2015:
A high-sensitive and non-radioisotopic fluorescence dye method for evaluating bacterial adhesion to denture materials

Yin, J.; Pan, C.Liang.; Wang, H.Bo.; Feng, Z.Hua., 2012:
A high-sensitive static vector magnetometer based on two vibrating coils

Ji, X.; Chen, Y.; Li, R.; Zhou, T.; Lu, W., 2012:
A high-sensitivity LC-MS/MS method for the determination of 4-methyl-piperazine-1-carbodithioc acid 3-cyano-3, 3-diphenylpropyl ester hydrochloride in rat plasma and its application to a pharmacokinetics study

Li, M.; Ji, H.; Li, J.; Yuan, H.; Xiao, D., 2014:
A high-sensitivity LIF detector with silver mirror coating detection window and small-angle optical deflection from collinear system for CE

Zhou, Y.; He, M-Fang.; Choi, F.Fung-Kei.; He, Z-Heng.; Song, J-Zheng.; Qiao, C-Feng.; Li, S-Lin.; Xu, H-Xi., 2011:
A high-sensitivity UPLC-MS/MS method for simultaneous determination and confirmation of triptolide in zebrafish embryos

Tian, Q.; Wang, K.; Shan, X.; Chen, X., 2011:
A high-sensitivity angle and energy dipersive multichannel electron momentum spectrometer with 2π angle range

Xie, X.; Li, J.; Sun, L-Peng.; Shen, X.; Jin, L.; Guan, B-ou., 2014 :
A high-sensitivity current sensor utilizing CrNi wire and microfiber coils

Omidfar, K.; Zarei, H.; Gholizadeh, F.; Larijani, B., 2012:
A high-sensitivity electrochemical immunosensor based on mobile crystalline material-41-polyvinyl alcohol nanocomposite and colloidal gold nanoparticles

Pačnik, R.; Novak, F., 2012:
A high-sensitivity hydraulic load cell for small kitchen appliances

Lin, W.; Hou, Y.; Lu, Y.; Abdelrahman, A.I.; Cao, P.; Zhao, G.; Tong, L.; Qian, J.; Baranov, V.; Nitz, M.; Winnik, M.A., 2014:
A high-sensitivity lanthanide nanoparticle reporter for mass cytometry: tests on microgels as a proxy for cells

Gaillard, C.; Borde, Cé.; Gozlan, Jël.; Maréchal, V.; Strauss, Fçois., 2008:
A high-sensitivity method for detection and measurement of HMGB1 protein concentration by high-affinity binding to DNA hemicatenanes

Mitev, K.; Georgiev, S.; Pressyanov, D.; Dimitrova, I.; Zhivkova, V.; Boshkova, T., 2015:
A high-sensitivity method for the measurement of 222Rn based on liquid scintillation counting of polycarbonate powder

Kalef-Ezra, J.A.; Valakis, S.T.; Soupsanas, T., 2011:
A high-sensitivity multidetector whole-body counter

Xu, H.; Li, J.; Leung, B.H.K.; Poon, C.C.Y.; Ong, B.S.; Zhang, Y.; Zhao, N., 2013:
A high-sensitivity near-infrared phototransistor based on an organic bulk heterojunction

Mitchell, G.S.; Cherry, S.R., 2009:
A high-sensitivity small animal SPECT system

Sundström, M.; Pelander, A.; Angerer, V.; Hutter, M.; Kneisel, S.; Ojanperä, I., 2014:
A high-sensitivity ultra-high performance liquid chromatography/high-resolution time-of-flight mass spectrometry (UHPLC-HR-TOFMS) method for screening synthetic cannabinoids and other drugs of abuse in urine

Schwers, S.; Reifenberger, E.; Gehrmann, M.; Izmailov, A.; Bohmann, K., 2009:
A high-sensitivity, medium-density, and target amplification-free planar waveguide microarray system for gene expression analysis of formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded tissue

Arcand, J.; Ivanov, J.; Sasson, A.; Floras, V.; Al-Hesayen, A.; Azevedo, E.R.; Mak, S.; Allard, J.P.; Newton, G.E., 2011:
A high-sodium diet is associated with acute decompensated heart failure in ambulatory heart failure patients: a prospective follow-up study

Olsen, U.L.; Schmidt, S.; Poulsen, H.F., 2008:
A high-spatial-resolution three-dimensional detector array for 30-200 keV X-rays based on structured scintillators

Bin, G.; Gao, X.; Wang, Y.; Li, Y.; Hong, B.; Gao, S., 2011:
A high-speed BCI based on code modulation VEP

Fukunaga, M.; Shimizu, N., 2013:
A high-speed algorithm for computation of fractional differentiation and fractional integration

Ho, C.T.; Chen, L.H., 1996:
A high-speed algorithm for elliptical object detection

Rahman, L.Farzana.; Bin Ibne Reaz, M.; Yin, C.Chieu.; Marufuzzaman, M.; Rahman, M.Anisur., 2015:
A high-speed and low-offset dynamic latch comparator

Caswell, T.A.; Ercius, P.; Tate, M.W.; Ercan, A.; Gruner, S.M.; Muller, D.A., 2009:
A high-speed area detector for novel imaging techniques in a scanning transmission electron microscope

Nakanishi, M.; Wang, Y.; Wang, Y-Te.; Mitsukura, Y.; Jung, T-Ping., 2015 :
A high-speed brain speller using steady-state visual evoked potentials

Zamani, H.; Mohseni, P., 2011:
A high-speed circuit architecture for IR-UWB transmission of fast-scan cyclic voltammetry in 0.35 εm CMOS

Ogonuki, N.; Inoue, K.; Hirose, M.; Miura, I.; Mochida, K.; Sato, T.; Mise, N.; Mekada, K.; Yoshiki, A.; Abe, K.; Kurihara, H.; Wakana, S.; Ogura, A., 2009:
A high-speed congenic strategy using first-wave male germ cells

Shi, S.; Zhou, H.; Zhang, Y.; Zhao, Y.; Huang, K.; Liu, S., 2009:
A high-speed counter-current chromatography- HPLC-DAD method for preparative isolation and purification of two polymethoxylated flavones from Taraxacum mongolicum

Moisik, S.R.; Esling, J.H.; Crevier-Buchman, L., 2010:
A high-speed laryngoscopic investigation of aryepiglottic trilling

Zhang, J.; Vath, M.; Ferraro, C.; Li, Y.; Murphy, K.; Zvyaga, T.; Weller, H.; Shou, W., 2013:
A high-speed liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry platform using multiplexed multiple-injection chromatography controlled by single software and its application in discovery ADME screening

Lansdorp, B.M.; Tabrizi, S.J.; Dittmore, A.; Saleh, O.A., 2013:
A high-speed magnetic tweezer beyond 10,000 frames per second

Korzh, B.; Walenta, N.; Houlmann, R.; Zbinden, H., 2013:
A high-speed multi-protocol quantum key distribution transmitter based on a dual-drive modulator

Weng, W.; Higuchi, T.; Suzuki, M.; Fukuoka, T.; Shimomura, T.; Ono, M.; Radhakrishnan, L.; Wang, H.; Suzuki, N.; Oveisi, H.; Yamauchi, Y., 2010:
A high-speed passive-matrix electrochromic display using a mesoporous TiO2 electrode with vertical porosity

Matej, S.; Bajla, I., 1990:
A high-speed reconstruction from projections using direct Fourier method with optimized parameters-an experimental analysis

Ma, X-Song.; Zotter, S.; Tetik, N.; Qarry, A.; Jennewein, T.; Zeilinger, A., 2011:
A high-speed tunable beam splitter for feed-forward photonic quantum information processing

Bodensiek, K.; Li, W.; Sánchez, P.; Nawaz, S.; Schaap, I.A.T., 2014:
A high-speed vertical optical trap for the mechanical testing of living cells at piconewton forces

Lee, H.; Han, N.; Choi, I-Hak.; Han, K-Ho., 2013:
A high-speed, high-performance on-chip integrated reverse transcription (RT)-microchip

Zheng, X.; Chang, E.; Amberg, P.; Shubin, I.; Lexau, J.; Liu, F.; Thacker, H.; Djordjevic, S.S.; Lin, S.; Luo, Y.; Yao, J.; Lee, J-Hyoung.; Raj, K.; Ho, R.; Cunningham, J.E.; Krishnamoorthy, A.V., 2014:
A high-speed, tunable silicon photonic ring modulator integrated with ultra-efficient active wavelength control

Bigi, J.P.; Harman, W.Hill.; Lassalle-Kaiser, B.; Robles, D.M.; Stich, T.A.; Yano, J.; Britt, R.David.; Chang, C.J., 2012:
A high-spin iron(IV)-oxo complex supported by a trigonal nonheme pyrrolide platform

Popescu, C.V.; Mock, M.T.; Stoian, S.A.; Dougherty, W.G.; Yap, G.P.A.; Riordan, C.G., 2009:
A high-spin organometallic Fe-S compound: structural and Mössbauer spectroscopic studies of [phenyltris((tert-butylthio)methyl)borate]Fe(Me)

Wang, Q.; Hou, Y.; Wang, J.; Lu, Q., 2013:
A high-stability scanning tunneling microscope achieved by an isolated tiny scanner with low voltage imaging capability

Li, F.; Jiang, Y.; Xia, M.; Sun, M.; Xue, B.; Ren, X., 2008:
A high-stability silica-clay composite: synthesis, characterization and combination with TiO2 as a novel photocatalyst for Azo dye

Thomas, S.Greer.; Hester, E.Kelly.; Duncan-Hewitt, W.; Villaume, W.A., 2009:
A high-stakes assessment approach to applied pharmacokinetics instruction

Ohta, T.; Miyajima, K.; Yamada, T., 2011:
A high-sucrose diet induces fatty liver, but not deterioration of diabetes mellitus in Zucker diabetic fatty rats

Lomba, A.; Milagro, F.I.; García-Díaz, D.F.; Campión, J.; Marzo, F.; Martínez, J.A., 2010:
A high-sucrose isocaloric pair-fed model induces obesity and impairs NDUFB6 gene function in rat adipose tissue

Musselman, L.Palanker.; Fink, J.L.; Narzinski, K.; Ramachandran, P.Venkatesh.; Hathiramani, S.Sukumar.; Cagan, R.L.; Baranski, T.J., 2012:
A high-sugar diet produces obesity and insulin resistance in wild-type Drosophila

Spruijt-Metz, D.; Belcher, B.; Anderson, D.; Lane, C.Joy.; Chou, C-Ping.; Salter-Venzon, D.; Davis, J.N.; Hsu, Y-Wen.Janice.; Neuhouser, M.L.; Richey, J.M.; McKenzie, T.L.; McClain, A.; Goran, M.I.; Weigensberg, M.J., 2009:
A high-sugar/low-fiber meal compared with a low-sugar/high-fiber meal leads to higher leptin and physical activity levels in overweight Latina females

Zhou, X-Ping.; Liu, J.; Zhan, S-Ze.; Yang, J-Rong.; Li, D.; Ng, K-Ming.; Sun, R.Wai-Yin.; Che, C-Ming., 2012:
A high-symmetry coordination cage from 38- or 62-component self-assembly

Barr, P., 2012:
A high-tech advantage. Rural hospitals hope offering latest technology keeps patients close to home

McAllister, J., 2009:
A high-tech approach to managing periodontal disease: case reports

Anonymous, 2012:
A high-tech approach to medication reconciliation

Shute, N., 2008:
A high-tech family tree

Griekspoor, A., 2008:
A high-tech infusion for science

Prentice, D.; Horsley, E., 2009:
A high-tech way of teaching gerontological content to undergraduate nursing students

Angot, E.; Parc, R.Le.; Levelut, C.; Beaurain, M.; Armand, P.; Cambon, O.; Haines, J., 2006:
A high-temperature Raman scattering study of the phase transitions in GaPO(4) and in the AlPO(4)-GaPO(4) system

Ploumbidis, D., 1979:
A high-temperature and high-field nuclear magnetic resonance instrument

Yamada, H.Y., 1967:
A high-temperature blackbody radiation source

Barrera, D.; Sales, S., 2014:
A high-temperature fiber sensor using a low cost interrogation scheme

Eeckhout, S.Griet.; Gorges, B.; Barthe, L.; Pelosi, O.; Safonova, O.; Giuli, G., 2008:
A high-temperature furnace for in situ synchrotron X-ray spectroscopy under controlled atmospheric conditions

Djamali, E.; Turner, P.J.; Murray, R.C.; Cobble, J.W., 2010:
A high-temperature high-pressure calorimeter for determining heats of solution up to 623 K

Mosen, A.W.; Kelley, R.E.; Mitchell, H.P., 1966:
A high-temperature inert gas fusion apparatus

Tribu, A.; Sallen, G.; Aichele, T.; André, Régis.; Poizat, J-Philippe.; Bougerol, C.; Tatarenko, S.; Kheng, K., 2009:
A high-temperature single-photon source from nanowire quantum dots

Younsi, R.; Kocaefe, D.; Poncsak, S.; Kocaefe, Y.; Gastonguay, L., 2010:
A high-temperature thermal treatment of wood using a multiscale computational model: application to wood poles

Yang, X.; Gallegly, M.E.; Hong, C., 2014:
A high-temperature tolerant species in clade 9 of the genus Phytophthora: P. hydrogena sp. nov

Köck, E-Maria.; Kogler, M.; Pramsoler, R.; Klötzer, B.; Penner, S., 2014:
A high-temperature, ambient-pressure ultra-dry operando reactor cell for Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy

Zhang, Z.; Chen, J.; Guo, F.; He, L.; Wu, Y.; Zeng, C.; Xiao, X.; He, D., 2008:
A high-temporal resolution technology for dynamic proteomic analysis based on 35S labeling

Yasgar, A.; Shultz, J.; Zhou, W.; Wang, H.; Huang, F.; Murphy, N.; Abel, E.L.; DiGiovanni, J.; Inglese, J.; Simeonov, A., 2010:
A high-throughput 1,536-well luminescence assay for glutathione S-transferase activity

Kröner, F.; Elsäßer, D.; Hubbuch, Jürgen., 2014:
A high-throughput 2D-analytical technique to obtain single protein parameters from complex cell lysates for in silico process development of ion exchange chromatography

Kantlehner, M.; Kirchner, R.; Hartmann, P.; Ellwart, J.W.; Alunni-Fabbroni, M.; Schumacher, A., 2011:
A high-throughput DNA methylation analysis of a single cell

Schloss, P.D., 2010:
A high-throughput DNA sequence aligner for microbial ecology studies

Li, M.; Chen, X.; Ye, Q-Zhuang.; Vogt, A.; Yin, X-Ming., 2013:
A high-throughput FRET-based assay for determination of Atg4 activity

Birgersson, S.; Ericsson, T.; Blank, A.; Hagens, C.von.; Ashton, M.; Hoffmann, K-Jürgen., 2015:
A high-throughput LC-MS/MS assay for quantification of artesunate and its metabolite dihydroartemisinin in human plasma and saliva

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A high-throughput small-molecule screen to identify a novel chemical inhibitor of Clostridium difficile

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A high-throughput yeast two-hybrid protocol to determine virus-host protein interactions

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A high-throughput, homogeneous, fluorescence polarization assay for inhibitors of hedgehog protein autoprocessing

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A high-throughput, multiplexed kinase assay using a benchtop orbitrap mass spectrometer to investigate the effect of kinase inhibitors on kinase signaling pathways

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A high-throughput, quantitative cell-based screen for efficient tailoring of RNA device activity

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A high-throughput-compatible 3D microtissue co-culture system for phenotypic RNAi screening applications

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A high-throughput-compatible FRET-based platform for identification and characterization of botulinum neurotoxin light chain modulators

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A high-throughput-compatible fluorescence anisotropy-based assay for competitive inhibitors of Escherichia coli UDP-N-acetylglucosamine acyltransferase (LpxA)

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A high-valent iron-oxo corrolazine activates C-H bonds via hydrogen-atom transfer

Davis, K., 2013:
A high-value network for Medicare

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A high-value, low-cost bubble continuous positive airway pressure system for low-resource settings: technical assessment and initial case reports

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A higher bar--Vermont's new law on marketing prescribed products

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A higher international normalized ratio may be better for your patient

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A higher level of service: The 2013 MDA President's interview

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A higher order Bayesian decision theory of consciousness

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A higher place on the waiting list for kidney transplantation after earlier donation: a matter of give and take

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A higher-order mathematical modeling for dynamic behavior of protein microtubule shell structures including shear deformation and small-scale effects

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A higher-order numerical framework for stochastic simulation of chemical reaction systems

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A highlight of recent advances in immunology

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A highly accurate and analytic equation of state for a hard sphere fluid in random porous media

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A highly accurate method for determination of dissolved oxygen: gravimetric Winkler method

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A highly accurate statistical approach for the prediction of transmembrane beta-barrels

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A highly accurate, analytic potential energy surface of the hydrogendifluoride anion in the gas phase

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A highly active and air-stable ruthenium complex for the ambient temperature anti-Markovnikov reductive hydration of terminal alkynes

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A highly active and coke-resistant steam reforming catalyst comprising uniform nickel-iron alloy nanoparticles

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A highly active and reusable self-assembled poly(imidazole/palladium) catalyst: allylic arylation/alkenylation

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A highly active and selective palladium pincer catalyst for the formation of α-aryl ketones via cross-coupling

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A highly active and sintering-resistant Au/FeOx-hydroxyapatite catalyst for CO oxidation

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A highly active catalyst for the hydrogenation of amides to alcohols and amines

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A highly active cyclometallated iridium catalyst for the hydrogenation of imines

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A highly active manganese precatalyst for the hydrosilylation of ketones and esters

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A highly active nano-palladium catalyst for the preparation of aromatic azos under mild conditions

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A highly active perovskite electrode for the oxygen reduction reaction below 600 °C

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A highly active phosphine-borane organocatalyst for the reduction of CO2 to methanol using hydroboranes

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A highly active protonated tetranuclear peroxotungstate for oxidation with hydrogen peroxide

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A highly active single-mutation variant of P450BM3 (CYP102A1)

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A highly active titanium dioxide based visible-light photocatalyst with nonmetal doping and plasmonic metal decoration

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A highly active water-soluble cross-coupling catalyst based on dendritic polyglycerol N-heterocyclic carbene palladium complexes

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A highly adaptable catalyst/substrate system for the synthesis of substituted chromenes

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A highly alpha-regioselective AgOTf-catalyzed nucleophilic substitution of the Baylis-Hillman acetates with indoles

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A highly alpha-selective glycosylation for the convenient synthesis of repeating alpha-(1-->4)-linked N-acetyl-galactosamine units

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A highly anisotropic cobalt(II)-based single-chain magnet: exploration of spin canting in an antiferromagnetic array

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A highly anti-selective asymmetric Henry reaction catalyzed by a chiral copper complex: applications to the syntheses of (+)-spisulosine and a pyrroloisoquinoline derivative

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A highly articulated robotic surgical system for minimally invasive surgery

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A highly atom economic, chemo-, regio- and stereoselective synthesis and evaluation of spiro-pyrrolothiazoles as antitubercular agents

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A highly attenuated measles virus vaccine strain encodes a fully functional C protein

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A highly attenuated recombinant human respiratory syncytial virus lacking the G protein induces long-lasting protection in cotton rats

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A highly automated assay for determining the aqueous equilibrium solubility of drug discovery compounds

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A highly basic KGKKGK sequence in the RNA-binding domain of the Cucumber necrosis virus coat protein is associated with encapsidation of full-length CNV RNA during infection

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A highly bioavailable omega-3 free fatty acid formulation improves the cardiovascular risk profile in high-risk, statin-treated patients with residual hypertriglyceridemia (the ESPRIT trial)

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A highly bone marrow metastatic murine breast cancer model established through in vivo selection exhibits enhanced anchorage-independent growth and cell migration mediated by ICAM-1

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A highly branched 1,3-beta-D-glucan extracted from Aureobasidium pullulans induces cytokine production in DBA/2 mouse-derived splenocytes

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A highly charged Ag(6)(4+) core in a DNA-encapsulated silver nanocluster

Chong, L.P.; Wang, Y.; Gad, N.; Anderson, N.; Shah, B.; Zhao, R., 2016:
A highly charged region in the middle domain of plant endoplasmic reticulum (ER)-localized heat-shock protein 90 is required for resistance to tunicamycin or high calcium-induced ER stresses

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A highly charged voltage-sensor helix spontaneously translocates across membranes

Frei, R.; Waser, Jérôme., 2014 :
A highly chemoselective and practical alkynylation of thiols

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A highly cis-selective and enantioselective metal-free hydrogenation of 2,3-disubstituted quinoxalines

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A highly coarse-grained model to simulate entangled polymer melts

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A highly color-stability white organic light-emitting diode by color conversion within hole injection layer

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A highly compact epitope-based marker/suicide gene for easier and safer T-cell therapy

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A highly compact third-order silicon microring add-drop filter with a very large free spectral range, a flat passband and a low delay dispersion

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A highly compliant protein native state with a spontaneous-like mechanical unfolding pathway

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A highly compliant serpentine shaped polyimide interconnect for front-end strain relief in chronic neural implants

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A highly concentrated and taste-improved aqueous formulation of efavirenz for a more appropriate pediatric management of the anti-HIV therapy

Esber, R.J., 1949 :
A highly concentrated glycerol-urease extract for use in the direct nesslerization of urea nitrogen in blood and urine

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A highly conducting graphene film with dual-side molecular n-doping

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A highly conducting organic metal derived from an organic-transistor material: benzothienobenzothiophene

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A highly conjugated benzimidazole carbene-based ruthenium sensitizer for dye-sensitized solar cells

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A highly conjugated dihydroxylated C28 steroid from a myxobacterium

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A highly conjunctive beta-keto phosphonate: application to the synthesis of pyridine alkaloids xestamines C, E, and H

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A highly connected porous coordination polymer with unusual channel structure and sorption properties

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A highly conserved NB-LRR encoding gene cluster effective against Setosphaeria turcica in sorghum

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A highly conserved Poc1 protein characterized in embryos of the hydrozoan Clytia hemisphaerica: localization and functional studies

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A highly conserved SOX6 double binding site mediates SOX6 gene downregulation in erythroid cells

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A highly conserved Toxo1 haplotype directs resistance to toxoplasmosis and its associated caspase-1 dependent killing of parasite and host macrophage

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A highly conserved Tyrosine residue of family B DNA polymerases contributes to dictate translesion synthesis past 8-oxo-7,8-dihydro-2'-deoxyguanosine

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A highly conserved WDYPKCDRA epitope in the RNA directed RNA polymerase of human coronaviruses can be used as epitope-based universal vaccine design

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A highly conserved alanine in the S6 domain of the hERG1 K+ channel is required for normal gating

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A highly conserved arginine residue of the chitosanase from Streptomyces sp. N174 is involved both in catalysis and substrate binding

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A highly conserved baculovirus gene p48 (ac103) is essential for BV production and ODV envelopment

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A highly conserved cis-regulatory motif directs differential gonadal synexpression of Dmrt1 transcripts during gonad development

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A highly conserved cysteine of neuronal calcium-sensing proteins controls cooperative binding of Ca2+ to recoverin

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A highly conserved cytoplasmic cysteine residue in the α4 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor is palmitoylated and regulates protein expression

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A highly conserved effector in Fusarium oxysporum is required for full virulence on Arabidopsis

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A highly conserved family of domains related to the DNA-glycosylase fold helps predict multiple novel pathways for RNA modifications

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A highly conserved gene island of three genes on chromosome 3B of hexaploid wheat: diverse gene function and genomic structure maintained in a tightly linked block

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A highly conserved interaction involving the middle residue of the SXN active-site motif is crucial for function of class B penicillin-binding proteins: mutational and computational analysis of PBP 2 from N. gonorrhoeae

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A highly conserved motif at the COOH terminus dictates endoplasmic reticulum exit and cell surface expression of NKCC2

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A highly conserved motif within the NH2-terminal coiled-coil domain of angiopoietin-like protein 4 confers its inhibitory effects on lipoprotein lipase by disrupting the enzyme dimerization

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A highly conserved neutralizing epitope on group 2 influenza A viruses

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A highly conserved pericentromeric domain in human and gorilla chromosomes

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A highly conserved region between amino acids 221 and 266 of dengue virus non-structural protein 1 is a major epitope region in infected patients

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A highly conserved region essential for NMD in the Upf2 N-terminal domain

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A highly conserved region within H2B is important for FACT to act on nucleosomes

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A highly conserved retinoic acid responsive element controls wt1a expression in the zebrafish pronephros

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A highly conserved tryptophan residue in the fourth transmembrane domain of the A adenosine receptor is essential for ligand binding but not receptor homodimerization

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A highly conserved, small LTR retrotransposon that preferentially targets genes in grass genomes

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A highly constrained cyclic (S,S)-CDC- peptide is a potent inhibitor of carotid artery thrombosis in rabbits

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A highly contagious psoriasiform eruption on the scalp of a patient with systemic lupus erythematosus

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A highly controllable reconstituted cell-free system--a breakthrough in protein synthesis research

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A highly convergent and efficient synthesis of a macrocyclic hepatitis C virus protease inhibitor BI 201302

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A highly convergent approach toward (-)-brevenal

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A highly convergent cascade cyclization to cis-hydrindanes with all-carbon quaternary centers and its application in the synthesis of the aglycon of dendronobiloside A

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A highly convergent synthesis of myristoyl-carba(dethia)-coenzyme A

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A highly convergent synthesis of tricyclic N-heterocycles coupling an Ugi reaction with a tandem S(N)2'-Heck double cyclization

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A highly coordinated cell wall degradation machine governs spore morphogenesis in Bacillus subtilis

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A highly cross-linked polymeric binder for high-performance silicon negative electrodes in lithium ion batteries

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A highly crosslinked UHMWPE for CR and PS total knee arthroplasties

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A highly crystalline low band-gap polymer consisting of perylene and diketopyrrolopyrrole for organic photovoltaic cells

Phan, V.Ngoc.; Lim, E-Kyung.; Kim, T.; Kim, M.; Choi, Y.; Kim, B.; Lee, M.; Oh, A.; Jin, J.; Chae, Y.; Baik, H.; Suh, J-Suck.; Haam, S.; Huh, Y-Min.; Lee, K., 2014:
A highly crystalline manganese-doped iron oxide nanocontainer with predesigned void volume and shape for theranostic applications

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A highly crystalline microporous hybrid organic-inorganic aluminosilicate resembling the AFI-type zeolite

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A highly crystalline single Au wire network as a high temperature transparent heater

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A highly cytotoxic modified paullone ligand bearing a TEMPO free-radical unit and its copper(II) complex as potential hR2 RNR inhibitors

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A highly diastereo- and enantioselective Hg(II)-catalyzed cyclopropanation of diazooxindoles and alkenes

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A highly diastereo- and enantioselective copper(I)-catalyzed Henry reaction using a bis(sulfonamide)-diamine ligand

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A highly diastereo- and enantioselective reaction for constructing functionalized cyclohexanes: six contiguous stereocenters in one step

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A highly diastereo- and enantioselective synthesis of multisubstituted cyclopentanes with four chiral carbons by the organocatalytic domino Michael-Henry reaction

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A highly diastereo- and enantioselective synthesis of tetrahydroquinolines: quaternary stereogenic center inversion and functionalization

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A highly diastereoselective and enantioselective synthesis of polysubstituted pyrrolidines via an organocatalytic dynamic kinetic resolution cascade

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A highly diastereoselective decarboxylative mannich reaction of β-keto acids with optically active N-sulfinyl α-imino esters

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A highly diastereoselective oxidant contributes to Ligninolysis by the white rot basidiomycete Ceriporiopsis subvermispora

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A highly diastereoselective synthesis of α-hydroxy-β-amino acid derivatives via a Lewis acid catalyzed three-component condensation reaction

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A highly diastereoselective three-component tandem 1,4-conjugated addition-cyclization reaction to multisubstituted pyrrolidines

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A highly distorted open-shell endohedral Zintl cluster: [Mn@Pb12]3-

Holt, A.L.; Sweeney, A.M.; Johnsen, Sönke.; Morse, D.E., 2011:
A highly distributed Bragg stack with unique geometry provides effective camouflage for Loliginid squid eyes

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A highly divergent 33 kDa Cryptosporidium parvum antigen

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A highly divergent South African geminivirus species illuminates the ancient evolutionary history of this family

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A highly divergent approach for synthesis of metal-binding peptide libraries

Gill, S.; Krupovic, M.; Desnoues, N.; Béguin, P.; Sezonov, G.; Forterre, P., 2014:
A highly divergent archaeo-eukaryotic primase from the Thermococcus nautilus plasmid, pTN2

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A highly diverse spectrum of naphthoquinone derivatives produced by the endophytic fungus Biatriospora sp. CCF 4378

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A highly durable platinum nanocatalyst for proton exchange membrane fuel cells: multiarmed starlike nanowire single crystal

Liu, Y.; Luo, D.; Lei, Y.; Hu, W.; Zhao, H.; Cheng, C.H.K., 2015:
A highly effective TALEN-mediated approach for targeted gene disruption in Xenopus tropicalis and zebrafish

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A highly effective and long-lasting inhibition of miRNAs with PNA-based antisense oligonucleotides

Tolstikova, T.G.; Pavlova, A.V.; Morozova, Y.A.; Ardashov, O.V.; Il'ina, I.V.; Volcho, K.P.; Salakhutdinov, N.F.; Tolstikov, G.A., 2011:
A highly effective antiparkinsonian drug of a new structural type

Chong, H-Soon.; Song, H.A.; Kang, C.Soo.; Le, T.; Sun, X.; Dadwal, M.; Lee, H.; Lan, X.; Chen, Y.; Dai, A., 2011:
A highly effective bifunctional ligand for radioimmunotherapy applications

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A highly effective bis(sulfonamide)-diamine ligand: a unique chiral skeleton for the enantioselective Cu-catalyzed Henry reaction

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A highly effective cobalt catalyst for olefin aziridination with azides: hydrogen bonding guided catalyst design

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A highly effective gene delivery vector--hyperbranched poly(2-(dimethylamino)ethyl methacrylate) from in situ deactivation enhanced ATRP

Chen, J.; Cao, X.; Guo, R.; Shen, M.; Peng, C.; Xiao, T.; Shi, X., 2012:
A highly effective polymerase chain reaction enhancer based on dendrimer-entrapped gold nanoparticles

Tromsdorf, U.I.; Bruns, O.T.; Salmen, S.C.; Beisiegel, U.; Weller, H., 2010:
A highly effective, nontoxic T1 MR contrast agent based on ultrasmall PEGylated iron oxide nanoparticles

Tauber, K.; Hall, M.; Kroutil, W.; Fabian, W.M.F.; Faber, K.; Glueck, S.M., 2011:
A highly efficient ADH-coupled NADH-recycling system for the asymmetric bioreduction of carbon-carbon double bonds using enoate reductases

Islam, M.Nazrul.; Nizam, S.; Verma, P.K., 2012:
A highly efficient Agrobacterium mediated transformation system for chickpea wilt pathogen Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. ciceri using DsRed-Express to follow root colonisation

Li, Y.; Pu, J.; Jiang, X., 2014:
A highly efficient Cu-catalyzed S-transfer reaction: from amine to sulfide

Zhou, F.; Cao, Z-Yan.; Zhang, J.; Yang, H-Bo.; Zhou, J., 2012:
A highly efficient Friedel-Crafts reaction of 3-hydroxyoxindoles and aromatic compounds to 3,3-diaryl and 3-alkyl-3-aryloxindoles catalyzed by Hg(ClO4)2·3H2O

Chen, L.; Zhou, J., 2012:
A highly efficient Friedel-Crafts reaction of tertiary α-hydroxyesters or α-hydroxyketones to α-quaternary esters or ketones

Sutariya, P.G.; Pandya, A.; Modi, N.R.; Menon, S.K., 2013:
A highly efficient PET switch on-off-on fluorescence receptor based on calix[4]arene for the selective recognition of Cd2+ and Sr2+

Li, D.; Xu, N.; Zhang, Y.; Wang, L., 2014 :
A highly efficient Pd-catalyzed decarboxylative ortho-arylation of amides with aryl acylperoxides

Chen, W.; Zhang, Y.; Zhang, L.; Wang, M.; Wang, L., 2011:
A highly efficient TBAF-promoted intramolecular cyclization of gem-dibromoolefins for the synthesis of 2-bromobenzofurans(thiophenes)

Etacheri, V.; Michlits, G.; Seery, M.K.; Hinder, S.J.; Pillai, S.C., 2013:
A highly efficient TiO(2-x)C(x) nano-heterojunction photocatalyst for visible light induced antibacterial applications

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A highly efficient TiO2@ZnO n-p-n heterojunction nanorod photocatalyst

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A highly efficient and thermostable α-amylase from soya bean seeds

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A highly efficient and versatile microchip capillary electrophoresis method for DNA separation using gold nanoparticle as a tag

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A highly efficient azide-based protecting group for amines and alcohols

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A highly efficient fullerene acceptor for polymer solar cells

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A highly efficient galactokinase from Bifidobacterium infantis with broad substrate specificity

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A highly efficient graphene oxide absorber for Q-switched Nd:GdVO4 lasers

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A highly efficient green synthesis of N-alkyl 2-[(2-oxo-2-aryl ethyl) amino] benzamide derivatives from reaction of isatoic anhydride, primary amines and 2-bromoacethophenone

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A highly efficient group-assisted purification method for the synthesis of poly-functionalized pyrimidin-5-yl-pyrroles via one-pot four-component domino reaction

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A highly efficient light capturing 2D (nanosheet)-1D (nanorod) combined hierarchical ZnO nanostructure for efficient quantum dot sensitized solar cells

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A highly efficient mononuclear iridium complex photocatalyst for CO2 reduction under visible light

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A highly efficient multi-core algorithm for clustering extremely large datasets

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A highly efficient nonchemical method for isolating live nematodes (Caenorhabditis elegans) from soil during toxicity assays

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A highly efficient oxidative condensation reaction for selective protein conjugation

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A highly efficient peptide substrate for EGFR activates the kinase by inducing aggregation

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A highly efficient photocatalyst--hydrogenated black TiO2 for the photocatalytic splitting of water

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A highly efficient photocatalytic system for hydrogen production by a robust hydrogenase mimic in an aqueous solution

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A highly efficient pipeline for protein expression in Leishmania tarentolae using infrared fluorescence protein as marker

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A highly efficient rice green tissue protoplast system for transient gene expression and studying light/chloroplast-related processes

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A highly efficient self-assembly of responsive C(2) -cyclohexane-derived gelators

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A highly efficient semiphenomenological model of a half-sarcomere for real-time prediction of mechanical behavior

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A highly efficient short hairpin RNA potently down-regulates CCR5 expression in systemic lymphoid organs in the hu-BLT mouse model

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A highly efficient siRNA carrier of PBLG modified hyperbranched PEI

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A highly efficient silver niobium alumina catalyst for the selective catalytic reduction of NO by n-decane

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A highly efficient strategy for modification of proteins at the C terminus

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A highly efficient titanium catalyst for the synthesis of ultrahigh-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE)

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A highly efficient tree structure for the biosynthesis of heparan sulfate accounts for the commonly observed disaccharides and suggests a mechanism for domain synthesis

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A highly efficient tumor-infiltrating MDSC differentiation system for discovery of anti-neoplastic targets, which circumvents the need for tumor establishment in mice

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A highly efficient type I β-turn mimetic simulating an Asx-Pro-turn-like structure

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A highly efficient universal bipolar host for blue, green, and red phosphorescent OLEDs

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A highly efficient visible-light driven photocatalyst: two dimensional square-like bismuth oxyiodine nanosheets

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A highly efficient white light (Sr3,Ca,Ba)(PO4)3Cl:Eu2+, Tb3+, Mn2+ phosphor via dual energy transfers for white light-emitting diodes

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A highly efficient, practical, and general route for the synthesis of (R3P)2Pd(0): structural evidence on the reduction mechanism of Pd(II) to Pd(0)

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A highly efficientin vitro regeneration methodology for mature Chinese tallow tree (Sapium sebiferum Roxb.)

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A highly elastic, capacitive strain gauge based on percolating nanotube networks

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A highly electron-deficient analogue of aniline, soluble oligomers, and their redox properties

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A highly emissive conjugated polyelectrolyte vector for gene delivery and transfection

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A highly emissive fluorescent nucleoside that signals the activity of toxic ribosome-inactivating proteins

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A highly emissive inorganic hexamolybdenum cluster complex as a handy precursor for the preparation of new luminescent materials

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A highly enantioselective Brønsted acid catalyzed reaction cascade

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A highly enantioselective Overman rearrangement through asymmetric counteranion-directed palladium catalysis

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A highly enantioselective access to tetrahydroisoquinoline and beta-carboline alkaloids with simple noyori-type catalysts in aqueous media

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A highly enantioselective approach towards 2-substituted 3-bromopyrrolidines

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A highly enantioselective catalytic Strecker reaction of cyclic (Z)-aldimines

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A highly enantioselective four-component reaction for the efficient construction of chiral β-hydroxy-α-amino acid derivatives

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A highly enantioselective hydrogenation of silyl enol ethers catalyzed by chiral frustrated Lewis pairs

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A highly enantioselective intramolecular Michael reaction catalyzed by N-heterocyclic carbenes

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A highly enantioselective one-pot synthesis of spirolactones by an organocatalyzed Michael addition/cyclization sequence

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A highly enantioselective organocatalytic method for reduction of aromatic N-alkyl ketimines

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A highly enantioselective synthesis of functionalized 2,3-dihydrofurans by a modified Feist-Bénary reaction

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A highly enantioselective zirconium catalyst for intramolecular alkene hydroamination: significant isotope effects on rate and stereoselectivity

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A highly energetic process couples calcium influx through L-type calcium channels to insulin secretion in pancreatic beta-cells

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A highly entangled polymeric nanoconstruct assembled by siRNA and its reduction-triggered siRNA release for gene silencing

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A highly expressing Tet-inducible cell line recapitulates in situ developmental changes in prestin's Boltzmann characteristics and reveals early maturational events

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A highly facile and specific assay for cancer-causing isocitrate dehydrogenase mutant using 13C4-labeled α-ketoglutarate and heteronuclear NMR

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A highly fatal intraoperative urgency--aortic dissection complicating heart surgery

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A highly flexible and compact magnetoresistive analytic device

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A highly flexible paclitaxel-loaded poly(ε-caprolactone) electrospun fibrous-membrane-covered stent for benign cardia stricture

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A highly reproducible and straightforward method to perform in vivo ocular enucleation in the mouse after eye opening

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A highly saturated fat-rich diet is more obesogenic than diets with lower saturated fat content

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A highly selective and colorimetric naked-eye chemosensor for Cu2+

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A highly selective and general palladium catalyst for the oxidative Heck reaction of electronically nonbiased olefins

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