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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 51149

Chapter 51149 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Peiffer, Véronique.; Gerisch, A.; Vandepitte, D.; Van Oosterwyck, H.; Geris, L., 2011:
A hybrid bioregulatory model of angiogenesis during bone fracture healing

Nano, A.; Retailleau, P.; Hagon, J.P.; Harriman, A.; Ziessel, R., 2015:
A hybrid bis(amino-styryl) substituted Bodipy dye and its conjugate diacid: synthesis, structure, spectroscopy and quantum chemical calculations

Santella, A.; Du, Z.; Nowotschin, S.; Hadjantonakis, A-Katerina.; Bao, Z., 2011:
A hybrid blob-slice model for accurate and efficient detection of fluorescence labeled nuclei in 3D

Hsu, E., 2008:
A hybrid body technique: does the pulse diagnostic cun guan chi method have Chinese-Tibetan origins?

Cao, L.; Li, J.; Ji, H.; Jiang, C., 2014:
A hybrid brain computer interface system based on the neurophysiological protocol and brain-actuated switch for wheelchair control

Long, J.; Li, Y.; Wang, H.; Yu, T.; Pan, J.; Li, F., 2013:
A hybrid brain computer interface to control the direction and speed of a simulated or real wheelchair

Finke, A.; Knoblauch, A.; Koesling, H.; Ritter, H., 2012:
A hybrid brain interface for a humanoid robot assistant

Leeb, R.; Sagha, H.; Chavarriaga, R.; Millán, Jé.Del.R., 2011:
A hybrid brain-computer interface based on the fusion of electroencephalographic and electromyographic activities

Yu, T.; Li, Y.; Long, J.; Li, F., 2013:
A hybrid brain-computer interface-based mail client

Olli, S.; Nagaraj, R.; Motukupally, S.R., 2016:
A hybrid cationic peptide composed of human β-defensin-1 and humanized θ-defensin sequences exhibits salt-resistant antimicrobial activity

Kazmi, N.; Hossain, M.A.; Phillips, R.M., 2013:
A hybrid cellular automaton model of solid tumor growth and bioreductive drug transport

Boccaccio, A.; Lamberti, L.; Papi, M.; De Spirito, M.; Douet, C.; Goudet, G.; Pappalettere, C., 2014:
A hybrid characterization framework to determine the visco-hyperelastic properties of a porcine zona pellucida

Kim, Y-Ho.; Park, D.; Hwang, J.; Kim, Y-Jun., 2009:
A hybrid chip based on aerodynamics and electrostatics for the size-dependent classification of ultrafine and nano particles

Ozdemir, E.; Gunduz-Demir, C., 2013:
A hybrid classification model for digital pathology using structural and statistical pattern recognition

Rasheed, S.; Stashuk, D.W.; Kamel, M.S., 2007:
A hybrid classifier fusion approach for motor unit potential classification during EMG signal decomposition

Davidson, S.C.; Metzger, R.; Lindgren, K.S., 2011:
A hybrid classroom-online curriculum format for RN-BSN students: cohort support and curriculum structure improve graduation rates

Yu, L.; Gao, L.; Sun, P.Gang., 2011:
A hybrid clustering algorithm for identifying modules in Protein-Protein Interaction networks

Wong, C.C.; Chen, C.C., 2008:
A hybrid clustering and gradient descent approach for fuzzy modeling

Zheng, X.; Tian, G.; Huang, S-Cheng.; Feng, D., 2011:
A hybrid clustering method for ROI delineation in small-animal dynamic PET images: application to the automatic estimation of FDG input functions

Iván, Gábor.; Szabadka, Zán.; Grolmusz, V., 2010:
A hybrid clustering of protein binding sites

Wu, G-Xing.; Wu, H-Shun.; Zhang, X-Ming., 2010:
A hybrid cobalt hydroxyacetate magnet: ionothermal synthesis, 3-D Co-O-Co connectivity and spin glass behavior

Karnon, J.; Czoski-Murray, C.; Smith, K.J.; Brand, C., 2009:
A hybrid cohort individual sampling natural history model of age-related macular degeneration: assessing the cost-effectiveness of screening using probabilistic calibration

Liu, Z.; Liu, C., 2008:
A hybrid color and frequency features method for face recognition

Kretschmer, J.; Zhao, Z.; Drost, E.; Haunsberger, T.; Koch, E.; Moeller, K., 2012:
A hybrid combination of interacting physiological models

Kadelburg, Z.; Chauhan, S.; Imdad, M., 2014:
A hybrid common fixed point theorem under certain recent properties

Xue, J.; Gao, J.; Tang, L., 2008:
A hybrid computational model for phagocyte transmigration

Al-Mamun, M.A.; Brown, L.J.; Hossain, M.A.; Fall, C.; Wagstaff, L.; Bass, R., 2014:
A hybrid computational model for the effects of maspin on cancer cell dynamics

Nguyen, T.Trung.; Kim, M.; Lee, D.Yong., 2017:
A hybrid contact model for cannulation simulation of ERCP

Das, A.; Lauffenburger, D.; Asada, H.; Kamm, R.D., 2010:
A hybrid continuum-discrete modelling approach to predict and control angiogenesis: analysis of combinatorial growth factor and matrix effects on vessel-sprouting morphology

Hutter, O.S.; Hatton, R.A., 2014:
A hybrid copper:tungsten suboxide window electrode for organic photovoltaics

Peng, M-Jiao.; Yang, X-Feng.; Yin, B.; Guo, Y.; Suzenet, F.; En, D.; Li, J.; Li, C-Wei.; Duan, Y-Wei., 2015:
A hybrid coumarin-thiazole fluorescent sensor for selective detection of bisulfite anions in vivo and in real samples

Johnson, L.; Smith, C.M., 2011:
A hybrid course for the RN-to-baccalaureate curriculum: patient-centered care and quality

Son, C.Sik.; Jang, B.Kuk.; Seo, S.Tae.; Kim, M.Soo.; Kim, Y.Nyun., 2012:
A hybrid decision support model to discover informative knowledge in diagnosing acute appendicitis

Zhu, B.; Gu, L., 2012:
A hybrid deformable model for real-time surgical simulation

Alam, K.M.; Ray, A.K., 2007:
A hybrid density functional study of zigzag SiC nanotubes

Yamamoto, T.; Ohno, T., 2011:
A hybrid density functional study on the electron and hole trap states in anatase titanium dioxide

Gillen, R.; Robertson, J., 2014:
A hybrid density functional view of native vacancies in gallium nitride

Celik, M., 2008:
A hybrid design methodology for structuring an Integrated Environmental Management System (IEMS) for shipping business

Ravi, P.Rao.; Vats, R.; Dalal, V.; Murthy, A.Narasimha., 2015:
A hybrid design to optimize preparation of lopinavir loaded solid lipid nanoparticles and comparative pharmacokinetic evaluation with marketed lopinavir/ritonavir coformulation

Vermeulen, S.H.; Shi, M.; Weinberg, C.R.; Umbach, D.M., 2008:
A hybrid design: case-parent triads supplemented by control-mother dyads

Lin, R-Ho.; Chuang, C-Ling., 2010:
A hybrid diagnosis model for determining the types of the liver disease

Yan, S.; Zhang, J.; Yuan, Y.; Lovrecz, G.; Alici, G.; Du, H.; Zhu, Y.; Li, W., 2015:
A hybrid dielectrophoretic and hydrophoretic microchip for particle sorting using integrated prefocusing and sorting steps

Tayan, O.; Kabir, M.N.; Alginahi, Y.M., 2015:
A hybrid digital-signature and zero-watermarking approach for authentication and protection of sensitive electronic documents

McDougall, S.R.; Watson, M.G.; Devlin, A.H.; Mitchell, C.A.; Chaplain, M.A.J., 2013:
A hybrid discrete-continuum mathematical model of pattern prediction in the developing retinal vasculature

Chen, L.; Housden, R.; Treece, G.; Gee, A.; Prager, R., 2010:
A hybrid displacement estimation method for ultrasonic elasticity imaging

Ng, K-Hoong.; Ho, C-Kuan.; Phon-Amnuaisuk, S., 2013:
A hybrid distance measure for clustering expressed sequence tags originating from the same gene family

Xie, H.; Song, K.; He, Y., 2013:
A hybrid disturbance rejection control solution for variable valve timing system of gasoline engines

Tagawa, K.; Tanaka, H.T., 2011:
A hybrid dynamic deformation model for surgery simulation

Aleksandrov, A.; Field, M., 2013:
A hybrid elastic band string algorithm for studies of enzymatic reactions

Knogler, L.D.; Ryan, J.; Saint-Amant, L.; Drapeau, P., 2014:
A hybrid electrical/chemical circuit in the spinal cord generates a transient embryonic motor behavior

Kang, I.; Chandrasekhar, S.; Buhl, L.; Bernasconi, P.G.; Liu, X.; Giles, C.R.; Kazmierski, C.; Dupuis, N.; Decobert, J.; Alexandre, F.; Jany, C.; Garreau, A.; Landreau, J.; Rasras, M.; Cappuzzo, M.; Gomez, L.T.; Chen, Y.F.; Earnshaw, M.P.; Lee, J.; Leven, A.; Dorrer, C., 2008:
A hybrid electroabsorption modulator device for generation of high spectral-efficiency optical modulation formats

Forzani, E.S.; Lu, D.; Leright, M.J.; Aguilar, A.Diaz.; Tsow, F.; Iglesias, R.A.; Zhang, Q.; Lu, J.; Li, J.; Tao, N., 2009:
A hybrid electrochemical-colorimetric sensing platform for detection of explosives

Rosca, F., 2012:
A hybrid electron and photon IMRT planning technique that lowers normal tissue integral patient dose using standard hardware

Nguyen, T-Hiep.; Padalhin, A.R.; Seo, H.Seok.; Lee, B-Taek., 2014:
A hybrid electrospun PU/PCL scaffold satisfied the requirements of blood vessel prosthesis in terms of mechanical properties, pore size, and biocompatibility

Peeters, G.; Himpens, J., 2010:
A hybrid endo-laparoscopic therapy for common bile duct stenosis of a choledocho-duodenostomy after a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass

Vilallonga, R.; Pimentel, R.; Rosenthal, R.J., 2014:
A hybrid endolaparoscopic therapy for the treatment of foreign bodies in the stomach with esophageal perforation

Li, X.; Bonyadi, M.Reza.; Michalewicz, Z.; Barone, L., 2014:
A hybrid evolutionary algorithm for wheat blending problem

Burchard-Levine, A.; Liu, S.; Vince, F.; Li, M.; Ostfeld, A., 2015:
A hybrid evolutionary data driven model for river water quality early warning

Brancato, G.; Rega, N.; Barone, V., 2008:
A hybrid explicit/implicit solvation method for first-principle molecular dynamics simulations

Boutemedjet, S.; Bouguila, N.; Ziou, D., 2009:
A hybrid feature extraction selection approach for high-dimensional non-Gaussian data clustering

Chuang, L-Yeh.; Yang, C-Huei.; Wu, K-Chuan.; Yang, C-Hong., 2011:
A hybrid feature selection method for DNA microarray data

Kordy, H.Montazery.; Baygi, M.Hossein.Miran.; Moradi, M.Hassan., 2013:
A hybrid feature subset selection algorithm for analysis of high correlation proteomic data

An, S.; Seo, Y.Gon.; Jung, W.; Park, M.; Park, J.; Kim, J.; Jeong, Y.; Oh, K., 2013:
A hybrid fiber-optic photoluminescence measurement system and its application in InGaN/GaN light emitting diode epi-wafer morphology studies

Duan, W.; Kirby, R., 2012:
A hybrid finite element approach to modeling sound radiation from circular and rectangular ducts

Michael, K.A.; Paisey, J.R.; Mayosi, B.M.; Robinson, S.; Allen, S.; Sunni, N.S.; Roberts, P.R.; Morgan, J.M.; Veldtman, G.R., 2008:
A hybrid form of cardiac resynchronisation therapy in patients with failing systemic right ventricles

Uma, B.; Eckmann, D.M.; Ayyaswamy, P.S.; Radhakrishnan, R., 2012:
A hybrid formalism combining fluctuating hydrodynamics and generalized Langevin dynamics for the simulation of nanoparticle thermal motion in an incompressible fluid medium

Yan, B.; Gharavi, H., 2009:
A hybrid frame concealment algorithm for H.264/AVC

Tan, Z.; Zhang, Z.; Liu, J.; Kwoh, C.Keong.; Ong, S.Heng.; Teo, Y.Ying.; Khor, C.Chuen.; Tai, E.Shyong.; Aung, T.; Vithana, E.; Wong, T.Yin., 2012:
A hybrid framework for genome wide epistasis discovery

Gupta, A.; Verma, H.K.; Gupta, S., 2014:
A hybrid framework for registration of carotid ultrasound images combining iconic and geometric features

Iyer, P.; Mapkar, J.A.; Coleman, M.R., 2009:
A hybrid functional nanomaterial: POSS functionalized carbon nanofiber

Bommanna Raja, K.; Madheswaran, M.; Thyagarajah, K., 2008:
A hybrid fuzzy-neural system for computer-aided diagnosis of ultrasound kidney images using prominent features

Torshizi, A.Doostparast.; Zarandi, M.Hossein.Fazel.; Torshizi, G.Doostparast.; Eghbali, K., 2014:
A hybrid fuzzy-ontology based intelligent system to determine level of severity and treatment recommendation for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Recknagel, H.; Elmer, K.R.; Meyer, A., 2013:
A hybrid genetic linkage map of two ecologically and morphologically divergent Midas cichlid fishes (Amphilophus spp.) obtained by massively parallel DNA sequencing (ddRADSeq)

Huang, M.; Ma, Y.; Wan, J.; Zhang, H.; Wang, Y.; Chen, Y.; Yoo, C.; Guo, W., 2012:
A hybrid genetic--neural algorithm for modeling the biodegradation process of DnBP in AAO system

Li, Y.; Guo, H.; Wang, L.; Fu, J., 2014:
A hybrid genetic-simulated annealing algorithm for the location-inventory-routing problem considering returns under e-supply chain environment

Huang, A.; Abugharbieh, R.; Tam, R., 2009:
A hybrid geometric-statistical deformable model for automated 3-D segmentation in brain MRI

Ashley Montagu, M.F., 1948:
A hybrid gibbon with some remarks on the problem of species

Zhang, S.; Liu, H-Wei.; Ning, X-Mei.; Zhang, X-Sun., 2009:
A hybrid graph-theoretic method for mining overlapping functional modules in large sparse protein interaction networks

Liu, W.; Yang, G.; Xie, H., 2009:
A hybrid heuristic algorithm to improve known-plaintext attack on Fourier plane encryption

Kasiri, K.; Kazemi, K.; Dehghani, M.Javad.; Helfroush, M.Sadegh., 2014:
A hybrid hierarchical approach for brain tissue segmentation by combining brain atlas and least square support vector machine

Denaï, M.A.; Mahfouf, M.; Ross, J.J., 2009:
A hybrid hierarchical decision support system for cardiac surgical intensive care patients. Part I: Physiological modelling and decision support system design

Ross, J.J.; Denaï, M.A.; Mahfouf, M., 2009:
A hybrid hierarchical decision support system for cardiac surgical intensive care patients. Part II. Clinical implementation and evaluation

Bandrowski, A.E.; Cachat, J.; Li, Y.; Müller, H.M.; Sternberg, P.W.; Ciccarese, P.; Clark, T.; Marenco, L.; Wang, R.; Astakhov, V.; Grethe, J.S.; Martone, M.E., 2012:
A hybrid human and machine resource curation pipeline for the Neuroscience Information Framework

Hughes, K.H.; Parry, S.M.; Parlant, Gérard.; Burghardt, I., 2007:
A hybrid hydrodynamic-Liouvillian approach to mixed quantum-classical dynamics: application to tunneling in a double well

Wang, J.; Wang, H.; Song, Z.; Kong, D.; Chen, X.; Yang, Z., 2010:
A hybrid hydrogel for efficient removal of methyl violet from aqueous solutions

Aydin, A.; Ibrikçi, T.; Akçali, I.D., 2012:
A hybrid image processing system for X-ray images of an external fixator

Soriano, A.; Vendrell, M.; Gonzalez, S.; Mallol, J.; Albericio, F.; Royo, M.; Lluís, C.; Canela, E.I.; Franco, R.; Cortés, A.; Casadó, V., 2010:
A hybrid indoloquinolizidine peptide as allosteric modulator of dopamine D1 receptors

Yu, H.; Yue, Q.; Zhou, J.; Wang, W., 2014:
A hybrid indoor ambient light and vibration energy harvester for wireless sensor nodes

Jing, S.; Huang, G.He.; Xi, B.Dou.; Li, Y.Ping.; Qin, X.Sheng.; Huo, S.liang.; Jiang, Y., 2010:
A hybrid inexact optimization approach for solid waste management in the city of Foshan, China

Erickson, D.; Greer, L.; Belard, A.; Tinnel, B.; O'Connell, J., 2011:
A hybrid integrated services digital network-internet protocol solution for resident education

Juang, J-Gau.; Liu, W-Kai.; Lin, R-Wei., 2012:
A hybrid intelligent controller for a twin rotor MIMO system and its hardware implementation

Marateb, H.R.; Mansourian, M.; Faghihimani, E.; Amini, M.; Farina, D., 2014:
A hybrid intelligent system for diagnosing microalbuminuria in type 2 diabetes patients without having to measure urinary albumin

Persky, A.M.; Pollack, G.M., 2009:
A hybrid jigsaw approach to teaching renal clearance concepts

Tsalikis, D.G.; Baig, C.; Mavrantzas, V.G.; Amanatides, E.; Mataras, D., 2013:
A hybrid kinetic Monte Carlo method for simulating silicon films grown by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition

Pivovarov, R.; Elhadad, Némie., 2012:
A hybrid knowledge-based and data-driven approach to identifying semantically similar concepts

Shen, R.; Cheng, I.; Basu, A., 2014:
A hybrid knowledge-guided detection technique for screening of infectious pulmonary tuberculosis from chest radiographs

Zhao, W.; Niu, Q.; Li, K.; Irwin, G.W., 2014:
A hybrid learning method for constructing compact rule-based fuzzy models

Gan, Q.; Harris, C.J., 2008:
A hybrid learning scheme combining EM and MASMOD algorithms for fuzzy local linearization modeling

Van de Sompel, D.; Garai, E.; Zavaleta, C.; Gambhir, S.Sam., 2012:
A hybrid least squares and principal component analysis algorithm for Raman spectroscopy

Takeoka, H.; Koga, T.; Yano, H.; Ikeda, J.; Nishimura, M.; Kamimura, T.; Aizawa, H., 2008:
A hybrid lesion of lung cancer and aspergillosis

Butun, B.; Aydin, K.; Ulker, E.; Cheylan, Séphanie.; Badenes, Gçal.; Forster, M.; Scherf, U.; Ozbay, E., 2008:
A hybrid light source with integrated inorganic light-emitting diode and organic polymer distributed feedback grating

Chen, Y-Ching.; Carter, H.; Parla, J.; Kramer, M.; Goes, F.S.; Pirooznia, M.; Zandi, P.P.; McCombie, W.Richard.; Potash, J.B.; Karchin, R., 2013:
A hybrid likelihood model for sequence-based disease association studies

Medeiros, M.C.; Veiga, A., 2008:
A hybrid linear-neural model for time series forecasting

McLoone, S.; Brown, M.D.; Irwin, G.; Lightbody, A., 2008:
A hybrid linear/nonlinear training algorithm for feedforward neural networks

Dowling, G.; Regan, L.; Tierney, J.; Nangle, M., 2011:
A hybrid liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry strategy in a forensic laboratory for opioid, cocaine and amphetamine classes in human urine using a hybrid linear ion trap-triple quadrupole mass spectrometer

Shaffer, A.R.; Deligonul, N.; Scherson, D.A.; Protasiewicz, J.D., 2010:
A hybrid lithium oxalate-phosphinate salt

Beyvers, S.; Saalfrank, P., 2008:
A hybrid local/global optimal control algorithm for dissipative systems with time-dependent targets: formulation and application to relaxing adsorbates

Rodionov, D.; Kolev, G.; Bushminkin, K., 2014:
A hybrid localization technique for patient tracking

Yang, G.; Chen, J.; Xie, L.; Mao, J.; Tenhunen, H.; Zheng, L-Rong., 2014 :
A hybrid low power biopatch for body surface potential measurement

Yang, J.Y.; Yang, M.Qu.; Luo, Z.; Ma, Y.; Li, J.; Deng, Y.; Huang, X., 2008:
A hybrid machine learning-based method for classifying the Cushing's Syndrome with comorbid adrenocortical lesions

Ho, I-Ting.; Zhang, Z.; Ishida, M.; Lynch, V.M.; Cha, W-Young.; Sung, Y.Mo.; Kim, D.; Sessler, J.L., 2014:
A hybrid macrocycle with a pyridine subunit displays aromatic character upon uranyl cation complexation

Cheng, X.; Li, D.; Jay Guo, L., 2006:
A hybrid mask-mould lithography scheme and its application in nanoscale organic thin film transistors

Teixeira-Neto, A.Albuquerque.; Shiguihara, A.Lucia.; Izumi, C.M.S.; Bizeto, M.Augusto.; Leroux, F.; Temperini, M.L.Arruda.; Constantino, V.R.Leopoldo., 2009:
A hybrid material assembled by anthocyanins from açaí fruit intercalated between niobium lamellar oxide

Di Costanzo, E.; Natalini, R.; Preziosi, L., 2016:
A hybrid mathematical model for self-organizing cell migration in the zebrafish lateral line

Li, J.; Wang, T., 2015:
A hybrid mean value involving Dedekind sums and the general exponential sums

Amharar, Y.; Grandeury, A.; Sanselme, M.; Petit, S.; Coquerel, Gérard., 2012:
A hybrid mechanism in chiral discrimination induced by crystallization of supramolecular compounds

Meng, Q.; Zhang, X.; He, C.; Zhou, P.; Su, W.; Duan, C., 2011:
A hybrid mesoporous material functionalized by 1,8-naphthalimide-base receptor and the application as chemosensor and absorbent for Hg2+ in water

Goto, R.; Shimojima, A.; Kuge, H.; Kuroda, K., 2008 :
A hybrid mesoporous material with uniform distribution of carboxy groups assembled from a cubic siloxane-based precursor

Wang, G.; Guo, L.; Duan, H.; Wang, H.; Liu, L.; Shao, M., 2013:
A hybrid metaheuristic DE/CS algorithm for UCAV three-dimension path planning

Zhang, Y.; Yan, H.; Jia, X.; Yang, J.; Jiang, S.B.; Mou, X., 2013:
A hybrid metal artifact reduction algorithm for x-ray CT

Rastgarpour, M.; Shanbehzadeh, J.; Soltanian-Zadeh, H., 2015:
A hybrid method based on fuzzy clustering and local region-based level set for segmentation of inhomogeneous medical images

Martínez-Mera, J.Antonio.; Tahoces, P.G.; Carreira, Jé.M.; Suárez-Cuenca, J.Juan.; Souto, M., 2014:
A hybrid method based on level set and 3D region growing for segmentation of the thoracic aorta

Joung, Y.Soo.; Buie, C.R., 2012:
A hybrid method employing breakdown anodization and electrophoretic deposition for superhydrophilic surfaces

Shi, X.; Reininger, R.; Sanchez Del Rio, M.; Assoufid, L., 2014:
A hybrid method for X-ray optics simulation: combining geometric ray-tracing and wavefront propagation

Cervenka, P.; Marchal, J., 2012:
A hybrid method for calibrating acoustic arrays

Manal, K.; Cowder, J.D.; Buchanan, T.S., 2010:
A hybrid method for computing achilles tendon moment arm using ultrasound and motion analysis

Mielcarek, J.; Nowak, D.M.; Pajzderska, A.; Peplińska, B.; Wąsicki, J., 2011:
A hybrid method for estimation of molecular dynamics of diazepam-density functional theory combined with NMR and FT-IR spectroscopy

Huang, F.; Lin, W.; Duensing, G.R.; Reykowski, A., 2012:
A hybrid method for more efficient channel-by-channel reconstruction with many channels

Jiang, H.; Tan, H.; Fujita, H., 2014:
A hybrid method for pancreas extraction from CT image based on level set methods

Chen, L.; Lu, J.; Zhang, N.; Huang, T.; Cai, Y-Dong., 2014:
A hybrid method for prediction and repositioning of drug Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical classes

Bai, H.; Zhang, Y.; Wang, H.; Huang, Y.; Xu, H., 2015:
A hybrid method for provincial scale energy-related carbon emission allocation in China

Abbas, M.M.; Abouelhoda, M.; Bahig, H.M., 2013:
A hybrid method for the exact planted (l, d) motif finding problem and its parallelization

Byun, J.; Lai, D.; Luo, S.; Risser, J.; Tung, B.; Hardy, R.J., 2014:
A hybrid method in combining treatment effects from matched and unmatched studies

Zhang, X'an.; Ye, M.; Zhang, L.; Nie, W.; Wang, C., 2011:
A hybrid method including optimization and force-EMG relationship for predicting muscle force

Hao, J.; Zou, X.; Wilson, M.; Davies, N.P.; Sun, Y.; Peet, A.C.; Arvanitis, T.N., 2012:
A hybrid method of application of independent component analysis to in vivo 1H MR spectra of childhood brain tumours

Soyama, A.; Takatsuki, M.; Adachi, T.; Kitasato, A.; Torashima, Y.; Natsuda, K.; Tanaka, T.; Yamaguchi, I.; Tanaka, S.; Kinoshita, A.; Kuroki, T.; Eguchi, S., 2014:
A hybrid method of laparoscopic-assisted open liver resection through a short upper midline laparotomy can be applied for all types of hepatectomies

Ozben, C.S.; Emirhan, E.M., 2009:
A hybrid method to determine efficiency curve of HPGe detectors

Wolfsegger, M.J.; Gutjahr, G.; Engl, W.; Jaki, T., 2014:
A hybrid method to estimate the minimum effective dose for monotone and non-monotone dose-response relationships

He, M.; Yang, G.; Xie, H., 2013:
A hybrid method to recognize 3D object

Skreka, K.; Rederstorff, M., 2013:
A hybrid microarray for the analysis of a miscellaneous ncRNA population

Malaeb, L.; Katuri, K.P.; Logan, B.E.; Maab, H.; Nunes, S.P.; Saikaly, P.E., 2014:
A hybrid microbial fuel cell membrane bioreactor with a conductive ultrafiltration membrane biocathode for wastewater treatment

Gu, H.; Duits, M.H.G.; Mugele, F., 2010:
A hybrid microfluidic chip with electrowetting functionality using ultraviolet (UV)-curable polymer

Vereshchagina, E.; Mc Glade, D.; Glynn, M.; Ducrée, J., 2014:
A hybrid microfluidic platform for cell-based assays via diffusive and convective trans-membrane perfusion

Chew, S.H.; Chong, P.A.; Gunawan, E.; Goh, K.W.; Kim, Y.; Soh, C.B., 2007:
A hybrid mobile-based patient location tracking system for personal healthcare applications

Nestler, F.; Bradley, A.P.; Wilson, S.J.; Timms, D.L.; Frazier, O.Howard.; Cohn, W.E., 2015:
A hybrid mock circulation loop for a total artificial heart

Xu, B.; Sommerfeldt, S.D., 2011:
A hybrid modal analysis for enclosed sound fields

Zhou, Q.; Jiang, H.; Wang, J.; Zhou, J., 2015:
A hybrid model for PM₂.₅ forecasting based on ensemble empirical mode decomposition and a general regression neural network

Yang, H.; Willis, A.; de Roeck, A.; Nuseibeh, B., 2012:
A hybrid model for automatic emotion recognition in suicide notes

Zhou, L.; Yu, L.; Wang, Y.; Lu, Z.; Tian, L.; Tan, L.; Shi, Y.; Nie, S.; Liu, L., 2015:
A hybrid model for predicting the prevalence of schistosomiasis in humans of Qianjiang City, China

Salway, R.; Wakefield, J., 2007:
A hybrid model for reducing ecological bias

Yan, W.; Xu, Y.; Yang, X.; Zhou, Y., 2010:
A hybrid model for short-term bacillary dysentery prediction in Yichang City, China

Han, J.; Liu, Z.; Zhong, D.; Wang, T., 2015:
A hybrid model for the prediction of mRNA polyadenylation signals

Milde, F.; Bergdorf, M.; Koumoutsakos, P., 2008:
A hybrid model for three-dimensional simulations of sprouting angiogenesis

Kim, J.Il.; Varner, J.D.; Ramkrishna, D., 2009:
A hybrid model of anaerobic E. coli GJT001: combination of elementary flux modes and cybernetic variables

Singhania, R.; Sramkoski, R.Michael.; Jacobberger, J.W.; Tyson, J.J., 2011:
A hybrid model of mammalian cell cycle regulation

Jiang, M.; Liu, F.; Wang, Y.; Shou, G.; Huang, W.; Zhang, H., 2013:
A hybrid model of maximum margin clustering method and support vector regression for noninvasive electrocardiographic imaging

Gros, D.F.; Simms, L.J.; Antony, M.M., 2011:
A hybrid model of social phobia: an analysis of social anxiety and related symptoms of anxiety

Jain, H.V.; Jackson, T.L., 2013:
A hybrid model of the role of VEGF binding in endothelial cell migration and capillary formation

Kim, Y.; Othmer, H.G., 2014:
A hybrid model of tumor-stromal interactions in breast cancer

Chen, X.; Zhou, Y.; Luo, Q., 2014:
A hybrid monkey search algorithm for clustering analysis

Marino, S.; El-Kebir, M.; Kirschner, D., 2011:
A hybrid multi-compartment model of granuloma formation and T cell priming in tuberculosis

Tachtsidis, I.; Gao, L.; Leung, T.S.; Kohl-Bareis, M.; Cooper, C.E.; Elwell, C.E., 2010:
A hybrid multi-distance phase and broadband spatially resolved spectrometer and algorithm for resolving absolute concentrations of chromophores in the near-infrared light spectrum

Lu, H.; Cattin, P.C.; Reyes, M., 2011:
A hybrid multimodal non-rigid registration of MR images based on diffeomorphic demons

Yin, Z.; Jiang, X.; Wu, Z.; Liu, X., 2015:
A hybrid multiuser detector based on MMSE and AFSA for TDRS system forward link

Lafarge, F.; Keriven, R.; Brédif, M.; Vu, H-Hiep., 2013:
A hybrid multiview stereo algorithm for modeling urban scenes

Sur, S.; Pashuck, E.T.; Guler, M.O.; Ito, M.; Stupp, S.I.; Launey, T., 2012:
A hybrid nanofiber matrix to control the survival and maturation of brain neurons

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A hybrid nanostructure array for gas sensing with ultralow field ionization voltage

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A hybrid narrow band filter

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A hybrid neurogenetic approach for stock forecasting

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A hybrid neutron diffraction and computer simulation study on the solvation of N-methylformamide in dimethylsulfoxide

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A hybrid non-ribosomal peptide/polyketide synthetase containing fatty-acyl ligase (FAAL) synthesizes the β-amino fatty acid lipopeptides puwainaphycins in the Cyanobacterium Cylindrospermum alatosporum

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A hybrid of ant colony optimization and minimization of metabolic adjustment to improve the production of succinic acid in Escherichia coli

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A hybrid online intervention for reducing sedentary behavior in obese women

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A hybrid open and endovascular repair for treatment of bovine aortic arch aneurysm accompanied by aneurysm of patent ductus arteriosus with deployment of Amplatzer duct occluder

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A hybrid open-access model to bridge the publishing divide and reach out to a broader community

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A hybrid operation in a patient with complex right subclavian artery aneurysm

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A hybrid optical packet and wavelength selective switching platform for high-performance data center networks

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A hybrid optimization model based on multi-metrics for registration using free-form deformation

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A hybrid organic semiconductor/silicon photodiode for efficient ultraviolet photodetection

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A hybrid organic/inorganic benzene

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A hybrid oscillatory interference/continuous attractor network model of grid cell firing

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A hybrid paper and microfluidic chip with electrowetting valves and colorimetric detection

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A hybrid pareto mixture for conditional asymmetric fat-tailed distributions

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A hybrid particle swarm and neural network approach for detection of prostate cancer from benign hyperplasia of prostate

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A hybrid particle-field molecular dynamics approach: a route toward efficient coarse-grained models for biomembranes

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A hybrid path-oriented code assignment CDMA-based MAC protocol for underwater acoustic sensor networks

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A hybrid perturbed-chain SAFT density functional theory for representing fluid behavior in nanopores

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A hybrid photocatalytic system comprising ZnS as light harvester and an [Fe(2)S(2)] hydrogenase mimic as hydrogen evolution catalyst

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A hybrid pixel detector at an in-house device generating stunning charge density quality data

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A hybrid plasmonic-photonic nanodevice for label-free detection of a few molecules

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A hybrid platform based on EOG and EEG signals to restore communication for patients afflicted with progressive motor neuron diseases

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A hybrid polyoxometalate-organic molecular catalyst for visible light driven water oxidation

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A hybrid porous material from a pillar[5]arene and a poly(ionic liquid): selective adsorption of n-alkylene diols

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A hybrid qPCR/SNP array approach allows cost efficient assessment of KIR gene copy numbers in large samples

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A hybrid quantum-inspired genetic algorithm for multiobjective flow shop scheduling

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A hybrid random field model for scalable statistical learning

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A hybrid reconstruction algorithm for fluorescence tomography using Kirchhoff approximation and finite element method

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A hybrid reconstruction method in electrical impedance tomography based on GMRES and Tikhonov regularization

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A hybrid recursion method to robustly ensure convergence efficiencies in the simulated scaling based free energy simulations

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A hybrid rhOP-1 delivery system enhances new bone regeneration and consolidation in a rabbit model of distraction osteogenesis

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A hybrid ring-opening metathesis polymerization catalyst based on an engineered variant of the β-barrel protein FhuA

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A hybrid sales forecasting scheme by combining independent component analysis with K-means clustering and support vector regression

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A hybrid scanning mode for fast scanning ion conductance microscopy (SICM) imaging

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A hybrid scheme for bore design optimization of a brass instrument

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A hybrid scheme for comparing the effects of bird diversity conservation approaches on landscape patterns and biodiversity in the Shangan sub-watershed in Taiwan

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A hybrid scheme for low bit-rate coding of stereo images

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A hybrid schwannoma of median nerve

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A hybrid search algorithm for swarm robots searching in an unknown environment

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A hybrid seasonal prediction model for tuberculosis incidence in China

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A hybrid segmentation approach for geographic atrophy in fundus auto-fluorescence images for diagnosis of age-related macular degeneration

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A hybrid semi-automatic method for liver segmentation based on level-set methods using multiple seed points

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A hybrid semiconductor electrode for wavelength-controlled switching of the photocurrent direction

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A hybrid sensing approach for pure and adulterated honey classification

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A hybrid short read mapping accelerator

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A hybrid silicon single mode laser with a slotted feedback structure

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A hybrid silicon-PDMS optofluidic platform for sensing applications

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A hybrid silk/RADA-based fibrous scaffold with triple hierarchy for ligament regeneration

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A hybrid simulated method for analyzing the optical efficiency of a head-mounted display with a quasi-crystal OLED panel

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A hybrid smartphone indoor positioning solution for mobile LBS

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A hybrid soft solar cell based on the mycobacterial porin MspA linked to a sensitizer-viologen Diad

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A hybrid solar cell fabricated using amorphous silicon and a fullerene derivative

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A hybrid solid-fluorous phase radioiodination and purification platform

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A hybrid solitary-conical self-guided light beam in self-focusing media

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A hybrid sol–gel synthesis of mesostructured SiC with tunable porosity and its application as a support for propane oxidative dehydrogenation

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A hybrid spatio-temporal data indexing method for trajectory databases

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A hybrid static optimisation method to estimate muscle forces during muscle co-activation

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A hybrid stochastic approach for self-location of wireless sensors in indoor environments

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A hybrid stochastic hierarchy equations of motion approach to treat the low temperature dynamics of non-Markovian open quantum systems

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A hybrid strategy for correcting geometric distortion in echo-planar images

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A hybrid strategy for surveillance of individuals potentially exposed to contaminated methylprednisolone acetate--Virginia, 2012

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A hybrid strategy for the prevention of cytomegalovirus-related complications in pediatric liver transplantation recipients

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A hybrid strategy of offline adaptive planning and online image guidance for prostate cancer radiotherapy

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A hybrid strategy to integrate surface-based and mutual-information-based methods for co-registering brain SPECT and MR images

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A hybrid structural model of the complete Brugia malayi cytoplasmic asparaginyl-tRNA synthetase

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A hybrid surface arc discharge ion source to produce ultra pure Ca(+2) beams for (40)Ca(alpha,gamma)(44)Ti reaction studies at ISAC/TRIUMF

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A hybrid surgical transcatheter strategy for treating severe para-right atrioventricular valvular regurgitation in a patient with left atrial isomerism

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A hybrid symplectic principal component analysis and central tendency measure method for detection of determinism in noisy time series with application to mechanomyography

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A hybrid system based on information gain and principal component analysis for the classification of transcranial Doppler signals

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A hybrid system for emotion extraction from suicide notes

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A hybrid system for preventing postsurgical adhesions

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A hybrid system for temporal information extraction from clinical text

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A hybrid system for the semantic annotation of sulco-gyral anatomy in MRI images

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A hybrid system for upper limb movement restoration in quadriplegics

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A hybrid system using both promoter activation and gene amplification for establishing exogenous protein hyper-producing cell lines

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A hybrid system using symbolic and numeric knowledge for the semantic annotation of sulco-gyral anatomy in brain MRI images

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A hybrid tabu search algorithm for automatically assigning patients to beds

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A hybrid technique for blind separation of non-gaussian and time-correlated sources using a multicomponent approach

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A hybrid technique for medical image segmentation

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A hybrid technique for sinus floor elevation in the severely resorbed posterior maxilla

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A hybrid technique for the periodicity characterization of genomic sequence data

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A hybrid technique for ventriculoatrial shunt implantation--technical note

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Associations Among Mothers' Depression, Emotional and Learning-Material Support to Their Child, and Children's Cognitive Functioning: A 16-Year Longitudinal Study

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A hybrid temporal and spatial speckle-suppression method for laser displays

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A hybrid therapy for Buerger's disease using distal bypass and a free temporoparietal fascial flap: a case report

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A hybrid thermo-sensitive chitosan gel for sustained release of Meloxicam

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A hybrid tool for reaching and grasping rehabilitation: the ArmeoFES

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A hybrid tool for spectral ray tracing simulations of luminescent cascade systems

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A hybrid total internal reflection fluorescence and optical tweezers microscope to study cell adhesion and membrane protein dynamics of single living cells

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A hybrid transducer to magnetically and ultrasonically evaluate magnetic fluids

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A hybrid transitional care program

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A hybrid twin screw extrusion/electrospinning method to process nanoparticle-incorporated electrospun nanofibres

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A hybrid two-component system of Tannerella forsythia affects autoaggregation and post-translational modification of surface proteins

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A hybrid two-component system protein from Azospirillum brasilense Sp7 was involved in chemotaxis

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A hybrid ultrasonic motor and electrorheological fluid clutch actuator for force-feedback in MRI/fMRI

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A hybrid vanadium fluoride with structurally isolated S = 1 kagome layers

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A hybrid volume rendering method using general hardware

Wang, J., 2015:
A hybrid wavelet transform based short-term wind speed forecasting approach

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A hybrid wetland map for China: a synergistic approach using census and spatially explicit datasets

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A hybrid with uniaxial negative thermal expansion behaviour: the synergistic role of organic and inorganic components

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A hybrid zeolitic imidazolate framework membrane by mixed-linker synthesis for efficient CO2 capture

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A hybrid zone of the genus Ctenomys: A case study in southern Brazil

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A hybrid zone revisited: molecular and morphological analysis of the maintenance, movement, and evolution of a Great Plains avian (Cardinalidae: Pheucticus) hybrid zone

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A hybrid, de novo based, genome-wide database search approach applied to the sea urchin neuropeptidome

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A hybrid-capture assay to detect HPV mRNA ratios in cervical specimens

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A hybrid-specific, polymerase chain reaction-based amplification approach for chromosomal walking

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A hybrid-system model of the coagulation cascade: simulation, sensitivity, and validation

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A hybridized graphene carrier highway for enhanced thermoelectric power generation

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A hybridized photocatalysis-microfiltration system with iron oxide-coated membranes for the removal of natural organic matter in water treatment: effects of iron oxide layers and colloids

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A hydraulic explanation for size-specific plant shrinkage: developmental hydraulic sectoriality

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A hydraulic model is compatible with rapid changes in leaf elongation under fluctuating evaporative demand and soil water status

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A hydraulic-photosynthetic model based on extended HLH and its application to Coast redwood (Sequoia sempervirens)

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A hydrazide linker strategy for heterobivalent compounds as ortho- and allosteric ligands of acetylcholine-binding proteins

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A hydrazide-anchored dendron scaffold for chemoselective ligation strategies

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A hydrazine coupled cycling assay validates the decrease in redox ratio under starvation in Drosophila

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A hydrazine- and phosgene-free synthesis of tetrazinanones, precursors to 1,5-dialkyl-6-oxoverdazyl radicals

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A hydride-induced-reduction strategy for fabricating palladium-based core-shell bimetallic nanocrystals

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A hydride-ligated dysprosium single-molecule magnet

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A hydride-rich magnesium cluster

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A hydridoirida-beta-diketone as an efficient and robust homogeneous catalyst for the hydrolysis of ammonia-borane or amine-borane adducts in air to produce hydrogen

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A hydro-kinetic scheme for the dynamics of hydrogen bonds in water-like fluids

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A hydro/organo/hybrid gelator: a peptide lipid with turning aspartame head groups

Stasch, A., 2012:
A hydrocarbon-soluble lithium hydride complex

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A hygienist is stealing my patients!

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A hypnic hypothesis of Alzheimer's disease

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A hypoglycaemic baby on the postnatal ward

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A hypomorphic Artemis human disease allele causes aberrant chromosomal rearrangements and tumorigenesis

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A hypotensive 22-year-old man with chest pain, cough, and an abnormal chest radiograph

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A hypothalamic syndrome and periventricular epilepsy as a late sequel of brain injury

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A hypothesis about cellular signaling with nitric oxide in the earliest life forms in evolution

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A hypothesis accounting for the paradoxical expression of the D gene segment in the BCR and the TCR

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A hypothesis and theoretical model speculating the possible role of therapy mediated neoplastic cell loss in promoting the process of glioblastoma relapse

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A hypothesis concerning a potential involvement of ceramide in apoptosis and acantholysis induced by pemphigus autoantibodies

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A hypothesis for bacteriophage DNA packaging motors

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A hypothesis for the AGEs. Exploring the link between high blood glucose and diabetic complications

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A hypothesis for the cause of complex regional pain syndrome-type I (reflex sympathetic dystrophy): pain due to deep-tissue microvascular pathology

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A hypothesis for the initiation of COPD

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A hypothesis of calcium stone formation: an interpretation of stone research during the past decades

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A hypothesis of local intrinsic cortical signal processing

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A hypothesis on chemical mechanism of the effect of hydrogen

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A hypothesis on factors influencing preferences in positioning of scalp hair-parting line

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Associations Among Mucosal and Transmural Healing and Fecal Level of Calprotectin in Children With Crohn's Disease

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A hypothesis on the formation of the primary ossification centers in the membranous neurocranium: a mathematical and computational model

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A hypothesis on the origin and evolution of tubulin

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A hypothesis on the origin of genetic heterozygosity in diploids and triploids in Japanese Cayratia japonica species complex (Vitaceae)

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A hypothesis on the pathogeny of rounded and linear epidermal nevi (nevoid acanthosis nigricans)

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A hypothesis on the role of perturbation size on the human sensorimotor adaptation

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A hypothesis on the role of transposons

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A hypothesis regarding the cause of the functional somatic syndrome and suggestions in regard to its validation

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A hypothesis regarding the molecular mechanism underlying dietary soy-induced effects on seizure propensity

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A hypothesis test for equality of bayesian network models

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A hypothesis that explains the heterogeneity of drug-induced immune thrombocytopenia

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A hypothesis that works

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A hypothesis to explain childhood cancers near nuclear power plants

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A hypothesis to explain the high prevalence of pseudo-cholinesterase deficiency in specific population groups

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A hypothesis to explain the muscular after effects of poliomyelitis

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A hypothesis to phenotype COPD exacerbations by aetiology

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A hypothesis to relate salivary tumors with mammary and prostate neoplasias

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A hypothesis--Peptide library generated by cathepsin S might be efficacious for allergen-specific immunotherapy

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A hypothesis-driven parametric study of effects of polymeric scaffold properties on tissue engineered neovessel formation

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A hypothesis-driven pathway analysis reveals myelin-related pathways that contribute to the risk of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder

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A hypothesis-driven physical examination learning and assessment procedure for medical students: initial validity evidence

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A hypothesis-free multiple scan statistic with variable window

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A hypothesis-generating review of the water method for difficult colonoscopy

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A hypothesis-generating search for new genetic breast cancer syndromes--a national study in 803 Swedish families

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A hypothesis-testing framework for studies investigating ontogenetic niche shifts using stable isotope ratios

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A hypothesis: Edaravone exert cardioprotection partly via modulation of adiponectin

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A hypothesis: can erythropoietin administration affect the severity of retinopathy in diabetic patients with renal failure?

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A hypothesis: hydrogen sulfide might be neuroprotective against subarachnoid hemorrhage induced brain injury

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A hypothesis: important role for gut microbiota in the etiopathogenesis of diverticular disease

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A hypothesis: neural glial cells, neural stem cells and tumor stem cells transform each other depending on the micro-ecological environment

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A hypothesized role for dendritic remodeling in the etiology of mood and anxiety disorders

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A hypothetical correlation between hyaluronic acid gel and development of cutaneous metaplastic synovial cyst

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A hypothetical explanatory model for meningococcal meningitis in the African meningitis belt

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A hypothetical gene pair, ssl2138 and sll11092, constitutes a functional TA system on the chromosome of Synechocystis PCC 6803

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A hypothetical mechanism for DVD: unbalanced cortical input to subcortical pathways

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A hypothetical practice under Universal Health Care

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A hypothetical relationship between the nuclear reprogramming factors for induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells generation--bioinformatic and algorithmic approach

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A hypothetical road map to reduce acid related diseases costs management

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A hypothetical route for the biogenisis of IAA

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A hypothyroid neonate with a lingual tumour

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A hypothyroid patient with increased free thyroid hormones

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A hypoxia complement differentiates the muscle response to endurance exercise

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A hypoxia- and {alpha}-fetoprotein-dependent oncolytic adenovirus exhibits specific killing of hepatocellular carcinomas

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A hypoxia-induced decrease of either MICA/B or Hsp70 on the membrane of tumor cells mediates immune escape from NK cells

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A hypoxia-induced positive feedback loop promotes hypoxia-inducible factor 1alpha stability through miR-210 suppression of glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase 1-like

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A hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF)-3α splicing variant, HIF-3α4 impairs angiogenesis in hypervascular malignant meningiomas with epigenetically silenced HIF-3α4

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A hypoxia-responsive glial cell-specific gene therapy vector for targeting retinal neovascularization

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A is for Anthrax

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A is for airway

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A is for airway: a pediatric emergency department challenge

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A is for aphorism - 'Wherever the art of medicine is loved there is also a love of humanity'

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A is for aphorism - a woman is pregnant until proven otherwise

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A is for aphorism - do smart mothers make better diagnoses than poor doctors?

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A is for aphorism - if 'a physician who treats himself has a fool for a patient' - are we all fools?

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A is for aphorism - if many treatments are used for a disease, all are insufficient

Cooke, G., 2012:
A is for aphorism - is it true that 'a careful history will lead to the diagnosis 80% of the time'?

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A is for aphorism - the power of silence

Thomas, R.; Cooke, G., 2014:
A is for aphorism -- 'give me a child until they are seven and I will show you the man'

Farley, R., 2014:
A is for aphorism--'good judgment comes from experience; experience comes from bad judgment'

Koh, C., 2014:
A is for aphorism--'medicine is my lawful wife, and literature is my mistress. When I get [fed up with] one, I spend the night with the other.'

Mitchell, B.; Cooke, G., 2014:
A is for aphorism--'nothing is sometimes a good remedy'

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A is for aphorism. 'A normal person is only someone who hasn't been investigated enough yet'

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A jab in the dark

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A jack of all trades to combat drug-resistant Gram-negative bacteria

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A jagged road to lymphoma aggressiveness

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A jaw for a tooth

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A jaw for a tooth--the human rights cost of the Gaza invasion

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A jejunal unusual lesion

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A job to serve others

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A jogger with tightness of the chest

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A joint European and South African research network in anxiety disorders

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A joint FED watermarking system using spatial fusion for verifying the security issues of teleradiology

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A joint Nordic interdisciplinary education programme in infection control: a successful, but short-lived initiative

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A joint collaboration: international pressure ulcer guidelines

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A joint effort for better orthopedic price controls

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A joint effort to fight arthritis

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A joint encryption/watermarking algorithm for verifying the reliability of medical images: application to echographic images

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A joint encryption/watermarking system for verifying the reliability of medical images

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A joint problem

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A joint report on a cooperative investigation of the efficacy of species of penicillin in the treatment of experimental syphilis

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A joint watermarking/encryption algorithm for verifying medical image integrity and authenticity in both encrypted and spatial domains

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A joint x-ray and neutron study on amicyanin reveals the role of protein dynamics in electron transfer

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A joint-modeling approach to assess the impact of biomarker variability on the risk of developing clinical outcome

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A joint-probability approach to crash prediction models

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A jointly optimized subband coder

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A joke is just a joke (except when it isn't): cavalier humor beliefs facilitate the expression of group dominance motives

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A journal called "I wonder why not"

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A journal describing present undertakings, studies and labours of the ingenious

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A journal for and with health promotion practitioners and researchers

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A journal for global health programming

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Associations among Obesity, Eating Speed, and Oral Health

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A journal for public health issues in the Asia Pacific: APJPH

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A journal for the entire profession

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Associations Among Plasma Stress Markers and Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression in Patients with Breast Cancer Following Surgery

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A journal of molecular, cellular and biochemical toxicology

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A journal of our own

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A journal with impact and future

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A journal's progress

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A journal-level analysis of Health Communication

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A journalist's view of reporting medical tests

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A journey across practice settings: following my call

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A journey filled with emotions--mothers' experiences of breastfeeding their preterm infant in a Swedish neonatal ward

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A journey for overcoming ischemic retinal diseases

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A journey from CABG to drug-eluting balloon

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A journey from benzanilides to dithiobenzanilides: Synthesis of selective spasmolytic compounds

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A journey from dental pulp stem cells to a bio-tooth

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A journey from pediatric pharmacokinetics to pharmacogenomics

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A journey from reductionist to systemic cell biology aboard the schooner Tara

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A journey from supramolecular chemistry to nanoscale networks

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A journey from the pool of chiral synthetic building blocks to cell-penetrating peptides, to a novel type of enzyme - and back

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A journey in neurosurgery

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A journey in pastoral care: A case study

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A journey in science: promise, purpose, privilege

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A journey in the universe of psychiatry

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A journey in the world of DNA rings and beyond

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A journey into low-dimensional spaces with autoassociative neural networks

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A journey into nursing

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A journey into the (un)known. Borderlands of knowledge for Leonhard Rauwolf (1535?-1596)

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A journey into the Deaf community

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A journey into the active center of nitrogenase

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A journey into the carotid artery microenvironment in high resolution: challenging the stenosis-symptoms paradigm

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A journey into the imaginary of Sicilian pastry

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A journey into the past--the history of thyroid surgery

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A journey into the past: history of the Connecticut State Medical Journal 1936-1958. 1976

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A journey into the technical evolution of neuroendoscopy

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A journey into the wild of the cnidarian model system Aiptasia and its symbionts

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A journey of all-round discovery

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A journey of critical consciousness: an educational strategy for health care leaders

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A journey of dimensions for diabetes educators and diabetes education!

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A journey of leadership: from bedside nurse to chief executive officer

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A journey of learning...nothing is wasted

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A journey of lepers on Okinawa

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A journey of love: the Wild-Farhi mentor-mentee pair in The North American Menopause Society Mentorship Program

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A journey of no return and no regrets

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A journey of restoring self-confidence: the life experiences of women recipients of augmentation mammaplasty

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A journey of suffering: living with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in South Korea

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A journey round my skull

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A journey round my wife -- Mrs. Karinthy, Aranka Böhm, MD (1893-1944)

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A journey searching for a cure for leukemia. Interviewed by Natasha Galukande

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A journey shared; a task fulfilled

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A journey so far.……

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A journey straight through the heart: the story of a bullet

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A journey through 20 years of occupational health and safety in India

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A journey through 25 years of the journal of school nursing

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A journey through PROTEOSONICS

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A journey through anxiety and depression

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A journey through breast cancer research. Interview by Hannah Branch

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A journey through chemical dynamics

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A journey through disability: a sibling's perspective

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A journey through early augmentative communication and computer access

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A journey through heart valve surgery

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A journey through joy and grief

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A journey through mitogen-activated protein kinase and ochratoxin A interactions

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A journey through the larynx, trachea and bronchi

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A journey through the past 30 years in nursing--a report: "And the bedpan remains your domain, sister!"

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A journey through the prescriptions

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A journey through the skill of healing at the Historical Museum of the "Hospital Nacional de Clínicas de Córdoba - Argentina"

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A journey through time and space

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A journey to Semantic Web query federation in the life sciences

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A journey to continence: a case study of overactive bladder syndrome

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A journey to cultural safety

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A journey to health during a twin pregnancy

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A journey to leadership: designing a nursing leadership development program

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A journey to make cancer rehabilitation the standard of care

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A journey to patient-centered care in Ontario, Canada: implementation of a best-practice guideline

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A journey to pediatric chemotherapy competence

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A journey to produce platelets in vitro

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A journey to support environmental change in early childhood

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A journey to the bible lands: a call from the past to the present in astonishing ways

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A journey to the foundations of classical medicine

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A journey to the total synthesis of daptomycin

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A journey too far?

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A journey toward Bioorthogonal Profiling of Protein Methylation inside living cells

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A journey toward clinical nurse specialist recognition by Medicare: benefits of core clinical nurse specialist certification

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A journey toward excellence: training future gastroenterologists--the gastroenterology core curriculum, third edition

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A journey toward revenue cycle excellence

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A journey toward wholeness, a journey to God: physical fitness as embodied spirituality

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A journey towards a healthy collaborative nursing program: a case study

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A journey towards hospice care

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A journey towards natural licochalcone E: from isolation to asymmetric total synthesis

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A journey under the sea: the quest for marine anti-cancer alkaloids

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A journey with Euterpe. Sinfonia concertante for music, heart and brain

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A journey with allergy: a recollection

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A journey--but where is the start line?

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A journey--with acknowledgements

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A joy for (the science of) life!

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A judgment call

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A judicial contest between two women: suits and sentiments, 1773-75

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A juggling act

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A jumonji (Jarid2) protein complex represses cyclin D1 expression by methylation of histone H3-K9

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A jump persistent turning walker to model zebrafish locomotion

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A jump-growth model for predator-prey dynamics: derivation and application to marine ecosystems

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A jump-start for planarian head regeneration

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A jumpstart for student researchers in Iran

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A jumpstart to nowhere

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A junction branch point adjacent to a DNA backbone nick directs substrate cleavage by Saccharomyces cerevisiae Mus81-Mms4

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A junction of transparency. Focus on "Functional effects of Cx50 mutations associated with congenital cataracts"

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A junctionless SONOS nonvolatile memory device constructed with in situ-doped polycrystalline silicon nanowires

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A jungle appendicectomy

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A jungle full of pitfalls

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A jungle in there: bacteria in belly buttons are highly diverse, but predictable

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A junior doctor's view of postgraduate medical education in the EEC

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A just culture after Mid Staffordshire

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A just culture for nurses and nursing students

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A just culture supports patient safety

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A just culture: the role of nursing leadership

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A just-in-time adaptive classification system based on the intersection of confidence intervals rule

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A justice system that denies free will is not based on justice

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A justice, of sorts

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A justification for less restrictive guidelines on the use of metformin in stable chronic renal failure

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A justification for reporting the majority-rule consensus tree in Bayesian phylogenetics

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A juvenile case of cerebellar arteriovenous malformation with gradual onset of dysphoria and headache

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A juvenile case of pulmonary lymphangitic carcinomatosis caused by sigmoid colon cancer with a component of micropapillary carcinoma

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A juvenile hormone transcription factor Bmdimm-fibroin H chain pathway is involved in the synthesis of silk protein in silkworm, Bombyx mori

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A juvenile murine heart failure model of pressure overload

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A juvenile, misdiagnosed case of Whipple's disease

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A juxtamembrane mutation in the N terminus of the dopamine transporter induces preference for an inward-facing conformation

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A k-NN algorithm for predicting the oral sub-chronic toxicity in the rat

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A k-mer scheme to predict piRNAs and characterize locust piRNAs

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A k-space Green's function solution for acoustic initial value problems in homogeneous media with power law absorption

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A k-space analysis of small-tip-angle excitation. 1989

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A k-space method for acoustic propagation using coupled first-order equations in three dimensions

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A k-space method for moderately nonlinear wave propagation

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A k2A-positive Klebsiella pneumoniae causes liver and brain abscess in a Saint Kitt's man

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A kHz heat-load shutter for white-beam experiments at synchrotron sources

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A kairomone forTrichogramma nubilale (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae) isolation, identification, and synthesis

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A kaleidoscope of science

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A kaleidoscopic view of the Arabidopsis core cell cycle interactome

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A kangaroo and your research toolbox

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A karate program for improving self-concept and quality of life in childhood epilepsy: results of a pilot study

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A karyological study of the genus Pnigalio Schrank (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae): assessing the taxonomic utility of chromosomes at the species level

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A karyopherin acts in localized protein synthesis

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A karyosystematic analysis of some water beetles related to Deronectes Sharp (Coleoptera, Dytiscidae)

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A kelch family protein Nd1-L functions as a metastasis suppressor in cancer cells via Rho family proteins mediated mechanism

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A keloid edge precut, preradiotherapy method in large keloid skin graft treatment

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A kelvin probe force microscopy of charged indentation-induced dislocation structures in KBr

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A keplerate magnetic cluster featuring an icosidodecahedron of Ni(II) ions encapsulating a dodecahedron of La(III) ions

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A keratin 15 containing stem cell population from the hair follicle contributes to squamous papilloma development in the mouse

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A keratin biomaterial gel hemostat derived from human hair: evaluation in a rabbit model of lethal liver injury

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A keratoacanthoma with venous invasion

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A keratocyst in the buccal mucosa with the features of keratocystic odontogenic tumor

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A keratoma horn following deep brain stimulation

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A kernel Gabor-based weighted region covariance matrix for face recognition

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A kernel for open source drug discovery in tropical diseases

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A kernel machine-based fMRI physiological noise removal method

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A kernel of truth: statistical advances in polygenic variance component models for complex human pedigrees

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A kernel-based approach for biomedical named entity recognition

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A kernel-based approach for detecting outliers of high-dimensional biological data

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A kernel-based approach for user-guided fiber bundling using diffusion tensor data

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A kernel-based framework to tensorial data analysis

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A kernel-based integration of genome-wide data for clinical decision support

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A kernel-based method for markerless tumor tracking in kV fluoroscopic images

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A kernel-based method to determine optimal sampling times for the simultaneous estimation of the parameters of rival mathematical models

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A kernel-based model to predict interaction between methanotrophic and heterotrophic bacteria

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A kernel-based multivariate feature selection method for microarray data classification

Corona-Strauss, F.I.; Delb, W.; Schick, B.; Strauss, D.J., 2011:
A kernel-based novelty detection scheme for the ultra-fast detection of chirp evoked Auditory Brainstem Responses

He, W.; Wu, S., 2012:
A kernel-based perceptron with dynamic memory

Martinez-Beneito, M.A.; Botella-Rocamora, P.; Zurriaga, O., 2011:
A kernel-based spatio-temporal surveillance system for monitoring influenza-like illness incidence

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A kernel-induced space selection approach to model selection in KLDA

Mellor, D.; Prieto, E.; Mathieson, L.; Moscato, P., 2011:
A kernelisation approach for multiple d-Hitting Set and its application in optimal multi-drug therapeutic combinations

Kaabachi, O.; Chettaoui, O.; Ouezini, R.; Abdelaziz, A.Ben.; Cherif, R.; Kokki, H., 2007:
A ketamine-propofol admixture does not reduce the pain on injection compared with a lidocaine-propofol admixture

Ruskin, D.N.; Ross, J.L.; Kawamura, M.; Ruiz, T.L.; Geiger, J.D.; Masino, S.A., 2011:
A ketogenic diet delays weight loss and does not impair working memory or motor function in the R6/2 1J mouse model of Huntington's disease

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A ketogenic diet does not impair rat behavior or long-term potentiation

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A ketogenic diet impairs energy and glucose homeostasis by the attenuation of hypothalamic leptin signaling and hepatic insulin signaling in a rat model of non-obese type 2 diabetes

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A ketogenic diet increases brown adipose tissue mitochondrial proteins and UCP1 levels in mice

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A ketogenic diet increases succinic dehydrogenase (SDH) activity and recovers age-related decrease in numeric density of SDH-positive mitochondria in cerebellar Purkinje cells of late-adult rats

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A ketogenic diet increases succinic dehydrogenase activity in aging cardiomyocytes

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A ketogenic diet may offer neuroprotection in glaucoma and mitochondrial diseases of the optic nerve

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A ketogenic diet suppresses seizures in mice through adenosine A₁ receptors

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A ketone ester diet increases brain malonyl-CoA and Uncoupling proteins 4 and 5 while decreasing food intake in the normal Wistar Rat

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A ketone functionalized luminescent terbium metal-organic framework for sensing of small molecules

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A ketone oximate based cyclic cationic [Ni(II)4] inverse metallacrown from simultaneous chelation and bridging of two ligands

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A ketoreductase domain in the PksJ protein of the bacillaene assembly line carries out both alpha- and beta-ketone reduction during chain growth

Xia, H.; Wang, Y., 2008:
A ketoreductase gene from Streptomyces mycarofaciens 1748 DNA involved in biosynthesis of a spore pigment

Enoka, R.M., 2014:
A key accomplishment

Fay, J.F.; Farrens, D.L., 2012:
A key agonist-induced conformational change in the cannabinoid receptor CB1 is blocked by the allosteric ligand Org 27569

Cohen, G.; Katz-Salamon, M.; Malcolm, G., 2013:
A key circulatory defence against asphyxia in infancy--the heart of the matter!

Pop, R.; Shearstone, J.R.; Shen, Q.; Liu, Y.; Hallstrom, K.; Koulnis, M.; Gribnau, J.; Socolovsky, M., 2011:
A key commitment step in erythropoiesis is synchronized with the cell cycle clock through mutual inhibition between PU.1 and S-phase progression

Napan, K.L.; Zeng, J.; Takemoto, J.Y.; Zhan, J., 2012:
A key cytochrome P450 hydroxylase in pradimicin biosynthesis

Chng, C.; Lum, A.M.; Vroom, J.A.; Kao, C.M., 2008:
A key developmental regulator controls the synthesis of the antibiotic erythromycin in Saccharopolyspora erythraea

Asai, S.; Mase, K.; Yoshioka, H., 2010:
A key enzyme for flavin synthesis is required for nitric oxide and reactive oxygen species production in disease resistance

Remy, E.; Meyer, M.; Blaise, F.; Simon, U.K.; Kuhn, D.; Balesdent, M.H.; Rouxel, T., 2009:
A key enzyme of the Leloir pathway is involved in pathogenicity of Leptosphaeria maculans toward oilseed rape

Tsunoda, Y.; Kondo, T.; Matsuda, Y.; Kobayashi, H.; Tokuda, Y.; Satoh, H., 2011:
A key film

Niculescu, C.; Balloul, J-Marc., 2011:
A key for successful development of flu vaccines: public-private collaboration--the Barcelona Vaccine Forum, Phacilitate, the Fira Palace Barcelona Spain, 21-23 June, 2010, the meeting report

Benn, G.; Wang, C-Quan.; Hicks, D.R.; Stein, J.; Guthrie, C.; Dehesh, K., 2015:
A key general stress response motif is regulated non-uniformly by CAMTA transcription factors

Pumain, Ré.; Laschet, J., 2007:
A key glycolytic enzyme plays a dual role in GABAergic neurotransmission and in human epilepsy

Miller-Wilson, K., 2008:
A key ingredient to a successful career: why emotional intelligence matters

Tsuda, K., 2018:
Associations Among Plasma Total Homocysteine Levels, Circadian Blood Pressure Variation, and Endothelial Function in Hypertension

Newberry, R.W.; Raines, R.T., 2015:
A key n→π* Interaction in N-acyl homoserine lactones

Swan, A., 2009:
A key piece of the jigsaw for improving world health

Jacobi, J., 2007:
A key piece of the puzzle

Balaban, Y.Hatice., 2011:
A key problem and challenge for hepatology: Obesity-related metabolic liver diseases

Reichenbach, A.; Thielscher, A.; Peer, A.; Bülthoff, H.H.; Bresciani, J-Pierre., 2014:
A key region in the human parietal cortex for processing proprioceptive hand feedback during reaching movements

Krycer, J.R.; Phan, L.; Brown, A.J., 2012:
A key regulator of cholesterol homoeostasis, SREBP-2, can be targeted in prostate cancer cells with natural products

Zenker, S.; Panteleev-Ivlev, J.; Wirtz, S.; Kishimoto, T.; Waldner, M.J.; Ksionda, O.; Tybulewicz, V.L.J.; Neurath, M.F.; Atreya, I., 2014:
A key regulatory role for Vav1 in controlling lipopolysaccharide endotoxemia via macrophage-derived IL-6

Maxeiner, J.H.; Karwot, R.; Sauer, K.; Scholtes, P.; Boross, I.; Koslowski, M.; Türeci, O.; Wiewrodt, R.; Neurath, M.F.; Lehr, H.A.; Finotto, S., 2009:
A key regulatory role of the transcription factor NFATc2 in bronchial adenocarcinoma via CD8+ T lymphocytes

Gilchrist, M.; Henderson, W.R.; Morotti, A.; Johnson, C.D.; Nachman, A.; Schmitz, F.; Smith, K.D.; Aderem, A., 2010:
A key role for ATF3 in regulating mast cell survival and mediator release

Worbs, T.; Förster, R., 2007:
A key role for CCR7 in establishing central and peripheral tolerance

Radman-Livaja, M.; Quan, T.K.; Valenzuela, L.; Armstrong, J.A.; van Welsem, T.; Kim, T.; Lee, L.J.; Buratowski, S.; van Leeuwen, F.; Rando, O.J.; Hartzog, G.A., 2013:
A key role for Chd1 in histone H3 dynamics at the 3' ends of long genes in yeast

Schneider, M.R.; Dahlhoff, M.; Horst, D.; Hirschi, B.; Trülzsch, K.; Müller-Höcker, J.; Vogelmann, R.; Allgäuer, M.; Gerhard, M.; Steininger, S.; Wolf, E.; Kolligs, F.T., 2011:
A key role for E-cadherin in intestinal homeostasis and Paneth cell maturation

Kanduri, M.; Sander, B.; Ntoufa, S.; Papakonstantinou, N.; Sutton, L-Ann.; Stamatopoulos, K.; Kanduri, C.; Rosenquist, R., 2014:
A key role for EZH2 in epigenetic silencing of HOX genes in mantle cell lymphoma

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A key role for Fut1-regulated angiogenesis and ICAM-1 expression in K/BxN arthritis

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A key role for G-CSF-induced neutrophil production and trafficking during inflammatory arthritis

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A key role for KCl cotransport in cell volume regulation in human erythroleukemia cells

Chen, H-Chin.; Su, L-Ting.; González-Pagán, O.; Overton, J.D.; Runnels, L.W., 2012 :
A key role for Mg(2+) in TRPM7's control of ROS levels during cell stress

Visekruna, A.; Volkov, A.; Steinhoff, U., 2013:
A key role for NF-κB transcription factor c-Rel in T-lymphocyte-differentiation and effector functions

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A key role for NOX4 in epithelial cell death during development of lung fibrosis

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A key role for Na+/K+-ATPase in the endothelium-dependent oscillatory activity of mouse small mesenteric arteries

Tian, Y.; Lei, L.; Minden, A., 2011:
A key role for Pak4 in proliferation and differentiation of neural progenitor cells

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A key role for Plasmodium subtilisin-like SUB1 protease in egress of malaria parasites from host hepatocytes

Arita, R.; Nakao, S.; Kita, T.; Kawahara, S.; Asato, R.; Yoshida, S.; Enaida, H.; Hafezi-Moghadam, A.; Ishibashi, T., 2013:
A key role for ROCK in TNF-α-mediated diabetic microvascular damage

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