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A legal framework to enable sharing of Clinical Decision Support knowledge and services across institutional boundaries

Hongsermeier, T.; Maviglia, S.; Tsurikova, L.; Bogaty, D.; Rocha, R.A.; Goldberg, H.; Meltzer, S.; Middleton, B.

AMIA .. Annual Symposium Proceedings. AMIA Symposium 2011: 925-933


ISSN/ISBN: 1942-597X
PMID: 22195151
Accession: 051150832

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The goal of the CDS Consortium (CDSC) is to assess, define, demonstrate, and evaluate best practices for knowledge management and clinical decision support in healthcare information technology at scale - across multiple ambulatory care settings and Electronic Health Record technology platforms. In the course of the CDSC research effort, it became evident that a sound legal foundation was required for knowledge sharing and clinical decision support services in order to address data sharing, intellectual property, accountability, and liability concerns. This paper outlines the framework utilized for developing agreements in support of sharing, accessing, and publishing content via the CDSC Knowledge Management Portal as well as an agreement in support of deployment and consumption of CDSC developed web services in the context of a research project under IRB oversight.

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