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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 51159

Chapter 51159 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Naing, C.; Yeoh, P.Nam.; Aung, K., 2014:
A meta-analysis of efficacy and tolerability of buprenorphine for the relief of cancer pain

Irani, F.; Seligman, S.; Kamath, V.; Kohler, C.; Gur, R.C., 2012:
A meta-analysis of emotion perception and functional outcomes in schizophrenia

Bylsma, L.M.; Morris, B.H.; Rottenberg, J., 2007:
A meta-analysis of emotional reactivity in major depressive disorder

Cao, C.; Tian, D.H.; Ang, S.C.; Peeceeyen, S.; Allan, J.; Fu, B.; Yan, T.D., 2015:
A meta-analysis of endoscopic versus conventional open radial artery harvesting for coronary artery bypass graft surgery

Quan, H.; Wang, X.; Guo, C., 2011:
A meta-analysis of enteral nutrition and total parenteral nutrition in patients with acute pancreatitis

Wang, H.; Murat, Y.; Nomura, S.; Sekine, M.; Sokejima, S.; Sakai, H.; Kagamimori, S., 2000:
A meta-analysis of epidemiological studies on the relationship between occupational electromagnetic field exposure and the risk of adult leukemia

Jin, B.; Luo, X.; Lin, H.; Li, J.; Shi, H., 2010:
A meta-analysis of erythropoiesis-stimulating agents in anaemic patients with chronic heart failure

Zhang, H.; Wang, J.; Wang, W.; Zhou, L.; Chen, J.; Yang, B.; Xia, Y.; Jiang, T., 2015:
A meta-analysis of esophagectomy: the comparative study of Ivor-Lewis operation and Sweet operation

Anderson, K.K.; Flora, N.; Archie, S.; Morgan, C.; McKenzie, K., 2015:
A meta-analysis of ethnic differences in pathways to care at the first episode of psychosis

Crump, K.S.; Duport, P.; Jiang, H.; Shilnikova, N.S.; Krewski, D.; Zielinski, J.M., 2012:
A meta-analysis of evidence for hormesis in animal radiation carcinogenesis, including a discussion of potential pitfalls in statistical analyses to detect hormesis

Nee, D.Evan.; Brown, J.W.; Askren, M.K.; Berman, M.G.; Demiralp, E.; Krawitz, A.; Jonides, J., 2013:
A meta-analysis of executive components of working memory

Wagner, S.; Doering, B.; Helmreich, I.; Lieb, K.; Tadić, A., 2012:
A meta-analysis of executive dysfunctions in unipolar major depressive disorder without psychotic symptoms and their changes during antidepressant treatment

Schwalbe, C.S.; Gearing, R.E.; MacKenzie, M.J.; Brewer, K.B.; Ibrahim, R., 2012:
A meta-analysis of experimental studies of diversion programs for juvenile offenders

Groves, P.J.; Muir, W.I., 2015:
A meta-analysis of experiments linking incubation conditions with subsequent leg weakness in broiler chickens

Xu, X.; Li, X.; Liu, L.; Wu, W., 2014:
A meta-analysis of external fixator versus intramedullary nails for open tibial fracture fixation

Scognamiglio, C.; Houenou, J., 2015:
A meta-analysis of fMRI studies in healthy relatives of patients with schizophrenia

Hancock, P.A.; Billings, D.R.; Schaefer, K.E.; Chen, J.Y.C.; de Visser, E.J.; Parasuraman, R., 2011:
A meta-analysis of factors affecting trust in human-robot interaction

Turner, L.B., 2011:
A meta-analysis of fat intake, reproduction, and breast cancer risk: an evolutionary perspective

Dukyoo Jung; Juhee Lee; Lee, S-Mi., 2008:
A meta-analysis of fear of falling treatment programs for the elderly

Xie, Y.; Wang, J.; Hu, L.; Li, H., 2015:
A meta-analysis of feasibility and safety in complete mesocolic excision for colon cancer

Nousiainen, J.; Rinne, M.; Huhtanen, P., 2009:
A meta-analysis of feed digestion in dairy cows. 1. The effects of forage and concentrate factors on total diet digestibility

Huhtanen, P.; Rinne, M.; Nousiainen, J., 2009:
A meta-analysis of feed digestion in dairy cows. 2. The effects of feeding level and diet composition on digestibility

Niccoli, G.; Leo, A.; Giubilato, S.; Cosentino, N.; Galassi, A.Ruggero.; Minelli, S.; Porto, I.; Leone, A.Maria.; Burzotta, F.; Trani, C.; Crea, F., 2012:
A meta-analysis of first-generation drug-eluting vs bare-metal stents for coronary chronic total occlusion: effect of length of follow-up on clinical outcome

Wan, P.; Li, Y.; Li, F.; Ma, T.; Lan, K.; Chen, W.; Chen, S.; He, C.; Tan, W., 2014:
A meta-analysis of fish intake and the risk of renal cell cancer

Wang, G-lin.; Zhao, K.; Liu, Z-feng.; Dong, M-jie.; Yang, S-ye., 2012:
A meta-analysis of fluorodeoxyglucose-positron emission tomography versus scintigraphy in the evaluation of suspected osteomyelitis

Newman, A.B.; Walter, S.; Lunetta, K.L.; Garcia, M.E.; Slagboom, P.Eline.; Christensen, K.; Arnold, A.M.; Aspelund, T.; Aulchenko, Y.S.; Benjamin, E.J.; Christiansen, L.; D'Agostino, R.B.; Fitzpatrick, A.L.; Franceschini, N.; Glazer, N.L.; Gudnason, V.; Hofman, A.; Kaplan, R.; Karasik, D.; Kelly-Hayes, M.; Kiel, D.P.; Launer, L.J.; Marciante, K.D.; Massaro, J.M.; Miljkovic, I.; Nalls, M.A.; Hernandez, D.; Psaty, B.M.; Rivadeneira, F.; Rotter, J.; Seshadri, S.; Smith, A.V.; Taylor, K.D.; Tie, 2010:
A meta-analysis of four genome-wide association studies of survival to age 90 years or older: the Cohorts for Heart and Aging Research in Genomic Epidemiology Consortium

Maisog, Jé.M.; Einbinder, E.R.; Flowers, D.Lynn.; Turkeltaub, P.E.; Eden, G.F., 2009:
A meta-analysis of functional neuroimaging studies of dyslexia

Denny, B.T.; Kober, H.; Wager, T.D.; Ochsner, K.N., 2012:
A meta-analysis of functional neuroimaging studies of self- and other judgments reveals a spatial gradient for mentalizing in medial prefrontal cortex

McIntyre, A.; Mehta, S.; Janzen, S.; Aubut, J.; Teasell, R.W., 2013:
A meta-analysis of functional outcome among older adults with traumatic brain injury

Wei, C.H.; Gorgan, T.R.; Elashoff, D.A.; Hines, O.Joe.; Farrell, J.J.; Donahue, T.R., 2014:
A meta-analysis of gemcitabine biomarkers in patients with pancreaticobiliary cancers

Hu, J.; Zhao, G.; Wang, H-Xia.; Tang, L.; Xu, Y-Chun.; Ma, Y.; Zhang, F-Chun., 2011:
A meta-analysis of gemcitabine containing chemotherapy for locally advanced and metastatic pancreatic adenocarcinoma

Nam, S.Kyung.; Chu, H.Jung.; Lee, M.Kyoung.; Lee, J.Hee.; Kim, N.; Lee, S.Min., 2011:
A meta-analysis of gender differences in attitudes toward seeking professional psychological help

Koch, A.J.; D'Mello, S.D.; Sackett, P.R., 2016:
A meta-analysis of gender stereotypes and bias in experimental simulations of employment decision making

Festen, E.A.M.; Goyette, P.; Green, T.; Boucher, G.; Beauchamp, C.; Trynka, G.; Dubois, P.C.; Lagacé, C.; Stokkers, P.C.F.; Hommes, D.W.; Barisani, D.; Palmieri, O.; Annese, V.; van Heel, D.A.; Weersma, R.K.; Daly, M.J.; Wijmenga, C.; Rioux, J.D., 2011:
A meta-analysis of genome-wide association scans identifies IL18RAP, PTPN2, TAGAP, and PUS10 as shared risk loci for Crohn's disease and celiac disease

Wu, Y.; Gao, H.; Li, H.; Tabara, Y.; Nakatochi, M.; Chiu, Y-Feng.; Park, E.Jung.; Wen, W.; Adair, L.S.; Borja, J.B.; Cai, Q.; Chang, Y-Cheng.; Chen, P.; Croteau-Chonka, D.C.; Fogarty, M.P.; Gan, W.; He, C-Tsueng.; Hsiung, C.A.; Hwu, C-Min.; Ichihara, S.; Igase, M.; Jo, J.; Kato, N.; Kawamoto, R.; Kuzawa, C.W.; Lee, J.J.M.; Liu, J.; Lu, L.; McDade, T.W.; Osawa, H.; Sheu, W.H-H.; Teo, Y.; Vadlamudi, S.; Van Dam, R.M.; Wang, Y.; Xiang, Y-Bing.; Yamamoto, K.; Ye, X.; Young, T.L.; Zheng, W.; Zhu, J.;, 2014:
A meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies for adiponectin levels in East Asians identifies a novel locus near WDR11-FGFR2

Rocanin-Arjo, A.; Cohen, W.; Carcaillon, L.; Frère, C.; Saut, Némie.; Letenneur, L.; Alhenc-Gelas, M.; Dupuy, A-Marie.; Bertrand, M.; Alessi, M-Christine.; Germain, M.; Wild, P.S.; Zeller, T.; Cambien, F.; Goodall, A.H.; Amouyel, P.; Scarabin, P-Yves.; Trégouët, D-Alexandre.; Morange, P-Emmanuel.; Attwood, T.; Belz, S.; Braund, P.; Brocheton, J.; Cooper, J.; Crisp-Hihn, A.; Diemert, P.; Foad, N.; Godefroy, T.; Gracey, J.; Gray, E.; Gwilliams, R.; Heimerl, S.; Jolley, J.; Krishnan, U.; Lloyd-, 2014:
A meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies identifies ORM1 as a novel gene controlling thrombin generation potential

Evangelou, E.; Kerkhof, H.J.; Styrkarsdottir, U.; Ntzani, E.E.; Bos, S.D.; Esko, T.; Evans, D.S.; Metrustry, S.; Panoutsopoulou, K.; Ramos, Y.F.M.; Thorleifsson, G.; Tsilidis, K.K.; Arden, N.; Aslam, N.; Bellamy, N.; Birrell, F.; Blanco, F.J.; Carr, A.; Chapman, K.; Day-Williams, A.G.; Deloukas, P.; Doherty, M.; Engström, G.; Helgadottir, H.T.; Hofman, A.; Ingvarsson, T.; Jonsson, H.; Keis, A.; Keurentjes, J.Christiaan.; Kloppenburg, M.; Lind, P.A.; McCaskie, A.; Martin, N.G.; Milani, L.; Montg, 2014:
A meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies identifies novel variants associated with osteoarthritis of the hip

Siddiq, A.; Couch, F.J.; Chen, G.K.; Lindström, S.; Eccles, D.; Millikan, R.C.; Michailidou, K.; Stram, D.O.; Beckmann, L.; Rhie, S.Kyong.; Ambrosone, C.B.; Aittomäki, K.; Amiano, P.; Apicella, C.; Baglietto, L.; Bandera, E.V.; Beckmann, M.W.; Berg, C.D.; Bernstein, L.; Blomqvist, C.; Brauch, H.; Brinton, L.; Bui, Q.M.; Buring, J.E.; Buys, S.S.; Campa, D.; Carpenter, J.E.; Chasman, D.I.; Chang-Claude, J.; Chen, C.; Clavel-Chapelon, Fçoise.; Cox, A.; Cross, S.S.; Czene, K.; Deming, S.L.; Diasi, 2013:
A meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies of breast cancer identifies two novel susceptibility loci at 6q14 and 20q11

Amin Al Olama, A.; Kote-Jarai, Z.; Schumacher, F.R.; Wiklund, F.; Berndt, S.I.; Benlloch, S.; Giles, G.G.; Severi, G.; Neal, D.E.; Hamdy, F.C.; Donovan, J.L.; Hunter, D.J.; Henderson, B.E.; Thun, M.J.; Gaziano, M.; Giovannucci, E.L.; Siddiq, A.; Travis, R.C.; Cox, D.G.; Canzian, F.; Riboli, E.; Key, T.J.; Andriole, G.; Albanes, D.; Hayes, R.B.; Schleutker, J.; Auvinen, A.; Tammela, T.L.J.; Weischer, M.; Stanford, J.L.; Ostrander, E.A.; Cybulski, C.; Lubinski, J.; Thibodeau, S.N.; Schaid, D.J.; S, 2013:
A meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies to identify prostate cancer susceptibility loci associated with aggressive and non-aggressive disease

Pattaro, C.; De Grandi, A.; Vitart, V.; Hayward, C.; Franke, A.; Aulchenko, Y.S.; Johansson, A.; Wild, S.H.; Melville, S.A.; Isaacs, A.; Polasek, O.; Ellinghaus, D.; Kolcic, I.; Nöthlings, U.; Zgaga, L.; Zemunik, T.; Gnewuch, C.; Schreiber, S.; Campbell, S.; Hastie, N.; Boban, M.; Meitinger, T.; Oostra, B.A.; Riegler, P.; Minelli, C.; Wright, A.F.; Campbell, H.; van Duijn, C.M.; Gyllensten, U.; Wilson, J.F.; Krawczak, M.; Rudan, I.; Pramstaller, P.P., 2010:
A meta-analysis of genome-wide data from five European isolates reveals an association of COL22A1, SYT1, and GABRR2 with serum creatinine level

Zhong, S.; Chen, Z.; Yu, X.; Li, W.; Tang, J.; Zhao, J., 2015:
A meta-analysis of genotypes and haplotypes of methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase gene polymorphisms in breast cancer

Seto, K.C.; Fragkias, M.; Güneralp, B.; Reilly, M.K., 2011:
A meta-analysis of global urban land expansion

Costantini, D.; Marasco, V.; Møller, A.Pape., 2011:
A meta-analysis of glucocorticoids as modulators of oxidative stress in vertebrates

Mamas, M.A.; Neyses, L.; Fath-Ordoubadi, F., 2010:
A meta-analysis of glucose-insulin-potassium therapy for treatment of acute myocardial infarction

Koffel, E.A.; Koffel, J.B.; Gehrman, P.R., 2015:
A meta-analysis of group cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia

Li, S.; Su, W.; Zhao, J.; Xu, Y.; Bo, Z.; Ding, X.; Wei, Q., 2012:
A meta-analysis of hamstring autografts versus bone-patellar tendon-bone autografts for reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament

Leucht, S.; Komossa, K.; Rummel-Kluge, C.; Corves, C.; Hunger, H.; Schmid, F.; Asenjo Lobos, C.; Schwarz, S.; Davis, J.M., 2008:
A meta-analysis of head-to-head comparisons of second-generation antipsychotics in the treatment of schizophrenia

Montano, D.; Hoven, H.; Siegrist, J., 2014:
A meta-analysis of health effects of randomized controlled worksite interventions: does social stratification matter?

Lung, T.W.C.; Hayes, A.J.; Hayen, A.; Farmer, A.; Clarke, P.M., 2012:
A meta-analysis of health state valuations for people with diabetes: explaining the variation across methods and implications for economic evaluation

Brady, T.J.; Murphy, L.; O'Colmain, B.J.; Beauchesne, D.; Daniels, B.; Greenberg, M.; House, M.; Chervin, D., 2013:
A meta-analysis of health status, health behaviors, and healthcare utilization outcomes of the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program

Lesinskiene, S.; Barkus, A.; Ranceva, N.; Dembinskas, A., 2007:
A meta-analysis of heart rate and QT interval alteration in anorexia nervosa

Jaffer, Y.; Selby, N.M.; Taal, M.W.; Fluck, R.J.; McIntyre, C.W., 2008:
A meta-analysis of hemodialysis catheter locking solutions in the prevention of catheter-related infection

Guan, B.; Zhang, X.; Ma, H.; Zhou, H.; Zhou, X., 2012:
A meta-analysis of highly active anti-retroviral therapy for treatment of plasmablastic lymphoma

Barnes, J.; Bartlett, J.W.; van de Pol, L.A.; Loy, C.T.; Scahill, R.I.; Frost, C.; Thompson, P.; Fox, N.C., 2008:
A meta-analysis of hippocampal atrophy rates in Alzheimer's disease

Klijn, R.J.; Meijer, G.J.; Bronkhorst, E.M.; Jansen, J.A., 2011:
A meta-analysis of histomorphometric results and graft healing time of various biomaterials compared to autologous bone used as sinus floor augmentation material in humans

Zhao, C-Biao.; Li, J-Cong.; Yuan, P-Qing.; Hong, Y-Qia.; Lu, B.; Zhao, S-Chao., 2012:
A meta-analysis of holmium laser enucleation of the prostate for benign prostatic hyperplasia

van Walraven, C.; Jennings, A.; Forster, A.J., 2013:
A meta-analysis of hospital 30-day avoidable readmission rates

Hajifathalian, K.; Zacharias, D.G.; Gonzalez-Gonzalez, L.A.; Goodman, J., 2013:
A meta-analysis of human acellular dermis and submuscular tissue expander breast reconstruction

Adachi, T.; Fujino, H.; Nakae, A.; Mashimo, T.; Sasaki, J., 2015:
A meta-analysis of hypnosis for chronic pain problems: a comparison between hypnosis, standard care, and other psychological interventions

Shih, M.; Yang, Y-Han.; Koo, M., 2010:
A meta-analysis of hypnosis in the treatment of depressive symptoms: a brief communication

He, Q.; Zhang, W.; Chen, J., 2012:
A meta-analysis of icodextrin versus glucose containing peritoneal dialysis in metabolic management of peritoneal dialysis patients

Edwards, L.A., 2015:
A meta-analysis of imitation abilities in individuals with autism spectrum disorders

Martyn-St James, M.; Carroll, S., 2008:
A meta-analysis of impact exercise on postmenopausal bone loss: the case for mixed loading exercise programmes

Yacoub, R., 2013:
A meta-analysis of impact of proton pump inhibitors on antiplatelet effect of clopidogrel

Morales, C.Laura.; Traveset, A., 2009:
A meta-analysis of impacts of alien vs. native plants on pollinator visitation and reproductive success of co-flowering native plants

Williams, S.; Trewartha, G.; Kemp, S.; Stokes, K., 2014:
A meta-analysis of injuries in senior men's professional Rugby Union

Mukai, T.; Kishi, T.; Matsuda, Y.; Iwata, N., 2014:
A meta-analysis of inositol for depression and anxiety disorders

Mechias, M-Luise.; Etkin, A.; Kalisch, R., 2010:
A meta-analysis of instructed fear studies: implications for conscious appraisal of threat

Fan, X.; Yang, L., 2010:
A meta-analysis of interferon-beta in the secondary progressive multiple sclerosis

Xue, H.; Wang, Y-Chao.; Lin, B.; An, J.; Chen, L.; Chen, J.; Fang, J-Yuan., 2013:
A meta-analysis of interleukin-10 -592 promoter polymorphism associated with gastric cancer risk

Chao, L.; Lei, H.; Fei, J., 2014:
A meta-analysis of interleukin-10-1082 promoter genetic polymorphism associated with atherosclerotic risk

Ni, P.; Xu, H.; Xue, H.; Lin, B.; Lu, Y., 2012:
A meta-analysis of interleukin-10-1082 promoter polymorphism associated with gastric cancer risk

Valdes, A.M.; Arden, N.K.; Tamm, A.; Kisand, K.; Doherty, S.; Pola, E.; Cooper, C.; Tamm, A.; Muir, K.R.; Kerna, I.; Hart, D.; O'Neil, F.; Zhang, W.; Spector, T.D.; Maciewicz, R.A.; Doherty, M., 2010:
A meta-analysis of interleukin-6 promoter polymorphisms on risk of hip and knee osteoarthritis

Xue, H.; Liu, J.; Lin, B.; Wang, Z.; Sun, J.; Huang, G., 2012:
A meta-analysis of interleukin-8 -251 promoter polymorphism associated with gastric cancer risk

Li, Z.; Gu, X.; Tong, J.; Liu, B.; Sun, L.; Gao, X.; Jiang, X., 2014:
A meta-analysis of internal mammary lymph node metastasis in breast cancer patients

Heyvaert, M.; Maes, B.; Onghena, P., 2010:
A meta-analysis of intervention effects on challenging behaviour among persons with intellectual disabilities

Rosner, R.; Kruse, J.; Hagl, M., 2014:
A meta-analysis of interventions for bereaved children and adolescents

Lee, J.; Soeken, K.; Picot, S.J., 2007:
A meta-analysis of interventions for informal stroke caregivers

Wu, Y.P.; Roberts, M.C., 2008:
A meta-analysis of interventions to increase adherence to medication regimens for pediatric otitis media and streptococcal pharyngitis

Han, H-Ra.; Lee, J-Eun.; Kim, J.; Hedlin, H.K.; Song, H.; Kim, M.T., 2009:
A meta-analysis of interventions to promote mammography among ethnic minority women

Marra, F.; Young, F.; Richardson, K.; Marra, C.A., 2013:
A meta-analysis of intradermal versus intramuscular influenza vaccines: immunogenicity and adverse events

Lourel, M.; Gueguen, N., 2008:
A meta-analysis of job burnout using the MBI scale

Han, L.; Zhang, H-Wei.; Xie, J-Xin.; Zhang, Q.; Wang, H-Yang.; Cao, G-Wen., 2012:
A meta-analysis of lamivudine for interruption of mother-to-child transmission of hepatitis B virus

Ma, Y.; Yang, Z.; Qin, H.; Wang, Y., 2012:
A meta-analysis of laparoscopy compared with open colorectal resection for colorectal cancer

Takagi, H.; Watanabe, T.; Mizuno, Y.; Kawai, N.; Umemoto, T., 2014:
A meta-analysis of large randomized trials for mid-term major cardio- and cerebrovascular events following off-pump versus on-pump coronary artery bypass grafting

Kleijn, S.A.; Aly, M.Fa.; Knol, D.L.; Terwee, C.B.; Jansma, E.P.; Abd El-Hady, Y.A.; Kandil, H.I.; Sorour, K.A.; van Rossum, A.C.; Kamp, O., 2013:
A meta-analysis of left ventricular dyssynchrony assessment and prediction of response to cardiac resynchronization therapy by three-dimensional echocardiography

Venner, A.A.; Doyle-Baker, P.K.; Lyon, M.E.; Fung, T.S., 2009:
A meta-analysis of leptin reference ranges in the healthy paediatric prepubertal population

Zheng, Y.; Ma, S.; Tan, D.; Lu, M., 2014:
A meta-analysis of liver lesions in hepatitis B patients undergoing anti-tuberculosis therapy

Leimu, R.; Fischer, M., 2009:
A meta-analysis of local adaptation in plants

Trivedi, N.A., 2012:
A meta-analysis of low-dose aspirin for prevention of preeclampsia

Chen, R.; Khatri, P.; Mazur, P.K.; Polin, M.; Zheng, Y.; Vaka, D.; Hoang, C.D.; Shrager, J.; Xu, Y.; Vicent, S.; Butte, A.J.; Sweet-Cordero, E.Alejandro., 2014:
A meta-analysis of lung cancer gene expression identifies PTK7 as a survival gene in lung adenocarcinoma

Ding, X.; Zhang, J.; Li, B.; Wang, Z.; Huang, W.; Zhou, T.; Wei, Y.; Li, H., 2013:
A meta-analysis of lymph node metastasis rate for patients with thoracic oesophageal cancer and its implication in delineation of clinical target volume for radiation therapy

Ndom, P.; Um, G.; Bell, E.Mbassi.Dina.; Eloundou, A.; Hossain, N.M.; Huo, D., 2012:
A meta-analysis of male breast cancer in Africa

Lemstra, M.; Bennett, N.R.; Neudorf, C.; Kunst, A.; Nannapaneni, U.; Warren, L.M.; Kershaw, T.; Scott, C.R., 2008:
A meta-analysis of marijuana and alcohol use by socio-economic status in adolescents aged 10-15 years

Kuhns, J.B.; Wilson, D.B.; Maguire, E.R.; Ainsworth, S.A.; Clodfelter, T.A., 2010:
A meta-analysis of marijuana, cocaine and opiate toxicology study findings among homicide victims

Chen, S.; Vieira, A., 2011:
A meta-analysis of medicinal plants to assess the evidence for toxicity

Edwards, Y.J.K.; Bryson, K.; Jones, D.T., 2008:
A meta-analysis of microarray gene expression in mouse stem cells: redefining stemness

Roet, K.C.D.; Bossers, K.; Franssen, E.H.P.; Ruitenberg, M.J.; Verhaagen, J., 2011:
A meta-analysis of microarray-based gene expression studies of olfactory bulb-derived olfactory ensheathing cells

Antcliffe, D.; Nanidis, T.G.; Darzi, A.W.; Tekkis, P.P.; Papalois, V.E., 2009:
A meta-analysis of mini-open versus standard open and laparoscopic living donor nephrectomy

Li, C.; Zeng, Y.; Shen, B.; Kang, P.; Yang, J.; Zhou, Z.; Pei, F., 2015:
A meta-analysis of minimally invasive and conventional medial parapatella approaches for primary total knee arthroplasty

Takagi, H.; Tanabashi, T.; Kawai, N.; Umemoto, T., 2007:
A meta-analysis of minimally invasive coronary artery bypass versus percutaneous coronary intervention with stenting for isolated left anterior descending artery disease is indispensable

Cao, C.; Gupta, S.; Chandrakumar, D.; Nienaber, T.A.; Indraratna, P.; Ang, S.C.; Phan, K.; Yan, T.D., 2013:
A meta-analysis of minimally invasive versus conventional mitral valve repair for patients with degenerative mitral disease

Phan, K.; Xie, A.; Di Eusanio, M.; Yan, T.D., 2014:
A meta-analysis of minimally invasive versus conventional sternotomy for aortic valve replacement

Markar, S.R.; Kutty, R.; Edmonds, L.; Sadat, U.; Nair, S., 2010:
A meta-analysis of minimally invasive versus traditional open vein harvest technique for coronary artery bypass graft surgery

Xiao, H.; Su, Y.; Cao, X.; Sun, S.; Liang, Z., 2013:
A meta-analysis of mood stabilizers for Alzheimer's disease

Ferguson, L.Myles.; Wormith, J.Stephen., 2014:
A meta-analysis of moral reconation therapy

Goodwin, A.P.; Ahn, S., 2011:
A meta-analysis of morphological interventions: effects on literacy achievement of children with literacy difficulties

Fazzo, L.; Minichilli, F.; Pirastu, R.; Bellino, M.; Falleni, F.; Comba, P.; Bianchi, F., 2016:
A meta-analysis of mortality data in Italian contaminated sites with industrial waste landfills or illegal dumps

Chen, T-Hsing.; Wo, H-Ta.; Chang, P-Cheng.; Wang, C-Chieh.; Wen, M-Shien.; Chou, C-Chuan., 2015:
A meta-analysis of mortality in end-stage renal disease patients receiving implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs)

Gayes, L.A.; Steele, R.G., 2015:
A meta-analysis of motivational interviewing interventions for pediatric health behavior change

Newton, R.; Wernisch, L., 2015:
A meta-analysis of multiple matched copy number and transcriptomics data sets for inferring gene regulatory relationships

Cui, Y-Pu.; Tong, X-Mei.; Ye, H-Mao.; Wang, B.; Tang, Y-Nan., 2010:
A meta-analysis of nasal intermittent positive pressure ventilation in treatment of respiratory distress syndrome in premature infants

Liao, N.; Zhang, G-chun.; Li, X-rui.; Yao, M.; Wang, K., 2010:
A meta-analysis of neoadjuvant chemotherapy combined with trastuzumab for HER2-positive breast cancers

Diener, C.; Kuehner, C.; Brusniak, W.; Ubl, B.; Wessa, Mèle.; Flor, H., 2012:
A meta-analysis of neurofunctional imaging studies of emotion and cognition in major depression

Lee, R.S.C.; Hermens, D.F.; Scott, J.; Redoblado-Hodge, M.Antoinette.; Naismith, S.L.; Lagopoulos, J.; Griffiths, K.R.; Porter, M.A.; Hickie, I.B., 2015:
A meta-analysis of neuropsychological functioning in first-episode bipolar disorders

Nieto, R.Garcia.; Castellanos, F.Xavier., 2011:
A meta-analysis of neuropsychological functioning in patients with early onset schizophrenia and pediatric bipolar disorder

Richard-Devantoy, S.; Berlim, M.T.; Jollant, F., 2015:
A meta-analysis of neuropsychological markers of vulnerability to suicidal behavior in mood disorders

Rohling, M.L.; Binder, L.M.; Demakis, G.J.; Larrabee, G.J.; Ploetz, D.M.; Langhinrichsen-Rohling, J., 2011:
A meta-analysis of neuropsychological outcome after mild traumatic brain injury: re-analyses and reconsiderations of Binder et al. (1997), Frencham et al. (2005), and Pertab et al. (2009)

Mort, M.; Ivanov, D.; Cooper, D.N.; Chuzhanova, N.A., 2008:
A meta-analysis of nonsense mutations causing human genetic disease

Ferguson, C.J., 2010:
A meta-analysis of normal and disordered personality across the life span

Antar, R.; Wong, P.; Ghali, P., 2012:
A meta-analysis of nutritional supplementation for management of hospitalized alcoholic hepatitis

Seo, D-Chul.; Sa, J., 2010:
A meta-analysis of obesity interventions among U.S. minority children

Miguel, E.; Grosbois, V.; Berthouly-Salazar, C.; Caron, A.; Cappelle, J.; Roger, F., 2013:
A meta-analysis of observational epidemiological studies of Newcastle disease in African agro-systems, 1980-2009

Almekhlafi, M.A.; Menon, B.K.; Freiheit, E.A.; Demchuk, A.M.; Goyal, M., 2013:
A meta-analysis of observational intra-arterial stroke therapy studies using the Merci device, Penumbra system, and retrievable stents

Duijts, S.F.A.; Kant, I.; Swaen, G.M.H.; van den Brandt, P.A.; Zeegers, M.P.A., 2007:
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