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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 51172

Chapter 51172 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Villanueva, L.Guillermo.; Karabalin, R.B.; Matheny, M.H.; Kenig, E.; Cross, M.C.; Roukes, M.L., 2012:
A nanoscale parametric feedback oscillator

Agarwal, S.; Yablonovitch, E., 2014:
A nanoscale piezoelectric transformer for low-voltage transistors

Kim, D.; Kim, J.; Hyun, H.; Kim, K.; Roh, S., 2015:
A nanoscale ridge/groove pattern arrayed surface enhances adipogenic differentiation of human supernumerary tooth-derived dental pulp stem cells in vitro

Pernice, M.; Dunn, S.R.; Tonk, L.; Dove, S.; Domart-Coulon, I.; Hoppe, P.; Schintlmeister, A.; Wagner, M.; Meibom, A., 2016:
A nanoscale secondary ion mass spectrometry study of dinoflagellate functional diversity in reef-building corals

Mani, P.; Nakpathomkun, N.; Hoffmann, E.A.; Linke, H., 2012:
A nanoscale standard for the Seebeck coefficient

Tang, F-Ching.; Wu, F-Chiao.; Yen, C-Te.; Chang, J.; Chou, W-Yang.; Gilbert Chang, S-Hui.; Cheng, H-Long., 2014:
A nanoscale study of charge extraction in organic solar cells: the impact of interfacial molecular configurations

Smith, D.A.; Fowlkes, J.D.; Rack, P.D., 2007:
A nanoscale three-dimensional Monte Carlo simulation of electron-beam-induced deposition with gas dynamics

Ma, G.; Cheng, Q., 2008:
A nanoscale vesicular polydiacetylene sensor for organic amines by fluorescence recovery

Mueller-Falcke, C.; Gouda, S.D.; Kim, S.; Kim, S-Gook., 2006:
A nanoscanning platform for bio-engineering: an in-plane probe with switchable stiffness

Ahmar, S.; MacDonald, D.G.; Vijayaratnam, N.; Battista, T.L.; Workentin, M.S.; Corrigan, J.F., 2010:
A nanoscopic 3D polyferrocenyl assembly: the triacontakaihexa(ferrocenylmethylthiolate) [Ag48(mu4-S)6(mu(2/3)-SCH2Fc)36

Hoffmann, G.W.; Jovin, T.M., 1971:
A nanosecond rise-time mechanical chopper for laser light

Liphard, K.G., 1979:
A nanosecond temperature-jump apparatus for high pressures

Feng, L.; Zhu, A.; Wang, H.; Shi, H., 2014:
A nanosensor based on quantum-dot haptens for rapid, on-site immunoassay of cyanotoxin in environmental water

Holthoff, E.L.; Stratis-Cullum, D.N.; Hankus, M.E., 2012:
A nanosensor for TNT detection based on molecularly imprinted polymers and surface enhanced Raman scattering

Kalita, M.; Balivada, S.; Swarup, V.Paritosh.; Mencio, C.; Raman, K.; Desai, U.R.; Troyer, D.; Kuberan, B., 2014:
A nanosensor for ultrasensitive detection of oversulfated chondroitin sulfate contaminant in heparin

Sasaki, Y.; Shioyama, Y.; Tian, W-Jie.; Kikuchi, J-Ichi.; Hiyama, S.; Moritani, Y.; Suda, T., 2010:
A nanosensory device fabricated on a liposome for detection of chemical signals

Ge, J.; Ding, H.; Xue, X., 2012:
A nanosheet-structured three-dimensional macroporous material with high ionic conductivity synthesized using glucose as a transforming template

Sahraei, R.; Farmany, A.; Mortazavi, S.S., 2013:
A nanosilver-based spectrophotometry method for sensitive determination of tartrazine in food samples

Zhuang, G-Lin.; Jin, Y-Chang.; Zhao, H-Xia.; Kong, X-Jiang.; Long, L-Sheng.; Huang, R-Bin.; Zheng, L-Sun., 2010:
A nanosized Gd6Ni3 cluster-based heterometallic coordination polymer

Lee, E.Seong.; Lim, C.; Song, H-Taek.; Yun, J.Min.; Lee, K.Soo.; Lee, B-Jin.; Youn, Y.Seok.; Oh, Y.Taik.; Oh, K.Teak., 2013:
A nanosized delivery system of superparamagnetic iron oxide for tumor MR imaging

Wang, L.; Liu, J-Feng.; Yang, W.; Yi, F-Yan.; Dang, S.; Sun, Z-Ming., 2014:
A nanosized heterometallic {Zn2Ru3} coordination cage templated by various polyoxometalates

Liu, Y.Li.; Zhao, X.Juan.; Yang, X.Xi.; Li, Y.Fang., 2014:
A nanosized metal-organic framework of Fe-MIL-88NH₂ as a novel peroxidase mimic used for colorimetric detection of glucose

Zhong, D.; Sousa, F.Lourosa.; Müller, A.; Chi, L.; Fuchs, H., 2011:
A nanosized molybdenum oxide wheel with a unique electronic-necklace structure: STM study with submolecular resolution

Makise, K.; Mitsuishi, K.; Shimojo, M.; Furuya, K., 2009:
A nanosized photodetector fabricated by electron-beam-induced deposition

Wang, L.; Yang, W.; Zhu, W.; Guan, X.; Xie, Z.; Sun, Z-Ming., 2014:
A nanosized {Ag@Ag12} "molecular windmill" templated by polyoxometalates anions

Kim, G-Chol.; Li, Y-Yong.; Chu, Y-Feng.; Cheng, S-Xue.; Zhang, X-Zheng.; Zhuo, R-Xi., 2008:
A nanosized, thermo-sensitive drug carrier: self-assembled Fe(3)O(4)-OA-g-P(OA-co-NIPAAm) magnetomicelles

Dhayal, R.S.; Liao, J-Hong.; Lin, Y-Ru.; Liao, P-Kuei.; Kahlal, S.; Saillard, J-Yves.; Liu, C.W., 2013:
A nanospheric polyhydrido copper cluster of elongated triangular orthobicupola array: liberation of H2 from solar energy

Zhang, F.; Liang, C.; Wu, X.; Li, H., 2014:
A nanospherical ordered mesoporous Lewis acid polymer for the direct glycosylation of unprotected and unactivated sugars in water

Okada, S.; Mizukami, S.; Matsumura, Y.; Yoshioka, Y.; Kikuchi, K., 2014:
A nanospherical polymer as an MRI sensor without paramagnetic or superparamagnetic species

Kumar, S.; Jain, S.L., 2013:
A nanostarch functionalized ionic liquid containing imidazolium cation and cobalt chelate anion for the synthesis of carbamates from amines and dimethyl carbonate

Cayrol, B.; Nogues, C.; Dawid, A.; Sagi, I.; Silberzan, P.; Isambert, Hé., 2010:
A nanostructure made of a bacterial noncoding RNA

Zhang, T.; Gong, Z.; Giorno, R.; Que, L., 2011:
A nanostructured Fabry-Perot interferometer

Li, X.; Yin, H.; Que, L., 2015:
A nanostructured aluminum oxide-based microfluidic device for enhancing immunoassay's fluorescence and detection sensitivity

Seras-Franzoso, J.; Peebo, K.; Luis Corchero, Jé.; Tsimbouri, P.M.; Unzueta, U.; Rinas, U.; Dalby, M.J.; Vazquez, E.; García-Fruitós, E.; Villaverde, A., 2014:
A nanostructured bacterial bioscaffold for the sustained bottom-up delivery of protein drugs

Puskas, J.E.; Foreman-Orlowski, E.A.; Lim, G.Teck.; Porosky, S.E.; Evancho-Chapman, M.M.; Schmidt, S.P.; El Fray, Mława.; Piatek, M.; Prowans, P.; Lovejoy, K., 2010:
A nanostructured carbon-reinforced polyisobutylene-based thermoplastic elastomer

Kaushik, A.; Solanki, P.Rathee.; Ansari, A.Ahmad.; Ahmad, S.; Malhotra, B.Dhar., 2009:
A nanostructured cerium oxide film-based immunosensor for mycotoxin detection

Venditti, I.; Fratoddi, I.; Russo, M.Vittoria.; Bearzotti, A., 2013:
A nanostructured composite based on polyaniline and gold nanoparticles: synthesis and gas sensing properties

Wei, D.; Scherer, M.R.J.; Bower, C.; Andrew, P.; Ryhänen, T.; Steiner, U., 2012:
A nanostructured electrochromic supercapacitor

Chen, Y-Min.; Cai, J-Hong.; Huang, Y-Sheng.; Lee, K-Yi.; Tsai, D-Shyang.; Tiong, K-Kau., 2011:
A nanostructured electrode of IrOx foil on the carbon nanotubes for supercapacitors

Wang, H.; Hao, Q.; Yang, X.; Lu, L.; Wang, X., 2010:
A nanostructured graphene/polyaniline hybrid material for supercapacitors

Jin, X.; Zhang, Z-Hai.; Li, S-Lin.; Sun, E.; Tan, X-Bin.; Song, J.; Jia, X-Bin., 2013:
A nanostructured liquid crystalline formulation of 20(S)-protopanaxadiol with improved oral absorption

Fonseca, R.A.S.; Ramos-Jesus, J.; Kubota, L.T.; Dutra, R.F., 2012:
A nanostructured piezoelectric immunosensor for detection of human cardiac troponin T

Tanaka, S.; Kaneko, T.; Asao, N.; Yamamoto, Y.; Chen, M.; Zhang, W.; Inoue, A., 2011:
A nanostructured skeleton catalyst: Suzuki-coupling with a reusable and sustainable nanoporous metallic glass Pd-catalyst

Kumar, V.A.; Taylor, N.L.; Jalan, A.A.; Hwang, L.K.; Wang, B.K.; Hartgerink, J.D., 2015:
A nanostructured synthetic collagen mimic for hemostasis

Alam, Q.; ZubairAlam, M.; Karim, S.; Gan, S.H.; Kamal, M.A.; Jiman-Fatani, A.; Damanhouri, G.A.; Abuzenadah, A.M.; Chaudhary, A.G.; Haque, A., 2015:
A nanotechnological approach to the management of Alzheimer disease and type 2 diabetes

Coppari, E.; Yamada, T.; Bizzarri, A.Rita.; Beattie, C.W.; Cannistraro, S., 2014:
A nanotechnological, molecular-modeling, and immunological approach to study the interaction of the anti-tumorigenic peptide p28 with the p53 family of proteins

Pomposo, Jé.A.; de Luzuriaga, A.Ruiz.; García, Iñaki.; Etxeberria, Aín.; Colmenero, J., 2012:
A nanotechnology pathway to arresting phase separation in soft nanocomposites

Jacob, T.; Hemavathy, K.; Jacob, J.; Hingorani, A.; Marks, N.; Ascher, E., 2011:
A nanotechnology-based delivery system: Nanobots. Novel vehicles for molecular medicine

Luz, G.M.; Mano, Jão.F., 2013:
A nanotectonics approach to produce hierarchically organized bioactive glass nanoparticles-based macrospheres

Liu, S.; Yang, M-Quan.; Tang, Z-Rong.; Xu, Y-Jun., 2014:
A nanotree-like CdS/ZnO nanocomposite with spatially branched hierarchical structure for photocatalytic fine-chemical synthesis

Bordelon, D.E.; Zhang, J.; Graboski, S.; Cox, A.; Schreiber, E.; Zhou, O.Z.; Chang, S., 2009:
A nanotube based electron microbeam cellular irradiator for radiobiology research

Nobukuni, H.; Shimazaki, Y.; Tani, F.; Naruta, Y., 2007:
A nanotube of cyclic porphyrin dimers connected by nonclassical hydrogen bonds and its inclusion of C60 in a linear arrangement

Ma, S.; Simmons, J.M.; Yuan, D.; Li, J-Rong.; Weng, W.; Liu, D-Jia.; Zhou, H-Cai., 2009:
A nanotubular metal-organic framework with permanent porosity: structure analysis and gas sorption studies

Deng, Y.; Zhu, X-Y., 2007:
A nanotumbleweed: breaking away a covalently tethered polymer molecule by noncovalent interactions

Urbán, P.; Estelrich, J.; Cortés, A.; Fernàndez-Busquets, X., 2012:
A nanovector with complete discrimination for targeted delivery to Plasmodium falciparum-infected versus non-infected red blood cells in vitro

Sarwa, K.K.; Das, P.J.; Mazumder, B., 2014:
A nanovesicle topical formulation of Bhut Jolokia (hottest capsicum): a potential anti-arthritic medicine

Moon, J-Mi.; Kim, Y.Hui.; Cho, Y., 2014:
A nanowire-based label-free immunosensor: direct incorporation of a PSA antibody in electropolymerized polypyrrole

Lim, T.; Ahn, S-Jin.; Suh, M.; Kwon, O-Kyong.; Meyyappan, M.; Ju, S., 2011:
A nanowire-based shift register for display scan drivers

He, H.; Luedke, E.; Zhang, X.; Yu, B.; Schmitt, A.; McClarren, B.; Grignol, V.; Carson, W.E.; Lee, L.James., 2013:
A naonoporous cell-therapy device with controllable biodegradation for long-term drug release

Banerjee, A.; Sahana, A.; Das, S.; Lohar, S.; Guha, S.; Sarkar, B.; Mukhopadhyay, S.Kanti.; Mukherjee, A.K.; Das, D., 2012:
A naphthalene exciplex based Al3+ selective on-type fluorescent probe for living cells at the physiological pH range: experimental and computational studies

Sahana, A.; Banerjee, A.; Das, S.; Lohar, S.; Karak, D.; Sarkar, B.; Mukhopadhyay, S.Kanti.; Mukherjee, A.K.; Das, D., 2011:
A naphthalene-based Al3+ selective fluorescent sensor for living cell imaging

Wu, D.; Zhou, J.; Shi, J.; Du, X.; Xu, B., 2014:
A naphthalene-containing amino acid enables hydrogelation of a conjugate of nucleobase-saccharide-amino acids

Karak, D.; Das, S.; Lohar, S.; Banerjee, A.; Sahana, A.; Hauli, I.; Mukhopadhyay, S.Kanti.; Safin, D.A.; Babashkina, M.G.; Bolte, M.; Garcia, Y.; Das, D., 2013:
A naphthalene-thiophene hybrid molecule as a fluorescent AND logic gate with Zn2+ and OAc- ions as inputs: cell imaging and computational studies

Chereddy, N.Reddy.; Niladri Raju, M.V.; Nagaraju, P.; Krishnaswamy, V.Raghavan.; Korrapati, P.Sai.; Bangal, P.Ranjan.; Rao, V.Jayathirtha., 2015:
A naphthalimide based PET probe with Fe3+ selective detection ability: theoretical and experimental study

Kumar, M.; Kumar, N.; Bhalla, V., 2013:
A naphthalimide based chemosensor for Zn2+, pyrophosphate and H2O2: sequential logic operations at the molecular level

Wang, H.; Wu, H.; Xue, L.; Shi, Y.; Li, X., 2011:
A naphthalimide fluorophore with efficient intramolecular PET and ICT processes: application in molecular logic

Huang, C-Bo.; Li, H-Ran.; Luo, Y.; Xu, L., 2015:
A naphthalimide-based bifunctional fluorescent probe for the differential detection of Hg²⁺ and Cu²⁺ in aqueous solution

Un, H-Ieng.; Huang, C-Bo.; Huang, J.; Huang, C.; Jia, T.; Xu, L., 2015:
A naphthalimide-based fluorescence "turn-on" probe for the detection of Pb(2+) in aqueous solution and living cells

Wang, P.; Liu, J.; Lv, X.; Liu, Y.; Zhao, Y.; Guo, W., 2012:
A naphthalimide-based glyoxal hydrazone for selective fluorescence turn-on sensing of Cys and Hcy

Luan, L.; Ding, L.; Zhang, W.; Shi, J.; Yu, X.; Liu, W., 2014:
A naphthalocyanine based near-infrared photosensitizer: synthesis and in vitro photodynamic activities

Loser, S.; Bruns, C.J.; Miyauchi, H.; Ortiz, Río.Ponce.; Facchetti, A.; Stupp, S.I.; Marks, T.J., 2011:
A naphthodithiophene-diketopyrrolopyrrole donor molecule for efficient solution-processed solar cells

Noh, J-Yoon.; Park, J-Sook.; Lim, K-Min.; Kim, K.; Bae, O-Nam.; Chung, S-Min.; Shin, S.; Chung, J-Ho., 2010:
A naphthoquinone derivative can induce anemia through phosphatidylserine exposure-mediated erythrophagocytosis

Yatabe, T.; Karasawa, M.; Isobe, K.; Ogo, S.; Nakai, H., 2011:
A naphthyl-substituted pentamethylcyclopentadienyl ligand and its Sm(II) bent-metallocene complexes with solvent-induced structure change

Mukherjee, M.; Pal, S.; Lohar, S.; Sen, B.; Sen, S.; Banerjee, S.; Banerjee, S.; Chattopadhyay, P., 2015:
A napthelene-pyrazol conjugate: Al(III) ion-selective blue shifting chemosensor applicable as biomarker in aqueous solution

Hatkevich, T.; Ramos, J.; Santos-Sanchez, I.; Patel, Y.M., 2014:
A naringenin-tamoxifen combination impairs cell proliferation and survival of MCF-7 breast cancer cells

Hersh, D.; Armstrong, E.; Bourke, N., 2015:
A narrative analysis of a speech pathologist's work with Indigenous Australians with acquired communication disorders

Vanheule, S.; Hauser, S.T., 2008:
A narrative analysis of helplessness in depression

Hill, C.E.; Lent, R.W., 2006:
A narrative and meta-analytic review of helping skills training: Time to revive a dormant area of inquiry

Syed, M.; Azmitia, M., 2008:
A narrative approach to ethnic identity in emerging adulthood: bringing life to the identity status model

Dysvik, E.; Natvig, G.Karin.; Furnes, B., 2013:
A narrative approach to explore grief experiences and treatment adherence in people with chronic pain after participation in a pain-management program: a 6-year follow-up study

Murray, M., 1997:
A narrative approach to health psychology: background and potential

Paulsen, J.Erik., 2011:
A narrative ethics of care

Levy-Frank, I.; Hasson-Ohayon, I.; Kravetz, S.; Roe, D., 2012:
A narrative evaluation of a psychoeducation and a therapeutic alliance intervention for parents of persons with a severe mental illness

Ballem, A.; MacIntosh, J., 2015:
A narrative exploration: experienced nurses' stories of working with new graduates

Kirkpatrick, H., 2008:
A narrative framework for understanding experiences of people with severe mental illnesses

Hurwitz, B.; Charon, R., 2013:
A narrative future for health care

Wang, L.Y.; Raskind, M.A.; Wilkinson, C.W.; Shofer, J.B.; Sikkema, C.; Szot, P.; Quinn, J.F.; Galasko, D.R.; Peskind, E.R., 2018:
Associations between CSF cortisol and CSF norepinephrine in cognitively normal controls and patients with amnestic MCI and AD dementia

Haydon, G.; Riet, P.van.der., 2014:
A narrative inquiry: how do nurses respond to patients' use of humour?

Kirkpatrick, H.; Byrne, C., 2009:
A narrative inquiry: moving on from homelessness for individuals with a major mental illness

Reinholdt, S.; Alexanderson, K., 2010:
A narrative insight into disability pensioners' work experiences in highly gender-segregated occupations

Dunham, M.; Ingleton, C.; Ryan, T.; Gott, M., 2013:
A narrative literature review of older people's cancer pain experience

Morris, S.; Wilmot, A.; Hill, M.; Ockenden, N.; Payne, S., 2013:
A narrative literature review of the contribution of volunteers in end-of-life care services

Hollins Martin, C.J., 2015:
A narrative literature review of the therapeutic effects of music upon childbearing women and neonates

Koch, L.C.; Rumrill, P.D.; Conyers, L.; Wohlford, S., 2014:
A narrative literature review regarding job retention strategies for people with chronic illnesses

Díaz, Jé-Luis., 2013:
A narrative method for consciousness research

Blackman, H.; Teigen, P.M.; Segall, H.M.; Malloch, A.E.; Osler, W., 1984:
A narrative of Osler's last illness

Park, M., 2008:
A narrative of my passion: Discovering spiritual gifts through a journey of physical illness

Cohn, E.S.; Cortés, D.E.; Hook, J.M.; Yinusa-Nyahkoon, L.S.; Solomon, J.L.; Bokhour, B., 2009:
A narrative of resistance: presentation of self when parenting children with asthma

Lawton, R.N.; Rudd, M.A., 2014:
A narrative policy approach to environmental conservation

Cruz, E.Brazete.; Caeiro, C.; Pereira, C., 2014:
A narrative reasoning course to promote patient-centred practice in a physiotherapy undergraduate programme: a qualitative study of final year students

Galdas, P.M.; Ratner, P.A.; Oliffe, J.L., 2012:
A narrative review of South Asian patients' experiences of cardiac rehabilitation

Davis, C., 2014:
A narrative review of binge eating and addictive behaviors: shared associations with seasonality and personality factors

Faria, C.; Wenzel, M.; Lee, K.W.; Coderre, K.; Nichols, J.; Belletti, D.A., 2010:
A narrative review of clinical inertia: focus on hypertension

Yancosek, K.E.; Howell, D., 2009:
A narrative review of dexterity assessments

Wong, C.K.; Johnson, E.K., 2013:
A narrative review of evidence-based recommendations for the physical examination of the lumbar spine, sacroiliac and hip joint complex

Di Rezze, B.; Law, M.; Gorter, J.Willem.; Eva, K.; Pollock, N., 2013:
A narrative review of generic intervention fidelity measures

Caress, A-Louise.; Chalmers, K.; Luker, K., 2009:
A narrative review of interventions to support family carers who provide physical care to family members with cancer

Bogduk, N.; Dreyfuss, P.; Govind, J., 2009:
A narrative review of lumbar medial branch neurotomy for the treatment of back pain

Spears, L.G., 2005:
A narrative review of medical, chiropractic, and alternative health practices in the treatment of primary dysmenorrhea

Haneline, M.; Lewkovich, G.N., 2007:
A narrative review of pathophysiological mechanisms associated with cervical artery dissection

Staikou, C.; Stavroulakis, E.; Karmaniolou, I., 2014:
A narrative review of peri-operative management of patients with thalassaemia

Burkhalter, T.M.; Hillman, C.H., 2012:
A narrative review of physical activity, nutrition, and obesity to cognition and scholastic performance across the human lifespan

Gibson, E.L.; Kreichauf, S.; Wildgruber, A.; Vögele, C.; Summerbell, C.D.; Nixon, C.; Moore, H.; Douthwaite, W.; Manios, Y., 2012:
A narrative review of psychological and educational strategies applied to young children's eating behaviours aimed at reducing obesity risk

Goldner, E.M.; Jenkins, E.K.; Fischer, B., 2014:
A narrative review of recent developments in knowledge translation and implications for mental health care providers

Stewart-Evans, J.L.; Sharman, A.; Isaac, J., 2014:
A narrative review of secondary hazards in hospitals from cases of chemical self-poisoning and chemical exposure

Porcher, N.J.; Solecki, T.J., 2014:
A narrative review of sports-related concussion and return-to-play testing with asymptomatic athletes

Owiti, J.A.; Bowers, L., 2011:
A narrative review of studies of refusal of psychotropic medication in acute inpatient psychiatric care

Fabricant, P.D.; Dy, C.J.; Dare, D.M.; Bostrom, M.P., 2014:
A narrative review of surgical resident duty hour limits: where do we go from here?

McPherson, A.; Martin, C.R., 2010:
A narrative review of the Beck Depression Inventory (BDI) and implications for its use in an alcohol-dependent population

Livingston, J.D.; Verdun-Jones, S.; Brink, J.; Lussier, P.; Nicholls, T., 2010:
A narrative review of the effectiveness of aggression management training programs for psychiatric hospital staff

Shah, S.K.; Kasper, K.; Miller, F.G., 2015:
A narrative review of the empirical evidence on public attitudes on brain death and vital organ transplantation: the need for better data to inform policy

Newton, B.J.; Southall, J.L.; Raphael, J.H.; Ashford, R.L.; LeMarchand, K., 2014:
A narrative review of the impact of disbelief in chronic pain

Paul, C.L.; Bryant, J.; Turon, H.; Brozek, I.; Noble, N.; Zucca, A., 2014:
A narrative review of the potential for self-tanning products to substitute for solaria use among people seeking a tanned appearance

Gleberzon, B.J., 2011:
A narrative review of the published chiropractic literature regarding older patients from 2001-2010

Hulbert, S.; Ashburn, A.; Robert, L.; Verheyden, G., 2016:
A narrative review of turning deficits in people with Parkinson's disease

Demain, S.; Metcalf, C.D.; Merrett, G.V.; Zheng, D.; Cunningham, S., 2013:
A narrative review on haptic devices: relating the physiology and psychophysical properties of the hand to devices for rehabilitation in central nervous system disorders

Alameddine, M.; Baumann, A.; Laporte, A.; Deber, R., 2012:
A narrative review on the effect of economic downturns on the nursing labour market: implications for policy and planning

Rossi, P.; Jensen, R.; Nappi, G.; Allena, M.; Tassorelli, C.; Allena, M.; Sances, G.; Sandrini, G.; Blandini, F.; Bendtsen, L.; Lainez, M.; Lopez, B.; Katsarava, Z.; Mueller, D.; Leston, J.; Fadic, R.; Shand, B., 2010:
A narrative review on the management of medication overuse headache: the steep road from experience to evidence

Grace, S.L.; Racco, C.; Chessex, C.; Rivera, T.; Oh, P., 2011:
A narrative review on women and cardiac rehabilitation: program adherence and preferences for alternative models of care

Cantrell, M.Ann., 2011:
A narrative review summarizing the state of the evidence on the health-related quality of life among childhood cancer survivors

Hamilton Wilson, J.E.; Azzopardi, W.; Sager, S.; Gould, B.; Conroy, S.; Deegan, P.; Archie, S., 2009:
A narrative study of the experiences of student nurses who have participated in the Hearing Voices that are Distressing simulation

Beal, C.C.; Stuifbergen, A.; Volker, D., 2012:
A narrative study of women's early symptom experience of ischemic stroke

Headen, I.; Mujahid, M.; Deardorff, J.; Rehkopf, D.H.; Abrams, B., 2018:
Associations between cumulative neighborhood deprivation, long-term mobility trajectories, and gestational weight gain

Joshi, C.; Russell, G.; Cheng, I-Hao.; Kay, M.; Pottie, K.; Alston, M.; Smith, M.; Chan, B.; Vasi, S.; Lo, W.; Wahidi, S.Shukrullah.; Harris, M.F., 2014:
A narrative synthesis of the impact of primary health care delivery models for refugees in resettlement countries on access, quality and coordination

Arias, M.A.; Castellanos, E.; Puchol, A.; Pachon, M., 2009 :
A narrow QRS complex Tachycardia with an apparently concentric retrograde atrial activation sequence

Arias, M.A.; Puchol, A.; Castellanos, E.; Rodríguez-Padial, L., 2010:
A narrow QRS complex tachycardia with eccentric retrograde atrial activation sequence: what is the mechanism?

Kriatselis, C.; Nedios, S.; Wellens, H., 2012:
A narrow QRS tachycardia with irregular atrial and ventricular intervals and VA dissociation: what is the mechanism?

Jasinska, A.J.; Service, S.; Jawaheer, D.; DeYoung, J.; Levinson, M.; Zhang, Z.; Kremeyer, B.; Muller, H.; Aldana, I.; Garcia, J.; Restrepo, G.; Lopez, C.; Palacio, C.; Duque, C.; Parra, M.; Vega, J.; Ortiz, D.; Bedoya, G.; Mathews, C.; Davanzo, P.; Fournier, E.; Bejarano, J.; Ramirez, M.; Araya Ortiz, C.; Araya, X.; Molina, J.; Sabatti, C.; Reus, V.; Ospina, J.; Macaya, G.; Ruiz-Linares, A.; Freimer, N.B., 2009:
A narrow and highly significant linkage signal for severe bipolar disorder in the chromosome 5q33 region in Latin American pedigrees

Yamanaka, T.; Hara, S.; Hirohata, T., 2012:
A narrow band-rejection filter based on block copolymers

Sharma, S.Chandra.; Tsuchiya, K.; Sakai, K.; Sakai, H.; Abe, M.; Miyahara, R., 2008:
A narrow bicontinuous microemulsion domain in mixed polymeric silicone systems

Rudensky, A.Y.; Chervonsky, A.V., 2011:
A narrow circle of mutual friends

Adjei, F.D.; Gajendragadkar, P.R., 2015:
A narrow complex tachycardia for the broad minded

Ho, R.T.; Pietrasik, G.; Greenspon, A.J., 2015:
A narrow complex tachycardia with intermittent atrioventricular dissociation: what is the mechanism?

Das, S., 2012 :
A narrow definition of performance perhaps?

Mahaffey, P.J., 2012:
A narrow distal phalanx may be the cause

Morin, J-Benoit., 2010:
A narrow focus on swing time and vertical ground reaction force

Roche, S.A.; Carter, R.J.; Peakall, R.; Smith, L.M.; Whitehead, M.R.; Linde, C.C., 2011:
A narrow group of monophyletic Tulasnella (Tulasnellaceae) symbiont lineages are associated with multiple species of Chiloglottis (Orchidaceae): Implications for orchid diversity

Baik, H.Won.; Yu, H.; Kim, K.Soo.; Kim, G.Hyeon., 2008:
A narrow internal auditory canal with duplication in a patient with congenital sensorineural hearing loss

Uyama, A.; Kondoh, T.; Nariyama, N.; Umetani, K.; Fukumoto, M.; Shinohara, K.; Kohmura, E., 2011:
A narrow microbeam is more effective for tumor growth suppression than a wide microbeam: an in vivo study using implanted human glioma cells

Vertino, A.; Ayyadevara, S.; Thaden, J.J.; Shmookler Reis, R.J., 2012:
A narrow quantitative trait locus in C. elegans coordinately affects longevity, thermotolerance, and resistance to paraquat

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A national health IT policy proves elusive

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A national health agenda for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

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A national health congress

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A national health film service

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A national health program for America's hospitals

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A national health program for Canada

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A national health promotion plan is within our grasp

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A national health promotion strategy

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A national health service

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A national health strategy is not limited to the optimization of individual care

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Lalloo, R., 2007:
A national human resources plan for oral health: the way forward?

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A national initiative for social participation

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A national multidisciplinary healthcare network for treatment of hepatitis C in people who inject drugs in Slovenia

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A national museum of science, engineering and industry

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A national network of infectious diseases experts

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A national nurse

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A national office for children and youth

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A national overview of the training received by certified nursing assistants working in U.S. nursing homes

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A national physical activity plan for the United States

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A national physician survey on prescribing syringes as an HIV prevention measure

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A national plan for physical activity: the enabling role of the built environment

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A national policy on dioxin

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A national primary care curriculum for medical students: Is this another quest for the Holy Grail?

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A national program for the amputee

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A national program for training in ophthalmology

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A national quality registry for refractive surgery is needed

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A national questionnaire survey of consultants and middle grade doctors' perception of foundation doctors in obstetrics and gynaecology in the United Kingdom

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A national reporting program for faulty medical devices?

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A national scheme for the rehabilitation of the tuberculosis

Heaf, F.R.G.; Edwards, P., 2018:
A national scheme for the rehabilitation of the tuberculous

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Associations between daily outpatient visits for respiratory diseases and ambient fine particulate matter and ozone levels in Shanghai, China

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A national science foundation

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A national scientific treasure

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A national service for health

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A national service psychiatrist's story

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A national solution to patient handling injuries

Walter, O.T., 2012:
A national sorority for students of medical technology

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A national standard for early mortality after external beam radiotherapy?

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A national standard for psychosocial safety climate (PSC): PSC 41 as the benchmark for low risk of job strain and depressive symptoms

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A national strategy for UK musculoskeletal clinical research: Arthritis Research UK clinical studies initiative

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A national strategy for identification, prioritisation and management of pollution from abandoned non-coal mine sites in England and Wales. I. Methodology development and initial results

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A national strategy for telemedicine and e-health

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A national strategy for the management of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in England: aiming to improve the quality of care for patients

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A national strategy to develop pragmatic clinical trials infrastructure

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A national strategy to improve sexual health

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A national strategy to put accountable care into practice

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A national study comparing the tolerability and effectiveness of colon-cleansing preparations

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A national study examining closed points of dispensing (PODs): existence, preparedness, exercise participation, and training provided

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A national study examining emergency medicine specialty training and quality measures in the emergency department

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A national study of Chinese youths' attitudes towards students with intellectual disabilities

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A national study of Helicobactor pylori infection in gastric biopsy specimens

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A national study of The Diabetes Educator: report on a practice analysis conducted by the National Certification Board for Diabetes Educators

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A national study of a telephone support service for patients receiving office-based buprenorphine medication-assisted treatment: study feasibility and sample description

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A national study of acute hospital based alcohol health workers

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A national study of challenges to electronic health record adoption and meaningful use

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A national study of eHealth standardization in Finland--goals and recommendations

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A national study of live discharges from hospice

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A national study of male involvement among families in contact with the child welfare system

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A national study of neighbourhood access to gambling opportunities and individual gambling behaviour

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A national study of out-of-pocket expenditures for mammography screening

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A naturally occurring, soluble antagonist of human IL-23 inhibits the development and in vitro function of human Th17 cells

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