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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 51204

Chapter 51204 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Suvorova, E.S.; Radke, J.B.; Ting, L-Min.; Vinayak, S.; Alvarez, C.A.; Kratzer, S.; Kim, K.; Striepen, B.; White, M.W., 2014:
A nucleolar AAA-NTPase is required for parasite division

Gambe, A.E.; Matsunaga, S.; Takata, H.; Ono-Maniwa, R.; Baba, A.; Uchiyama, S.; Fukui, K., 2009:
A nucleolar protein RRS1 contributes to chromosome congression

Beauregard, P.B.; Guérin, Rée.; Turcotte, C.; Lindquist, S.; Rokeach, L.A., 2009:
A nucleolar protein allows viability in the absence of the essential ER-residing molecular chaperone calnexin

Onyango, P.; Feinberg, A.P., 2011:
A nucleolar protein, H19 opposite tumor suppressor (HOTS), is a tumor growth inhibitor encoded by a human imprinted H19 antisense transcript

Tjwa, M.; Dimmeler, S., 2008:
A nucleolar weapon in our fight for regenerating adult hearts: nucleostemin and cardiac stem cells

Shen, N.; Yan, F.; Pang, J.; Wu, L-Chu.; Al-Kali, A.; Litzow, M.R.; Liu, S., 2015:
A nucleolin-DNMT1 regulatory axis in acute myeloid leukemogenesis

Hwang, D.Won.; Ko, H.Young.; Lee, J.Hwan.; Kang, H.; Ryu, S.Ho.; Song, I.Chan.; Lee, D.Soo.; Kim, S., 2010:
A nucleolin-targeted multimodal nanoparticle imaging probe for tracking cancer cells using an aptamer

Hong, J-Bon.; Chou, F-Ju.; Ku, A.T.; Fan, H-Hsuan.; Lee, T-Lung.; Huang, Y-Hsin.; Yang, T-Lin.; Su, I-Chang.; Yu, I-Shing.; Lin, S-Wha.; Chien, C-Liang.; Ho, H-Nerng.; Chen, Y-Tzung., 2014 :
A nucleolus-predominant piggyBac transposase, NP-mPB, mediates elevated transposition efficiency in mammalian cells

Magens, S.; Ertelt, M.; Jatsch, A.; Plietker, B., 2007:
A nucleophilic Fe catalyst for transesterifications under neutral conditions

Powrie, E.A.; Zenklusen, D.; Singer, R.H., 2011:
A nucleoporin, Nup60p, affects the nuclear and cytoplasmic localization of ASH1 mRNA in S. cerevisiae

Chargaff, E., 2010:
A nucleoprotein from avian tubercle bacilli

Kiriyama, K.; Ohtaki, H.; Kobayashi, N.; Murai, N.; Matsumoto, M.; Sasaki, S.; Sawa, C.; Satoh, K.; Matsunaga, M.; Shioda, S., 2015:
A nucleoprotein-enriched diet suppresses dopaminergic neuronal cell loss and motor deficit in mice with MPTP-induced Parkinson's disease

del Arroyo, P.Gutiérrez.; Vélez, M.; Piétrement, O.; Salas, M.; Carrascosa, Jé.L.; Camacho, A., 2010:
A nucleoprotein-hairpin in transcription regulation

Meike, S.; Yamamori, T.; Yasui, H.; Eitaki, M.; Matsuda, A.; Morimatsu, M.; Fukushima, M.; Yamasaki, Y.; Inanami, O., 2011:
A nucleoside anticancer drug, 1-(3-C-ethynyl-β-D-ribo-pentofuranosyl)cytosine (TAS106), sensitizes cells to radiation by suppressing BRCA2 expression

Tashiro, Y.; Fukutomi, H.; Terakubo, K.; Saito, K.; Umeno, D., 2011:
A nucleoside kinase as a dual selector for genetic switches and circuits

Weisbrod, S.H.; Marx, A., 2007:
A nucleoside triphosphate for site-specific labelling of DNA by the Staudinger ligation

Kozal, M.J.; Lupo, S.; DeJesus, E.; Molina, J-Michel.; McDonald, C.; Raffi, F.; Benetucci, J.; Mancini, M.; Yang, R.; Wirtz, V.; Percival, L.; Zhang, J.; Zhu, L.; Arikan, D.; Farajallah, A.; Nguyen, B-Yen.; Leavitt, R.; McGrath, D.; Lataillade, M.; The Spartan Study Team, 2012:
A nucleoside- and ritonavir-sparing regimen containing atazanavir plus raltegravir in antiretroviral treatment-naïve HIV-infected patients: SPARTAN study results

Le, N.; Ho, T.; Ho, B.; Tran, D., 2014:
A nucleosomal approach to inferring causal relationships of histone modifications

Du, H-Ning.; Briggs, S.D., 2010:
A nucleosome surface formed by histone H4, H2A, and H3 residues is needed for proper histone H3 Lys36 methylation, histone acetylation, and repression of cryptic transcription

Kaplan, D.D.; Zimmermann, G.; Suyama, K.; Meyer, T.; Scott, M.P., 2008:
A nucleostemin family GTPase, NS3, acts in serotonergic neurons to regulate insulin signaling and control body size

Wang, X.; Gingrich, D.K.; Deng, Y.; Hong, Z., 2012:
A nucleostemin-like GTPase required for normal apical and floral meristem development in Arabidopsis

Joshi, P.C.; Aldersley, M.F.; Zagorevskii, D.V.; Ferris, J.P., 2012:
A nucleotide dimer synthesis without protecting groups using montmorillonite as catalyst

Kumar, R.; Rao, D.N., 2011:
A nucleotide insertion between two adjacent methyltransferases in Helicobacter pylori results in a bifunctional DNA methyltransferase

Chen, H.; Zhang, B.; Hicks, L.M.; Xiong, L., 2012:
A nucleotide metabolite controls stress-responsive gene expression and plant development

Fenyk, S.; Campillo, A.de.San.Eustaquio.; Pohl, E.; Hussey, P.J.; Cann, M.J., 2012:
A nucleotide phosphatase activity in the nucleotide binding domain of an orphan resistance protein from rice

Ng, B.Ling.Nah.; Omarzuki, M.; Lau, G.Sei.Kung.; Pannell, C.M.; Yeo, T.Chia., 2015:
A nucleotide signature for identification of Aglaia stellatopilosa Pannell

Kudryashov, D.S.; Grintsevich, E.E.; Rubenstein, P.A.; Reisler, E., 2010:
A nucleotide state-sensing region on actin

Caffaro, C.E.; Koshy, A.A.; Liu, L.; Zeiner, G.M.; Hirschberg, C.B.; Boothroyd, J.C., 2013:
A nucleotide sugar transporter involved in glycosylation of the Toxoplasma tissue cyst wall is required for efficient persistence of bradyzoites

Ketkar, A.; Zafar, M.K.; Banerjee, S.; Marquez, V.E.; Egli, M.; Eoff, R.L., 2012:
A nucleotide-analogue-induced gain of function corrects the error-prone nature of human DNA polymerase iota

Kocsis, Z.S.; Sarlós, K.; Harami, Gábor.M.; Martina, Máté.; Kovács, Mály., 2014:
A nucleotide-dependent and HRDC domain-dependent structural transition in DNA-bound RecQ helicase

Cook, I.; Wang, T.; Falany, C.N.; Leyh, T.S., 2012:
A nucleotide-gated molecular pore selects sulfotransferase substrates

Popova, A.M.; Qin, P.Z., 2011:
A nucleotide-independent nitroxide probe reports on site-specific stereomeric environment in DNA

Šulc, P.; Romano, F.; Ouldridge, T.E.; Doye, J.P.K.; Louis, A.A., 2015:
A nucleotide-level coarse-grained model of RNA

Zhang, J.; Zhu, H., 2007:
A nucleus area extraction method for image analysis of kidney-tissue slice

Prasad, R.; Kawaguchi, S.; Ng, D.T.W. , 2010:
A nucleus-based quality control mechanism for cytosolic proteins

Chen, Y.; Decker, K.F.; Zheng, D.; Matkovich, S.J.; Jia, L.; Dorn, G.W., 2013:
A nucleus-targeted alternately spliced Nix/Bnip3L protein isoform modifies nuclear factor κB (NFκB)-mediated cardiac transcription

Wang, J-liang.; Tao, Z-hua.; Wu, W-zhong.; Tang, J.; Sun, H-chuan.; Wang, L.; Ren, Z-gang.; Fan, J., 2013:
A nude mouse model of hepatocellular carcinoma single cell-derived organ site-specific metastasis

Wellesley, H., 2011:
A nudge in the right direction for organ donation--but is it enough?

Oliver, A., 2013:
A nudge too far? A nudge at all? On paying people to be healthy

Rice, T.B.; Strollo, P.J., 2011:
A nuisance or nemesis: the adverse effects of snoring

Uno, Y.; Sakuraba, H.; Uehara, S.; Kumano, T.; Matsuno, K.; Nakamura, C.; Kito, G.; Kamataki, T.; Nagata, R., 2008:
A null allele impairs function of CYP2C76 gene in cynomolgus monkeys: a possible genetic tool for generation of a better animal model in drug metabolism

De Sá Teixeira, N.; Pimenta, Sónia.; Raposo, V., 2013:
A null effect of target's velocity in the visual representation of motion with schizophrenic patients

Nier, A.O.; Ney, E.P.; Inghram, M.G., 2018:
A null method for the comparison of two ion currents in a mass spectrometer

Brooks, C.P.; Zhang, H., 2010:
A null model of community disassembly effects on vector-borne disease risk

Aldahmesh, M.A.; Al-Owain, M.; Alqahtani, F.; Hazzaa, S.; Alkuraya, F.S., 2010:
A null mutation in CABP4 causes Leber's congenital amaurosis-like phenotype

Pollin, T.I.; Damcott, C.M.; Shen, H.; Ott, S.H.; Shelton, J.; Horenstein, R.B.; Post, W.; McLenithan, J.C.; Bielak, L.F.; Peyser, P.A.; Mitchell, B.D.; Miller, M.; O'Connell, J.R.; Shuldiner, A.R., 2009:
A null mutation in human APOC3 confers a favorable plasma lipid profile and apparent cardioprotection

Shih, S-I., 2014:
A null relationship between media multitasking and well-being

Lightner, G.E., 1966:
A null-balance vidicon spectrophotometer

Frey, J.J., 2009:
A number of approaches to education

Sarnecka, B.W.; Negen, J., 2013:
A number of options: rationalist, constructivist, and Bayesian insights into the development of exact-number concepts

Strittmatter, M.; Meyer, S., 2012:
A number of potential, pathophysiological mechanisms that have been linked to SUDEP

Abdellatif, H.M., 2011:
A number of variables, including age, education, smoking habits, and body mass index, are associated with the frequency of amalgam restorations in a Norwegian pregnant population

Dyson, N.I.; Jordan, N.C.; Glutting, J., 2014:
A number sense intervention for low-income kindergartners at risk for mathematics difficulties

Kirkwood, K., 2009:
A numbered day in the life

Parkinson, D.; Lancaster, C.; Stewart, A., 2012:
A numbers game: lack of gendered data impedes prevention of disaster-related family violence

Vernez, D.; Milon, A.; Francioli, L.; Bulliard, J-Luc.; Vuilleumier, L.; Moccozet, L., 2011:
A numeric model to simulate solar individual ultraviolet exposure

Lu, T.; Du, J.; Samulyak, R., 2008:
A numerical algorithm for magnetohydrodynamics of ablated materials

Yoshida, S.; Horiuchi, S.; Ushiyama, Z.; Yamamoto, M., 2011:
A numerical analysis method for evaluating rod lenses using the Monte Carlo method

Strom, T.S.; Anur, P.; Prislovsky, A., 2012:
A numerical analysis model for interpretation of flow cytometric studies of ex vivo phagocytosis

Strom, T.S., 2013:
A numerical analysis model for the interpretation of in vivo platelet consumption data

Moss, M.O.; Bryant, T.N., 1985:
A numerical analysis of counts of diatom frustules, and other algae, in water samples from the River Wey

Gramigna, V.; Caruso, M.V.; Rossi, M.; Serraino, G.F.; Renzulli, A.; Fragomeni, G., 2016:
A numerical analysis of the aortic blood flow pattern during pulsed cardiopulmonary bypass

Lee, W.; Lee, S-Yeol.; Kim, J.; Kim, S.Chul.; Lee, B., 2012:
A numerical analysis of the effect of partially-coherent light in photovoltaic devices considering coherence length

Kouroussis, G.; Pauwels, N.; Brux, P.; Conti, C.; Verlinden, O., 2014:
A numerical analysis of the influence of tram characteristics and rail profile on railway traffic ground-borne noise and vibration in the Brussels Region

Farahani, M.H.; Mousel, J.; Alipour, F.; Vigmostad, S., 2014:
A numerical and experimental investigation of the effect of false vocal fold geometry on glottal flow

Breda, D.; Diekmann, O.; Maset, S.; Vermiglio, R., 2014:
A numerical approach for investigating the stability of equilibria for structured population models

Thouzé, A.; Monnet, T.; Lacouture, P.; Begon, M., 2014:
A numerical approach to assess the soft tissue artefact during human movement analysis

Chun, K.Jin.; Park, Y.; Choi, Y.; Hyun, S., 2009:
A numerical approach to dose optimization for moving targets using monte carlo simulations

Ho, H.; Zhang, C.; Xie, X.; Hunter, P., 2011:
A numerical approach to patient-specific cerebral vasospasm research

Cheinet, S., 2012:
A numerical approach to sound levels in near-surface refractive shadows

Rickman, J.M.; Delph, T.J.; Webb, E.B.; Fagan, R., 2012:
A numerical coarse-grained description of a binary alloy

Russo, P.; Cerri, G.; Vespasiani, V., 2011:
A numerical coefficient for evaluation of the environmental impact of electromagnetic fields radiated by base stations for mobile communications

Boston, R.C.; Pei, D.; Moate, P.J., 2009:
A numerical deconvolution method to estimate C-peptide secretion in humans after an intravenous glucose tolerance test

Delogu, F., 2011:
A numerical demonstration of discontinuous directional motion at the nanometre scale

Nickerson, N.; Risk, D., 2009:
A numerical evaluation of chamber methodologies used in measuring the delta(13)C of soil respiration

Lee, D-kil.; Cheong, Y-wook., 2014:
A numerical flow analysis using the concept of inflow age for oxidation pond design

Pathmanathan, P.; Bernabeu, M.O.; Bordas, R.; Cooper, J.; Garny, A.; Pitt-Francis, J.M.; Whiteley, J.P.; Gavaghan, D.J., 2010:
A numerical guide to the solution of the bi-domain equations of cardiac electrophysiology

Marchandise, E.; Willemet, M.; Lacroix, Vérie., 2008:
A numerical hemodynamic tool for predictive vascular surgery

Polzer, S.; Bursa, J.; Gasser, T.Christian.; Staffa, R.; Vlachovsky, R., 2014:
A numerical implementation to predict residual strains from the homogeneous stress hypothesis with application to abdominal aortic aneurysms

Senol, B.; Ates, A.; Alagoz, B.Baykant.; Yeroglu, C., 2013:
A numerical investigation for robust stability of fractional-order uncertain systems

Kouza, M.; Gowtham, S.; Seel, M.; Hansmann, U.H.E., 2011:
A numerical investigation into possible mechanisms by that the A629P mutant of ATP7A causes Menkes Disease

Kapoor, T.; Altenhof, W.; Snowdon, A.; Howard, A.; Rasico, J.; Zhu, F.; Baggio, D., 2011:
A numerical investigation into the effect of CRS misuse on the injury potential of children in frontal and side impact crashes

Hazlehurst, K.Brian.; Wang, C.Jiang.; Stanford, M., 2014:
A numerical investigation into the influence of the properties of cobalt chrome cellular structures on the load transfer to the periprosthetic femur following total hip arthroplasty

Yun, B.Min.; Wu, J.; Simon, H.A.; Arjunon, S.; Sotiropoulos, F.; Aidun, C.K.; Yoganathan, A.P., 2012:
A numerical investigation of blood damage in the hinge area of aortic bileaflet mechanical heart valves during the leakage phase

Stewart, M.L.; Smith, L.M.; Hall, N., 2012:
A numerical investigation of breast compression: a computer-aided design approach for prescribing boundary conditions

Hu, J.; Yang, K.H.; Chou, C.C.; King, A.I., 2008:
A numerical investigation of factors affecting cervical spine injuries during rollover crashes

Kazakidi, A.; Vavourakis, V.; Tsakiris, D.P.; Ekaterinaris, J.A., 2016:
A numerical investigation of flow around octopus-like arms: near-wake vortex patterns and force development

Yao, Y.; Shen, R.; Pennel, K.G.; Suuberg, E.M., 2014:
A numerical investigation of oxygen concentration dependence on biodegradation rate laws in vapor intrusion

Arslanagić, S.; Breinbjerg, O., 2009:
A numerical investigation of sub-wavelength resonances in polygonal metamaterial cylinders

Visentin, C.; Prodi, N.; Valeau, V.; Picaut, Jël., 2013:
A numerical investigation of the Fick's law of diffusion in room acoustics

Ma, W.Y.; Yang, H.; Hilton, J.P.; Lin, Q.; Liu, J.Y.; Huang, L.X.; Yao, J., 2010:
A numerical investigation of the effect of vertex geometry on localized surface plasmon resonance of nanostructures

Garcia, P.A.; Davalos, R.V.; Miklavcic, D., 2015:
A numerical investigation of the electric and thermal cell kill distributions in electroporation-based therapies in tissue

Shen, R.; Pennell, K.G.; Suuberg, E.M., 2013:
A numerical investigation of vapor intrusion--the dynamic response of contaminant vapors to rainfall events

Wang, Z.; Ye, X., 2013:
A numerical investigation on piezoresistive behaviour of carbon nanotube/polymer composites: mechanism and optimizing principle

Yue, N.; Untaroiu, C.D., 2014:
A numerical investigation on the variation in hip injury tolerance with occupant posture during frontal collisions

Nagar, S.; Jones, J.P.; Korzekwa, K., 2015:
A numerical method for analysis of in vitro time-dependent inhibition data. Part 1. Theoretical considerations

Korzekwa, K.; Tweedie, D.; Argikar, U.A.; Whitcher-Johnstone, A.; Bell, L.; Bickford, S.; Nagar, S., 2015:
A numerical method for analysis of in vitro time-dependent inhibition data. Part 2. Application to experimental data

Pathmanathan, P.; Whiteley, J.P., 2009:
A numerical method for cardiac mechanoelectric simulations

Cheung, G.S.P.; Zhang, E.W.; Zheng, Y.F., 2011:
A numerical method for predicting the bending fatigue life of NiTi and stainless steel root canal instruments

Butler, T.; Estep, D., 2013:
A numerical method for solving a stochastic inverse problem for parameters

Dewey, S.C.; Whetstone, Z.D.; Kearfott, K.J., 2010:
A numerical method for the calibration of in situ gamma ray spectroscopy systems

Ren, K., 1990:
A numerical method of finding potentiometric titration end-points by use of approximative spline functions

Kroon, W.; Huberts, W.; Bosboom, M.; van de Vosse, F., 2012:
A numerical method of reduced complexity for simulating vascular hemodynamics using coupled 0D lumped and 1D wave propagation models

Nicolay, P.; Aubert, T., 2013:
A numerical method to derive accurate temperature coefficients of material constants from high-temperature SAW measurements: application to langasite

Li, X.; Shao, X.; Ma, X.; Zhang, Y.; Cai, H., 2011:
A numerical method to determine the steady state distribution of passive contaminant in generic ventilation systems

Mohammadi, H., 2010:
A numerical method to enhance the accuracy of mass-spring systems for modeling soft tissue deformations

Natali, A.N.; Fontanella, C.G.; Carniel, E.L., 2012:
A numerical model for investigating the mechanics of calcaneal fat pad region

Ardhuin, F.; Lavanant, T.; Obrebski, M.; Marié, L.; Royer, J-Yves.; d'Eu, J-François.; Howe, B.M.; Lukas, R.; Aucan, J., 2014:
A numerical model for ocean ultra-low frequency noise: wave-generated acoustic-gravity and Rayleigh modes

Lohakan, M.; Jamnongkan, T.; Pintavirooj, C.; Kaewpirom, S.; Boonsang, S., 2010:
A numerical model for ultrasonic measurements of swelling and mechanical properties of a swollen PVA hydrogel

Young, J.; Mitran, S., 2010:
A numerical model of cellular blebbing: a volume-conserving, fluid-structure interaction model of the entire cell

Pavselj, N.; Miklavcic, D., 2008:
A numerical model of permeabilized skin with local transport regions

Ren, S.; Huang, N., 2011:
A numerical model of the evolution of sand saltation with consideration of two feedback mechanisms

Simon, U.; Augat, P.; Utz, M.; Claes, L., 2011:
A numerical model of the fracture healing process that describes tissue development and revascularisation

Beda, A.; Jandre, F.C.; Giannella-Neto, A., 2010:
A numerical model of the respiratory modulation of pulmonary shunt and PaO2 oscillations for acute lung injury

Helderman, F.; Manoch, I.J.; Breeuwer, M.; Kose, U.; Schouten, O.; van Sambeek, M.R.M.; Poldermans, D.; Pattynama, P.T.M.; Wisselink, W.; van der Steen, A.F.W.; Krams, R., 2008:
A numerical model to predict abdominal aortic aneurysm expansion based on local wall stress and stiffness

Ramakrishnan, S.; Udpa, S.; Udpa, L., 2010:
A numerical model to study auscultation sounds under pneumothorax conditions

Hosseini, S.M.; Wilson, W.; Ito, K.; van Donkelaar, C.C., 2014:
A numerical model to study mechanically induced initiation and progression of damage in articular cartilage

Guo, W.J.; Wang, Y.X., 2009:
A numerical oil spill model based on a hybrid method

Woodward, S.E.; Garg, D.P., 2008:
A numerical optimization approach for tuning fuzzy logic controllers

Belzacq, T.; Avril, Séphane.; Leriche, E.; Delache, A., 2013:
A numerical parametric study of the mechanical action of pulsatile blood flow onto axisymmetric stenosed arteries

Gamillscheg, R.; Haase, G.; von der Linden, W., 2011:
A numerical projection technique for large-scale eigenvalue problems

Xu, Z.; Bao, G., 2010:
A numerical scheme for nonlinear Helmholtz equations with strong nonlinear optical effects

Kar, J.; Quesada, P.M., 2012:
A numerical simulation approach to studying anterior cruciate ligament strains and internal forces among young recreational women performing valgus inducing stop-jump activities

Kojima, Y.; Mizuno, T.; Umemura, S.; Fukui, H., 2007:
A numerical simulation of orthodontic tooth movement produced by a canine retraction spring

Vahidi, B.; Fatouraee, N., 2007:
A numerical simulation of peristaltic motion in the ureter using fluid structure interactions

Kojima, Y.; Mizuno, T.; Fukui, H., 2007:
A numerical simulation of tooth movement produced by molar uprighting spring

Corsi, R.L.; Chang, D.P.; Larock, B.E., 1988:
A numerical solution for mass transport in membrane-based diffusion scrubbers

Khurana, S.; Thachuk, M., 2012:
A numerical solution of the linear Boltzmann equation using cubic B-splines

Kinkhabwala, Y.A.; Sverdlov, V.A.; Likharev, K.K., 2006:
A numerical study of Coulomb interaction effects on 2D hopping transport

Kuipers, E.R.; Wijnant, Y.H.; de Boer, Aé., 2013:
A numerical study of a method for measuring the effective in situ sound absorption coefficient

Kousera, C.A.; Wood, N.B.; Seed, W.A.; Torii, R.; O'Regan, D.; Xu, X.Y., 2014:
A numerical study of aortic flow stability and comparison with in vivo flow measurements

Wu, W-Tao.; Aubry, N.; Massoudi, M.; Kim, J.; Antaki, J.F., 2014:
A numerical study of blood flow using mixture theory

Xu, X-M.; Jeffries, P.; Pautasso, M.; Jeger, M.J., 2012:
A numerical study of combined use of two biocontrol agents with different biocontrol mechanisms in controlling foliar pathogens

Bucaro, J.A.; Romano, A.J.; Valdivia, N.; Houston, B.H.; Dey, S., 2009:
A numerical study of defect detection in a plaster dome ceiling using structural acoustics

Pal, B.; Gupta, S.; New, A.M., 2009:
A numerical study of failure mechanisms in the cemented resurfaced femur: effects of interface characteristics and bone remodelling

Roy, R.; Sevick-Muraca, E., 2001:
A numerical study of gradient-based nonlinear optimization methods for contrast enhanced optical tomography

Wu, D.; Tawhai, M.H.; Hoffman, E.A.; Lin, C-Long., 2015:
A numerical study of heat and water vapor transfer in MDCT-based human airway models

Dias, Jão.Miguel.; Valentim, J.Marques.; Sousa, M.Catarina., 2014:
A numerical study of local variations in tidal regime of Tagus estuary, Portugal

Muller, P.Barkholt.; Barnkob, R.; Jensen, M.Jakob.Herring.; Bruus, H., 2013:
A numerical study of microparticle acoustophoresis driven by acoustic radiation forces and streaming-induced drag forces

Mackenzie, R.C.I.; Frost, J.M.; Nelson, J., 2010:
A numerical study of mobility in thin films of fullerene derivatives

Jayathilake, P.G.; Le, D.V.; Tan, Z.; Lee, H.P.; Khoo, B.C., 2014:
A numerical study of muco-ciliary transport under the condition of diseased cilia

Sciortino, F.; Giacometti, A.; Pastore, G., 2010:
A numerical study of one-patch colloidal particles: from square-well to Janus

Khiem, M.; Ooka, R.; Huang, H.; Hayami, H., 2011:
A numerical study of summer ozone concentration over the Kanto area of Japan using the MM5/CMAQ model

De Wilde, D.; Detobel, F.; Deconinck, J.; Desmet, G., 2010:
A numerical study of the assumptions underlying the calculation of the stationary zone mass transfer coefficient in the general plate height model of chromatography in two-dimensional pillar arrays

Grenier, E.; Dronne, M.A.; Descombes, S.; Gilquin, H.; Jaillard, A.; Hommel, M.; Boissel, J-P., 2008:
A numerical study of the blocking of migraine by Rolando sulcus

Zhang, Q.Hang.; Tan, S.Huat.; Teo, E.Chon., 2008:
A numerical study of the effect of axial acceleration on the responses of the cervical spine during low-speed rear-end impact

Xiong, H.; Liu, X.; Tian, X.; Pu, L.; Zhang, H.; Lu, M.; Huang, W.; Zhang, Y-Ting., 2015:
A numerical study of the effect of varied blood pressure on the stability of carotid atherosclerotic plaque

Jho, Y.S.; Kim, M.W.; Pincus, P.A.; Brown, F.L.H., 2008:
A numerical study of the electrostatic properties of two finite-width charged dielectric slabs in water

Benselama, A.M.; William-Louis, M.J-P.; Monnoyer, Fçois.; Proust, C., 2010:
A numerical study of the evolution of the blast wave shape in tunnels

Delogu, F., 2008:
A numerical study of the growth process of Au nanometre-sized particles in liquid phases

Van den Schoor, F.; Norman, F.; Vandebroek, L.; Verplaetsen, F.; Berghmans, J., 2008:
A numerical study of the influence of ammonia addition on the auto-ignition limits of methane/air mixtures

Wang, S.; Tong, C.; Zhu, Y., 2015:
A numerical study of the phase behaviors of drug particle/star triblock copolymer mixtures in dilute solutions for drug carrier application

Kurilenko, I.A.; Lobanov, A.I.; Ukrainets, A.V., 2009:
A numerical study of the stability of some autowave solutions in a mathematical model of blood coagulation

Kinkhabwala, Y.A.; Sverdlov, V.A.; Korotkov, A.N.; Likharev, K.K., 2006:
A numerical study of transport and shot noise in 2D hopping

Scherr, T.; Pursley, S.; Monroe, W.T.; Nandakumar, K., 2014:
A numerical study on distributions during cryoprotectant loading caused by laminar flow in a microchannel

Lee, K.E.; Lee, J.S.; Yoo, J.Y., 2011:
A numerical study on steady flow in helically sinuous vascular prostheses

Liu, X.; Pu, F.; Fan, Y.; Deng, X.; Li, D.; Li, S., 2009:
A numerical study on the flow of blood and the transport of LDL in the human aorta: the physiological significance of the helical flow in the aortic arch

Marques, H.R.; Ramos, A.; Mesnard, M.; Relvas, C.; Completo, A.; Simões, J.A., 2013:
A numerical study on the influence of CT scan orientation for mandible biomechanical simulation

Lee, D-K.; Park, K.; Ahn, J-H.; Lee, N-E.; Kim, Y-J., 2011:
A numerical study on the mechanical characteristics of zinc oxide-based transparent thin film transistors

Papacharalampopoulos, A.; Vavva, M.G.; Protopappas, V.C.; Fotiadis, D.I.; Polyzos, D., 2011:
A numerical study on the propagation of Rayleigh and guided waves in cortical bone according to Mindlin's Form II gradient elastic theory

Ono, J.; Takahashi, D.; Guo, X.; Takahashi, S.; Takeoka, H., 2012:
A numerical study on the seasonal variability of polychlorinated biphenyls from the atmosphere in the East China Sea

Aydemir, Eğan.; Ulas, A., 2011:
A numerical study on the thermal initiation of a confined explosive in 2-D geometry

Oomens, C.W.J.; Zenhorst, W.; Broek, M.; Hemmes, B.; Poeze, M.; Brink, P.R.G.; Bader, D.L., 2013:
A numerical study to analyse the risk for pressure ulcer development on a spine board

Paffi, A.; Apollonio, F.; Puxeddu, M.G.; Parazzini, M.; d'Inzeo, G.; Ravazzani, P.; Liberti, M., 2014:
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A nurse is NOT a nurse is NOT a nurse

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A nurse is never really off duty

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A nurse? What was I thinking?

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A one-residue switch reverses the orientation of a heme b cofactor. Investigations of the ferriheme NO transporters nitrophorin 2 and 7 from the blood-feeding insect Rhodnius prolixus

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A one-shot multivibrator anticoincidence and recording circuit

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A one-solar-constant irradiance standard

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A one-stage pharyngoesophageal diverticulectomy

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A one-star doc responds

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A one-step affinity-purification protocol to purify NB-LRR immune receptors from plants that mediate resistance to fungal pathogens

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A one-step imaging assay to monitor cell cycle state and apoptosis in mammalian cells

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A one-step method for determining the maximum number of bound antibodies, and the affinity and association rate constants for antibody binding

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A one-step miniprep for the isolation of plasmid DNA and lambda phage particles

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A one-step modified method to reduce the burst initial release from PLGA microspheres

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A one-step process for the antimicrobial finishing of textiles with crystalline TiO2 nanoparticles

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A one-step process to a Janus emulsion

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A one-step reverse transcription real-time PCR assay for the detection and quantitation of Grapevine fanleaf virus

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A one-step route to Ag nanowires with a diameter below 40 nm and an aspect ratio above 1000

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A one-step route to a perfectly ordered wafer-scale microbowl array for size-dependent superhydrophobicity

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A one-step screening process for optimal alignment of (soft) colloidal particles

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A one-stop carpal tunnel clinic

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A one-stop shop for Wellington youth

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A one-stop shop for autism services

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A one-time MRI reduced the incidence of metachronous contralateral tumors?

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A one-time inducible transposon to create knockout mutants in rice

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A one-to-one doesn't mean going head to head

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A one-two punch against prostate cancer

Anonymous, 2012:
A one-two punch to ward off migraines

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A one-year-old baby… into the Year of the Dragon

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A one-year-old male infant with sleep-associated febrile myoclonus

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A only your doctor can prescribe? It's time for a new script

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A ortitis caused by congenital syphilis

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A overview of effective dose in radiology

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A p-type finite element solution for the simulation of O2 transport in articular cartilage tissue: heterogeneous and porous media

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A p53/ARF-dependent anticancer barrier activates senescence and blocks tumorigenesis without impacting apoptosis

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A p75(NTR) pivoting paradigm propels perspicacity

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A pH signaling mechanism involved in the spatial distribution of calcium and anion fluxes in ectomycorrhizal roots

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A pH switch affects the steady-state kinetic mechanism of pyranose 2-oxidase from Trametes ochracea

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A pH-dependent molecular switch for virion uncoating

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A pH-driven DNA switch based on the A+ x G mispair

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A pH-responsive fluorescent probe and photosensitiser based on a self-quenched phthalocyanine dimer

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A pH-sensitive graphene oxide composite hydrogel

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A pH-sensitive nanocomposite microsphere based on chitosan and montmorillonite with in vitro reduction of the burst release effect

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A pacemaker for asystole in breath-holding spells

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A pacemaker magnet check alone is sufficient for the majority of patients postpacemaker implant

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A pacemaker powered by an implantable biofuel cell operating under conditions mimicking the human blood circulatory system--battery not included

Anonymous, 2011:
A pacemaker to lower blood pressure

Anonymous, 2012:
A pacemaker to prevent fainting. If your heart rate slows, a device can stop you from dropping

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A pacific island

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A pack a day: just what the doctor ordered?

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A pack in 30 minutes

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A package for exact kinetic data structures and sweepline algorithms

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A package of primary health care services for comprehensive family-centred HIV/AIDS care and treatment programs in low-income settings

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A package worth paying for

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A packaged, low-cost, robust optical fiber strain sensor based on small cladding fiber sandwiched within periodic polymer grating

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A packet of good treatment for considering practices in geriatrics

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A paclitaxel-hyaluronan bioconjugate targeting ovarian cancer affords a potent in vivo therapeutic activity

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A paddy eco-ditch and wetland system to reduce non-point source pollution from rice-based production system while maintaining water use efficiency

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A paediatric early warning scoring system for a remote rural area

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A paediatric radiology text for resource-poor settings?

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A paediatrician's play kit: example and basic tool for an approach of the infant's global development between 0 and 4 years of age

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A page from the history of the Marine Health Service; the establishment of its independence

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A page in transplantation

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A page out of Twain's book. Author surely would have concurred with Obama's bypass strategy for Berwick

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A page out of the history of hyperparathyroidism

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A page-turning device for respirator patients

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A pain assessment tool for patients with multiple disabilities

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A pain in the arms

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A pain in the backside: a case report of coxa saltans occurring at the proximal hamstring origin

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A pain in the bone

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A pain in the bottom

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A pain in the buttock

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A pain in the eye

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A pain in the foot and a serious complication

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A pain in the knee--is it osteoarthritis?

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A pain in the leg following angiography

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A pain in the neck

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A pain in the neck

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A pain in the neck

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A pain in the neck

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A pain in the neck

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A pain in the neck

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A pain in the neck -- an unexpected complication of transrectal ultrasound and biopsy

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A pain in the neck and colon polyps

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A pain in the neck--a review of deep space neck infections in the emergency department

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A pain in the neck--medical student attitudes to the Orthopaedic spine

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A pain in the neck. Diagnosis: Ependymoma

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A pain in the neck. Latent mycobacterium tuberculosis

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A pain in the neck: carotid artery dissection presenting as vasculitis

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A pain in the neck: lateral thyrohyoid ligament syndrome

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A pain in the neck: thyroid abscess

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A pain in the throat: a 19-year history of symptoms relating to the carotid artery

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A pain in the wrist: stingray envenomation

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A pain in the…ventricle

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A pain model with a neuropathic somatosensory lesion: Morton neuroma

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A pain psychologist's view of tenderness in fibromyalgia

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A pain scale from scripture

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A painful and exophytic hand lesion

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A painful and knotted nasogastric tube

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A painful ankle for ten weeks

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A painful axillary tumor

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A painful blistering rash on the lower legs and perineum

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A painful bulge in the left flank

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A painful buttock lump: common complaint, rare diagnosis

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A painful cranial bulge

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A painful cutaneous laser stimulus evokes responses from single neurons in the human thalamic principal somatic sensory nucleus ventral caudal (Vc)

Anonymous, 1986:
A painful decision

van Veenendaal, L.M.; de Klerk, G.; van der Velde, D., 2014:
A painful finger as first sign of a malignancy

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A painful fistula

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A painful forefoot mass

Anonymous, 2007:
A painful gender gap persists. Research suggests why women don't get the help they need

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A painful glomus tumor on the pulp of the distal phalanx

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A painful gum

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A painful hip

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A painful hip bone revealing multifocal histiocytosis

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A painful inflammatory lesion on the dorsum of the hand of a patient with rheumatoid arthritis treated with methotrexate

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A painful interface between normal aging and disease

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A painful large ganglion cyst of the ankle treated by the injection of OK-432

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A painful little finger after minor trauma

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A painful mass of the epidydimis

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A painful metal-on-metal total hip arthroplasty: a diagnostic dilemma

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A painful nidus

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Associations between local descriptive norms for overweight/obesity and insufficient fruit intake, individual-level diet, and 10-year change in body mass index and glycosylated haemoglobin in an Australian cohort

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A painful occipital mass revealing a posterior encephalocele

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A painful pause

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A painful perineal lump: an unusual case of ectopic breast tissue

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A painful periurethral mass

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A painful problem for surgeons: what is to be done?

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A painful protuberance: a young woman had primary amenorrhea and an inguinal hernia

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A painful rash

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A painful rash

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A painful reminder: the patient had sharp abdominal pain and a complicated medical history

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A painful reminder: the role of level and salience of attitude importance in cognitive dissonance

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A painful right leg

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A painful scrotal eruption

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A painful setback: misinterpretation of analgesic safety in older adults may inadvertently worsen pain care

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A painful sneeze: spontaneous thoracic lung herniation induced by vigorous sneeze

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A painful soft tissue mass secondary to impingement of a metal on polyethylene bearing total hip arthroplasty

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A painful spine in a 39-year-old man

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A painful splenomegaly

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A painful squat test provides limited diagnostic utility in CAM-type femoroacetabular impingement

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A painful subungual lesion with a surprising diagnosis: molluscum contagiosum

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A painful swelling of the tigh

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A painful swollen finger

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A painful swollen thigh in a diabetic patient: diabetic myonecrosis

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A painful thigh lesion in an immunocompromised 11-year-old boy

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A painful thumb

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A painful tibial mass in a 37-year-old man

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A painful toe: botfly myiasis

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A painful train of events: increased prevalence of fibromyalgia in survivors of a major train crash

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A painful train of events: the rebirth of railway spine

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A painful umbilical nodule in a 24-year-old woman. Umbilical endometriosis (Villar nodule)

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A painful urologic emergency

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A painful weaning

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A painful, blistering rash

Kushner, K.; Kushner, J., 2016:
A painful, red eye

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