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A randomized controlled clinical study evaluating the efficacy of two desensitizing dentifrices

Salian, S.; Thakur, S.; Kulkarni, S.; LaTorre, G.

Journal of Clinical Dentistry 21(3): 82-87


ISSN/ISBN: 0895-8831
PMID: 21207919
Accession: 051228066

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The primary aim of this study was to compare the in vivo efficacy and safety of dentifrices containing either 5% NovaMin or 5% potassium nitrate, and a non-desensitizing dentifrice, on dentin hypersensitivity in a four-week, double-blind clinical study among a population in south India. In addition, a companion scanning electron microscopy evaluation was performed to demonstrate whether or not the test products occlude open dentin tubules in vitro. Thirty volunteers with tooth sensitivity were recruited, and a double-blind, randomized, parallel, controlled clinical trial was conducted in a hospital setting. Clinical evaluation for dentin hypersensitivity was done using tactile, air blast, and cold water methods. Following baseline measures, subjects were randomly divided into three groups and treated as follows: Group A--dentifrice containing 5% potassium nitrate; Group B--dentifrice containing 5% NovaMin; and Group C--dentifrice containing no desensitizing ingredients. Clinical evaluations were repeated after two and four weeks of product use. Compared to baseline, there was a significant decrease in dentin hypersensitivity in Groups A and B following four weeks' use of the dentifrice containing 5% potassium nitrate and the dentifrice containing 5% calcium sodium phosphosilicate (NovaMin), respectively. There was a statistically greater reduction in hypersensitivity at both two and four weeks following use of the dentifrice containing NovaMin compared with the use of a non-desensitizing dentifrice, as well as the dentifrice containing potassium nitrate. Air and cold water scores were significantly lower following four weeks' use of the potassium nitrate dentifrice compared to the non-desensitizing dentifrice. Tubule occlusion was observed in the companion in vitro study following treatment with 5% NovaMin, but not after treatment with the 5% potassium nitrate or non-desensitizing dentifrices. The results suggest that the dentifrice containing 5% NovaMin occludes dentin tubules, and provides rapid and significantly more relief from dentin hypersensitivity in four weeks compared to a dentifrice containing 5% potassium nitrate or a non-desensitizing dentifrice. All three dentifrices tested in this study were well-tolerated.

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