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A refined combined antero-retrograde approach for the resolution of a complex ureterovaginal fistula: an endourologic case report

Masciovecchio, S.; Paradiso Galatioto, G.; Saldutto, P.; Del Rosso, A.; Di Pierro, E.Domenico.; Vicentini, C.

Urologia 80(2): 154-157


ISSN/ISBN: 0391-5603
PMID: 23423679
DOI: 10.5301/ru.2013.10761
Accession: 051236653

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he onset of a ureterovaginal fistula is a not frequent, though it represents a dreaded and disabling complication of the pelvic surgery. The literature suggests to perform ureteroneocystostomy associated, if necessary, with a bladder suspension technique to Psoas muscle, or endoscopic procedures of ureteral stenting as the "gold standard" to repair this condition. We describe an innovative combined anterograde trans-nephrostomic and retrograde trans-ureteral surgical approach successfully carried out for the treatment of a rare ureterovaginal fistula associated with ipsilateral hydroureteronephrosis secondary to a complete obliteration of the ureteral orifice. We believe that this approach could be considered as a minimally invasive surgical option, an alternative to the traditional ones, for the repair of ureterovaginal fistulae complicated by a complete obliteration of the ipsilateral ureteral meatus.

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