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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 51245

Chapter 51245 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

A review on the clinical use of inhaled amphotericin B
, Journal of Aerosol Medicine and Pulmonary Drug Delivery 22(3): 213-227 (2009)

A review on the clinical uses of SPECT/CT
, European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging 37(10): 1959-1985 (2010)

A review on the cognitive function of information structure during language comprehension
, Cognitive Neurodynamics 8(5): 353-361 (2014)

A review on the collection, preservation and systematic techniques in Phlebotominae
, Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences 10(22): 3983-3991 (2007)

A review on the complementary effects of auriculotherapy in managing constipation
, Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine 16(4): 435-447 (2010)

A review on the computational approaches for gene regulatory network construction
, Computers in Biology and Medicine 48: 55-65 (2014)

A review on the computational methods for emotional state estimation from the human EEG
, Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine 2013: 573734 (2013)

A review on the coordinative structure of human walking and the application of principal component analysis
, Neural Regeneration Research 8(7): 662-670 (2013)

A review on the current neuroligin mouse models
, Sheng Li Xue Bao 64(5): 550-562 (2012)

A review on the current state of urine cytology emphasizing the role of fluorescence in situ hybridization as an adjunct to diagnosis
, Cancer Cytopathology 118(4): 175-183 (2010)

A review on the determination of quinolones residues in edible animal tissue--I pretreatment methods
, Wei Sheng Yan Jiu 36(5): 646-651 (2007)

A review on the development in the field of NIDDM based thiazolidinedione PPARγ agonists
, Mini Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry 13(5): 706-712 (2013)

A review on the development of liquid chromatography systems for polyolefins
, Journal of Separation Science 33(22): 3446-3454 (2010)

A review on the dietary flavonoid kaempferol
, Mini Reviews in Medicinal Chemistry 11(4): 298-344 (2011)

A review on the effectiveness and its influencing factors of measles vaccine
, Zhonghua Liu Xing Bing Xue Za Zhi 35(2): 215-217 (2014)

A review on the effectiveness of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) on post-stroke aphasia
, Reviews in the Neurosciences 24(1): 105-114 (2013)

A review on the effectiveness of street sweeping, washing and dust suppressants as urban PM control methods
, Science of the Total Environment 408(16): 3070-3084 (2010)

A review on the effects of aromatherapy for patients with depressive symptoms
, Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine 15(2): 187-195 (2009)

A review on the effects of environmental conditions on growth and toxin production of Ostreopsis ovata
, Toxicon 57(3): 421-428 (2011)

A review on the effects of soccer small-sided games
, Journal of Human Kinetics 33: 103-113 (2012)

A review on the effects of supercritical carbon dioxide on enzyme activity
, International Journal of Molecular Sciences 11(1): 233-253 (2010)

A review on the efficacy and safety of gabapentin in the treatment of chronic cough
, Expert Opinion on PharmacoTherapy 16(1): 135-145 (2015)

A review on the electrochemical biosensors for determination of microRNAs
, Talanta 115: 74-83 (2013)

A review on the environmental behaviors and toxicity assessment of chromium in soil-plant systems
, Huan Jing Ke Xue= Huanjing Kexue 30(11): 3432-3440 (2009)

A review on the evaluation instruments for urban built environment related to physical activity
, Zhonghua Liu Xing Bing Xue Za Zhi 32(6): 632-635 (2011)

A review on the evidence of transgenerational transmission of posttraumatic stress disorder vulnerability
, Revista Brasileira de Psiquiatria 36(1): 89-94 (2014)

A review on the fabrication of polymer-based thermoelectric materials and fabrication methods
, Thescientificworldjournal 2013: 713640 (2013)

A review on the fabrication of substrates for surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy and their applications in analytical chemistry
, Analytica Chimica Acta 693(1-2): 7-25 (2011)

A review on the fate of pesticides during the processes within the food-production Chain
, Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition 51(2): 99-114 (2011)

A review on the fermentation of foods and the residues of pesticides-biotransformation of pesticides and effects on fermentation and food quality
, Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition 55(6): 839-863 (2015)

A review on the formation of titania nanotube photocatalysts by hydrothermal treatment
, Journal of Environmental Management 92(7): 1669-1680 (2011)

A review on the genetic, environmental, and lifestyle aspects of the early-life origins of cardiovascular disease
, Current Problems in Pediatric and Adolescent Health Care 44(3): 54-72 (2014)

A review on the genetics of otosclerosis
, Clinical Otolaryngology 32(4): 239-247 (2007)

A review on the impact of IUD in cervical cytology: Mardin Region Data
, Turk Patoloji Dergisi 29(1): 51-57 (2013)

A review on the impact of systematic safety processes for the control of error in medicine
, Medical Science Monitor 15(7): Ra157 (2009)

A review on the inferior temporal cortex of the macaque
, Brain Research Reviews 62(2): 165-182 (2010)

A review on the influences of size and surface charge of liposome on its targeted drug delivery in vivo
, Yao Xue Xue Bao 48(11): 1644-1650 (2013)

A review on the interrogation of peptide-metal interactions using electrospray ionization-mass spectrometry
, Analytica Chimica Acta 686(1-2): 19-39 (2011)

A review on the literature of addiction
, British Journal of Addiction to Alcohol and other Drugs 45(2): 125-176 (1948)

A review on the management of epilepsy associated with hypothalamic hamartomas
, Child's Nervous System 25(4): 423-432 (2009)

A review on the mechanism of sore throat in tonsillitis
, Journal of Laryngology and Otology 127(3): 227-232 (2013)

A review on the mechanisms of blood-flow restriction resistance training-induced muscle hypertrophy
, Sports Medicine 45(2): 187-200 (2015)

A review on the medicinal potentials of ginseng and ginsenosides on cardiovascular diseases
, Journal of Ginseng Research 38(3): 161-166 (2014)

A review on the metabolic disorders of iodine deficiency
, Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences 14(7): 412-424 (2011)

A review on the molecular diagnostics of Lynch syndrome: a central role for the pathology laboratory
, Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine 14(1-2): 181-197 (2010)

A review on the molecular mechanisms involved in insulin resistance induced by organophosphorus pesticides
, Toxicology 322: 1-13 (2014)

A review on the monoacylglycerol lipase: at the interface between fat and endocannabinoid signalling
, Current Medicinal Chemistry 17(24): 2588-2607 (2010)

A review on the neural bases of episodic odor memory: from laboratory-based to autobiographical approaches
, Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience 8: 240 (2014)

A review on the obesity related economic burden
, Zhonghua Liu Xing Bing Xue Za Zhi 28(1): 95-97 (2007)

A review on the occupational health and social security of unorganized workers in the construction industry
, Indian Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 15(1): 18-24 (2011)

A review on the occurrence of micropollutants in the aquatic environment and their fate and removal during wastewater treatment
, Science of the Total Environment 473-474: 619-641 (2014)

A review on the oral health impacts of acculturation
, Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health 13(2): 202-213 (2011)

A review on the oxidative and nitrosative stress (O&NS) pathways in major depression and their possible contribution to the (neuro)degenerative processes in that illness
, Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology and Biological Psychiatry 35(3): 676-692 (2011)

A review on the pharmacological and toxicological aspects of Datura stramonium L
, Journal of Integrative Medicine 11(2): 73-79 (2013)

A review on the phytoremediation of petroleum hydrocarbon
, Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences 13(15): 715-722 (2010)

A review on the practical application of human biomonitoring in integrated environmental health impact assessment
, Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health. Part B Critical Reviews 12(2): 107-123 (2009)

A review on the putative association between beta-blockers and depression
, Heart Failure Clinics 7(1): 89-99 (2011)

A review on the rationale and clinical use of concomitant rosuvastatin and fenofibrate/fenofibric acid therapy
, Clinical Pharmacology 2: 95-104 (2010)

A review on the relation between simulation and improvement in hospitals
, Bmc Medical Informatics and Decision Making 12: 18 (2012)

A review on the relationship between food structure, processing, and bioavailability
, Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition 54(7): 902-909 (2014)

A review on the relationship between metabolic syndrome and chronic hepatitis B
, Zhonghua Gan Zang Bing Za Zhi 17(11): 807-808 (2009)

A review on the relationship between testosterone and the interpersonal/affective facet of psychopathy
, Psychiatry Research 197(3): 181-198 (2012)

A review on the reliability and validity of evaluation instruments for urban built environment related to physical activity
, Zhonghua Liu Xing Bing Xue Za Zhi 33(2): 239-241 (2012)

A review on the removal of antibiotics by carbon nanotubes
, Water Science and Technology 68(8): 1679-1687 (2013)

A review on the reproductive health of males exposed to radiation by shipping radar microwave
, Zhonghua Lao Dong Wei Sheng Zhi Ye Bing Za Zhi 29(3): 232-234 (2011)

A review on the research status and trends of Budd-Chiari syndrome
, Zhonghua Liu Xing Bing Xue Za Zhi 31(10): 1192-1195 (2010)

A review on the role of L-carnitine in the management of tamoxifen side effects in treated women with breast cancer
, Tumour Biology 35(4): 2845-2855 (2014)

A review on the role of laparoscopic sacrocervicopexy
, Current Opinion in Obstetrics and Gynecology 26(4): 281-289 (2014)

A review on the role of microRNA in biology, diagnosis, and treatment of pancreatic adenocarcinoma
, Pancreas 41(5): 671-677 (2012)

A review on the role of phytosterols: new insights into cardiovascular risk
, Current Pharmaceutical Design 17(36): 4061-4075 (2011)

A review on the state-of-the-art privacy-preserving approaches in the e-health clouds
, IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics 18(4): 1431-1441 (2014)

A review on the structure-function relationship aspect of polysaccharides from tea materials
, Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition 55(7): 930-938 (2015)

A review on the taste masking of bitter APIs: hot-melt extrusion (HME) evaluation
, Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy 40(2): 145-156 (2014)

A review on the technologies and services used in the self-management of health and independent living of elderly
, Technology and Health Care 22(5): 677-687 (2014)

A review on the temporal pattern of deer-vehicle accidents: impact of seasonal, diurnal and lunar effects in cervids
, Accident; Analysis and Prevention 66: 168-181 (2014)

A review on the therapeutic potential of embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells in hepatic repair
, Journal of Natural Science Biology and Medicine 2(2): 141-144 (2011)

A review on the toxicity and non-target effects of macrocyclic lactones in terrestrial and aquatic environments
, Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology 13(6): 1004-1060 (2012)

A review on the traditional Chinese medicinal herbs and formulae with hypolipidemic effect
, Biomed Research International 2014: 925302 (2014)

A review on the treatment of relapsed/metastatic head and neck cancer
, Expert Opinion on PharmacoTherapy 10(16): 2625-2632 (2009)

A review on the use of cell therapy in the treatment of tendon disease and injuries
, Journal of Tissue Engineering 5: 2041731414549678 (2014)

A review on the use of grid-based Boltzmann equation solvers for dose calculation in external photon beam treatment planning
, Biomed Research International 2013: 692874 (2013)

A review on the use of hyaluronic acid in tympanic membrane wound healing
, Expert Opinion on Biological Therapy 12(1): 23-36 (2012)

A review on the use of molecular markers of cytotoxic therapy for colorectal cancer, what have we learned?
, European Journal of Cancer 45(11): 1935-1949 (2009)

A review on the use of statins and tocotrienols, individually or in combination for the treatment of osteoporosis
, Current Drug Targets 14(13): 1579-1590 (2013)

A review on the vascular features of the hyperimmunoglobulin E syndrome
, Clinical and Experimental Immunology 159(3): 238-244 (2010)

A review on the wettability of dental implant surfaces I: theoretical and experimental aspects
, Acta Biomaterialia 10(7): 2894-2906 (2014)

A review on the wettability of dental implant surfaces II: Biological and clinical aspects
, Acta Biomaterialia 10(7): 2907-2918 (2014)

A review on therapeutic drug monitoring of immunosuppressant drugs
, Iranian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences 14(6): 485-498 (2011)

A review on therapeutic potential of Lygodium flexuosum Linn
, Pharmacognosy Reviews 6(12): 107-114 (2012)

A review on thiazolidinediones and bladder cancer in human studies
, Journal of Environmental Science and Health. Part C Environmental Carcinogenesis and Ecotoxicology Reviews 32(1): 1-45 (2014)

A review on thiocyanate methods for the estimation of molybdenum by molecular absorption spectroscopy
, Talanta 42(4): 497-506 (1995)

A review on thromboangiitis obliterans pathophysiology: thrombosis and angiitis, which is to blame?
, Vascular 19(3): 141-153 (2011)

A review on thyroid autoimmune disorders and HCV chronic infection
, La Clinica Terapeutica 165(5): E376 (2014)

A review on tomato authenticity: quality control methods in conjunction with multivariate analysis (chemometrics)
, Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition 47(7): 675-699 (2007)

A review on toxic and harmful algae in Greek coastal waters (E. Mediterranean Sea)
, Toxins 2(5): 1019-1037 (2010)

A review on treatment of high-risk neuroblastoma
, Zhongguo Dang Dai Er Ke Za Zhi 16(2): 103-107 (2014)

A review on ultrasound-based thyroid cancer tissue characterization and automated classification
, Technology in Cancer Research and Treatment 13(4): 289-301 (2014)

A review on using crumb rubber in reinforcement of asphalt pavement
, Thescientificworldjournal 2014: 214612 (2014)

A review on various tropical dermatoses, 1946-1947
, Dermatologica 97(1-3): 169-192 (1948)

A review on viral biosensors to detect human pathogens
, Analytica Chimica Acta 681(1-2): 8-15 (2010)

A review on vitamin d deficiency treatment in pediatric patients
, Journal of Pediatric Pharmacology and Therapeutics 18(4): 277-291 (2013)

A review on zinc and nickel adsorption on natural and modified zeolite, bentonite and vermiculite: examination of process parameters, kinetics and isotherms
, Journal of Hazardous Materials 252-253: 428-461 (2013)

A review on: atomic force microscopy applied to nano-mechanics of the cell
, Advances in Biochemical Engineering/Biotechnology 119: 47-61 (2010)

A review series begins: how much do we know about intractable disease?
, Pediatrics International 55(5): 541 (2013)

A review study of (bio)sensor systems based on conducting polymers
, Materials Science and Engineering. C Materials for Biological Applications 33(4): 1853-1859 (2013)

A review study on analgesic applications of Iranian medicinal plants
, Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine 7s1: S43 (2014)

A review through Charaka Uttara-Tantra
, Ayu 34(1): 17-20 (2013)

A review to review the review
, Science 206(4420): 797 (1979)

A review with comprehensive data on experimental indirect scalar NMR spin-spin coupling constants across hydrogen bonds
, Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 46(7): 599-624 (2008)

A review with future visions for child health services in Israel
, International Journal of Adolescent Medicine and Health 12(2-3): 115-126 (2011)

A review with meta-analysis of observational studies for survival following off-pump coronary artery bypass versus drug-eluting stent implantation
, Interactive Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery 18(6): 807-813 (2014)

A review with recent advancements on bioremediation-based abolition of heavy metals
, Environmental Science. Processes and Impacts 16(2): 180-193 (2014)

A review, and performance evaluation, of single-parameter "track and trigger" systems
, Resuscitation 79(1): 11-21 (2008)

A review--micromorphological evidence of degradation in resin-dentin bonds and potential preventional solutions
, Journal of Biomedical Materials Research. Part B Applied Biomaterials 92(1): 268-280 (2010)

A review-biosynthesis of optically pure ethyl (S)-4-chloro-3-hydroxybutanoate ester: recent advances and future perspectives
, Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 89(3): 513-522 (2011)

A review. 31. Blowout fracture of orbit
, Nippon Ganka Gakkai Zasshi 111(7): 553-565 (2007)

A review. 44. Ocular higher-order aberration
, Nippon Ganka Gakkai Zasshi 114(10): 901-911 (2010)

A review: Competence, compromise, and concomitance-reaction of the host cell to Toxoplasma gondii infection and development
, Journal of Parasitology 97(4): 620-628 (2011)

A review: Ethnobotanical survey of genus Leucas
, Pharmacognosy Reviews 6(12): 100-106 (2012)

A review: Nursing of intensive care unit delirium
, Journal of Neuroscience Nursing 44(6): 307 (2012)

A review: Radiographic iodinated contrast media-induced thyroid dysfunction
, Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 100(2): 376-383 (2015)

A review: advances in microbial remediation of trichloroethylene (TCE)
, Journal of Environmental Sciences 22(1): 116-126 (2010)

A review: alteration of in vitro reproduction processes by thiols -emphasis on 2-mercaptoethanol
, Journal of Reproduction and Development 60(6): 399-405 (2014)

A review: discharge navigation and its effect on heart failure readmissions
, Professional Case Management 19(5): 224-234 (2014)

A review: healthcare usability evaluation methods
, Biomedical Instrumentation and Technology Suppl: 45-53 (2013)

A review: inflammatory process in Alzheimer's disease, role of cytokines
, Thescientificworldjournal 2012: 756357 (2012)

A review: oxidative stress in fish induced by pesticides
, Neuro Endocrinology Letters 30(Suppl. 1): 2-12 (2009)

A review: recent advances and future prospects of taxol-producing endophytic fungi
, Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 86(6): 1707-1717 (2010)

A review: role of ultraviolet radiation in age-related macular degeneration
, Eye and Contact Lens 37(4): 225-232 (2011)

A review: the application of minimally invasive surgery to pediatric urology: lower urinary tract reconstructive procedures
, Urology 76(1): 115-120 (2010)

A review: the application of minimally invasive surgery to pediatric urology: upper urinary tract procedures
, Urology 76(1): 122-133 (2010)

A review: the determination of visual acuity in infants and preliterate children
, Binocular Vision and Strabology Quarterly Simms-Romano's 26(3): 170-179 (2011)

A review: the role of antimicrobial peptide LL-37 in chronic sinusitis
, Lin Chuang Er Bi Yan Hou Tou Jing Wai Ke Za Zhi 28(2): 141-142 (2014)

A review: the role of high dose methylprednisolone in spinal cord trauma in children
, Pediatric Surgery International 28(3): 287-294 (2012)

A review: the use of rituximab in neuromuscular diseases
, Journal of Clinical Neuromuscular Disease 12(2): 91-102 (2010)

A review: treatment of Alzheimer's disease discovered in repurposed agents
, Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders 35(1-2): 1-22 (2013)

A review: "a comparison of treated and untreated glaucoma suspects" (4)
, Journal of Glaucoma 2 Suppl A: 8-9 (1993)

A reviewing for abusing of ketamine
, Fa Yi Xue Za Zhi 23(4): 312-315 (2007)

A revised Fisher model on analysis of quantitative trait loci with multiple alleles
, Frontiers in Genetics 5: 328 (2014)

A revised Hippocratic Oath for Indian medical students
, National Medical Journal of India 23(6): 360-361 (2010)

A revised Index for Social Engagement for long-term care
, Journal of Gerontological Nursing 34(4): 40-48 (2008)

A revised LRSPR sensor with sharp reflection spectrum
, Sensors 14(9): 16664-16671 (2014)

A revised Racine's scale for PTZ-induced seizures in rats
, Physiology and Behavior 98(5): 579-586 (2009)

A revised SAS macro for maximum likelihood estimation of prevalence ratios using the COPY method
, Occupational and Environmental Medicine 66(9): 639 (2009)

A revised Swedish version of the Ward Atmosphere Scale: usability and psychometrics
, Nordic Journal of Psychiatry 64(5): 303-309 (2010)

A revised Utstein Template for trauma
, Emergency Medicine Journal 27(5): 339 (2010)

A revised activities of daily living/instrumental activities of daily living instrument increases interpretive power: theoretical application for functional tasks exercise
, Gerontology 56(5): 483-490 (2010)

A revised and improved method for the isolation of seminiferous tubule-enriched fractions that preserves the phosphorylated and glycosylated forms of proteins
, Methods in Molecular Biology 550: 159-167 (2009)

A revised and unified pressure-clamp/relaxation theory for studying plant cell water relations with pressure probes: in-situ determination of cell volume for calculation of volumetric elastic modulus and hydraulic conductivity
, Journal of Theoretical Biology 359: 80-91 (2014)

A revised approach for mandibular reconstruction with the vascularized iliac crest flap by virtual surgical planning
, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 129(3): 565e (2012)

A revised approach to patient selection for cardiac resynchronization treatment using multiple asynchrony parameters in Narrow- and Wide-QRS cardiomyopathy causes cardiac reverse remodelling: a single centre non-randomized prospective study
, Europace 12(8): 1127-1135 (2010)

A revised approach to performance measurement for health-care estates
, Health Services Management Research 22(4): 151-157 (2009)

A revised assay for monitoring autophagic flux in Arabidopsis thaliana reveals involvement of AUTOPHAGY-RELATED9 in autophagy
, Molecules and Cells 37(5): 399-405 (2014)

A revised back compressive force estimation model for ergonomic evaluation of lifting tasks
, Work 34(3): 263-272 (2009)

A revised biosynthetic pathway for phosphatidylinositol in Mycobacteria
, Journal of Biochemistry 148(5): 593-602 (2010)

A revised birth weight reference for the United States
, Obstetrics and Gynecology 124(1): 16-22 (2014)

A revised charter for the science foundation
, Science 152(3718): 42-45 (1966)

A revised chronology for the Grotte Vaufrey (Dordogne, France) based on TT-OSL dating of sedimentary quartz
, Journal of Human Evolution 75: 53-63 (2014)

A revised circumscription for the Blakeeae (Melastomataceae) with associated nomenclatural adjustments
, Phytokeys 2013(20): 17-32 (2013)

A revised classification for direct tooth-colored restorative materials
, Quintessence International 40(8): 691-697 (2009)

A revised classification of disorders of speech
, Journal of Speech Disorders 11(4): 327-334 (1946)

A revised classification of naked lobose amoebae (Amoebozoa: lobosa)
, Protist 162(4): 545-570 (2011)

A revised classification of the cleft lip and palate
, Canadian Journal of Plastic Surgery 21(1): 48-50 (2013)

A revised classification of the temporal branches of the posterior cerebral artery
, Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy 34(5): 385-391 (2012)

A revised clinical assessment of motor and memory disturbances
, Neurologia Medico-Chirurgica 50(9): 707-712 (2010)

A revised clinician's guide to the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis
, Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 93(7): 2463-2465 (2008)

A revised concept of the congenital nature of cerebral arteriovenous malformations
, Interventional Neuroradiology 3(4): 275-281 (1997)

A revised conformational code for the exhaustive analysis of conformers with one-to-one correspondence between conformation and code: application to the VCD analysis of (S)-ibuprofen
, Journal of Organic Chemistry 74(3): 1231-1236 (2009)

A revised conversion factor relating respirable dust concentrations measured by 10 mm Dorr-Oliver nylon cyclones operated at 1.7 and 2.0 L min(-1)
, Journal of Environmental Monitoring 11(3): 684-689 (2009)

A revised cylinder-plate assay for penicillin
, Journal of the American Pharmaceutical Association. American Pharmaceutical Association 35: 6-12 (1946)

A revised dated phylogeny of the arachnid order Opiliones
, Frontiers in Genetics 5: 255 (2014)

A revised definition of the metabolic syndrome predicts coronary artery disease and ischemic stroke after adjusting for low density lipoprotein cholesterol in a 13-year cohort study of Japanese: the Suita study
, Atherosclerosis 217(1): 201-206 (2011)

A revised density function for molecular surface definition in continuum solvent models
, Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 6(4): 1157-1169 (2010)

A revised description of the larva of Homilia leucophaea (Rambur 1842) (Trichoptera: Leptoceridae) and comparisons with the known western European Athripsodes larvae
, Zootaxa 3682: 191-199 (2013)

A revised design for microarray experiments to account for experimental noise and uncertainty of probe response
, Plos one 9(3): E91295 (2014)

A revised diagnosis of oculo-auriculovertebral spectrum
, Journal of the Indian Medical Association 108(3): 183 (2010)

A revised electronic Hessian for approximate time-dependent density functional theory
, Journal of Chemical Physics 129(18): 184114 (2008)

A revised energy partitioning approach to assess the yields of non-photochemical quenching components
, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1797(5): 525-530 (2010)

A revised generic arrangement for the eagle ray family Myliobatidae, with definitions for the valid genera
, Zootaxa 3860(2): 149-166 (2014)

A revised guide-wire technique for urethral catheter insertion
, Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons of England 88(2): 228-229 (2006)

A revised health impact assessment of increased use of aspirin in Wales
, Public Health 126(8): 719-720 (2012)

A revised interview for deterioration in daily living activities in dementia reveals the relationship between social activities and well-being
, Dementia 15(5): 1068-1081 (2016)

A revised key to the Neotropical cleptoparasitic anthidiine genera (Hymenoptera, Megachilinae) with notes and description of the male of  Rhynostelis Moure & Urban
, Zookeys 2012(249): 27-35 (2012)

A revised leopard frog phylogeny allows a more detailed examination of adaptive evolution at ranatuerin-2 antimicrobial peptide loci
, Immunogenetics 62(5): 333-343 (2010)

A revised mechanism of thermal decay of arylnitroso oxides
, Journal of Physical Chemistry. a 116(31): 8142-8147 (2012)

A revised method for determination of dialkylphosphate levels in human urine by solid-phase extraction and liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry: application to human urine samples from Japanese children
, Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine 19(6): 405-413 (2014)

A revised method for determination of serum mercaptalbumin and non-mercaptalbumin by high-performance liquid chromatography coupled with postcolumn bromocresol green reaction
, Annals of Clinical Biochemistry 52(Pt 1): 144-150 (2015)

A revised method for estimating hepatitis B virus transfusion residual risk based on antibody to hepatitis B core antigen incident cases
, Transfusion 48(11): 2308-2314 (2008)

A revised method for measuring distraction by tactile stimulation
, F1000research 3: 188 (2014)

A revised method of estimating the somatic factors affecting the electroencephalogram in deep breathing
, Anatomical Record 101(4): 740 (1948)

A revised method of sexing the human innominate using Phenice's nonmetric traits and statistical methods
, American Journal of Physical Anthropology 149(1): 104-114 (2012)

A revised method to assess intensive care unit clinical performance and resource utilization
, Critical Care Medicine 35(8): 1853-1862 (2007)

A revised method, and errors in the determination of thiosulphate by the Wollak method
, Talanta 26(2): 111-115 (1979)

A revised methodology for aortic-valvar complex calcium quantification for transcatheter aortic valve implantation
, European Heart Journal Cardiovascular Imaging 15(12): 1324-1332 (2014)

A revised mineral nutrient supplement increases biomass and growth rate in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
, Plant Journal 66(5): 770-780 (2011)

A revised model for end-stage liver disease optimizes prediction of mortality among patients awaiting liver transplantation
, Gastroenterology 140(7): 1952-1960 (2011)

A revised model for invariant chain-mediated assembly of MHC class II peptide receptors
, Trends in Biochemical Sciences 32(12): 532-537 (2007)

A revised model for the deposition and clearance of inhaled particles in human extra-thoracic airways
, Radiation Protection Dosimetry 158(2): 135-147 (2014)

A revised model for the secretion of tPA and cytokines from cultured endothelial cells
, Blood 116(12): 2183-2191 (2010)

A revised model of Xenopus dorsal midline development: differential and separable requirements for Notch and Shh signaling
, Developmental Biology 352(2): 254-266 (2011)

A revised model of ex-vivo reduction of hexavalent chromium in human and rodent gastric juices
, Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology 280(2): 352-361 (2014)

A revised modified bentall's procedure using aorto-prosthetic hemostatic suture
, Vojnosanitetski Pregled 68(5): 441-443 (2011)

A revised nephrology nurses' clinical ladder
, Nephrology Nursing Journal 34(2): 243-248 (2007)

A revised nomenclature for transcribed human endogenous retroviral loci
, Mobile Dna 2(1): 7 (2011)

A revised note on quantitative Kahn tests employing 0.9- and 2.5-percent salt solution systems
, Journal of Venereal Disease Information 28(7): 136 (1947)

A revised picture of the Cu(II)-α-synuclein complex: the role of N-terminal acetylation
, Biochemistry 53(17): 2815-2817 (2014)

Associations of Ambient Temperature with Mortality Rates of Cardiovascular and Respiratory Diseases in Taiwan: A Subtropical Country
, Acta Cardiologica Sinica 34(2): 166-174 (2018)

A revised questioning technique in lie-detection tests
, Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology Including the American Journal of Police Science 37(6): 542-547 (1947)

A revised radiocarbon date for a case of treponemal disease from Safed, Israel, from the 15th Century AD
, American Journal of Physical Anthropology 139(2): 274 (2009)

A revised research agenda model
, American Journal of Health Promotion 4(3): 220-222 (1990)

A revised role for P-glycoprotein in the brain distribution of dexamethasone, cortisol, and corticosterone in wild-type and ABCB1A/B-deficient mice
, Endocrinology 149(10): 5244-5253 (2008)

A revised scheme for developmental pathways of hematopoietic cells: the myeloid-based model
, International Immunology 22(2): 65-70 (2010)

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