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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 51324

Chapter 51324 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Muntzing, A., 1948:
Accessory chromosomes in Poa alpina

Paraskevas, G.K.; Natsis, K.; Ioannidis, O., 2014:
Accessory cleido-occipitalis muscle: case report and review of the literature

Mestdagh, H.; Maynou, C.; Cassagnaud, X., 2002:
Accessory coracobrachialis muscle as a cause of anterior impingement syndrome of the rotator cuff in an athlete

Owsiak, S.; Kostera-Pruszczyk, A.; Rowińska-Marcińska, K., 2008:
Accessory deep peroneal nerve - a clinically significant anomaly?

Priyadarshi, A.; Sugo, E.; Challis, D.; Bolisetty, S., 2015:
Accessory diaphragm associated with non-immune hydrops fetalis

da Silva, T.Krieger.Bento.; Marchiori, E.; da Rosa Silva, G.; Lago, L.Nogueira.; Bello, R.Moreira., 2012:
Accessory diaphragm associated with single pulmonary vein in an asymptomatic patient: 64-multidetector CT findings

Ausin, P.; Caro, A.Gomez.; Sanchez, M.; Gea, J., 2011:
Accessory diaphragm dividing the thoracic cavity between native lung and pulmonary sequestration

Takahashi, Y.; Kakizaki, H.; Nakano, T., 2011:
Accessory ethmoidal foramina: an anatomical study

Natsis, K.; Papathanasiou, E.; Anastasopoulos, N., 2011:
Accessory extensor digiti minimi muscle simulating a soft tissue mass during surgery: a case report

Suhana, E.; Das, S., 2012:
Accessory extensor digiti secundus muscle: some interesting facts

De Barros, S.A., 2014:
Accessory extra-hepatic cile ducts

Wang, B-Gui.; Fröber, R., 2010:
Accessory extrahepatic arteries: Blood supply of a human liver by three arteries A case report with brief literature review

Qi, Y.; Yu, G.; Wu, Q.; Cao, W-Hong.; Fan, Y-Wei., 2013:
Accessory extraocular muscle-a case report and review

Krasny, A.; Lutz, S.; Gramsch, C.; Diepenbruck, S.; Schlamann, M., 2012:
Accessory eye muscle in a young boy with external ophthalmoplegia

O'kane, D.J.; Gunsalus, I.C., 2011:
Accessory factor requirement for pyruvate oxidation

Polka, J.K.; Kollman, J.M.; Mullins, R.Dyche., 2014:
Accessory factors promote AlfA-dependent plasmid segregation by regulating filament nucleation, disassembly, and bundling

Saar, W.E.; Bell, J., 2012:
Accessory flexor digitorum longus presenting as tarsal tunnel syndrome: a case report

Braun, R.; Bernard, C.; Eijkman, C.; Hopkins, F.Gowland., 2012:
Accessory food factors: understanding the catalytic function

Suhaimi, F.Haji.; Das, S., 2013:
Accessory foramen in the human mandible: anatomical and clinical considerations

Lugliè, P.F.; Grabesu, V.; Spano, G.; Lumbau, A., 2013:
Accessory foramina in the furcation area of primary molars. A SEM investigation

Hassan, S.; Young, A.L.; Farooq, M.; Pai, D.; Gough, M., 2012:
Accessory gallbladder: a new anatomical variation arising from both left and right hepatic ducts

Ben Ayed, S.; Boutiba-Ben Boubaker, I.; Ennigrou, S.; Ben Redjeb, S., 2009:
Accessory gene regulator (agr) typing of Staphylococcus aureus isolated from human infections

Sakoulas, G.; Moise, P.A.; Rybak, M.J., 2009:
Accessory gene regulator dysfunction: an advantage for Staphylococcus aureus in health-care settings?

Tang, J-ni.; Zhou, R.; Wang, H-ning.; Zeng, Z-guang., 2008:
Accessory gene regulator in Staphylococcus biofilm formation and infection

Hentze, J.L.; Moeller, M.E.; Jørgensen, A.F.; Bengtsson, M.S.; Bordoy, A.M.; Warren, J.T.; Gilbert, L.I.; Andersen, O.; Rewitz, K.F., 2013:
Accessory gland as a site for prothoracicotropic hormone controlled ecdysone synthesis in adult male insects

Gheno, R.; Zoner, C.S.; Buck, F.M.; Nico, M.A.C.; Haghighi, P.; Trudell, D.J.; Resnick, D., 2010:
Accessory head of biceps brachii muscle: anatomy, histology, and MRI in cadavers

Radhakrishnan, J.; Bean, J.; Piazza, D.J.; Chin, A.C., 2015:
Accessory hemi diaphragm

Kostov, D.V.; Kobakov, G.L., 2012:
Accessory hepatic lobe

Massaro, M.; Valencia, Mía.P.; Guzman, Mónica.; Mejia, J., 2007:
Accessory hepatic lobe mimicking an intra-abdominal tumor

Vidal, V.; Monnet, O.; Jacquier, A.; Bartoli, J-Michel.; Tropiano, P., 2010:
Accessory iliac vein: surgical implications

Cigali, B.Sabri.; Ulucam, E.; Bozer, C., 2009:
Accessory inferior thyroid artery and internal thoracic artery originating from the thyrocervical trunk

Holden, T.; Pedro, R.Nardi.; Monga, M., 2009:
Accessory instrumentation in flexible ureteroscopy: Evidence-based recommendation

Paraskevas, G.; Papaziogas, B.; Natsis, K.; Ioannidis, O.; Martoglou, S.; Economou, D.; Kitsoulis, P., 2011:
Accessory internal thoracic artery and its clinical significance

Dame, L.R., 2017:
Accessory lacrimal gland on the cornea

Rai, R.; Ranade, A.V.; Prabhu, L.V.; Pai, M.M.; Nayak, S.R., 2008:
Accessory lateral pectoral nerves supplying the pectoralis major

Liao, Y.Joyce.; Hwang, J.J., 2014:
Accessory lateral rectus in a patient with normal ocular motor control

Fichter, N.; von Arx, G.; Kirsch, E.C., 2015:
Accessory lateral rectus muscle in graves' orbitopathy: a case report

Gungor, Bıs.; Velibey, Y.; Karaca, G.; Yilmaz, H.; Gurkan, U.; Bolca, O.; Sahin, S., 2013:
Accessory left anterior descending artery arising from left sinus of Valsalva: unreported case

Sherif, H.M.F.; Banbury, M.K., 2010:
Accessory left atrial chordae: an unusual cause of mitral valve insufficiency

Killeen, R.P.; Ryan, R.; MacErlane, A.; Martos, R.; Keane, D.; Dodd, J.D., 2010:
Accessory left atrial diverticulae: contractile properties depicted with 64-slice cine-cardiac CT

Pai, R.Shakuntala.; Hunnargi, A.Shahin.; Srinivasan, M., 2008:
Accessory left hepatic artery arising from common hepatic artery

Kayalvizhi, I.; Monisha, B.; Usha, D., 2012:
Accessory left testicular artery in association with double renal vessels: a rare anomaly

Usoltsev, N.A.; Alfirevic, A.; Trombetta, C., 2014:
Accessory left ventricular chamber: intraoperative echocardiographic assessment

Yalcin, B.; Hurmeric, V.; Loukas, M.; Tubbs, R.Shane.; Ozan, H., 2009:
Accessory levator muscle slips of the levator palpebrae superioris muscle

Parks, C.; Mugamba, J., 2015:
Accessory limb with myelomeningocele: a rare case challenging previously held beliefs

Sirasanagandla, S.Rao.; Kumar, N.; Nayak, S.B.; Shetty, S.D.; Bhat, K.M.R., 2014:
Accessory liver lobe attached to the wall of the gallbladder: a cadaveric case report

Han, S.; Soylu, L., 2009:
Accessory liver lobe in the left thoracic cavity

Rougemont, A-Laure.; Sartelet, Hé.; Oligny, L.L.; Bensoussan, A.; Yazbeck, S.; Fournet, J-Christophe., 2007:
Accessory liver lobe with mesothelial inclusion cysts in an omphalocele: a new malformative association

Wang, Y.; Junlin, L.; Zhang, W-guo.; Chen, J-hua.; He, Y.; Chen, J-ming., 2010:
Accessory lobe of right liver mimicking a pulmonary tumor in an adult male

Friedman, P.S.; Solis-Cohen, L.; Levine, S., 2016:
Accessory lobe of the liver and its significance in roentgen diagnosis

Wang, C.; Cheng, L.; Zhang, Z.; Xie, T.; Ding, H.; Deng, Q.; Yuan, Z., 2012:
Accessory lobes of the liver: A report of 3 cases and review of the literature

Bayri, Yşar.; Tanrıkulu, B.; Ekşi, M.Sakir.; Dağçınar, A., 2015:
Accessory lower limb associated with spina bifida: case report

Rusu, M.Constantin., 2010:
Accessory lumbar splanchnic ganglia in humans: a case report

Michiels, N.K.; Crowley, P.H.; Anthes, N., 2009:
Accessory male investment can undermine the evolutionary stability of simultaneous hermaphroditism

Peacock, Z.S.; Resnick, C.M.; Faquin, W.C.; Kaban, L.B., 2012:
Accessory mandibular condyle at the coronoid process

Pancer, B.; Garaicoa-Pazmiño, C.; Bashutski, J.D., 2016:
Accessory mandibular foramen during dental implant placement: case report and review of literature

Nevin, M., 1948:
Accessory mandibular foramina

Przystańska, A.; Bruska, Młgorzata., 2010:
Accessory mandibular foramina: histological and immunohistochemical studies of their contents

Balcioglu, H.Avni.; Kocaelli, H., 2009:
Accessory mental foramen

Naitoh, M.; Hiraiwa, Y.; Aimiya, H.; Gotoh, K.; Ariji, E., 2009:
Accessory mental foramen assessment using cone-beam computed tomography

Thakur, G.; Thomas, S.; Thayil, S.Cyriac.; Nair, P.P., 2013:
Accessory mental foramen: a rare anatomical finding

Paraskevas, G.; Mavrodi, A.; Natsis, K., 2016:
Accessory mental foramen: an anatomical study on dry mandibles and review of the literature

N S, M.; N S, K.; Singh, M.; Patel, G., 2013:
Accessory mental nerve: a case report

Bae, S-Ho.; Lim, S-Chul., 2010:
Accessory middle turbinate

Pavione, M.Alves.; Mendonça, Jé.Teles.de.; Souza, I.Sérgio.Espínola.; Russo, M.Amélia.Fontes.de.Faria., 2013:
Accessory mitral leaflet: an uncommon form of subaortic stenosis

Ucak, A.; Onan, B.; Alp, I.; Yılmaz, A.Turan., 2011:
Accessory mitral papillary muscle causing severe aortic insufficiency

Chandra, D.; Gupta, A.; Gupta, V.K., 2015:
Accessory mitral tissue: a rare cause of left ventricular outflow obstruction

Bär, H.; Katus, H.A.; Mereles, D., 2007:
Accessory mitral valve as a potential source of cardioembolism

Tanaka, H.; Kawai, H.; Tatsumi, K.; Kataoka, T.; Onishi, T.; Yokoyama, M.; Okita, Y., 2007:
Accessory mitral valve associated with aortic and mitral regurgitation and left ventricular outflow tract obstruction in an elderly patient: a case report

Gilbertson, C.K.; Weldner, P.W.; Connors, C.W., 2013:
Accessory mitral valve associated with coarctation of the aorta and bicuspid aortic valve without left ventricular outflow tract obstruction

To, A.C.Y.; McCurry, K.R.; Jaber, W.A.; Rodríguez, L.L.; Menon, V., 2010:
Accessory mitral valve associated with mitral cleft, bicuspid aortic valve, and aortic coarctation

Chaubey, S.; Khan, H.; Zaheer, A.; Desai, J., 2012:
Accessory mitral valve associated with transient ischemic attacks

Jiang, S.; Zhang, T.; Sheng, W.; Gao, C., 2011:
Accessory mitral valve causing left ventricular outflow tract obstruction

Okada, M.; Kato, G.; Ochi, Y.; Nakai, M., 2008:
Accessory mitral valve causing left ventricular outflow tract obstruction in an adult

El-Eshmawi, A.; Castillo, J.G.; Rhee, A.J.; Pawale, A.; Anyanwu, A.C., 2014:
Accessory mitral valve leaflet

McGlinchey, P.; Fitzpatrick, S.; Purvis, J., 2009:
Accessory mitral valve leaflet causing left ventricular outflow tract obstruction in an adult

Knapp, Młgorzata.; Lisowska, A.; Sobkowicz, B.; Kuśmierczyk, M.; Skibińska, E.; Musiał, Włodzimierz., 2008:
Accessory mitral valve tissue as a cause of the subvalvular aortic stenosis

Panduranga, P.; Eapen, T.; Al-Maskari, S.; Al-Farqani, A., 2011:
Accessory mitral valve tissue causing severe left ventricular outflow tract obstruction in a post-Senning patient with transposition of the great arteries

Yuan, S-Min.; Shinfeld, A.; Mishaly, D.; Haizler, R.; Ghosh, P.; Raanani, E., 2008:
Accessory mitral valve tissue: a case report and an updated review of literature

Rao, N.; Gajjar, T.; Desai, N., 2012:
Accessory mitral valve tissue: an unusual cause of congenital mitral stenosis

Manganaro, R.; Zito, C.; Khandheria, B.K.; Cusmà-Piccione, M.; Chiara Todaro, M.; Oreto, G.; D'Angelo, M.; Mohammed, M.; Carerj, S., 2014:
Accessory mitral valve tissue: an updated review of the literature

Mathias, H.; Ismail, Y.; Hamilton, M.C.; Manghat, N.E., 2013:
Accessory mitral valve tissue: appearance on cardiac computed tomography

Rozo, J.Carlos.; Medina, D.; Guerrero, C.; Calderon, A.Maria.; Mesa, Aés., 2008:
Accessory mitral valve without left ventricular outflow tract obstruction in an adult

Golias, C.; Bitsis, T.; Krikidis, D.; Charalabopoulos, K., 2014:
Accessory mitral valve without subaortic obstruction of left ventricular outflow tract in a middle-aged male

Gurzun, M.Magdalena.; Husain, F.; Zaidi, A.; Ionescu, A., 2014:
Accessory mitral valve--an unexpected intra-operative TEE finding causing left ventricular outflow tract obstruction in an adult

Rao, C.Massimiliano.; Lucà, F.; Benedetto, F.Antonio.; Benedetto, D.; Parise, O.; Gelsomino, S., 2015:
Accessory mitral valve: a rare cause of asymptomatic severe left ventricular outflow tract obstruction

Shi, Z-Wei.; Cao, M.; Xu, Y., 2008:
Accessory mitral valve: report of four cases and literature review

Pietretti, D.; Spaink, H.P.; Falco, A.; Forlenza, M.; Wiegertjes, G.F., 2013:
Accessory molecules for Toll-like receptors in Teleost fish. Identification of TLR4 interactor with leucine-rich repeats (TRIL)

Mehta, V.; Gupta, V.; Nayyar, A.; Arora, J.; Loh, H.; Suri, R.K.; Rath, G., 2011:
Accessory muscle belly of peroneus tertius in the leg--a rare anatomical variation with clinical relevance--utility in reconstructions

Cıftçıoğlu, E.; Kopuz, C.; Corumlu, U.; Demır, M.T., 2011:
Accessory muscle in the forearm: a clinical and embryological approach

Arnold, D.H.; Gebretsadik, T.; Sheller, J.R.; Abramo, T.J.; Hartert, T.V., 2011:
Accessory muscle use in pediatric patients with acute asthma exacerbations

Al-Himdani, S.; Talbot, C.; Kurdy, N.; Pillai, A., 2014:
Accessory muscles around the foot and ankle presenting as chronic undiagnosed pain. An illustrative case report and review of the literature

Paraskevas, G.K.; Ioannidis, O., 2011:
Accessory muscles around the superior radioulnar joint: a morphological study

Paraskevas, G.; Natsis, K.; Ioannidis, O.; Papaziogas, B.; Kitsoulis, P.; Spanidou, S., 2008:
Accessory muscles in the lower part of the anterior compartment of the arm that may entrap neurovascular elements

Manjunath, K.Y., 2008:
Accessory muscles of the lower calf

Sookur, P.A.; Naraghi, A.M.; Bleakney, R.R.; Jalan, R.; Chan, O.; White, L.M., 2008:
Accessory muscles: anatomy, symptoms, and radiologic evaluation

Crooks, J.; Signy, A.G., 1936:
Accessory nasal sinusitis in childhood: With a record of bacteriological examinations

Issever, A.Sema.; Minden, K.; Eshed, I.; Hermann, K-Geert.A., 2007:
Accessory navicular bone: when ankle pain does not originate from the ankle

Celik, B.; Coskun, H.; Kumas, F.F.; Irdesel, J.; Zarifoglu, M.; Erisen, L.; Onart, S., 2010:
Accessory nerve function after level 2b-preserving selective neck dissection

Seror, P., 2009:
Accessory nerve lesion after cervicofacial lift: clinical and electrodiagnostic evaluations of two cases

Wills, A.J.; Sawle, G.V., 2011:
Accessory nerve palsies

Sadatomo, T.; Yuki, K.; Migita, K.; Hidaka, T.; Kurisu, K., 2010:
Accessory nerve schwannoma of the intracisternal type: a case report

Murlimanju, B.V.; Prakash, K.G.; Samiullah, D.; Prabhu, L.V.; Pai, M.M.; Vadgaonkar, R.; Rai, R., 2013:
Accessory neurovascular foramina on the lingual surface of mandible: incidence, topography, and clinical implications

Magno, S.; Terribile, D.; Franceschini, G.; Fabbri, C.; Chiesa, F.; Di Leone, A.; Masetti, R., 2009:
Accessory nipple reconstruction following a central quadrantectomy: a case report

Slotnick, B.; Restrepo, D.; Schellinck, H.; Archbold, G.; Price, S.; Lin, W., 2010:
Accessory olfactory bulb function is modulated by input from the main olfactory epithelium

Muramoto, K.; Hagino-Yamagishi, K.; Tonosaki, K.; Kaba, H., 2011:
Accessory olfactory bulb neurons are required for maintenance but not induction of V2R vomeronasal receptor gene expression in vitro

Glodny, B.; Rapf, K.; Unterholzner, V.; Rehder, P.; Hofmann, K.J.; Strasak, A.; Herwig, R.; Petersen, J., 2011:
Accessory or additional renal arteries show no relevant effects on the width of the upper urinary tract: a 64-slice multidetector CT study in 1072 patients with 2132 kidneys

Gnaneswaran, M.Ramamoorthy.; Varadarajan, U.; Srinivasan, R.; Kamatchi, S., 2013:
Accessory oral cavity

Morabito, R.; Colonna, M.R.; Mormina, E.; Stagno d'Alcontres, F.; Salpietro, V.; Blandino, A.; Longo, M.; Granata, F., 2016:
Accessory oral cavity associated with duplication of the tongue and the mandible in a newborn: a rare case of Diprosopus. Multi-row detector computed tomography diagnostic role

Ravindranath, Y.; Manjunath, K.Y.; Ravindranath, R., 2008:
Accessory origin of the piriformis muscle

Arora, J.; Mehta, V.; Suri, R.K.; Rath, G.; Tobin, R.; Das, S., 2011:
Accessory osseous passages in the vicinity of foramen rotundum in a dry adult human skull: morphological evaluation, embryological correlation and clinical reappraisal

Benbara, Aélie.; Tigaizin, A.; Carbillon, L., 2011:
Accessory ovary in the utero-ovarian ligament: an incidental finding

Tamiolakis, D.; Chimona, T.S.; Georgiou, G.; Proimos, E.; Nikolaidou, S.; Perogamvrakis, G.; Papadakis, C.E., 2009:
Accessory parotid gland carcinoma ex pleomorphic adenoma. Case study diagnosed by fine needle aspiration

Ramachar, S.M.; Huliyappa, H.A., 2012:
Accessory parotid gland tumors

Nakashima, Y.; Miyagi-Shiohira, C.; Noguchi, H.; Omasa, T., 2018:
Atorvastatin Inhibits the HIF1α-PPAR Axis, Which Is Essential for Maintaining the Function of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

Kaplan, A.; Fernandez, A.; Osborne, R., 2015:
Accessory parotid malignancy requiring ductal transection

Benzakin, F.; Brembilla-Perrot, B., 2012:
Accessory pathway ablation in children: indications and results

Miyazaki, A.; Sakaguchi, H.; Uchiyama, T.; Kurita, T.; Ohuchi, H.; Yamada, O., 2010:
Accessory pathway reciprocating tachycardia involving twin AV nodes in a patient with atrioventricular discordance and mitral atresia

Sharma, M.S.; Loukas, M.; Spinner, R.J., 2011:
Accessory phrenic nerve: a rarely discussed common variation with clinical implications

Sen, A.; Rajesh, S., 2012:
Accessory piriformis muscle: an easily identifiable cause of piriformis syndrome on magnetic resonance imaging

Herzog, R.Joseph., 2012:
Accessory plantaris muscle: anatomy and prevalence

Lee, Y.S.; Lee, J.H.; Choi, J.S.; Son, C.E.; Jeon, S.W.; Kim, J.T.; Joo, K.J.; Cho, Y.S.; Jung, U.S., 2011:
Accessory polar renal artery encountered in transperitoneal systemic laparoscopic paraaortic lymphadenectomy

Mörschel, E., 1982:
Accessory polypeptides in phycobilisomes of red algae and cyanobacteria

Koetzner, C.A.; Kuo, L.; Goebel, S.J.; Dean, A.B.; Parker, M.M.; Masters, P.S., 2010:
Accessory protein 5a is a major antagonist of the antiviral action of interferon against murine coronavirus

Cooray, S.N.; Chan, L.; Webb, T.R.; Metherell, L.; Clark, A.J.L., 2008:
Accessory proteins are vital for the functional expression of certain G protein-coupled receptors

Sato, M.; Ishikawa, Y., 2009:
Accessory proteins for heterotrimeric G-protein: Implication in the cardiovascular system

Buday, László.; Tompa, Péter., 2010:
Accessory proteins in signal transduction: scaffold proteins and beyond

Nomaguchi, M.; Adachi, A., 2010:
Accessory proteins of HIV and innate anti-retroviral factors

Liu, D.Xiang.; Fung, T.Sing.; Chong, K.Kian-Long.; Shukla, A.; Hilgenfeld, R., 2015:
Accessory proteins of SARS-CoV and other coronaviruses

Leung, Y.F.; Ip, S.P.S.; Ip, W.Y.; Kam, W.L.; Chung, O.M., 2007:
Accessory radial collateral vascular bone graft for the management of nonunion of humeral shaft fracture after intramedullary nailing

Jiga, L.P.; Blidişel, A.; Dindelegan, G.; Hoinoiu, B.; Neamţu, C.; Matusz, P.; Barac, S.; Scurtu, R.; Precup, C.; Cocu, S.; Biro, A.; Jiga, J.; Heredea, R.; Dima, S.; Romanescu, D.; Ionac, M.; Popescus, I., 2010:
Accessory renal allotransplantation with internal or external urinary drainage. An experimental model in pig

Johnson, P.B.; Cawich, S.O.; Shah, S.D.; Aiken, W.; McGregor, R.G.; Brown, H.; Gardner, M.T., 2013:
Accessory renal arteries in a Caribbean population: a computed tomography based study

Saba, L.; Sanfilippo, R.; Montisci, R.; Conti, M.; Mallarini, G., 2008:
Accessory renal artery stenosis and hypertension: are these correlated? Evaluation using multidetector-row computed tomographic angiography

Ali Mohammed, A.Mohammed.; Elseed Abdalrasol, R.Gusm.; Alamin Abdalhai, K.; Gommaa Hamad, M., 2013:
Accessory renal vessels

Hlaing, K.Pa.Pa.; Das, S.; Sulaiman, I.Maatoq.; Abd-Latiff, A.; Abd-Ghafar, N.; Suhaimi, F.Haji.; Othman, F., 2010:
Accessory renal vessels at the upper and lower pole of the kidney: a cadaveric study with clinical implications

Brüning, J-Gert.; Howard, J.L.; McGlynn, P., 2015:
Accessory replicative helicases and the replication of protein-bound DNA

Kostov, D.V.; Kobakov, G.L., 2011:
Accessory right hepatic duct in which a cystic duct drains

Martín Fernández, R.; Pitarch Esteve, V.; Solares Cambres, J.; Arroyo Carrera, I., 2016:
Accessory scrotum

Kumar, P.A.; Arunachalam, P.; Kumar, P.N., 2011:
Accessory scrotum in the perineum

Daut, W.W.; Daut, R.V., 1949:
Accessory scrotum, posteriorly located; review of the literature and report of a case

Lee, R.H.; Goodwin, T.M.; Miller, D.; Songster, G.S., 2007 :
Accessory scrotum: prenatal sonographic features

Bonneau, M., 2010:
Accessory sex glands as a tool to measure the efficacy of immunocastration in male pigs

Fan, J.Jing.; Zhou, J.Lian.; Li, J.Hua.; Cui, S., 2009:
Accessory sex glands of male mice have the ability to synthesize taurine via the cysteine sulfinate decarboxylase pathway

Li, J.; Mao, Q.Hua., 2015:
Accessory slips of the extensor digiti minimi

Rossi, R.; Bonasia, D.Edoardo.; Tron, A.; Ferro, A.; Castoldi, F., 2009:
Accessory soleus in the athletes: literature review and case report of a massive muscle in a soccer player

Rifi, M.; Londero, A.; Mezghani, S.; Jaeger, J.H., 2011:
Accessory soleus muscle: a report of two cases and review of the literature

Skrzat, J.; Walocha, J.; Zawiliński, J., 2013:
Accessory spine of the foramen ovale

Wang, G.; Chen, P.; Zong, L., 2014:
Accessory spleen arising from the gastric fundus mimicking gastrointestinal stromal tumor following splenectomy: A case report

Domínguez, I.; Franssen-Canovas, B.; Uribe-Uribe, N.; Franco, R.; Campuzano, M.; Uscanga, L.F., 2008:
Accessory spleen as a differential diagnosis of intrapancreatic tumors. Case report and review of the literature

Colović, M.; Kostić, K.; Colović, R.; Perisić-Savić, M.; Milosević, R., 1991:
Accessory spleen causing recurrent idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (case report)

Gallego Peinado, M.; de Arcocha Torres, M.; Rebollo Aguirre, A.C.; Ramos Font, C.; Moral Ruiz, A.; Llamas Elvira, J.M., 2007:
Accessory spleen detected with abdominal scintigraphy with denatured red blood cells marked with 99mTC in an 8-year old girl

George, M.; Evans, T.; Lambrianides, A.L., 2012:
Accessory spleen in pancreatic tail

Tate, G.W.; Goforth, J.L., 1949:
Accessory spleen in the scrotum; report of a case

Schwartz, T.L.; Sterkel, B.B.; Meyer-Rochow, G.Y.; Gifford, A.J.; Samara, J.S.; Sywak, M.S.; Johnson, F.E., 2009:
Accessory spleen masquerading as a pancreatic neoplasm

Suriano, S.; Ceriani, L.; Gertsch, P.; Crippa, S.; Giovanella, L., 2012:
Accessory spleen mimicking a pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor

Tozbikian, G.; Bloomston, M.; Stevens, R.; Ellison, E.Christopher.; Frankel, W.L., 2007:
Accessory spleen presenting as a mass in the tail of the pancreas

Yagmur, Y.; Ozturk, H., 2008:
Accessory spleen presenting as mass in the left upper abdomen

Mocanu, S.Niky.; Sierra Vinuesa, A.; Muñoz-Ramos Trayter, C.; Castañeda Figueroa, E.Augusto.; Garcia San Pedro, A., 2016:
Accessory spleen torsion in a teenager

Impellizzeri, P.; Montalto, A.S.; Borruto, F.A.; Antonuccio, P.; Scalfari, G.; Arena, F.; Romeo, C., 2009:
Accessory spleen torsion: rare cause of acute abdomen in children and review of literature

Groshar, D.; Bernstine, H.; Goldberg, N.; Stern, D.; Sosna, J., 2010:
Accessory spleen-like masses in oncology patients: Are they always benign?

Georgin-Lavialle, S.; Aouba, A.; Canioni, D.; Rieux-Laucat, Fédéric.; Fischer, A.; Hermine, O., 2010:
Accessory spleen: differential diagnosis for lymphoma in autoimmune lymphoproliferative syndrome

Georgin-Lavialle, S.; Gossot, D.; Galicier, L.; Oksenhendler, E.; Fieschi, C., 2010:
Accessory spleens after splenectomy in a patient with common variable immunodeficiency

Unver Dogan, N.; Uysal, I.Ilknur.; Demirci, S.; Dogan, K.Hakan.; Kolcu, G., 2011:
Accessory spleens at autopsy

Thanarajasingam, G.; Vaidya, R.; Erie, A.; Wolanskyj, A.P., 2011:
Accessory splenectomy for refractory immune thrombocytopenic purpura

Lee, S.; Hwang, H.In.; Yum, S.Min.; Lee, W.Sik.; Park, C.Hwan.; Kim, H.Soo.; Choi, S.Kyu.; Rew, J.Sun., 2009:
Accessory splenic infarction presenting as a hemorrhagic tumor in the pancreas

Logan, A.; Berube, C.; Gotlib, J., 2013:
Accessory splenules in autoimmune hemolytic anemia

Böckler, A.; Alpay, G.; Stürmer, B., 2011:
Accessory stimuli affect the emergence of conflict, not conflict control

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Accidental exposures to cleaning products in food services

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Accidental extubations - are the infants trying to tell us something?

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Accidental fall from the swing

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Accidental falls

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Accidental fire fatality with sustained combustion

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Accidental hijab pin ingestion in Muslim women: an emerging endoscopic emergency?

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Accidental hypothermia

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Accidental hypothermia

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Accidental hypothermia

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Accidental hypothermia, not just a clinical sign, a social alarm bell

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Accidental informaticist

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Accidental ingestion of 35% hydrogen peroxide

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Accidental ingestion of a cocktail stick

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Accidental ingestion of an untethered instrument during implant surgery

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Accidental ingestion of boric acid

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Accidental ingestion of chemical substances in children

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Accidental ingestion of chemical substances in the elderly

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Accidental ingestion of dosulepin presenting as atrial flutter in a child

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Accidental ingestion of tobacco products by children and awareness by guardians of the hazard potential

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Accidental injection of remifentanil can cause a much more dangerous situation than the same dose of fentanyl

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Accidental injection with adrenaline autoinjectors

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Accidental injections from epinephrine auto-injectors (EpiPens)..

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Accidental injections of dexamethasone intravitreal implant (Ozurdex) into the crystalline lens

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Accidental injuries are more common in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder compared with their non-affected siblings

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Accidental internal burns in children

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Accidental intoxication with hydrochloric acid and hydrofluoric acid mixture

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Accidental intoxication with methotrexate--a case report

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Accidental intoxication with unlabeled, generic transdermal fentanyl patches caused by insufficient instruction

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Accidental intra-arterial antecubital injection of fluorescein and indocyanine green dyes

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Accidental traumatic head injury in infants and young children

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Accidental versus operational oil spills from shipping in the Baltic Sea: risk governance and management strategies

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Accidental, but initially suspicious, injury

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