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Acid-base equilibria in ethylene glycol--III: selection of titration conditions in ethylene glycol medium, protolysis constants of alkaloids in ethylene glycol and its mixtures

Zikolov, P.; Zikolova, T.; Budevsky, O.

Talanta 23(8): 587-590


ISSN/ISBN: 0039-9140
PMID: 18961934
DOI: 10.1016/0039-9140(76)80240-8
Accession: 051333510

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Theoretical titration curves are used for the selection of appropriate conditions for the acid-base volumetric determination of weak bases in ethylene glycol medium. The theoretical curves for titration of some alkaloids are deduced graphically on the basis of the logarithmic concentration diagram. The acid-base constants used for the construction of the theoretical titration curves were determined by potentiometric titration in a cell without liquid junction, equipped with a glass and a silver-silver chloride electrode. It is shown that the alkaloids investigated can be determined accurately by visual or potentiometric titration. The same approach for the selection of titration conditions seems to be applicable to other non-aqueous amphiprotic solvents.

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