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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 51335

Chapter 51335 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Talbot, R.W.; Elzerman, A.W., 1985:
Acidification of southern Appalachian lakes

Katzenstein, A.W., 1986:
Acidification of southern Appalachian lakes. Comments

Talbot, R.W.; Elzerman, A.W., 1986:
Acidification of southern Appalachian lakes. Reply to comments

Hirata, Y.; Shimokawa, N.; Oh-hashi, K.; Yu, Z-Xi.; Kiuchi, K., 2010:
Acidification of the Golgi apparatus is indispensable for maturation but not for cell surface delivery of Ret

Öörni, K.; Rajamäki, K.; Nguyen, S.Duy.; Lähdesmäki, K.; Plihtari, R.; Lee-Rueckert, M.; Kovanen, P.T., 2015:
Acidification of the intimal fluid: the perfect storm for atherogenesis

Javorkova, N.; Varechova, S.; Pecova, R.; Tatar, M.; Balaz, D.; Demeter, M.; Hyrdel, R.; Kollarik, M., 2007:
Acidification of the oesophagus acutely increases the cough sensitivity in patients with gastro-oesophageal reflux and chronic cough

Shi, X.; Lim, J.; Ha, T., 2010:
Acidification of the oxygen scavenging system in single-molecule fluorescence studies: in situ sensing with a ratiometric dual-emission probe

Cavazzoni, C.; Colle, R.; Farchioni, R.; Grosso, G., 2008:
Acidification of three-dimensional emeraldine polymers: Search for minimum energy paths from base to salt

Bostedt, Göran.; Löfgren, S.; Innala, S.; Bishop, K., 2011:
Acidification remediation alternatives: exploring the temporal dimension with cost benefit analysis

Sucker, C.; von Wilpert, K.; Puhlmann, H., 2011:
Acidification reversal in low mountain range streams of Germany

Akselsson, C.; Hultberg, H.; Karlsson, P.Erik.; Pihl Karlsson, G.; Hellsten, S., 2013:
Acidification trends in south Swedish forest soils 1986-2008 - slow recovery and high sensitivity to sea-salt episodes

Yang, S-Xiang.; Liao, B.; Li, J-tian.; Guo, T.; Shu, W-Sheng., 2010:
Acidification, heavy metal mobility and nutrient accumulation in the soil-plant system of a revegetated acid mine wasteland

Rzemieniak, S.E.; Hirschfeld, A.F.; Victor, R.E.; Chilvers, M.A.; Zheng, D.; van den Elzen, P.; Turvey, S.E., 2010:
Acidification-dependent activation of CD1d-restricted natural killer T cells is intact in cystic fibrosis

Heaselgrave, W.; Andrew, P.W.; Kilvington, S., 2010:
Acidified nitrite enhances hydrogen peroxide disinfection of Acanthamoeba, bacteria and fungi

Cunningham, R.; Mustoe, E.; Spiller, L.; Lewis, S.; Benjamin, N., 2014:
Acidified nitrite: a host defence against colonization with C. difficile spores?

Liao, C-H., 2009:
Acidified sodium chlorite as an alternative to chlorine for elimination of salmonella on alfalfa seeds

Tomás-Callejas, A.; López-Velasco, G.; Artés, F.; Artés-Hernández, F., 2012:
Acidified sodium chlorite optimisation assessment to improve quality of fresh-cut tatsoi baby leaves

Ogoshi, R.C.S.; Zangeronimo, Márcio.G.; Dos Reis, Jéssica.S.; França, J.; Santos, Jão.P.F.; Pires, C.P.; Chizzotti, A.F.; Costa, A.C.; Ferreira, Lívia.G.; Saad, Fávia.M.O.B., 2015:
Acidifying and yeast extract in diets for adults cats

Mannens, M.G., 1972:
Acidimetric titration of heavy metal acetates

Kishimoto, N.; Kosako, Y.; Tano, T., 1993:
Acidiphilium aminolytica sp. nov.: An acidophilic chemoorganotrophic bacterium isolated from acidic mineral environment

Okamura, K.; Kawai, A.; Wakao, N.; Yamada, T.; Hiraishi, A., 2015:
Acidiphilium iwatense sp. nov., isolated from an acid mine drainage treatment plant, and emendation of the genus Acidiphilium

Okamura, K.; Kawai, A.; Yamada, T.; Hiraishi, A., 2011:
Acidipila rosea gen. nov., sp. nov., an acidophilic chemoorganotrophic bacterium belonging to the phylum Acidobacteria

Golyshina, O.V.; Yakimov, M.M.; Lünsdorf, H.; Ferrer, M.; Nimtz, M.; Timmis, K.N.; Wray, V.; Tindall, B.J.; Golyshin, P.N., 2009:
Acidiplasma aeolicum gen. nov., sp. nov., a euryarchaeon of the family Ferroplasmaceae isolated from a hydrothermal pool, and transfer of Ferroplasma cupricumulans to Acidiplasma cupricumulans comb. nov

Belova, S.E.; Pankratov, T.A.; Detkova, E.N.; Kaparullina, E.N.; Dedysh, S.N., 2009:
Acidisoma tundrae gen. nov., sp. nov. and Acidisoma sibiricum sp. nov., two acidophilic, psychrotolerant members of the Alphaproteobacteria from acidic northern wetlands

Wozniak, M.; Nowogrocki, G., 1979:
Acidites et complexes des acides (alkyl-et aminoalkyl-) phosphoniques--III Alkylphosphonates substitues de calcium(II) et cuivre(II)

Wozniak, M.; Nowogrocki, G., 1979:
Acidites et complexes des acides (alkyl-et aminoalkyl-) phosphoniques-IV: acides aminoalkylphosphoniques R(1)R(2)N(CH(2))(n)CR(3)R(4)PO(3)H(2)

Chen, L.; Ren, Y.; Lin, J.; Liu, X.; Pang, X.; Lin, J., 2013:
Acidithiobacillus caldus sulfur oxidation model based on transcriptome analysis between the wild type and sulfur oxygenase reductase defective mutant

Hedrich, S.; Johnson, D.Barrie., 2014:
Acidithiobacillus ferridurans sp. nov., an acidophilic iron-, sulfur- and hydrogen-metabolizing chemolithotrophic gammaproteobacterium

Hallberg, K.B.; González-Toril, E.; Johnson, D.Barrie., 2010:
Acidithiobacillus ferrivorans, sp. nov.; facultatively anaerobic, psychrotolerant iron-, and sulfur-oxidizing acidophiles isolated from metal mine-impacted environments

Bobadilla Fazzini, R.A.; Levican, G.; Parada, P., 2011:
Acidithiobacillus thiooxidans secretome containing a newly described lipoprotein Licanantase enhances chalcopyrite bioleaching rate

Zimmermann, M.D.; Tossell, J.A., 2009:
Acidities of arsenic (III) and arsenic (V) thio- and oxyacids in aqueous solution using the CBS-QB3/CPCM method

Dávalos, J.Z.; González, J.; Ramos, Río.; Hnyk, Dír.; Holub, J.; Santaballa, J.Arturo.; Canle-L, Més.; Oliva, J.M., 2015:
Acidities of closo-1-COOH-1,7-C2B10H11 and amino acids based on icosahedral carbaboranes

Klotz, I.M., 1943:
Acidity and Activity of Sulfonamides

Kanzaki, R.; Uchida, K.; Song, X.; Umebayashi, Y.; Ishiguro, S-ichi., 2008:
Acidity and basicity of aqueous mixtures of a protic ionic liquid, ethylammonium nitrate

Gao, Y.; Toubaei, A.; Kong, X.; Wu, G., 2015:
Acidity and hydrogen exchange dynamics of iron(II)-bound nitroxyl in aqueous solution

Lähdesmäki, K.; Öörni, K.; Alanne-Kinnunen, M.; Jauhiainen, M.; Hurt-Camejo, E.; Kovanen, P.T., 2012:
Acidity and lipolysis by group V secreted phospholipase A(2) strongly increase the binding of apoB-100-containing lipoproteins to human aortic proteoglycans

Tang, X-Gan.; Yang, J-Ling.; Zhang, G-Lin., 2009:
Acidity characteristics and element flux of rainwater in the hilly area of south Anhui, China

Zheng, A.; Liu, S-Bin.; Deng, F., 2014:
Acidity characterization of heterogeneous catalysts by solid-state NMR spectroscopy using probe molecules

El-Gahami, M.A.; Mekky, A.E.M.; Saleh, T.S.; Al-Bogami, A.S., 2015:
Acidity constant and solvatochromic behavior of some pyrazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidin-2-amine derivatives

Sıdır, İsa.; Gülseven Sıdır, Y.; Berber, H., 2013:
Acidity constant determination of novel drug precursor benzothiazolon derivatives including acyl and piperazine moieties

Sulpizi, M.; Sprik, M., 2011:
Acidity constants from DFT-based molecular dynamics simulations

Sulpizi, M.; Sprik, M., 2008:
Acidity constants from vertical energy gaps: density functional theory based molecular dynamics implementation

Reartes, G.B.; Liberman, S.J.; Blesa, M.A., 1987:
Acidity constants of benzidine in aqueous solutions

Kiliç, M.; Ensing, B., 2015:
Acidity constants of lumiflavin from first principles molecular dynamics simulations

Abedi, M.; Farrokhpour, H., 2013:
Acidity constants of some sulfur oxoacids in aqueous solution using CCSD and MP2 methods

Huntington, G.I.; Rahn, O., 2018:
Acidity controlling antisepsis by weak acids

Martín-Sómer, A.; Mó, O.; Yáñez, M.; Guillemin, J-Claude., 2014:
Acidity enhancement of unsaturated bases of group 15 by association with borane and beryllium dihydride. Unexpected boron and beryllium Brønsted acids

Estrella, V.; Chen, T.; Lloyd, M.; Wojtkowiak, J.; Cornnell, H.H.; Ibrahim-Hashim, A.; Bailey, K.; Balagurunathan, Y.; Rothberg, J.M.; Sloane, B.F.; Johnson, J.; Gatenby, R.A.; Gillies, R.J., 2013:
Acidity generated by the tumor microenvironment drives local invasion

Heil, J.; Tomazic, D.; Egbers, S.; Kast, S.M., 2014:
Acidity in DMSO from the embedded cluster integral equation quantum solvation model

Newman, L.; Likens, G.E.; Bormann, F.H., 1975:
Acidity in rainwater: has an explanation been presented?

Chizallet, Céline.; Raybaud, P., 2010:
Acidity of amorphous silica-alumina: from coordination promotion of Lewis sites to proton transfer

Lipping, L.; Kütt, A.; Kaupmees, K.; Koppel, I.; Burk, P.; Leito, I.; Koppel, I.A., 2011:
Acidity of anilines: calculations vs experiment

Tanner, R.L.; Leaderer, B.P.; Spengler, J.D., 1981:
Acidity of atmospheric aerosols

Musialik, M.; Kuzmicz, R.; Pawłowski, T.S.; Litwinienko, G., 2009 :
Acidity of hydroxyl groups: an overlooked influence on antiradical properties of flavonoids

Budesínský, B., 1969:
Acidity of several chromotropic acid azo derivatives

Dolatshahi, S.; Malakootian, M.; Akbari, H., 2009:
Acidity rate and fluoride content of consumed beverages in kerman/iran

Jeong, N.Cheon.; Lee, J.Sun.; Tae, E.Lee.; Lee, Y.Ju.; Yoon, K.Byung., 2009:
Acidity scale for metal oxides and Sanderson's electronegativities of lanthanide elements

Ramachandran, P.Veeraraghavan.; Pratihar, D., 2007:
Acidity-directed synthesis of substituted gamma-butyrolactones from aliphatic aldehydes

Wang, H-Fen.; Jia, H-Zhen.; Chu, Y-Feng.; Feng, J.; Zhang, X-Zheng.; Zhuo, R-Xi., 2015:
Acidity-promoted cellular uptake and drug release mediated by amine-functionalized block polycarbonates prepared via one-shot ring-opening copolymerization

Delgado, G.; Estañol, B.; Hyd��n, H.; Cort��zar, J., 2014:
Acido, ergo sum: Holger Hydén--the neuroscientist in Cortázar's Hopscotch

Vrcek, I.Vinković.; Kos, I.; Weitner, T.; Birus, M., 2008:
Acido-base behavior of hydroxamic acids: experimental and ab initio studies on hydroxyureas

Kristl, A., 2008:
Acido-basic properties of proton pump inhibitors in aqueous solutions

Mançois, F.; Sanguinet, L.; Pozzo, J-Luc.; Guillaume, M.; Champagne, Bît.; Rodriguez, V.; Adamietz, Fédéric.; Ducasse, L.; Castet, Fédéric., 2007:
Acido-triggered nonlinear optical switches: benzazolo-oxazolidines

de Castro, V.Hipólito.Lemos.; Schroeder, L.Felipe.; Quirino, B.Ferraz.; Kruger, R.Henrique.; Barreto, C.Chaves., 2014:
Acidobacteria from oligotrophic soil from the Cerrado can grow in a wide range of carbon source concentrations

Pankratov, T.A., 2012:
Acidobacteria in microbial consortia of wetlands and tundra lichens

Davis, K.E.R.; Sangwan, P.; Janssen, P.H., 2011:
Acidobacteria, Rubrobacteridae and Chloroflexi are abundant among very slow-growing and mini-colony-forming soil bacteria

Navarrete, Aácio.A.; Kuramae, E.E.; de Hollander, M.; Pijl, A.S.; van Veen, J.A.; Tsai, S.M., 2013:
Acidobacterial community responses to agricultural management of soybean in Amazon forest soils

Docampo, R.; Moreno, S.N.J., 2011:

Ramos, I.; Gomes, F.; Koeller, C.M.; Saito, K.; Heise, N.; Masuda, H.; Docampo, R.; de Souza, W.; Machado, E.A.; Miranda, K., 2012:
Acidocalcisomes as calcium- and polyphosphate-storage compartments during embryogenesis of the insect Rhodnius prolixus Stahl

Kimoto, K-ichiro.; Aizawa, T.; Urai, M.; Ve, N.Bao.; Suzuki, K-ichiro.; Nakajima, M.; Sunairi, M., 2010:
Acidocella aluminiidurans sp. nov., an aluminium-tolerant bacterium isolated from Panicum repens grown in a highly acidic swamp in actual acid sulfate soil area of Vietnam

Brombosz, S.M.; Zucchero, A.J.; McGrier, P.L.; Bunz, U.H.F., 2009:
Acidochromicity of bisarylethynylbenzenes: hydroxy versus dialkylamino substituents

Saviola, B.; Felton, J., 2011:
Acidochromogenicity is a common characteristic in nontuberculous mycobacteria

Cavdar, P.; Yilmaz, E.; Tugtas, A.E.; Calli, B., 2011:
Acidogenic fermentation of municipal solid waste and its application to bio-electricity production via microbial fuel cells (MfCs)

Venkata Mohan, S.; Mohanakrishna, G.; Goud, R.Kannaiah.; Sarma, P.N., 2009:
Acidogenic fermentation of vegetable based market waste to harness biohydrogen with simultaneous stabilization

Dashper, S.G.; Saion, B.N.; Stacey, M.A.; Manton, D.J.; Cochrane, N.J.; Stanton, D.P.; Yuan, Y.; Reynolds, E.C., 2013:
Acidogenic potential of soy and bovine milk beverages

Mayo, J.A.; Ritchie, J.R., 2009:
Acidogenic potential of "sugar-free" cough drops

Amulya, K.; Reddy, M.Venkateswar.; Mohan, S.Venkata., 2014:
Acidogenic spent wash valorization through polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) synthesis coupled with fermentative biohydrogen production

Teets, T.S.; Nocera, D.G., 2013:
Acidolyis and oxygen atom transfer reactivity of a diiridium hydroperoxo complex

Wang, J.; Shahidi, F., 2015:
Acidolysis of p-coumaric acid with omega-3 oils and antioxidant activity of phenolipid products in in vitro and biological model systems

Zhu, H.; Chen, X.; Zhang, X.; Liu, L.; Cong, D.; Zhao, X.; Yu, G., 2015:
Acidolysis-based component mapping of glycosaminoglycans by reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography with off-line electrospray ionization-tandem mass spectrometry: evidence and tags to distinguish different glycosaminoglycans

Walsh, E.; Luo, J.; Zhang, N., 2014:
Acidomelania panicicola gen. et sp. nov. from switchgrass roots in acidic New Jersey pine barrens

Guseĭnova, L.A.; Gasanova, S.A., 2009:
Acidophilic actinomycetes in various types of soil of Azerbaijan

Nancucheo, I.; Barrie Johnson, D., 2012:
Acidophilic algae isolated from mine-impacted environments and their roles in sustaining heterotrophic acidophiles

Tupikina, O.V.; Samorukova, V.D.; Kondrat'eva, T.F., 2009:
Acidophilic chemolithotrophic microorganisms: growth and pyrite oxidation

Huang, Y.; Long, X-En.; Chapman, S.J.; Yao, H., 2015:
Acidophilic denitrifiers dominate the N2O production in a 100-year-old tea orchard soil

Lui, A.; Manera, M.; Giari, L.; Mulero, V.; Dezfuli, B.Sayyaf., 2014:
Acidophilic granulocytes in the gills of gilthead seabream Sparus aurata: evidence for their responses to a natural infection by a copepod ectoparasite

Hirooka, S.; Higuchi, S.; Uzuka, A.; Nozaki, H.; Miyagishima, S-ya., 2015:
Acidophilic green alga Pseudochlorella sp. YKT1 accumulates high amount of lipid droplets under a nitrogen-depleted condition at a low-pH

Conner, A.J.; Benison, K.C., 2014:
Acidophilic halophilic microorganisms in fluid inclusions in halite from Lake Magic, Western Australia

Guo, X-Hui.; Wu, W-Xiang.; Han, Z-Ying.; Shi, D-Zhi., 2012:
Acidophilic methanogens and their applications in anaerobic digestion

Lauer, S.; Oprea-Ilies, G.; Cohen, C.; Adsay, V.; Adams, A.L., 2011:
Acidophilic nuclear inclusions are specific for florid ductal hyperplasia among proliferative breast lesions

Beena, P.S.; Soorej, M.B.; Elyas, K.K.; Sarita, G.Bhat.; Chandrasekaran, M., 2010:
Acidophilic tannase from marine Aspergillus awamori BTMFW032

Chase, L.M.; Hardisty, R.H., 1931:
Acidophilus Milk in the Treatment of Adults

Palmer, W.W., 1917:
Acidosis and Acid Excretion in Pneumonia

Murray, H.L., 1915:
Acidosis and the Nitrogen Partition in Pregnancy

Peters, B.A., 1918:
Acidosis as a Possible Cause of Certain Symptoms in Diphtheria

Quillian, G.W., 1916:
Acidosis in Surgery: a Review of 138 Consecutive Major Operative Cases, in which the Dominating Influence of Acidosis Was Considered

Coombs, C., 1914:
Acidosis Terminating Chronic Myocardial Disease

Dong, L.; Li, Z.; Leffler, N.R.; Asch, A.S.; Chi, J-Tsan.; Yang, L.V., 2013:
Acidosis activation of the proton-sensing GPR4 receptor stimulates vascular endothelial cell inflammatory responses revealed by transcriptome analysis

Van Slyke, D.D., 1934:
Acidosis and Alkalosis

Song, R.; Zhang, L.; Yang, Z.; Tian, X., 2012:
Acidosis and alkalosis impair brain functions through weakening spike encoding at cortical GABAergic neurons

Ho, J.D.; Dawes, D.M.; Nelson, R.S.; Lundin, E.J.; Ryan, F.J.; Overton, K.G.; Zeiders, A.J.; Miner, J.R., 2010:
Acidosis and catecholamine evaluation following simulated law enforcement "use of force" encounters

Martini, W.Z.; Holcomb, J.B., 2007:
Acidosis and coagulopathy: the differential effects on fibrinogen synthesis and breakdown in pigs

Popli, S.; Sun, Y.; Tang, H-Lok.; Kjellstrand, C.M.; Tzamaloukas, A.H.; Ing, T.S., 2014:
Acidosis and coma in adult diabetic maintenance dialysis patients with extreme hyperglycemia

Darlington, D.N.; Kheirabadi, B.S.; Scherer, M.R.; Martini, W.Z.; Dubick, M.A., 2012:
Acidosis and correction of acidosis does not affect rFVIIa function in swine

Furniss, A., 2011:
Acidosis and cyclical vomiting

Sakallı, H.; Baskın, E.; Bayrakcı, U.Selda.; Moray, Gökhan.; Haberal, M., 2015:
Acidosis and hyperkalemia caused by losartan and enalapril in pediatric kidney transplant recipients

Dempfle, C-Erik.; Borggrefe, M., 2007:
Acidosis and impaired blood coagulation: what and how to correct before using recombinant human factor VIIa

Kapur, S.; Wasserstrom, J.Andrew.; Kelly, J.E.; Kadish, A.H.; Aistrup, G.L., 2009:
Acidosis and ischemia increase cellular Ca2+ transient alternans and repolarization alternans susceptibility in the intact rat heart

Yaqoob, M.M., 2010:
Acidosis and progression of chronic kidney disease

Miki, K.; Maekura, R.; Hiraga, T.; Hashimoto, H.; Kitada, S.; Miki, M.; Yoshimura, K.; Tateishi, Y.; Fushitani, K.; Motone, M., 2010:
Acidosis and raised norepinephrine levels are associated with exercise dyspnoea in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

Li, Z.; Dong, L.; Dean, E.; Yang, L.V., 2014:
Acidosis decreases c-Myc oncogene expression in human lymphoma cells: a role for the proton-sensing G protein-coupled receptor TDAG8

Vilin, Y.Y.; Peters, C.H.; Ruben, P.C., 2012:
Acidosis differentially modulates inactivation in na(v)1.2, na(v)1.4, and na(v)1.5 channels

Dabertrand, F.; Nelson, M.T.; Brayden, J.E., 2012:
Acidosis dilates brain parenchymal arterioles by conversion of calcium waves to sparks to activate BK channels

Etulain, J.; Negrotto, S.; Carestia, A.; Pozner, R.Gabriel.; Romaniuk, Mía.Albertina.; D'Atri, L.Paola.; Klement, G.Lakka.; Schattner, M., 2012:
Acidosis downregulates platelet haemostatic functions and promotes neutrophil proinflammatory responses mediated by platelets

Edye, M.E.; Lopez-Castejon, G.; Allan, S.M.; Brough, D., 2014:
Acidosis drives damage-associated molecular pattern (DAMP)-induced interleukin-1 secretion via a caspase-1-independent pathway

Du, C.Yun.; Adeniran, I.; Cheng, H.; Zhang, Y.Hong.; El Harchi, A.; McPate, M.J.; Zhang, H.; Orchard, C.H.; Hancox, J.C., 2011:
Acidosis impairs the protective role of hERG K(+) channels against premature stimulation

Leathes, J.B., 1908:
Acidosis in Pregnancy

Curley, G.F.; Laffey, J.G., 2016:
Acidosis in the critically ill - balancing risks and benefits to optimize outcome

Scott, K.A.; Martin, J.H.; Inder, W.J., 2011 :
Acidosis in the hospital setting: is metformin a common precipitant?

Gordon, H.H., 1948:
Acidosis in young infants

Sauvant, C.; Nowak, M.; Wirth, C.; Schneider, B.; Riemann, A.; Gekle, M.; Thews, O., 2008:
Acidosis induces multi-drug resistance in rat prostate cancer cells (AT1) in vitro and in vivo by increasing the activity of the p-glycoprotein via activation of p38

Celotto, Aéa.C.; Restini, C.B.A.; Capellini, V.K.; Bendhack, L.M.; Evora, P.R.B., 2011:
Acidosis induces relaxation mediated by nitric oxide and potassium channels in rat thoracic aorta

Lamonte, G.; Tang, X.; Chen, J.Ling-Yu.; Wu, J.; Ding, C-Kuang.Cornelia.; Keenan, M.M.; Sangokoya, C.; Kung, H-Ni.; Ilkayeva, O.; Boros, László.G.; Newgard, C.B.; Chi, J-Tsan., 2013:
Acidosis induces reprogramming of cellular metabolism to mitigate oxidative stress

Cheng, H.; Smith, G.L.; Orchard, C.H.; Hancox, J.C., 2009:
Acidosis inhibits spontaneous activity and membrane currents in myocytes isolated from the rabbit atrioventricular node

Eken, C., 2008:
Acidosis is a life-threatening condition regardless of the underlying condition

Ballinger, W.F.; Vollenweider, H.; Templeton, J.Y.; Pierucci, L., 1961:
Acidosis of Hypothermia

Torres, I.M.; Patankar, Y.R.; Shabaneh, T.B.; Dolben, E.; Hogan, D.A.; Leib, D.A.; Berwin, B.L., 2014:
Acidosis potentiates the host proinflammatory interleukin-1β response to Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection

Ryder, C.; McColl, K.; Zhong, F.; Distelhorst, C.W., 2012:
Acidosis promotes Bcl-2 family-mediated evasion of apoptosis: involvement of acid-sensing G protein-coupled receptor Gpr65 signaling to Mek/Erk

Nisbet, A.M.; Burton, F.L.; Walker, N.L.; Craig, M.A.; Cheng, H.; Hancox, J.C.; Orchard, C.H.; Smith, G.L., 2014:
Acidosis slows electrical conduction through the atrio-ventricular node

Morita, T.; Fujieda, M., 2012:
Acidosis with hyperuricemia and renal tubular damage in viral gastroenteritis

Arnett, T.R., 2010:
Acidosis, hypoxia and bone

Borisevich, N.; Loznikova, S.; Sukhodola, A.; Halets, I.; Bryszewska, M.; Shcharbin, D., 2013:
Acidosis, magnesium and acetylsalicylic acid: effects on thrombin

Haja Mydin, H.; Haja Mydin, H.; Murphy, S.; Antunes, G., 2012:
Acidosis, non-invasive ventilation and mortality in hospitalised COPD exacerbations

Cohen, M.V.; Yang, X-Ming.; Downey, J.M., 2008:
Acidosis, oxygen, and interference with mitochondrial permeability transition pore formation in the early minutes of reperfusion are critical to postconditioning's success

Rosival, V., 2009:
Acidosis, phosphofructokinase, and diabetic coma

Isaev, N.K.; Stelmashook, E.V.; Lukin, S.V.; Freyer, D.; Mergenthaler, P.; Zorov, D.B., 2011:
Acidosis-induced zinc-dependent death of cultured cerebellar granule neurons

Odunewu, A.; Fliegel, L., 2013:
Acidosis-mediated regulation of the NHE1 isoform of the Na⁺/H⁺ exchanger in renal cells

de-Brito Ashurst, I.; O'Lone, E.; Kaushik, T.; McCafferty, K.; Yaqoob, M.M., 2016:
Acidosis: progression of chronic kidney disease and quality of life

Nyenwe, E.A.; Razavi, L.N.; Kitabchi, A.E.; Khan, A.N.; Wan, J.Y., 2012:
Acidosis: the prime determinant of depressed sensorium in diabetic ketoacidosis

Orsborne, C.; Hardy, A.; Isalska, B.; Williams, S.G.; Muldoon, E.G., 2015:
Acidovorax oryzae catheter-associated bloodstream infection

Choi, J-Hye.; Kim, M-Soo.; Roh, S.Woon.; Bae, J-Woo., 2015:
Acidovorax soli sp. nov., isolated from landfill soil

Nussbaum, M.A., 1964:
Acids and Bases in Clinical Medicine

Nicolas, M., 2010:
Acids and alkali resistant sticky superhydrophobic surfaces by one-pot electropolymerization of perfluoroalkyl alkyl pyrrole

Pearson, R.G., 1966:
Acids and bases

Guan, W.; Huang, L.; Fan, X., 2011:
Acids in combination with sodium dodecyl sulfate caused quality deterioration of fresh-cut iceberg lettuce during storage in modified atmosphere package

Esquivel, G.; Schruers, K.R.; Maddock, R.J.; Colasanti, A.; Griez, E.J., 2010:
Acids in the brain: a factor in panic?

Liu, P.; Kallio, H.; Lü, D.; Zhou, C.; Ou, S.; Yang, B., 2010:
Acids, sugars, and sugar alcohols in Chinese hawthorn (Crataegus spp.) fruits

Li, J.; Walker, C.E.; Faubion, J.M., 2011:
Acidulant and oven type affect total anthocyanin content of blue corn cookies

Masson, N.; Domingues, R.R.; Cury, J.A.; Paes Leme, A.F., 2013:
Acidulated phosphate fluoride application changes the protein composition of human acquired enamel pellicle

Hedenbjörk-Lager, A.; Ericson, D., 2016:
Aciduric bacterial communities at three levels in dentin caries

Hughes, C.V.; Dahlan, M.; Papadopolou, E.; Loo, C.Y.; Pradhan, N.S.; Lu, S.C.; Mathney, J.M.J.; Bravoco, A.; Kent, R.L.; Tanner, A.C.R., 2013:
Aciduric microbiota and mutans streptococci in severe and recurrent severe early childhood caries

Chen, Q.; Huang, Y.; Yang, Y.; Qiu, H., 2014:
Acid‑induced cell injury and death in lung epithelial cells is associated with the activation of mitogen‑activated protein kinases

Sorscher, S.M., 2016:
Acinar Cell Carcinoma Responding to Carboplatin/Etoposide Chemotherapy

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Acinar cell carcinoma arising from an ectopic pancreas

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ATP Binding Enables Substrate Release from Multidrug Resistance Protein 1

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ATP Release Channels

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ATP Site Ligands Determine the Assembly State of the Abelson Kinase Regulatory Core via the Activation Loop Conformation

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A Traceless Tether Strategy for Achieving Formal Intermolecular Hexadehydro-Diels-Alder Reactions

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Acknowledging APRNs

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Acknowledging HIV and malaria as major causes of maternal mortality in Mozambique

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Acknowledging a failed strategy

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Acknowledging a persistent truth: domestic violence in pregnancy

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Acknowledging and allocating responsibility for clinical inertia in the management of Type 2 diabetes in primary care: a qualitative study

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Acknowledging awareness: informing families of individual research results for patients in the vegetative state

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Acknowledging best practice in medical education

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Acknowledging communication: a milieu-therapeutic approach in mental health care

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Acknowledging complexity: critically analyzing context to understand interdisciplinary research

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Acknowledging conservation trade-offs and embracing complexity

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Acknowledging disproportionate outcomes and changing service delivery

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Acknowledging emotions is calming. Researchers discover a simple trick for preventing overreactions

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Acknowledging excellence and supporting members in meeting community needs

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Acknowledging female sexual dysfunction in women with cancer

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Acknowledging historical precedence

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Acknowledging hubris in interpretative data analysis

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Acknowledging illness and treatment needs in first-time admitted psychiatric patients

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Acknowledging island pedicle flaps for the repair of defects of the medial canthus

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Acknowledging kidney disease: is ignorance salubrious?

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Acknowledging learning styles: a practical approach to planning and delivering teaching sessions

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Acknowledging levels of racism in the definition of "difficult"

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Acknowledging maternal mortality in Uganda

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Acknowledging not-for-profit service providers

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Acknowledging others as 'whole beings'. Managers' perceptions of spirituality and health in the South African workplace

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Acknowledging small acts of kindness

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Acknowledging the diversity of aesthetic experiences: effects of style, meaning, and context

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Acknowledging the elephant in the room: conflict of interest in industry-sponsored clinical research

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Acknowledging the first author and corresponding author of published work

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Acknowledging the grief process of parents with children with mental illness

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Acknowledging the importance of BAI accounts

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Acknowledging the limits of individual competence

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Acknowledging the not-yet in health policy processes

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Acknowledging the past while looking to the future: conceptualizing indigenous child trauma

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Acknowledging the pioneer

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Acknowledging the work of nurses

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Acknowledgment of Vienna Relief Fund

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A tracked robot with novel bio-inspired passive "legs"

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Acknowledgment by the Commission on Accreditation

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Acknowledgment of a seminal publication

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A track made by organized thrombus after catheter fragment removal mimicking a remnant catheter in the popliteal artery

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Acknowledgments in Scientific Papers

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Acknowledgments to reviewers of World Journal of Gastrointestinal Oncology

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Aclidinium (Bretaris Genuair), oral inhalation

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Aclidium bromide (Tudorza Pressair) for COPD

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