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Actinomycotic sinus of the buccal mucosa: a rare complication of cheek dimple creation

AbdullGaffar, B.; Ghandoor, K.; Ahli, Q.

Aesthetic Surgery Journal 34(8): Np80-Np82


ISSN/ISBN: 1527-330X
PMID: 24973339
DOI: 10.1177/1090820x14536727
Accession: 051339523

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Even though actinomyces are common oral commensals, actinomycosis is an uncommon oral infection. Cheek dimple creation is a common surgical procedure with rare complications. Bacterial infection with abscess formation and foreign body reaction were reported. We report a rare example-and, to our knowledge, the first-of oral actinomycosis after cheek dimple creation. A young woman complained of a chronic tender nodule of the right buccal mucosa with pus discharge after surgery for cheek dimple creation. Histologic examination showed a sinus tract with actinomyces microorganisms. This complication can be mimicked by other oral or dental sinus-forming lesions, can be chronic and insidious, and could therefore clinically be missed or mistreated. This might delay the diagnosis and cause scarring and disfigurement. The treatment of choice is early recognition and complete surgical excision to avoid irreversible complications and prevent recurrence. Awareness of this potential complication by aesthetic surgeons, oral clinicians, and dentists is important. Patients' adherence to preventive measures and plastic surgeons' application of inclusion criteria and contraindications, as well as their choice of best technique per patient, should help minimize such a problem in a simple and safe aesthetic procedure. LEVEL OF EVIDENCE 5:

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