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Activated methane on small cationic platinum clusters

Angewandte Chemie 51(3): 817-819

Activated methane on small cationic platinum clusters

Accession: 051340909

PMID: 22147443

DOI: 10.1002/anie.201107042

Related references

Harding, D.J.; Kerpal, C.; Rayner, D.M.; Fielicke, Aé., 2012: Communication: The structures of small cationic gas-phase platinum clusters. The structures of small platinum clusters Pt(3-5)(+) are determined using far-infrared multiple photon dissociation spectroscopy of their argon complexes combined with density functional theory calculations. The clusters are found to have compact...

Xia, F.; Cao, Z., 2006: Relativistic DFT studies of dehydrogenation of methane by Pt cationic clusters: cooperative effect of bimetallic clusters. The dehydrogenation reaction mechanisms of methane catalyzed by transition-metal clusters PtM(+) (M = Cu, Ag, Au) and Pt(n)(+) (n = 2-4) have been investigated theoretically. In the reactions of PtM(+) (M = Cu, Ag, Au) with CH(4), cleavage of the...

Tai, T.Ba.; Nhat, P.Vu.; Nguyen, M.Tho.; Li, S.; Dixon, D.A., 2011: Electronic structure and thermochemical properties of small neutral and cationic lithium clusters and boron-doped lithium clusters: Li(n)(0/+) and Li(n)B(0/+) (n = 1-8). The stability, electronic structure, and thermochemical properties of the pure Li(n) and boron-doped Li(n)B (n = 1-8) clusters in both neutral and cationic states are studied using electronic structure methods. The global equilibrium structures ar...

Dontot, Léo.; Suaud, N.; Rapacioli, M.; Spiegelman, F., 2016: An extended DFTB-CI model for charge-transfer excited states in cationic molecular clusters: model studies versus ab initio calculations in small PAH clusters. We present an extension of the constrained density functional tight binding scheme combined with configuration interaction (DFTB-CI) to efficiently compute excited states of molecular cluster cations and their oscillator strengths from the ground...

Oncák, M.; Cao, Y.; Höckendorf, R.F.; Beyer, M.K.; Zahradník, R.; Schwarz, H., 2009: Thermal N-H bond activation on anionic and cationic platinum clusters: non-predetermined reaction pathways indicate transitions to a bulk surface reactivity. Reactions of cationic and anionic platinum clusters Pt(n)(+/-), n=1-5, with NH(3) are studied by FT-ICR mass spectrometry and DFT calculations. With cationic clusters, radiative association of an intact NH(3) is the dominant reaction channel. On a...

Wyrwas, R.B.; Yoder, B.L.; Maze, J.T.; Jarrold, C.Chick., 2006: Reactivity of small Mo(x)Oy- clusters toward methane and ethane. The reactions of Mo2Oy- suboxide clusters with both methane and ethane have been studied with a combination of mass spectrometry, anion photoelectron spectroscopy, and density functional theory calculations. Reactions were carried out under "...

Swart, I.; Gruene, P.; Fielicke, Aé.; Meijer, G.; Weckhuysen, B.M.; de Groot, F.M.F., 2008: Molecular adsorption of H2 on small cationic nickel clusters. An H2 molecule can bind molecularly on Ni4+ but it binds exclusively dissociatively on Ni5+ and Ni6+ and the adsorption behavior correlates with the relative reactivity of the metal clusters towards H2.

Hoshina, H.; Skvortsov, D.; Slipchenko, M.N.; Sartakov, B.G.; Vilesov, A.F., 2015: Rotation of methane molecules in dimers and small clusters. This work reports on the study of the internal rotation of methane molecules in small clusters containing up to about five molecules. The clusters were assembled in helium droplets at T = 0.38 K by successive capture of single methane molecules an...

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