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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 51376

Chapter 51376 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Sadick, N.S.; Anderson, D.; Werschler, W.P., 2008:
Addressing volume loss in hand rejuvenation: a report of clinical experience

Ranebennur, V.; Gaikwad, S.; Ramesh, S.; Bhende, A., 2014:
Addressing vulnerabilities of female sex workers in an HIV prevention intervention in Mumbai and Thane: experiences from the Aastha project

Kwon, J.S.; Carey, M.S.; Cook, E.Francis.; Qiu, F.; Paszat, L.F., 2007:
Addressing wait times for endometrial cancer surgery in Ontario

Bush, T.; Levine, M.D.; Beebe, L.A.; Cerutti, B.; Deprey, M.; McAfee, T.; Boeckman, L.; Zbikowski, S., 2013:
Addressing weight gain in smoking cessation treatment: a randomized controlled trial

Grattan, B.J.; Connolly-Schoonen, J., 2012:
Addressing weight loss recidivism: a clinical focus on metabolic rate and the psychological aspects of obesity

Schroeder, C.; Diangelo, R., 2010:
Addressing whiteness in nursing education: the sociopolitical climate project at the University of Washington School of Nursing

Royak-Schaler, R.; Cheuvront, B.; Wilson, K.R.; Williams, C.M., 1996:
Addressing women's breast cancer risk and perceptions of control in medical settings

Johnson, K., 2012:
Addressing women's health needs and improving birth outcomes: results from a peer-to-peer state Medicaid learning project

Gopalan, S.S.; Durairaj, V., 2012:
Addressing women's non-maternal healthcare financing in developing countries: what can we learn from the experiences of rural Indian women?

Kaafarani, H.; Möller, M.G.; Prabhakaran, S.; Melis, M., 2011:
Addressing workforce issues with foreign medical graduates

Rodwell, J.; Demir, D., 2014:
Addressing workplace violence among nurses who care for the elderly

Wechsler, H., 2010:
Addressing youth health disparities: the CDC perspective

Saksena, S.; Slee, A., 2018:
Atrial fibrillation and its pernicious role in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction: a new frontier in interventional electrophysiology

Davis, A.M.; Rivkin-Fish, M.; Love, D.J., 2012:
Addressing "difficult patient" dilemmas: possible alternatives to the mediation model

Elshaug, A.G.; Bessen, T.; Moss, J.R.; Hiller, J.E., 2011:
Addressing "waste" in diagnostic imaging: some implications of comparative effectiveness research

Codding, E.G., 1981:
Addressing, accessing and interfacing peripheral devices to microprocessors

Bronsard, G.; Benjelloun, A.; Rufo, M.; Simeoni, M-Claude., 2011:
Addressing, understanding and treating conduct disorders in adolescents through psychoanalysis and neuroscience: towards a disappearance of sex-differences

Chauhan, K.; Devereux, R.B.; Rao, D.; Broeckel, U.; Gu, C.C.; Hopkins, P.; Arnett, D.K., 2010:
Adducin 1 (alpha) Gly460Trp variant is associated with left ventricular geometry in Caucasians and African Americans: The HyperGEN Study

Anong, W.A.; Franco, T.; Chu, H.; Weis, T.L.; Devlin, E.E.; Bodine, D.M.; An, X.; Mohandas, N.; Low, P.S., 2009:
Adducin forms a bridge between the erythrocyte membrane and its cytoskeleton and regulates membrane cohesion

Rötzer, V.; Breit, A.; Waschke, J.; Spindler, V., 2014:
Adducin is required for desmosomal cohesion in keratinocytes

Manunta, P.; Citterio, L.; Lanzani, C.; Ferrandi, M., 2007:
Adducin polymorphisms and the treatment of hypertension

Abdi, K.M.; Bennett, V., 2007:
Adducin promotes micrometer-scale organization of beta2-spectrin in lateral membranes of bronchial epithelial cells

Ferrandi, M.; Molinari, I.; Torielli, L.; Padoani, G.; Salardi, S.; Rastaldi, M.Pia.; Ferrari, P.; Bianchi, G., 2011:
Adducin- and ouabain-related gene variants predict the antihypertensive activity of rostafuroxin, part 1: experimental studies

Lanzani, C.; Citterio, L.; Glorioso, N.; Manunta, P.; Tripodi, G.; Salvi, E.; Carpini, S.Delli.; Ferrandi, M.; Messaggio, E.; Staessen, J.A.; Cusi, D.; Macciardi, F.; Argiolas, G.; Valentini, G.; Ferrari, P.; Bianchi, G., 2011:
Adducin- and ouabain-related gene variants predict the antihypertensive activity of rostafuroxin, part 2: clinical studies

Chan, P-Chao.; Hsu, R.Y.C.; Liu, C-Wei.; Lai, C-Chen.; Chen, H-Chen., 2014:
Adducin-1 is essential for mitotic spindle assembly through its interaction with myosin-X

Naydenov, N.G.; Ivanov, A.I., 2011:
Adducins regulate remodeling of apical junctions in human epithelial cells

Kawanishi, M.; Fujikawa, Y.; Ishii, H.; Nishida, H.; Higashigaki, Y.; Kanno, T.; Matsuda, T.; Takamura-Enya, T.; Yagi, T., 2013:
Adduct formation and repair, and translesion DNA synthesis across the adducts in human cells exposed to 3-nitrobenzanthrone

Bhatki, K.S., 1985:
Adduct formation by the oxinates of certain metals

Nelson, T.J.; Sen, A.; Alkon, D.L.; Sun, M-Kun., 2014:
Adduct formation in liquid chromatography-triple quadrupole mass spectrometric measurement of bryostatin 1

Argüelles, S.; Machado, A.; Ayala, A., 2009:
Adduct formation of 4-hydroxynonenal and malondialdehyde with elongation factor-2 in vitro and in vivo

Janzen, R.; Schwarzer, M.; Sperling, M.; Vogel, M.; Schwerdtle, T.; Karst, U., 2012:
Adduct formation of Thimerosal with human and rat hemoglobin: a study using liquid chromatography coupled to electrospray time-of-flight mass spectrometry (LC/ESI-TOF-MS)

Westberg, E.A.C.; Singh, R.; Hedebrant, U.; Koukouves, G.; Souliotis, V.L.; Farmer, P.B.; Segerbäck, D.; Kyrtopoulos, S.; Törnqvist, M.Å., 2014:
Adduct levels from benzo[a]pyrenediol epoxide: Relative formation to histidine in serum albumin and to deoxyguanosine in DNA in vitro and in vivo in mice measured by LC/MS-MS methods

Cipierre, Cécile.; Haÿs, Séphane.; Maucort-Boulch, D.; Steghens, J-Paul.; Picaud, J-Charles., 2014:
Adduct of malondialdehyde to hemoglobin: a new marker of oxidative stress that is associated with significant morbidity in preterm infants

Hung, N.Ngoc., 2009:
Adduction contracture of the shoulder due to fibrous long head of the triceps in children

Cygan, N.K.; Scheinost, J.C.; Butters, T.D.; Wentworth, P., 2011 :
Adduction of cholesterol 5,6-secosterol aldehyde to membrane-bound myelin basic protein exposes an immunodominant epitope

Wickens, J.R.; Sleeman, R.; Keely, B.J., 2007:
Adduction of solvent molecules by ions isolated within an ion trap mass spectrometer under atmospheric pressure ionisation conditions

Rappaport, S.M.; Li, H.; Grigoryan, H.; Funk, W.E.; Williams, E.R., 2012:
Adductomics: characterizing exposures to reactive electrophiles

Tataroglu, C.; Deneri, E.; Ozkul, A.; Sair, A.; Yaycioglu, S., 2009:
Adductor T reflex abnormalities in patients with decreased patellar reflexes

DeSouza, R.; Shapiro, A.; Westney, O.Lenaine., 2007:
Adductor brevis myositis following transobturator tape procedure: a case report and review of the literature

Chen, J.; Lesser, J.B.; Hadzic, A.; Reiss, W.; Resta-Flarer, F., 2014:
Adductor canal block can result in motor block of the quadriceps muscle

Jæger, P.; Koscielniak-Nielsen, Z.J.; Schrøder, H.M.; Mathiesen, O.; Henningsen, M.H.; Lund, Jørgen.; Jenstrup, M.T.; Dahl, Jørgen.B., 2015:
Adductor canal block for postoperative pain treatment after revision knee arthroplasty: a blinded, randomized, placebo-controlled study

Mariano, E.R.; Perlas, A., 2014:
Adductor canal block for total knee arthroplasty: the perfect recipe or just one ingredient?

Egeler, C.; Jayakumar, A.; Ford, S., 2014:
Adductor canal block is useful but does not achieve a complete block of the knee

Boezaart, Aé.P.; Parvataneni, H.K., 2015:
Adductor canal block may just be an (unreliable) indirect femoral nerve block

Andersen, H.Lykke.; Zaric, D., 2015:
Adductor canal block or midthigh saphenous nerve block: same same but different name!

Jaeger, P.; Nielsen, Z.J.K.; Henningsen, M.H.; Hilsted, K.Lisa.; Mathiesen, O.; Dahl, Jørgen.B., 2013:
Adductor canal block versus femoral nerve block and quadriceps strength: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover study in healthy volunteers

Jæger, P.; Zaric, D.; Fomsgaard, J.S.; Hilsted, K.Lisa.; Bjerregaard, J.; Gyrn, J.; Mathiesen, O.; Larsen, T.K.; Dahl, Jørgen.B., 2014:
Adductor canal block versus femoral nerve block for analgesia after total knee arthroplasty: a randomized, double-blind study

Kim, D.H.; Lin, Y.; Goytizolo, E.A.; Kahn, R.L.; Maalouf, D.B.; Manohar, A.; Patt, M.L.; Goon, A.K.; Lee, Y-Yu.; Ma, Y.; Yadeau, J.T., 2014:
Adductor canal block versus femoral nerve block for total knee arthroplasty: a prospective, randomized, controlled trial

Davis, J.J.; Bond, T.S.; Swenson, J.D., 2010:
Adductor canal block: more than just the saphenous nerve?

Espelund, M.; Grevstad, U.; Jaeger, P.; Hölmich, P.; Kjeldsen, L.; Mathiesen, O.; Dahl, J.B., 2015:
Adductor canal blockade for moderate to severe pain after arthroscopic knee surgery: a randomized controlled trial

Green, J.S.; Dillane, D.; Tsui, B.C.H., 2013:
Adductor canal nerve catheter for post-operative management of medial ankle pain following ankle fusion

Oláh, K.S., 2008:
Adductor compartment syndrome: An unusual complication of the trans-obturator tape procedure

Iles, J.D., 1968:
Adductor injury: a common cause of groin pain often misdiagnosed as hernia

Nishio, J.; Hara, M.; Naito, M., 2013:
Adductor insertion avulsion syndrome mimicking neoplastic processes in a 14-year-old long-distance runner

Lawande, M.A.; Sankhe, S.; Pungavkar, S.A.; Patkar, D.P., 2007:
Adductor insertion avulsion syndrome with stress fracture of femoral shaft: MRI findings

Rai, V.; Goyal, V.; Shukla, G.; Rath, G.; Behari, M., 2013:
Adductor laryngeal breathing dystonia in NBIA treated with botulinum toxin-A

Delmore, R.J.; Laudner, K.G.; Torry, M.R., 2014:
Adductor longus activation during common hip exercises

Charnock, B.L.; Lewis, C.L.; Garrett, W.E.; Queen, R.M., 2009:
Adductor longus mechanics during the maximal effort soccer kick

Koca, I.; Ucar, M.; Bozdag, Z.; Alkan, S., 2014:
Adductor longus muscle metastasis of transitional cell carcinoma of the urinary bladder

Banks, D.B.A.; MacLennan, I.; Banks, A.J., 2014:
Adductor longus ruptures in elite sportsmen--pitfalls of surgical repair: a report of two cases

Aerts, B.R.J.; Plaisier, P.W.; Jakma, T.S.C., 2015:
Adductor longus tendon rupture mistaken for incarcerated inguinal hernia

Hurwitz, Z.M.; Montilla, R.; Dunn, R.M.; Patel, N.V.; Akyurek, M., 2011:
Adductor magnus perforator flap revisited: an anatomical review and clinical applications

Barrett, T.; Arthurs, O.J., 2010 :
Adductor magnus: a post-operative illustration of its dual nerve supply

Ghai, A.; Garg, N.; Wadhera, R., 2011:
Adductor muscle spasticity

Marfori, M.L.; Wang, E.H.M., 2011:
Adductor myocutaneous flap coverage for hip and pelvic disarticulations of sarcomas with buttock contamination

Fernandez-Palazzi, F.; Carpio, A., 2009:
Adductor myotomy in cerebral palsy: uni or bilateral

Melo,; Silva, S.Alves.da., 2014:
Adductor pollicis muscle as predictor of malnutrition in surgical patients

Pereira, Ríssa.Antunes.; Caetano, A.Lopes.; Cuppari, L.; Kamimura, M.Ayako., 2014:
Adductor pollicis muscle thickness as a predictor of handgrip strength in hemodialysis patients

Bragagnolo, R.; Caporossi, F.Stephan.; Dock-Nascimento, D.Borges.; de Aguilar-Nascimento, Jé.Eduardo., 2010:
Adductor pollicis muscle thickness: a fast and reliable method for nutritional assessment in surgical patients

Gonzalez, M.Cristina.; Duarte, R.R.P.; Budziareck, M.B., 2010:
Adductor pollicis muscle: reference values of its thickness in a healthy population

Khot, A.; Sloan, S.; Desai, S.; Harvey, A.; Wolfe, R.; Graham, H.Kerr., 2009:
Adductor release and chemodenervation in children with cerebral palsy: a pilot study in 16 children

Ibrahim, A.; Murrell, G.A.C.; Knapman, P., 2007:
Adductor strain and hip range of movement in male professional soccer players

Shore, B.J.; Yu, X.; Desai, S.; Selber, P.; Wolfe, R.; Graham, H.Kerr., 2012:
Adductor surgery to prevent hip displacement in children with cerebral palsy: the predictive role of the Gross Motor Function Classification System

Avrahami, D.; Choudur, H.N., 2010:
Adductor tendinopathy in a hockey player with persistent groin pain: a case report

Qureshi, A.Zaheer.; Adiga, S., 2013:
Adductor tenotomy and selective obturator neurectomy for the treatment of spasticity in a man with paraplegia

Mei-Dan, O.; Lopez, V.; Carmont, M.R.; McConkey, M.O.; Steinbacher, G.; Alvarez, P.D.; Cugat, R.B., 2014:
Adductor tenotomy as a treatment for groin pain in professional soccer players

Robertson, I.J.; Curran, C.; McCaffrey, N.; Shields, C.J.; McEntee, G.P., 2011:
Adductor tenotomy in the management of groin pain in athletes

Atkinson, H.Dushan.E.; Johal, P.; Falworth, M.S.; Ranawat, V.S.; Dala-Ali, B.; Martin, D.K., 2010:
Adductor tenotomy: its role in the management of sports-related chronic groin pain

Schilders, E.; Bismil, Q.; Robinson, P.; O'Connor, P.J.; Gibbon, W.William.; Talbot, J.Charles., 2007:
Adductor-related groin pain in competitive athletes. Role of adductor enthesis, magnetic resonance imaging, and entheseal pubic cleft injections

Schilders, E.; Talbot, J.Charles.; Robinson, P.; Dimitrakopoulou, A.; Gibbon, W.William.; Bismil, Q., 2009:
Adductor-related groin pain in recreational athletes: role of the adductor enthesis, magnetic resonance imaging, and entheseal pubic cleft injections

Branchi, B.; Ceroni, P.; Balzani, V.; Bergamini, G.; Klärner, F-Gerrit.; Vögtle, F., 2009:
Adducts between dansylated poly(propylene amine) dendrimers and anthracene clips mediated by Zn(II) ions: highly efficient photoinduced energy transfer

Giuliano, B.M.; Melandri, S.; Maris, A.; Favero, L.B.; Caminati, W., 2008:
Adducts of NH3 with the conformers of glycidol: a rotational spectroscopy study

Evangelisti, L.; Pesci, F.; Caminati, W., 2011:
Adducts of alcohols with ethers: the rotational spectrum of isopropanol-dimethyl ether

Brahma, S.; Sachin, H.P.; Shivashankar, S.A.; Narasimhamurthy, T.; Rathore, R.S., 2008:
Adducts of bis(acetylacetonato)zinc(II) with 1,10-phenanthroline and 2,2'-bipyridine

Cmoch, P.; Głaszczka, Rł.; Jaźwiński, Jław.; Kamieński, B.; Senkara, Eżbieta., 2014:
Adducts of nitrogenous ligands with rhodium(II) tetracarboxylates and tetraformamidinate: NMR spectroscopy and density functional theory calculations

Tskhovrebov, A.G.; Vuichoud, B.; Solari, E.; Scopelliti, R.; Severin, K., 2014:
Adducts of nitrous oxide and N-heterocyclic carbenes: syntheses, structures, and reactivity

Jaźwiński, Jław.; Kamieński, B., 2007:
Adducts of rhodium(II) tetraacetate with some nitrogenous organic ligands: application of natural abundance 15N and 13C CPMAS NMR spectroscopy

Abram, P.D.; McKay, D.; Ellis, D.; Macgregor, S.A.; Rosair, G.M.; Sancho, R.; Welch, A.J., 2009:
Adducts of the supraicosahedral stannacarborane 1,6-Me2-4,1,6-closo-SnC2B10H10; synthetic, structural and computational studies

Hornsey, M.; Ellington, M.J.; Doumith, M.; Thomas, C.P.; Gordon, N.C.; Wareham, D.W.; Quinn, J.; Lolans, K.; Livermore, D.M.; Woodford, N., 2010:
AdeABC-mediated efflux and tigecycline MICs for epidemic clones of Acinetobacter baumannii

Sun, J-R.; Perng, C-L.; Lin, J-C.; Yang, Y-S.; Chan, M-C.; Chang, T-Y.; Lin, F-M.; Chiueh, T-S., 2015:
AdeRS combination codes differentiate the response to efflux pump inhibitors in tigecycline-resistant isolates of extensively drug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii

Kurtz, J-Emmanuel.; Dufour, P., 2010:
Adecatumumab: an anti-EpCAM monoclonal antibody, from the bench to the bedside

Shetty, P.; Kamarulzaman, A., 2013:
Adeeba Kamarulzaman: fighting HIV/AIDS in Malaysia

Yim, H.Joon.; Lee, H.Jung.; Suh, S.Jun.; Seo, Y.Seok.; Kim, C.Wook.; Lee, C.Don.; Park, S.Hoon.; Lee, M.Seok.; Park, C.Kee.; Chae, H.Bok.; Kim, M.Young.; Baik, S.Koo.; Kim, Y.Soo.; Kim, J.Hyun.; Lee, J.Il.; Lee, J.Woo.; Hong, S.Pyo.; Um, S.Ho., 2015:
Adefovir and lamivudine combination therapy in patients with entecavir-resistant chronic hepatitis B: antiviral responses and evolution of mutations

Gu, Y.; Ru, T.; Zhou, Y-Hua.; Hu, Y., 2015:
Adefovir as a possible teratogen: evidence from paternal exposure

Renou, C.; Cadranel, J-François.; Pariente, A.; Pénaranda, G.; Bourlière, M.; Halfon, P.; Igual, J-Pierre.; Harafa, A.; Muller, P.; Bertrand, J-Jacques.; Laugier, Ré., 2008:
Adefovir combined with hepatitis C virus treatment may prevent hepatitis B reactivation after hepatitis C virus eradication in hepatitis B and C virus carriers

Buti, Mía.; Rodríguez Frías, F.; Calleja, Jé.Luis.; Jardí, R.; Pons, F.; Crespo, J.; Casanovas, T.; Enríquez, J.; Carnicer, F.; Romero, M.; García Bengoechea, M.; Prieto, Mín.; García Samaniego, J.; Miras, M.; Pérez Roldán, F.; Rueda, M.; Esteban, R., 2007:
Adefovir dipivoxil compassionate use program in Spain: efficacy and resistance analysis

Segovia, M.C.; Chacra, W.; Gordon, S.C., 2012:
Adefovir dipivoxil in chronic hepatitis B: history and current uses

Zoulim, F.; Parvaz, P.; Marcellin, P.; Zarski, J-Pierre.; Beaugrand, M.; Benhamou, Y.; Bailly, Fçois.; Maynard, M.; Trepo, C.; Trylesinski, A.; Monchecourt, Fçoise.; Boyer, N.; Esnault, V.; Calmus, Y.; Houssin, D.; Rosenberg, A.; Dhumeaux, D.; Hezode, C.; Bouvier-Alias, M.; Pol, S.; Nalpas, A.; Poynard, T.; Benhamou, Y.; Thibault, V.; Poupon, R.; Serfaty, L.; Gozlan, Y.; Pialoux, G.; Grange, J.D.; Ahloulay, M.; Beaugrand, M.; Ganne, N.; Baazia, Y.; Fournet, J.; Plages, A.; Bourlière, M.; Leco, 2008:
Adefovir dipivoxil is effective for the treatment of cirrhotic patients with lamivudine failure

Piao, R-Li.; Liu, Y-Yuan.; Tian, D.; Ma, Z-Hua.; Zhang, M.; Zhao, C.; Niu, J-Qi., 2012:
Adefovir dipivoxil modulates cytokine expression in Th1/Th2 cells in patients with chronic hepatitis B

Fung, J.; Lai, C-Lung.; Yuen, J.Chi-hang.; Wong, D.Ka-Ho.; Tanaka, Y.; Mizokami, M.; Yuen, M-Fung., 2007:
Adefovir dipivoxil monotherapy and combination therapy with lamivudine for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B in an Asian population

Santantonio, T.; Fasano, M.; Durantel, S.; Barraud, L.; Heichen, M.; Guastadisegni, A.; Pastore, G.; Zoulim, F., 2009:
Adefovir dipivoxil resistance patterns in patients with lamivudine-resistant chronic hepatitis B

Li, D-fu.; Jin, Z-jing.; Chen, Y-sheng.; Qiao, L-ming.; Zhou, J., 2008:
Adefovir dipivoxil treatment of hepatic cirrhosis complicated with hepatitis B virus associated glomerulonephritis

Li, L.; Dong, G-fu.; Zhang, X.; Xie, Y-sheng., 2013:
Adefovir dipivoxil-induced Fanconi syndrome and hypophosphatemic osteomalacia associated with muscular weakness in a patient with chronic hepatitis B

Izzedine, H.; Kheder-Elfekih, R.; Housset, P.; Sarkozy, C.; Brocheriou, I.; Deray, G., 2009:
Adefovir dipivoxil-induced acute tubular necrosis and Fanconi syndrome in a renal transplant patient

Rodriguez-Frias, F.; Jardi, R.; Schaper, M.; Buti, M.; Ferrer-Costa, C.; Tabernero, D.; Homs, M.; Esteban, R., 2009:
Adefovir for chronic hepatitis B treatment: identification of virological markers linked to therapy response

D.M.rco, V.; Craxì, A., 2007:
Adefovir for lamivudine resistant HBV: more than meets the eye

Castelló Miralles, I.; Del Val Antoñana, A.; Muñoz Vicente, M.; Moreno-Osset, E., 2007:
Adefovir in reactivation of chemotherapy-induced hepatitis B in an anti-Hbc-positive patient

Fabbriciani, G.; de Socio, G.Vittorio.L.; Massarotti, M.; Ceriani, R.; Marasini, B., 2012:
Adefovir induced hypophosphatemic osteomalacia

Yaşar, D.G.; Suyanı, E.; Özenirler, S.; Sucak, G.T., 2013:
Adefovir is effective to promote development of immunity to donor origin hepatitis B virus in an allogeneic transplant recipient: a case report

Vassiliadis, T.G.; Giouleme, O.; Koumerkeridis, G.; Koumaras, H.; Tziomalos, K.; Patsiaoura, K.; Grammatikos, N.; Mpoumponaris, A.; Gkisakis, D.; Theodoropoulos, K.; Panderi, A.; Katsinelos, P.; Eugenidis, N., 2010:
Adefovir plus lamivudine are more effective than adefovir alone in lamivudine-resistant HBeAg- chronic hepatitis B patients: a 4-year study

Deterding, K.; Naesens, L.; Buti, M.; Janssen, H.; Kirschner, J.; Guerrero, A.; Reijnders, J.; Neyts, J.; Zoulim, F.; Wedemeyer, H., 2011:
Adefovir serum levels do not differ between responders and nonresponders

Kim, S.Sun.; Cheong, J.Youn.; Lee, D.; Lee, M.Hee.; Hong, S.Pyo.; Kim, S-Ok.; Cho, S.Won., 2012:
Adefovir-based combination therapy with entecavir or lamivudine for patients with entecavir-refractory chronic hepatitis B

Chattopadhyay, P.; Sarma, N., 2012:
Adefovir-induced Stevens-Johnson syndrome and toxic epidermal necrolysis overlap syndrome

Anonymous, 1912:

Anonymous, 1939:
Adelaide Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science

Jackson, A., 2015:
Adelaide Zoo's giant pandas

Kickbusch, I.; McCann, W.; Sherbon, T., 2008:
Adelaide revisited: from healthy public policy to Health in All Policies

Leyden, J.M.; Kleinig, T.J.; Newbury, J.; Castle, S.; Cranefield, J.; Anderson, C.S.; Crotty, M.; Whitford, D.; Jannes, J.; Lee, A.; Greenhill, J., 2013:
Adelaide stroke incidence study: declining stroke rates but many preventable cardioembolic strokes

Anonymous, 1977:
Adelaide'S prediction

da Mota, L.Maria.H.; Neubarth, F.; de Carvalho, Jélio.F.; Diniz, L.R.; Aires, R.B.; Dos Santos-Neto, L.L., 2014:
Adele Bloch-Bauer (1881-1925): Possible diagnoses for Gustav Klimt's Lady in Gold

Nolan, M., 2014:
Adeline's mother: a glimpse at the person in the patient

D.F.lippis, D.; D'Amico, A.; Cinelli, M.Pia.; Esposito, G.; D.M.rzo, V.; Iuvone, T., 2008:
Adelmidrol, a palmitoylethanolamide analogue, reduces chronic inflammation in a carrageenin-granuloma model in rats

Dadlani, R.; Furtado, S.; Ghosal, N.; Hegde, A., 2012:
Adeloye-Odeku disease: an African disease in the Indian child?

Meinel, A.B.; Meinel, M.P., 1980:
Aden and Marjorie Meinel's China trip October-November 1979

Macedo, M.Lígia.Rodrigues.; Durigan, R.Aparecida.; da Silva, D.Soares.; Marangoni, Sérgio.; Freire, M.das.Graças.Machado.; Parra, Jé.Roberto.Postali., 2010:
Adenanthera pavonina trypsin inhibitor retard growth of Anagasta kuehniella (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

Muchowicz, A.; Firczuk, Młgorzata.; Chlebowska, J.; Nowis, D.; Stachura, J.; Barankiewicz, J.; Trzeciecka, A.; Kłossowski, S.; Ostaszewski, R.; Zagożdżon, Rław.; Pu, J-Xin.; Sun, H-Dong.; Golab, J., 2014:
Adenanthin targets proteins involved in the regulation of disulphide bonds

Pérez Albacete, M., 2007:
Adendum to chronological evolution of renal transplantation in Spain

Koteswara Rao, V.; Siddiqui, T.; Zeller, M.; Lovelace-Cameron, S.R., 2014:
Adenin-1-ium hydrogen isophthalate di-methyl-formamide monosolvate

Goto, M.; Shinmura, K.; Nakabeppu, Y.; Tao, H.; Yamada, H.; Tsuneyoshi, T.; Sugimura, H., 2010:
Adenine DNA glycosylase activity of 14 human MutY homolog (MUTYH) variant proteins found in patients with colorectal polyposis and cancer

Ernst, I.M.A.; Fliegert, R.; Guse, A.H., 2013:
Adenine Dinucleotide Second Messengers and T-lymphocyte Calcium Signaling

Anumukonda, L.N.; Young, A.; Lynn, D.G.; Buckley, R.; Warrayat, A.; Graves, C.L.; Bean, H.D.; Hud, N.V., 2011:
Adenine Synthesis in a Model Prebiotic Reaction: Connecting Origin of Life Chemistry with Biology

Boitz, J.M.; Strasser, R.; Hartman, C.U.; Jardim, A.; Ullman, B., 2012:
Adenine aminohydrolase from Leishmania donovani: unique enzyme in parasite purine metabolism

Galston, A.W., 1959:
Adenine and Plant Growth

Bulygin, K.N.; Khairulina, Y.S.; Kolosov, P.M.; Ven'yaminova, A.G.; Graifer, D.M.; Vorobjev, Y.N.; Frolova, L.Yu.; Karpova, G.G., 2011:
Adenine and guanine recognition of stop codon is mediated by different N domain conformations of translation termination factor eRF1

Galston, A.W.; Hand, M.E., 1949:
Adenine as a growth factor for etiolated peas and its relation to the thermal inactivation of growth

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Adenoma Of The Thyroid

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Adenoma Sebaceum (Pringle Type)

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Adenoma in the small bowel

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Adenoma malignum and lobular endocervical glandular hyperplasia (LEGH)

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Adenoma malignum presenting as urinary incontinence

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Adenoma of Kidney

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Adenoma of Kidney with Multiple Serous Cysts at Lower Pole

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Adenoma of Nipple

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Adenoma of Thyroid Gland (Calcified)

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Adenoma of a sebaceous gland of the lacrimal caruncle

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Adenoma of bronchus

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Adenoma of islets of Langerhans

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Adenoma of the Gall-bladder

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Adenoma of the Kidney giving rise to a large Haemorrhage

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Adenoma of the Kidney giving rise to a large Hæmorrhage

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Adenoma of the Liver

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Adenoma of the Parotid

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Adenoma of the Salivary Gland

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Adenoma of the Vaginal Fornix simulating Cancer of the Cervix

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Adenoma of the adrenal cortex

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Adenoma of the bronchus; endoscopic treatment in selected cases

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Adenoma of the ceruminous gland

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Adenoma of the cloacal scent gland in a California Kingsnake (Lampropeltis getulus californiae)

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Adenoma of the major duodenal papilla

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Adenoma of the nipple in a Japanese man

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Adenoma of the nipple projecting out of the nipple: curative resection without excision of the nipple

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Adenoma of the nipple: A clinicopathological report of 13 cases

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Adenoma of the non-pigmented ciliary epithelium: a rare intraocular tumor with unusual immunohistochemical findings

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Adenoma of the nonpigmented ciliary epithelium in the phthisic eye

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Adenoma of the nonpigmented ciliary epithelium presenting with recurrent iridocyclitis: unique expression of glial fibrillary acidic protein

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Adenoma of the parotid gland

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Adenoma of the pigmented epithelium of the ciliary body

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Adenoma of the retinal pigment epithelium mimicking ciliochoroidal melanoma

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Adenoma of the retinal pigment epithelium: a report of 3 cases

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Adenoma of the submaxillary gland

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Adenoma of the supra-renal cortex with hormonal disturbances

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Adenoma of trachea

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Adenoma of trachea, with extension into thyroid gland

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Adenoma related pituitary apoplexy disclosed by ptosis after routine cardiac surgery: occasional reappearance of a dismal complication

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Adenoma sebaceum (Pringle)

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