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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 51468

Chapter 51468 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Sepulcre, J., 2015:
An OP4 functional stream in the language-related neuroarchitecture

Dharnidharka, V.R.; Cherikh, W.S.; Abbott, K.C., 2009:
An OPTN analysis of national registry data on treatment of BK virus allograft nephropathy in the United States

Guo, J.; Yang, R., 2012:
An OR logic gate based on two molecular beacons

Ye, Y.; Tang, H., 2009:
An ORFome assembly approach to metagenomics sequences analysis

Gong, S-qiang.; Epasinghe, J.; Rueggeberg, F.A.; Niu, L-na.; Mettenberg, D.; Yiu, C.K.Y.; Blizzard, J.D.; Wu, C.D.; Mao, J.; Drisko, C.L.; Pashley, D.H.; Tay, F.R., 2013:
An ORMOSIL-containing orthodontic acrylic resin with concomitant improvements in antimicrobial and fracture toughness properties

Pei, K.L.; Kinniburgh, D.W.; Butlin, L.; Faris, P.; Lee, D.; Marshall, D.A.; Oliver, M.C.; Parker, R.; Powell, J.N.; Railton, P.; Smith, J., 2012:
An ORS-ICP-MS method for monitoring trace levels of cobalt and chromium in whole blood samples from hip arthroplasty patients with metal-on-metal prostheses

DeMuth, R.; Phillips, J.; Wagner, D., 2011:
An OSCE remediation experience focused on diagnostic reasoning

Jacobs, Z., 2011:
An OSL chronology for the sedimentary deposits from Pinnacle Point Cave 13B--a punctuated presence

Anonymous, 1992:
An OTA for Parliament

Anonymous, 2014:
An OTC corticosteroid nasal spray for allergic rhinitis

Hankin, E.H., 1896:

Tao, C.; Parker, C.G.; Oniki, T.A.; Pathak, J.; Huff, S.M.; Chute, C.G., 2013:
An OWL meta-ontology for representing the Clinical Element Model

Tschritter, O.; Haupt, A.; Preissl, H.; Ketterer, C.; Hennige, A.M.; Sartorius, T.; Machicao, F.; Fritsche, A.; Häring, H-Ulrich., 2011:
An Obesity Risk SNP (rs17782313) near the MC4R Gene Is Associated with Cerebrocortical Insulin Resistance in Humans

Plowman, A.B., 1906:
An Object-Finder for the Micro-Projection Apparatus

Cao, X.; Wei, X.; Han, Y.; Chen, X., 2014:
An Object-Level High-Order Contextual Descriptor Based on Semantic, Spatial, and Scale Cues

Lee, J.Ho.; Jung, H.Young.; Lee, J.Woo.; Joa, K.Lim.; Kim, J.Hong.; Kim, M.Jong.; Hur, D.Hang.; Jang, E.Ju.; Kim, M.Ok., 2012:
An Objective Assessment Scale for "Come-to-Sit" Using a Specifically Designed Jacket in Stroke Patients

Seashore, C.E.; Tiffin, J., 1930:
An Objective Method of Evaluating Musical Performance

Hastings, J.K.; Flowers, S.K.; Pace, A.C.; Spadaro, D., 2011:
An Objective Standardized Clinical Examination (OSCE) in an advanced nonprescription medicines course

Phillips, L., 1901:
An Oblique Pelvis Associated with a Congenital Dislocation of the Hipjoint

Anonymous, 1960:
An Obscure Case

Sullivan, M.T., 1926:
An Obscure Case of Acute Intestinal Obstruction due to presence in Mesentery of Small Intestine of a Fibrous Polyp undergoing Calcarious Degeneration

Buzzard, E.F., 1913:
An Obscure Case of Athetosis, with Abolition of Tendon Reflexes

Godlee, R.J., 1887:
An Obscure Case of Fracture of the Skull

Blumer, G.; Yannet, H., 1929:
An Obscure Case of Recurrent Ascites and Edema

Davis, E.D., 1916:
An Obscure Complication of Middle-ear Suppuration

Pitkin, W.B., 1926:
An Observation at the time of the Aurora

Leyton, O., 1916:
An Observation in Pernicious Anaemia

Darling, E.A., 1898:
An Observation on Foetal Typhoid

Deacon, W.E., 1932:
An Observation On The Longevity Of Serratia Marcescens (B. Prodigiosus)

Scripture, E.W., 1894:
An Observation on the Terminal Verb in Infant Speech

Wells, H.S., 1931:
An Observation Which Suggests An Explanation Of The Anemia In Hookworm Disease

Burket, S.C.; Melvin, E.H., 1952:
An Observation on the Infrared Absorption Spectrum of Dextran

Iorio, A.Maria.; Camilloni, B.; Basileo, M.; Monaldi, L.; Lepri, E.; Neri, M.; Marcucci, M.; Baldelli, F., 2013:
An Observational Retrospective Study Provide Information on Hospitalization and Severe Outcomes of the 2009 A(H1N1) Infection in Italy

Harun Haron, R.; Imran, M.Kamarul.; Haspani, M.Saffari.Mohammed., 2012:
An Observational Study of Blood Glucose Levels during Admission and 24 Hours Post-Operation in a Sample of Patients with Traumatic Injury in a Hospital in Kuala Lumpur

Samuel, J.C.; Qureshi, J.S.; Mulima, G.; Shores, C.G.; Cairns, B.A.; Charles, A.G., 2011:
An Observational Study of the Etiology, clinical presentation and outcomes associated with peritonitis in Lilongwe, Malawi

Lee, W.; Liew, Y.; Chlebicki, M.Piotr.; Ong, S.; Lee, P.; Kwa, A., 2014:
An Observational Study on Early Empiric versus Culture-Directed Antifungal Therapy in Critically Ill with Intra-Abdominal Sepsis

Amerena, J.; Chen, S-Ann.; Sriratanasathavorn, C.; Cho, J-Gwan.; Dejia, H.; Omar, R.; Fat, T.Hung.; King, A., 2011:
An Observational, Prospective Survey Assessing the Control of Atrial Fibrillation in Asia Pacific: Rationale and Design of the RecordAF-AP Registry

Porter, O.D., 1917:
An Obstetric Biography

Anonymous, 1957:
An Obstetric Survey: Supplement To Research Newsletter No. 14

Bjornson, O., 1925:
An Obstetrical Retrospect

Stewart, D.A., 1928:
An Obstetrician-Adventurer to the Hudson's Bay in 1812-Dr. Thomas McKeevor

Anonymous, 1902:
An Obvious Duty Before Wedlock

Howard, L.O., 1925:
An Obvious new Case of Polyembryony

Metcalf, M.M., 1926:
An Occidental Buddhist's Conception of Personality

Thompson, L.L., 1911:
An Occipito-Atlantoid and an Atlanto-Axoid Dislocation

Rugg-Gunn, A., 1930:
An Occluder for Squint

Hudson Dale, C., 2012:
An Occupational Perspective on Leadership; Theoretical and Practical DimensionsAn Occupational Perspective on Leadership; Theoretical and Practical Dimensions

McCord, C.P.; Friedlander, A., 1926:
An Occupational Syndrome Among Workers in Zinc

Haynes, D.A., 2012:
An Occupational Therapist's Guide to Home Modification PracticeAn Occupational Therapist's Guide to Home Modification Practice

Taira, E.D., 1984:
An Occupational Therapist's Perspective on Environmental Adaptations for the Disabled Elderly

Schreuer, N.; Palmon, O.; Nahir, A.M., 1994:
An Occupational Therapy Group Workshop for Patients with Osteoarthritis of HandsPreliminary Report

Szekeres, K.; Koul, R.; Mauro, J.; Lloyd, M.; Johnson, J.; Blanck, G., 2015:
An Oct-1-based, feed-forward mechanism of apoptosis inhibited by co-culture with Raji B-cells: towards a model of the cancer cell/B-cell microenvironment

van den Berg, D.L.C.; Snoek, T.; Mullin, N.P.; Yates, A.; Bezstarosti, K.; Demmers, J.; Chambers, I.; Poot, R.A., 2010:
An Oct4-centered protein interaction network in embryonic stem cells

Markovic, M.; Chow, L.C., 2010:
An Octacalcium Phosphate Forming Cement

Goldstein, L.S.B., 2013:
An October call to arms: we are research!

Cook, D.H.; Cintrón, C., 1932:
An Odd Occurrence Following a Tropical Storm

Hering, C., 1920:
An Odd Problem in Mechanics

Einstein, S., 2013:
An Ode to Substance Use(r) Intervention Failure(s): SUIF

Harwood, L., 1913:
An Odontome of the Premaxilla

Citizen, F., 1919:
An Odorous Situation

Elwood, T.W., 2012:
An Odyssean view of the ever-changing world of health journals

Pronsati, M.Perron., 2010:
An Office of Men's Health: still waiting

Santos, Mônica.; Maquiné, G.Ávila.; Talhari, C.; Schettini, A.Pedro.Mendes., 2018:
Atypical crusted scabies in a patient with chronic liver disease caused by hepatitis B and D viruses

Lee, H.Na.; Kim, J.Im.; Won, K.; Song, R., 2018:
Atypical CT findings of pulmonary sarcoidosis: A case report

Anonymous, 1905:
An Official Document

Leighton, M.O., 1902:
An Official Examination of the Waters of the United States

Bigelow, M.A., 1907:
An Official Letter on "temperance Physiologies"

Lardy, N., 1988:
An Official Program: Guide to China's Science and Technology Policy, 1986

Khuntia, H.Kumar.; Samal, S.Kanta.; Kar, S.Kumar.; Pal, B.Bhusan., 2010:
An Ogawa cholera outbreak 6 months after the Inaba cholera outbreaks in India, 2006

Williamson, C.W., 1887 :
An Ohio mound

Bridges, C.B., 1936:
An Oil-Retaining Beveled Face for High-Aperture Condensers

Splinter, G.; Kendrick, D., 2014:
An Oklahoma approach to healthcare improvement: leveraging technology and innovative partnerships to reduce costs and improve care quality

Owen, G.R., 1929:
An Old Book by Benjamin Rush

Nielsen, J.R., 1928:
An Old Experiment on Collisions of the Second Kind

Anonymous, 1908:
An Old Friend

Masson, D.T., 1889:
An Old Highland Form of Massage, Popularly Practised for the Prevention of Consumption

Marshall, R., 1938:
An Old Minute-Book

Anonymous, 1911:
An Old Problem

Keyes, C.R., 1893:
An Old Volcanic Eruption in Iowa

Anonymous, 1886:
An Old-Fashioned Book

Pye, W., 1887:
An Old-Fashioned Method of Trussing Ruptured Infants

Norman, H.J., 1929:
An Old-Time Syphilidiater

Stanwell-Smith, R., 2012:
An Olympiad for public health?

Pederson, T., 2012:
An Olympian protozoan

Duffin, C., 2010:
An Olympian task

Black, M.E., 2012:
An Olympic legacy for couch potatoes?

While, A., 2013:
An Olympic legacy?

Bansal, M.S.; Eulenstein, O., 2008:
An Omega(n2/ log n) speed-up of TBR heuristics for the gene-duplication problem

Iida, A.; Ohnishi, Y.; Horinouchi, S., 2008:
An OmpA family protein, a target of the GinI/GinR quorum-sensing system in Gluconacetobacter intermedius, controls acetic acid fermentation

Wassenaar, L.I.; Koehler, G., 1999:
An On-Line Technique for the Determination of the δ(18)O and δ(17)O of Gaseous and Dissolved Oxygen

Watanabe, A.; Suzuki, H.; Kubo, N.; Araki, K.; Kobayashi, T.; Sasaki, S.; Wada, W.; Arai, H.; Sakamoto, K.; Sakurai, S.; Kuwano, H., 2013:
An Oncocytic Variant of Intraductal Papillary Neoplasm of the Bile Duct that Formed a Giant Hepatic Cyst

Adams, J.U., 2010:
An Op-Ed concerning steroids and the law: how the Internet has changed illegal drug trade and its prosecution

Kenney, R.; Warden, R., 2012:
An Open Access future? Report from the eurocancercoms project

Ballon, D.H., 1927:
An Open Beauty Pin in the Oesophagus of a Six Weeks' Old Infant

Brownlee, A., 1907:
An Open Continuous Drop Method of Administering Ether

Jones, J.R., 1917:
An Open Letter

Jeffrey, E.C., 1918:
An Open Letter

Anonymous, 1917:
An Open Letter Reply

Leverenz, D.L.; Henderson, C.; Shah, A., 2018:
Atypical Cutaneous Presentations of Sarcoidosis: Two Case Reports and Review of the Literature

Ramírez-Velazco, A.; Domínguez-Quezada, M.Guadalupe., 2018:
Atypical deletions in Williams-Beuren syndrome

Ansari, J.; Batubara, E.; Ali, M.; Farrag, A.; Bashir, F.; Farghaly, H.R.; Ali, A.M.; Shaukat, A., 2018:
Atypical diffuse bilateral cystic lung changes secondary to erlotinib treatment in a patient with metastatic non-small cell lung carcinoma: A case report and literature review

Donath, E.; Vardanyan, I.; Meyer, S.; Murray, R.A.; Moya, S.E.; Navoyan, Z.; Arakelyan, V., 2017:
A typical diffusion monitored by flow cytometry: slow diffusion of small molecules in polyelectrolyte multilayers

Bailey, F.W., 1907:
An Open Method of Ether Administration

Anonymous, 1954:
An Open Mind

Roy, J.N., 1934:
An Open Safety-Pin in the Stomach, Regurgitated into the Oesophagus and Removed by Oesophagoscopy

Newman, M.G.; Castonguay, L.G.; Borkovec, T.D.; Fisher, A.J.; Nordberg, S.S., 2008:
An Open Trial of Integrative Therapy for Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Wilens, T.E.; Prince, J.B.; Waxmonsky, J.; Doyle, R.; Spencer, T.; Martelon, M.; Evans, M., 2010:
An Open Trial of Sustained Release Bupropion for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in Adults with ADHD plus Substance Use Disorders

Gordon, M.L.; Kingsley, P.B.; Goldberg, T.E.; Koppel, J.; Christen, E.; Keehlisen, L.; Kohn, N.; Davies, P., 2012:
An Open-Label Exploratory Study with Memantine: Correlation between Proton Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Cognition in Patients with Mild to Moderate Alzheimer's Disease

Sardo, C.L.; Kitzmiller, J.P.; Apseloff, G.; Harris, R.B.; Roe, D.J.; Stoner, G.D.; Jacobs, E.T., 2016:
An Open-Label Randomized Crossover Trial of Lyophilized Black Raspberries on Postprandial Inflammation in Older Overweight Males: A Pilot Study

Ver Donck, A.; Collins, R.; Rauck, R.L.; Nitescu, P., 2008:
An Open-Label, Multicenter Study of the Safety and Efficacy of Intrathecal Ziconotide for Severe Chronic Pain When Delivered via an External Pump

Dodi, G.; Jongen, J.; de la Portilla, F.; Raval, M.; Altomare, D.F.; Lehur, P-Antoine., 2011:
An Open-Label, Noncomparative, Multicenter Study to Evaluate Efficacy and Safety of NASHA/Dx Gel as a Bulking Agent for the Treatment of Fecal Incontinence

Fenwick, M.; Sesanker, C.; Schiller, M.R.; Ellis, H.Jc.; Hinman, M.Lee.; Vyas, J.; Gryk, M.R., 2012:
An Open-Source Sandbox for Increasing the Accessibility of Functional Programming to the Bioinformatics and Scientific Communities

Khaustov, A.; Nemati, S.; Clifford, G., 2008:
An Open-Source Standard T-Wave Alternans Detector for Benchmarking

Desousa, A., 2010:
An Open-label Trial of Risperidone and Fluoxetine in Children with Autistic Disorder

Warner, M.; Lasyone, L., 2014:
An Open-label, Single-center, Retrospective Study of Cryopreserved Amniotic Membrane and Umbilical Cord Tissue as an Adjunct for Foot and Ankle Surgery

Tashima, H.; Yamaya, T.; Kinahan, P.E., 2016:
An OpenPET scanner with bridged detectors to compensate for incomplete data

Watson-Williams, E., 1929:
An Operating Auroscope

Anonymous, 1922:
An Operating Lamp

Popper, O., 1930:
An Operating Reflector

McCune, W.S., 1908:
An Operation for Absence of the Rectum

Robson, A.W., 1905:
An Operation for Appendicectomy

Young, G., 1924:
An Operation for Congenital Ptosis

Handley, W.S., 1907:
An Operation for Embolus

Cockburn, C., 1943:
An Operation for Entropion of Trachoma

Cochrane, W.A., 1927:
An Operation for Hallux Rigidus

Ross, H., 1927:
An Operation for Herniotomy Under Difficulties

Guthrie, J., 1918:
An Operation for Reconstruction of the Urethra in Cases of Severe or Impermeable Stricture

Kraus, J., 1944:
An Operation for Shrunken Socket

Schoolfield, B.L., 1939:
An Operation for the Cure of Flatfoot

Mastin, E.V., 1942:
An Operation for the Cure of Inguinal Hernia

Gemmill, W., 1915:
An Operation for the Obliteration of the Cavity in the Tibia Remaining After Sequestrotomy

Cheatle, G.L., 1920:
An Operation for the Radical Cure of Inguinal and Femoral Hernia

Chubb, G., 1921:
An Operation for the Radical Cure of Pre-Masseteric Fistulae of Stenson's Duct

Freeman, L., 1923:
An Operation for the Relief of Cardiospasm Associated with Dilatation and Tortuosity of the Oesophagus

Rycroft, B.W., 1962:
An Operation for the Treatment of Severe Contraction of the Socket

Cotterill, J.M., 1900:
An Operation Performed for Complete Atresia Vaginae

Brown, A.J., 1920:
An Operation to Form a new Anal Sphincter After Operations on the Lower Rectum

Lambrinudi, C., 1927:
An Operation for Claw-toes

Green, J., 1881:
An Operation for Closed Pupil, with Anterior Synechia, using the Pince-Ciseaux of Wecker

Annandale, T., 1885:
An Operation for Displaced Semilunar Cartilage

Lowson, D., 1898:
An Operation for Elevation of the Female Bladder in Prolapse or Cystocele

Green, J., 1880:
An Operation for Entropion

Murray, R.W., 1897:
An Operation for Extroversion of the Bladder

Fullerton, A., 1904:
An Operation for Fixing Movable Kidney

Thomas, W.T., 1898:
An Operation for Haemorrhoids

Cheatle, G.L., 1922:
An Operation for Inguinal Hernia

Thompson, G.S., 1914:
An Operation for Movable Kidney

Eliason, E.L., 1932:
An Operation for Recurrent Inferior Radioulnar Dislocation

McKenzie, D., 1919:
An Operation for the Complete Removal of the Soft Palate (Staphylectomy)

Burrows, H.J., 1937:
An Operation for the Correction of Madelung's Deformity and Similar Conditions: (Section of Orthopaedics)

McCann, F.J., 1928:
An Operation for the Cure of Prolapse of the Rectum in the Female

Steele, C., 1875:
An Operation for the Destruction of Varicose Veins

Pringle, J.H., 1904:
An Operation for the Radical Cure of Hernia

Greeves, R.A., 1933:
An Operation for the Relief of Congenital Ptosis

Harman, N.B., 1914:
An Operation to Improve the Effect of an Artificial Eye

Agnew, C.R., 1885:
An Operation with a Double Needle, or Bident, for the Removal of a Crystalline Lens Dislocated into the Vitreous Chamber

Fenwick, E.H., 1908:
An Operative Demonstration Of The Occasional Diagnostic Accuracy Of The X Ray In Urinary Stone

Berg, A.A., 1936:
An Operative Procedure for Right-Sided Ulcerative Ileocolitis

Cashman, C.W., 1945:
An Operative Technic for the Ligation of the Blood Supply to the Brain in Dogs

Zorab, E.C., 1939:
An Operative Technique for Retinal Detachment: (Section of Ophthalmology)

Wahl, S., 1942:
An Operative Treatment for Recurrent Dislocation of the Shoulder

Duke-Elder, W.S., 1927:
An Ophthalmic Radiation Lamp: with a Note on its Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications

Harman, N.B., 1934:
An Ophthalmic Rule

Price, M.L., 1910 :
An Opinion Upon the Outbreak of Typhoid Fever at St. Vincent's Infant Asylum, Baltimore County, Md., During July and August, 1909

Anonymous, 1905:
An Opinion from Virginia

Kellogg, V., 1922:
An Opportunity

Stewart, G.W., 1911:
An Opportunity for the Spirit of Research in Laboratory Instruction in Physics

Anonymous, 1964:
An Opportunity for General Practitioners in Ontario

Franklin, C.L., 1896:
An Optical Illusion

Haythornthwaite, B.F., 1925:
An Optical Illusion

Shaw, W.R., 1918:
An Optical Illusion with Fatal Consequences

Robinson, A.L., 1986:
An Optical Measurement of Berry's Phase: Overlooked for 60 years, a phase factor that can creep into quantum mechanical wave functions has implications in areas ranging from molecular physics to unified field theories

Swarner, W.G., 1970:
An Optical Spatial Filter for Achieving Wide Dynamic Range in Air-to-Water Optical Transmission

Ishii, K.S.; Hu, W.; Namekar, S.A.; Ohta, A.T., 2011:
An Optically Controlled 3D Cell Culturing System

Khanian, M.; Feizi, A.; Davari, A., 2014:
An Optimal Partial Differential Equations-based Stopping Criterion for Medical Image Denoising

Kumar, N., 2010:
An Optimal Spatial Sampling Design for Intra-Urban Population Exposure Assessment

Aryal, S.; Bhaumik, D.K.; Mathew, T.; Gibbons, R.D., 2014:
An Optimal Test for Variance Components of Multivariate Mixed-Effects Linear Models

Jurrus, E.; Whitaker, R.; Jones, B.W.; Marc, R.; Tasdizen, T., 2009:
An Optimal-Path Approach for Neural Circuit Reconstruction

Murnaghan, D., 1943:
An Optimistic Outlook for the Rheumatic Fever Patient

Payne, V.F., 1931:
An Optimistic View of the Evolution of the Sciences

Lee, J.Hwan.; Jia, C.; Kim, Y.Doo.; Kim, H.Hyun.; Pham, T.Thang.; Choi, Y.Seok.; Seo, Y.Un.; Lee, I.Woo., 2012:
An Optimized Adsorbent Sampling Combined to Thermal Desorption GC-MS Method for Trimethylsilanol in Industrial Environments

Berry, E.S.K.; Jezzard, P.; Okell, T.W., 2016:
An Optimized Encoding Scheme for Planning Vessel-Encoded Pseudocontinuous Arterial Spin Labeling

Broderick, S.R.; Jones, M.L., 2014:
An Optimized Protocol to Increase Virus-Induced Gene Silencing Efficiency and Minimize Viral Symptoms in Petunia

Jonić, S.; Thévenaz, P.; Zheng, G.; Nolte, L-P.; Unser, M., 2006:
An Optimized Spline-Based Registration of a 3D CT to a Set of C-Arm Images

Otaegi, G.; Pollock, A.; Sun, T., 2012:
An Optimized Sponge for microRNA miR-9 Affects Spinal Motor Neuron Development in vivo

Shen, M.; Xiao, F.; Ahderom, S.; Alameh, K., 2009:
An Opto-VLSI-based reconfigurable optical adddrop multiplexer employing an off-axis 4-f imaging system

Cardell, J.D., 1934:
An Optometer

Jacobus, 1926:
An Optometry Dream: An Unselect Charter!

Feil, S.C.; Hamilton, S.; Krippner, G.Y.; Lin, B.; Luttick, A.; McConnell, D.B.; Nearn, R.; Parker, M.W.; Ryan, J.; Stanislawski, P.C.; Tucker, S.P.; Watson, K.G.; Morton, C.J., 2012:
An Orally Available 3-Ethoxybenzisoxazole Capsid Binder with Clinical Activity against Human Rhinovirus

Bryant, T., 1870:
An Oration Delivered before the Hunterian Society

Keith, A., 1930:

Wenckebach, K.F., 1930:

Moffatt, P.M., 1941:
An Orbital Dermoid (Lined by Skin and Modified Conjunctiva)

Boukhatmi, H.; Schaub, C.; Bataillé, L.; Reim, I.; Frendo, J-Louis.; Frasch, M.; Vincent, A., 2014:
An Org-1-Tup transcriptional cascade reveals different types of alary muscles connecting internal organs in Drosophila

Jang, H.Ah.; Kang, S.Gu.; Ko, Y.Hwii.; Kang, S.Ho.; Cheon, J.; Kim, J.Jong.; Lee, J.Gu., 2012:
An Organic Intravesical Foreign Body Caused by Penetrating Trauma that was Missed during Initial Management

Van Tuyl, F.M., 1916:
An Organic Oolite from the Ordovician

Jones, F.S., 1922:
An Organism Resembling Bacillus Actinoides Isolated From Pneumonic Lungs Of White Rats

Bradford, W.L.; Slavin, B., 1937:
An Organism Resembling Hemophilus Pertussis: With Special Reference to Color Changes Produced by Its Growth Upon Certain Media

Cleland, J.B., 1912:
An Organism obtained from an Abscess in the Neck of a Bullock

Downie, A.W.; Wade, E., 1933:
An Organism resembling the Newcastle Type of Dysentery Bacillus associated with Cases of Dysentry

Kellman, P., 1994:
An Organizer's Diary:

Kumaraswamy, G.; Jayaprakash, N.; Sridhar, B., 2010:
An Organocatalyzed enantioselective synthesis of (2S,3R,4S)-4-hydroxyisoleucine and its stereoisomers

Chen, M.; Li, P.; Zhu, S.; Han, C.; Xu, H.; Fang, Y.; Hu, J.; Roe, A.W.; Lu, H.D., 2016:
An Orientation Map for Motion Boundaries in Macaque V2

Gilmore, C.W., 1919:
An Ornithomimid Dinosaur in the Potomac of Maryland

Lee, D.K.; Wong, B., 2015:
An Orphan Drug Framework (ODF) for Canada

Mladen, P.; Dorde, C., 2010:
An Orthodox Christian reflection: genetic enhancement must not be the creation primacy problem between man and God

Browne, D., 1935:
An Orthopaedic Operation for Cleft Palate

Davis, R.C.; Geldard, F.A., 1931:
An Oscillator and Synchronous Motor for Obtaining Exact Variable Speeds

Wu, Q.; Hu, L.; Liu, G., 2014:
An Osgood type regularity criterion for the 3D Boussinesq equations

Whitby, L., 1949:
An Osler Commemorative Stamp

Anonymous, 1926:
An Osler Memorial

Macdermot, H.E., 1971:
An Osler anecdote

Sakula, A.; Osler, W.; Hurst, A.; Riddiford, C., 1991:
An Osler letter to Lady Hurst, 1917

Matsui, Y.; Okada, N.; Nishizawa, M.; Kaneko, H.; Watanabe, M.; Miura, Y.; Horiguchi, Y.; Tsudo, M., 2010:
An Osler's node and a Janeway lesion

Clayberg, H.D., 1924:
An Osmosis Experiment in Biology

Hinoi, E.; Gao, N.; Jung, D.Young.; Yadav, V.; Yoshizawa, T.; Kajimura, D.; Myers, M.G.; Chua, S.C.; Wang, Q.; Kim, J.K.; Kaestner, K.H.; Karsenty, G., 2009:
An Osteoblast-dependent mechanism contributes to the leptin regulation of insulin secretion

Yoshioka, S.; Hamada, Y.; Takata, S.; Takai, H.; Yasui, N., 2009:
An Osteochondroma Limiting Flexion of the Proximal Interphalangeal Joint in Hereditary Multiple Exostosis: a Case Report

Lee, F.C., 1941:
An Osteoplastic Neurolysis Operation for the Cure of Meralgia Paresthetica

Bariar, L.M.; Ahmad, I.; Sharma, S.C., 2001:
An Otorhinological study of patients with cleft lip and palate

Mossensohn, M.Shefer., 2009:
An Ottoman observer of central European surgery in the middle of the seventeenth century

Arnold, M.B., 1908:
An Outbreak of An Acute Infectious Eruptive Disease (Rubella)

Anonymous, 1927:
An Outbreak Of Anthrax At The Zoological Gardens

Roach, S., 1908:
An Outbreak of Beri-Beri on Board a Merchant Vessel

Douglas, A.J., 1915:
An Outbreak of Cowpox

Porter, A.E., 1922:
An Outbreak of Diphtheria Due to Infected Milk

Tickell, A.H., 1922:
An Outbreak of Epidemic Jaundice in Nevada City, California

Clayton, E.S.; Milne, V.E., 1930:
An Outbreak of Food Poisoning in Staffordshire

Lynch, C.J., 1922:
An Outbreak Of Mouse Typhoid And Its Attempted Control By Vaccination

Graham-Stewart, A.; Manson-Bahr, P.; Goddard, T.R., 1928:
An Outbreak of Paratyphoid B Fever Presenting Novel Features

Hartley, J.A., 1918:
An Outbreak of Phlebotomus Fever

Jones, F.S.; Little, R.B., 1921:
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An Outstanding Annual Session Program

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An Outstanding County Health Department

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An Ovo-Testis In The Yellow Perch (Perca Flavescens)

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An Oxygen Generator and Inhaler: its use in Mountain Sickness

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An Ozark Soil

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An R & d delivery system

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Atypical digestive tuberculosis

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An RNA reset button

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An RNA-deaminase conjugate selectively repairs point mutations

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An RNA-mediated silencing pathway utilizes the coordinated synthesis of two distinct populations of siRNA

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An RSU by any other name: thoughts on the naming of secure units

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An RT-qPCR approach to study the expression of genes responsible for sugar assimilation during rehydration of active dry yeast

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An Ru(II)-Fe(III) bimetallic complex as a multifunctional device for detecting, signal amplifying, and degrading oxalate

Blesch, G., 2010:
An Rx for IT. Physician organizations begin entering ventures with vendors to help docs sort out their information technology needs

Thompson, M., 2010:
An Rx for the Army's wounded minds

Palmer, K., 2009:
An Rx for women. CVS Caremark aims to be a one-stop shop for stressed customers

Noonan, D., 2008:
An Rx to push generic drugs

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An S-System Parameter Estimation Method (SPEM) for biological networks

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An S-shaped relationship between changes in appraisals and changes in emotions

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An S-type bypass can improve the hemodynamics in the bypassed arteries and suppress intimal hyperplasia along the host artery floor

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An S/MAR-based L1 retrotransposition cassette mediates sustained levels of insertional mutagenesis without suffering from epigenetic silencing of DNA methylation

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An S/T-Q cluster domain census unveils new putative targets under Tel1/Mec1 control

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An S296R mutation in the human androgen receptor causes activation of the receptor by non-androgenic steroids and stronger inhibition by the nuclear receptor corepressor N-coR

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An SCC-DFTB Repulsive Potential for Various ZnO Polymorphs and the ZnO-Water System

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An SCF complex containing Fbxl12 mediates DNA damage-induced Ku80 ubiquitylation

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An SCN9A variant, known to cause pain, is now found to cause itch

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An SEC/MALS study of alternan degradation during size-exclusion chromatographic analysis

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An SEI model for sarcoptic mange among chamois

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An SEIQR model for childhood diseases

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An SEIR epidemic model with constant latency time and infectious period

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An SEM Approach for the Evaluation of Intervention Effects Using Pre-Post-Post Designs

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An SEM approach to continuous time modeling of panel data: relating authoritarianism and anomia

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An SEM evaluation of conditioned and bonded enamel following carbamide peroxide bleaching and casein phosphopeptide-amorphous calcium phosphate (CPP-ACP) treatment

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An SEMG computer interface using three myoelectric sites for proportional two-dimensional cursor motion control and clicking for individuals with spinal cord injuries

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An Undiscovered Gas

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An Unerupted Supernumerary Tooth causing Death of the Pulp of a Central Incisor

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An Unexcelled Medium for the Preservation of Cadavers

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An Unexpected Budget

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An Unexplained Visual Phenomenon

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An Unfortunate Error Corrected

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An Unfortunate Letter

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An Unfortunate Precedent

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An Unknown Organ of Sense

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An Unsung Legacy of the First Lunar Landing: A small laser reflector left behind on the moon's surface by the Apollo 11 astronauts has provided 20 years of precise data that have spawned some interesting findings

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An Unusual Anomaly In An Unusual Patient

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An Unusual Appearance of the Larynx

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An Unusual Arrangement of Double Ureter

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An Unusual Arrangement of the External Genitalia

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An Unusual Auroral Bow

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An Unusual Bladder Injury

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An Unusual Brain Injury

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An Unusual Canine Melanoma

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An Unusual Case of Appendicitis

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Atypical Distribution of Late Gadolinium Enhancement of the Left Ventricle on Cardiac Magnetic Resonance in Classical Anderson-Fabry Disease

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An Unusual Case Of Benign Multiple Chorionic Villi Implants In Peritoneal Cavity Accompanied By Hemoperitoneum

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An Unusual Case of Bilateral Renal Calculus

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An Unusual Case of Corneal Disease

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An Unusual Case of Food Poisoning

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An Unusual Case of Haemorrhage from Tonsillectomy

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An Unusual Case of Heart-Block

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An Unusual Case of Hemigigantism

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An Unusual Case of Idiosyncrasy to Quinine

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An Unusual Case of Intra-Ocular Haemorrhage

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An Unusual Case of Jaundice in a Miner

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An Unusual Case of Lymphatic Leukaemia

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An Unusual Case of Meningitis Associated with Haematuria

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An Unusual Case of Myelocele

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An Unusual Case of Neuro-Epithelioma of the Retina

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An Unusual Case of Perforating Wound of the Cornea

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An Unusual Case of Pyloric Stenosis: Case Report

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An Unusual Case of Renal Retinitis

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An Unusual Case of Renal Tuberculosis

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An Unusual Case of Self-Inflicted Wounds Through the Skull Followed by Recovery

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An Unusual Case of Suicide by Suffocation

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An Unusual Case of Symmetrical, Bilateral, Non-Traumatic Iris Prolapse

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An Unusual Case of the Grasp Reflex, with some Observations on the Volitional and Reflex Components

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An Unusual Case of Toxic Dermatitis; with Remarks on Symmetrical Eruptions

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An Unusual Case of Unilateral Renal Bleeding

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An Unusual Case of Ureteral Stone

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An Unusual Case in a Calf

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An Unusual Case of Abdominal Injury in a Child

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An Unusual Case of Acute Anterior (Epidemic) Poliomyelitis

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An Unusual Case of Acute Lead Pcisoning

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An Unusual Case of Acute Pancreatitis

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An Unusual Case of Adductor Paresis

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An Unusual Case of Adult-Onset Still's Disease with Hemophagocytic Syndrome, Necrotic Leukoencephalopathy and Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation

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An Unusual Case of Anthrax in Man

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An Unusual Case of Anti-GBM Antibody Elevation in HIV-Associated Nephropathy

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An Unusual Case of Appendiceal Adenocarcinoma Presenting with Rectal Bleeding and Haematuria

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An Unusual Case of Asthma

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An Unusual Case of Bilateral Vitreous Haemorrhage following Snake Bite

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An Unusual Case of Carcinoma of the Ovaries

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An Unusual Case of Cardio-Pulmonary Râle

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An Unusual Case of Cicatrizing Folliculitis of the Scalp in a Woman, aged 55

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An Unusual Case of Cirrhosis of the Liver

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An Unusual Case of Colon Perforation Complicating Acute Pancreatitis

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An Unusual Case of Complete Bilateral Spastic Paralysis of Face, Jaw, Tongue and Larynx, following an Acute Illness

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An Unusual Case of Congenital Pyloric Stenosis

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An Unusual Case of Diabetes and Gout

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An Unusual Case of Ectopic Gestation

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An Unusual Case of Embolism

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An Unusual Case of Endocarditis

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An Unusual Case of Enlarged Tonsils

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An Unusual Case of Epidemic Spinal Meningitis Complicated by an Intercurrent Attack of Measles

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An Unusual Case of Exomphalos, or Extroversion of the Viscera, in a Newborn

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An Unusual Case of Extra-uterine Pregnancy

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An Unusual Case of Extraosseous Accumulation of Bone Scan Tracer in a Renal Calculus - Demonstration by SPECT-CT

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An Unusual Case of Extraskeletal Retroperitoneal Osteosarcoma Incidentally Detected by (18)F-FDG PET/CT

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An Unusual Case of Fracture of a Tooth

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An Unusual Case of Haematuria

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An Unusual Case of Intussusception

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An Unusual Case of Jaundice, with Specimens (Subacute Yellow Atrophy of Liver)

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An Unusual Case of Laryngeal Tuberculosis

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An Unusual Case of Linear Naevus

Sequeira, J.H., 1911:
An Unusual Case of Linear Nævus

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An Unusual Case of Locked Jaw

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An Unusual Case of Lupus erythematosus

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An Unusual Case of Marginal Zone B-Cell Lymphoma Arising in the Breast - Its Diagnosis and the Role of Radiotherapy in its Management

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An Unusual Case of Masticatory Muscular Atrophy in a Dog

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An Unusual Case of Meckel's Diverticulum

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An Unusual Case of Meningococcus Meningitis

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An Unusual Case of Polycythæmia Rubra Vera

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An Unusual Case of Primary Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection Presenting as Mononucleosis-like Syndrome and Acute Aseptic Meningoencephalitis. Report of a Case and Review of the Literature

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An Unusual Case of Ptosis with Bilateral Ophthalmoplegia Externa

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An Unusual Case of Quinine Poisoning

Anonymous, 1963:
An Unusual Case of Renal Failure and Hypertension

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An Unusual Case of Retro-Peritoneal Congenital Cyst probably arising from the Wolffian Body

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An Unusual Case of Ringworm in an Adult (Due to Trichophyton Gypseum)

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An Unusual Case of Rupture of the Uterus

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An Unusual Case of Ruptured Intestine

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An Unusual Case of Sensory Polyneuritis

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An Unusual Case of Severe Stenosis of the Coronary Sinus Ostium in Association With Double Inlet Left Ventricle

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An Unusual Case of Snapping Hip

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An Unusual Case of Stercoral Perforation in a Patient with 86 cm of Small Bowel

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An Unusual Case of Strangulated Hernia

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An Unusual Case of Syphilis

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An Unusual Case of Systemic Inflammatory Myofibroblastic Tumor with Successful Treatment with ALK-Inhibitor

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An Unusual Case of Traumatic Internal Carotid Artery Dissection during Snowboarding

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An Unusual Case of Tuberculosis Cavi Nasi

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An Unusual Case of Tuberculous Meningitis

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An Unusual Case of Typhoid Fever

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An Unusual Case of Typhoid Spine with Symptoms of Spinal Cord Affection

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An Unusual Case of Unilateral Sclerodactylia and Lupus Erythematosus, with Raynaud Phenomena, in a Syphilitic Woman

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An Unusual Case of Warty Growths on the Face

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An Unusual Case of Zygomatic Mastoiditis

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An Unusual Case of a Needle Lodged in the Duodenum

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An Unusual Case of a Thrombosed Giant Distal PICA Aneurysm Simulating a Large Cavernous Angioma

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An Unusual Cause of Death from Cancer

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An Unusual Cause of Difficulty and Danger in Turning

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An Unusual Cause of Profound Weight Loss in a Middle-aged Person

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An Unusual Channel of Infection with the Bacillus Shigae

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An Unusual Clinical Presentation of Kimura's Disease Occurring on the Buttock of a Five-year-old Boy

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An Unusual Complication of Traumatic Cataract

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An Unusual Complication Seen in a Six-Year-Old Girl Treated with Open Reduction and Pemberton Osteotomy for Neglected Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip: A Femoral Neck Fracture Sustained during Passive Motion under General Anesthesia

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An Unusual Complication during Lobectomy- The Usefulness of Fibreoptic Bronchoscopy

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An Unusual Complication of a Meckelian Diverticulum

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An Unusual Condition of the Posterior Surface of the Cornea (Posterior Herpes of the Cornea)

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An Unusual Condition of One Eye in a Case of Exophthalmic Goitre

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An Unusual Condition of the Gums, associated with Mild, Intractable Cheilitis: Case for Diagnosis

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An Unusual Condition of the Lips

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An Unusual Condition of the Nasopharynx

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An Unusual Condition of the Pillars of the Fauces, Probably Congenital

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An Unusual Congenital Urogenital Anomaly: Report of Case

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An Unusual Cyst of the Uterus: (Section of Obstetrics and Gynaecology)

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An Unusual Death in a Case of Brain Tumour

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An Unusual Deformity of the Foot

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An Unusual Diaphragmatic Hernia Found in the Course of Dissection of a White Male, Aged Sixty

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An Unusual Diffuse, Indolent Ulceration of the Gut, with Filamentous Mycobacteria, following Empyema of the Pleura

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An Unusual Diphtheria Infection

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An Unusual Dislocating Hip

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An Unusual Dislocation of the Foot

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An Unusual Dystocia

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An Unusual Effect of a Lightning Discharge

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An Unusual Epidemic: The Rash of Erythema Multiforme Associated with an Upper Respiratory Infection

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An Unusual Epileptic Case

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An Unusual Etiology for Elevation of Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time (aPTT) in SLE: Acquired Hemophilia and Lupus Anticoagulant

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An Unusual Example of Lupus Erythematosus

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An Unusual Experience with the Miller-Abbott Tube

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An Unusual Finding on Screening Colonoscopy-Pancreatic Cancer

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An Unusual Form of Rainbow

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An Unusual Form of Perineal Hernia

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An Unusual Form of Rodent Ulcer

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An Unusual Form of Turbid Urine due to the Presence of Lecithin-globulin

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An Unusual Fracture of the Upper End of the Tibia

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An Unusual Gastric Neoplasm

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An Unusual Head Injury

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An Unusual History of Ectopic Pregnancies

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An Unusual Infection Causing Acute Suppurative Appendicitis

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An Unusual Infective Condition of the Bladder

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An Unusual Injury to the Cribriform Plate

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An Unusual Intrathoracic Tumour

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An Unusual Lacustrine Delta

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An Unusual Location of Extraosseous Ewing's Sarcoma

Anonymous, 1949:
An Unusual Mental Hospital Aide

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An Unusual Meteor

Chant, C.A., 1906:
An Unusual Meteor

Kline, J.J., 1925:
An Unusual Meteor

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An Unusual Meteoric Fall

Knowlton, A.A., 1919:
An Unusual Mirage

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An Unusual Motor-Car Accident

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An Unusual Neisseria in a Case of Chronic Bronchitis

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An Unusual Organism (Micrococcus zymogenes) in a Case of Malignant Endocarditis

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An Unusual Outbreak of Gastro-Enteritis

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An Unusual Pelvic Fracture

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An Unusual Presentation of GIST

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An Unusual Psychoneurosis of War: Functional Loss of the Sense of Smell

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An Unusual Rainbow

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An Unusual Reaction Following Arsenical Treatment of Syphilis

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An Unusual Result Following Traumatic Irido-Cyclitis

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An Unusual Sequel to Blood Transfusion

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An Unusual Sequel to the Radical Mastoid Operation

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An Unusual Sequence of Events in a Gastrojejunal Ulcer

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An Unusual Sign in Fractured Skull

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An Unusual Solitaire Game

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An Unusual Symptom in Secondary Syphilis

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An Unusual Termination in a Case of Tuberculous Spine

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An Unusual Tonsillar Appendage and its Relation to Cartilage Formation in the Tonsil; Lantern Demonstration : (Abstract)

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An Unusual Type of Anterior Traumatic Capsular Cataract

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An Unusual Type of Auriferous Deposit

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An Unusual Type of Corneal Dystrophy

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An Unusual Type of Cortical Gliosis

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An Unusual Type of Insulin Reaction in a Diabetic Patient

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An Unusual Type of Pericarditis associated with Rheumatic Heart Disease

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An Unusual Type of Supernumerary Digit

Pybus, F.C., 1921:
An Unusual Type of Tuberculous Peri-tubal Cyst

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An Unusual Type of ? Lichen Planus

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An Unusual Urinary Deposit of Calcium Carbonate

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An Unusual Uterine Polyp

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An Unusual Variation of the Aortic Arch

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An Unusually Brilliant Halo

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An Unusually Large Angeioma of the Liver

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An Unusually Large Hydrocele

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An Unusually Large Pyosalpinx

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An Unusually Mild Case Of Tetanus In A Horse

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