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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 51492

Chapter 51492 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Peuscher, A.; Gassler, N.; Schneider, U.; Thom, P.; Rasche, S.; Spiegel, H.; Schillberg, S., 2014:
An immunohistochemical assay on human tissue using a human primary antibody

Scott, V.L.; Wallace, K.; Mays, S.; Ryan, P.; Coats, K.S., 2011:
An immunohistochemical assay to detect trophoblasts in frozen feline placenta

Hillesheim, P.B.; Slone, S.; Kelley, D.; Malone, J.; Bahrami, S., 2011:
An immunohistochemical comparison between MiTF and MART-1 with Azure blue counterstaining in the setting of solar lentigo and melanoma in situ

Mishra, S.K.; Crasta, J.A., 2010:
An immunohistochemical comparison of P53 and Bcl-2 as apoptotic and MIB1 as proliferative markers in low-grade and high-grade ovarian serous carcinomas

Bagis, B.; Atilla, P.; Cakar, N.; Hasanreisoglu, U., 2009:
An immunohistochemical evaluation of cell adhesion molecules in human dental pulp after tooth preparation and application of temporary luting cements

Magkou, C.; Mylona, E.; Theohari, I.; Giannopoulou, I.; Papanikolaou, E.; Markaki, S.; Nakopoulou, L., 2008:
An immunohistochemical evaluation of phosphorylated Akt at threonine 308 [pAkt(Thr308)] in invasive breast cancer

Mylona, E.; Vamvakaris, I.; Giannopoulou, I.; Theohari, I.; Papadimitriou, C.; Keramopoulos, A.; Nakopoulou, L., 2013:
An immunohistochemical evaluation of the proteins Wnt1 and glycogen synthase kinase (GSK)-3β in invasive breast carcinomas

Nagaishi, M.; Arai, M.; Osawa, T.; Yokoo, H.; Hirato, J.; Yoshimoto, Y.; Nakazato, Y., 2012:
An immunohistochemical finding in glioneuronal lesions associated with epilepsy: the appearance of nestin-positive, CD34-positive and tau-accumulating cells

Watkins, N.D.; Cork, S.C.; Pyner, S., 2009:
An immunohistochemical investigation of the relationship between neuronal nitric oxide synthase, GABA and presympathetic paraventricular neurons in the hypothalamus

Pinto, M.P.; Jacobsen, B.M.; Horwitz, K.B., 2011:
An immunohistochemical method to study breast cancer cell subpopulations and their growth regulation by hormones in three-dimensional cultures

Marettová, E.; Maretta, M., 2015:
An immunohistochemical observations on the oviduct of the goat

Butler, R.T.; Spector, M.E.; Thomas, D.; McDaniel, A.S.; McHugh, J.B., 2015:
An immunohistochemical panel for reliable differentiation of salivary duct carcinoma and mucoepidermoid carcinoma

Mamalis, A.; Fiadorchanka, N.; Adams, L.; Serravallo, M.; Heilman, E.; Siegel, D.; Brody, N.; Jagdeo, J., 2014:
An immunohistochemical panel to assess ultraviolet radiation-associated oxidative skin injury

Rollins-Raval, M.; Chivukula, M.; Tseng, G.C.; Jukic, D.; Dabbs, D.J., 2011:
An immunohistochemical panel to differentiate metastatic breast carcinoma to skin from primary sweat gland carcinomas with a review of the literature

Zhang, Y.; Garcia-Buitrago, M.T.; Koru-Sengul, T.; Schuman, S.; Ganjei-Azar, P., 2015:
An immunohistochemical panel to distinguish ovarian from uterine serous papillary carcinomas

van Nederveen, F.H.; Gaal, Jé.; Favier, J.; Korpershoek, E.; Oldenburg, R.A.; de Bruyn, E.M.C.A.; Sleddens, H.F.B.M.; Derkx, P.; Rivière, J.; Dannenberg, H.; Petri, B-Jeroen.; Komminoth, P.; Pacak, K.; Hop, W.C.J.; Pollard, P.J.; Mannelli, M.; Bayley, J-Pierre.; Perren, A.; Niemann, S.; Verhofstad, A.A.; de Bruïne, A.P.; Maher, E.R.; Tissier, Fédérique.; Méatchi, T.; Badoual, Cécile.; Bertherat, Jérôme.; Amar, L.; Alataki, D.; Van Marck, E.; Ferrau, F.; François, J.; de Herder, W.W.; P, 2009:
An immunohistochemical procedure to detect patients with paraganglioma and phaeochromocytoma with germline SDHB, SDHC, or SDHD gene mutations: a retrospective and prospective analysis

Gurbuz, Y.; Kose, N.; Aydin, O.; Ozturk, M., 2007:
An immunohistochemical profile of giant cell carcinoma of the larynx

Hughes, N.R.; Goodman, Z.D.; Bhathal, P.S., 2010:
An immunohistochemical profile of the so-called bile duct adenoma: clues to pathogenesis

Antonarakis, E.S.; Keizman, D.; Zhang, Z.; Gurel, B.; Lotan, T.L.; Hicks, J.L.; Fedor, H.L.; Carducci, M.A.; De Marzo, A.M.; Eisenberger, M.A., 2013:
An immunohistochemical signature comprising PTEN, MYC, and Ki67 predicts progression in prostate cancer patients receiving adjuvant docetaxel after prostatectomy

Mokhtari, M.; Ardestani, M.Memar.; Movahedipour, M., 2013:
An immunohistochemical study of EGFR expression in colorectal cancer and its correlation with lymph nodes status and tumor grade

Iwakiri, M.; Mizukami, K.; Ikonomovic, M.D.; Ishikawa, M.; Abrahamson, E.E.; DeKosky, S.T.; Asada, T., 2008:
An immunohistochemical study of GABA A receptor gamma subunits in Alzheimer's disease hippocampus: relationship to neurofibrillary tangle progression

Mahzouni, P.; Movahedipour, M., 2012:
An immunohistochemical study of HER2 expression in meningioma and its correlation with tumor grade

Radovanovic-Dinic, B.; Nagorni, A.; Katic, V.; Stamenkovic, I.; Zlatic, A., 2009:
An immunohistochemical study of Ki-67 in colorectal adenoma

Bao, H-jun.; Liu, Y.; Qin, J-hui.; Xu, C-sheng.; Hei, N-nan.; Jaber, J.R.; Chen, Q-sheng., 2012:
An immunohistochemical study of S-100 protein in the intestinal tract of Chinese soft-shelled turtle, Pelodiscus sinensis

Hayati, A.Rahman.; Mohamed, A.Elraied.; Tan, G.Chin., 2010:
An immunohistochemical study of Toll-like receptors 2 and 4 in placenta with and without infection

Hoch, B.L.; Wu, M.; Lewis, M.; Gan, L.; Burstein, D.E., 2008:
An immunohistochemical study of XIAP expression in pleomorphic adenoma and carcinoma ex pleomorphic adenoma

Terada, T., 2014:
An immunohistochemical study of a primary signet-ring cell carcinoma of the ampulla of vater: a case report

Terada, T., 2012:
An immunohistochemical study of adenomatoid tumors of the uterus and fallopian tube

Tarakji, B.; Kujan, O., 2011:
An immunohistochemical study of androgen receptor in carcinoma arising in pleomorphic salivary adenoma

Trindade, F.; Torrelo, A.; Kutzner, H.; Requena, L.; Tellechea, Óscar.; Colmenero, I., 2015:
An immunohistochemical study of angiokeratomas of children

Bershteĭn, L.M.; Pozharisskiĭ, K.M.; Maksimova, N.A.; Kovalevskiĭ, A.Iu.; Imianitov, E.N., 2009:
An immunohistochemical study of aromatase, estrogen 4-hydroxylase and fatty acid synthetase in breast cancer tissues from BRCA1 mutation carriers

Mishra, M.; Chandavarkar, V.; Naik, V.V.; Kale, A.D., 2013:
An immunohistochemical study of basement membrane heparan sulfate proteoglycan (perlecan) in oral epithelial dysplasia and squamous cell carcinoma

Boroujerdnia, M.Ghafourian.; Dezfuly, F.Ghalambor.; Mosthophy, N.Emad., 2009:
An immunohistochemical study of beta1 integrin molecules (VLA-4, VLA-5, VLA-6) in all endometrial compartments of fertile and infertile women in Ahwaz-Iran

Amorim, I.; Taulescu, M.A.; Ferreira, A.; Rêma, A.; Reis, C.A.; Faustino, A.M.; Cătoi, C.; Gärtner, Fátima., 2015:
An immunohistochemical study of canine spontaneous gastric polyps

McCluggage, W.Glenn.; Kennedy, K.; Busam, K.J., 2010:
An immunohistochemical study of cervical neuroendocrine carcinomas: Neoplasms that are commonly TTF1 positive and which may express CK20 and P63

Pap, Z.; Pávai, Zán.; Dénes, Lóránd.; Kovalszky, I.; Jung, János., 2010:
An immunohistochemical study of colon adenomas and carcinomas: E-cadherin, Syndecan-1, Ets-1

Morshed, K.; Skomra, D.; Korobowicz, E.; Szymański, M.; Polz-Dacewicz, Młgorzata.; Gołabek, Wław., 2007:
An immunohistochemical study of cyclin D1 protein expression in laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma

Gil da Costa, R.M.; Santos, M.; Amorim, I.; Lopes, C.; Pereira, P.Dias.; Faustino, A.M., 2009:
An immunohistochemical study of feline endometrial adenocarcinoma

Aupperle, H.; Baldauf, K.; März, I., 2011:
An immunohistochemical study of feline myocardial fibrosis

Monteiro, S.Mariza.; Fontainhas-Fernandes, Aónio.; Sousa, Mário., 2010:
An immunohistochemical study of gill epithelium cells in the Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus

Yamanaka, T.; Sakamoto, H.; Nakagawa, T.; Tanaka, S.; Matsumoto, K.; Ueno, M., 2014:
An immunohistochemical study of human platelets using a rabbit antibody against H18-K24 of apolipoprotein CIII (HATKTAK)

Mostafa, W.Z.; Mahfouz, S.M.; Bosseila, M.; Sobhi, R.M.; El-Nabarawy, E., 2011:
An immunohistochemical study of laminin in basal cell carcinoma

Shibata, S.; Sakamoto, Y.; Baba, O.; Qin, C.; Murakami, G.; Cho, B.H., 2014:
An immunohistochemical study of matrix proteins in the craniofacial cartilage in midterm human fetuses

Dimitroulias, A.; Tsonidis, C.; Natsis, K.; Venizelos, I.; Djau, S.N.; Tsitsopoulos, P.; Tsitsopoulos, P., 2010:
An immunohistochemical study of mechanoreceptors in lumbar spine intervertebral discs

Banco, B.; Giudice, C.; Veronesi, M.C.; Gerosa, E.; Grieco, V., 2011:
An immunohistochemical study of normal and neoplastic canine sertoli cells

Nakai, A.; Imano, M.; Takeyama, Y.; Shiozaki, H.; Ohyanagi, H., 2008:
An immunohistochemical study of osteopontin in hepatolithiasis

Imano, M.; Satou, T.; Itoh, T.; Takeyama, Y.; Yasuda, A.; Peng, Y-Feng.; Shinkai, M.; Haji, S.; Yasuda, C.; Nakai, T.; Yasuda, T.; Imamoto, H.; Okuno, K.; Shiozaki, H.; Ohyanagi, H., 2010:
An immunohistochemical study of osteopontin in pigment gallstone formation

Terada, T., 2013:
An immunohistochemical study of primary signet-ring cell carcinoma of the stomach and colorectum: I. Cytokeratin profile in 42 cases

Terada, T., 2013:
An immunohistochemical study of primary signet-ring cell carcinoma of the stomach and colorectum: II. Expression of MUC1, MUC2, MUC5AC, and MUC6 in normal mucosa and in 42 cases

Terada, T., 2013:
An immunohistochemical study of primary signet-ring cell carcinoma of the stomach and colorectum: III. Expressions of EMA, CEA, CA19-9, CDX-2, p53, Ki-67 antigen, TTF-1, vimentin, and p63 in normal mucosa and in 42 cases

Noraini, M.D.; Siti-Aishah, M.A.; Kwan, S.W., 2003:
An immunohistochemical study of retinoblastoma gene product in normal, premalignant and malignant tissues of the uterine cervix

Takayama, B.; Kikuchi, S-ichi.; Konno, S-ichi.; Sekiguchi, M., 2009:
An immunohistochemical study of the antinociceptive effect of calcitonin in ovariectomized rats

Lalatta-Costerbosa, G.; Clavenzani, P.; Petrosino, G.; Mazzoni, M., 2011:
An immunohistochemical study of the distribution of nitric oxide synthase-immunoreactive neurons and fibers in the reticular groove of suckling lambs

Tarakji, B.; Kujan, O.; Nassani, M.Z., 2011:
An immunohistochemical study of the distribution of p 16 protein in oral mucosa in smokers, non-smokers and in frictional keratosis

Gustavsen, C.R.; Pillay, N.; Heller, R.Scott., 2008:
An immunohistochemical study of the endocrine pancreas of the African ice rat, Otomys sloggetti robertsi

Oosthuizen, M.K.; Bennett, N.C.; Coen, C.W., 2008:
An immunohistochemical study of the gonadotrophin-releasing hormone 1 system in solitary Cape mole-rats, Georychus capensis, and social Natal mole-rats, Cryptomys hottentotus natalensis

Vanherberghen, M.; Day, M.J.; Delvaux, F.; Gabriel, A.; Clercx, C.; Peeters, D., 2009:
An immunohistochemical study of the inflammatory infiltrate associated with nasal carcinoma in dogs and cats

Villanacci, V.; Annese, V.; Cuttitta, A.; Fisogni, S.; Scaramuzzi, G.; De Santo, E.; Corazzi, N.; Bassotti, G., 2010:
An immunohistochemical study of the myenteric plexus in idiopathic achalasia

Lee, H.S.; Chang, J.H.; Ku, S.K., 2012:
An immunohistochemical study of the pancreatic endocrine cells of the Korean golden frog, Rana plancyi chosenica

Lee, H.Sik.; Chang, J.Hyun.; Ku, S.Kwang., 2011:
An immunohistochemical study of the pancreatic endocrine cells of the ddN mouse

Aupperle, H.; Thielebein, J.; Kiefer, B.; März, I.; Dinges, G.; Schoon, H-A., 2008:
An immunohistochemical study of the role of matrix metalloproteinases and their tissue inhibitors in chronic mitral valvular disease (valvular endocardiosis) in dogs

Mizukami, K.; Ishikawa, M.; Akatsu, H.; Abrahamson, E.E.; Ikonomovic, M.D.; Asada, T., 2012:
An immunohistochemical study of the serotonin 1A receptor in the hippocampus of subjects with Alzheimer's disease

Watanabe, T.; Okeda, Y.; Yamano, T.; Ono, S., 2011:
An immunohistochemical study of ubiquitin in the skin of sporadic amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Russell, D.S.; Rassnick, K.M.; Erb, H.N.; Vaughan, M.M.; McDonough, S.P., 2010:
An immunohistochemical study of vitamin D receptor expression in canine cutaneous mast cell tumours

Turillazzi, E.; Neri, M.; Pomara, C.; Riezzo, I.; Fineschi, V., 2008:
An immunohistochemical study on a tetanus fatal case using toxin fragment C (TTC). Should it be a useful diagnostic tool?

Kaur, S.; Tan, W.Ling.; Soo, C.; Cheung, C.Chun.Ho.; Stewart, J.; Reddy, S., 2011:
An immunohistochemical study on the distribution and frequency of T regulatory cells in pancreatic islets of NOD mice during various stages of spontaneous and cyclophosphamide-accelerated diabetes

Port Louis, L.Rajathy.; Varshney, K.Chandra.; Nair, M.Gopalakrishnan., 2012:
An immunohistochemical study on the expression of sex steroid receptors in canine mammary tumors

Iijima, N.; Takumi, K.; Sawai, N.; Ozawa, H., 2011:
An immunohistochemical study on the expressional dynamics of kisspeptin neurons relevant to GnRH neurons using a newly developed anti-kisspeptin antibody

Kenzaki, K.; Tsuchikawa, K.; Kuwahara, T., 2012:
An immunohistochemical study on the localization of type II collagen in the developing mouse mandibular condyle

Zhang, H.; Zhao, X.; Zhang, Z.; Chen, W.; Zhang, X., 2013:
An immunohistochemistry study of Sox9, Runx2, and Osterix expression in the mandibular cartilages of newborn mouse

Alireza, A.; Raheleh, S.; Abbass, R.; Mojgan, M.; Mohamadreza, M.; Gholamreza, M.; Shadi, B., 2008:
An immunohistochemistry study of tissue bcl-2 expression and its serum levels in breast cancer patients

Nakamura, M.; Saga, T.; Watanabe, K.; Takahashi, N.; Tabira, Y.; Kusukawa, J.; Yamaki, K-Ichi., 2014:
An immunohistochemistry-based study on aquaporin (AQP)-1, 3, 4, 5 and 8 in the parotid glands, submandibular glands and sublingual glands of Sjögren's syndrome mouse models chronically administered cevimeline

Twitty, A.; Rabie, A.Bakr.M.; Shum, D.K.Y.; Wong, R.W.K., 2008:
An immunolocalization study of tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinase-1 of bone graft healing on parietal bone

Evans, E.E., 1949:
An immunologic comparison of 12 strains of Cryptococcus neoformans (Torula histolytica)

Higbee, R.G.; Byers, A.M.; Dhir, V.; Drake, D.; Fahlenkamp, H.G.; Gangur, J.; Kachurin, A.; Kachurina, O.; Leistritz, D.; Ma, Y.; Mehta, R.; Mishkin, E.; Moser, J.; Mosquera, L.; Nguyen, M.; Parkhill, R.; Pawar, S.; Poisson, L.; Sanchez-Schmitz, G.; Schanen, B.; Singh, I.; Song, H.; Tapia, T.; Warren, W.; Wittman, V., 2010:
An immunologic model for rapid vaccine assessment -- a clinical trial in a test tube

Ponikau, J.U.; Winter, L.A.; Kephart, G.M.; Squillace, D.L.; Hershcovitch, M.D.; Moon, S.; Sherris, D.A.; Kern, E.B.; Gleich, G.J.; Kita, H., 2015:
An immunologic test for chronic rhinosinusitis based on free intranasal eosinophilic major basic protein

Buzoni-Gatel, D.; Kourilsky, P., 2009:
An immunological Noah's Ark

Pavoni, E.; Sciandra, F.; Tasca, G.; Tittarelli, R.; Bozzi, M.; Giardina, B.; Ricci, E.; Brancaccio, A., 2011:
An immunological analysis of dystroglycan subunits: lessons learned from a small cohort of non-congenital dystrophic patients

Tănăsescu, R.; Nicolau, A.; Ticmeanu, M.; Luca, D.; Caraiola, S.; Cojocaru, I.Mihaela.; Frăsineanu, A.; Ionescu, R.; Hristea, A.; Ene, A.; Tănăsescu, R.; Baicuş, C., 2009:
An immunological approach to cerebral ischemia (I). Immune cells and adhesion molecules

Symes, M.O., 1966:
An immunological approach to tumour therapy

Tunaz, H.; Stanley, D., 2010:
An immunological axis of biocontrol: infections in field-trapped insects

Shafi, M.; Zargar, M.; Shah, Z.A.; Salahuddin, M.; Siddiqi, M., 1998:
An immunological based study of monoclonal gammopathies among suspected individuals in Kashmir region

Ponchel, F.; Goëb, V.; Parmar, R.; El-Sherbiny, Y.; Boissinot, M.; El Jawhari, J.; Burska, A.; Vital, E.M.; Harrison, S.; Conaghan, P.G.; Hensor, E.; Emery, P., 2014:
An immunological biomarker to predict MTX response in early RA

Ghunaim, H.; Kumar, A.; Torres, J.; Diaz-Mitoma, F.; Azizi, A., 2011:
An immunological comparison between lipidated and non-lipidated multivalent HIV-1 peptides representing Gp120 and Gag hypervariable regions

Bridenbaugh, E.A.; Wang, W.; Srimushnam, M.; Cromer, W.E.; Zawieja, S.D.; Schmidt, S.E.; Jupiter, D.C.; Huang, H-Chung.; Van Buren, V.; Zawieja, D.C., 2014:
An immunological fingerprint differentiates muscular lymphatics from arteries and veins

Dragojević-Dikić, S.; Marisavljević, D.; Mitrović, A.; Dikić, S.; Jovanović, T.; Janković-Raznatović, S., 2010:
An immunological insight into premature ovarian failure (POF)

Laresgoiti-Servitje, E.; Gómez-López, N.; Olson, D.M., 2010:
An immunological insight into the origins of pre-eclampsia

Gerard, R.; Sendid, B.; Colombel, J-Frederic.; Poulain, D.; Jouault, T., 2016:
An immunological link between Candida albicans colonization and Crohn's disease

Jackson, J.A.; Hall, A.J.; Friberg, I.M.; Ralli, C.; Lowe, A.; Zawadzka, M.; Turner, A.K.; Stewart, A.; Birtles, R.J.; Paterson, S.; Bradley, J.E.; Begon, M., 2015:
An immunological marker of tolerance to infection in wild rodents

Narvaez, E.; Berendsen, J.; Guzmán, F.; Gallardo, Jé.A.; Mercado, L., 2010:
An immunological method for quantifying antibacterial activity in Salmo salar (Linnaeus, 1758) skin mucus

Hermoso, R.; Chueca, A.; Lazaro, J.J.; Lopez-Gorge, J., 1987:
An immunological method for quantitative determination of photosynthetic fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase in leaf crude extracts

Bandman, E.; Zdanis, D., 1988:
An immunological method to assess protein degradation in post-mortem muscle

Sang, L.; Yang, W.C.; Han, L.; Liang, A.X.; Hua, G.H.; Xiong, J.J.; Huo, L.J.; Yang, L.G., 2011:
An immunological method to screen sex-specific proteins of bovine sperm

Ozdemir, C., 2010:
An immunological overview of allergen specific immunotherapy -- subcutaneous and sublingual routes

von Bubnoff, A., 2011:
An immunological rationale for vaccines

Shrestha, S.; Prasad, S.Venkata.; Kim, Y., 2011:
An immunological role of a PKC alpha binding protein (PICK1) expressed in the hemocytes of the beet armyworm, Spodoptera exigua

Antipova, N.V.; Snezhkov, E.V.; Zavalova, L.L.; Shakhparonov, M.I., 2011:
An immunological study of secreted human polymeric immunoglobulins' J-peptide tissue specificity

Das, A.K.; Chowdhury, A.K.; Sinha, A.K., 1997:
An immunological study of vitiligo

Dateki, S.; Hizukuri, K.; Tanaka, T.; Katsumata, N.; Katavetin, P.; Ogata, T., 2009:
An immunologically anomalous but considerably bioactive GH produced by a novel GH1 mutation (p.D116E)

Marelli-Berg, F.M.; Clement, M.; Mauro, C.; Caligiuri, G., 2013:
An immunologist's guide to CD31 function in T-cells

Matzinger, P., 2009:
An immunologist's view on specific immunotherapy

Hawse, W.F.; Morel, P.A., 2015:
An immunology primer for computational modelers

Panneerseelan, L.; Muriana, P.M., 2010:
An immunomagnetic PCR signal amplification assay for sensitive detection of Staphylococcus aureus enterotoxins in foods

Fernandes, Cáudia.Pinho.Hartleben.; Seixas, F.Kömmling.; Coutinho, M.Loner.; Vasconcellos, Fávia.Aleixo.; Moreira, A.Nunes.; Conceição, F.Rochedo.; Dellagostin, O.Antônio.; Aleixo, Jé.Antonio.Guimarães., 2008 :
An immunomagnetic separation-PCR method for detection of pathogenic Leptospira in biological fluids

Wang, Z.; Cai, R.; Yuan, Y.; Niu, C.; Hu, Z.; Yue, T., 2014:
An immunomagnetic separation-real-time PCR system for the detection of Alicyclobacillus acidoterrestris in fruit products

Gaze, S.; Driguez, P.; Pearson, M.S.; Mendes, T.; Doolan, D.L.; Trieu, A.; McManus, D.P.; Gobert, G.N.; Periago, M.Victoria.; Correa Oliveira, R.; Cardoso, F.C.; Oliveira, G.; Nakajima, R.; Jasinskas, A.; Hung, C.; Liang, L.; Pablo, J.; Bethony, J.M.; Felgner, P.L.; Loukas, A., 2014:
An immunomics approach to schistosome antigen discovery: antibody signatures of naturally resistant and chronically infected individuals from endemic areas

Rose, W.A.; Tuthill, C.; Pyles, R.B., 2008:
An immunomodulating dipeptide, SCV-07, is a potential therapeutic for recurrent genital herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2)

Vik, R.; Busnelli, M.; Parolini, C.; Bjørndal, B.; Holm, S.; Bohov, P.; Halvorsen, B.; Brattelid, T.; Manzini, S.; Ganzetti, G.S.; Dellera, F.; Nygård, O.K.; Aukrust, Pål.; Sirtori, C.R.; Chiesa, G.; Berge, R.K., 2014:
An immunomodulating fatty acid analogue targeting mitochondria exerts anti-atherosclerotic effect beyond plasma cholesterol-lowering activity in apoe(-/-) mice

Faingold, O.; Ashkenazi, A.; Kaushansky, N.; Ben-Nun, A.; Shai, Y., 2014:
An immunomodulating motif of the HIV-1 fusion protein is chirality-independent: implications for its mode of action

Agarwal, S.; Agarwal, A.K.; Tewari, S.C.; Dalal, P.K.; Bahuguna, L.M., 1992:
An immunomodulator in the treatment of schizophrenia : a double-blind study

Moretti, S.; Bozza, S.; Massi-Benedetti, C.; Prezioso, L.; Rossetti, E.; Romani, L.; Aversa, F.; Pitzurra, L., 2014:
An immunomodulatory activity of micafungin in preclinical aspergillosis

Lin, Y-Li.; Liang, Y-Chih.; Tseng, Y-Shan.; Huang, H-Yi.; Chou, S-Yu.; Hseu, R-Shyang.; Huang, C-Tsan.; Chiang, B-Luen., 2009 :
An immunomodulatory protein, Ling Zhi-8, induced activation and maturation of human monocyte-derived dendritic cells by the NF-kappaB and MAPK pathways

Le Luduec, J.B.; Condamine, T.; Louvet, C.; Thebault, P.; Heslan, J-M.; Heslan, M.; Chiffoleau, E.; Cuturi, M-C., 2008:
An immunomodulatory role for follistatin-like 1 in heart allograft transplantation

Tiwari, B.; Soory, A.; Raghunand, T.R., 2014:
An immunomodulatory role for the Mycobacterium tuberculosis region of difference 1 locus proteins PE35 (Rv3872) and PPE68 (Rv3873)

Jiang, Z-Liang.; Huang, Y-Juan.; Liang, A-Hui., 2008:
An immunonanogold resonance scattering-quenching probe for rapid and sensitive assay of microalbumin

Nangia, A.; Kumar, V.; Logani, K.B., 2000:
An immunopathological study of lichen planus

Liptrot, S.; O' Brien, D.; Langabeer, S.E.; Quinn, F.; Mackarel, A.Jill.; Elder, P.; Vandenberghe, E.; Hayden, P.J., 2014:
An immunophenotypic and molecular diagnosis of composite hairy cell leukaemia and chronic lymphocytic leukaemia

He, H-Jun.; Lowenthal, M.S.; Cole, K.D.; Bunk, D.; Wang, L., 2011:
An immunoprecipitation coupled with fluorescent Western blot analysis for the characterization of a model secondary serum cardiac troponin I reference material

Bennani, A.; Znati, K.; Rezzouk, S.; Bouhadouti, H.; Maazaz, K.; Amarti, A., 2015:
An immunoproliferative disease of the small intestine revealed by acute intussusception: report of a case

Bian, F.; Qi, H.; Ma, P.; Zhang, L.; Yoon, K-Chul.; Pflugfelder, S.C.; Li, D-Quan., 2011:
An immunoprotective privilege of corneal epithelial stem cells against Th17 inflammatory stress by producing glial cell-derived neurotrophic factor

Cho, Y.; Sun, J.; Han, J.Hyuck.; Jang, J.Hyun.; Kang, Z.Wu.; Hahn, T-Wook., 2014:
An immunoproteomic approach for characterization of the outer membrane proteins of Salmonella Gallinarum

Downard, K.M., 2014:
An immunoproteomics approach to screen the antigenicity of the influenza virus

Vinayaka, A.C.; Thakur, M.S., 2013:
An immunoreactor-based competitive fluoroimmunoassay for monitoring staphylococcal enterotoxin B using bioconjugated quantum dots

Oliver, S.L.; Brady, J.J.; Sommer, M.H.; Reichelt, M.; Sung, P.; Blau, H.M.; Arvin, A.M., 2013:
An immunoreceptor tyrosine-based inhibition motif in varicella-zoster virus glycoprotein B regulates cell fusion and skin pathogenesis

Jarocka, U.; Sawicka, Róża.; Góra-Sochacka, A.; Sirko, A.; Zagórski-Ostoja, Włodzimierz.; Radecki, J.; Radecka, H., 2015:
An immunosensor based on antibody binding fragments attached to gold nanoparticles for the detection of peptides derived from avian influenza hemagglutinin H5

Shin, M-Kyoung.; Kang, M.Lan.; Cha, S.Bin.; Lee, W-Jung.; Sung, J.Hyun.; Yoo, H.Sang., 2012:
An immunosorbent assay based on the recombinant ApxIa, ApxIIa, and ApxIIIa toxins of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae and its application to field sera

Maity, K.; Samanta, S.; Bhanja, S.K.; Maity, S.; Sen, I.K.; Maiti, S.; Behera, B.; Maiti, T.K.; Sikdar, S.R.; Islam, S.S., 2013:
An immunostimulating water insoluble β-glucan of an edible hybrid mushroom: isolation and characterization

Chen, Y.; Tang, J.; Wang, X.; Sun, F.; Liang, S., 2012:
An immunostimulatory polysaccharide (SCP-IIa) from the fruit of Schisandra chinensis (Turcz.) Baill

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An implicit assessment of the effect of artificial cheek raising: when your face smiles, the world looks nicer

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An implicit basis for the retention benefits of random practice

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An implicit bias in error management?

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An implicit solvent coarse-grained lipid model with correct stress profile

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An implicit theory of self-esteem: the consequences of perceived self-esteem for romantic desirability

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An importance of dose in antipsychotic combination therapy for schizophrenia

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An important addition to the 'Recent Patent' journal series

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An important aspect of the 2010 American College of Rheumatology/European League Against Rheumatism classification criteria for the diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis

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An important attempt to improve the outcome of congenital heart disease in Europe

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A Typical Presentation of Tuberculosis in Cirrhosis

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An important but easily overlooked medical complication of multiple trauma

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An important case of misdiagnosis: keloid scar or high-grade soft-tissue sarcoma?

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An important complication of a child with juvenile idiopathic arthritis: macrophage activation syndrome

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An important consensus statement on the management of gastroesophageal reflux disease for the largest population in the world

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An important contribution to our understanding of the performance of the current generation of metal-on-metal hip replacements

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An important date in rabies history

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An important diagnosis for the hand surgeon: "the clenched fist syndrome"

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An important diagnosis to consider in recurrent meningitis

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An important difference between "exposed" and "photodistributed" underscores the importance of identifying common reactions

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An important differential for ascending weakness

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An important document for higher education in stomatology in China

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An important factor in preoperative screening

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An important improvement in Ferron-timed spectrophotometry

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An important indirect drug interaction between dronedarone and warfarin that may be extrapolated to other drugs that can alter gastrointestinal function

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An important ingredient

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An important issue in the calculation of PGAA for the diagnosis of fibrosis stage in patients with alcoholic liver disease

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An important issue in the management of elimination dysfunction in children: parental awareness of constipation

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An important item in these studies is the definition of the reference standard

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An important landmark in scientific publishing

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An important marker of pancreatic stem cell--nestin

Anonymous, 1966:
An important meeting in prospect

Inagaki, M.; Hayashi, T., 2013:
An important message for parents of children with developmental disabilities who have encountered unprecedented disaster

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An important message from Medicare (and Mom)

Powell, S.K., 2007:
An important message from Medicare: new rules on July 1, 2007

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An important mimicker: plaque-type syringoma mistakenly diagnosed as microcystic adnexal carcinoma

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An important natural genetic resource of Oreochromis niloticus (Linnaeus, 1758) threatened by aquaculture activities in Loboi drainage, Kenya

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An important new resource emerges for child and adolescent mental health

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An important new way to rate the nutritional quality of foods

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An important next step in the evolution of our understanding of the value and importance of trauma systems

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An important piece has been placed in the puzzle of hypokalemic periodic paralysis

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An important piece of the RNase P jigsaw solved

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An important player in brine shrimp lethality bioassay: The solvent

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An important point is missing

Fisher, T.L., 1974:
An important recent decision: who's responsible for sponges used during an operation?

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An important recent development in cancer research has been the identification of new genetic and molecular tumor profiling techniques. Introduction

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An important risk factor in idiopathic generalized epilepsies

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An important role for B-cell activation factor and B cells in the pathogenesis of Sjögren's syndrome

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An important role for secreted esterase in disease establishment of the wheat powdery mildew fungus Blumeria graminis f. sp. tritici

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An important role for syndecan-1 in herpes simplex virus type-1 induced cell-to-cell fusion and virus spread

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An important role of a BAHD acyl transferase-like protein in plant innate immunity

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An important role of a pyrethroid-sensing residue F1519 in the action of the N-alkylamide insecticide BTG 502 on the cockroach sodium channel

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An important role of carotenoids in protection of photosynthetic apparatus under VAM inoculation on Momordica charantia

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An important role of endothelial hairy-related transcription factors in mouse vascular development

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An important role of increase in tetrahydrobiopterin via H2O2-JAK2 signalling pathway in late phase of ischaemic preconditioning

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An important role of interleukin-10 in counteracting excessive immune response in HT-29 cells exposed to Clostridium butyricum

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An important role of intramolecular free radical reactions in antimalarial activity of artemisinin and its analogs

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An important role of the SDF-1/CXCR4 axis in chronic skin inflammation

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An important role of the heat shock response in infected cells for replication of baculoviruses

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An important role of the pepper phenylalanine ammonia-lyase gene (PAL1) in salicylic acid-dependent signalling of the defence response to microbial pathogens

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An important role of α-hemolysin in extracellular vesicles on the development of atopic dermatitis induced by Staphylococcus aureus

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An important safety measure

Harris, P.W.R.; Kowalczyk, R.; Yang, S-Hyun.; Williams, G.M.; Brimble, M.A., 2014 :
An important side reaction using the thiol, 3,6-dioxa-1,8-octanedithiol (DODT), in 9-fluorenylmethoxycarbonyl-based solid phase peptide synthesis

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An important site in PBP2x of penicillin-resistant clinical isolates of Streptococcus pneumoniae: mutational analysis of Thr338

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An important son of Aub: the military surgeon and ophthalmologist Johann Adam Schmidt (1759-1809)

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An important step in the promotion of patients' self-determination

Camboni, D.; Philipp, A.; Mueller, T.; Schmid, C., 2012:
An important step toward ambulatory veno-venous extracorporeal membrane oxygenation

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An important step toward ethical international recruitment

van Venrooij, W.J.; Pruijn, G.J.M., 2008:
An important step towards completing the rheumatoid arthritis cycle

Reilmann, R., 2012:
An important step towards translation of stem cell therapies in clinical applications for neurodegenerative diseases and beyond?

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Atypical presentation of venous infarct: Developmental venous anomaly thrombosis propagating from clot in dural venous sinus

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An important time for prevention

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An imported case of bloody diarrhea in the Czech Republic caused by a hybrid enteroaggregative hemorrhagic Escherichia coli (EAHEC) O104:H4 strain associated with the large outbreak in Germany, May 2011

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An imported case of disseminated cysticercosis and taeniasis

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An imported case of echinococcosis in a pregnant lady with unusual presentation

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An imported case of echinococcosis of the liver in a Korean who traveled to western and central Europe

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An imported case of falciparum malaria in Cixi City

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An imported case of falciparum malaria in Guangdong Province

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An imported case of falciparum malaria in Jurong of Jiangsu Province

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An imported case of scrub typhus

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An imported case of severe cerebral falciparum malaria

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An imported dengue fever case by dengue virus 3 (DENV-3) infection in Gunma, Japan

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An imported enteric fever caused by a quinolone-resistant Salmonella Typhi

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An imported malaria case with mixed infection of Plasmodium falciparum, Plasmodium vivax and Plasmodium ovale

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An importin β protein negatively regulates MicroRNA activity in Arabidopsis

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An impossibility theorem for price-adjustment mechanisms

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An impossible categorization of violent acts

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An impossible journey? The development of Plasmodium falciparum NF54 in Culex quinquefasciatus

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An impossible task: summing up the value of a nurse

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An imprecise fuzzy risk approach for water quality management of a river system

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An imprecise probability approach for the detection of over and underused taxonomic groups with the Campania (Italy) and the Sierra Popoluca (Mexico) medicinal flora

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An imprecise science

Price, R.K., 2018:
An impression

Kubra, I.Rahath.; Rao, L.Jagan.Mohan., 2012:
An impression on current developments in the technology, chemistry, and biological activities of ginger (Zingiber officinale Roscoe)

Chick, A.O.; Peacock, J.N., 2014:
An impression technique for flabby ridges

Karakoca, S.; Aydin, C.; Yilmaz, H.; Korkmaz, T., 2008:
An impression technique for implant-retained orbital prostheses

Bhansali, S.; Bhansali, N.; Singh, K.; Agarwal, B., 2011:
An impression technique for preserving interdental papillae

Fung, K-hung., 2013:
An impressive ceiling

Oylumlu, M.; Yıldız, A.; Kaya, H.; Ertaş, F., 2015:
An impressive image of woven right coronary artery

Gordon, S., 2010:
An impressive visit

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An imprint method for detecting leptospires in the hamster model of vaccine-mediated immunity for leptospirosis

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An imprinted Ag@CdS core shell nanoparticle based optical-electrochemical dual probe for trace level recognition of ferritin

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An imprinted GFP insertion reveals long-range epigenetic regulation in embryonic lineages

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An imprinted IMAGe: insights into growth regulation through genomic analysis of a rare disease

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An imprinted cross-linked enzyme aggregate (iCLEA) of sucrose phosphorylase: combining improved stability with altered specificity

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An imprinted crystalline colloidal array chemical-sensing material for detection of trace diethylstilbestrol

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An imprinted gene network that controls mammalian somatic growth is down-regulated during postnatal growth deceleration in multiple organs

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An imprinted gene underlies postzygotic reproductive isolation in Arabidopsis thaliana

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An imprinted rheumatoid arthritis methylome signature reflects pathogenic phenotype

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An improve method for somatic embryogenesis of Schisandra chinensis (Turcz.) Baillon

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An improved 1-D gel electrophoresis image analysis system

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An improved 15N relaxation dispersion experiment for the measurement of millisecond time-scale dynamics in proteins

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An improved 2b-RAD approach (I2b-RAD) offering genotyping tested by a rice (Oryza sativa L.) F2 population

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An improved 3-(4,5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl)-2,5-diphenyl tetrazolium bromide (MTT) reduction assay for evaluating the viability of Escherichia coli cells

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An improved AFM cross-sectional method for piezoelectric nanostructures properties investigation: application to GaN nanowires

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An improved AMBER force field for α,α-dialkylated peptides: intrinsic and solvent-induced conformational preferences of model systems

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An improved ARS2-derived nuclear reporter enhances the efficiency and ease of genetic engineering in Chlamydomonas

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An improved Abbott ARCHITECT assay for the detection of hepatitis B virus surface antigen (HBsAg)

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An improved Agrobacterium-mediated transformation system for the functional genetic analysis of Penicillium marneffei

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An improved BALB/c 3T3 cell transformation assay and its application in the cocarcinogenesis study

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An improved Bacillus subtilis cell factory for producing scyllo-inositol, a promising therapeutic agent for Alzheimer's disease

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An improved Bayesian tensor regularization and sampling algorithm to track neuronal fiber pathways in the language circuit

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An improved Boussignac device for the delivery of non-invasive CPAP: the SUPER-Boussignac

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An improved Bouveault-Blanc ester reduction with stabilized alkali metals

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An improved CARV process for bioethanol production from a mixture of sugar beet mash and potato mash

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An improved CTAB-ammonium acetate method for total RNA isolation from cotton

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An improved CeO2 method for high-precision measurements of 17O/16O ratios for atmospheric carbon dioxide

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An improved ChIP-seq peak detection system for simultaneously identifying post-translational modified transcription factors by combinatorial fusion, using SUMOylation as an example

Priyada, P.; Ramar, R.; Shivaramu, 2012:
An improved Compton scattering method for determination of concentration of solutions

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An improved Cu-based catalyst system for the reactions of alcohols with aryl halides

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An improved DNA force field for ssDNA interactions with gold nanoparticles

Khaniani, M.S.; Kalitsis, P.; Burgess, T.; Slater, H.R., 2008:
An improved Diagnostic PCR Assay for identification of Cryptic Heterozygosity for CGG Triplet Repeat Alleles in the Fragile X Gene (FMR1)

Ricci, S.; Matera, R.; Tortoli, P., 2014:
An improved Doppler model for obtaining accurate maximum blood velocities

Thoma, S.; Schobert, M., 2009:
An improved Escherichia coli donor strain for diparental mating

Kogenaru, M.; Tans, S.J., 2014:
An improved Escherichia coli strain to host gene regulatory networks involving both the AraC and LacI inducible transcription factors

Zhou, N.; Yang, T.; Zhang, S., 2015:
An improved FCM medical image segmentation algorithm based on MMTD

Wang, M.; Ding, H.; Wang, G., 2013:
An improved FDK algorithm using camera calibration technique for reconstruction of misaligned CBCT system

Georgakopoulos, T.; Komarraju, S.; Henry, S.; Bertolini, J., 2012:
An improved Fc function assay utilizing CMV antigen-coated red blood cells generated with synthetic function-spacer-lipid constructs

Sun, Y.; Chu, Z.; Sun, M.; Xia, X., 2009:
An improved Fe-Ni sulfide fire assay method for determination of Re, platinum group elements, and Os isotopic ratios by inductively coupled plasma- and negative thermal ionization-mass spectrometry

Kranz, A.; Fu, J.; Duerschke, K.; Weidlich, S.; Naumann, R.; Stewart, A.Francis.; Anastassiadis, K., 2011:
An improved Flp deleter mouse in C57Bl/6 based on Flpo recombinase

Wang, Z-Hua.; Lu, C-Yu.; Liu, J.; Xu, J-Juan.; Chen, H-Yuan., 2014:
An improved G-quadruplex DNAzyme for dual-functional electrochemical biosensing of adenosines and hydrogen peroxide from cancer cells

Shen, Y.; Xu, Z., 2014:
An improved GC-MS method in determining glycerol in different types of biological samples

Davis, F.J., 2011:
An improved Geiger-counter arrangement for determination of radium content

Chen, X.; Jiang, T., 2007:
An improved Gibbs sampling method for motif discovery via sequence weighting

Robertshaw, F.L., 1949:
An improved Gordh needle

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An improved HPLC method for rapid quantitation of diazepam and its major metabolites in human plasma

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An improved HPLC method for the investigation of L-selenomethionine metabolism in rat gut contents

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An improved HPLC method for the quantitation of 3'-phosphoadenosine 5'-phosphate (PAP) to assay sulfotransferase enzyme activity in HepG2 cells

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An improved HPLC method with fluorescence detection for the determination of pyrene in rat plasma and its pharmacokinetics

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An improved HPLC method with the aid of a chemometric protocol: simultaneous analysis of amlodipine and atorvastatin in pharmaceutical formulations

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An improved HPLC method with the aid of a chemometric protocol: simultaneous determination of atorvastatin and its metabolites in plasma

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An improved HPLC-UV method for the simultaneous quantification of triterpenic glycosides and aglycones in leaves of Centella asiatica (L.) Urb (APIACEAE)

Du, S.; van Wyk, B.Jacobus.; Tu, C.; Zhang, X., 2009:
An improved Hough Transform neighborhood map for straight line segments

Ailenberg, M.; Rotstein, O., 2010:
An improved Huffman coding method for archiving text, images, and music characters in DNA

Iyatomi, H.; Oka, H.; Celebi, M.Emre.; Hashimoto, M.; Hagiwara, M.; Tanaka, M.; Ogawa, K., 2008:
An improved Internet-based melanoma screening system with dermatologist-like tumor area extraction algorithm

Hawkes, J.B.; Astheimer, R.W., 1948:
An improved Jamin interferometer

O'Maille, G.; Pai, S.M.; Tao, X.; Douglas, G.T.; Jenkins, R.G., 2008:
An improved LC-ESI-MS-MS method for simultaneous quantitation of rosiglitazone and N-desmethyl rosiglitazone in human plasma

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An improved LC-MS/MS method for quantitation of indapamide in whole blood: application for a bioequivalence study

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An improved LC-MS/MS method for quantitative determination of metolazone in human plasma and its application to a pharmacokinetic study

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An improved LC-MS/MS method for simultaneous determination of 1,5-dicaffeoylquinic acid and its active metabolites in human plasma and its application to a pharmacokinetic study in patients

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An improved LC-MS/MS method for the detection of classic and low excretor glutaric acidemia type 1

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An improved LC-MS/MS method for the determination of mangiferin in rat plasma and its application in nonlinear pharmacokinetics

Heinig, K.; Wirz, T.; Yuan, M.; Tingler, M.; Mylott, W., 2015:
An improved LC-MS/MS method for the determination of taspoglutide in plasma and urine using orthogonal HILIC-RP column switching, ultra-performance LC separation and 'wrong-way-round' electrospray ionization

Carrozzo, M.M.; Troisi, L.; Cannazza, G.; Cazzato, A.S.; Braghiroli, D.; Parenti, C.; Guiducci, S.; Zoli, M., 2013:
An improved LC-S/MS method for the quantitation of adenosine concentration in mice brain microdialysates

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An improved Larock synthesis of quinolines via a Heck reaction of 2-bromoanilines and allylic alcohols

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An improved MLVF method and its comparison with traditional MLVF, spa typing, MLST/SCCmec and PFGE for the typing of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

Nuttall, G.H.; Inchley, O., 1904:
An improved Method of measuring the amount of Precipitum in connection with Tests with Precipitating Antisera

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An improved Monte Carlo diffusion hybrid model for light reflectance by turbid media

Tang, X-yan.; Gao, K.; Ni, G-qiang.; Zhu, Z-yu.; Cheng, H-bo., 2013:
An improved N-FINDR endmember extraction algorithm based on manifold learning and spatial information

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An improved NMR study of liposomes using 1-palmitoyl-2-oleoyl-sn-glycero-3-phospatidylcholine as model

Xu, H.; Bloswick, D.; Merryweather, A., 2014:
An improved OpenSim gait model with multiple degrees of freedom knee joint and knee ligaments

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An improved P300 extraction using ICA-R for P300-BCI speller

Weidner, Jürgen.; Cassens, U.; Göhde, W.; Sibrowski, W.; Odaibo, G.; Olaleye, D.; Reichelt, D.; Greve, B., 2011:
An improved PCR method for detection of HIV-1 proviral DNA of a wide range of subtypes and recombinant forms circulating globally

Chang, H-Wei.; Chou, T-Ching.; Gu, D-Leung.; Cheng, C-An.; Chang, C-Che.; Yao, C-Te.; Chuang, L-Yeh.; Wen, C-Hao.; Chou, Y-Cheng.; Tan, K-Yee.; Cheng, C-Chung., 2008:
An improved PCR method for gender identification of eagles

Shu, C.; Liu, D.; Zhou, Z.; Cai, J.; Peng, Q.; Gao, J.; Song, F.; Zhang, J., 2014:
An improved PCR-restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) method for the identification of cry1-type genes

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An improved PID switching control strategy for type 1 diabetes

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An improved PMF scoring function for universally predicting the interactions of a ligand with protein, DNA, and RNA

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An improved PSF mapping method for EPI distortion correction in human brain at ultra high field (7T)

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An improved PSO algorithm for generating protective SNP barcodes in breast cancer

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An improved Pearson's correlation proximity-based hierarchical clustering for mining biological association between genes

Magerl, M.; Abajian, M.; Krause, K.; Altrichter, S.; Siebenhaar, F.; Church, M.K., 2016:
An improved Peltier effect-based instrument for critical temperature threshold measurement in cold- and heat-induced urticaria

Zhang, X.; Wang, Q.; Adamatzky, A.; Chan, F.T.S.; Mahadevan, S.; Deng, Y., 2015:
An improved Physarum polycephalum algorithm for the shortest path problem

Jha, R.K.; Gaiotto, T.; Bradbury, A.R.M.; Strauss, C.E.M., 2015:
An improved Protein G with higher affinity for human/rabbit IgG Fc domains exploiting a computationally designed polar network

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An improved QT interval measurement based on singular value decomposition

Zhang, L.; Luo, Q.; Fang, Q.; Wang, Y., 2010:
An improved RT-PCR assay for rapid and sensitive detection of grass carp reovirus

Oliveira, A.F.; Yasuda, R., 2013:
An improved Ras sensor for highly sensitive and quantitative FRET-FLIM imaging

Mazur, G., 2007:
An improved SCPF scheme for polarization energy calculations

Gu, G.; Wang, T.; Yang, Y.; Xu, X.; Wang, J., 2014:
An improved SELEX-Seq strategy for characterizing DNA-binding specificity of transcription factor: NF-κB as an example

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An improved SOM algorithm and its application to color feature extraction

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An improved SPE method for fractionation and identification of phospholipids

Jeram, S.M.; Srikumar, T.; Zhang, X-Dong.; Anne Eisenhauer, H.; Rogers, R.; Pedrioli, P.G.A.; Matunis, M.; Raught, B., 2010:
An improved SUMmOn-based methodology for the identification of ubiquitin and ubiquitin-like protein conjugation sites identifies novel ubiquitin-like protein chain linkages

Chapman, G.H., 1948:
An improved Stone medium for the isolation and testing of food-poisoning staphylococci

Andreu, Gòria.; Vidal, T., 2014:
An improved TCF sequence for biobleaching kenaf pulp: influence of the hexenuronic acid content and the use of xylanase

Posiada, S.D., 2018:
An improved Thomas splint for gunshot fractures of the femur

Maurer, M.M.; Mein, J.R.; Chaudhuri, S.K.; Constant, H.L., 2015:
An improved UHPLC-UV method for separation and quantification of carotenoids in vegetable crops

Di Giuseppe, A.M.A.; Giarretta, N.; Lippert, M.; Severino, V.; Di Maro, A., 2015:
An improved UPLC method for the detection of undeclared horse meat addition by using myoglobin as molecular marker

Gentile, C.; Sznaier, M., 2008:
An improved Voronoi-diagram-based neural net for pattern classification

Lin, F.; Jin, C., 2013:
An improved Wiener deconvolution filter for high-resolution electron microscopy images

Mizukami, T.; Masumi, A.; Momose, H.; Kuramitsu, M.; Takizawa, K.; Naito, S.; Maeyama, J-Ichi.; Furuhata, K.; Tsuruhara, M.; Hamaguchi, I.; Yamaguchi, K., 2008:
An improved abnormal toxicity test by using reference vaccine-specific body weight curves and histopathological data for monitoring vaccine quality and safety in Japan

Eiselé, J-Luc.; Monteiro da Silva, O., 2013 :
An improved access to FDI official policy statements and resolutions

Frese, R.C., 2012:
An improved accrual: reducing medical malpractice year-end adjustments

Peng, S.Z.; Cheng, L., 2008:
An improved acoustical wave propagator method and its application to a duct structure

Yao, L.; Dong, W.; Lu, F.; Liu, S., 2012:
An improved acute gouty arthritis rat model and therapeutic effect of rhizoma Dioscoreae nipponicae on acute gouty arthritis based on the protein-chip methods

Kang, L.; Li, H.; Jiang, H.; Wang, X., 2008:
An improved adaptive genetic algorithm for protein-ligand docking

Chen, Z.; Huang, J.; Li, W., 2013:
An improved adaptive spectral clustering for image segmentation

Shen, Y.; Wang, J., 2008:
An improved algebraic criterion for global exponential stability of recurrent neural networks with time-varying delays

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An improved algorithm for 2-D translational motion artifact correction

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An improved algorithm for activated protein C resistance and factor V Leiden screening

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An improved algorithm for automatic detection of saccades in eye movement data and for calculating saccade parameters

Hajzargerbashi, T.; Kundu, T.; Bland, S., 2010:
An improved algorithm for detecting point of impact in anisotropic inhomogeneous plates

Rakshe, T.; Fleischmann, D.; Rosenberg, J.; Roos, J.E.; Straka, M.; Napel, S., 2008:
An improved algorithm for femoropopliteal artery centerline restoration using prior knowledge of shapes and image space data

Zhong, H.; Schwartzman, D., 2011:
An improved algorithm for intraoperative registration of computed tomographic left atrial images

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An improved algorithm for learning long-term dependency problems in adaptive processing of data structures

Bach, D.R.; Friston, K.J.; Dolan, R.J., 2014:
An improved algorithm for model-based analysis of evoked skin conductance responses

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An improved algorithm for neural network classification of imbalanced training sets

Noufaily, A.; Enki, D.G.; Farrington, P.; Garthwaite, P.; Andrews, N.; Charlett, Aé., 2013:
An improved algorithm for outbreak detection in multiple surveillance systems

Laming, D., 2008:
An improved algorithm for predicting free recalls

Messing, D.S.; Ghindilis, A.; Schwarzkopf, K., 2012:
An improved algorithm for quantifying real-time impedance biosensor signals

Cona, F.; Pizza, F.; Provini, F.; Magosso, E., 2015 :
An improved algorithm for the automatic detection and characterization of slow eye movements

Zhang, Y., 2008:
An improved algorithm for the piecewise-smooth Mumford and Shah model in image segmentation

Ong, C-Jin.; Shao, S.; Yang, J., 2010:
An improved algorithm for the solution of the regularization path of support vector machine

Chen, L.; Li, B.; Zhao, K.; Rizos, C.; Zheng, Z., 2014:
An improved algorithm to generate a Wi-Fi fingerprint database for indoor positioning

Chen, X-Hao.; Wu, S-Shuang.; Wu, W.; Guo, W-Yuan.; Meng, S-Ying.; Sun, Z-Bin.; Zhai, G-Jie.; Li, M-Fei.; Wu, L-An., 2014:
An improved algorithm to reduce noise in high-order thermal ghost imaging

Li, S.; Dai, L., 2011:
An improved algorithm to remove cosmic spikes in Raman spectra for online monitoring

Bao, J.; Yuan, R.; Bao, Z., 2014:
An improved alignment-free model for DNA sequence similarity metric

Rozen, W.Matthew.; Shahbaz, S.; Morsi, A., 2008:
An improved alternative to vacuum-assisted closure (VAC) as a negative pressure dressing in lower limb split skin grafting: a clinical trial

Oneto, L.; Ghio, A.; Anguita, D.; Ridella, S., 2014:
An improved analysis of the Rademacher data-dependent bound using its self bounding property

Rahman, M.; Hernandez, J.; Chowdhury, S., 2013:
An improved analytical method to design CMUTs with square diaphragms

Peverati, R.; Truhlar, D.G., 2012:
An improved and broadly accurate local approximation to the exchange-correlation density functional: the MN12-L functional for electronic structure calculations in chemistry and physics

Katwa, U.; D'Gama, A.M.; Qualls, A.E.; Donovan, L.M.; Heffernan, J.; Shi, J.; Agrawal, P.B., 2018:
Atypical presentations associated with non-polyalanine repeat PHOX2B mutations

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An improved and cost-effective methodology for the reduction of autofluorescence in direct immunofluorescence studies on formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues

Das, A.Kumar.; Bruhadeshwar, B., 2016:
An improved and effective secure password-based authentication and key agreement scheme using smart cards for the telecare medicine information system

Spínola, Vítor.; Mendes, B.; Câmara, Jé.S.; Castilho, P.C., 2012:
An improved and fast UHPLC-PDA methodology for determination of L-ascorbic and dehydroascorbic acids in fruits and vegetables. Evaluation of degradation rate during storage

Patyshakuliyeva, A.; Mäkelä, M.R.; Sietiö, O-Maaria.; de Vries, R.P.; Hildén, K.S., 2015:
An improved and reproducible protocol for the extraction of high quality fungal RNA from plant biomass substrates

Hazen, M.; Bhakta, S.; Vij, R.; Randle, S.; Kallop, D.; Chiang, V.; Hötzel, I.; Jaiswal, B.S.; Ervin, K.E.; Li, B.; Weimer, R.M.; Polakis, P.; Scheller, R.H.; Junutula, J.R.; Hongo, J-Anne.S., 2014:
An improved and robust DNA immunization method to develop antibodies against extracellular loops of multi-transmembrane proteins

Gerritsen, K.E.H.; Olieslagers, T.I.; Groeneweg, M.; Voorter, C.E.M.; Tilanus, M.G.J., 2015:
An improved and validated RNA HLA class I SBT approach for obtaining full length coding sequences

Xia, Q.; Yuan, H.; Wu, C.; Zheng, J.; Zhang, S.; Shen, C.; Yi, B.; Zhou, R., 2015:
An improved and validated sample cleanup method for analysis of ethyl carbamate in Chinese liquor

Paytubi, S.; Guirado, P.; Balsalobre, C.; Madrid, C., 2015:
An improved and versatile methodology to quantify biofilms formed on solid surfaces and exposed to the air-liquid interphase

Kitano, S.; Higashimoto, Y.; Harada, S.; Sano, M.; Kurata, T.; Yamaguchi, Y.; Kunitomo, M.; Haginaka, J.; Yamagishi, S-ichi., 2010:
An improved anion-exchange high-performance liquid chromatography method for measuring oxidized form of LDLs in human plasma

Pinzur, M.S.; Gavin, T., 1984:
An improved ankle-foot orthosis for correction of equinus

Wen, F.; Guo, D., 2015:
An improved anonymous authentication scheme for telecare medical information systems

Wang, J.; Fan, X.; Ding, H., 2015:
An improved ant colony optimization approach for optimization of process planning

Stirling, J.H.; Stirling, A.G., 1948:
An improved apparatus for muscle stimulation

Zhang, J.; Wang, J.; Wu, Y., 2012:
An improved approach for accurate and efficient calling of structural variations with low-coverage sequence data

Li, Q.; Zhang, W.; Guan, X.; Bai, Y.; Jia, J., 2015:
An improved approach for accurate and efficient measurement of common carotid artery intima-media thickness in ultrasound images

Zou, Y.; Shi, Y.; Bai, Y.; Tang, J.; Chen, Y.; Wang, L., 2011:
An improved approach for extraction and high-performance liquid chromatography analysis of paraquat in human plasma

Frizzarin, R.M.; Rocha, Fábio.R.P., 2014:
An improved approach for flow-based cloud point extraction

Wu, S.; Yang, J.; Huang, Y.; Li, Y.; Yin, T.; Wullschleger, S.D.; Tuskan, G.A.; Wu, R., 2010:
An improved approach for mapping quantitative trait Loci in a pseudo-testcross: revisiting a poplar mapping study

Sims, D.A.; Brzostek, E.R.; Rahman, A.F.; Dragoni, D.; Phillips, R.P., 2015:
An improved approach for remotely sensing water stress impacts on forest C uptake

Guo, S.; Tang, J.; Deng, Y.; Xia, Q., 2011:
An improved approach for the segmentation of starch granules in microscopic images

Burlacu, O.; Nicodin, A.; Tudorache, V.; Creţu, O.; Glaja, Rţa., 2008:
An improved approach in the diagnosis of mediastinal/pulmonary masses through the CT-guided transthoracic fine needle aspiration

Yadav, N.N.; Torres, A.M.; Price, W.S., 2008:
An improved approach to calibrating high magnetic field gradients for pulsed field gradient experiments

Zou, Q-Hong.; Zhu, C-Zhe.; Yang, Y.; Zuo, X-Nian.; Long, X-Yu.; Cao, Q-Jiu.; Wang, Y-Feng.; Zang, Y-Feng., 2008:
An improved approach to detection of amplitude of low-frequency fluctuation (ALFF) for resting-state fMRI: fractional ALFF

Gearheart, D.M.; Walker, P.; Collett, B.S.; Modur, R.S., 2007:
An improved approach to external beam radiation therapy for intra-abdominal cavity lesions for rural cancer centers

Mant, C.T.; Jiang, Z.; Boyes, B.E.; Hodges, R.S., 2013 :
An improved approach to hydrophilic interaction chromatography of peptides: salt gradients in the presence of high isocratic acetonitrile concentrations

Veldhuijzen, I.K.; Mes, T.H.M.; Mostert, M.C.; Niesters, H.G.M.; Pas, S.D.; Voermans, J.; de Man, R.A.; Götz, H.M.; van Doornum, G.J.J.; Richardus, J.Hendrik., 2009:
An improved approach to identify epidemiological and phylogenetic transmission pairs of source and contact tracing of hepatitis B

Sanyal, B.; Ahn, J-Jun.; Maeng, J-Hwan.; Kyung, H-Kyu.; Lim, H-Kyeong.; Sharma, A.; Kwon, J-Ho., 2015:
An improved approach to identify irradiated spices using electronic nose, FTIR, and EPR spectroscopy

Lanthier, M.; Miller, K.L.; Nardinelli, C.; Woodcock, J., 2014:
An improved approach to measuring drug innovation finds steady rates of first-in-class pharmaceuticals, 1987-2011

Mo, G.; Yue, J.; Ma, P'an.; Huang, Y.; Chen, X.; Jing, X., 2012:
An improved approach to poly(ester-carbonate) conjugates

Oaks, J.R., 2014:
An improved approximate-Bayesian model-choice method for estimating shared evolutionary history

Liu, N.; Jiang, H.; Zhu, D.; Zhu, B., 2014:
An improved approximation algorithm for scaffold filling to maximize the common adjacencies

Teo, T.J., 2008:
An improved approximation for the spatial impulse response of a rectangular transducer

Vinh, P.Chi.; Malischewsky, P.G., 2007:
An improved approximation of Bergmann's form for the Rayleigh wave velocity

Li, B.; Gong, L-gang.; Yang, W-lun., 2015:
An improved artificial bee colony algorithm based on balance-evolution strategy for unmanned combat aerial vehicle path planning

Abu Mraheil, M.; Heisig, A.; Heisig, P., 2013:
An improved assay for the detection of alterations in bacterial DNA supercoiling in vivo

Jin, R.; Lin, Z-jian.; Xue, C-miao.; Zhang, B., 2014:
An improved association-mining research for exploring Chinese herbal property theory: based on data of the Shennong's Classic of Materia Medica

Feng, J-Peng.; Shi, Z-Fa.; Li, Y.; Zhang, J-Tao.; Qi, X-Liang.; Chen, J.; Cao, X-Ping., 2008:
An improved asymmetric synthesis of malyngamide U and its 2'-epimer

Gopishetty, B.; Gogoi, S.; Dutta, A., 2011:
An improved asymmetric synthetic route to a novel triple uptake inhibitor antidepressant (2S,4R,5R)-2-benzhydryl-5-((4-methoxybenzyl)amino)tetrahydro-2H-pyran-4-ol (D-142)

Kim, H.Hoi.; Hong, H.Sook.; Kim, S.Young.; Tran, T.; Lee, J.Min.; Kim, H.Sun.; Cho, H., 2010:
An improved auto-generation system to obtain reference intervals for laboratory medicine

Mudi, R.K.; Dey, C.; Lee, T-Tian., 2007:
An improved auto-tuning scheme for PI controllers

Dey, C.; Mudi, R.K., 2009:
An improved auto-tuning scheme for PID controllers

Shen, Q.; Jiang, M.; Luo, J., 2013:
An improved auto-window algorithm for MR image

Wei, T.Q.; Kramer, S.; Chu, V.P.; Hudson, D.; Kilgore, D.; Salyer, S.; Parker, G.; Eyberger, A.; Arentzen, R.; Koiv, H., 2008:
An improved automated immunoassay for C-reactive protein on the Dimension clinical chemistry system

Van Steenderen, R.A., 1979:
An improved automatic liquid injection apparatus for use on a carbon analyser

Li, C.; Huang, L.; Duric, N.; Zhang, H.; Rowe, C., 2008:
An improved automatic time-of-flight picker for medical ultrasound tomography

Bishop, J.D.; Klavins, E., 2007:
An improved autonomous DNA nanomotor

Noll, F.B.; Gomes, B., 2009:
An improved bait method for collecting Hymenoptera, especially social wasps (Vespidae: Polistinae)

Low, K.; van Loon, R.; Sazonov, I.; Bevan, R.L.T.; Nithiarasu, P., 2013:
An improved baseline model for a human arterial network to study the impact of aneurysms on pressure-flow waveforms

Kurejova, M.; Nattenmüller, U.; Hildebrandt, U.; Selvaraj, D.; Stösser, S.; Kuner, R., 2010:
An improved behavioural assay demonstrates that ultrasound vocalizations constitute a reliable indicator of chronic cancer pain and neuropathic pain

Krolicki, T.A., 1949:
An improved belt for patients with abdominal colostomies

Kodama, Y.; Hu, C-Deng., 2011:
An improved bimolecular fluorescence complementation assay with a high signal-to-noise ratio

Zhou, J.; Lin, J.; Zhou, C.; Deng, X.; Xia, B., 2011:
An improved bimolecular fluorescence complementation tool based on superfolder green fluorescent protein

Zhang, X.; Zhang, Y.; Deng, Y., 2015:
An improved bio-inspired algorithm for the directed shortest path problem

Mac Innes, T.Cameron.; Bouwer, G., 2009:
An improved bioassay for the detection of Bacillus thuringiensis beta-exotoxin

Dong, Y.; Yang, J.; Wang, L.; Ma, X.; Huang, Y.; Qiu, Z.; Cui, F., 2014:
An improved biofunction of titanium for keratoprosthesis by hydroxyapatite-coating

Khan, M.Khurram.; Kumari, S., 2014:
An improved biometrics-based remote user authentication scheme with user anonymity

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An improved bioprocess for synthesis of acetohydroxamic acid using DTT (dithiothreitol) treated resting cells of Bacillus sp. APB-6

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An improved biuret reaction of proteins and the two-standard colorimetry

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An improved body mass dataset for the study of marsupial brain size evolution

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An improved bonded-polydimethylsiloxane solid-phase microextraction fiber obtained by a sol-gel/silica particle blend

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An improved bone clamp and a plate for internal fixation of fractures

Shao, X.; Bian, X.; Cai, W., 2010:
An improved boosting partial least squares method for near-infrared spectroscopic quantitative analysis

Suer, S.; Kockara, S.; Mete, M., 2012:
An improved border detection in dermoscopy images for density based clustering

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An improved bound on the Maximum Agreement Subtree problem

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An improved brain image classification technique with mining and shape prior segmentation procedure

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Zhang, Y.; Mu, J.; Han, J.; Gu, X., 2012:
An improved brine shrimp larvae lethality microwell test method

Tolstoy, A., 2013:
An improved broadband matched field processor for geoacoustic inversion (L)

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An improved calamine lotion

Jing, L.; Amster, I.Jonathan., 2012:
An improved calibration method for the matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization-Fourier transform ion cyclotron resononance analysis of 15N-metabolically- labeled proteome digests using a mass difference approach

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An improved capillary electrophoresis method for in vitro monitoring of the challenging early steps of Aβ1-42 peptide oligomerization: application to anti-Alzheimer's drug discovery

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An improved case of bedridden mental impairment with normal pressure hydrocephalus associated with acoustic neurinoma after tumor resection

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An improved cell isolation method for flow cytometric and functional analyses of cutaneous wound leukocytes

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An improved cellular automaton method to model multispecies biofilms

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An improved cerulean fluorescent protein with enhanced brightness and reduced reversible photoswitching

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An improved chamber for direct visualisation of chemotaxis

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An improved chemically inducible gene switch that functions in the monocotyledonous plant sugar cane

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An improved classical mapping method for homogeneous electron gases at finite temperature

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An improved classification approach based on spatial and spectral features for hyperspectral data

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An improved classification of G-protein-coupled receptors using sequence-derived features

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An improved classification scheme for chromosomes with missing data

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An improved clearing and mounting solution to replace chloral hydrate in microscopic applications

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An improved clinical method for the estimation of disturbances of the acid-base balance of human blood

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An improved cluster pair correlation method for obtaining the absolute proton hydration energy and enthalpy evaluated with an expanded data set

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An improved clustering algorithm of tunnel monitoring data for cloud computing

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An improved coal tar solution

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An improved coarse-grained model of solvation and the hydrophobic effect

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An improved cockroach swarm optimization

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An improved collagen scaffold for skeletal regeneration

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An improved colonoscopy preparation method and its acceptability by patients

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An improved colony PCR procedure for genetic screening of Chlorella and related microalgae

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An improved color mixer

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An improved colorimetric determination of vanadium in geochemical prospecting samples

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An improved computer-aided diagnosis scheme using the nearest neighbor criterion for determining histological classification of clustered microcalcifications

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An improved confocal FRAP technique for the measurement of long-term actin dynamics in individual stress fibers

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An improved convective self-assembly method for the fabrication of binary colloidal crystals and inverse structures

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An improved correlation method for determining the period of a torsion pendulum

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An improved cost-effective, reproducible method for evaluation of bone loss in a rodent model

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An improved counterselectable marker system for mycobacterial recombination using galK and 2-deoxy-galactose

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An improved counterselection cassette for use in Haemophilus influenzae

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An improved coupling design for high-frequency TE011 electron paramagnetic resonance cavities

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An improved cryogen for plunge freezing

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An improved cup-plate assay for bacitracin

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An improved curvilinear gradient method for parameter optimization in complex biological models

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An improved cylindrical FDTD method and its application to field-tissue interaction study in MRI

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An improved delivery system for bladder irrigation

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An improved delta-centralization method for population stratification

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An improved density functional theory description of the Ge(100)c(4×2) surface using the MBJLDA xc potential and spin-orbit interactions

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An improved design for vacuum ultraviolet resonance lamps

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An improved design of PCR primers for detection of human T cell receptor beta chain repertoire

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An improved design of calibration target used in C-arm-based surgical navigation system

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An improved design of water-soluble propofol prodrugs characterized by rapid onset of action

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An improved detection and quantification method for the coral pathogen Vibrio coralliilyticus

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An improved detergent-compatible gel-fractionation LC-LTQ-Orbitrap-MS workflow for plant and microbial proteomics

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An improved detrended moving-average method for monitoring the depth of anesthesia

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An improved device for extensive ECG exploration of the chest

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An improved device for sampling bacterial populations on blankets

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An improved dimensionality reduction method for meta-transcriptome indexing based diseases classification

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An improved direct coagulase test for the rapid detection of Staphylococcus aureus

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An improved direction finding algorithm based on Toeplitz approximation

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An improved dispersive solid-phase extraction clean-up method for the gas chromatography-negative chemical ionisation tandem mass spectrometric determination of multiclass pesticide residues in edible oils

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An improved distance matrix computation algorithm for multicore clusters

Miao, C.; Liu, B.; Xu, Q.; Yu, H., 2014:
An improved distance-driven method for projection and backprojection

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An improved dithizone method for the determination of small quantities of zinc in blood and tissue samples

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An improved dosage regimen of sertraline hydrochloride in the treatment for premature ejaculation: an 8-week, single-blind, randomized controlled study followed by a 4-week, open-label extension study

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An improved double armboard for surgery in the modified Sims position

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An improved double-beam infrared microspectrometer

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An improved double-pulse non-normal incidence pumping geometry for transient collisionally excited soft X-ray lasers

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An improved drain for peritoneal lavage

Jandali, Z.; Loh, C.Yuen.Yung.; Athanassopoulos, T.; Müller, K., 2014:
An improved dual approach to post bariatric contouring - Staged liposuction and modified medial thigh lift: A case series

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An improved dual neural network for solving a class of quadratic programming problems and its k-winners-take-all application

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An improved dual-indexing approach for multiplexed 16S rRNA gene sequencing on the Illumina MiSeq platform

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An improved dynamic Monte Carlo model coupled with Poisson equation to simulate the performance of organic photovoltaic devices

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An improved dynamic method to measure kL a in bioreactors

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An improved dynamic model of tuning fork probe for scanning probe microscopy

Mulero-Martínez, J.Ignacio., 2007:
An improved dynamic neurocontroller based on Christoffel symbols

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An improved effect size for single-case research: nonoverlap of all pairs

Wang, Y.; Ma, C.; Xu, N.; Xu, K.; Wang, H.; Yu, J.; Li, Y.; Wang, K.; Wang, X.; Luo, Q., 2014:
An improved elastase-based method to create a saccular aneurysm rabbit model

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An improved electrochemical creatinine detection method via a Jaffe-based procedure

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An improved electroelution method for separation of DNA from humic substances in marine sediment DNA extracts

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An improved electrophysiological method to study peripheral nerve regeneration in rats

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An improved empirical bayes approach to estimating differential gene expression in microarray time-course data: BETR (Bayesian Estimation of Temporal Regulation)

Mayoral, J.G.; Alarcón, F.J.; Martínez, Tás.F.; Barranco, P.; Noriega, F., 2010:
An improved end-point fluorimetric procedure for the determination of low amounts of trypsin activity in biological samples using rhodamine-110-based substrates

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An improved ensemble partial least squares for analysis of near-infrared spectra

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An improved equivalent circuit model of radial mode piezoelectric transformer

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An improved equivalent magnetization current method applied to the design of local breast gradient coils

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An improved equivalent simulation model for CMOS integrated Hall plates

Mirabelli, D., 2009:
An improved estimate of the quantitative relationship between polycyclic hydrocarbons and lung cancer

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An improved estimation of daily clear-sky biologically EER from broadband global solar radiation

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An improved estimator for the hydration of fat-free mass from in vivo measurements subject to additive technical errors

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An improved estimator of Variance Explained in the presence of noise

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An improved experimental databank of transferable multipolar atom models--ELMAM2. Construction details and applications

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An improved experimental hut design for the study of Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae) movement patterns in Thailand

Chen, X-Yan.; Zhao, Y.; Mo, B.; Mi, H-Xing., 2015:
An improved experimental method for simulating erosion processes by concentrated channel flow

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An improved experimental model for peripheral neuropathy in rats

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An improved experimental model for studying vertical transmission of hepatitis B virus via human spermatozoa

Azeemuddin, M.; Viswanatha, G.Lakshminarayanashastry.; Rafiq, M.; Thippeswamy, A.HireMath.; Baig, M.Rizwan.; Kavya, K.Jayaramaiah.; Patki, P.Sadashiv.; Shyam, R., 2014:
An improved experimental model of hemorrhoids in rats: evaluation of antihemorrhoidal activity of an herbal formulation

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An improved extraction chromatographic resin for the separation of uranium from acidic nitrate media

Li, T.; Zhang, Z.; Zhang, L.; Huang, X.; Lin, J.; Chen, G., 2010:
An improved facile method for extraction and determination of steroidal saponins in Tribulus terrestris by focused microwave-assisted extraction coupled with GC-MS

Barthelat, F.; Dastjerdi, A.Khayer.; Rabiei, R., 2013:
An improved failure criterion for biological and engineered staggered composites

Tabbache, Bïra.; Benbouzid, M.; Kheloui, A.; Bourgeot, J-Matthieu.; Mamoune, A., 2013:
An improved fault-tolerant control scheme for PWM inverter-fed induction motor-based EVs

Wang, J.; Zhou, S.; Yi, Y.; Kong, J., 2014:
An improved feature selection based on effective range for classification

Huang, Q.; Luo, J.; Gao, Z.; Zhu, X.; Li, H., 2014:
An improved filter-u least mean square vibration control algorithm for aircraft framework

Charbonneau, L.O., 2010:
An improved finger splint

Wang, S.; Yang, J., 2010:
An improved finite element model for craniofacial surgery simulation

Hlushak, S.P.; Hlushak, P.A.; Trokhymchuk, A., 2013:
An improved first-order mean spherical approximation theory for the square-shoulder fluid

Mehmood, N.; Hariz, A.; Templeton, S.; Voelcker, N.H., 2015:
An improved flexible telemetry system to autonomously monitor sub-bandage pressure and wound moisture

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An improved flow analysis-ion chromatography method for determination of cationic and anionic species at trace levels in Antarctic ice cores

Zhao, Y.; Zhu, M.; Jiang, M.; Zuo, B.; Wu, Q.; Ruan, C.; He, Y., 2015:
An improved flow cytometric immunobead array to detect autoantibodies in plasma from patients with immune thrombocytopenic purpura

Colas, Cé.; Menezes, S.; Gutiérrez-Martínez, E.; Péan, C.B.; Dionne, M.S.; Guermonprez, P., 2015:
An improved flow cytometry assay to monitor phagosome acidification

Jang, Y-Young.; Cho, D.; Kim, S-Ki.; Shin, D-Jun.; Park, M-Ho.; Lee, J-Jung.; Shin, M-Geun.; Shin, J-Hee.; Suh, S-Pal.; Ryang, D-Wook., 2012:
An improved flow cytometry-based natural killer cytotoxicity assay involving calcein AM staining of effector cells

Gervasio, A.P.G.; Fortes, P.R.; Meneses, S.R.P.; Miranda, C.E.S.; Zagatto, E.A.G., 2008:
An improved flow-injection system for spectrophotometric determination of molybdenum and tungsten in tool steels

Sly, T.J.; Betteridge, D.; Wibberley, D.; Porter, D.G., 1982:
An improved flow-through phototransducer

Moriya, T.; Kawamata, A.; Takahashi, Y.; Iwabuchi, Y.; Kanoh, N., 2014:
An improved fluorogenic NAD(P)+ detection method using 2-acetylbenzofuran: its origin and application

Guo, T.; Liu, Z.; Cai, L., 2012:
An improved force feedback control algorithm for active tendons

Liu, Y.; Chen, Z.Qiang.; Zhang, X.; Feng, N.Ping.; Zhao, J.Hui.; Wu, S.; Tan, R., 2010:
An improved formulation screening and optimization method applied to the development of a self-microemulsifying drug delivery system

Roy, D.; Maroncelli, M., 2010:
An improved four-site ionic liquid model

Jia, X.; Wang, X.; Liu, J.; Zhang, J.Z.H.; Mei, Y.; He, X., 2014:
An improved fragment-based quantum mechanical method for calculation of electrostatic solvation energy of proteins

Horimizu, M.; Kawase, T.; Nakajima, Y.; Okuda, K.; Nagata, M.; Wolff, L.F.; Yoshie, H., 2013:
An improved freeze-dried PRP-coated biodegradable material suitable for connective tissue regenerative therapy

Shen, H.; Liwo, A.; Scheraga, H.A., 2009:
An improved functional form for the temperature scaling factors of the components of the mesoscopic UNRES force field for simulations of protein structure and dynamics

Wang, Y-Hong.; Wang, Y-Si.; Sun, Y.; Xu, Z-Jun.; Liu, G-Ren., 2010:
An improved gas chromatography for rapid measurement of CO2, CH4 and N2O

De Brabanter, N.; Van Gansbeke, W.; Geldof, L.; Van Eenoo, P., 2013:
An improved gas chromatography screening method for doping substances using triple quadrupole mass spectrometry, with an emphasis on quality assurance

Ozpinar, Gül.Altinbaş.; Peukert, W.; Clark, T., 2011:
An improved generalized AMBER force field (GAFF) for urea

Geng, X.; Guan, J.; Dong, Q.; Zhou, S., 2012:
An improved genetic algorithm for statistical potential function design and protein structure prediction

DasSarma, S.; Karan, R.; DasSarma, P.; Barnes, S.; Ekulona, F.; Smith, B., 2014:
An improved genetic system for bioengineering buoyant gas vesicle nanoparticles from Haloarchaea

Ohkura, M.; Sasaki, T.; Kobayashi, C.; Ikegaya, Y.; Nakai, J., 2013:
An improved genetically encoded red fluorescent Ca2+ indicator for detecting optically evoked action potentials

Song, W.; Pasco, N.; Gooneratne, R.; Weld, R.J., 2014:
An improved genetically modified Escherichia coli biosensor for amperometric tetracycline measurement

Tang, H.; Krishnakumar, V.; Bidwell, S.; Rosen, B.; Chan, A.; Zhou, S.; Gentzbittel, L.; Childs, K.L.; Yandell, M.; Gundlach, H.; Mayer, K.F.X.; Schwartz, D.C.; Town, C.D., 2015:
An improved genome release (version Mt4.0) for the model legume Medicago truncatula

Sonah, H.; Bastien, M.; Iquira, E.; Tardivel, Aélie.; Légaré, Gétan.; Boyle, B.; Normandeau, Éric.; Laroche, Jérôme.; Larose, Séphane.; Jean, M.; Belzile, Fçois., 2013:
An improved genotyping by sequencing (GBS) approach offering increased versatility and efficiency of SNP discovery and genotyping

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An improved global model for air-sea exchange of mercury: high concentrations over the North Atlantic

Gao, F.; Courjean, O.; Mano, N., 2009:
An improved glucose/O2 membrane-less biofuel cell through glucose oxidase purification

Zhou, H.; Schaefer, G.; Liu, T.; Lin, F., 2011:
An improved gradient vector flow algorithm for optic disc segmentation

Zhang, J.; Wang, Y.; Shi, X., 2010:
An improved graph cut segmentation method for cervical lymph nodes on sonograms and its relationship with node's shape assessment

Guo, J.; Zeng, L.; Zou, X., 2011:
An improved half-covered helical cone-beam CT reconstruction algorithm based on localized reconstruction filter

Rudolph, H.L., 2012:
An improved hand table

Xu, S.; De Becker, A.; Van Camp, B.; Vanderkerken, K.; Van Riet, I., 2011:
An improved harvest and in vitro expansion protocol for murine bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells

Bao, M.; Joza, P.; Rickert, W.S.; Lauterbach, J.H., 2010:
An improved headspace solid-phase microextraction method for the analysis of free-base nicotine in particulate phase of mainstream cigarette smoke

Duncan, J.E., 2018:
An improved helmet for breathing oxygen or other gases

Farivar, R.Saeid.; Cohn, L.H., 2009:
An improved hemostatic aortic anastomotic technique for nondissected aortic aneurysms

Huang, C-Wen.; Lee, W-Shiun.; Hsieh, S-Yuan., 2011:
An improved heuristic algorithm for finding motif signals in DNA sequences

Rao, Y.; Qi, D.; Li, J., 2014:
An improved hierarchical genetic algorithm for sheet cutting scheduling with process constraints

Bever, R.J.; Crouthamel, C.E.; Diehl, H., 1949:
An improved high frequency conductimetric titration apparatus

Hedgeland, H.; Kole, P.R.; Allison, W.; Ellis, J.; Jardine, A.P., 2009:
An improved high intensity recycling helium-3 beam source

Hsu, B.Y.; Pu, Y.S.; Inbaraj, B.Stephen.; Chen, B.H., 2012:
An improved high performance liquid chromatography-diode array detection-mass spectrometry method for determination of carotenoids and their precursors phytoene and phytofluene in human serum

Wu, J.; Rickert, W.S.; Masters, A., 2013:
An improved high performance liquid chromatography-fluorescence detection method for the analysis of major phenolic compounds in cigarette smoke and smokeless tobacco products

Kao, T.Hua.; Chen, C.Ju.; Chen, B.Huei., 2012:
An improved high performance liquid chromatography-photodiode array detection-atmospheric pressure chemical ionization-mass spectrometry method for determination of chlorophylls and their derivatives in freeze-dried and hot-air-dried Rhinacanthus nasutus (L.) Kurz

Goodson, M.L.; Farboud, B.; Privalsky, M.L., 2007:
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An improved high-output cell microarray technology

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An improved high-performance liquid chromatographic method for simultaneous determination of tocopherols, tocotrienols and γ-oryzanol in rice

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An improved high-performance liquid chromatography method for quantification of methotrexate polyglutamates in red blood cells of children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis

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An improved high-throughput lipid extraction method for the analysis of human brain lipids

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An improved highly sensitive method to determine low oxyresveratrol concentrations in rat plasma and its pharmacokinetic application

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An improved holder for non-protein nitrogen digestion tubes

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An improved holey carbon film for cryo-electron microscopy

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An improved hollow fiber solvent-stir bar microextraction for the preconcentration of anabolic steroids in biological matrix with determination by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry

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An improved hybrid MoM/FDTD technique for MRI RF coils modeling using Huygen's equivalent surface method

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An improved hybrid encoding cuckoo search algorithm for 0-1 knapsack problems

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An improved hybrid global optimization method for protein tertiary structure prediction

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An improved hybrid of SVM and SCAD for pathway analysis

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An improved hypergeometric probability method for identification of functionally linked proteins using phylogenetic profiles

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An improved ice calorimeter, the determination of its calibration factor and the density of ice at 0 degrees C

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An improved image alignment procedure for high-resolution transmission electron microscopy

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An improved image compression algorithm using binary space partition scheme and geometric wavelets

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An improved immunofluorescent reagent for rapid, direct detection of Bordetella pertussis

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An improved impact technique for monitoring percutaneous implant integrity

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An improved implementation of codon adaptation index

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An improved in silico selection of phenotype affecting polymorphisms in SLC6A4, HTR1A and HTR2A genes

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An improved in situ measurement of offset phase shift towards quantitative damping-measurement with AFM

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An improved in vitro and in vivo Sindbis virus expression system through host and virus engineering

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An improved in vitro blood-brain barrier model: rat brain endothelial cells co-cultured with astrocytes

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An improved in vivo biotinylation strategy combined with FLAG and antibody based approaches for affinity purification of protein complexes in mouse embryonic stem cells

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An improved in vivo deuterium labeling method for measuring the biosynthetic rate of cytokinins

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An improved in vivo method for atrioventricular node ablation via thoracotomy

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An improved in-gel digestion method for efficient identification of protein and glycosylation analysis of glycoproteins using guanidine hydrochloride

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An improved index of phase-synchronization for electrophysiological data in the presence of volume-conduction, noise and sample-size bias

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An improved insecticidal activity of silver nanoparticle synthesized by using Sargassum muticum

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An improved instrument for the determination of changes in the pain threshold caused by drugs

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An improved integration method in serial femtosecond crystallography

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An improved interatomic potential for xenon in UO2: a combined density functional theory/genetic algorithm approach

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An improved interface for universal acoustic flame detection in modified supercritical fluid chromatography

Turnbull, L.G., 2018:
An improved interferometer for determining parallelism errors in long end-gauges

Nelson, T., 2015:
An improved interim therapeutic restoration technique for management of anterior early childhood caries: report of two cases

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An improved interolog mapping-based computational prediction of protein-protein interactions with increased network coverage

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An improved intracellular staining protocol for efficient detection of nuclear proteins in YFP-expressing cells

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An improved intragastric balloon procedure using a new balloon: preliminary analysis of safety and efficiency

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An improved inverse dynamics formulation for estimation of external and internal loads during human sagittal plane movements

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An improved ion chromatographic method for fast and sensitive determination of N-methylpyrrolidine in cefepime hydrochloride

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An improved ion guide for external ion injection in glow discharge—fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry

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An improved ion-exchange/diffusion method for 15N isotope tracing analysis of nitrate in surface waters from watersheds

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An improved ion-selective electrode for perchlorate

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An improved ionic liquid-based headspace single-drop microextraction-liquid chromatography method for the analysis of camphor and trans-anethole in compound liquorice tablets

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An improved isolation method for attached-living Planctomycetes of the genus Rhodopirellula

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An improved isolation procedure for adult mouse cardiomyocytes

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An improved isoprenylcysteine carboxylmethyltransferase inhibitor induces cancer cell death and attenuates tumor growth in vivo

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An improved ivermectin-activated chloride channel receptor for inhibiting electrical activity in defined neuronal populations

Banham, T., 1949:
An improved jack for the Boyle-Davis gag

Li, B.; Rong, X.; Li, Y., 2015 :
An improved kernel based extreme learning machine for robot execution failures

Ganeva, V.; Unbekandt, M.; Davies, J.A., 2011:
An improved kidney dissociation and reaggregation culture system results in nephrons arranged organotypically around a single collecting duct system

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An improved kinematic model of the spine for three-dimensional motion analysis in the Vicon system

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An improved kinetic model for the acetone-butanol-ethanol pathway of Clostridium acetobutylicum and model-based perturbation analysis

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An improved kinetics approach to describe the physical stability of amorphous solid dispersions

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An improved lanthanum catalyst system for asymmetric amination: toward a practical asymmetric synthesis of AS-3201 (Ranirestat)

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An improved leaping detector for flow analysis applied to iron speciation in drugs

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An improved lectin-based method for the detection of mucin-type O-glycans in biological samples

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An improved lesion detection approach based on similarity measurement between fuzzy intensity segmentation and spatial probability maps

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An improved level set method for automatically volume measure: application in tumor tracking from MRI images

Chen, Y.; Zhang, J.; Macione, J., 2009:
An improved level set method for brain MR images segmentation and bias correction

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An improved liquid chromatographic method for the analysis of tylosin and its impurities

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An improved liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometric method to quantify formoterol in human urine

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An improved liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry method for the quantification of 4-aminobiphenyl DNA adducts in urinary bladder cells and tissues

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An improved liquid nitrogen freezing method for establishing canine models of femoral head necrosis

De La Pena, A.; De La Pena, E., 2018:
An improved lithotrite

Voegtlin, W.L., 1948:
An improved liver biopsy needle

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An improved long-range corrected hybrid exchange-correlation functional including a short-range Gaussian attenuation (LCgau-BOP)

Song, J-Won.; Watson, M.A.; Hirao, K., 2009:
An improved long-range corrected hybrid functional with vanishing Hartree-Fock exchange at zero interelectronic distance (LC2gau-BOP)

Wang, S.; He, Y.; Huang, H.; Zou, J.; Auchterlonie, G.John.; Hou, L.; Huang, B., 2013:
An improved loop test for experimentally approaching the intrinsic strength of alumina nanoscale whiskers

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An improved low angle X-ray diffraction camera

Turuwhenua, J., 2008:
An improved low order method for corneal reconstruction

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An improved low spectral distortion PCA fusion method

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An improved low-optical-power variable focus lens with a large aperture

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An improved lumped element nonlinear circuit model for a circular CMUT cell

Jacobs, H.R., 2018:
An improved lyophilizing apparatus for small-scale operations

Källberg, M.; Lu, H., 2011:
An improved machine learning protocol for the identification of correct Sequest search results

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An improved magnetic localization and orientation algorithm for wireless capsule endoscope

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An improved malachite green assay of phosphate: mechanism and application

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An improved manufacturing process for Xyntha/ReFacto AF

Celik, Y.; Ulker, E., 2014:
An improved marriage in honey bees optimization algorithm for single objective unconstrained optimization

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An improved masker-probe method for stimulus artifact reduction in electrically evoked compound action potentials

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An improved mass spectrometry-based measurement of NO metabolites in biological fluids

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An improved measurement of dsDNA elasticity using AFM

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An improved measurement of isotopic ratios by high resolution mass spectrometry

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An improved mechanical testing method to assess bone-implant anchorage

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An improved mechanism-based cross-linker for multiplexed kinase detection and inhibition in a complex proteome

Sinha, P.K.; Hong, Q.H., 1990:
An improved median filter

Silke, B.; Kellett, J.; Rooney, T.; Bennett, K.; O'Riordan, D., 2010:
An improved medical admissions risk system using multivariable fractional polynomial logistic regression modelling

Suganthi, M.; Madheswaran, M., 2012:
An improved medical decision support system to identify the breast cancer using mammogram

Kumar, S.Jerald.Jeba.; Madheswaran, M., 2013:
An improved medical decision support system to identify the diabetic retinopathy using fundus images

Chen, M.; Tao, L.; Qian, Z., 2011:
An improved medical image fusion algorithm and quality evaluation

Chen, P.; Abercrombie, J.J.; Jeffrey, N.R.; Leung, K.P., 2012:
An improved medium for growing Staphylococcus aureus biofilm

Hahnke, S.M.; Moosmann, P.; Erb, T.J.; Strous, M., 2014:
An improved medium for the anaerobic growth of Paracoccus denitrificans Pd1222

Watt, J.R., 2018:
An improved medium for the culture of the flagellate Polytoma

Xue, X.; Polycarpou, A.A., 2007:
An improved meniscus surface model for contacting rough surfaces

Kumar, S.; Sharma, R.K., 2015:
An improved method and cost effective strategy for soluble expression and purification of human N-myristoyltransferase 1 in E. coli

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An improved method and its application for agricultural drought monitoring based on remote sensing

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An improved method for 2-D ECG compression based on SPIHT algorithm

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An improved method for 2-D self-similar image synthesis

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An improved method for 85Kr analysis by liquid scintillation counting and its application to atmospheric 85Kr determination

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An improved method for Beauveria bassiana transformation using phosphinothricin acetyltransferase and green fluorescent protein fusion gene as a selectable and visible marker

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An improved method for IR image filtering from living beings

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An improved method for MRI artifact correction due to translational motion in the imaging plane

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An improved method for Organic Bound Tritium (OBT) determination in urine samples

de Wet, S.C.; Denman, S.E.; Sly, L.; McSweeney, C.S., 2009:
An improved method for RNA extraction from carcass samples for detection of viable Escherichia coli O157:H7 by reverse-transcriptase polymerase chain reaction

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An improved method for RNA isolation and cDNA library construction from immature seeds of Jatropha curcas L

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An improved method for RNA isolation from plants using commercial extraction kits

Pérez-Quintero, A.L.; Rodriguez-R, L.M.; Dereeper, A.; López, C.; Koebnik, R.; Szurek, B.; Cunnac, S., 2014:
An improved method for TAL effectors DNA-binding sites prediction reveals functional convergence in TAL repertoires of Xanthomonas oryzae strains

Babcock, D.T.; Ganetzky, B., 2014:
An improved method for accurate and rapid measurement of flight performance in Drosophila

Blockley, N.P.; Driver, I.D.; Francis, S.T.; Fisher, J.A.; Gowland, P.A., 2011:
An improved method for acquiring cerebrovascular reactivity maps

Imai, H.; Hattori, H.; Watanabe, M., 2013:
An improved method for analysis of glucosylceramide species having cis-8 and trans-8 isomers of sphingoid bases by LC-MS/MS

Yu, Z.; Jin, F.; Hu, J.; Zhang, X.; Sun, J.; Yang, M., 2011:
An improved method for analyzing chlormequat and mepiquat in source waters by solid-phase extraction and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry

Qiu, Y.; Eriksson, J.; Granelli, L.; Bergman, A., 2009:
An improved method for assessing relative nucleophilic substitution reactivities of polychlorinated benzenes

Soneson, H.; Ubachs, J.F.A.; Ugander, M.; Arheden, Håkan.; Heiberg, E., 2009:
An improved method for automatic segmentation of the left ventricle in myocardial perfusion SPECT

Dóczi, R.; Csikai, J., 2008:
An improved method for bulk hydrogen analysis using epithermal neutrons

Thakur, N.A.; Crisco, J.J.; Moore, D.C.; Froehlich, J.A.; Limbird, R.S.; Bliss, J.M., 2008:
An improved method for cable grip fixation of the greater trochanter after trochanteric slide osteotomy

Schwefel, H.G.; Poulton, C.G., 2009:
An improved method for calculating resonances of multiple dielectric disks arbitrarily positioned in the plane

Higgins, K.; Treas, J.; Jones, A.; Fallahian, N.Afarin.; Simpson, D., 2013:
An improved method for calibrating the gantry angles of linear accelerators

Bull, C.L.; Johnson, M.W.; Hamidov, H.; Komatsu, K.; Guthrie, M.; Gutmann, M.J.; Loveday, J.S.; Nelmes, R.J., 2014:
An improved method for calibrating time-of-flight Laue single-crystal neutron diffractometers

Tanaka, M.; Hara, H.; Nishina, H.; Hanada, K.; Hagiwara, K'ichi.; Maehama, T., 2010:
An improved method for cell-to-cell transmission of infectious prion

Carhart, R., 2011:
An improved method for classifying audiograms

Orr, M.; Liu, P.; Nettleton, D., 2015:
An improved method for computing q-values when the distribution of effect sizes is asymmetric

McCarthy, F.; Fletcher, A.; Dennis, N.; Cummings, C.; O'Donnell, H.; Clark, J.; Flohr, P.; Vergis, R.; Jhavar, S.; Parker, C.; Cooper, C.S., 2009:
An improved method for constructing tissue microarrays from prostate needle biopsy specimens

Jenkins, P.E.; Norris, W.P., 2014:
An improved method for contrast radioautography of bone

Uen, Y-Huei.; Wen, K-Chang., 2007:
An improved method for deploying the polypropylene underlay patch of the PROLENE Hernia System

Nilsson, Börn.; Johansson, M.; Heyden, A.; Nelander, S.; Fioretos, T., 2008:
An improved method for detecting and delineating genomic regions with altered gene expression in cancer

Celo, V.; Dabek-Zlotorzynska, E.; Zhao, J.; Okonskaia, I.; Bowman, D., 2011:
An improved method for determination of lanthanoids in environmental samples by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry with high matrix introduction system

Yang, X.M.; Mao, Z.X.; Yang, S.Z.; Mao, W.Y., 1988:
An improved method for determination of the volumetric oxygen transfer coefficient in fermentation processes

Marathias, V.M.; Tate, P.A.; Papaioannou, N.; Massefski, W., 2010:
An improved method for determining enantiomeric excess by (13)C-NMR in chiral liquid crystal media

Ebersohn, K.; Coetzee, P.; Venter, E.H., 2014:
An improved method for determining virucidal efficacy of a chemical disinfectant using an electrical impedance assay

Jones, R.G.A.; Liu, Y.; Rigsby, P.; Sesardic, D., 2008:
An improved method for development of toxoid vaccines and antitoxins

Dai, D.; Wang, X.; Zhan, D.; Huang, Z., 2014:
An improved method for dynamic measurement of deflections of the vertical based on the maintenance of attitude reference

Li, Z.; Moy, A.; Gomez, S.R.; Franz, A.H.; Lin-Cereghino, J.; Lin-Cereghino, G.P., 2010:
An improved method for enhanced production and biological activity of human secretory leukocyte protease inhibitor (SLPI) in Pichia pastoris

Kolodyazhniy, V.; Späti, J.; Frey, S.; Götz, T.; Wirz-Justice, A.; Kräuchi, K.; Cajochen, C.; Wilhelm, F.H., 2013:
An improved method for estimating human circadian phase derived from multichannel ambulatory monitoring and artificial neural networks

Booij, K.; Smedes, F., 2010:
An improved method for estimating in situ sampling rates of nonpolar passive samplers

Weber, S.A.; Engel-Cox, J.A.; Hoff, R.M.; Prados, A.I.; Zhang, H., 2010:
An improved method for estimating surface fine particle concentrations using seasonally adjusted satellite aerosol optical depth

Inoue, Y.; Abe, Y.; Asano, Y.; Kikuchi, K.; Matsunaga, K.; Iizuka, T.; Nishiyama, K., 2015:
An improved method for estimating the heart-to-mediastinum ratio from cardiac sympathetic nerve imaging with low-energy high-resolution collimators

Cui, G.; Wang, X.; Xu, L.; Zhang, J.; Yu, B., 2015:
An improved method for evaluating ecological suitability of hydropower development by considering water footprint and transportation connectivity in Tibet, China

Liu, J.; Li, J.; Feng, L.; Cao, H.; Cui, Z., 2011:
An improved method for extracting bacteria from soil for high molecular weight DNA recovery and BAC library construction

Xiao, X.; Song, W-guo.; Wang, Y.; Tu, R.; Liu, S-xing.; Zhang, Y-ming., 2010:
An improved method for forest fire spot detection based on variance between-class

Mali, P.; Ye, Z.; Chou, B-Kuan.; Yen, J.; Cheng, L., 2010:
An improved method for generating and identifying human induced pluripotent stem cells

Ryan, D.A.; Narrow, W.C.; Federoff, H.J.; Bowers, W.J., 2010:
An improved method for generating consistent soluble amyloid-beta oligomer preparations for in vitro neurotoxicity studies

Liu, S-Ping.; Li, Y-Xin.; Xu, J.; Gu, H-Hui.; Zhang, H-Yan.; Liang, H-Yue.; Liu, H-Zhi.; Zhang, X-Bing.; Cheng, T.; Yuan, W-Ping., 2014:
An improved method for generating integration-free human induced pluripotent stem cells

Li, J.; Gao, F.; Li, N.; Li, S.; Yin, G.; Tian, G.; Jia, S.; Wang, K.; Zhang, X.; Yang, H.; Nielsen, A.Lade.; Bolund, L., 2009:
An improved method for genome wide DNA methylation profiling correlated to transcription and genomic instability in two breast cancer cell lines

Liu, J.; Zhang, Y.; Li, Q.; Zhuang, Q.; Zhu, X.; Pan, L.; Cheng, M., 2015:
An improved method for guinea pig airway smooth muscle cell culture and the effect of SPFF on intracellular calcium

Berrie, B.H., 2009:
An improved method for identifying red lakes on art and historical artifacts

Norman, A.; Riber, L.; Luo, W.; Li, L.Li.; Hansen, L.Hestbjerg.; Sørensen, Søren.Johannes., 2015:
An improved method for including upper size range plasmids in metamobilomes

Dai, B.; Yuan, Y-Nan.; Bao, Z-Hua.; Mei, D-Qing., 2011:
An improved method for inversion of particle size distribution from scattering spectrum

Wei, Y.; Zhou, J.; Zheng, Z.; Wang, A.; Ao, Q.; Gong, Y.; Zhang, X., 2009:
An improved method for isolating Schwann cells from postnatal rat sciatic nerves

Gao, Z.Q.; Wang, G.C.; Tseng, C.K., 2013:
An improved method for isolation of photosystem II from marine alga Porphyra yezoensis Udea

Barth, M.; Dederich, D.; Dedon, P., 2009:
An improved method for large-scale preparation of negatively and positively supercoiled plasmid DNA

Tong, Y.; Bergethon, P.R.; Frederick, B.Deb., 2011:
An improved method for mapping cerebrovascular reserve using concurrent fMRI and near-infrared spectroscopy with Regressor Interpolation at Progressive Time Delays (RIPTiDe)

Lee, E.; An, S.; Im, M-Sup.; Kim, H.Kon.; Lee, T.Ryong., 2014:
An improved method for measurement of change in skin roughness caused by cleansing products under mild application conditions

Hamer, W.J., 2011:
An improved method for measurement of gel strength and data on starch gels

Wang, P.; Meng, Z.; Tan, J.; Jia, Q.; Zhang, F., 2010:
An improved method for measurement of target-to-background ratio in assessing mediastinal lesions on 18F-FDG coincidence SPECT/CT imaging

Wilcox, G.R.; Berndt, M.C.; Mehrabani, P.A.; Exner, T.; Trudinger, B.J., 1991:
An improved method for measuring plasma glycocalicin in the investigation of causes of thrombocytopaenia

Williamson, R.J., 1987:
An improved method for measuring quartz crystal parameters

Fairchild, G.B.; Hertig, M., 1948:
An improved method for mounting small insects

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