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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 51534

Chapter 51534 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Suzuki, M.; Yamada, C.; Inoue, R.; Kashio, A.; Saito, Y.; Nakanishi, W., 2008:
Analysis of vestibular testing in patients with vestibular schwannoma based on the nerve of origin, the localization, and the size of the tumor

Tong, L.; Li, P.; Wang, Y.; Zhu, K., 2009:
Analysis of veterinary antibiotic residues in swine wastewater and environmental water samples using optimized SPE-LC/MS/MS

Gómez Pérez, Mía.Luz.; Romero-González, R.; Martínez Vidal, Jé.Luis.; Garrido Frenich, A., 2013:
Analysis of veterinary drug residues in cheese by ultra-high-performance LC coupled to triple quadrupole MS/MS

Turnipseed, S.B.; Clark, S.B.; Storey, J.M.; Carr, J.R., 2012:
Analysis of veterinary drug residues in frog legs and other aquacultured species using liquid chromatography quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry

Turnipseed, S.B.; Storey, J.M.; Clark, S.B.; Miller, K.E., 2011:
Analysis of veterinary drugs and metabolites in milk using quadrupole time-of-flight liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry

Sánchez, M.C.; Marín, M.J.; Figuero, E.; Llama-Palacios, A.; Herrera, D.; Sanz, M., 2013:
Analysis of viable vs. dead Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans and Porphyromonas gingivalis using selective quantitative real-time PCR with propidium monoazide

Izumi, T.; Hagiwara, M.; Hoshina, T.; Takeda, H.; Tsurumi, T., 2012:
Analysis of vibration waveforms of electromechanical response to determine piezoelectric and electrostrictive coefficients

Liégeois, V.; Jacob, C.R.; Champagne, Bît.; Reiher, M., 2010:
Analysis of vibrational Raman optical activity signatures of the (TG)(N) and (GG)(N) conformations of isotactic polypropylene chains in terms of localized modes

Jeyakumari, S.; Chinnathambi, V.; Rajasekar, S.; Sanjuan, M.A.F., 2010:
Analysis of vibrational resonance in a quintic oscillator

Govindarajan, M.; Karabacak, M., 2012:
Analysis of vibrational spectra (FT-IR and FT-Raman) and nonlinear optical properties of organic 2-chloro-p-xylene

John, C.Jesintha.; Xavier, T.S.; Amalanathan, M.; Joe, I.Hubert.; Rastogi, V.K., 2012:
Analysis of vibrational spectra and nonlinear optical properties of organic molecule L-alaninium formate

Krishnakumar, V.; Prabavathi, N., 2009:
Analysis of vibrational spectra of 1-chloro-2,4-dinitrobenzene based on density functional theory calculations

Erdogdu, Y.; Güllüoğlu, M.Tahir., 2009:
Analysis of vibrational spectra of 2 and 3-methylpiperidine based on density functional theory calculations

Badawi, H.M.; Förner, W., 2008:
Analysis of vibrational spectra of 3-halo-1-propanols CH(2)XCH(2)CH(2)OH (X is Cl and Br)

Krishnakumar, V.; Seshadri, S.; Muthunatasen, S., 2007:
Analysis of vibrational spectra of 5,6-dimethyl benzimidazole based on density functional theory calculations

Padmaja, L.; Ravikumar, C.; James, C.; Jayakumar, V.S.; Hubert Joe, I., 2008:
Analysis of vibrational spectra of L-alanylglycine based on density functional theory calculations

Selamtzis, A.; Ternström, S., 2014:
Analysis of vibratory states in phonation using spectral features of the electroglottographic signal

Rangayyan, R.M.; Wu, Y., 2008:
Analysis of vibroarthrographic signals with features related to signal variability and radial-basis functions

Wu, P-Hsun.; Agarwal, A.; Hess, H.; Khargonekar, P.P.; Tseng, Y., 2010:
Analysis of video-based microscopic particle trajectories using Kalman filtering

Park, J.H.; Min, S.W.; Jung, S.; Lee, B., 2008:
Analysis of viewing parameters for two display methods based on integral photography

Chiron, C.; Dulac, O., 2015:
Analysis of vigabatrin treatment causing visual field defects in infantile spasms

Magnavita, N.; Heponiemi, T.; Bevilacqua, L.; Capri, A.; Roccia, K.; Quaranta, D.; Ciriello, S.; Gabriele, M.; Giudice, A.; Lilli, M.; Magnavita, G.; Polselli, G.; Carbone, A.; Quintavalle, G.; Squarcione, S.; Bergamaschi, A., 2013:
Analysis of violence against health care workers through medical surveillance at the workplace in a 8-yr period

Pigolkin, I.I.; Mechukaev, A.A.; Mechukaev, A.M., 2012:
Analysis of violent deaths of mountaineers and tourists at high altitudes

Dunham, J.P.; Simmons, H.E.; Holmes, E.C.; Stephenson, A.G., 2015:
Analysis of viral (zucchini yellow mosaic virus) genetic diversity during systemic movement through a Cucurbita pepo vine

Dougherty, W.G., 1983:
Analysis of viral RNA isolated from tobacco leaf tissue infected with tobacco etch virus

Miura, M.; Maekawa, S.; Kadokura, M.; Sueki, R.; Komase, K.; Shindo, H.; Ohmori, T.; Kanayama, A.; Shindo, K.; Amemiya, F.; Nakayama, Y.; Kitamura, T.; Uetake, T.; Inoue, T.; Sakamoto, M.; Okada, S.; Enomoto, N., 2011:
Analysis of viral amino acids sequences and the IL28B SNP influencing the development of hepatocellular carcinoma in chronic hepatitis C

Iordanskiy, S.N.; Bukrinsky, M.I., 2008:
Analysis of viral and cellular proteins in HIV-1 reverse transcription complexes by co-immunoprecipitation

Miesegaes, G.; Lute, S.; Brorson, K., 2010:
Analysis of viral clearance unit operations for monoclonal antibodies

Yu, C-mei.; Yang, X-qiang.; Xu, F.; Zuo, Z-lan.; Zhao, X-dong., 2011:
Analysis of viral etiology of severe pneumonia in infants and young children in Chongqing area

Lehman, J.M.; Friedrich, T.D.; Laffin, J., 2008:
Analysis of viral infection and viral and cellular DNA and proteins by flow cytometry

Ito, K.; Shimizu, N.; Watanabe, K.; Saito, T.; Yoshioka, Y.; Sakane, E.; Tsunemine, H.; Akasaka, H.; Kodaka, T.; Takahashi, T., 2013:
Analysis of viral infection by multiplex polymerase chain reaction assays in patients with liver dysfunction

Peng, D.; Zhao, X.; Liu, E.; Huang, Y.; Yang, X.; Zhao, Y.; Chen, X.; Zhang, Z., 2010:
Analysis of viral load in children infected with human metapneumovirus

Verweij, F.J.; van Eijndhoven, M.A.J.; Middeldorp, J.; Pegtel, D.Michiel., 2013:
Analysis of viral microRNA exchange via exosomes in vitro and in vivo

Furuse, Y.; Dastjerdi, A.; Seilern-Moy, K.; Steinbach, F.; Cullen, B.R., 2014:
Analysis of viral microRNA expression by elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus 1

Schwarz, K.B.; Dell Olio, D.; Lobritto, S.J.; Lopez, M.James.; Rodriguez-Baez, N.; Yazigi, N.A.; Belle, S.H.; Zhang, S.; Squires, R.H.; Squires, R.H.; Shneider, B.L.; Bukauskas, K.; Narkewicz, M.R.; Hite, M.; Loomes, K.M.; Rand, E.B.; Piccoli, D.; Kawchak, D.; Crisci, T.; Romero, R.; Karpen, S.; de la Cruz-Tracy, L.; Ng, V.; Hunt, K.; Subbarao, G.C.; Klipsch, A.; Alonso, E.M.; Sorenson, L.; Kelly, S.; Delute, D.; Neighbors, K.; Rosenthal, P.J.; Fleck, S.; Leonis, M.A.; Bucuvalas, J.; Horning, T., 2015:
Analysis of viral testing in nonacetaminophen pediatric acute liver failure

Moerdyk-Schauwecker, M.; Hwang, S-Il.; Grdzelishvili, V.Z., 2010:
Analysis of virion associated host proteins in vesicular stomatitis virus using a proteomics approach

Volkoff, A-Nathalie.; Jouan, Véronique.; Urbach, S.; Samain, S.; Bergoin, M.; Wincker, P.; Demettre, E.; Cousserans, Fçois.; Provost, B.; Coulibaly, F.; Legeai, F.; Béliveau, C.; Cusson, M.; Gyapay, G.; Drezen, J-Michel., 2010:
Analysis of virion structural components reveals vestiges of the ancestral ichnovirus genome

Stegen, C.; Yakova, Y.; Henaff, D.; Nadjar, J.; Duron, J.; Lippé, R., 2013:
Analysis of virion-incorporated host proteins required for herpes simplex virus type 1 infection through a RNA interference screen

Flores, R.; Gas, Mída-Eugenia.; Molina, D.; Hernández, C.; Darós, Jé-Antonio., 2008:
Analysis of viroid replication

Uchida, T.; Nguyen, L.Tung.; Takayama, A.; Okimoto, T.; Kodama, M.; Murakami, K.; Matsuhisa, T.; Trinh, T.Dung.; Ta, L.; Ho, D.Quy.Dung.; Hoang, H.Hai.; Kishida, T.; Fujioka, T.; Moriyama, M.; Yamaoka, Y., 2009:
Analysis of virulence factors of Helicobacter pylori isolated from a Vietnamese population

Zhou, Y-bin.; Liu, D-li.; Li, Y-peng.; Wang, Y-wei.; Shu, R., 2015:
Analysis of virulence-related properties of P. gingivalis clinical isolates

Ewers, H.; Schelhaas, M., 2012:
Analysis of virus entry and cellular membrane dynamics by single particle tracking

Park, B.Kyu.; Kwon, Y.; Kim, J-Won.; Lee, J-Ho.; Eom, G-Moon.; Koh, S-Beom.; Jun, J-Hoon.; Hong, J., 2011:
Analysis of viscoelastic properties of wrist joint for quantification of parkinsonian rigidity

Valdez-Jasso, D.; Haider, M.A.; Banks, H.T.; Bia Santana, D.; Zócalo Germán, Y.; Armentano, R.L.; Olufsen, M.S., 2009:
Analysis of viscoelastic wall properties in ovine arteries

Jakoby, B.; Vellekoop, M.J., 2008:
Analysis of viscous losses in the chemical interface layer of Love wave sensors

Ren, H-Yan.; Zhuang, D-Fang.; Qiu, D-Sheng.; Pan, J-Jun., 2010:
Analysis of visible and near-infrared spectra of As-contaminated soil in croplands beside mines

Sun, X-gang.; Tang, H.; Yuan, G-bin., 2008:
Analysis of visible extinction spectrum of particle system and selection of optimal wavelength

Boppana, V.Bharat.Ram.; Jiao, F.; Newby, D.; Laverock, J.; Smith, K.E.; Jumas, J.Claude.; Hutchings, G.; Lobo, R.F., 2013:
Analysis of visible-light-active Sn(II)-TiO2 photocatalysts

Janabi-Sharifi, F.; Vakanski, A., 2011:
Analysis of visual acuity and motion resolvability as measures for optimal visual perception of the workspace

Kolar, R.; Tornow, R.P.; Laemmer, R.; Odstrcilik, J.; Mayer, M.A.; Gazarek, J.; Jan, J.; Kubena, T.; Cernosek, P., 2014:
Analysis of visual appearance of retinal nerve fibers in high resolution fundus images: a study on normal subjects

Wu, S-Ya.; Ma, L.; Huang, H-Hui.; Tsai, Y-Ju., 2014:
Analysis of visual outcomes and complications following levator resection for unilateral congenital blepharoptosis without strabismus

Rey, B.; Alcañiz, M.; Naranjo, V.; Parkhutik, V.; Tembl, J., 2010:
Analysis of visual perception aspects of the virtual reality experience with transcranial Doppler monitoring

Chan, M.D.; Melhus, C.S.; Mignano, J.E.; Do-Dai, D.; Duker, J.S.; Yao, K.C., 2011:
Analysis of visual toxicity after gamma knife radiosurgery for treatment of choroidal melanoma: identification of multiple targets and mechanisms of toxicity

Dispenza, F.; Gargano, R.; Mathur, N.; Saraniti, C.; Gallina, S., 2011:
Analysis of visually guided eye movements in subjects after whiplash injury

Gratacós-Cubarsí, M.; Sárraga, C.; Clariana, M.; Regueiro, J.A.García.; Castellari, M., 2011:
Analysis of vitamin B1 in dry-cured sausages by hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography (HILIC) and diode array detection

Vrzhesinskaia, O.A.; Kodentsova, V.M.; Ogloblin, N.A.; Beketova, N.A.; Pereverzeva, O.G., 2008:
Analysis of vitamin C, B2 and A provision in patients with obesity and cardiovascular: comparable data on the basis of foodstuff consumption and blood serum level detection

Volmer, D.A.; Mendes, L.R.B.C.; Stokes, C.S., 2016:
Analysis of vitamin D metabolic markers by mass spectrometry: current techniques, limitations of the "gold standard" method, and anticipated future directions

Ormsby, R.T.; Findlay, D.M.; Kogawa, M.; Anderson, P.H.; Morris, H.A.; Atkins, G.J., 2014:
Analysis of vitamin D metabolism gene expression in human bone: evidence for autocrine control of bone remodelling

Silvagno, F.; Poma, C.Baima.; Realmuto, C.; Ravarino, N.; Ramella, A.; Santoro, N.; D'Amelio, P.; Fuso, L.; Pescarmona, G.; Zola, P., 2010:
Analysis of vitamin D receptor expression and clinical correlations in patients with ovarian cancer

Bianco, B.; Verreschi, I.T.N.; Oliveira, K.C.; Guedes, A.D.; Barbosa, C.P.; Lipay, M.V.N., 2015:
Analysis of vitamin D receptor gene (VDR) polymorphisms in Turner syndrome patients

Aydıngöz, I.Esen.; Bingül, I.; Doğru-Abbasoğlu, S.; Vural, P.; Uysal, Müjdat., 2012:
Analysis of vitamin D receptor gene polymorphisms in vitiligo

Vilarino, Fábia.Lima.; Bianco, B.; Lerner, T.Goberstein.; Teles, J.Souto.; Mafra, F.Abani.; Christofolini, D.Maria.; Barbosa, C.Parente., 2011:
Analysis of vitamin D receptor gene polymorphisms in women with and without endometriosis

Genzen, J.R.; Gosselin, J.T.; Wilson, T.C.; Racila, E.; Krasowski, M.D., 2013:
Analysis of vitamin D status at two academic medical centers and a national reference laboratory: result patterns vary by age, gender, season, and patient location

Józefowicz, O.; Rabe-Jabłońska, J.; Woźniacka, A.; Strzelecki, D., 2015:
Analysis of vitamin D status in major depression

Nada, A.; Krishnaiah, Y.S.R.; Zaghloul, A-Azim.; Khattab, I., 2010:
Analysis of vitamin E in commercial cosmetic preparations by HPLC

Birringer, M., 2010:
Analysis of vitamin E metabolites in biological specimen

Díaz, J.C.; Song, Y.; Moore, A.; Borchert, J.N.; Kohn, M.H., 2010:
Analysis of vkorc1 polymorphisms in Norway rats using the roof rat as outgroup

Shewmaker, M.B.; Hapner, E.R.; Gilman, M.; Klein, A.M.; Johns, M.M., 2010:
Analysis of voice change during cellular phone use: a blinded controlled study

Kosztyła-Hojna, B.; Citko, D.; Milewska, A.; Rogowski, M., 2009:
Analysis of voice disorders among university teachers at Medical University of Białystok

Bogazzi, F.; Nacci, A.; Campomori, A.; La Vela, R.; Rossi, G.; Lombardi, M.; Fattori, B.; Bartalena, L.; Ursino, F.; Martino, E., 2010:
Analysis of voice in patients with untreated active acromegaly

Lili, L.; Xu, H.; Song, D.; Cui, Y.; Hu, S.; Zhang, G., 2010:
Analysis of volatile aldehyde biomarkers in human blood by derivatization and dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction based on solidification of floating organic droplet method by high performance liquid chromatography

Zhan, K.; Wang, C.; Xu, K.; Yin, H., 2010:
Analysis of volatile and non-volatile compositions in ginger oleoresin by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry

Sproß, J., 2014:
Analysis of volatile and oxidation sensitive compounds using a cold inlet system and electron impact mass spectrometry

Bai, J.; Liu, S.; Xie, F.; Liu, H.; Xia, Q., 2010:
Analysis of volatile and semi-volatile compounds in tobacco using off-line combination of liquid chromatography and capillary gas chromatography-mass spectrometry

Reddy, L.V.A.; Sudheer Kumar, Y.; Reddy, O.V.S., 2010:
Analysis of volatile aroma constituents of wine produced from Indian mango (Mangifera indica L.) by GC-MS

Cohen, R.D.; Liu, Y.; Gong, X., 2012:
Analysis of volatile bases by high performance liquid chromatography with aerosol-based detection

Shao, Q.; Liu, H.; Zhang, A.; Wan, Y.; Hu, R.; Li, M., 2015:
Analysis of volatile components extracted from the peels of four different Chinese pomelos using TDS-GC-MS

Yang, F-Qing.; Yang, J.; Zhang, X-Mei.; Xu, P.; Xia, Z-Ning., 2013:
Analysis of volatile components in Curcuma rhizome by microemulsion electrokinetic chromatography

Zhan, J.; Lu, S.; Meng, Z.; Xiang, N.; Cao, Q'e.; Miao, M., 2008:
Analysis of volatile components in Qingshanlvshui tea using solid-phase microextraction/accelerated solvent extraction-gas chromatography-mass spectrometry

Fu, J.; Li, X.; Lu, H.; Liang, Y., 2013:
Analysis of volatile components in herbal pair Semen Persicae-Flos Carthami by GC-MS and chemometric resolution

Yilmaztekin, M., 2015:
Analysis of volatile components of cape gooseberry (Physalis peruviana L.) grown in Turkey by HS-SPME and GC-MS

Liang, J.; Cao, X.; Li, J.; Ren, H.; Wu, S., 2012:
Analysis of volatile components of flowers of Fritillaria thunbergii by GC-TOF-MS

Wajs-Bonikowska, A.; Olejnika, K.; Bonikowski, Rław.; Banaszczakb, P., 2014:
Analysis of volatile components, fatty acids, and phytosterols of Abies koreana growing in Poland

Li, L-Ming.; Ren, B.; Guo, J-Wen.; Deng, Z-Jun.; Liu, R-Xuan., 2014:
Analysis of volatile composition of different specification of Panax notoginseng

Zeng, Z.; Xie, R.; Zhang, T.; Zhang, H.; Chen, J.Yu., 2012:
Analysis of volatile compositions of Magnolia biondii pamp by steam distillation and headspace solid phase micro-extraction

Roze, L.V.; Beaudry, R.M.; Linz, J.E., 2013:
Analysis of volatile compounds emitted by filamentous fungi using solid-phase microextraction-gas chromatography/mass spectrometry

Fu, X.; Chen, H.; Yang, F.; Xia, Z., 2013:
Analysis of volatile compounds from Curcuma by microwave assisted solid phase headspace-gas chromatography

Xia, Y.; Zhang, F.; Wang, W.; Guo, Y., 2015:
Analysis of volatile compounds from Siraitia grosvenorii by headspace solid-phase microextraction and gas chromatography-quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry

Zhao, Q.; Xue, C.; Xu, J.; Sheng, W.; Xue, Y.; Li, Z., 2007:
Analysis of volatile compounds in bighead carp by microwave. Distillation and solid phase microextraction coupled with gas chromatography-mass spectrometry and olfactometry

Mansoor, J.K.; Schelegle, E.S.; Davis, C.E.; Walby, W.F.; Zhao, W.; Aksenov, A.A.; Pasamontes, A.; Figueroa, J.; Allen, R., 2015:
Analysis of volatile compounds in exhaled breath condensate in patients with severe pulmonary arterial hypertension

Lu, Z-Ming.; Tao, W-Yi.; Xu, H-Yu.; Lim, J.; Zhang, X-Mei.; Wang, L-Ping.; Chen, J-Hua.; Xu, Z-Hong., 2011:
Analysis of volatile compounds of Antrodia camphorata in submerged culture using headspace solid-phase microextraction

Nurul Syazana, M.S.; Gan, S.H.; Halim, A.S.; Shah, N.Syazana.Mohamad.; Gan, S.Hua.; Sukari, H.Ahmad., 2014:
Analysis of volatile compounds of Malaysian Tualang (Koompassia excelsa) honey using gas chromatography mass spectrometry

Mu, D.; Wu, G-Lin.; Liu, Z-Kui.; Tao, Y.; Zhou, L-Zhu.; Xu, W-Wen.; Wang, J-Qing., 2015:
Analysis of volatile compounds of fresh tea leaves from yaoluoping nature preserve by SDE-GC-MS

Qiao, H-Li.; Lu, P-Fei.; Xu, R.; Chen, J.; Wang, X.; Ma, W-Si.; Liu, T-Ning., 2013:
Analysis of volatile compounds of inflorescence by GC-MS from Cistanche deserticola

Ziadi, M.; Wathelet, J.P.; Marlier, M.; Hamdi, M.; Thonart, P., 2009:
Analysis of volatile compounds produced by 2 strains of Lactococcus lactis isolated from leben (Tunisian fermented milk) using solid-phase microextraction-gas chromatography

Shi, L.; Wang, J-mei.; Kang, W-yi., 2008:
Analysis of volatile constituents in two species of genus Magnolia by HS-SPME-GC-MS

Guo, S-nan.; Lu, J-qing.; Cai, J-long.; Li, Q.; Liang, H., 2014:
Analysis of volatile constituents of Astragali Complanati semen by HS-SPME combined with GC-MS

Pont, N.Planas.; Kendall, C.A.; Magan, N., 2012:
Analysis of volatile fingerprints for monitoring anti-fungal efficacy against the primary and opportunistic pathogen Aspergillus fumigatus

Lasekan, O.; Abbas, K., 2010:
Analysis of volatile flavour compounds and acrylamide in roasted Malaysian tropical almond (Terminalia catappa) nuts using supercritical fluid extraction

Monteiro, Márcia.; Carvalho, Márcia.; Henrique, R.; Jerónimo, C.; Moreira, N.; de Lourdes Bastos, M.; de Pinho, P.Guedes., 2014:
Analysis of volatile human urinary metabolome by solid-phase microextraction in combination with gas chromatography-mass spectrometry for biomarker discovery: application in a pilot study to discriminate patients with renal cell carcinoma

Ishimaru, M.; Yamada, M.; Nakagawa, I.; Sugano, S., 2008:
Analysis of volatile metabolites from cultured bacteria by gas chromatography/atmospheric pressure chemical ionization-mass spectrometry

Novotny, M.V.; Soini, H.A., 2014:
Analysis of volatile mouse pheromones by gas chromatography mass spectrometry

Gholivand, M.Bagher.; Piryaei, M.; Abolghasemi, M.Mahdi., 2013:
Analysis of volatile oil composition of Citrus aurantium L. by microwave-assisted extraction coupled to headspace solid-phase microextraction with nanoporous based fibers

Pu, L-xiang.; Yuan, X-hong.; Tang, T-jun., 2011:
Analysis of volatile oil from Ardisia brevicaulis

Luo, L.; Deng, J-Mei.; Liao, H-Wei., 2014:
Analysis of volatile oil from Gerbera piloselloides by GC-MS

Zhao, O.; Zhou, J-Wei.; Ban, D-Ming., 2011:
Analysis of volatile oil from different parts of Litsea cubeba

Jiang, Y-hao.; Yang, X-yu.; Zhang, Q-hua.; Cao, M-min.; Gong, Q-feng.; Shi, J-lian., 2011:
Analysis of volatile oil in Fructus Aurantii processed with Zhangband method by GC-MS

Li, Y.; Xiao, Y.; Zhang, C.; Yu, D.; Ma, Y.; Gu, X., 2012:
Analysis of volatile oil in Gardenia jasminoids roasted with ginger juice by GC-MS

Zhao, C.; Chen, H-guo.; Cheng, L.; Zhou, X.; Yang, Z-bo.; Zhang, Y-sha., 2007:
Analysis of volatile oil in herb of pimpinella candolleana by SPME-GC-MS

Lu, X-E.; Liu, Y-Qing., 2009:
Analysis of volatile oil in pre and post processed pieces of Eriobotrya japonica by GC-MS

Wang, N.; Zhang, Y.; Li, X.; Tong, Y.; Kong, H.; Xu, G., 2010:
Analysis of volatile oils of Ligusticum chuanxiong Hort. from different geographical origins by comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography/time-of-flight mass spectrometry

Sponring, A.; Filipiak, W.; Ager, C.; Schubert, J.; Miekisch, W.; Amann, A.; Troppmair, J., 2011:
Analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the headspace of NCI-H1666 lung cancer cells

Naznin, H.Ara.; Kimura, M.; Miyazawa, M.; Hyakumachi, M., 2013:
Analysis of volatile organic compounds emitted by plant growth-promoting fungus Phoma sp. GS8-3 for growth promotion effects on tobacco

Dallinga, J.W.; Smolinska, A.; van Schooten, F-Jan., 2015:
Analysis of volatile organic compounds in exhaled breath by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry combined with chemometric analysis

Soini, H.A.; Klouckova, I.; Wiesler, D.; Oberzaucher, E.; Grammer, K.; Dixon, S.J.; Xu, Y.; Brereton, R.G.; Penn, D.J.; Novotny, M.V., 2011:
Analysis of volatile organic compounds in human saliva by a static sorptive extraction method and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry

Khatib, S.; Finberg, J.P.M.; Artoul, F.; Lavner, Y.; Mahmood, S.; Tisch, U.; Haick, H.; Aluf, Y.; Vaya, J., 2015:
Analysis of volatile organic compounds in rats with dopaminergic lesion: Possible application for early detection of Parkinson's disease

Mazzone, P.J., 2008:
Analysis of volatile organic compounds in the exhaled breath for the diagnosis of lung cancer

Mochalski, Pł.; Theurl, M.; Sponring, A.; Unterkofler, K.; Kirchmair, R.; Amann, A., 2016:
Analysis of volatile organic compounds liberated and metabolised by human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVEC) in vitro

Walton, C.; Fowler, D.P.; Turner, C.; Jia, W.; Whitehead, R.N.; Griffiths, L.; Dawson, C.; Waring, R.H.; Ramsden, D.B.; Cole, J.A.; Cauchi, M.; Bessant, C.; Hunter, J.O., 2014:
Analysis of volatile organic compounds of bacterial origin in chronic gastrointestinal diseases

Malherbe, S.; Watts, V.; Nieuwoudt, Hélène.H.; Bauer, F.F.; du Toit, M., 2009:
Analysis of volatile profiles of fermenting grape must by headspace solid-phase dynamic extraction coupled with gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (HS-SPDE GC-MS): novel application to investigate problem fermentations

Yan, J.H.; Zhu, H.M.; Jiang, X.G.; Chi, Y.; Cen, K.F., 2008:
Analysis of volatile species kinetics during typical medical waste materials pyrolysis using a distributed activation energy model

Weißbecker, B.; Schütz, S.; Klein, A.; Hummel, H.E., 2008:
Analysis of volatiles emitted by potato plants by means of a Colorado beetle electroantennographic detector

Ikarashi, Y.; Uchino, T.; Nishimura, T., 2012:
Analysis of volcanic-ash-based insoluble ingredients of facial cleansers

Fontanilla-Urdaneta, R.Coromoto.; Olivares-Pérez, A.; Fuentes-Tapia, I.; Ríos-Velasco, Mónica.Areli., 2011:
Analysis of voltage effect on holographic gratings by modulation transfer function

Gholizadeh, S.; Djadid, N.Dinparast.; Basseri, H.Reza.; Zakeri, S.; Ladoni, H., 2010:
Analysis of von Willebrand factor A domain-related protein (WARP) polymorphism in temperate and tropical Plasmodium vivax field isolates

Ott, H.W.; Griesmacher, A.; Schnapka-Koepf, M.; Golderer, G.; Sieberer, A.; Spannagl, M.; Scheibe, B.; Perkhofer, S.; Will, K.; Budde, U., 2010:
Analysis of von Willebrand factor multimers by simultaneous high- and low-resolution vertical SDS-agarose gel electrophoresis and Cy5-labeled antibody high-sensitivity fluorescence detection

Ledford-Kraemer, M.R., 2010:
Analysis of von Willebrand factor structure by multimer analysis

Cheung, W.Y.; Butler, J.R.; Kliewer, E.V.; Demers, A.A.; Musto, G.; Welch, S.; Sivananthan, G.; Navaratnam, S., 2011:
Analysis of wait times and costs during the peri-diagnostic period for non-small cell lung cancer

Phelan, P.J.; O'Kelly, P.; O'Neill, D.; Little, D.; Hickey, D.; Keogan, M.; Walshe, J.; Magee, C.; Conlon, P.J., 2010:
Analysis of waiting times on Irish renal transplant list

Anderson, E.; Almond, M.J.; Matthews, W., 2015:
Analysis of wall plasters and natural sediments from the Neolithic town of Çatalhöyük (Turkey) by a range of analytical techniques

Popa, C.V.; Zaidi, H.; Arfaoui, A.; Polidori, G.; Taiar, R.; Fohanno, S., 2011:
Analysis of wall shear stress around a competitive swimmer using 3D Navier-Stokes equations in CFD

Shetty, Y.C.; Saiyed, A.A., 2015:
Analysis of warning letters issued by the US Food and Drug Administration to clinical investigators, institutional review boards and sponsors: a retrospective study

Ren, B.; Huang, J-lou.; Miao, M-sheng., 2015:
Analysis of washing efficiency and change in lead speciation in lead-contaminated soil of a battery factory

Kharwanlang, R.S.; Shukla, P., 2012:
Analysis of wasp-waisted hysteresis loops in magnetic rocks

Ángel Aguirre, M.; Hidalgo, M.; Canals, A.; Nóbrega, J.A.; Pereira-Filho, E.R., 2014:
Analysis of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) using laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) and multivariate analysis

Strittmatter, N.; Düring, R-Alexander.; Takáts, Zán., 2012:
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Analysis on two cases of clinical infection caused by fire needle therapy

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Analysis on urban elderly people's preference for prevention and treatment of non-communicable diseases

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Analysis paralysis. Here are five ways to avoid this potentially fatal career condition

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Analysis pipelines and packages for Infinium HumanMethylation450 BeadChip (450k) data

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Analysis residues of perfluorooctane used in ophthalmic operation

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Analysis reveals large increase in hospitalizations in recent years among older patients prescribed opioids

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Analysis shows "postcode lottery" in access to GPs in England

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Analysis sparks new debate about current HIV screening recommendations

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Analysis strategies for adaptive designs with multiple endpoints

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Analysis strategy of protein-protein interaction networks

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Analysis supports methadone maintenance efficacy in Scotland

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Analysis supports most ambitious congressional health bills

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Analysis the effectiveness of Hemoperfusion removing the inflammatory cytokines in critical illness

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Analysis to a critical state of thermal field in microwave ablation of liver cancer influenced by large vessels

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Analysis tools for the accurate evaluation of a small frequency standard

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Analysis toward innovative herbal antibacterial and antifungal drugs

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Analysis units

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Analysis. Warning for the future

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Analysis: Secretary's Advisory Committee on Genetics, Health, and Society Report falls short

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Analysis: accuracy performance of the Medtronic NexSensor for 6 days in an inpatient setting using abdomen and buttocks insertion sites

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Analysis: an early wave crest?

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Analysis: continuous glucose monitoring in the intensive care unit

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Analysis: impact factor and scientific communication

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Analysis: linking laboratory data to human factors and inclusion of persons with disabilities in diabetes technology research

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Analysis: new hospital accreditation agency falls short

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Analysis: on the path to overcoming glucose-sensor-induced foreign body reactions

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Analysis: states must expand dental services to low-income residents to improve overall health

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Analysis: the impact of needle, syringe, and lancet disposal on the community

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Analyst as teacher / teacher as analyst: a confusion of tongues?

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Analyst on the ropes: crises in treatment. Panel reports

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Analyst, unconfined by traditional discipline barriers

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Analyst: pharmacists have nothing to complain about

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Analysts disagree over whether spending on health has risen or fallen

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Analysts in India call for urgent expansion of essential medicines list

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Analyte concentration at the tip of a nanopipette

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Analyte-induced formation of partial duplexes for the preparation of a label-free electrochemiluminescent aptasensor

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Analytic Derivation and Monte Carlo Validation of a Sensitivity Formula for Slit-Slit Collimation With Penetration

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Analytic Model for the Dipole Potential of a Lipid Layer

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Analytic Psychology

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Analytic and integrative perspectives for HIV vaccine design

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