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Anticaries effectiveness of a fluoride and nonfluoride sealant

Heifetz, S.B.; Yaari, A.; Proskin, H.

Journal of the California Dental Association 35(8): 573-577


ISSN/ISBN: 1043-2256
PMID: 17941303
Accession: 051577984

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This study compares the retention and anticaries effect of a fluoride and nonfluoride sealant. Two hundred and ninety-four children were divided into two groups. Participants had sealants applied to their first molars. Examinations were conducted after a mean retention of 1 1/4 years. Mean occlusal retention for both groups was 75 percent. Both groups showed extremely low DMF. The lack of any measurable decay compromised the study's ability to detect any enhanced protection from the fluoride sealant.

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