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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 51597

Chapter 51597 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Das, R.Ranjan., 2011:
Antivirals in treatment of H1N1 infection: are they really effective?

Wozniak, M.A.; Frost, A.L.; Preston, C.M.; Itzhaki, R.F., 2012:
Antivirals reduce the formation of key Alzheimer's disease molecules in cell cultures acutely infected with herpes simplex virus type 1

Das, K., 2012:
Antivirals targeting influenza A virus

Tsiodras, S.; Nikolopoulos, G.; Bonovas, S., 2013:
Antivirals used for influenza chemoprophylaxis

Król, E.; Rychłowska, Młgorzata.; Szewczyk, Bław., 2015:
Antivirals--current trends in fighting influenza

De Clercq, E., 2013:
Antivirals: past, present and future

Brazhnikova, M.G.; Gauze, G.F.; Preobrazhenskaia, T.P.; Sharova, I.A.; Trenina, G.A., 2014:
Antivirubin, an antiviral antibiotic, formed by Actinomyces longispororuber

Imperi, F.; Leoni, L.; Visca, P., 2014:
Antivirulence activity of azithromycin in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Antunes, L.Caetano.M.; McDonald, J.A.K.; Schroeter, K.; Carlucci, C.; Ferreira, R.B.R.; Wang, M.; Yurist-Doutsch, S.; Hira, G.; Jacobson, K.; Davies, J.; Allen-Vercoe, E.; Finlay, B.Brett., 2015:
Antivirulence activity of the human gut metabolome

Shoham, M., 2011:
Antivirulence agents against MRSA

Escaich, S., 2008:
Antivirulence as a new antibacterial approach for chemotherapy

Baron, C., 2010:
Antivirulence drugs to target bacterial secretion systems

Bliven, K.A.; Maurelli, A.T., 2013:
Antivirulence genes: insights into pathogen evolution through gene loss

Yamaki, J.; Synold, T.; Wong-Beringer, A., 2012:
Antivirulence potential of TR-700 and clindamycin on clinical isolates of Staphylococcus aureus producing phenol-soluble modulins

Heisig, M.; Abraham, N.M.; Liu, L.; Neelakanta, G.; Mattessich, S.; Sultana, H.; Shang, Z.; Ansari, J.M.; Killiam, C.; Walker, W.; Cooley, L.; Flavell, R.A.; Agaisse, H.; Fikrig, E., 2015:
Antivirulence properties of an antifreeze protein

Defoirdt, T., 2014:
Antivirulence therapy for animal production: filling an arsenal with novel weapons for sustainable disease control

Besredka, A., 1929:
Antivirus Therapy in Infectious Diseases

Merten, A.N.; Oesterlin, E.J., 1932:
Antivirus Treatment of Malignant OEdema Infections

Di Raimondo, D.; Tuttolomondo, A.; Buttà, C.; Lucifora, B.; Licata, G.; Pinto, A., 2014:
Antivitamin K drugs in stroke prevention

Hartelius, V.; Roholt, K., 2018:
Antivitamin effect of sulfanilamide on Streptobacterium plantarum

Simonnet, H.; Porchez, G., 2018:

Harris, L.J., 1949:
Antivitamins and other factors influencing vitamin activity

Anonymous, 1932:
Antivivisection Phobia

Anonymous, 1934:
Antivivisection Propaganda

Anonymous, 1933:
Antivivisection Propaganda - Senate Bill No. 674 (Fellom)

Rowell, C., 1933:
Antivivisection: I

Carlson, A.J., 1947:
Antivivisectionism, a threat to medicine

Anonymous, 1902:
Antivivisectionist Amenities Of Debate

Anonymous, 1939:
Antivivisectionist Proposals In Switzerland

Anonymous, 1905:
Antivivisectionist Stage Thunder

Ivy, A.C., 2018:

Hammond, A.L., 1970:
Antiwar group raises $250,000

Noyes, P., 1971:
Antiwar statement

Qu, J.; Bansal, D.G.; Yu, B.; Howe, J.Y.; Luo, H.; Dai, S.; Li, H.; Blau, P.J.; Bunting, B.G.; Mordukhovich, G.; Smolenski, D.J., 2012:
Antiwear performance and mechanism of an oil-miscible ionic liquid as a lubricant additive

Kim, W-Serk.; Park, B-Soon.; Park, S-Hyun.; Kim, H-Ki.; Sung, J-Hyuk., 2008:
Antiwrinkle effect of adipose-derived stem cell: activation of dermal fibroblast by secretory factors

Shang, Y.; Mao, Y.; Batson, J.; Scales, S.J.; Phillips, G.; Lackner, M.R.; Totpal, K.; Williams, S.; Yang, J.; Tang, Z.; Modrusan, Z.; Tan, C.; Liang, W-Ching.; Tsai, S.Ping.; Vanderbilt, A.; Kozuka, K.; Hoeflich, K.; Tien, J.; Ross, S.; Li, C.; Lee, S.Hoon.; Song, A.; Wu, Y.; Stephan, J-Philippe.; Ashkenazi, A.; Zha, J., 2008:
Antixenograft tumor activity of a humanized anti-insulin-like growth factor-I receptor monoclonal antibody is associated with decreased AKT activation and glucose uptake

Kher, S.V.; Dosdall, L.M.; Cárcamo, H.A.; El-Bouhssini, M., 2014:
Antixenosis resistance to Oulema melanopus (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) in central Asian wheat germplasm

Fail, József.; Deutschlander, M.E.; Shelton, A.M., 2014:
Antixenotic resistance of cabbage to onion thrips (Thysanoptera: Thripidae). I. Light reflectance

Ray, R.M.; Bhattacharya, S.; Bavaria, M.N.; Viar, M.Jane.; Johnson, L.R., 2015:
Antizyme (AZ) regulates intestinal cell growth independent of polyamines

Snapir, Z.; Keren-Paz, A.; Bercovich, Z.; Kahana, C., 2009:
Antizyme 3 inhibits polyamine uptake and ornithine decarboxylase (ODC) activity, but does not stimulate ODC degradation

Bercovich, Z.; Snapir, Z.; Keren-Paz, A.; Kahana, C., 2011:
Antizyme affects cell proliferation and viability solely through regulating cellular polyamines

Kahana, C., 2009:
Antizyme and antizyme inhibitor, a regulatory tango

López-Contreras, Aés.J.; Ramos-Molina, B.; Cremades, Aón.; Peñafiel, R., 2008:
Antizyme inhibitor 2 (AZIN2/ODCp) stimulates polyamine uptake in mammalian cells

López-Garcia, C.; Ramos-Molina, B.; Lambertos, A.; López-Contreras, Aés.J.; Cremades, Aón.; Peñafiel, R., 2014:
Antizyme inhibitor 2 hypomorphic mice. New patterns of expression in pancreas and adrenal glands suggest a role in secretory processes

López-Contreras, Aés.J.; Ramos-Molina, B.; Cremades, Aón.; Peñafiel, R., 2010:
Antizyme inhibitor 2: molecular, cellular and physiological aspects

Suzuki, J-ichiro.; Murakami, Y.; Samejima, K.; Ohtani, K.Kohda.Masahiro.; Oka, T., 2009:
Antizyme is necessary for conversion of pancreatic tumor cells into glucagon-producing differentiated cells

Kasbek, C.; Yang, C-Hui.; Fisk, H.A., 2011:
Antizyme restrains centrosome amplification by regulating the accumulation of Mps1 at centrosomes

Kim, J.Sik.; Kim, T.Lim.; Cho, E.Wie.; Paik, S.Gi.; Chung, H.Won.; Kim, I.Gyu., 2008:
Antizyme suppression leads to an increment of the cellular redox potential and an induction of HIF-1alpha: its involvement in resistance to gamma-radiation

Li, X.; He, C.; Wu, W-Yang.; Huang, H.; Li, W-Zu.; Yin, Y-Yan., 2015:
Anti‑fibrotic effects of Acremoniumterricola milleretal mycelium on immunological hepatic fibrosis in rats

Choi, H-Seok.; Seo, H.Sook.; Kim, S.Re.; Choi, Y.Kyung.; Jang, B-Hyoung.; Shin, Y-Cheol.; Ko, S-Gyu., 2014:
Anti‑inflammatory and anti‑proliferative effects of Rhus verniciflua Stokes in RAW264.7 cells

Chen, Y-Qing.; Rong, L.; Qiao, J-Ou., 2015:
Anti‑inflammatory effects of Panax notoginseng saponins ameliorate acute lung injury induced by oleic acid and lipopolysaccharide in rats

Baumann-Antczak, A.; Kosowicz, J.; Zamysłowska, H.; Ruchała, M., 2013:
Anti‑livin antibodies in Hashimoto thyroiditis

Sung, Y-Young.; Yoon, T.; Yang, W-Kyung.; Moon, B-Cheol.; Kim, H.Kyoung., 2013:
Anti‑obesity effects of Actinidia polygama extract in mice with high‑fat diet‑induced obesity

Lehmann, T.P.; Głowacki, M.; Misterska, E.; Walczak, Mł.; Jagodziński, Pł.P.; Głowacki, J., 2014:
Anti‑tuberculosis drugs decrease viability and stimulate the expression of chondrocyte marker genes in human nucleus pulposus cells

Renner, N.; Krönke, G.; Rech, Jürgen.; Uder, M.; Janka, R.; Lauer, L.; Paul, D.; Herz, B.; Schlechtweg, P.; Hennig, F.Frank.; Schett, G.; Welsch, Götz., 2015:
Anti–citrullinated protein antibody positivity correlates with cartilage damage and proteoglycan levels in patients with rheumatoid arthritis in the hand joints

Stéger, V.; Molnár, A.; Borsy, A.; Gyurján, Ián.; Szabolcsi, Zán.; Dancs, Gábor.; Molnár, János.; Papp, Péter.; Nagy, János.; Puskás, László.; Barta, E.; Zomborszky, Zán.; Horn, Péter.; Podani, János.; Semsey, S.; Lakatos, Péter.; Orosz, László., 2010:
Antler development and coupled osteoporosis in the skeleton of red deer Cervus elaphus: expression dynamics for regulatory and effector genes

Yang, F.; Wang, W.; Li, J.; Haines, S.; Asher, G.; Li, C., 2011:
Antler development was inhibited or stimulated by cryosurgery to periosteum or skin in a central antlerogenic region respectively

Kierdorf, U.; Kierdorf, H., 2012:
Antler regrowth as a form of epimorphic regeneration in vertebrates - a comparative view

Shah, S.R.; DesJardins, J.D.; Blob, R.W., 2008:
Antler stiffness in caribou (Rangifer tarandus): testing variation in bone material properties between males and females

Gao, X.; Yang, F.; Zhao, H.; Wang, W.; Li, C., 2011:
Antler transformation is advanced by inversion of antlerogenic periosteum implants in sika deer (Cervus nippon)

Munk, B.A.; Garrison, E.; Clemons, B.; Keel, M.Kevin., 2016:
Antleroma in a free-ranging white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus)

Baeza, A.; Vallejo, I.; Guillén, J.; Salas, A.; Corbacho, J.A., 2011:
Antlers of Cervus elaphus as biomonitors of ⁹⁰Sr in the environment

Miller, J.H.; Druckenmiller, P.; Bahn, V., 2013:
Antlers on the Arctic Refuge: capturing multi-generational patterns of calving ground use from bones on the landscape

Tomková, M.; Marohnic, C.C.; Baxová, A.; Martásek, P., 2008:
Antley-Bixler syndrome or POR deficiency?

Boia, E.S.; Popoiu, M.C.; Puiu, M.; Stanciulescu, C.M.; David, V.L., 2015:
Antley-Bixler syndrome: surgical management of ambiguous genitalia - a case report

Adolphs, N.; Klein, M.; Haberl, E-Johannes.; Graul-Neumann, L.; Menneking, H.; Hoffmeister, B., 2012:
Antley-Bixler-syndrome--staged management of craniofacial malformations from birth to adolescence--a case report

Dodd, B., 1948:

Gao, S.; Zhang, R.; Yu, Z.; Xi, Z., 2013:
Antofine analogues can inhibit tobacco mosaic virus assembly through small-molecule-RNA interactions

Chast, F.; Parmentier, A., 2013:
Antoine Augustin Parmentier (1737-1813), Science for public welfare

Ruf, H.; Clot-Bey, A.Barthélémy., 2011:
Antoine Barthélémy Clot-Bey, a physician from Marseille founder of Western medicine in Egypt

Nau, J-Yves.; Blondin, A., 2011:
Antoine Blondin and alcohol, twenty years later

Warolin, C.; Brulon, A., 2009:
Antoine Brulon, a wealthy privileged apothecary in Paris in the seventeenth century, and Anne de Furnes, his wife. Their illustrious tenant in the Place du Palais Royal - Molière

Buiuc, D.; Pânzaru, C.; Antoine, B��champ.; Cornil, V., 2009:
Antoine Béchamp and Victor Cornil Memento for Romanian pharmacy, chemistry and medicine

Androutsos, G., 2007:
Antoine Béclère (1856-1939): founder of radiotherapy

Dutour, O.; Deidier, A., 2011:
Antoine Deidier, his experimental approach to the contagious nature of plague in Marseille in 1720

Van Hee, R.; Depage, A.; Queen Elisabeth, o.Belgium., 2012:
Antoine Depage's relationship with Queen Elisabeth of Belgium

Richet, G.; Bisaccia, C.; De Santo, N.G.; Pasquarella, M.; Mezzogiorno, A., 2014:
Antoine Ferrein (1693-1769) and his "tuyaux blancs"

Sekiya, M.; Yamasaki, M.; Becquerel, A.Henri., 2016:
Antoine Henri Becquerel (1852-1908): a scientist who endeavored to discover natural radioactivity

Hartley, H.; Lavoisier, A.Laurent., 2011:
Antoine Laurent Lavoisier, 26 August 1743-8 May 1794

Walusinski, O.; Bogousslavsky, J.; Ritti, A., 2012:
Antoine Ritti (1844-1920), forgotten alienist and innovative theorist on the pathophysiology of hallucinations

Block, B.P.; Parmentier, A-Augustin., 2008:
Antoine-Augustin Parmentier: pharmacist extraordinaire

Glinkowski, W.; Ciszek, B., 2007:
Antomy of the Proximal Femur -geometry and architecture. Morphologic investigation and literature review

Meserve, H.C., 1993:
Anton Boisen and the cure of souls

Bregman, L., 1979:
Anton Boisen revisited

Steere, D.A., 1969:
Anton Boisen: Figure of the future?

Kramp, J.M.; Boisen, A., 2012:
Anton Boisen: a portrait

Geisler, S.; Chekhov, A., 2011:
Anton Chekhov

Cohen, B.; Chekhov, A., 2007:
Anton Chekhov (1860-1904)--a 19th century physician

Morgenstern, L.; Chekhov, A., 2012:
Anton Chekhov in medical school--and after

Galton, D.J.; Chekhov, A., 2009:
Anton Chekhov's MD thesis

Boveri, T., 1912:
Anton Dohbn

Paton, S., 1909:
Anton Dohrn, Founder and Director of the Naples Aquarium

Dörnyei, Sándor.; Masch, A., 2007:
Anton Masch and the Polyglotton Medicum

Kesselring, Jürg.; Cechov, A.Pavlovic., 2014:
Anton Pavlovič Čechov's journey to the penitentiary island of Sakhalin in 1890: an early and personal interpretation and practical application of Red Cross ideas

Pijpers, A., 2009:
Anton Pijpers: "we offer a great education". Interview by Miel Bingen

Hatzinger, M.; von Frisch, A.Ritter., 2011:
Anton Ritter von Frisch (1849-1917): life and work of the first President of the German Society of Urology

Wunderlich, V., 2015:
Anton Sticker (1861-1944) and the Sticker's sarcoma of dogs. A current model for infectious cancer cells

Woolf, A., 2012:
Anton Woolf, Argen Corporation

Ojeda, C.; Alcocer, F.; Varon, J.; Sternbach, G.L.; De Haen, A., 2007:
Anton de Haen: the idea of artificial respiration

Kartsounis, L.D.; James-Galton, M.; Plant, G.T., 2009:
Anton syndrome, with vivid visual hallucinations, associated with radiation induced leucoencephalopathy

Karamanou, M.; Poulakou-Rebelakou, E.; Tzetis, M.; Androutsos, G.; van Leeuwenhoek, A., 2011:
Anton van Leeuwenhoek (1632-1723): father of micromorphology and discoverer of spermatozoa

Kondziella, D.; Frahm-Falkenberg, S., 2011:
Anton's syndrome and eugenics

Maddula, M.; Lutton, S.; Keegan, B., 2009:
Anton's syndrome due to cerebrovascular disease: a case report

Abutalebi, J.; Arcari, C.; Rocca, M.A.; Rossi, P.; Comola, M.; Comi, G.C.; Rovaris, M.; Filippi, M., 2007:
Anton's syndrome following callosal disconnection

McClellan, R.O.; Brooks, A.L., 2013:
Antone (Tony) L. Brooks: a life in science during the first three-quarters of a century of the atomic age

Awad, A.J.; Jane, J.A.; Tarazi, A., 2015:
Antone Tarazi: the first Palestinian neurosurgeon and the first neurosurgeon in Jordan: a neurosurgeon of two countries

Maciejewska, I.; Chomik, E.; Cieszy��ski, A., 2012:
Antoni Cieszyński: a pioneering dentist

Gibiński, K., 1989:
Antoni Leśniowski and his contribution to regional enteritis (Crohn's disease)

Staszek, D.; Jeśman, Cław., 2014:
Antoni Rosner, the first associate professor of dermatology and venereology in Poland

Jandziś, Sławomir.; Gabryszewski, A.Marian., 2016:
Antoni marian gabryszewski as a pioneer of orthopaedics and rehabilitation in poland

Pavlas, M.; Klobouk, A., 2008:
Antonin Klobouk, Biography

Dutkevich, I.G.; Selivanov, E.A.; Filatov, A.Nikolaevich., 2012:
Antonin Nikolaevich Filatov--an outstanding national surgeon and transfusiologist (commemorating the 110th anniversary of his birthday)

Léonard, J-C.; Morin, C.; Marfan, A-Bernard.Jean., 2008:
Antonin-Bernard Jean Marfan and Gabrielle

Farnetani, I.; Farnetani, F.; Longo, A.; Concetti, L.; Spolverini, L.; Valagussa, F., 2007:
Antonino Longo: the school of Concetti and the birth of paediatrics in Catania

Giuffra, V.; Minozzi, S.; Marinozzi, S.; Fornaciari, G., 2010:
Antonio Ascenzi (1915-2000), a pathologist devoted to anthropology and paleopathology

Neves Manta; Austregesilo, A., 2011:
Antonio Austregésilo on the greatness and dignity of spirit

Nikus, K.; Bay��s de Luna, A., 2015:
Antonio Bayés de Luna - the man behind the BaMa ECG Symposia

Cubelli, R.; Zago, S.; Berti, A.; Brugnoli, G., 2007:
Antonio Berti, Giovanni Brugnoli and the first studies on aphasia in Italy

Cardoso Fontes, M.; Fontes, A.Cardoso., 2011:
Antonio Cardoso Fontes and his past triumphs

Tansella, C., 2016:
Antonio Dalla Valle's soft code

Puente, A.E., 2012:
Antonio E. Puente: Award for Distinguished Professional Contributions to Independent Practice

Whalen, J.P.; Govoni, A.F., 2013:
Antonio F. Govoni, M.D

Tassoni, G.; Zampi, M.; Froldi, R.; Ciucci, A.Filippo., 2009:
Antonio Filippo Ciucci: aspects of forensic toxicology

Arráez-Aybar, L-Alfonso.; Bueno-López, Jé-Luis.; Gimbernat y Arbos, A., 2015:
Antonio Gimbernat y Arbós: an anatomist-surgeon of the Enlightenment (in the 220th anniversary of his "A new method of operating the crural hernia")

Pain, E.; Giordano, A., 2007:
Antonio Giordano profile. 'Dr. Hustle' sells his dream for Italian medical research

Giraldez, A., 2009:
Antonio Giraldez: at the tip of the microRNA iceberg

Gruber, F.; Skrobonja, A.; Grossich, A., 2010:
Antonio Grossich- on the centenary of his introduction of iodine tincture painting in the preoperative infection control

Torres, A., 2009:
Antonio Guzmán Blanco: modernization and agriculture, 1870-77

van Gijn, J.; Gijselhart, J.P.; Valsalva, A.M., 2011:
Antonio Maria Valsalva (1666-1723) and his manoeuvre

Mendez, M.A.; Nuñez de Miranda, A.; Sister Juana, 2008:
Antonio Nunez de Miranda, Sor Juana's confessor, and women

Grzybowski, A.; Sak, Jław.; Scarpa, A., 2013:
Antonio Scarpa (1752-1832)

Grzybowski, A.; Scarpa, A., 2014:
Antonio Scarpa (1752-1832): father of Italian ophthalmology

Wells, W.A.; Valsalva, A., 1948:
Antonio Valsalva, pioneer in applied anatomy

Matheson, N.M., 1949:
Antonio de Gimbernat, 1734-1816

Sonig, A.; Thakur, J.; Grass, M.; Khan, I.Saeed.; Gandhi, V.; Nanda, A.; Hirsch, A.Balthazar.Raymundus., 2013:
Antonius Balthazar Raymundus Hirsch and the peregrination of "gasserian ganglion"

Sardu, C.; Mereu, A.; Sotgiu, A.; Andrissi, L.; Jacobson, M.Katarina.; Contu, P., 2012:
Antonovsky's Sense of Coherence Scale: Cultural Validation of Soc Questionnaire and Socio-Demographic Patterns in an Italian Population

Zirke, N.; Schmid, G.; Mazurek, B.; Klapp, B.F.; Rauchfuss, M., 2007:
Antonovsky's Sense of Coherence in psychosomatic patients - a contribution to construct validation

Krovvidi, H.; Bhattacharjee, A., 2008:
Antons syndrome in a patient with type-2 heparin-induced thrombocytopaenia (HIT)

A G N, 1932:
Antony van Leeuwenhoek

Battin, J., 2010:
Antony's fire (gangrenous ergotism) and medieval iconography

van de Weijer, J.; Paradis, C.; Willners, C.; Lindgren, M., 2014:
Antonym canonicity: temporal and contextual manipulations

Cardin, A.L.; Marshall, J.; Bhatt, S.; Erturk, E.; Wu, G.; Dogra, V.S., 2008:
Antopol-Goldman lesion of the kidney diagnosed by radiology: a case report of observation

Sánchez Zalabardo, D.; De Pablo Cárdenas, A.; Fuertes Zárate, A.; Miranda Orella, L.; Cuesta Alcalá, J.Angel.; Millán Serrano, Jé.Antonio., 2012:
Antopol-Goldman lesion: a rare clinical entity in the differential diagnosis of macroscopic hematuria

Długosz, A.; Lembas-Bogaczyk, J.; Lamer-Zarawska, E., 2007:
Antoxid increases ferric reducing antioxidant power (FRAP) even stronger than vitamin C

Urling, W.P., 1909 :
Antral Empyema

Anonymous, 1939:
Antral Infection of Dental Origin: (Sections of Laryngology and Odontology)

Sinha, S.Kant.; Rana, S.Vati.; Bhasin, D.Kumar.; Joshi, K., 2005:
Antral and duodenal disaccharidases in patients of duodenal ulcer and non-ulcer dyspepsia

Villarreal-Calderon, R.; Luévano-González, A.; Aragón-Flores, M.; Zhu, H.; Yuan, Y.; Xiang, Q.; Yan, B.; Stoll, K.Anne.; Cross, J.V.; Iczkowski, K.A.; Mackinnon, A.Craig., 2015:
Antral atrophy, intestinal metaplasia, and preneoplastic markers in Mexican children with Helicobacter pylori-positive and Helicobacter pylori-negative gastritis

Rao, G.S.; Reddy, S.K., 2014:
Antral balloon sinus elevation and grafting prior to dental implant placement: review of 34 cases

Carmeli, G.; Artzi, Z.; Kozlovsky, A.; Segev, Y.; Landsberg, R., 2011:
Antral computerized tomography pre-operative evaluation: relationship between mucosal thickening and maxillary sinus function

Vrontikis, A.; Chang, P.L.; Kovacs, P.; Lindheim, S.R., 2011:
Antral follice counts (AFC) predict ovarian response and pregnancy outcomes in oocyte donation cycles

Melo, M.Antonio.Barreto.; Garrido, Nás.; Alvarez, C.; Bellver, Jé.; Meseguer, M.; Pellicer, A.; Remohí, Jé., 2008:
Antral follicle count (AFC) can be used in the prediction of ovarian response but cannot predict the oocyte/embryo quality or the in vitro fertilization outcome in an egg donation program

Grande, M.; Borobio, V.; Jimenez, J.Miguel.; Bennasar, M.; Stergiotou, I.; Peñarrubia, J.; Borrell, A., 2015:
Antral follicle count as a marker of ovarian biological age to reflect the background risk of fetal aneuploidy

Checa, M.A.; Prat, M.; Carreras, Rón., 2010:
Antral follicle count as a predictor of hyperresponse in controlled ovarian hyperstimulation/intrauterine insemination in unexplained sterility

Khairy, M.; Clough, A.; El-Toukhy, T.; Coomarasamy, A.; Khalaf, Y., 2008:
Antral follicle count at down-regulation and prediction of poor ovarian response

Mutlu, M.Firat.; Erdem, M.; Erdem, A.; Yildiz, S.; Mutlu, I.; Arisoy, O.; Oktem, M., 2013:
Antral follicle count determines poor ovarian response better than anti-Müllerian hormone but age is the only predictor for live birth in in vitro fertilization cycles

Hsu, A.; Arny, M.; Knee, A.B.; Bell, C.; Cook, E.; Novak, A.L.; Grow, D.R., 2011:
Antral follicle count in clinical practice: analyzing clinical relevance

Styer, A.K.; Toth, T.L., 2011:
Antral follicle count in clinical practice: building the bridge from ovarian reserve to in vitro fertilization outcome

Agarwal, A.; Verma, A.; Agarwal, S.; Shukla, R.Chandra.; Jain, M.; Srivastava, A., 2014:
Antral follicle count in normal (fertility-proven) and infertile Indian women

Maseelall, P.B.; Hernandez-Rey, A.E.; Oh, C.; Maagdenberg, T.; McCulloh, D.H.; McGovern, P.G., 2009:
Antral follicle count is a significant predictor of livebirth in in vitro fertilization cycles

Lima, M.Lúcia.S.; Nastri, C.O.; Coelho Neto, M.A.; Ferriani, R.A.; Navarro, P.A.; Martins, W.P., 2015:
Antral follicle count might be underestimated in the presence of an ovarian endometrioma

Wellons, M.F.; Bates, G.Wright.; Schreiner, P.J.; Siscovick, D.S.; Sternfeld, B.; Lewis, C.E., 2014:
Antral follicle count predicts natural menopause in a population-based sample: the Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults Women's Study

Su, H.Irene.; Chung, K.; Sammel, M.D.; Gracia, C.R.; DeMichele, A., 2011:
Antral follicle count provides additive information to hormone measures for determining ovarian function in breast cancer survivors

Rosen, M.P.; Sternfeld, B.; Schuh-Huerta, S.M.; Reijo Pera, R.A.; McCulloch, C.E.; Cedars, M.I., 2010:
Antral follicle count: absence of significant midlife decline

Silva-Santos, K.C.; Santos, G.M.G.; Koetz Júnior, C.; Morotti, F.; Siloto, L.S.; Marcantonio, T.N.; Urbano, M.R.; Oliveira, R.L.; Lima, D.C.M.; Seneda, M.M., 2014:
Antral follicle populations and embryo production--in vitro and in vivo--of Bos indicus-taurus donors from weaning to yearling ages

Padhy, N.; Latha, M.; Sathya, B.; Varma, T.R., 2009:
Antral follicle size in the downregulated cycle and its relation to in vitro fertilization outcome

Thor, P.J.; Furgala, A.; Pach, Rław.; Hubalewska-Dydejczyk, A.; Mazur, M.; Matyja, A.; Kulig, J.; Huszno, B., 2007:
Antral gastric motility impairement and autonomic nervous system dysfunction in patients with pancreatic cancer (preliminary results)

Rennie, J.W.R., 2014:
Antral gastritis and spasm; their clinical and surgical significance

Aydin, I.; Ozer, E.; Rakici, H.; Sehitoglu, I.; Yucel, A.Fikret.; Pergel, A.; Sahin, D.Ali., 2014:
Antral hyperplastic polyp: A rare cause of gastric outlet obstruction

Ubeda-Iglesias, A.; Irles-Rocamora, J.A.; Povis-López, C.D., 2012:
Antral impaction and cardiorespiratory arrest. Complications of the intragastric balloon

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