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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 51608

Chapter 51608 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Zhou, X.; Rui, Y.; Xu, Y.; Shou, K.; Yao, Q.; Chu, G., 2012:
Application of V-Y advancement flap pedicled with dorsal cutaneous branch of digital artery for skin defect at the same dorsal finger

Zhou, X.; Xu, Y-jun.; Rui, Y-jun.; Shou, K-shui.; Yao, Q., 2013:
Application of V-Y flap pedicled with superior malleolus cutaneous branch for small skin defect at the dorsal side of foot

Izu, N.; Hagen, G.; Schönauer, D.; Röder-Roith, U.; Moos, R., 2012:
Application of V2O5/WO3/TiO2 for resistive-type SO2 sensors

Chen, Y.; Yu, Q.; Yang, W-dong.; Xiao, C-xia.; Yang, E-juan.; Guo, H-ai.; Ouyang, H., 2014:
Application of VEEG+SEMG in diagnosing different motor seizure types

Dube, S.Kumar.; Rath, G.Prasad., 2014:
Application of Valsalva manoeuvre to facilitate resection of intradiploic arachnoid cyst

Hagler, M.O., 1983:
Application of VanderLugt's operational notation to finite aperture lens systems

Lambregts, M.J.; Frank, S., 2008:
Application of Vegard's law to mixed cation sodalites: a simple method for determining the stoichiometry

Kaur, R.; Saini, K.; Sood, N.C., 2013:
Application of Video Spectral Comparator (absorption spectra) for establishing the chronological order of intersecting printed strokes and writing pen strokes

Xie, L-Juan.; Ying, Y-Bin.; Ying, T-Jin.; Tian, H-Qing.; Niu, X-Ying.; Fu, X-Ping., 2008:
Application of Vis/NIR diffuse reflectance spectroscopy to the detection and identification of transgenic tomato leaf

Shi, J-Hui.; Chen, Z-Li.; Shao, Y-Ni.; He, Y.; Feng, P.; Zhu, J-Jin., 2014:
Application of Vis/NIR diffuse reflectance spectroscopy to the rapid detection and identification of tomato fruit via space mutation breeding

Gajewska, E.; Samborski, Włodzimierz., 2007:
Application of Vojta's method for early detection of developmental disturbances in very low birthweight infants with regard to Apgar score and asymmetric body positions

Pang, Y-Xia.; Zhang, J.; Yang, C-Long.; Cang, Y.; Wang, X-Ling., 2012:
Application of WAIS-RC short forms and adult intelligence disability scale in mental impairment assessment

Furihata, K.; Shimotakahara, S.; Shibusawa, Y.; Tashiro, M., 2010:
Application of WET sequence for the detection of the ligand signals resonating close to water

Kostrominova, T.Y., 2011:
Application of WGA lectin staining for visualization of the connective tissue in skeletal muscle, bone, and ligament/tendon studies

Li, X-hong.; Sun, L.; Yuan, J., 2011:
Application of WHO classification and NCCN guidelines in diagnosis of lymphoma

Susilarini, N.Ketut.; Sitorus, M.; Praptaningsih, C.Yekti.; Sampurno, O.Dwi.; Bratasena, A.; Mulyadi, E.; Rusli, R.; Fandil, A.; Mangiri, A.; Apsari, H.; Hariyanto, E.; Samaan, G., 2015:
Application of WHO's guideline for the selection of sentinel sites for hospital-based influenza surveillance in Indonesia

Sharma, A.; Grover, P.S., 2007:
Application of WHONET for the surveillance of antimicrobial resistance

Ghosh, A.N.; Bhatta, D.R.; Ansari, M.T.; Tiwari, H.K.; Mathuria, J.P.; Gaur, A.; Supram, H.S.; Gokhale, S., 2013:
Application of WHONET in the Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance of Uropathogens: A First User Experience from Nepal

Gholami, A.; Jahromi, L.Moosavi.; Zarei, E.; Dehghan, A., 2013:
Application of WHOQOL-BREF in Measuring Quality of Life in Health-Care Staff

Lindstrom, A.B.; Strynar, M.J.; Delinsky, A.D.; Nakayama, S.F.; McMillan, L.; Libelo, E.Laurence.; Neill, M.; Thomas, L., 2012:
Application of WWTP biosolids and resulting perfluorinated compound contamination of surface and well water in Decatur, Alabama, USA

Huang, J.; Dai, L.; Lei, S.; Liao, D-ying.; Wang, X-qing.; Luo, T-you.; Chen, Y.; Hang, Z-biao.; Li, G-di.; Dong, D-dan.; Xu, G.; Gu, Z-ce.; Hao, J-ling.; Hua, P.; He, L.; Duan, F-lei., 2011:
Application of Warthin-Starry stain, immunohistochemistry and transmission electron microscopy in diagnosis of cat scratch disease

Alcaraz, Rúl.; Rieta, Jé.J., 2013:
Application of Wavelet Entropy to predict atrial fibrillation progression from the surface ECG

Cardelli, M.; Nicoli, M.; Bazzani, A.; Franceschi, C., 2011:
Application of Wavelet Packet Transform to detect genetic polymorphisms by the analysis of inter-Alu PCR patterns

Zhu, H.P.; Xia, X.; Yu, C.H.; Adnan, A.; Liu, S.F.; Du, Y.K., 2011:
Application of Weibull model for survival of patients with gastric cancer

Hirota, J.; Shimizu, S.; Shibahara, T., 2014:
Application of West Nile virus diagnostic techniques

Stańczak-Mrozek, K.I.; Kolanowska, M.; Grieb, Pł., 2009:
Application of Western blotting for the detection of uncoupling protein-2 (UCP-2) in mitochondria from smokers and non-smokers

Yi, X.; McPherson, B., 2011:
Application of X STOP device in the treatment of lumbar spinal stenosis

Owen, K.; Fuller, M.; Hossack, J., 2013:
Application of X-Y separable 2-D array beamforming for increased frame rate and energy efficiency in handheld devices

Oki, M.; Morimoto, S.; Muramatsu, M.; Yoshiki, M.; Takenaka, M., 2014:
Application of X-ray absorption fine structure method for the quantitative analysis of hexavalent chromium in chromate conversion coating and plastic

Cechák, Tás.; Trojek, Tás.; Musílek, L.; Paulusová, H., 2010:
Application of X-ray fluorescence in investigations of Bohemian historical manuscripts

Kastengren, A.; Powell, C.F.; Dufresne, E.M.; Walko, D.A., 2011:
Application of X-ray fluorescence to turbulent mixing

Nagashima, M.; Tanaka, J.; Kiyohara, J.; Makifuchi, C.; Kido, K.; Momose, A., 2015:
Application of X-ray grating interferometry for the imaging of joint structures

Li, J.; Xue, Y.; Han, B.; Li, Q.; Liu, L.; Xiao, T.; Li, W., 2008:
Application of X-ray phase contrast imaging technique in detection of pulmonary lesions induced by multi-walled carbon nanotubes in rats

Zangmeister, R.A., 2012:
Application of X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic analysis to protein adsorption on materials relevant to biomanufacturing

Yuan, H-xin.; Ouyang, J-ming., 2007:
Application of X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy to the study of complexes and its progress

Schummer, C.; Tuduri, L.; Briand, O.; Appenzeller, B.M.; Millet, M., 2012:
Application of XAD-2 resin-based passive samplers and SPME-GC-MS/MS analysis for the monitoring of spatial and temporal variations of atmospheric pesticides in Luxembourg

Barthel, P.; Thuens, S.; Shunthirasingham, C.; Westgate, J.N.; Wania, F.; Radke, M., 2012:
Application of XAD-resin based passive air samplers to assess local (roadside) and regional patterns of persistent organic pollutants

Ito, A.; Inoue, T.; Takehara, K.; Shimizu, N.; Kitajima, Y.; Shinohara, K., 2011:
Application of XANES profiles to X-ray spectromicroscopy for biomedical specimens: Part I. Discrimination of macromolecules with sulfur atoms

Inoue, T.; Takehara, K.; Shimizu, N.; Kitajima, Y.; Shinohara, K.; Ito, A., 2011:
Application of XANES profiles to X-ray spectromicroscopy for biomedical specimens: part II. Mapping oxidation state of cysteine in human hair

Misra, S.; Peak, D.; Niyogi, S., 2011:
Application of XANES spectroscopy in understanding the metabolism of selenium in isolated rainbow trout hepatocytes: insights into selenium toxicity

Jiang, K.; Nash, C., 2007:
Application of XML database technology to biological pathway datasets

Graf, N.; Gross, T.; Wirth, T.; Weigel, W.; Unger, W.E.S., 2009:
Application of XPS and ToF-SIMS for surface chemical analysis of DNA microarrays and their substrates

Cerrato, Jé.M.; Knocke, W.R.; Hochella, M.F.; Dietrich, A.M.; Jones, A.; Cromer, T.F., 2012:
Application of XPS and solution chemistry analyses to investigate soluble manganese removal by MnO(x)(s)-coated media

Nuevo, M.J.; Martín Sánchez, A., 2010:
Application of XRF spectrometry to the study of pigments in glazed ceramic pots

Wang, Z-Zhou.; Jing, X-Li.; Guo, X-Hua.; Zhu, Y-Ying., 2015:
Application of XRF to the analysis of Scutellaria baicalensis with space mutagenesis

Qian, J.; Wang, L.; Zhang, G-Lin.; Ma, Z-Yan.; Luo, J-Xia.; Yan, J.; Zhu, X-Ren., 2010:
Application of Xiaozhiling injection and absolute alcohol in ultrasonic therapy for the popliteal cysts

Mei, L.; Yang, X-Ying.; Wang, R-Lan.; Zhang, J.; Ge, D., 2009:
Application of Xstrain in the evaluation of heart function in children with tonsil adenoidal hypertrophy

Wang, J.; Wu, J.; Lin, J.; Huang, M.; Huang, Y.; Lan, Z.; Xiao, Y.; Yue, G.; Yin, S.; Sato, T., 2012:
Application of Y(2)O(3):Er(3+) nanorods in dye-sensitized solar cells

Abreu-Głowacka, M.; Koralewska-Kordel, Młgorzata.; Michalak, E.; Zaba, Cław.; Przybylski, Z., 2012:
Application of Y-SNPs in forensic genetics

Assavalapsakul, W.; Chinnirunvong, W.; Panyim, S., 2009:
Application of YHV-protease dsRNA for protection and therapeutic treatment against yellow head virus infection in Litopenaeus vannamei

Yamaguchi, M., 2008:
Application of Yamaguchi's technique for the Rescorla-Wagner model

Esmat, M.; Abdelaal, A.; Mostafa, D., 2013:
Application of Yang-Monti principle in ileal ureter substitution: is it a beneficial modification?

Kordsardouei, H.; Barzegar, M.; Sahari, M.Ali., 2014:
Application of Zataria multiflora Boiss. and Cinnamon zeylanicum essential oils as two natural preservatives in cake

Noro, K.; Naruse, T.; Lueder, R.; Nao-I, N.; Kozawa, M., 2012:
Application of Zen sitting principles to microscopic surgery seating

Kaye, E.A.; Hertzberg, Y.; Marx, M.; Werner, B.; Navon, G.; Levoy, M.; Pauly, K.Butts., 2012:
Application of Zernike polynomials towards accelerated adaptive focusing of transcranial high intensity focused ultrasound

Haase, H.; Hebel, S.; Engelhardt, G.; Rink, L., 2013:
Application of Zinpyr-1 for the investigation of zinc signals in Escherichia coli

Liu, F.; Deng, W.; Zhang, Y.; Ge, S.; Yu, J.; Song, X., 2014:
Application of ZnO quantum dots dotted carbon nanotube for sensitive electrochemiluminescence immunoassay based on simply electrochemical reduced Pt/Au alloy and a disposable device

Park, N.K.; Lee, S.Y.; Lee, T.J., 2011:
Application of ZnO single-crystal wire grown by the thermal evaporation method as a chemical gas sensor for hydrogen sulfide

Liu, F.; Zhang, Y.; Yu, J.; Wang, S.; Ge, S.; Song, X., 2014:
Application of ZnO/graphene and S6 aptamers for sensitive photoelectrochemical detection of SK-BR-3 breast cancer cells based on a disposable indium tin oxide device

Bouvet, V.R.; Wuest, F., 2014:
Application of [18F]FDG in radiolabeling reactions using microfluidic technology

Justik, M.W.; Koser, G.F., 2007:
Application of [hydroxy(tosyloxy)iodo]benzene in the Wittig-ring expansion sequence for the synthesis of beta-benzocyclo-alkenones from alpha-benzocycloalkenones

Toyohara, J.; Kobayashi, T.; Mita, S.; Ishiwata, K., 2013:
Application of [¹¹C]SA4503 to selection of novel σ₁ selective agonists

Giraud, N.; Joos, M.; Courtieu, J.; Merlet, D., 2009:
Application of a (1)H delta-resolved 2D NMR experiment to the visualization of enantiomers in chiral environment, using sample spatial encoding and selective echoes

Kang, J.; Choi, M-Young.; Kang, S.; Kwon, H.Nam.; Wen, H.; Lee, C.Hoon.; Park, M.; Wiklund, S.; Kim, H.Jin.; Kwon, S.Won.; Park, S., 2008:
Application of a 1H nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) metabolomics approach combined with orthogonal projections to latent structure-discriminant analysis as an efficient tool for discriminating between Korean and Chinese herbal medicines

de Graaff, M.; Klok, J.B.M.; Bijmans, M.F.M.; Muyzer, G.; Janssen, A.J.H., 2012:
Application of a 2-step process for the biological treatment of sulfidic spent caustics

Hosoda, S.; Matsuda, D.; Tomoda, H.; Hashimoto, M.; Aoyama, H.; Hashimoto, Y., 2009:
Application of a 3,3-diphenylpentane skeleton as a multi-template for creation of HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors

Apisarnthanarak, A.; Mundy, L.M., 2011:
Application of a 3-item adherence metric to monitor antiretroviral medication adherence in a resource-limited setting

Chao, M.H.; Huang, H.J., 1997:
Application of a 32-microband electrode array detection system for liquid chromatography analysis

Castilho, M.; Dias, M.; Vorndran, E.; Gbureck, U.; Fernandes, P.; Pires, Iês.; Gouveia, B.; Armés, H.; Pires, E.; Rodrigues, J., 2015:
Application of a 3D printed customized implant for canine cruciate ligament treatment by tibial tuberosity advancement

Gong, X.; Kirk, M.Collins.; Napoli, J.; Stutsman, S.; Zusag, T.; Khelashvili, G.; Chu, J., 2009:
Application of a 3D volumetric display for radiation therapy treatment planning I: quality assurance procedures

Meketa, M.L.; Weinreb, S.M.; Nakao, Y.; Fusetani, N., 2007 :
Application of a 6pi-1-azatriene electrocyclization strategy to the total synthesis of the marine sponge metabolite ageladine A and biological evaluation of synthetic analogues

Andrulis, M.; Penzel, R.; Weichert, W.; von Deimling, A.; Capper, D., 2013:
Application of a BRAF V600E mutation-specific antibody for the diagnosis of hairy cell leukemia

Rubtsov, D.V.; Waterman, C.; Currie, R.A.; Waterfield, C.; Salazar, Jé.Domingo.; Wright, J.; Griffin, J.L., 2010:
Application of a Bayesian deconvolution approach for high-resolution (1)H NMR spectra to assessing the metabolic effects of acute phenobarbital exposure in liver tissue

Johnson, J.L.; Chambers, E.; Jayasundera, K., 2013:
Application of a Bioinformatics-Based Approach to Identify Novel Putative in vivo BACE1 Substrates

Králík, M.; Krása, J.; Velyhan, A.; Scholz, M.; Ivanova-Stanik, I.M.; Bienkowska, B.; Miklaszewski, R.; Schmidt, H.; Řezáč, K.; Klír, D.; Kravárik, J.; Kubeš, P., 2010:
Application of a Bonner sphere spectrometer for determination of the energy spectra of neutrons generated by ≈1 MJ plasma focus

Mirzajani, N.; Ciolini, R.; Di Fulvio, A.; Esposito, J.; d'Errico, F., 2015:
Application of a Bonner sphere spectrometer for the determination of the angular neutron energy spectrum of an accelerator-based BNCT facility

Berkowitz, L.A.; Hamamichi, S.; Knight, A.L.; Harrington, A.J.; Caldwell, G.A.; Caldwell, K.A., 2008:
Application of a C. elegans dopamine neuron degeneration assay for the validation of potential Parkinson's disease genes

Albright, A.; Gawley, R.E., 2012:
Application of a C2-symmetric copper carbenoid in the enantioselective hydrosilylation of dialkyl and aryl-alkyl ketones

Janin, Aélie.; Coudert, L.; Riche, P.; Mercier, G.; Cooper, P.; Blais, J-François., 2011:
Application of a CCA-treated wood waste decontamination process to other copper-based preservative-treated wood after disposal

Takao, M.; Nishii, T.; Sakai, T.; Sugano, N., 2012:
Application of a CT-3D fluoroscopy matching navigation system to the pelvic and femoral regions

Alelyunas, Y.W.; Liu, R.; Pelosi-Kilby, L.; Shen, C., 2009:
Application of a Dried-DMSO rapid throughput 24-h equilibrium solubility in advancing discovery candidates

Yi, W.; Liang, W.; Li, P.; Li, S.; Zhang, Z.; Yang, M.; Chen, A.; Zhang, B.; Hu, C., 2011:
Application of a Fab fragment of monoclonal antibody specific to N-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide for the detection based on regeneration-free electrochemical immunosensor

Döbele, H.F.; Massig, J.H., 1976:
Application of a Fabry-Perot spectrometer to the measurement of spectral line shifts much smaller than line width

Haitao, L.; Dajun, Y.; Kaifa, W.; Xiuwu, B.; Jiansen, S.; Zongchen, Y., 2005:
Application of a Four-dimensional Mathematical Model in the Establishment of an Early Post-burn Cerebral Oedema Model in Severely Burned Dogs

Biswas, S.; Duffy, S.J.; Lefkovits, J.; Andrianopoulos, N.; Brennan, A.; Walton, A.; Chan, W.; Noaman, S.; Shaw, J.A.; Dawson, L.; Ajani, A.; Clark, D.J.; Freeman, M.; Hiew, C.; Oqueli, E.; Reid, C.M.; Stub, D., 2017:
Australian Trends in Procedural Characteristics and Outcomes in Patients Undergoing Percutaneous Coronary Intervention for ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction

Hofmann, W.; Winkler-HeiI, R.; Truta, L.A.; Tschiersch, J., 2015:
Application of a Monte Carlo lung dosimetry code to the inhalation of thoron progeny

Francescon, P.; Cora, S.; Cavedon, C.; Scalchi, P., 2009:
Application of a Monte Carlo-based method for total scatter factors of small beams to new solid state micro-detectors

Gassner, C.; Rainer, E.; Pircher, E.; Markut, L.; Körmöczi, Günther.F.; Jungbauer, C.; Wessin, D.; Klinghofer, R.; Schennach, H.; Schwind, P.; Schönitzer, D., 2009:
Application of a Multivariant, Caucasian-Specific, Genotyped Donor Panel for Performance Validation of MDmulticard®, ID-System®, and Scangel® RhD/ABO Serotyping

Lobb, C.J.; Paladini, C.A., 2011:
Application of a NMDA receptor conductance in rat midbrain dopaminergic neurons using the dynamic clamp technique

Zou, G.; Du, X.; Duan, T.; Liu, T., 2014:
Application of a NotI subtraction and methylation‑specific genome subtractive hybridization technique in the detection of genomic DNA methylation differences between hydatidiform moles and villi

Knoll, S.; Niessen, L.; Vogel, R., 2000:
Application of a PCR protocol for the diagnosis of trichothecene producingFusarium species in deoxynivalenol contaminated wheat

Judith, R.; Nithya, M.; Rose, C.; Mandal, A.B., 2010:
Application of a PDGF-containing novel gel for cutaneous wound healing

Li, L.; Kantor, A.; Warne, N., 2014:
Application of a PEG precipitation method for solubility screening: a tool for developing high protein concentration formulations

Platis, D.; Labrou, N.E., 2009:
Application of a PEG/salt aqueous two-phase partition system for the recovery of monoclonal antibodies from unclarified transgenic tobacco extract

Hicks, C.W.; Choti, M.A., 2014:
Application of a Penrose drain guide for vascular stapling during hepatic surgery: how I do it

Kotze, A.C.; Dobson, R.J.; Humphries, D.; Wilson, M.; Cappello, M., 2014:
Application of a Poisson distribution quality control measure to the analysis of two human hookworm drug treatment studies in Ghana

Tan, S.H.; Banwell, M.G.; Willis, A.C.; Reekie, T.A., 2013:
Application of a Raney-cobalt-mediated tandem reductive cyclization protocol to total syntheses of the Aspidosperma alkaloids (±)-limaspermidine and (±)-1-acetylaspidoalbidine

Liu, J.; Choe, J.Kwon.; Sasnow, Z.; Werth, C.J.; Strathmann, T.J., 2013:
Application of a Re-Pd bimetallic catalyst for treatment of perchlorate in waste ion-exchange regenerant brine

Cernanská, D.; Paoletti, B.; Králová-Hromadová, I.; Iorio, R.; Cudeková, Pícia.; Milillo, P.; Traversa, D., 2008:
Application of a Reverse Line Blot hybridisation assay for the species-specific identification of cyathostomins (Nematoda, Strongylida) from benzimidazole-treated horses in the Slovak Republic

Capoferri, L.; Mor, M.; Sirirak, J.; Chudyk, E.; Mulholland, A.J.; Lodola, A., 2012:
Application of a SCC-DFTB QM/MM approach to the investigation of the catalytic mechanism of fatty acid amide hydrolase

Iseki, H.; Takagi, M.; Kuroda, Y.; Katsuda, K.; Mikami, O.; Tsunemitsu, H.; Yamakawa, M., 2015:
Application of a SYBR®Green one step real-time RT-PCR assay to detect type 1 porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus

Schwabova, J.; Maly, T.; Laczo, J.; Zumrova, A.; Komarek, V.; Musova, Z.; Zahalka, F., 2014:
Application of a Scale for the Assessment and Rating of Ataxia (SARA) in Friedreich's ataxia patients according to posturography is limited

Shen, W.; Chang, M.W.; Wan, D.S., 1996:
Application of a Shack cube as a beam splitter in interferometers with a local reference beam

Parasannanavar, D.J.; Rajadhyaksha, A.; Ghosh, K., 2014:
Application of a Simple In-House PCR-SSP Technique for HLA-B* 27 Typing in Spondyloarthritis Patients

Ilango, K.; Shiji Kumar, P.S., 2013 :
Application of a Stability-Indicating HPTLC Method for Simultaneous Quantitative Determination of Olmesartan Medoxomil and Hydrochlorothiazide in Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms

Ihler, F.; Pelz, S.; Coors, M.; Matthias, C.; Canis, M., 2015:
Application of a TNF-alpha-inhibitor into the scala tympany after cochlear electrode insertion trauma in guinea pigs: preliminary audiologic results

Mackenbach, E.M.; Harwood, A.D.; Mills, M.A.; Landrum, P.F.; Lydy, M.J., 2014:
Application of a Tenax model to assess bioavailability of polychlorinated biphenyls in field sediments

Haider, M.A.; Guilak, F., 2007:
Application of a Three-Dimensional Poroelastic BEM to Modeling the Biphasic Mechanics of Cell-Matrix Interactions in Articular Cartilage (REVISION)

Remane, D.; Montenarh, D.; Meyer, M.R.; Maurer, H.H., 2015:
Application of a UHPLC MS/MS-based multianalyte approach for screening and validated quantification of drugs in human blood plasma often requested in the context of brain death diagnosis

Lewinska, A.; Grzelak, A.; Bartosz, G., 2008:
Application of a YHB1-GFP reporter to detect nitrosative stress in yeast

Plath, I.; Meier, W.; Stricker, W., 1992:
Application of a backside-illuminated charge-coupled-device camera for single-pulse coherent anti-Stokes Raman spectroscopy N(2) thermometry

Yamaguchi, S.; Niwa, R.; Kazuki, Y.; Ohbayashi, T., 2011:
Application of a bacterial artificial chromosome modification system for a human artificial chromosome vector

Garmendia, L.; Soto, M.; Ortiz-Zarragoitia, M.; Orbea, A.; Cajaraville, M.P.; Marigómez, I., 2011:
Application of a battery of biomarkers in mussel digestive gland to assess long-term effects of the Prestige oil spill in Galicia and Bay of Biscay: correlation and multivariate analysis

Garmendia, L.; Soto, M.; Vicario, U.; Kim, Y.; Cajaraville, M.P.; Marigómez, I., 2011:
Application of a battery of biomarkers in mussel digestive gland to assess long-term effects of the Prestige oil spill in Galicia and Bay of Biscay: tissue-level biomarkers and histopathology

Garmendia, L.; Izagirre, U.; Cajaraville, M.P.; Marigómez, I., 2011:
Application of a battery of biomarkers in mussel digestive gland to assess long-term effects of the Prestige oil spill in Galicia and the Bay of Biscay: lysosomal responses

Pfadler, S.; Beyrau, F.; Löffler, M.; Leipertz, A., 2006:
Application of a beam homogenizer to planar laser diagnostics

Pond, G.J.; North, S.H., 2014:
Application of a benthic observed/expected-type model for assessing Central Appalachian streams influenced by regional stressors in West Virginia and Kentucky

Bustamante Valles, K.D.; Long, J.T.; Riedel, S.A.; Graf, A.; Krzak, J.; Hassani, S.; Smith, P.A.; Harris, G.F., 2009:
Application of a bi-planar postural stability model in children with cerebral palsy

Zhao, Z-he.; Li, Y., 2015:
Application of a bidimensional approach in orthodontic treatment with the preadjusted appliance

Yang, L.; Leung, W.Woon-Fong., 2012:
Application of a bilayer TiO2 nanofiber photoanode for optimization of dye-sensitized solar cells

Cordingley, J., 1993:
Application of a binary diffractive optic for beam shaping in semiconductor processing by lasers

Anezaki, K.; Yamaguchi, K.; Takeuchi, S.; Iida, M.; Jin, K.; Kojima, H., 2009:
Application of a bioassay using DR-EcoScreen cells to the determination of dioxins in ambient air: a comparative study with HRGC-HRMS analysis

Gomez, E.Vilar.; Bertot, L.Calzadilla.; Oramas, B.Gra.; Soler, E.Arus.; Navarro, R.Llanio.; Elias, J.Diaz.; Jiménez, O.Villa.; Abreu Vazquez, M.del.Rosario., 2009:
Application of a biochemical and clinical model to predict individual survival in patients with end-stage liver disease

Feng, Y.; Emerson, L.; Jeong, E-Kee.; Parker, D.L.; Lu, Z-Rong., 2009:
Application of a biodegradable macromolecular contrast agent in dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI for assessing the efficacy of indocyanine green-enhanced photothermal cancer therapy

Nhi Cong, L.Thi.; Ngoc Mai, C.Thi.; Thanh, V.Thi.; Nga, L.Phi.; Minh, N.Ngoc., 2014:
Application of a biofilm formed by a mixture of yeasts isolated in Vietnam to degrade aromatic hydrocarbon polluted wastewater collected from petroleum storage

Parolini, M.; Pedriali, A.; Binelli, A., 2013:
Application of a biomarker response index for ranking the toxicity of five pharmaceutical and personal care products (PPCPs) to the bivalve Dreissena polymorpha

Shi, Y.; Gao, P.; Gong, Y.; Ping, H., 2013:
Application of a biphasic test for characterization of in vitro drug release of immediate release formulations of celecoxib and its relevance to in vivo absorption

Kratky, S.; Müller, E., 2014:
Application of a body-weight-supporting kite for sprint running

Shin, S.Kyun.; Ha, S.Kyu.; Lee, K.Wook.; Yoo, T-Hyun.; Yun, S-Ro.; Yoon, S-Hee.; Kim, S-Jo.; Lee, S-Kyeong.; Heo, T-Hwe., 2010:
Application of a bridging ELISA for detection of anti-erythropoietin binding antibodies and a cell-based bioassay for neutralizing antibodies in human sera

Yi, H.; Liu, K.; Chen, W.; Tan, T.; Wang, L.; Gao, X., 2011:
Application of a broadband blue laser diode to trace NO2 detection using off-beam quartz-enhanced photoacoustic spectroscopy

Francis, M.J.; Pashley, R.M., 2009:
Application of a bubble column for evaporative cooling and a simple procedure for determining the latent heat of vaporization of aqueous salt solutions

Yang, D-Gan.; Guo, X-Chao.; Xu, G-Yun.; Chen, Y., 2008:
Application of a calling and queuing system in blood sampling in the clinical laboratory

Koczka, P.I.; Gaspar, A., 2015:
Application of a capillary-assembled microfluidic system for separation of cephalosporins

Silvestre, F-Javier.; Silvestre-Rangil, J.; Tamarit-Santafé, C.; Bautista, D., 2012:
Application of a capsaicin rinse in the treatment of burning mouth syndrome

Houston, S.; Mitchell, S.; Evans, S., 2010:
Application of a cardiovascular disease risk prediction model among commercial pilots

Rohrer, J.E.; Angstman, K.B.; Pecina, J.L., 2013:
Application of a case-control design to the analysis of drop-outs from integrated behavioural health care

Gerard, B.; O'Shea, M.Welzel.; Donckele, E.; Kesavan, S.; Akella, L.B.; Xu, H.; Jacobsen, E.N.; Marcaurelle, L.A., 2014:
Application of a catalytic asymmetric Povarov reaction using chiral ureas to the synthesis of a tetrahydroquinoline library

Krawczyk, M.; Namiesnik, J., 2008:
Application of a catalytic combustion sensor (Pellistor) for the monitoring of the explosiveness of a hydrogen-air mixture in the upper explosive limit range

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Anonymous, 2018:
Australian Troops' Bravery

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Application of a deuterium replacement strategy to modulate the pharmacokinetics of 7-(3,5-dimethyl-1H-1,2,4-triazol-1-yl)-3-(4-methoxy-2-methylphenyl)-2,6-dimethylpyrazolo[5,1-b]oxazole, a novel CRF1 antagonist

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Application of a diode-laser absorption technique with the d(2) transition of atomic rb for hypersonic flow-field measurements

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Application of a dry-gas meter for measuring air sample volumes in an ambient air monitoring network

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Application of a duplex-PCR for detection of cows' milk in goats' milk

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Application of a europium complex, Eu(AA)3phen (AA=acrylic acid, phen=1,10-phenanthroline) as a spectroscopic probe and cleaving reagent of DNA

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Application of a fasciocutaneous free flap for treatment of a severe soft tissue injury of the foot and ankle: a case report

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Application of a firearm seizure law aimed at dangerous persons: outcomes from the first two years

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Application of a first impression triage in the Japan railway west disaster

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Application of a fluorescence-based continuous-flow bioassay to screen for diversity of cytochrome P450 BM3 mutant libraries

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Application of a fluorescent C-linked phenolic purine adduct for selective N7-metalation of DNA

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Application of a fluorescent derivatization reagent 9-chloromethyl anthracene on determination of carboxylic acids by HPLC

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Application of a fluorescent dual stain to assess decontamination of tissue protein and prion amyloid from surgical stainless steel during simulated washer-disinfector cycles

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Application of a fluorescent dye method based on changes in membrane potential in detecting shellfish toxins

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Application of a fluoroscopy protocol in percutaneous nephrolithotomy to decrease radiation exposure: A feasible option

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Application of a force sensor to improve the reliability of measurement with Articulated Arm Coordinate Measuring Machines

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Application of a forward-angle-scattering transmissometer for simultaneous measurements of particle size and number density in an optically dense medium

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Application of a four-fluid nozzle spray drier to prepare inhalable rifampicin-containing mannitol microparticles

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Application of a full-genome microarray-based assay for the study of genetic variability of West Nile virus

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Application of a fully integrated photodegradation-detection flow-batch analysis system with an on-line preconcentration step for the determination of metsulfuron methyl in water samples

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Application of a functional marker for the effect of cryoprotectant agents on gorgonian coral (Junceella juncea and J. fragilis) sperm sacs

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Application of a functional mathematical index for antibacterial and anticarcinogenic effects of tea catechins

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Application of a fusiogenic peptide GALA for intracellular delivery

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Application of a fuzzy logic control system for continuous anaerobic digestion of low buffered, acidic energy crops as mono-substrate

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Application of a generalized scan statistic model to evaluate TOF PET images

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Application of a generic bow-tie based risk analysis framework on risk management of sea ports and offshore terminals

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Application of a genetic algorithm Elman network in temperature drift modeling for a fiber-optic gyroscope

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Application of a glass rod detector for the output factor measurement in the CyberKnife

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Application of a global reference for fetal-weight and birthweight percentiles in predicting infant mortality

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Application of a glue substance in operations on the colon

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Application of a glycaemic control optimization programme in patients with stress hyperglycaemia

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Application of a hazard and operability study method to hazard evaluation of a chemical unit of the power station

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Application of a hemostatic glue for the prevention of intra- and postoperative complications of septoplasty

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Application of a hepasol neo preparation in the treatment of obturation jaundice patients

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Application of a heterogeneous immunoassay for the quality control testing of release-active forms of diclofenac

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Application of a hierarchical model incorporating intrafamily correlation and cluster effects

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Application of a high resolution benchtop quadrupole-Orbitrap mass spectrometry for the rapid screening, confirmation and quantification of illegal adulterated phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors in herbal medicines and dietary supplements

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Application of a high surface area solid-phase microextraction air sampling device: collection and analysis of chemical warfare agent surrogate and degradation compounds

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Application of a high throughput Alamar blue biofilm susceptibility assay to Staphylococcus aureus biofilms

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Application of a high throughput bioluminescence-based method and mathematical model for the quantitative comparison of polymer microbicide efficiency

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Application of a high throughput method of biomarker discovery to improvement of the EarlyCDT(®)-Lung Test

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Application of a high-efficiency cabin air filter for simultaneous mitigation of ultrafine particle and carbon dioxide exposures inside passenger vehicles

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Application of a high-speed breeding technology to apple (Malus × domestica) based on transgenic early flowering plants and marker-assisted selection

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Application of a homemade stent graft to the pulmonary arteries in a patient with total cavopulmonary connection

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Application of a hospital audit to the use of nebulizers: the Case of the Hôtel-Dieu de France-Lebanon

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Application of a hybrid 3D-2D laser scanning system to the characterization of slate slabs

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Application of a hybrid ion trap/time-of-flight mass spectrometer in metabolite characterization studies: structural identification of the metabolism profile of antofloxacin in rats rapidly using MSn information and accurate mass measurements

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Application of a hybrid model for predicting the incidence of tuberculosis in Hubei, China

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Application of a hybrid system comprising carbon-doped TiO2 film and a ceramic media-packed biofilter for enhanced removal of gaseous styrene

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Application of a hybrid wavelet feature selection method in the design of a self-paced brain interface system

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Application of a hydrogel spacer for postoperative salvage radiotherapy of prostate cancer

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Application of a joint multivariate longitudinal-survival analysis to examine the terminal decline hypothesis in the Swiss Interdisciplinary Longitudinal Study on the Oldest Old

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Application of a lateral flow test as an additional serological tool for diagnosis of Legionella infections

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Application of a level IV fugacity model to simulate the long-term fate of hexachlorocyclohexane isomers in the lower reach of Yellow River basin, China

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Application of a library of artificial receptors formed by the self-organization of N-lipidated peptides immobilized on cellulose in studying the effects of the incorporation of a fluorine atom

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Application of a linear regression model to assess the influence of urbanised areas and grazing pastures on the microbiological quality of rural streams

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Application of a liquid chromatographic procedure for the analysis of penicillin antibiotics in biological fluids and pharmaceutical formulations using sodium dodecyl sulphate/propanol mobile phases and direct injection

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Application of a liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry method for the simultaneous detection of seven allergenic foods in flour and bread and comparison of the method with commercially available ELISA test kits

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Application of a liquid chromatography-electrospray mass spectrometry (LC/MS) method to the biodistribution and excretion studies of novel 5'-chloro-2, 3-didehydroindolo (2', 3': 2, 3) betulinic acid (DRF-4012) in tumour-bearing mice

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Application of a liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry method for the pharmacokinetic study of dihydroartemisinin injectable powder in healthy Chinese subjects

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Application of a liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry method to pharmacokinetic study of mangiferin in rats

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Application of a liquid crystal spatial light modulator to laser marking

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Application of a liquid-crystal spatial light modulator for brightness adaptation in microscopic topometry

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Application of a logic model to an evidence-based practice training program for speech-language pathologists and audiologists

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Application of a loop-mediated isothermal amplification method for the detection of pathogenic Leptospira

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Application of a low impedance contactless conductometric detector for the determination of inorganic cations in capillary monolithic column chromatography

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Application of a magnetic fluid seal to rotary blood pumps

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Application of a magnetic molecularly imprinted polymer for the selective extraction and trace detection of lamotrigine in urine and plasma samples

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Application of a matched filter approach for finite aperture transducers for the synthetic aperture imaging of defects

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Application of a medium-energy collimator for I-131 imaging after ablation treatment of differentiated thyroid cancer

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Application of a membrane bioreactor for winery wastewater treatment

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Application of a metabolizing system as an adjunct to the rat whole embryo culture

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Application of a metal ion-imprinted polymer based on salen-Cu complex to flow injection preconcentration and FAAS determination of copper

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Application of a metathesis reaction in the synthesis of sterically congested medium-sized rings. A direct ring closing versus a double bond migration-ring closing process

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Application of a method incorporating treatment with daunomycin for the selective isolation of slower-growing fungi

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Application of a methodology for categorizing and differentiating urban soundscapes using acoustical descriptors and semantic-differential attributes

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Application of a micro-Brillouin scattering technique to characterize bone in the GHz range

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Application of a microbial sensor to the quality control of meat freshness

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Application of a microcoil probe head in NMR analysis of chemicals related to the chemical weapons convention

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Application of a microcomputer system in an infra-red laboratory

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Application of a microcomputer to optical spectroscopy

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Application of a microfluidic chip-based 3D co-culture to test drug sensitivity for individualized treatment of lung cancer

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Application of a microfluidic sperm sorter to the in-vitro fertilization of porcine oocytes reduced the incidence of polyspermic penetration

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Application of a micromembrane chromatography module to the examination of protein adsorption equilibrium

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Application of a microplate-based ORAC-pyrogallol red assay for the estimation ofantioxidant capacity: First Action 2012.03

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Application of a microstructural constitutive model of the pulmonary artery to patient-specific studies: validation and effect of orthotropy

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Application of a microsystem-based project to improve the inpatient care of adults with cystic fibrosis

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Application of a mid-infrared fiber bundle in remote measurement of gas concentrations in a chemical vapor deposition chamber

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Application of a mild hydrothermal approach containing an in situ reduction step to the growth of single crystals of the quaternary U(IV)-containing fluorides Na4MU6F30 (M = Mn2+, Co2+, Ni2+, Cu2+, and Zn2+) crystal growth, structures, and magnetic properties

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Application of a mild traumatic brain injury rehabilitation program in a virtual realty environment: a case study

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Application of a model for gene local shuffling in ubiA mutation

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Application of a model for the development of a mental health service delivery collaboration between police and the health service

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Application of a model of continued attention in inflammatory bowel disease: the Crohn-colitis care unit

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Application of a model of social information processing to nursing theory: how nurses respond to patients

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Application of a modified EDTA-mediated exudation technique and guttation fluid analysis for Potato spindle tuber viroid RNA detection in tomato plants (Solanum lycopersicum)

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Application of a modified McKeown procedure (thoracoscopic esophageal mobilization three-incision esophagectomy) in esophageal cancer surgery: initial experience with 30 cases

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Application of a modified Neff classification to patients with uncomplicated diverticulitis

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Application of a modified enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for 3-amino-2-oxazolidinone residue in aquatic animals

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Application of a modified gaseous exposure system to the in vitro toxicological assessment of tobacco smoke toxicants

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Application of a modified hematological index of the intoxication severity in prognostication of peritonitis outcome

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Application of a modified linear solvation energy relationship (LSER) model to retention on a butylimidazolium-based column for high performance liquid chromatography

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Application of a modified loop-mediated isothermal amplification kit for detecting Norovirus genogroups I and II

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Application of a modified method for 3-mercaptohexan-1-ol determination to investigate the relationship between free thiol and related conjugates in grape juice and wine

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Application of a modified microbiologic criterion for identifying pediatric ventilator-associated pneumonia

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Application of a modified precipitation method for the measurement of small dense LDL-cholesterol (sd-LDL-C) in a population in southern Brazil

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Application of a modified sequential organ failure assessment score to critically ill patients

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Application of a modified stage classification in evaluating wisdom tooth eruption in a German population

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Application of a modified surgical safety checklist: user beware!

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Application of a modified two-point backward difference to sequential event detection in surface electromyography

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Application of a molecular biology concept for the detection of DNA damage and repair during UV disinfection

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Application of a motivation-behavioral skills protocol in gingival lichen planus: a short-term study

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Application of a mouse ligated Peyer’s patch intestinal loop assay to evaluate bacterial uptake by M cells

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Application of a multi-objective optimization method to provide least cost alternatives for NPS pollution control

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Application of a nanoporous gold electrode for the sensitive detection of copper via mercury-free anodic stripping voltammetry

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Application of a nanostructured supramolecular solvent for the microextraction of diphenylamine and its mono-nitrated derivatives from unburned single-base propellants

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Application of a national administrative case definition for the identification of pre-existing diabetes mellitus in pregnancy

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Application of a navigation system for contouring anatomical plasty of the distal end of the humerus

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Application of a needs-driven, competencies-based mental health training program to a post-disaster situation: the Grenada experience

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Application of a new adaptable thyroid model for ultrasound and hands-on skill assessment

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Application of a new anti-zearalenone monoclonal antibody in different immunoassay formats

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Application of a new bivalent Marek's disease vaccine does not interfere with infectious bronchitis or Newcastle disease vaccinations and proves efficacious

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Application of a new catheter to be determining cardiac output through cor sinistrum with thermodilution

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Application of a new chair-side method for the harvest of mesenchymal stem cells in a patient with nonunion of a fracture of the atrophic mandible--a case report

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Application of a new chiral phosphepine to the catalytic asymmetric synthesis of highly functionalized cyclopentenes that bear an array of heteroatom-substituted quaternary stereocenters

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Application of a new dosimetry formalism to volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT)

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Application of a new dosimetry program TAOCS to assess transient vapour absorption in the upper airways

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Application of a new dual localization-affinity purification tag reveals novel aspects of protein kinase biology in Aspergillus nidulans

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Application of a new fenestrated clip (Yaşargil T-bar clip) for the treatment of fusiform M1 aneurysm: case illustration and technical report

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Application of a new iridium complex as a chemiluminescence reagent for the determination of tryptophan

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Application of a new laser Doppler imaging system in planning and monitoring of surgical flaps

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Application of a new liquid-based procedure (TACAS) for the screening of cervical cancer: a preliminary study

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Application of a new material (β-TCP/collagen composites) in extraction socket preservation: an experimental study in dogs

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Application of a new method in the study of pelvic floor muscle passive properties in continent women

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Application of a new method of revealing foramen ovale under X-ray in radiofrequency ablation in the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia

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Application of a new microcantilever biosensor resonating at the air-liquid interface for direct insulin detection and continuous monitoring of enzymatic reactions

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Application of a new operation mode of cholangioenterostomy

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Application of a new optimization strategy for the separation of tertiary alkaloids extracted from Strychnos usambarensis leaves

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Application of a new palpometer for intraoral mechanical pain sensitivity assessment

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Application of a new parameter in the 6-minute walk test for manifold analysis of exercise capacity in patients with COPD

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Application of a new potentiometric method for determination of phosphate based on a surfactant-modified zeolite carbon-paste electrode (SMZ-CPE)

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Application of a new spirometric reference equation and its impact on the staging of Korean chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients

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Application of a new statistical mechanical model for calculating Kirkwood factors in self associating liquid systems to alkanol + CCl4 mixtures

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Application of a new technique, spiral tissue microarrays constructed using needle biopsy specimens, to prostate cancer research

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Application of a new three-dimensional method for the measurement of coronary stent angulation and comparison with conventional methods

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Application of a new type of sutureless magnetic biliary-enteric anastomosis stent for one-stage reconstruction of the biliary-enteric continuity after acute bile duct injury: an experimental study

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Application of a new versatile electron transfer system for cytochrome P450-based Escherichia coli whole-cell bioconversions

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Application of a newly designed right-sided, double-lumen endobronchial tube in patients with a very short right mainstem bronchus

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Application of a newly developed and validated high-performance thin-layer chromatographic method to control honey adulteration

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Application of a newly developed high-sensitivity HBsAg chemiluminescent enzyme immunoassay for hepatitis B patients with HBsAg seroclearance

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Application of a newly developed portable NIR imaging device to monitor the dissolution process of tablets

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Application of a newly identified and characterized 18-o-acyltransferase in chemoenzymatic synthesis of selected natural and nonnatural bioactive derivatives of phoslactomycins

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Application of a nifH microarray to assess the impact of environmental factors on free-living diazotrophs in a glacier forefield

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Application of a nomogram for exercise capacity in women with systemic lupus erythematosus

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Application of a non-amplification-based technology to detect invasive fungal pathogens

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Application of a non-linear autoassociator to breast cancer diagnosis

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Application of a non-species dependent ELISA for the detection of antibodies in sera of Burkholderia pseudomallei-immunized goats

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Application of a nonradioactive method of measuring protein synthesis in industrially relevant Chinese hamster ovary cells

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Application of a nonradioactive pulsed electron source for ion mobility spectrometry

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Application of a novel 3-fluid nozzle spray drying process for the microencapsulation of therapeutic agents using incompatible drug-polymer solutions

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Application of a novel SSFBG-based single-input multiple-output encoder/decoder to optical packet switching

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Application of a novel [3+2] cycloaddition reaction to prepare substituted imidazoles and their use in the design of potent DFG-out allosteric B-Raf inhibitors

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Application of a novel affinity adsorbent for the capture and purification of recombinant factor VIII compounds

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Application of a novel alkali-tolerant thermostable DyP-type peroxidase from Saccharomonospora viridis DSM 43017 in biobleaching of eucalyptus kraft pulp

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Application of a novel and automated branched DNA in situ hybridization method for the rapid and sensitive localization of mRNA molecules in plant tissues

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Application of a novel and low cost technique to construct paraffin tissue microarrays out of paraffinised needle biopsy specimens from patients with breast cancer

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Application of a novel automatic disintegration apparatus for the development and evaluation of a direct compression rapidly disintegrating tablet

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Application of a novel automatic duration method measurement based on the wavelet transform on pathological motor unit action potentials

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Application of a novel backwashing process in upflow biological aerated filter

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Application of a novel bacterial consortium for mineralization of sulphonated aromatic amines

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Application of a novel biopolymer for removal of Salmonella from poultry wastewater

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Application of a novel bone osteotomy plate leads to reduction in heat-induced bone tissue necrosis in sheep

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Application of a novel boronated porphyrin (H₂OCP) as a dual sensitizer for both PDT and BNCT

Yang, C.; Zhang, Z.; Shi, Z.; Xue, P.; Chang, P.; Yan, R., 2011:
Application of a novel co-enzyme reactor in chemiluminescence flow-through biosensor for determination of lactose

Uchida, H.; Yoshinaga, T.; Mori, H.; Otsuka, M., 2011:
Application of a novel combination of near-infrared spectroscopy and a humidity-controlled 96-well plate to the characterization of the polymorphism of imidafenacin

Ren, J.; Sowers, J.R., 2014:
Application of a novel curcumin analog in the management of diabetic cardiomyopathy

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Application of a novel decontamination process using gaseous ozone

Walker, P.S., 2015:
Application of a novel design method for knee replacements to achieve normal mechanics

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Application of a novel design paradigm to generate general nonpeptide combinatorial templates mimicking beta-turns: synthesis of ligands for melanocortin receptors

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Application of a novel dose-uncertainty model for dose-uncertainty analysis in prostate intensity-modulated radiotherapy

Yun, Y-Myeong.; Kim, D-Hoon.; Oh, Y-Kwan.; Shin, H-Sik.; Jung, K-Won., 2015:
Application of a novel enzymatic pretreatment using crude hydrolytic extracellular enzyme solution to microalgal biomass for dark fermentative hydrogen production

Short, M.D.; Abell, G.C.J.; Bodrossy, L.; van den Akker, B., 2014:
Application of a novel functional gene microarray to probe the functional ecology of ammonia oxidation in nitrifying activated sludge

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Application of a novel highly sensitive activity-based probe for detection of cathepsin G

Joce, C.; Stahl, J.A.; Shridhar, M.; Hutchinson, M.R.; Watkins, L.R.; Fedichev, P.O.; Yin, H., 2010:
Application of a novel in silico high-throughput screen to identify selective inhibitors for protein-protein interactions

Terry, C.; Rasoulpour, R.J.; Saghir, S.; Marty, S.; Gollapudi, B.Bhaskar.; Billington, R., 2014:
Application of a novel integrated toxicity testing strategy incorporating "3R" principles of animal research to evaluate the safety of a new agrochemical sulfoxaflor

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Application of a novel interferometric method to investigate the relation between lipid layer thickness and tear film thinning

Xiong, L-lin.; Huang, X-bo.; Ye, X-jun.; Ma, K.; Xu, Q-quan.; Li, J-xing.; Wang, X-feng., 2013:
Application of a novel intracorporeal combined pneumatic and ultrasonic lithotriptor (CQS-01) in percutaneous nephrolithotomy

Cai, M.; Lu, X.; Yang, D.; Cheng, H.; Shen, G., 2015:
Application of a novel intraorally customized transport distraction device in the reconstruction of segmental mandibular defect

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Application of a novel large-volume injection method using a stomach-shaped inlet liner in capillary gas chromatographic trace analysis of dioxins in human milk and plasma

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Application of a novel linear/exponential hybrid force field scaling scheme to the longitudinal Raman active mode of polyyne

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Application of a novel lipophilized fluorescent dye in an optical nitrate sensor

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Application of a novel measure of EEG non-stationarity as 'Shannon- entropy of the peak frequency shifting' for detecting residual abnormalities in concussed individuals

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Application of a novel nonperiodic grating in scanning probe microscopy drift measurement

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Application of a novel open-source program for measuring the effects of toxicants on the swimming behavior of large groups of unmarked fish

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Application of a novel resorbable membrane in the treatment of calvarial defects in rats

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Application of a real-space three-dimensional image reconstruction method in the structural analysis of noncrystalline biological macromolecules enveloped by water in coherent x-ray diffraction microscopy

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Application of a screening method in assessing occupational safety and health of computer workstations

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Application of a self-enhancing classification method to electromyography pattern recognition for multifunctional prosthesis control

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Application of a self-made swivel intravenous transfusion device in constructing allogenic small bowel transplantation rejection model in rats

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Application of a semi-homodesmotic approach in estimating ring strain energies (RSEs) of highly substituted cyclobutanes: RSEs for c-C4R8 that make sense

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Application of a sensor system for determining the kind and quantity of two component VOC mixtures in air after the use of solvents

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Application of a sequential multicomponent assembly process/huisgen cycloaddition strategy to the preparation of libraries of 1,2,3-triazole-fused 1,4-benzodiazepines

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Application of a seven-day buprenorphine transdermal patch in multimorbid patients on long-term ibuprofen or diclofenac

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Application of a sewage-based approach to assess the use of ten illicit drugs in four Chinese megacities

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Application of a simple differential interferometer to high current arc discharges

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Australian veterinarians - global challenges

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Application of a simultaneous TGA-DSC thermal analysis system for high-throughput screening of catalytic activity

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Application of a single vascularised skin flap in eastern imperial eagle with skin defects

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Application of a slurry feeder to 1 and 3 stage continuous simultaneous saccharification and fermentation of dilute acid pretreated corn stover

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Application of a stabilizer cocktail of N-ethylmaleimide and phenylmethanesulfonyl fluoride to concurrently stabilize the disulfide and ester containing compounds in a plasma LC-MS/MS assay

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Application of a stable isotope technique to determine the simultaneous uptake of cadmium, copper, nickel, lead, and zinc by the water flea Daphnia magna from water and the green algae Pseudokirchneriella subcapitata

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Application of a stage based motivational interviewing approach to adolescent smoking cessation: the Transtheoretical Model-based study

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Application of a standardized assessment methodology within the context of an evidence-based treatment for substance abuse and its associated problems

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Application of a statistical method to the absorption of a new model drug from micellar and lipid formulations--evaluation of qualitative excipient effects

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Application of a statistical software package for analysis of large patient dose data sets obtained from RIS

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Application of a statistical technique to investigate calcium, sodium, and magnesium ion effect in yeast fermentation

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Application of a statistically enhanced, novel, organic solvent stable lipase from Bacillus safensis DVL-43

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Application of a stimuli-responsive polymer to the development of novel MRI probes

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Application of a stochastic model to response assessments in a study of squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck

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Application of a stochastic modeling to assess the evolution of tuberculous and non-tuberculous mycobacterial infection in patients treated with tumor necrosis factor inhibitors

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Application of a stress and coping model to positive and negative adjustment outcomes in colorectal cancer caregiving

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Application of a subcutaneous negative pressure drain without subcutaneous suture: impact on wound healing in gynecologic surgery

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Application of a substrate cocktail approach in the assessment of cytochrome P450 induction using cultured human hepatocytes

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Application of a substrate inhibition model to estimate the effect of fructose concentration on the growth of diverse Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains

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Application of a subtractive genomics approach for in silico identification and characterization of novel drug targets in Mycobacterium tuberculosis F11

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Application of a sulphide-selective electrode in the absence of a pH-buffer

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Application of a superoxide (O(2)(-)) thermal source (SOTS-1) for the determination and calibration of O(2)(-) fluxes in seawater

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Application of a supramolecular-ligand library for the automated search for catalysts for the asymmetric hydrogenation of industrially relevant substrates

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Application of a surface-acoustic-wave device for measurement of liquid flow rate

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Application of a surgical navigation system in the rehabilitation of maxillary defects using zygoma implants: report of one case

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Application of a synthetic aperture optical system to infrared imaging

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Application of a tandem mass spectrometer and core-shell particle column for the determination of 151 pesticides in grains

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Application of a tandem metathesis to the synthesis of (+)-panepophenanthrin

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Application of a tape-like bandage for the ascending aorta in its poststenotic dilation and correction of the aortal valve stenosis

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Application of a target array comparative genomic hybridization to prenatal diagnosis

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Application of a target enrichment-based next-generation sequencing protocol for identification and sequence-based prediction of pneumococcal serotypes

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Application of a technique to establish criteria for uterine length measurement

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Application of a telomerase-based circulating tumor cell (CTC) assay in bladder cancer patients receiving postoperative radiation therapy: a case study

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Application of a temperature-dependent fluorescent dye (Rhodamine B) to the measurement of radiofrequency radiation-induced temperature changes in biological samples

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Application of a temporal reasoning framework tool in analysis of medical device adverse events

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Application of a temporary ureter clamp for retroperitoneal laparoscopic ureterolithotomy

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Application of a ternary HP-β-CD-complex approach to improve the dissolution performance of a poorly soluble weak acid under biorelevant conditions

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Application of a tertiary referral scoring system to predict nonreversal of Hartmann's procedure for diverticulitis in a community hospital

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Application of a theoretical framework for behavior change to hospital workers' real-time explanations for noncompliance with hand hygiene guidelines

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Application of a theoretical framework to foster a cardiac-diabetes self-management programme

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Application of a theoretical model to evaluate COPD disease management

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Application of a thermo-reversible gelation polymer, mebiol gel, for stem cell culture and regenerative medicine

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Application of a thiol-specific electrocatalytic electrode for real-time amperometric monitoring of enzymatic hydrolysis

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Application of a thiourea-containing task-specific ionic liquid for the solid-phase extraction cleanup of lead ions from red lipstick, pine leaves, and water samples

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Application of a three-dimensional (3D) particle tracking method to microfluidic particle focusing

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Application of a three-dimensional microsurgical video system for a rat femoral vessel anastomosis

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Application of a three-dimensional print of a liver in hepatectomy for small tumors invisible by intraoperative ultrasonography: preliminary experience

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Application of a three-dimensional water quality model as a decision support tool for the management of land-use changes in the catchment of an oligotrophic lake

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Application of a three-tier framework to assess ecological condition of Gulf of Mexico coastal wetlands

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Application of a tiered approach to the validation of accelerator MS assays

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Application of a time-convolutionless stochastic Schrödinger equation to energy transport and thermal relaxation

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Application of a time-resolved optical brain imager for monitoring cerebral oxygenation during carotid surgery

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Application of a time-varying covariate model to the analysis of CA 19-9 as serum biomarker in patients with advanced pancreatic cancer

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Application of a topical biomimetic electrical signaling technology to photo-aging: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of a galvanic zinc-copper complex

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Application of a toxicity test battery integrated index for a first screening of the ecotoxicological threat posed by ports and harbors in the southern Adriatic Sea (Italy)

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Application of a trace formula to the spectra of flat three-dimensional dielectric resonators

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Application of a trans-web approach to plating technique for an extra-articular fracture of the proximal phalanx

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Application of a translational profiling approach for the comparative analysis of CNS cell types

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Application of a transmission crystal x-ray spectrometer to moderate-intensity laser driven sources

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Application of a trauma intensivist model to a Level II community hospital trauma program improves intensive care unit throughput

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Application of a trazodone-selective electrode to pharmaceutical quality control and urine analyses

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Application of a trifunctional reactive linker for the construction of antibody-drug hybrid conjugates

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Application of a truly one-point calibration for pesticide residue control by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry

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Application of a tumor cell vaccine transfected with GM-CSF/IL-2 fusion gene for specific immunotherapy of hepatocellular carcinoma

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Application of a two-color dye laser in CARS experiments for fast determination of temperatures

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Application of a two-compartment model to the wall growth of Pelobacter acidigallici under continuous culture conditions

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Application of a two-component LDV to the measurement of flows induced by flames propagating over condensed fuels

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Application of a two-layer dynamic self-regulating alloplasty in treatment of patients for giant postoperative abdominal hernia

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Application of a two-phenotype color-shift model with heterogeneous growth to a rat hepatocarcinogenesis experiment

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Application of a two-question screening instrument to detect depressive symptoms in patients with vitiligo: a pilot study

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Application of a two-state kinetic model to the heterogeneous kinetics of reaction between cysteine and hydrogen peroxide in amorphous lyophiles

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Application of a ultra performance liquid chromatography method in the determination of DNA quality and stability

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Application of a unique test design to determine the chronic toxicity of boron to the aquatic worm Lumbriculus variegatus and fatmucket mussel Lampsilis siliquoidea

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Application of a user-friendly comprehensive circulatory model for estimation of hemodynamic and ventricular variables

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Application of a vacuum pressure impregnation technique for rehydrating decellularized tissues

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Application of a vagal nerve stimulator in an epilepsy patient with cardiac pacemaker after post-ictal cardiac arrest

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Application of a validated stability-indicating chromatographic method to evaluate the reproducibility between batches of small peptides in solution

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Application of a validated ultra performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry method for the quantification of darunavir in human plasma for a bioequivalence study in Indian subjects

Martin-Ortega, J.; Brouwer, R.; Aiking, H., 2011:
Application of a value-based equivalency method to assess environmental damage compensation under the European Environmental Liability Directive

Kaleem, M.; Guergachi, A.; Krishnan, S., 2014:
Application of a variation of empirical mode decomposition and Teager energy operator to EEG signals for mental task classification

O'Brien, P.J.; Joss, J.A.; Crofts, S.L., 2010:
Application of a ventilator care bundle and outcome

Manó, Sándor.; Pálinkás, J.; Szabó, János.; Nagy, J.T.; Bakó, K.; Csernátony, Zán., 2015:
Application of a vibrating device for the prevention of flexion contracture after total knee arthroplasty

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Application of a virtual reality prototype for pain relief of pediatric burn in Taiwan

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Application of a visible simulation surgery technique in preoperation planning for intrahepatic calculi

Bagnasco, L.; Cosulich, M.Elisabetta.; Speranza, G.; Medini, L.; Oliveri, P.; Lanteri, S., 2015:
Application of a voltammetric electronic tongue and near infrared spectroscopy for a rapid umami taste assessment

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Application of a walking suitability assessment to the immediate built environment surrounding elementary schools

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Application of a water-soluble pyridyl disulfide amine linker for use in Cu-free click bioconjugation

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Application of a wavelet-Galerkin method to the forward problem resolution in fluorescence diffuse optical tomography

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Application of a web-based cognitive-behavioural therapy programme for the treatment of selective mutism in Singapore: a case series study

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Application of a weight of evidence approach to assessing discordant sensitisation datasets: implications for REACH

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Application of a weights-of-evidence method and GIS to regional groundwater productivity potential mapping

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Application of a west Eurasian-specific filter for quasi-median network analysis: Sharpening the blade for mtDNA error detection

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Application of a wet oxidation method for the quantification of ³H and ¹⁴C in low-level radwastes

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Application of a whole-body pharmacokinetic model for targeted radionuclide therapy to NM404 and FLT

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Application of a wire-grid-mirror liquid-crystal light valve in a nonlinear joint transform correlator

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Application of a wire-guided side-viewing duodenoscope in total esophagectomy with colonic interposition

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Application of a wireless resonance frequency transducer to assess primary stability of orthodontic mini-implants: an in vitro study in pig ilia

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Application of a wool column for flow injection online preconcentration of inorganic mercury(II) and methyl mercury species prior to atomic fluorescence measurement

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Application of a wrist dosimeter prototype for radiation monitoring ((153)Sm) during a therapeutic procedure simulation

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Application of a yeast estrogen reporter system for screening zearalenone degrading microbes

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Application of a zona pellucida binding assay (ZBA) in the domestic cat benefits from the use of in vitro matured oocytes

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Application of a "staggered walk" algorithm for generating large-scale morphological neuronal networks

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Application of abbreviated injury scale and injury severity score in fatal cases with abdominopelvic injuries

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Application of abdominal packing in non-trauma patients with severe abdominal hemorrhage

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Application of abdominoplasty and polypropylene to repair the abdominal defect

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Application of absorbable Neoveil patch in operation on refractory pneumothorax in silicosis patients

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Application of absorbable pins for reconstructing pelvic stability in Salter innominate

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Application of absorbable plate in oral maxillofacial fractures

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Application of absorbable screw in treatment of scaphoid fracture by retrograde internal fixation

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Application of absorption modeling to predict bioequivalence outcome of two batches of etoricoxib tablets

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Application of accelerated carbonation on MSW combustion APC residues for metal immobilization and CO2 sequestration

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Application of accelerated carbonation with a combination of Na2CO3 and CO2 in cement-based solidification/stabilization of heavy metal-bearing sediment

Zhang, Y.; Liu, C.; Yu, M.; Zhang, Z.; Qi, Y.; Wang, J.; Wu, G.; Li, S.; Yu, J.; Hu, Y., 2011:
Application of accelerated solvent extraction coupled with high-performance counter-current chromatography to extraction and online isolation of chemical constituents from Hypericum perforatum L

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Application of accelerated solvent extraction in the analysis of organic contaminants, bioactive and nutritional compounds in food and feed

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Application of accelerated solvent extraction technique for analysis of active components in traditional Chinese medicinal herbs

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Application of accelerated solvent extraction to the investigation of saikosaponins from the roots of Bupleurum falcatum

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Application of accelerators for the research and development of scintillators

Zhang, Z-Qi., 2012:
Application of accident tree analysis method in evaluation of occupational disease hazards in construction projects

Long, X.; Bai, M.; Zeng, A.; Zhao, R.; Wang, X-jun., 2015:
Application of acellular allograft dermal matrix in breast implants for secondary breast deformity post polyacrylamide hydrogel removal

You, Y-qin.; Fu, X-yu.; Huang, K.; Song, L., 2013:
Application of acellular allograft dermal tissue patch in the repair of transvaginal rectovaginal fistula

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Application of acellular dermal matrix for intestinal elongation in animal models

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Application of acellular dermal matrix in breast reconstruction

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Application of acellular dermal mesh in female pelvic reconstruction surgery

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Application of acellular dermal xenografts in full-thickness skin burns

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Application of acellular matrix in cartilage tissue engineering

Cao, L.; Bao, G.; Zhang, C.; Liu, X.; Niu, Y.; Xu, S.; Su, J., 2012:
Application of acetabular tridimensional memory alloy-fixation system in treatment of old acetabular posterior wall fracture with bone defect

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Application of acetabular tridimensional memory alloy-fixation system in treatment of posterior wall acetabular fracture with posterior dislocation of hip

Han, W.; Zhang, H., 2009:
Application of acetabulum reinforcement ring for reconstructing acetabular defects in artificial hip replacement

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Application of acetate buffer in pH adjustment of sorghum mash and its influence on fuel ethanol fermentation

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Application of acetate derivatives for gas chromatography-mass spectrometry: novel approaches on carbohydrates, lipids and amino acids analysis

Bagdzevičius, R.; Gelman, S.; Gukauskienė, L.; Vaičekauskas, V., 2012:
Application of acetylcholinesterase histochemistry for the diagnosis of Hirschsprung's disease in neonates and infants: a twenty-year experience

Lee, H.; Lee, S.; Bhattacharjee, H.; Sah, H., 2012:
Application of acid-catalyzed hydrolysis of dispersed organic solvent in developing new microencapsulation process technology

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Application of acidic thermal treatment for one- and two-stage anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge

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Application of acidic wastewater from monosodium glutamate process in pretreatment and cellulase production for bioconversion of corn stover - feasibility evaluation

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Application of acidolysis in obtaining alkid resins

Chernobel'skiĭ, S.I., 2010:
Application of acoustic analysis of the voice to diagnosis and treatment of functional dysphonia

Azarpeyvand, M.; Azarpeyvand, M., 2014:
Application of acoustic bessel beams for handling of hollow porous spheres

Sheivekhman, B.E., 2014:
Application of acoustic control in placing the normal register of voice and phonetic sounds in deaf-mute children, practically deprived of hearing

Blom, J.; Wastiels, J.; Aggelis, D.G., 2014:
Application of acoustic emission on the characterization of fracture in textile reinforced cement laminates

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Application of acoustic feedback to target detection in a waveguide: experimental demonstration at the ultrasonic scale

Shen, Y.; Zhao, L.; Ma, X.; Qian, W., 2011:
Application of acoustic rhinometry in assessment of preschool children nasal cavity volume

Reynolds, B.F.; Powers, S.P.; Bishop, M.Anne., 2010:
Application of acoustic telemetry to assess residency and movements of rockfish and lingcod at created and natural habitats in Prince William Sound

Shayeghi, M.; Dehghani, M.; Mahvi, A.; Azam, K., 2010:
Application of acoustical processor reactors for degradation of diazinon from surface water

Prejbeanu, R.; Vlad Daliborca, C.; Dumitrascu, V.; Vermesan, D.; Mioc, M.; Abbinante, A.; Cagiano, R., 2013:
Application of acrylic spacers for long bone defects after tumoral resections

Milenova, K.; Avramova, I.; Eliyas, A.; Blaskov, V.; Stambolova, I.; Kassabova, N., 2015:
Application of activated M/ZnO (M = Mn, Co, Ni, Cu, Ag) in photocatalytic degradation of diazo textile coloring dye

Wang, L., 2012:
Application of activated carbon derived from 'waste' bamboo culms for the adsorption of azo disperse dye: kinetic, equilibrium and thermodynamic studies

Li, L.; Liu, S.; Zhu, T., 2011:
Application of activated carbon derived from scrap tires for adsorption of Rhodamine B

Yu, M-Ryun.; Chang, Y-Young.; Yang, J-Kyu., 2013:
Application of activated carbon impregnated with metal oxides to the treatment of multi-contaminants

Ogata, F.; Tominaga, H.; Ueda, A.; Tanaka, Y.; Iwata, Y.; Kawasaki, N., 2013:
Application of activated carbons from coal and coconut shell for removing free residual chlorine

Wampfler, B.; Ramsauer, T.; Kehl, K.; Zinn, M.; Thöny-Meyer, L., 2011:
Application of activated charcoal in the downstream processing of bacterial olefinic poly(3-hydroxyalkanoates)

Zagórski, M.; Goch, A., 2012:
Application of activated eptacog alfa in cardiac surgery

Georgieva, R., 2008:
Application of activated recombinant factor VII (rFVIIa, NovoSeven) in neonatology

Kovács, Róbert.; Csikor, Z.; Házi, F.; Miháltz, Pál., 2007:
Application of activated sludge model no. 3 for the modeling of organic matter biodegradation at thermophilic temperatures

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Application of active breathing control in 3-dimensional conformal radiation therapy for hepatocellular carcinoma: the feasibility and benefit

Gómez-González, J.F.; Destexhe, A.; Bal, T., 2015:
Application of active electrode compensation to perform continuous voltage-clamp recordings with sharp microelectrodes

Ahmad, H.; Khalifeh, I.; Alkhalidi, B.; Aiedeh, K.; Alkhatib, H.S., 2014:
Application of active layering and coating techniques in the development of a multiparticulate, controlled release dosage form of a high-dose, highly soluble drug

Verhaegen, V.J.O.; Mulder, J.J.S.; Cremers, C.W.R.J.; Snik, A.F.M., 2012:
Application of active middle ear implants in patients with severe mixed hearing loss

Miyatake, A.; Nishio, T., 2014:
Application of activity pencil beam algorithm using measured distribution data of positron emitter nuclei for therapeutic SOBP proton beam

Paulick, M.G.; Bogyo, M., 2008:
Application of activity-based probes to the study of enzymes involved in cancer progression

Galmozzi, A.; Dominguez, E.; Cravatt, B.F.; Saez, E., 2014:
Application of activity-based protein profiling to study enzyme function in adipocytes

Heal, W.P.; Tate, E.W., 2012:
Application of activity-based protein profiling to the study of microbial pathogenesis

Song, S-Lin., 2013:
Application of acupoint anatomy localization method with colorful tube in education of acupoint anatomy

Ni, Y-Fei.; Lian, Q-Quan.; Jiang, P-Wei.; Xu, Y-Qiang., 2008:
Application of acupuncture analgesia in colonoscopy

Manaka, S., 2014:
Application of acupuncture as a headache management tool

Meng, P.; Wang, L-Ling.; Xu, B.; Sun, H-Xiang., 2008:
Application of acupuncture compound anesthesia in transvaginal ultrasound-guided oocyte retrieval

Xu, D.; Fang, J-Qiao., 2011:
Application of acupuncture-assisted anesthesia in prostate biopsy via the perineum

Kudaĭbergenova, S.F.; Zhaĭsakova, D.E., 2010:
Application of acureflexotherapy to the treatment of seasonal allergic rhinitis

Xiao, H.; Du, B.; Xu, H., 2007:
Application of acute extreme hypervolemic hemodilution in spine surgery

Shang, T.; Yavagal, D.R., 2012:
Application of acute stroke imaging: selecting patients for revascularization therapy

Hackney, M.E.; Hall, C.D.; Echt, K.V.; Wolf, S.L., 2013:
Application of adapted tango as therapeutic intervention for patients with chronic stroke

Ma, L.; Khorasani, K., 2008:
Application of adaptive constructive neural networks to image compression

Skrivanek, Z.; Berry, S.; Berry, D.; Chien, J.; Geiger, M.Jane.; Anderson, J.H.; Gaydos, B., 2013:
Application of adaptive design methodology in development of a long-acting glucagon-like peptide-1 analog (dulaglutide): statistical design and simulations

Huang, Y.; Dogariu, A., 2006:
Application of adaptive feedback loop for ultra-violet femtosecond pulse shaper control

Lian, Y.; Cao, W.; Zhu, S.; Lin, Y.; Liu, D.; Wang, X.; Qiu, J.; Zhou, Z., 2015:
Application of adaptive iterative dose reduction technique in CT enterography in diagnosing Crohn disease

Kotasidis, F.A.; Matthews, J.C.; Reader, A.J.; Angelis, G.I.; Zaidi, H., 2016:
Application of adaptive kinetic modelling for bias propagation reduction in direct 4D image reconstruction

Borgen, L.; Kalra, M.K.; Laerum, F.; Hachette, I.W.; Fredriksson, C.H.; Sandborg, M.; Smedby, O., 2012:
Application of adaptive non-linear 2D and 3D postprocessing filters for reduced dose abdominal CT

Sysoeva, M.V.; Sitnikova, E.; Sysoev, I.V.; Bezruchko, B.P.; van Luijtelaar, G., 2014:
Application of adaptive nonlinear Granger causality: disclosing network changes before and after absence seizure onset in a genetic rat model

Klose, K., 1978:
Application of additional mirrors for rectilinear laser scanning of wide formats

Ren, L.; Liu, Y.; Lin, J.; Ye, H.; Wang, P.; Liu, Y., 2013:
Application of adenosine stress echocardiography in the prognosis of acute myocardial infarction following percutaneous coronary interventional therapy

Guo, L.; Xiao, Y.; Wang, Y., 2015:
Application of adenosine triphosphate affinity probe and scheduled multiple-reaction monitoring analysis for profiling global kinome in human cells in response to arsenite treatment

Buchthal, F.; Engbaek, L., 2018:
Application of adenosine triphosphate and related compounds to the spinal cord of the cat

Fazilat, S.; Sauerwein, R.; McLeod, J.; Finlayson, T.; Adam, E.; Engle, J.; Gagneja, P.; Maier, T.; Machida, C.A., 2010:
Application of adenosine triphosphate-driven bioluminescence for quantification of plaque bacteria and assessment of oral hygiene in children

Stojicic, M.; Tacevic, Z.; Novkovic, M.; Stojmirovic, D., 2008:
Application of adhesive tissues to control bleeding in surgical treatment of neurofibromatosis

Riccobono, D.; Agay, D.; Scherthan, H.; Forcheron, F.; Vivier, Mène.; Ballester, B.; Meineke, V.; Drouet, M., 2012:
Application of adipocyte-derived stem cells in treatment of cutaneous radiation syndrome

Valencia Mora, M.; Antuña Antuña, S.; García Arranz, M.; Carrascal, M.Teresa.; Barco, Rúl., 2015:
Application of adipose tissue-derived stem cells in a rat rotator cuff repair model

Zhang, Y.; Zhou, G-Dong.; Gui, L.; Qi, Z-Liang.; Liu, W.; Cao, Y-Lin., 2010:
Application of adipose-derived cells in reconstruction of tissue engineered cartilage in vitro

Shu, M.; Liu, L., 2015:
Application of adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells in craniomaxillofacial restoration and reconstruction

Zhi, K.; Gao, Z.; Bai, J.; Wu, Y.; Zhou, S.; Li, M.; Qu, L., 2014 :
Application of adipose-derived stem cells in critical limb ischemia

Chen, L.; Qin, F.; Ge, M.; Shu, Q.; Xu, J., 2015:
Application of adipose-derived stem cells in heart disease

Zhou, Z.; Zhang, M.; Lu, M-Jun., 2013:
Application of adipose-derived stem cells in lower urinary tract reconstruction

Espandar, L.; Caldwell, D.; Watson, R.; Blanco-Mezquita, T.; Zhang, S.; Bunnell, B., 2015:
Application of adipose-derived stem cells on scleral contact lens carrier in an animal model of severe acute alkaline burn

Nievaart, V.A.; Légràdy, D.; Moss, R.L.; Kloosterman, J.L.; van der Hagen, T.H.J.J.; van Dam, H., 2007:
Application of adjoint Monte Carlo to accelerate simulations of mono-directional beams in treatment planning for boron neutron capture therapy

Mincewicz, G.; Rumiński, J.; Krzykowski, G., 2012:
Application of adjusted subpixel method (ASM) in HRCT measurements of the bronchi in bronchial asthma patients and healthy individuals

Zobov, A.E.; Berskiĭ, O.V.; Nebredovskiĭ, V.N.; Zharkov, D.A., 2013:
Application of administrative enforcement while carrying-out of federal sanitary and epidemiological surveillance in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation

Ochi, T.; Fujiwara, H.; Yasukawa, M., 2010:
Application of adoptive T-cell therapy using tumor antigen-specific T-cell receptor gene transfer for the treatment of human leukemia

Fan, H.; Li, H-Zhong.; Yan, W-Gang.; Shi, B-Bing., 2013:
Application of adrenocorticotropic hormone receptor determination and ultrastructural observation of tumor cells in the subtyping of adrenocortical neoplasms

Aleksić, M.M.; Kapetanović, V., 2011 :
Application of adsorptive stripping voltammetry for determination of selected methoxyimino cephalosporins in urine samples

Gholivand, M.B.; Romiani, A.A., 2007:
Application of adsorptive stripping voltammetry to the simultaneous determination of bismuth and copper in the presence of nuclear fast red

Norouzi, P.; Dinarvand, R.; Ganjali, M.Reza.; Moosavi-Movahedi, A.; Saboury, A.; Tamaddon, A., 2009:
Application of adsorptive voltammetry for the detection of sub-nano molar cyclizine in biological fluids and tablets using fast Fourier transform continuous cyclic voltammetry in a flowing system

Markin, R.D.; Marmarosh, C., 2013:
Application of adult attachment theory to group member transference and the group therapy process

Tang, W.; Wang, S-Feng.; Lu, Q., 2008:
Application of adult colonoscope in lower digestive tract bleeding in children: experience of 41 cases

Wang, D.; Xing, L.; Xie, J.; Chow, C.W.K.; Xu, Z.; Zhao, Y.; Drikas, M., 2010:
Application of advanced characterization techniques to assess DOM treatability of micro-polluted and un-polluted drinking source waters in China

Wawrzyniak, Z.M.; Paczesny, D.; Mańczuk, M.; Zatoński, W.A., 2012:
Application of advanced data collection and quality assurance methods in open prospective study - a case study of PONS project

Fujie, M., 2012:
Application of advanced engineering technologies to medical and rehabilitation fields

Shintaku, W.H.; Venturin, J.S.; Yepes, J.F., 2009:
Application of advanced imaging modalities for the diagnosis of metastatic adenocarcinoma of the lungs in the temporomandibular joint

Valerio, L.G., 2012 :
Application of advanced in silico methods for predictive modeling and information integration

Mortazavian, A.M.; Rezaei, K.; Sohrabvandi, S., 2008:
Application of advanced instrumental methods for yogurt analysis

Braun, H.J.; Dragoo, J.L.; Hargreaves, B.A.; Levenston, M.E.; Gold, G.E., 2013:
Application of advanced magnetic resonance imaging techniques in evaluation of the lower extremity

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Application of advanced multimodality care to pseudomyxoma peritonei patient: report of first patient treated at a tertiary center

Ashwal, S.; Tong, K.A.; Ghosh, N.; Bartnik-Olson, B.; Holshouser, B.A., 2015:
Application of advanced neuroimaging modalities in pediatric traumatic brain injury

Ayoub, K.; van Hullebusch, E.D.; Cassir, M.; Bermond, A., 2010:
Application of advanced oxidation processes for TNT removal: A review

Rivas, J.; Encinas, A.; Beltrán, F.; Graham, N., 2011:
Application of advanced oxidation processes to doxycycline and norfloxacin removal from water

Fan, Q.; Teo, Y-Ying.; Saw, S-Mei., 2011:
Application of advanced statistics in ophthalmology

Rahman, A.; Krakauer, N.; Roytman, L.; Goldberg, M.; Kogan, F., 2010:
Application of advanced very high resolution radiometer (AVHRR)-based vegetation health indices for estimation of malaria cases

Klapan, I.; Vranjes, Z.; Prgomet, D.; Lukinović, J., 2008:
Application of advanced virtual reality and 3D computer assisted technologies in tele-3D-computer assisted surgery in rhinology

Ertem, M.; Gok, H.; Ozveri, E.; Ozben, V., 2014:
Application of advancement flap after loose seton placement: a modified two-stage surgical repair of a transsphincteric anal fistula

Egawa, T.; Hayashi, T., 2012:
Application of aerobic and resistance training in diabetes management

Wolicka, D.; Suszek, A.; Borkowski, A.; Bielecka, A., 2009:
Application of aerobic microorganisms in bioremediation in situ of soil contaminated by petroleum products

Jiang, H.; Li, Q-feng.; Gu, B.; Liu, K.; Shen, G-xiong.; Zheng, D-ning., 2007:
Application of aesthetic sub-unit principle in nasal reconstruction and repairing of nasal defects

Ehala, S.; Toman, P.; Makrlík, E.; Kasicka, Václav., 2009:
Application of affinity capillary electrophoresis and density functional theory to the investigation of benzo-18-crown-6-ether complex with ammonium cation

Whitehurst, C.E.; Yao, Z.; Murphy, D.; Zhang, M.; Taremi, S.; Wojcik, L.; Strizki, J.M.; Bracken, J.D.; Cheng, C.C.; Yang, X.; Shipps, G.W.; Ziebell, M.; Nickbarg, E., 2012:
Application of affinity selection-mass spectrometry assays to purification and affinity-based screening of the chemokine receptor CXCR4

Adam, G.C.; Parish, C.A.; Wisniewski, D.; Meng, J.; Liu, M.; Calati, K.; Stein, B.D.; Athanasopoulos, J.; Liberator, P.; Roemer, T.; Harris, G.; Chapman, K.T., 2008:
Application of affinity selection/mass spectrometry to determine the structural isomer of parnafungins responsible for binding polyadenosine polymerase

De Angelis, D.; Gibelli, D.; Merelli, V.; Botto, M.; Ventura, F.; Cattaneo, C., 2016:
Application of age estimation methods based on teeth eruption: how easy is Olze method to use?

Leng, O.; Sitaraaman, H.B., 2013 :
Application of age-adjusted D-dimer threshold for exclusion thromboembolism (PTE) in older patients: a retrospective study

Gao, Y.; Kipling, K.; Glassey, J.; Willis, M.; Montague, G.; Zhou, Y.; Titchener-Hooker, N.J., 2010:
Application of agent-based system for bioprocess description and process improvement

Xu, C.; Yi, H-Ming.; Fu, B-Sheng.; Li, H.; Zhang, D.; Chen, G-Hua., 2011:
Application of aging donors in rat liver transplantation

Eiben, J.; Rubinoff, D., 2015:
Application of agriculture-developed demographic analysis for the conservation of the Hawaiian alpine wekiu bug

Kim, Y.Seon.; Yoon, K.Young.; Park, J.Hong.; Hwang, J., 2011:
Application of air ions for bacterial de-colonization in air filters contaminated by aerosolized bacteria

Banerjee, T.; Barman, S.C.; Srivastava, R.K., 2011:
Application of air pollution dispersion modeling for source-contribution assessment and model performance evaluation at integrated industrial estate-Pantnagar

Komasawa, N.; Ueki, R.; Niki, M.; Iwayama, S.; Tashiro, C.; Tatara, T.; Kaminoh, Y., 2013:
Application of air-Q laryngeal airway and gum elastic bougie in a case of anticipated difficult. Mask ventilation and tracheal intubation in a man with morbid obesity

Aboutalebi, H.; Sathasivan, A.; Kuan, M.Shiang., 2012:
Application of air-cathode pipe reactor to simultaneously suppress sulphate reduction and accelerate COD oxidation in synthetic wastewater

Yen, H-Wei.; Liu, Y.Xian., 2014:
Application of airlift bioreactor for the cultivation of aerobic oleaginous yeast Rhodotorula glutinis with different aeration rates

Khosroshahi, M.E.; Nourbakhsh, M.S.; Saremi, S.; Hooshyar, A.; Rabbani, S.; Tabatabai, F.; Anvari, M.Sotudeh., 2011:
Application of albumin protein and indocyanine green chromophore for tissue soldering by using an IR diode laser: ex vivo and in vivo studies

Lyu, S-Ruey.; Kuo, Y-Chih.; Lin, M-Hsio.; Hsieh, W-Hsin.; Chuang, C-Wei., 2012:
Application of albumin-grafted scaffolds to promote neocartilage formation

Shaoping, C.; Hongqing, G.; Chunguang, Y., 2012:
Application of algebraic iterative reconstruction in imaging reconstruction of SPECT

Peng, J.; Zhao, J., 2013:
Application of algebraic reconstruction technique of multi-source tomosynthesis in dynamic reconstruction

Dmytrenko, M.I., 2014:
Application of algorithms for treatment of dentition anomalies complicated by crowding of teeth

Kaur, M.; Chauhan, S.Veer.Singh.; Sinha, S.; Bharti, M.; Mohan, R.; Gupta, S.K.; Yakhmi, J.V., 2016:
Application of aligned ZnO nanowires/nanobelts as a room temperature NO gas sensor

Jeliński, T.; Cysewski, P.; Makarewicz, E., 2013:
Application of alizarin colorimetric measurements for quantification of amine extraction by model food simulants from epoxy polymer

Akuzawa, N.; Okano, Y.; Iwashita, T.; Matsumoto, R.; Soneda, Y., 2012:
Application of alkali metal-doped carbons for hydrogen recovery and isotope separation

Muginova, S.V.; Zhavoronkova, A.M.; Polyakov, A.E.; Shekhovtsova, T.N., 2007:
Application of alkaline phosphatases from different sources in pharmaceutical and clinical analysis for the determination of their cofactors; zinc and magnesium ions

Raschke, S.; Guan, J.; Iliakis, G., 2009 :
Application of alkaline sucrose gradient centrifugation in the analysis of DNA replication after DNA damage

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