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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 51626

Chapter 51626 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Blaalid, R.; Davey, M.L.; Kauserud, Håvard.; Carlsen, T.; Halvorsen, R.; Høiland, K.; Eidesen, P.B., 2014:
Arctic root-associated fungal community composition reflects environmental filtering

Anonymous, 1990:
Arctic science gets organized

Halfar, J.; Adey, W.H.; Kronz, A.; Hetzinger, S.; Edinger, E.; Fitzhugh, W.W., 2014:
Arctic sea-ice decline archived by multicentury annual-resolution record from crustose coralline algal proxy

Hoag, H., 2008:
Arctic sentinels

Byrkjedal, I.; Christiansen, J.S.; Karamushko, O.V.; Langhelle, G.; Lynghammar, A., 2015:
Arctic skate Amblyraja hyperborea preys on remarkably large glacial eelpouts Lycodes frigidus

Wassmann, P.; Lenton, T.M., 2012:
Arctic tipping points in an Earth system perspective

Young, O.R., 2012:
Arctic tipping points: governance in turbulent times

Muster, C.; Maddison, W.P.; Uhlmann, S.; Berendonk, T.U.; Vogler, A.P., 2010:
Arctic-alpine distributions--metapopulations on a continental scale?

Jamil, K.Mahbuba.; Ahmed, K.; Hossain, M.; Matsumoto, T.; Ali, M.Azmat.; Hossain, S.; Hossain, S.; Islam, A.; Nasiruddin, M.; Nishizono, A., 2013:
Arctic-like rabies virus, Bangladesh

Shen, L.; Liu, Y.; Gu, Z.; Yao, T.; Xu, B.; Wang, N.; Jiao, N.; Liu, H.; Zhou, Y., 2015:
Arcticibacter eurypsychrophilus sp. nov., isolated from ice core

Liu, Q.; Kim, S-gun.; Liu, H-can.; Xin, Y-hua.; Zhou, Y-guang., 2014:
Arcticibacter pallidicorallinus sp. nov. isolated from glacier ice

Shi, X.; Sun, H.; Zhou, D.; Xi, H.; Shan, L., 2015:
Arctigenin attenuates lipopolysaccharide-induced acute lung injury in rats

Kim, J-Young.; Hwang, J-Hwan.; Cha, M-Ran.; Yoon, M-Young.; Son, E-Soon.; Tomida, A.; Ko, B.; Song, S-Whan.; Shin-ya, K.; Hwang, Y-il.; Park, H-Ryong., 2010:
Arctigenin blocks the unfolded protein response and shows therapeutic antitumor activity

Wu, X.; Yang, Y.; Dou, Y.; Ye, J.; Bian, D.; Wei, Z.; Tong, B.; Kong, L.; Xia, Y.; Dai, Y., 2015:
Arctigenin but not arctiin acts as the major effective constituent of Arctium lappa L. fruit for attenuating colonic inflammatory response induced by dextran sulfate sodium in mice

Zhu, Z.; Yan, J.; Jiang, W.; Yao, X-gang.; Chen, J.; Chen, L.; Li, C.; Hu, L.; Jiang, H.; Shen, X., 2013:
Arctigenin effectively ameliorates memory impairment in Alzheimer's disease model mice targeting both β-amyloid production and clearance

Tang, X.; Zhuang, J.; Chen, J.; Yu, L.; Hu, L.; Jiang, H.; Shen, X., 2012:
Arctigenin efficiently enhanced sedentary mice treadmill endurance

Yao, X.; Zhu, F.; Zhao, Z.; Liu, C.; Luo, L.; Yin, Z., 2012:
Arctigenin enhances chemosensitivity of cancer cells to cisplatin through inhibition of the STAT3 signaling pathway

Wang, H-qin.; Jin, J-jun.; Wang, J., 2014:
Arctigenin enhances chemosensitivity to cisplatin in human nonsmall lung cancer H460 cells through downregulation of survivin expression

Zhao, Z.; Yin, Y.; Wang, Z.; Fang, R.; Wu, H.; Jiang, M.; Bai, G.; Luo, G'an., 2014:
Arctigenin exhibits relaxation effect on bronchus by affecting transmembrane flow of calcium

Tsai, W-Jern.; Chang, C-Ting.; Wang, G-Jane.; Lee, T-Huei.; Chang, S-Fen.; Lu, S-Chun.; Kuo, Y-Chi., 2011:
Arctigenin from Arctium lappa inhibits interleukin-2 and interferon gene expression in primary human T lymphocytes

Wang, P.; Phan, T.; Gordon, D.; Chung, S.; Henning, S.M.; Vadgama, J.V., 2015:
Arctigenin in combination with quercetin synergistically enhances the antiproliferative effect in prostate cancer cells

Kou, X.; Qi, S.; Dai, W.; Luo, L.; Yin, Z., 2012:
Arctigenin inhibits lipopolysaccharide-induced iNOS expression in RAW264.7 cells through suppressing JAK-STAT signal pathway

Yamashita, T.; Uehara, S.; Udagawa, N.; Li, F.; Kadota, S.; Esumi, H.; Kobayashi, Y.; Takahashi, N., 2014:
Arctigenin inhibits osteoclast differentiation and function by suppressing both calcineurin-dependent and osteoblastic cell-dependent NFATc1 pathways

Gu, Y.; Qi, C.; Sun, X.; Ma, X.; Zhang, H.; Hu, L.; Yuan, J.; Yu, Q., 2012:
Arctigenin preferentially induces tumor cell death under glucose deprivation by inhibiting cellular energy metabolism

Huang, K.; Li, L-an.; Meng, Y-guang.; You, Y-qin.; Fu, X-yu.; Song, L., 2015:
Arctigenin promotes apoptosis in ovarian cancer cells via the iNOS/NO/STAT3/survivin signalling

Xu, X.; Li, Q.; Pang, L.; Huang, G.; Huang, J.; Shi, M.; Sun, X.; Wang, Y., 2014:
Arctigenin promotes cholesterol efflux from THP-1 macrophages through PPAR-γ/LXR-α signaling pathway

Fan, T.; Jiang, W.Long.; Zhu, J.; Feng Zhang, Y., 2013:
Arctigenin protects focal cerebral ischemia-reperfusion rats through inhibiting neuroinflammation

Kim, A-Ram.; Kim, H.Soon.; Lee, J.Min.; Choi, J.Ho.; Kim, S.Na.; Kim, D.Kyun.; Kim, J.Hyung.; Mun, S.Hwan.; Kim, J.Wan.; Jeon, H.Soo.; Kim, Y.Mi.; Choi, W.Soo., 2012:
Arctigenin suppresses receptor activator of nuclear factor κB ligand (RANKL)-mediated osteoclast differentiation in bone marrow-derived macrophages

Hsieh, C-Jung.; Kuo, P-Lin.; Hsu, Y-Chan.; Huang, Y-Fang.; Tsai, E-Mei.; Hsu, Y-Ling., 2015:
Arctigenin, a dietary phytoestrogen, induces apoptosis of estrogen receptor-negative breast cancer cells through the ROS/p38 MAPK pathway and epigenetic regulation

Lee, J.Yun.; Kim, C.Jong., 2010:
Arctigenin, a phenylpropanoid dibenzylbutyrolactone lignan, inhibits type I-IV allergic inflammation and pro-inflammatory enzymes

Zhao, Z.; Yin, Y.; Wu, H.; Jiang, M.; Lou, J.; Bai, G.; Luo, G'an., 2014:
Arctigenin, a potential anti-arrhythmic agent, inhibits aconitine-induced arrhythmia by regulating multi-ion channels

Gao, H.; Li, G.; Zhang, J.; Zeng, J., 2008:
Arctigenin: a lignan from Arctium lappa

Bae, S.; Lim, K.Mi.; Cha, H.Jun.; An, I-Sook.; Lee, J.Pyo.; Lee, K.Sik.; Lee, G.Tai.; Lee, K.Kook.; Jung, H.Jung.; Ahn, K.Joong.; An, S., 2016:
Arctiin blocks hydrogen peroxide-induced senescence and cell death though microRNA expression changes in human dermal papilla cells

Lee, G.Tai.; Cha, H.Jun.; Lee, K.Sik.; Lee, K.Kook.; Hong, J.Tae.; Ahn, K.Joong.; An, I-Sook.; An, S.; Bae, S., 2014:
Arctiin induces an UVB protective effect in human dermal fibroblast cells through microRNA expression changes

Lee, Y.Jung.; Choi, D.Ho.; Cho, G.Hyun.; Kim, J.Sook.; Kang, D.Gill.; Lee, H.Sub., 2013:
Arctium lappa ameliorates endothelial dysfunction in rats fed with high fat/cholesterol diets

Cansell, Céline.; Denis, Rël.G.P.; Joly-Amado, Aélie.; Castel, J.; Luquet, S., 2013:
Arcuate AgRP neurons and the regulation of energy balance

Wang, Q.; Liu, C.; Uchida, A.; Chuang, J-Chieh.; Walker, A.; Liu, T.; Osborne-Lawrence, S.; Mason, B.L.; Mosher, C.; Berglund, E.D.; Elmquist, J.K.; Zigman, J.M., 2014:
Arcuate AgRP neurons mediate orexigenic and glucoregulatory actions of ghrelin

Mitchell, R.H.; Stone, A., 1930:
Arcuate Mountains Produced by Modification of Stone's Structure Machine

Voogt, J.L.; Reseh, G.; Turkington, S., 1989:
Arcuate Nucleus and Preoptic Area Involvement in Beta-Endorphin-lnduced Release of Prolactin in Conscious Ovariectomized Ratsdagger

Xu, L.; Pan, Y.; Zhu, Q.; Gong, S.; Tao, J.; Xu, G-Yin.; Jiang, X., 2013:
Arcuate Src activation-induced phosphorylation of NR2B NMDA subunit contributes to inflammatory pain in rats

Asman, P.; Heijl, A., 1993:
Arcuate cluster analysis in glaucoma perimetry

Abdul-Rahman, M.Farid.; Qiu, A.; Woon, P.San.; Kuswanto, C.; Collinson, S.L.; Sim, K., 2012:
Arcuate fasciculus abnormalities and their relationship with psychotic symptoms in schizophrenia

Saporta, A.S.D.; Kumar, A.; Govindan, R.M.; Sundaram, S.K.; Chugani, H.T., 2011:
Arcuate fasciculus and speech in congenital bilateral perisylvian syndrome

Maruyama, K.; Koga, T.; Kamada, K.; Ota, T.; Itoh, D.; Ino, K.; Igaki, H.; Aoki, S.; Masutani, Y.; Shin, M.; Saito, N., 2008:
Arcuate fasciculus tractography integrated into Gamma Knife surgery

Krishnamurthy, A.; Nayak, S.R.; Khan, S.; Prabhu, L.V.; Ramanathan, L.A.; Ganesh Kumar, C.; Prasad Sinha, A., 2007:
Arcuate foramen of atlas: incidence, phylogenetic and clinical significance

Buzzonetti, L.; Petrocelli, G.; Laborante, A.; Mazzilli, E.; Gaspari, M.; Valente, P., 2009:
Arcuate keratotomy for high postoperative keratoplasty astigmatism performed with the intralase femtosecond laser

Hoffart, L.; Proust, H.; Matonti, F.; Baeteman, C.; De Langlade, P.G.; Conrath, J.; Ridings, B., 2010:
Arcuate keratotomy for postkeratoplasty astigmatism by femtosecond laser

Pineda, R.; Jain, V., 2010:
Arcuate keratotomy: an option for astigmatism correction after laser in situ keratomileusis

Vilatobá, M.; Zamora-Valdés, D.; Guerrero-Hernández, M.; Romero-Talamás, Héctor.; Leal-Villalpando, R.P.; Mercado, M.A., 2011:
Arcuate ligament compression as a cause of early-onset thrombosis of the hepatic artery after liver transplantation

Jiang, Z-Jun.; Liang, T-Bo.; Feng, X-Ning.; Wang, W-Lin.; Shen, Y.; Zhang, M.; Wu, J.; Xu, X.; Zheng, S-Sen., 2008:
Arcuate ligament syndrome inducing hepatic artery thrombosis after liver transplantation

Das, S., 2010:
Arcuate line of the rectus sheath: an anatomist's viewpoint

Loukas, M.; Myers, C.; Shah, R.; Tubbs, R.Shane.; Wartmann, C.; Apaydin, N.; Betancor, J.; Jordan, R., 2008:
Arcuate line of the rectus sheath: clinical approach

Dampney, R.A.L., 2011:
Arcuate nucleus - a gateway for insulin's action on sympathetic activity

Dailey, M.J.; Bartness, T.J., 2010:
Arcuate nucleus destruction does not block food deprivation-induced increases in food foraging and hoarding

Yee, C.L.; Wang, Y.; Anderson, S.; Ekker, M.; Rubenstein, J.L.R., 2009:
Arcuate nucleus expression of NKX2.1 and DLX and lineages expressing these transcription factors in neuropeptide Y(+), proopiomelanocortin(+), and tyrosine hydroxylase(+) neurons in neonatal and adult mice

Luckett, B.S.; Frielle, J.L.; Wolfgang, L.; Stocker, S.D., 2013:
Arcuate nucleus injection of an anti-insulin affibody prevents the sympathetic response to insulin

Lynch, M.; Callagy, G.; Mahon, S.; Murphy, L.A., 2010:
Arcuate plaques of the face and scalp. Atypical necrobiosis lipoidica (ANL) of the face and scalp

Charles, S.; Randolph, J.C.; Neekhra, A.; Salisbury, C.D.; Littlejohn, N.; Calzada, J.I., 2013:
Arcuate retinotomy for the repair of large macular holes

Sharma, A.; Lambert, P.J.; Maghari, A.; Lambert, W.Clark., 2011:
Arcuate, annular, and polycyclic inflammatory and infectious lesions

Holland, J.; Goldsmith, A.; Saitta, P.; Carlson, S., 2012:
Arcuate, red plaques with pustules on the trunk

Stark, G.Björn.; Penna, V.; Iblher, N., 2008:
Arcus marginalis release II via endoscopic midface-lift

Stark, G.Björn.; Iblher, N.; Penna, V., 2008 :
Arcus marginalis release in blepharoplasty I: technical facilitation

Lee, J.J.; Ruta, D.J.; Lien, J.R.; Brunfeldt, A.; Lawton, J.N.; Ozer, K., 2015:
Arcus venosus dorsalis pedis: morphological considerations for use in superficial palmar arch reconstruction

Botros, S.M.; Sand, P.K.; Beaumont, J.L.; Abramov, Y.; Miller, J.James.; Goldberg, R.P., 2009:
Arcus-anchored acellular dermal graft compared to anterior colporrhaphy for stage II cystoceles and beyond

Fernandes, Jé.A.; Almeida Paz, F.A.; Marques, J.; Marques, M.P.M.; Braga, S.S., 2011:
Arcyriaflavin A monohydrate

Chen, K.; Reuter, M.; Sanghvi, B.; Roberts, G.A.; Cooper, L.P.; Tilling, M.; Blakely, G.W.; Dryden, D.T.F., 2014:
ArdA proteins from different mobile genetic elements can bind to the EcoKI Type I DNA methyltransferase of E. coli K12

Colowick, S.P., 1958:
Arda Alden Green, Protein Chemist

Shokouhi, G.; Khosroshahi, H.T., 2007:
Ardalan-Shoja-Kiuru syndrome--hereditary gelsolin amyloidosis plus retinitis pigmentosa

Mirmiran, P.; Bahadoran, Z.; Golzarand, M.; Rajab, A.; Azizi, F., 2014:
Ardeh (Sesamum indicum) could improve serum triglycerides and atherogenic lipid parameters in type 2 diabetic patients: a randomized clinical trial

Whyte, A., 2011:
Ardent campaigners

Raveesh, B.N., 2013:
Ardhanareeshwara concept: Brain and psychiatry

Kimbel, W.H.; Suwa, G.; Asfaw, B.; Rak, Y.; White, T.D., 2014:
Ardipithecus ramidus and the evolution of the human cranial base

White, T.D.; Asfaw, B.; Beyene, Y.; Haile-Selassie, Y.; Lovejoy, C.Owen.; Suwa, G.; WoldeGabriel, G., 2009:
Ardipithecus ramidus and the paleobiology of early hominids

Gilgenkrantz, S., 2010:
Ardipithecus ramidus, another link in the Descent of Man

Gibbons, A., 2009:
Ardipithecus ramidus. A new kind of ancestor: Ardipithecus unveiled

Gibbons, A., 2009:
Ardipithecus ramidus. Habitat for humanity

Gibbons, A., 2009:
Ardipithecus ramidus. The view from Afar

Xu, X-Fang.; Zhang, T-Li.; Jin, S.; Wang, R.; Xiao, X.; Zhang, W-Dong.; Wang, P-Yuan.; Wang, X-Juan., 2014:
Ardipusilloside I induces apoptosis by regulating Bcl-2 family proteins in human mucoepidermoid carcinoma Mc3 cells

Xiong, J.; Cheng, G.; Tang, H.; Zhen, H-Ning.; Zhang, X., 2009:
Ardipusilloside I induces apoptosis in human glioblastoma cells through a caspase-8-independent FasL/Fas-signaling pathway

Zhang, Y.; Qu, Y.; Zhang, J.; Wang, X., 2010:
Ardipusilloside I purified from Ardisia pusilla competitively binds VEGFR and induces apoptosis in NCI-H460 cells

Lou, L.; Ye, W.; Chen, Y.; Wu, S.; Jin, L.; He, J.; Tao, X.; Zhu, J.; Chen, X.; Deng, A.; Wang, J., 2012:
Ardipusilloside inhibits survival, invasion and metastasis of human hepatocellular carcinoma cells

Yao, C.; Jin, C.Long.; Oh, J-Hee.; Oh, I.Gyung.; Park, C-Hyun.; Chung, J.Ho., 2015:
Ardisia crenata extract stimulates melanogenesis in B16F10 melanoma cells through inhibiting ERK1/2 and Akt activation

Hamsin, D.Erna.Zulaikha.Awang.; Hamid, R.Abdul.; Yazan, L.Saiful.; Taib, C.Norma.Mat.; Yeong, L.Ting., 2015:
Ardisia crispa roots inhibit cyclooxygenase and suppress angiogenesis

de Mejía, E.González.; Ramírez-Mares, M.Vinicio., 2012:
Ardisia: health-promoting properties and toxicity of phytochemicals and extracts

Yu, C-Chun.; Wu, P-Jung.; Hsu, J-Ling.; Ho, Y-Fang.; Hsu, L-Ching.; Chang, Y-Jia.; Chang, H-Shuo.; Chen, I-Sheng.; Guh, J-Hwa., 2013:
Ardisianone, a natural benzoquinone, efficiently induces apoptosis in human hormone-refractory prostate cancers through mitochondrial damage stress and survivin downregulation

Ndontsa, B.L.; Tchinda, A.; Teponno, Rémy.B.; Mpetga, J.S.; Frédérich, M.; Tane, P., 2012:
Ardisikivuoside, a new triterpenoid saponin from Ardisia kivuensis (Myrsinaceae)

Zhao, F.; Hu, Y.; Chong, C.; Lu, M.; Chen, L.; Kan, W.; Chen, L.; Liu, H., 2015:
Ardisiphenol D, a resorcinol derivative identified from Ardisia brevicaulis, exerts antitumor effect through inducing apoptosis in human non-small-cell lung cancer A549 cells

Elwyn, G.; Légaré, F.; van der Weijden, T.; Edwards, A.; May, C., 2009:
Arduous implementation: does the Normalisation Process Model explain why it's so difficult to embed decision support technologies for patients in routine clinical practice

Haroche, Aélie., 2010:
Arduous nature of nursing work and retirement

Chen, I-Ju.; Chou, C-Huey., 2007:
Arduous navigation: the life story of a family raising a young child with Prader-Willi syndrome

Mahmood, S.S.; Iqbal, M.; Hanifi, S.M.A.; Wahed, T.; Bhuiya, A., 2010:
Are 'Village Doctors' in Bangladesh a curse or a blessing?

Fortin, M-Chantal.; Dion-Labrie, M.; Hébert, M-Josée.; Achille, M.; Doucet, H., 2008:
Are 'anonymous' and 'non-directed' prerequisites for living altruistic donation? The views of transplant physicians from France and Québec

Malhi, G.S.; Porter, R.J., 2016:
Are 'buy-polar' forces and 'try-polar' thinking expanding bipolarity?

Larson, N.; Story, M., 2011:
Are 'competitive foods' sold at school making our children fat?

Paxton, J.M.; Bruni, T.; Greene, J.D., 2015:
Are 'counter-intuitive' deontological judgments really counter-intuitive? An empirical reply to

Fiuza-Luces, C.; Ruiz, J.R.; Rodríguez-Romo, G.; Santiago, C.; Gómez-Gallego, Félix.; Yvert, T.; Cano-Nieto, A.; Garatachea, N.; Morán, Mía.; Lucia, A., 2011:
Are 'endurance' alleles 'survival' alleles? Insights from the ACTN3 R577X polymorphism

Navarro, F.; Pearson, D.A.; Fatheree, N.; Mansour, R.; Hashmi, S.Shahrukh.; Rhoads, J.Marc., 2015:
Are 'leaky gut' and behavior associated with gluten and dairy containing diet in children with autism spectrum disorders?

Bandyopadhyay, A.; Arunachalam, V., 1980:
Are 'multiple cross-multiple pollen hybrids' an answer for productive populations in Brassica campestris (var.) Brown Sarson? : Part 2: evaluation of 'mucromphs'

Métivier, Rël., 2012:
Are 'omics of estrogen receptors defining potential targets for breast cancer treatment?

Carelli, F., 2010:
Are 'polysystems' for doctors or patients?

Iglehart, J.K., 2014:
Are 'unsustainable trends' finally coming to a stop?

Schulte, D., 2010:
Are 'working interviews' a good idea?

Austin, P.C., 2009:
Are (the log-odds of) hospital mortality rates normally distributed? Implications for studying variations in outcomes of medical care

PARPART, A.K.; BARRON, E.S.G.; DEY, T., 2018:
Are --SH groups involved in the penetration of glycerol into human red cells?

Massarotti, A.; Aprile, S.; Mercalli, V.; Del Grosso, E.; Grosa, G.; Sorba, G.; Tron, G.Cesare., 2015:
Are 1,4- and 1,5-disubstituted 1,2,3-triazoles good pharmacophoric groups?

Ahlgrim, C.; Pottgiesser, T.; Robinson, N.; Sottas, P.E.; Ruecker, G.; Schumacher, Y.O., 2010:
Are 10 min of seating enough to guarantee stable haemoglobin and haematocrit readings for the athlete's biological passport?

Maggard, M.A.; Yermilov, I.; Tomlinson, J.S.; Ko, C.Y., 2008:
Are 12 nodes needed to accurately stage T1 and T2 colon cancers?

Griffiths, W.J.; Wang, Y., 2011:
Are 15-oxygenated sterols present in the human circulation?

Desapriya, E.; Fujiwara, T.; Scime, G.; Sasges, D.; Pike, I.; Shimizu, S., 2009:
Are 1994 alcohol production and the sales deregulation policy in Japan associated with increased road traffic fatalities among adult and teenage males and females in Japan?

Prior, T.; Mullins, E.; Bennett, P.; Kumar, S., 2015:
Are 1st-trimester β-human chorionic gonadotrophin and pregnancy-associated plasma protein A levels predictive of intrapartum fetal compromise in a selected normal population?

Delaney, M., 2009:
Are 2 cords better than 1?

Reme, S.Endresen.; Lie, S.Atle.; Eriksen, H.R., 2014:
Are 2 questions enough to screen for depression and anxiety in patients with chronic low back pain?

Li, S.Fai.; Cole, M.; Forest, R.; Chilstrom, M.; Reinersman, E.; Jones, M.P.; Zinzuwadia, S.; King, S.; Yadav, K., 2010:
Are 2 smaller intravenous catheters as good as 1 larger intravenous catheter?

Adelson, M.; Schreiber, S.; Sason, A.; Peles, E., 2015:
Are 2 weeks of "take-home" privileges beneficial for patients' long-term outcome in a methadone maintenance treatment program?

Arbyn, M.; Tommasino, M.; Depuydt, C.; Dillner, J., 2015:
Are 20 human papillomavirus types causing cervical cancer?

Buchheit, M.; Mendez-Villanueva, A., 2010:
Are 200 students really affecting heart rate variability and alpha-amylase activity?

Carvalho, M.Raquel.Santos.; Vianna, G.; Oliveira, Lívia.de.Fátima.Silva.; Costa, A.Julio.; Pinheiro-Chagas, P.; Sturzenecker, R.; Zen, P.Ricardo.Gazzola.; Rosa, R.Fabiano.Machado.; de Aguiar, M.José.Burle.; Haase, V.Geraldi., 2015:
Are 22q11.2 distal deletions associated with math difficulties?

Lövkvist, H.; Sjögren, M.; Höglund, P.; Engström, G.; Jern, C.; Olsson, S.; Smith, J.G.; Hedblad, B.; Andsberg, G.; Delavaran, H.; Jood, K.; Kristoffersson, U.; Norrving, B.; Melander, O.; Lindgren, A., 2014:
Are 25 SNPs from the CARDIoGRAM study associated with ischaemic stroke?

Cuker, A., 2013:
Are 25 antibodies better than 1?

Al-Jarallah, K.F.; Shehab, D.; Al-Awadhi, A.; Nahar, I.; Haider, M.Z.; Moussa, M.A., 2012:
Are 25(OH)D levels related to the severity of knee osteoarthritis and function?

Peiris, A.N.; Bailey, B.A.; Manning, T.; Adebonojo, L., 2010:
Are 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels adequately monitored following evidence of vitamin D insufficiency in veterans?

Chagpar, A.B.; Scoggins, C.R.; Martin, R.C.G.; Carlson, D.J.; Laidley, A.L.; El-Eid, S.E.; McGlothin, T.Q.; McMasters, K.M., 2007:
Are 3 sentinel nodes sufficient?

Havy, Mélanie.; Moukawane, S.; Nazzi, T., 2010:
Are 3-to-8-year-old children with Williams syndrome good word-learners?

Griffin, B.R.; Stephens, E.K.; Jatoi, A., 2013:
Are 5-7 Days of Folic Acid Supplementation Necessary prior to Pemetrexed? Observations from a Case Series

Rees, J., 2014:
Are 5-ARIs suitable for prevention of prostate cancer?

Hamon, M.; Nelson, D.L.; Mallat, M.; Bourgoin, S., 1981:
Are 5-HT receptors involved in the sprouting of serotoninergic terminals following neonatal 5,7-dihydroxytryptamine treatment in the rat?

Himmler, B.T.; Kisko, T.M.; Euston, D.R.; Kolb, B.; Pellis, S.M., 2015:
Are 50-kHz calls used as play signals in the playful interactions of rats? I. Evidence from the timing and context of their use

Castro, L.; Yahia, A.; Maron, L., 2010:
Are 5f electrons really active in organoactinide reactivity? Some insights from DFT studies

Hem, E., 2013:
Are 72% of all Norwegian doctors depressed?

Zarakowska, E.; Gackowski, D.; Foksinski, M.; Olinski, R., 2014:
Are 8-oxoguanine (8-oxoGua) and 5-hydroxymethyluracil (5-hmUra) oxidatively damaged DNA bases or transcription (epigenetic) marks?

Konecny, G.E., 2013:
Are ABCB1 (P-glycoprotein) polymorphisms clinically relevant in ovarian cancer? - Finally an Answer!

Daliri, K.; Tabei, S.M.; Amini, A.; Derakhshankhah, H., 2014:
Are ABO and Rh blood groups new genetic risk factors for endometriosis?

Van Mieghem, W.; Billiouw, J.M.; Brohet, C.; Dupont, A.G.; Gazagnes, M.D.; Heller, F.; Krzesinski, J.M.; Missault, L.; Persu, A.; Piérard, L.; Rottiers, R.; Vanhooren, G.; Vervaet, P.; Herman, A.G., 2010:
Are ACE-inhibitors or ARB's still needed for cardiovascular prevention in high risk patients? Insights from profess and transcend

Bonfante, L., 2010:
Are ACEIs and ARB also protective in peritoneal dialysis?

Lindsey, G., 2015:
Are ACOs on uncertain ethical ground and a threat to the autonomy of patients and physicians?

Dubois, R.W.; Feldman, M.; Lustig, A.; Kotzbauer, G.; Penso, J.; Pope, S.D.; Westrich, K.D., 2014:
Are ACOs ready to be accountable for medication use?

Yeung, W.; Burns, H.; Loiacono, D., 2011:
Are ACOs the Answer to High-Value Healthcare?

Ajrawat, H.S., 2012:
Are ACOs the magic bullet?

Paloyelis, Y.; Asherson, P.; Kuntsi, J., 2010:
Are ADHD symptoms associated with delay aversion or choice impulsivity? A general population study

Ames, C.S.; White, S.J., 2011:
Are ADHD traits dissociable from the autistic profile? Links between cognition and behaviour

Papapostolou, A.; Spengos, K.; Fylaktou, I.; Poulou, M.; Gountas, I.; Kitsiou-Tzeli, S.; Kanavakis, E.; Tzetis, M., 2014:
Are ALOX5AP gene SNPs a risk or protective factor for stroke?

Cai, X.; Li, Y., 2013:
Are AMI patients with comorbid mental illness more likely to be admitted to hospitals with lower quality of AMI care?

Watterson, L.R.; Olive, M.Foster., 2014:
Are AMPA receptor positive allosteric modulators potential pharmacotherapeutics for addiction?

Flannigan, C.; Bourke, T.W.; Sproule, A.; Sproule, A.; Stevenson, M.; Terris, M., 2015:
Are APLS formulae for estimating weight appropriate for use in children admitted to PICU?

Flannigan, C.; Bourke, T.W.; Sproule, A.; Stevenson, M.; Terris, M., 2014:
Are APLS formulae for estimating weight appropriate for use in children admitted to PICU? [Resuscitation 85 (2014) 927 - 31

Etebary, S.; Yari, N.; Golestan Jahromi, M.; Khalili, M.A., 2016:
Are ART outcomes more successful in younger women? A retrospective study

Kern, J.K.; Geier, D.A.; Sykes, L.K.; Geier, M.R.; Deth, R.C., 2016:
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Are AT1 receptor antagonists an alternative to ACE inhibitors in angioedema?

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Are Abeta and its derivatives causative agents or innocent bystanders in AD?

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Are Accidents Inevitable?

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Are Additional Lipid Measures Useful?

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Are Africans, Europeans, and Asians different "races"? A guided-inquiry lab for introducing undergraduate students to genetic diversity and preparing them to study natural selection

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Are Agonistic Autoantibodies against G-Protein Coupled Receptors Involved in the Development of Long-Term Side Effects of Tumor Chemotherapy?

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Are All Odontogenic Keratocysts Keratocystic Odontogenic Tumors? Correlation between Imaging Features and Epithelial Cell Proliferation

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Are Alzheimer's diseases dementia?

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Are American hospitals prepared to respond to a mass casualty chemical weapons attack?

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Are Americans Really Less Happy With Their Incomes?

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Are Americans feeling less healthy? The puzzle of trends in self-rated health

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Are Americans finding affordable coverage in the health insurance marketplaces? Results from the Commonwealth Fund Affordable Care Act Tracking Survey

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Are Americans overmedicating themselves? Those now popping multiple pills a day may face consequences later, experts say

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Are Americans ready to solve the weight of the nation?

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Are Americans taking tooth whitening too far?

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Are Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors and beta-blockers ineffective in children with dilated cardiomyopathy and heart failure?

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Are Asians at greater risk of compulsory psychiatric admission than Caucasians in the acute general adult setting?

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Are Asians forgetful? Perception, retention, and recall in episodic remembering

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Are Attitudes Toward Writing and Reading Separable Constructs? A Study With Primary Grade Children

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Are Australasian academic physicians an endangered species?

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Are Australian and New Zealand trauma service resources reflective of the Australasian Trauma Verification Model Resource Criteria?

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Are Australian consumers willing to pay for the installation of reversing cameras in motor vehicles?

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Are Australian men with psychosis spending more time homeless?

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Are Australian oncology health professionals burning out? A view from the trenches

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Are Australian paramedics prepared for intimate partner violence?

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Are Australian smokers interested in using low-nitrosamine smokeless tobacco for harm reduction?

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Are Automatic Conceptual Cores the Gold Standard of Semantic Processing? The Context-Dependence of Spatial Meaning in Grounded Congruency Effects

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Are B cells a potential target for therapeutic intervention in the classical T cell-mediated autoimmune disease type 1 diabetes?

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Are B cells agreeable to veto?

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Are B-type lamins essential in all mammalian cells?

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Are B-type natriuretic peptide (BNP) and N-terminal-pro-BNP useful in neonates?

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Are BDNF and glucocorticoid activities calibrated?

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Are BME patients losing out?

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Are BMPs involved in normal nerve and following transection?: a pilot study

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Are BNP changes during hospitalization for heart failure a reliable surrogate for predicting the effects of therapies on post-discharge mortality?

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Are BNP plasma levels useful in heart failure diagnosis each time? A dyspneic patient with anasarca

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Are Ba11Cd6Sb12 and Sr11Cd6Sb12 Zintl phases or not? A density-functional theory study

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Are Baby Boomers healthier than Generation X? A profile of Australia's working generations using National Health Survey data

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Are Bacteria Animals or Plants?

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Are Barbie and Ken too cool for school? A case-control study on the relation between gender and dropout

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Are Batholites Up-Bulges of Sial?

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Are Bavarian forests (southern Germany) at risk from ground-level ozone? Assessment using exposure and flux based ozone indices

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Are Baveno V recommendations of any help in the management of extrahepatic portal hypertension in Latin America?

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Are Beech-Trees ever struck by Lightning?

Phares, D.L., 1889:
Are Beech-Trees ever struck by Lightning?

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Are Belgian hospitals prepared for an H5N1-pandemic?

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Are Belgian senior medical students ready to deliver basic medical care in case of a H5N1 pandemic?

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Are Beslan's children learning to cope? A 3-year prospective study of youths exposed to terrorism

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Are Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia Neuroanatomically Distinct? An Anatomical Likelihood Meta-analysis

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Are Blacks and Hispanics Disproportionately Incarcerated Relative to Their Arrests? Racial and Ethnic Disproportionality Between Arrest and Incarceration

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Are Bombax buonopozense and Bombax malabaricum possible nutraceuticals for age management?

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Are Breast Masses in Teenagers Always Benign? Undifferentiated Mesenchymal Sarcoma in a 14-Year-Old Girl

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Are Britain's cats ready for cat cafés?

Castledine, G., 2007:
Are British hospitals losing their appeal?

X, 1907:
Are Bulls Excited by Red?

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Autistic, Aberrant, and Food-Related Behaviors in Adolescents and Young Adults with Prader-Willi Syndrome: The Effects of Age and Genotype

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Are C1-2 punctures for routine cervical myelography below the standard of care?

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Are CB(1) Receptor Antagonists Nootropic or Cognitive Impairing Agents?

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Are CD8+CD122+ cells regulatory T cells or memory T cells?

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Are CHCHD10 mutations indeed associated with familial amyotrophic lateral sclerosis?

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Are CIMP and chr16p13.2 copy-number status independent prognostic markers in stages II and III colorectal cancer?

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Are COPD patients with pneumonia who are taking inhaled corticosteroids at higher risk of dying?

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Are CORNER and BROTHER Morphologically Complex? Not in the Long Term

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Are CSF biomarkers ready for prime time as diagnostics for Alzheimer disease? Interview by Rebecca Voelker

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Are CT angiography source images accurate for evaluating infarct volume?

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Are CT scans carcinogenic?

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Are CT scans obtained at referring institutions justified prior to transfer to a pediatric trauma center?

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Are CYP1A1 polymorphisms associated with the risk of hepatocellular carcinoma?

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Are CYP1A1, CYP17 and CYP1B1 mutation genes involved on girls with precocious puberty? A pilot study

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Are CYP1A2*1F and *1C associated with clozapine tolerability?: a preliminary investigation

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Are Ca(v)1.3 pacemaker channels in chromaffin cells? Possible bias from resting cell conditions and DHP blockers usage

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Are Caenorhabditis elegans receptors useful targets for drug discovery: pharmacological comparison of tyramine receptors with high identity from C. elegans (TYRA-2) and Brugia malayi (Bm4)

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Are Campylobacter cases low risk for public health follow-up?

Anonymous, 1978:
Are Canada's MDs Treated Fairly By The Tax Department?

Thompson, R.B., 1960:
Are Canadian Physicians Wanted Abroad?

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Are Canadian general surgery residents ready for the 80-hour work week? A nationwide survey

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Are Canadian pediatric nephrology patients really overweight?

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Are Canadian plastic surgeons "shooting themselves in the foot?" A point of view

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Are Canadian postgraduate training programs meeting the health advocacy needs of obstetrics and gynaecology residents?

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Are Canadian soldiers more likely to have suicidal ideation and suicide attempts than Canadian civilians?

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Are Canadian urology residency programs fulfilling the Royal College expectations?: A survey of graduated chief residents

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Are Canadian women achieving a fit pregnancy? A pilot study

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Are Canadian youth still exposed to second-hand smoke in homes and in cars?

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Are Canadians meeting the guidelines for moderate and vigorous leisure-time physical activity?

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Are Canadians providing advance directives about health care and research participation in the event of decisional incapacity?

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Are Cantonese-speakers really descriptivists? Revisiting cross-cultural semantics

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Are Carbohydrate-Deficient Transferrin Assays Useful for the Detection of Recurrent 'Binge Drinking' in Children with an Alcohol Intoxication in the Emergency Department?

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Are Caribbean reef sharks, Carcharhinus perezi, able to perceive human body orientation?

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Are Catholic universities giving up reproductive medicine?

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Are Certified Breast Centers Cost-Effective?

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Are Child Abusers Sexually Attracted to Submissiveness? Assessment of Sex-Related Cognition With the Implicit Association Test

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Are Chileans exposed to dietary furan?

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Are Chinese dentists ready for the computerization of dentistry? A population investigation of China's metropolises

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Are Chinese people really more fertile?

Anonymous, 1920:
Are Chiropractors Above The Law?

Frommer, E.A., 1966:
Autistic children

Clary, D.; Kelly, D.M., 2014:
Are Clark's nutcrackers (Nucifraga columbiana) able to discriminate knowledge states of human experimenters during an object-choice task?

Rogers, M.; Tannock, R., 2013:
Are Classrooms Meeting the Basic Psychological Needs of Children With ADHD Symptoms? A Self-Determination Theory Perspective

Wils, J.; Augereau, C.; Watine, J., 2014 :
Are Clinical Practice Guidelines published by the Haute Autorité de Santé (HAS) the worst ones, except for all the others? (Letter on the article: "HAS report on vitamin D measurement: Don't go from an extreme situation to another as extreme situation")

Davison, C.M.; Sochan, A.; Pretorius, R., 2010:
Are Cochrane Collaboration systematic reviews relevant resources for evidence-based nursing internationally?

Vinton, L.; Wilke, D.J., 2014:
Are Collaborations Enough? Professionals' Knowledge of Victim Services

Conte, J.L., 1895:
Are Consequences Ever a Test of Truth?

Anonymous, 1943:
Are Council and Board Members People?

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Are Cox-2 drugs the second line option in indomethacin responsive headaches?

Klishko, O.K.; Lopes-Lima, M.; Froufe, E.; Bogan, A.E., 2014:
Are Cristaria herculea (Middendorff, 1847) and Cristaria plicata (Leach, 1815) (Bivalvia, Unionidae) separate species?

Yang, J.Won.; Kim, S.Il.; Kwon, J.Woo.; Park, D-Joon., 2008:
Are Cross-hatching Incisions Mandatory for Correction of Cartilaginous Septal Deviation?

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Are D-dimer levels still indicative of thromboembolic disease?

Singer, P.; Feldon, J.; Yee, B.K., 2010:
Are DBA/2 mice associated with schizophrenia-like endophenotypes? A behavioural contrast with C57BL/6 mice

Marquis, D., 2010:
Are DCD donors dead?

De Paoli, V.M.; Chen, C-Hao.; Cheng, Y-Wei., 2011:
Are DNA methylation markers ready for colorectal cancer detection?

Abdel-Fatah, T.; Arora, A.; Gorguc, I.; Abbotts, R.; Beebeejaun, S.; Storr, S.; Mohan, V.; Hawkes, C.; Soomro, I.; Lobo, D.N.; Parsons, S.L.; Madhusudan, S., 2013:
Are DNA repair factors promising biomarkers for personalized therapy in gastric cancer?

Hu, L.; Grosberg, A.Y.; Bruinsma, R., 2008:
Are DNA transcription factor proteins maxwellian demons?

Guilherme, S.; Santos, M.A.; Gaivão, I.; Pacheco, M., 2014:
Are DNA-damaging effects induced by herbicide formulations (Roundup® and Garlon®) in fish transient and reversible upon cessation of exposure?

Lai, C.Man.; Leung, F.; You, J.; Cheung, F., 2012:
Are DSM-IV-TR borderline personality disorder, ICD-10 emotionally unstable personality disorder, and CCMD-III impulsive personality disorder analogous diagnostic categories across psychiatric nomenclatures?

Grosman, W.Elzbieta., 2007:
Are Danish physicians stupid?

Iacobucci, G., 2013:
Are Darzi-style clinics set to make a comeback?

Marschark, M.; Morrison, C.; Lukomski, J.; Borgna, G.; Convertino, C., 2013:
Are Deaf Students Visual Learners?

Parnikoza, I.Yu.; Maidanuk, D.N.; Kozeretska, I.A., 2007:
Are Deschampsia antarctica Desv. and Colobanthus quitensis (Kunth) Bartl. migratory relicts?

Mitchell, C., 2010:
Are Divorce Studies Trustworthy? The Effects of Survey Nonresponse and Response Errors

Jo, D.Hyun., 2013:
Are Doctors Exposed to Radiation Even When Wearing Protectors during Fluoroscopic Procedures?

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Are Dopa-responsive dystonia and Parkinson's disease related disorders? A case report

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Are Doppler studies a useful method of assessing neovascularization in human Achilles tendinopathy? A systematic review and suggestions for optimizing machine settings

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Are Doppler ultrasonography parameters symmetric between the right and left kidney?

Chan, E.; Pradhan, A.K.; Pollatsek, A.; Knodler, M.A.; Fisher, D.L., 2010:
Are Driving Simulators Effective Tools for Evaluating Novice Drivers' Hazard Anticipation, Speed Management, and Attention Maintenance Skills

Zhang, Y.; Newhouse, J.P.; Baicker, K., 2018:
Are Drugs Substitutes or Complements for Intensive (and Expensive) Medical Treatment

Oberoi, D.V.; Ahmed, B., 2010:
Are Duchenne muscular dystrophy patients more likely to develop carpal tunnel syndrome?

Kuilman, L.; Nieweg, R.Mb.; van der Schans, C.P.; Strijbos, J.H.; Hooker, R.S., 2012:
Are Dutch patients willing to be seen by a physician assistant instead of a medical doctor?

Grandesso, S.; Sapino, B.; Amici, G.; Mazzucato, S.; Solinas, M.; Gion, M., 2015:
Are E-test and Vitek2 good choices for tigecycline susceptibility testing when comparing broth microdilution for MDR and XDR Acinetobacter baumannii?

Nguyen, D.D., 2007:
Are E. coli the culprit?

LeGrand, M., 2011:
Are E/M services reportable with a surgical procedure?

Raaijmakers, R.; Noordam, C.; Noonan, J.A.; Croonen, E.A.; van der Burgt, C.J.A.M.; Draaisma, J.M.T., 2008:
Are ECG abnormalities in Noonan syndrome characteristic for the syndrome?

Jastrzebski, M., 2008:
Are ECG changes in pulmonary artery embolism due to right ventricular ischaemia?

Miller, D.L.; Dou, C.; Lucchesi, B.R., 2011:
Are ECG premature complexes induced by ultrasonic cavitation electrophysiological responses to irreversible cardiomyocyte injury?

Brown, L.H.; Lerner, E.Brooke.; Larmon, B.; LeGassick, T.; Taigman, M., 2007:
Are EMS call volume predictions based on demand pattern analysis accurate?

Ruddle, R., 2012:
Are ENs a dying breed?

Ding, W.; Chen, Z.; Gou, Y.; Sun, C.; Xu, K.; Tan, J.; Tong, S.; Xia, G.; Ding, Q., 2015:
Are EORTC risk tables suitable for Chinese patients with non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer?

Carracedo, A.; Salido, M.; Corominas, J.M.; Rojo, F.; Ferreira, B.I.; Suela, J.; Tusquets, I.; Corzo, C.; Segura, M.; Espinet, B.; Cigudosa, J.C.; Arumi, M.; Albanell, J.; Serrano, S.; Solé, F., 2012:
Are ER+PR+ and ER+PR- breast tumors genetically different? A CGH array study

Miyaji, K.; Shahrizaila, N.; Umapathi, T.; Chan, Y-Cheun.; Hirata, K.; Yuki, N., 2015:
Are ERM (ezrin/radixin/moesin) proteins targets for autoantibodies in demyelinating neuropathies?

Hage, J.E.; Cunha, B.A., 2014:
Are ESR/CRP ratios helpful in differentiating West Nile encephalitis from non-West Nile virus meningitis/encephalitis?

Basu, A.; Gore, J.L., 2015:
Are Elderly Patients With Clinically Localized Prostate Cancer Overtreated? Exploring Heterogeneity in Survival Effects

Ali, P.Azam.; Watson, R.; Albutt, G., 2011:
Are English novice nurses prepared to work in primary care setting?

Street, A.; Sivey, P.; Mason, A.; Miraldo, M.; Siciliani, L., 2010:
Are English treatment centres treating less complex patients?

Wallace, L.S.; Bielak, K.; Linn, B., 2011:
Are English-language pedometer instructions readable?

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Are Enterococcus populations present during malolactic fermentation of red wine safe?

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Are Europe's cities better?

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Are European countries prepared for the next big heat-wave?

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Are Facilities at Health Centres a Luxury?

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Are Further Experiments Needed for Determining the Atomic Weight of Oxygen?

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Are G-protein-coupled receptors involved in mediating larval settlement and metamorphosis of coral planulae?

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Are GATA1 mutations occurring at random in Down syndrome transient leukemia?

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Are GOLDen slumbers drug induced?

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Are GP career intentions more prevalent in UCL Primary Health Care iBSc students?

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Are GPCRs still a source of new targets?

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Are GPs ready to talk about death and dying?

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Are GPs unsympathetic to infertile women?

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Are GTGs ABA's biggest fans?

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Are Grampian general practitioners good gatekeepers for access to emergency general surgical care?

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Are Greeks afraid of nuclear medicine?

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Are Gujarati Asian Indians 'older' for their 'vascular age' as compared to their 'Chronological age'?

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Are H2S-trapping compounds pertinent to the treatment of sulfide poisoning?

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Are HDL levels lower in children with type 1 diabetes and concurrent celiac disease compared with children with type 1 diabetes only?

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Are HER2 and TOP2A useful as prognostic or predictive biomarkers for anthracycline-based adjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer?

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Are HFOs Still UFOs? The Known and Unknown About High Frequency Oscillations in Epilepsy Surgery

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Are HIECs the answer?

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Are HIEs the answer? Alternatives to regional health information exchanges are emerging

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Are HIV/AIDS prevention interventions for heterosexually active men in the United States gender-specific?

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Are HPV vaccination services accessible to high-risk communities? A spatial analysis of HPV-associated cancer and Chlamydia rates and safety-net clinics

Anonymous, 2012:
Are HRT clinics required to provide follow-up care?

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Are HSV infections more prevalent in older HIV+ patients?

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Are Harris hip scores and gait mechanics related before and after THA?

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Are Haumming-Birds Cypseloid or Caprimulgoid?

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Are Health Facility Management Committees in Kenya ready to implement financial management tasks: findings from a nationally representative survey

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Are Hill's criteria for causality satisfied for vitamin D and periodontal disease?

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Are Hispanic Women Happier About Unintended Births?

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Are Hispanics the new 'threat'? Minority group threat and fear of crime in Miami-Dade County

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Are Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin patients at a greater risk of atherosclerosis? A follow-up of 3 years

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Are Homes for Convalescents from Scarlatina Desirable? And, if so, at what Period can the Patients be Safely Removed to Them?

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Are Homo sapiens nonsupranuchal fossa and Neanderthal suprainiac fossa convergent traits?

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Are Hong Kong doctors following the Global Initiative for Asthma guidelines: a questionnaire "Survey on Asthma Management"?

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Are Horns in Sheep a Sex-Limited Character?

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Are Hsp70 protein expression and genetic polymorphism implicated in multiple sclerosis inflammation?

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Are Hylobates lar Extirpated from China?

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Are ICAM, VCAM and E-selectin levels different in first manic episode and subsequent remission?

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Are IGF-I and IGF-BP3 useful for diagnosing growth hormone deficiency in children of short stature?

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Autistic disorder associated with congenital HIV infection

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Are IL2 promoter polymorphisms associated with MS in Iranian patients? - We do not know

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Are IL2 receptor antagonist useful in high risk acute tubular necrosis kidney recipients?

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Are IM injections IM in obese and overweight females? A study in injection technique

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Are IMRT treatments in the head and neck region increasing the risk of secondary cancers?

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Are IVC filters required in combat support hospitals?

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Are IVF risk-sharing programs ethical?

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Are IgM-enriched immunoglobulins an effective adjuvant in septic VLBW infants?

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Are Impact Factors corrupting truth and utility in biomedical research?

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Are Indians destined to be diabetic?

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Are Informant Reports of Personality More Internally Consistent Than Self Reports of Personality?

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Are Information, Motivation, and Behavioral Skills Linked with HIV-Related Sexual Risk among Young Men Who Have Sex with Men?

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Are Interactional Behaviors Exhibited When the Self-Reported Health Question is Asked Associated with Health Status?

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Are Internet use and video-game-playing addictive behaviors? Biological, clinical and public health implications for youths and adults

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Are Iodides Foods?

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Are Iraq and Afghanistan veterans using mental health services? New data from a national random-sample survey

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Are Italian nursing students healthy and having protective lifestyle behaviours? A pilot study

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Are Italian pulmonologists aware of the guidelines for asthma management and do they know how to apply them?

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Are Jamaicans really that stigmatizing? A comparison of mental health help-seeking attitudes

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Are Japan's hikikomori and depression in young people spreading abroad?

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Are Japanese criteria for obesity useful for screening at risk Japanese? Consideration from anthropometric indices-percentage body fat relationships

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Are Japanese groups more competitive than Japanese individuals? A cross-cultural validation of the interindividual-intergroup discontinuity effect

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Are Japanese patients more prone to gastro-duodenal mucosal injury and bleeding with the use of antiplatelet agents?

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Are Jatropha curcas phorbol esters degraded by rumen microbes?

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Are Jewish or Gentile children more clannish?

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Are K-12 learners motivated in physical education? A meta-analysis

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Are KIR genes associated with clinical parameters in the course of periodontitis?

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Are KRAS/BRAF mutations potent prognostic and/or predictive biomarkers in colorectal cancers?

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Are Klinefelter boys hypogonadal?

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Are Kohn-Sham conductances accurate?

Cho, M-Haeng., 2014:
Are Korean Adults Meeting the Recommendation for Physical Activity during Leisure Time?

Cho, M.; Kwon, W-Dong.; Jeon, Y-Bae., 2010:
Are Korean secondary school girls physically active during leisure time?

Won, M-Ra.; Choi, Y-Jung., 2014:
Are Koreans prepared for the rapid increase of the single-household elderly? Life satisfaction and depression of the single-household elderly in Korea

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Are L-glutamate and ATP cotransmitters of the peripheral chemoreflex in the rat nucleus tractus solitarius?

Anonymous, 2010 :
Are LASIK referrals a violation of anti-kickback statutes?

Blanchet, K.D., 2010:
Are LESS and NOTES ready for prime time in urology?

Aiken, A.R.A.; Potter, J.E., 2014:
Are Latina women ambivalent about pregnancies they are trying to prevent? Evidence from the Border Contraceptive Access Study

López-Cevallos, D., 2014:
Are Latino immigrants a burden to safety net services in nontraditional immigrant states? Lessons from Oregon

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Are Leaf Lipides Responsive to Solar Radiation?

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Are Lewis b and H type 1 on Helicobacter pylori involved in binding of bacteria to MUC1 mucin?

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Are Logic and Mathematics Identical?: An old thesis of Russell's is reexamined in the light of subsequent developments in mathematical logic

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Are Londoners prepared for an emergency? A longitudinal study following the London bombings

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Are Low- and Middle-Income Countries Repeating Mistakes Made by High-Income Countries in the Control of HIV for Men who have Sex with Men?

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Are MADIT II criteria for implantable cardioverter defibrillator implantation appropriate for Chinese patients?

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Are MD-PhD programs meeting their goals? An analysis of career choices made by graduates of 24 MD-PhD programs

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Are MEFV mutations susceptibility factors in enthesitis-related arthritis patients in the eastern Mediterranean?

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Are MMSE and HDS-R neuropsychological tests adequate for screening HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders?

Harder, B., 2013:
Are MOOCs the future of medical education?

Finazzi, G.; De Stefano, V.; Barbui, T., 2014:
Are MPNs vascular diseases?

de Camargo Pinto, L.Lapagesse.; Maluf, S.Weidner.; Leistner-Segal, S.; Zimmer da Silva, C.; Brusius-Facchin, A.; Burin, M.Graef.; Brustolin, S.; Llerena, J.; Moraes, L.; Vedolin, L.; Schuch, A.; Giugliani, R.; Schwartz, I.Vanessa.Doederlein., 2011:
Are MPS II heterozygotes actually asymptomatic? A study based on clinical and biochemical data, X-inactivation analysis and imaging evaluations

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Are MR Compatible hemoclips safe after control of hemostasis?

Vetti, N.; Kråkenes, J.; Eide, G.E.; Rørvik, J.; Gilhus, N.E.; Espeland, A., 2011:
Are MRI high-signal changes of alar and transverse ligaments in acute whiplash injury related to outcome?

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Are MRSA-patients more contagious in some counties than others?

Pacini, S.; Petrini, I., 2014:
Are MSCs angiogenic cells? New insights on human nestin-positive bone marrow-derived multipotent cells

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Are MSER features really interesting?

Khosropour, C.M.; Lake, J.G.; Sullivan, P.S., 2014:
Are MSM willing to SMS for HIV prevention?

Tang, Q.; Zhou, Z.; Shen, P., 2012:
Are MXenes promising anode materials for Li ion batteries? Computational studies on electronic properties and Li storage capability of Ti3C2 and Ti3C2X2 (X = F, OH) monolayer

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Are MYO1C and MYO1F associated with hearing loss?

Pop-Jordanova, N.; Polenakovic, M.; Pop-Jordanov, J.; Shaltanovska, H.; Trajceska, L., 2016:
Are Macedonian chronic patients alexithymic?

Stijacic, T.; Schroth, R.J.; Lawrence, H.P., 2009:
Are Manitoba dentists aware of the recommendation for a first visit to the dentist by age 1 year?

Treweek, C.; Wood, C.; Martin, J.; Freeth, M., 2018:
Autistic people's perspectives on stereotypes: An interpretative phenomenological analysis

Kryscio, R.J.; Abner, E.L., 2013:
Are Markov and semi-Markov models flexible enough for cognitive panel data?

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Are Meaningful Use Stage 2 certified EHRs ready for interoperability? Findings from the SMART C-CDA Collaborative

Gupta, G., 2014:
Are Medical Apps the future of medicine?

Anonymous, 1908:
Are Medical Organization and the State Society Worth While?

Cohen, J.; Young, B.; Rochon, S.; Faden, L., 2008:
Are Medicare plans complying with CMS regulation?

Bhartiya, D., 2013:
Are Mesenchymal Cells Indeed Pluripotent Stem Cells or Just Stromal Cells? OCT-4 and VSELs Biology Has Led to Better Understanding

Aveling, J.H., 1890:
Are Midwives to be Abolished or Bettered?

Anonymous, 1894:
Are Ministers of Religion Rightly Entitled to the Gratuitous Services of the Medical Profession?

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Are Minority Children Disproportionately Represented in Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education?

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Are Modic Changes Able to Help us in Our Clinical Practice? A Study of the Modic Changes in Young Adults During Working Age

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Are Modic changes related to outcomes in lumbar disc herniation patients treated with imaging-guided lumbar nerve root blocks?

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Are Multimorbidities Underestimated in Scoring Systems of Stevens-Johnson Syndrome and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis Like in SCORTEN?

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Are Mutations of the EGFR Gene Promising Predictive Markers for Anti-EGFR mAbs in Colorectal Carcinomas?

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Are Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and chronic fatigue syndrome different illnesses? A preliminary analysis

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Are Myxobacteria intelligent?

Nigam, P.; Morton, A., 2012:
Are Māori women at increased risk of cardiac complications of Graves disease?

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Are N,N-dihydrodiazatetracene derivatives antiaromatic?

Wilson, D.J.D.; Couchman, S.A.; Dutton, J.L., 2012:
Are N-heterocyclic carbenes "better" ligands than phosphines in main group chemistry? A theoretical case study of ligand-stabilized E2 molecules, L-E-E-L (L = NHC, phosphine; E = C, Si, Ge, Sn, Pb, N, P, As, Sb, Bi)

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Are N-of-1 trials an economically viable option to improve access to selected high cost medications? The Australian experience

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Are NCAM deficient mice an animal model for schizophrenia?

Keogh, K., 2013:
Are NHS trusts finally getting the message about safe staffing levels?

Dudley, N., 2008:
Are NICE stroke guidelines scientific or political?

Levin, A., 2014:
Are NICUs baby friendly or breastfeeding friendly?

Shim, S.S.; Nadeem, R., 2014:
Are NMDA receptor antagonists beneficial in the treatment of schizophrenia?

Milhomem, S.S.R.; Scacchetti, P.C.; Pieczarka, J.C.; Ferguson-Smith, M.A.; Pansonato-Alves, Jé.C.; O'Brien, P.C.M.; Foresti, F.; Nagamachi, C.Y., 2013:
Are NORs always located on homeologous chromosomes? A FISH investigation with rDNA and whole chromosome probes in Gymnotus fishes (Gymnotiformes)

Imbimbo, B.P.; Solfrizzi, V.; Panza, F., 2010:
Are NSAIDs useful to treat Alzheimer's disease or mild cognitive impairment?

Cramer, M.D.; Barger, N.N., 2014:
Are Namibian "fairy circles" the consequence of self-organizing spatial vegetation patterning?

Bracken, H.M., 1900:
Are National Leprosaria in the United States Desirable?

Ahmed, A.O.; Strauss, G.P.; Buchanan, R.W.; Kirkpatrick, B.; Carpenter, W.T., 2016:
Are Negative Symptoms Dimensional or Categorical? Detection and Validation of Deficit Schizophrenia With Taxometric and Latent Variable Mixture Models

Carnegie, M.E., 1964:
Are Negro Schools of Nursing Needed Today?

Adhikari, R., 2010:
Are Nepali students at risk of HIV? A cross-sectional study of condom use at first sexual intercourse among college students in Kathmandu

Molnár, E., 2013:
Are Neto1 and APP auxiliary subunits of NMDA receptors?

Dani, V.; Ganot, P.; Priouzeau, F.; Furla, P.; Sabourault, C., 2014:
Are Niemann-Pick type C proteins key players in cnidarian-dinoflagellate endosymbioses?

Sadek, M.; Kabnick, L.S., 2014:
Are Non-Tumescent Ablation Procedures Ready to Take Over?

Yuan, W.Hsin.; Teng, M.Mu.Huo.; Hsu, H.Chen.; Sun, Y.Chou.; Chang, C.Yen., 2008:
Are Non-contrast MR Images enough for Detection of Fracture Levels Prior to Percutaneous Vertebroplasty in Patients with Osteoporosis?

Snyder, S.M.; Freisthler, B., 2011:
Are Nonprofit Density and Nonprofit Expenditures Related to Youth Deviance?

Köttstorfer, J.; Thomas, A.; Gregori, M.; Kecht, M.; Kaiser, G.; Eipeldauer, S.; Sarahrudi, K., 2014:
Are OPG and RANKL involved in human fracture healing?

Anonymous, 1924:
Are Optometrists Technicians Or Doctors?

Borowiec, A-Sophie.; Bidaux, G.; Tacine, R.; Dubar, P.; Pigat, N.; Delcourt, P.; Mignen, O.; Capiod, T., 2014:
Are Orai1 and Orai3 channels more important than calcium influx for cell proliferation?

Anonymous, 1947:
Are Our Health Defenses Crumbling?

Ruggieri, V.L.; Arberas, C.L., 2018:
Autistic regression: clinical and aetiological aspects

Voisin, S.; Bongard, V.; Tidjane, M.A.; Lhermusier, T.; Carrié, D.; Sié, P., 2012:
Are P2Y12 reaction unit (PRU) and % inhibition index equivalent for the expression of P2Y12 inhibition by the VerifyNow assay? Role of haematocrit and haemoglobin levels

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Are PALB2 mutations associated with increased risk of male breast cancer?

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Are PBDEs an environmental equity concern? Exposure disparities by socioeconomic status

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Are PEI-coated SWCNTs conjugated with hepatitis A virus? A chemical study with SEM, Z-potential, EDXD and RT-PCR

Altuner, D.; Suzen, S.H.; Ates, I.; Koc, G.V.; Aral, Y.; Karakaya, A., 2011:
Are PON1 Q/R 192 and M/L 55 polymorphisms risk factors for diabetes complications in Turkish population?

Maffione, A.Margherita.; Marzola, M.Cristina.; Grassetto, G.; Chondrogiannis, S.; Giammarile, F.; Rubello, D., 2015:
Are PREDIST criteria better than PERCIST criteria as a PET predictor of preoperative treatment response in rectal cancer?

Giannarini, G.; Scott, C.A.; Moro, U.; Pertoldi, B.; Beltrami, C.A.; Selli, C., 2008:
Are PSA density and PSA density of the transition zone more accurate than PSA in predicting the pathological stage of clinically localized prostate cancer?

Rytwinski, N.K.; Rosoff, C.B.; Feeny, N.C.; Zoellner, L.A., 2015 :
Are PTSD treatment choices and treatment beliefs related to depression symptoms and depression-relevant treatment rationales?

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Are ParM filaments polar or bipolar?

Strongosky, A.J.; Farrer, M.; Wszolek, Z.K., 2008:
Are Parkinson disease patients protected from some but not all cancers?

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Are Partin tables suitable for Chinese patients with prostate cancer?

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Are Paterson's critics too biased to recognize rickets?

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Are Patients With Thoracic Malignancies at Risk for Uncontrolled Symptoms?

Radecki, L.; Goldman, R.; Baker, A.; Lindros, J.; Boucher, J., 2014:
Are Pediatricians "Game"? Reducing Childhood Obesity by Training Clinicians to Use Motivational Interviewing Through Role-Play Simulations with Avatars

Anonymous, 1938:
Are Pelvic Measurements Worth Taking?

Patten, S.N., 1908:
Are Pensions for College Teachers a Form of Socialism

Sloan, F.A.; Eldred, L.M.; Guo, T.; Xu, Y., 2013:
Are People Overoptimistic about the Effects of Heavy Drinking?

Anonymous , 1962:
Are Periodic Health Examinations Worth While?

Griffith, C.R., 1922:
Are Permanent Disturbances of Equilibration Inherited?

Amin, H.; Basra, B., 2013:
Are Pfannenstiel scars a boon or a curse for DIEP flap breast reconstructions?

Simos, D.; Hutton, B.; Clemons, M., 2014:
Are Physicians Choosing Wisely When Imaging for Distant Metastases in Women With Operable Breast Cancer?

Anonymous, 1936:
Are Physicians Remiss in Civic Responsibilities?

Porter, J.G., 1930:
Are Planets Rare?

Kramer, G.H.; Capello, K.; Hauck, B.M.; Brown, J.T., 2007:
Are Portable Personnel Portal Monitors too sensitive?

Calha, I.M.; Matias, A.; Neto, M.; Rocha, F., 2010:
Are Portuguese Echinochloa spp. populations still susceptible to propanil?

Wang, X.; Shi, H.; Shang, H.; Su, Y.; Xin, J.; He, W.; Jing, X.; Zhu, B., 2012:
Are Primo Vessels (PVs) on the Surface of Gastrointestine Involved in Regulation of Gastric Motility Induced by Stimulating Acupoints ST36 or CV12?

Pfeffermann, D.; Landsman, V., 2012:
Are Private Schools Better Than Public Schools? Appraisal for Ireland by Methods for Observational Studies

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Are Protein Force Fields Getting Better? A Systematic Benchmark on 524 Diverse NMR Measurements

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Are Psychiatric Diagnoses an Obstacle for Research and Practice? Reliability, Validity and the Problem of Psychiatric Diagnoses. The Case of GAD

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Are PubMed alone and English literature only enough for a meta-analysis?

Sardana, K.; Chugh, S.; Garg, V., 2012:
Are Q-switched lasers for Nevus of Ota really effective in pigmented skin?

Blagg, J.D., 2008:
Are R.T.s embracing the RA role?

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Are RASopathies new monogenic predisposing conditions to the development of systemic lupus erythematosus? Case report and systematic review of the literature

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Autistic Symptoms in Children and Adolescents with Gender Dysphoria

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Are RET/PTC rearrangements in benign thyroid nodules of biological significance?

Finsterer, J.; Stöllberger, C., 2015:
Are RYR2 exon-3 deletions truly causative for non-compaction?

Doyle, J.Mihoko.; Kao, G., 2007:
Are Racial Identities of Multiracials Stable? Changing Self-Identification Among Single and Multiple Race Individuals

Kabolizadeh, P.; Fulay, S.; Beriwal, S., 2013:
Are Radiation Therapy Oncology Group Para-aortic Contouring Guidelines for Pancreatic Neoplasm applicable to other malignancies--assessment of nodal distribution in gynecological malignancies

Velmurugan, G.; Ramamoorthi, B.K.; Venuvanalingam, P., 2014:
Are Re(i) phenanthroline complexes suitable candidates for OLEDs? Answers from DFT and TD-DFT investigations

Xi, J.; Takyi, B.; Lamptey, E., 2014:
Are Recent Immigrants Larger than Earlier Ones at Their Arrival? Cohort Variation in Initial BMI among US Immigrants, 1989-2011

Holmes, S.J., 1915:
Are Recessive Characters Due to Loss?

Van Ness, P.H.; Kasl, S.V.; Jones, B.A., 2002:
Are Religious Women More Likely to Have Breast Cancer Screening?

Subramanian, S.V.; Perkins, J.M., 2010:
Are Republicans healthier than Democrats?

Tolo, V.T., 2014:
Are Research Publications Original and True?

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Are Risky Youth Less Protectable As They Age? The Dynamics of Protection During Adolescence and Young Adulthood

Warchol, G.M., 2008:
Are SNF Web sites up to par?

Thase, M.E., 2008:
Are SNRIs more effective than SSRIs? A review of the current state of the controversy

Garcia, E.V., 2015:
Are SPECT measurements of myocardial blood flow and flow reserve ready for clinical use?

Lugo, C.A.; Cantalapiedra, I.R.; Peñaranda, A.; Hove-Madsen, L.; Echebarria, B., 2014:
Are SR Ca content fluctuations or SR refractoriness the key to atrial cardiac alternans?: insights from a human atrial model

Chen, Y., 2011:
Are SRC family kinases responsible for imatinib- and dasatinib-resistant chronic myeloid leukemias?

Kripke, C., 2008:
Are SSRIs effective for treating OCD?

Alastrué Loscos, I.; Díaz Franco, Aón.; Santos Rubio, Cón.; Corrons, A.Juan., 2017:
Are STI/HIV centers effective in reducing late HIV diagnosis?

Tobías, A.; Caylà, J.A.; Pey, J.; Alastuey, A.; Querol, X., 2011:
Are Saharan dust intrusions increasing the risk of meningococcal meningitis?

Magistad, O.C., 1928:
Are Salt Solutions Musical?

Bingham, E.C., 1922:
Are Scientists Encouraging Popular Ignorance?

Hawkins, L.A., 1946:
Are Scientists Irresponsibles?

Miller, R.Mellado.; Haws, N.A.; Murphy-Tafiti, J.L.; Hubner, C.D.; Curtis, T.D.; Rupp, Z.W.; Smart, T.A.; Thompson, L.M., 2013:
Are Self-Ratings of Functional Difficulties Objective or Subjective?

Sedlecky, K.; Rasevic, M., 2008:
Are Serbian gynaecologists in line with modern family planning?

Warrington, S.J.; Beeson, M.S.; Fire, F.L., 2013:
Are Simulation Stethoscopes a Useful Adjunct for Emergency Residents' Training on High-fidelity Mannequins?

Yamamoto, M.; Takahashi, H.; Shinomura, Y., 2016:
Are Sjögren's syndrome and IgG4-related disease able to coexist?

Elfenbein, H.Anger.; Curhan, J.R.; Eisenkraft, N.; Shirako, A.; Baccaro, L., 2008:
Are Some Negotiators Better Than Others? Individual Differences in Bargaining Outcomes

Macmllan, C., 1903:
Are Stamiens and Pistils Sexual Organs?

Anonymous, 2014:
Are Standardized Knowledge Assessment Exams the Best Way to Assess a Pharmacist's Competence and Should They Be a Mandatory Componentof Licence Renewal?

Osman, A.; Ahmed Hassan, I.S.; Ibrahim, M.Izham.M., 2012:
Are Sudanese community pharmacists capable to prescribe and demonstrate asthma inhaler devices to patrons? A mystery patient study

Rodríguez, M.; Taleisnik, E.; Lenardon, S.; Lascano, R., 2010:
Are Sunflower chlorotic mottle virus infection symptoms modulated by early increases in leaf sugar concentration?

Fumagalli, U.; Bona, S.; Caputo, M.; Elmore, U.; Battafarano, F.; Pestalozza, A.; Rosati, R., 2008:
Are Surgisis biomeshes effective in reducing recurrences after laparoscopic repair of large hiatal hernias?

Humphreys, B.Kim.; Peterson, C.K.; Muehlemann, D.; Haueter, P., 2011:
Are Swiss chiropractors different than other chiropractors? Results of the job analysis survey 2009

Zambello, R.; Teramo, A.; Gattazzo, C.; Semenzato, G., 2014:
Are T-LGL Leukemia and NK-Chronic Lymphoproliferative Disorder really two distinct diseases?

Quinn, A., 2009:
Are T-cell responses to GAD65 influential in type 1 diabetes?

Bladowska, J.; Biel, A.; Zimny, A.; Lubkowska, K.; Bednarek-Tupikowska, G.; Sozanski, T.; Zaleska-Dorobisz, U.; Sasiadek, M., 2012:
Are T2-weighted images more useful than T1-weighted contrast-enhanced images in assessment of postoperative sella and parasellar region?

Chand, M.; Nash, G.F., 2009:
Are TASER guns really safe?

Zhu, Y.; Shi, B.; Xu, Z.; Liu, Y.; Zhang, K.; Li, Y.; Wang, H., 2008:
Are TGF-beta1 and bFGF correlated with bladder underactivity induced by bladder outlet obstruction?

Lin, J.; Kane, L.P., 2011:
Are TIM proteins involved in asthma development or pathology?

Gregersen, N.O.; Buttenschøn, H.N.; Hedemand, A.; Dahl, H.A.; Kristensen, A.S.; Clementsen, B.; Woldbye, D.P.D.; Koefoed, P.; Erhardt, A.; Kruse, T.A.; Wang, A.G.; Børglum, A.D.; Mors, O., 2014:
Are TMEM genes potential candidate genes for panic disorder?

Cho, S-Churl.; Kim, H-Won.; Kim, B-Nyun.; Shin, M-Sup.; Yoo, H.Jeong.; Kim, J-Won.; Bhang, S-Young.; Cho, I.Hee., 2011:
Are Teacher Ratings and Parent Ratings Differently Associated with Children's Intelligence and Cognitive Performance?

Karapetoff, V., 1912:
Are Teachers Entitled to Complimentary Desk Copies of Technical Books?

Kato, H.; Fox, D.A., 2011:
Are Th17 cells an appropriate new target in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis?

Wheelock, A.; Eisingerich, A.B.; Ananworanich, J.; Gomez, G.B.; Hallett, T.B.; Dybul, M.R.; Piot, P., 2013:
Are Thai MSM willing to take PrEP for HIV prevention? An analysis of attitudes, preferences and acceptance

Bensley, B.A., 1901:
Are the Australian Marsupialia of Opossum Derivation

Schuchert, C., 1921:
Are the Lance and Fort Union Formations of Mesozoic Time?

Abdollahifard, G.; Vakili, V.; Danaei, M.; Askarian, M.; Romito, L.; Palenik, C.J., 2013:
Are The Predictors of Hookah Smoking Differ From Those of Cigarette Smoking? Report of a population-based study in Shiraz, Iran, 2010

Bessey, C.E., 1899:
Are the Trees Advancing or Retreating Upon the Nebraska Plains?

Amin, A.N.; Lin, J.; Yang, G.; Stemkowski, S., 2009:
Are There Any Differences in the Clinical and Economic Outcomes Between US Cancer Patients Receiving Appropriate or Inappropriate Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis?

Iwai, T.; Umeda, M.; Inoue, Y., 2012:
Are There Any Objections against Our Hypothesis That Buerger Disease Is an Infectious Disease?

Hu, X.; Wang, Z.; Wang, Q.; Zhang, C.; Hu, G.; Qin, H., 2014:
Are There Differences Between the Upper and Lower Parts of the Superficial Musculoaponeurotic System? A Preliminary Biomechanical Study

Wun, Y.Tsan.; Lam, T.Pong.; Lam, K.Fai.; Ho, P.Leung.; Yung, W.Hung.Raymond., 2014:
Are There Differences in Antibiotic Use Between the Recent-Immigrants from Mainland China and the Local-Born in Hong Kong?

Anonymous, 1919:
Are There Enough Doctors?

Roberts, B.A.; Martel, M.M.; Nigg, J.T., 2013:
Are There Executive Dysfunction Subtypes Within ADHD?

Prendergast, M.; Huang, D.; Evans, E.; Hser, Y-Ing., 2010:
Are There Gender Differences in Arrest Trajectories among Adult Drug Abuse Treatment Participants?

Winchell, A.N., 1934:
Are there Granitic and Basaltic Shells in the Earth?

Sweet, M.A.; Heyman, G.D.; Fu, G.; Lee, K., 2010:
Are There Limits to Collectivism? Culture and Children's Reasoning About Lying to Conceal a Group Transgression

Wilson, E.B., 1934:
Are There Periods In American Business Activity?

Nejtek, V.A.; Kaiser, K.; Vo, H.; Hilburn, C.; Lea, J.; Vishwanatha, J., 2011:
Are There Racial Ethnic Differences in Indigent, Inner-City Clients With Dual-Diagnosis?

Norton, E.S.; Kovelman, I.; Petitto, L-Ann., 2007:
Are There Separate Neural Systems for Spelling? New Insights into the Role of Rules and Memory in Spelling from Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Macdermot, P.N., 1932:
Are there two Forms of Diphtheria Bacillus?

Abdoli, A.; Dalimi, A., 2014:
Are There any Relationships between Latent Toxoplasma gondii Infection, Testosterone Elevation, and Risk of Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Hawley, E.H., 1904:
Are they Sympathetic Drums?

Anonymous, 2010:
Are Three Weeks of Whole-Breast Radiotherapy as Good as Five Weeks in Early Breast Cancer? - 10 Year Follow-Up in the Canadian Trial of Hypofractionated Radiation Therapy

Ghodke, Y.; Chopra, A.; Joshi, K.; Patwardhan, B., 2008:
Are Thymidylate synthase and Methylene tetrahydrofolate reductase genes linked with methotrexate response (efficacy, toxicity) in Indian (Asian) rheumatoid arthritis patients?

Pichat, P., 2015:
Are TiO2 nanotubes worth using in photocatalytic purification of air and water?

Kutikhin, A.G.; Yuzhalin, A.E., 2012:
Are Toll-like receptor gene polymorphisms associated with prostate cancer?

Guggino, G.; Giardina, A.Rita.; Ciccia, F.; Triolo, G.; Dieli, F.; Sireci, G., 2011:
Are Toll-like receptors and decoy receptors involved in the immunopathogenesis of systemic lupus erythematosus and lupus-like syndromes?

Wallace, A.M.; Croft-White, M.V.; Moryk, J., 2013:
Are Toronto's streams sick? A look at the fish and benthic invertebrate communities in the Toronto region in relation to the urban stream syndrome

Kleim, B.; Wallott, F.; Ehlers, A., 2008:
Are Trauma Memories Disjointed from other Autobiographical Memories in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder? An Experimental Investigation

Jafari, Y.; Peeling, R.W.; Shivkumar, S.; Claessens, C.; Joseph, L.; Pai, N.Pant., 2013:
Are Treponema pallidum specific rapid and point-of-care tests for syphilis accurate enough for screening in resource limited settings? Evidence from a meta-analysis

Torzilli, G.; Donadon, M.; Cimino, M., 2013:
Are Tumor Exposure and Anatomical Resection Antithetical during Surgery for Hepatocellular Carcinoma? A Critical Review

Kadiyala, S., 2010:
Are U.S. cancer screening test patterns consistent with guideline recommendations with respect to the age of screening initiation?

Barrett, J., 2007:
Are UC blood transplants prone to developing leukemia?

Ntaios, G.; Chatzinikolaou, A., 2008:
Are UK South Asians still a low-risk population for gastrointestinal cancer?

Souhami, R., 2010:
Are UK cancer cure rates worse than in most other European countries?

Shah, N.M.; Windsor, J.S.; Meijer, H.; Hillebrandt, D., 2011:
Are UK commercial expeditions complying with wilderness medical society guidelines on ascent rates to altitude?

Mirza, D.M., 2010:
Are UK communication skills curricula applicable throughout the world?

Rodrigues, J.; Rodrigues, J.; Sengupta, A.; Ramoutar, D.; Maxwell, S., 2010:
Are UK junior doctors being taught to teach?

Harrison, N.; Cavers, D.; Campbell, C.; Murray, S.A., 2012:
Are UK primary care teams formally identifying patients for palliative care before they die?

Leung, R.S.; Nwachuckwu, C.; Pervaiz, A.; Wallace, C.; Landes, C.; Offiah, A.C., 2009:
Are UK radiologists satisfied with the training and support received in suspected child abuse?

Kemple, T., 2012:
Are UK revalidation proposals for GPs fit for purpose?

Welsh, C.; Hannis, M., 2012:
Are UK undergraduate Forensic Science degrees fit for purpose?

Abdalla, H.I., 2011:
Are US results for assisted reproduction better than the rest? Is it a question of competence or policies?

Minshall, M.E., 2005:
Are USA payers moving beyond pharmaceutical budget impact models and embracing cost-effectiveness analysis?

Turner, Rée.J.; Jickling, G.C.; Sharp, F.R., 2011:
Are Underlying Assumptions of Current Animal Models of Human Stroke Correct: from STAIRs to High Hurdles?

McGaghie, W.C.; Cohen, E.R.; Wayne, D.B., 2011:
Are United States Medical Licensing Exam Step 1 and 2 scores valid measures for postgraduate medical residency selection decisions?

Eren, M.I.; Greenspan, A.; Sampson, C.Garth., 2008:
Are Upper Paleolithic blade cores more productive than Middle Paleolithic discoidal cores? A replication experiment

Astor, J., 2009:
Are Urban and Colman really in opposition over Fordham's model of the self?

Arya, M.; Bush, A.L.; Kallen, M.A.; Rodriguez-Barradas, M.C.; Giordano, T.P., 2014:
Are VA primary care providers aware of HIV testing recommendations for Veterans? Findings at an urban VA primary care clinic

Harris, A.H.S.; Reeder, R.N.; Ellerbe, L.; Bowe, T., 2011:
Are VHA administrative location codes valid indicators of specialty substance use disorder treatment?

Robinson, A.L., 1980:
Are VLSI Microcircuits Too Hard to Design?

Anonymous, 1994:
Are Vegetarians Healthier?: A Page for Patients From THE WESTERN JOURNAL OF MEDICINE and Your Physician

Bigland, C., 1960:
Are Veterinarians "On The Way Out" Again?

Lycett, S.J., 2008:
Are Victoria West cores "proto-Levallois"? A phylogenetic assessment

Anonymous, 1962:
Are Viruses Alive?

Okun, M.; Infurna, F.J.; Hutchinson, I., 2016:
Are Volunteer Satisfaction and Enjoyment Related to Cessation of Volunteering by Older Adults?

Maranho, L.A.; Garrido-Pérez, M.C.; Baena-Nogueras, R.M.; Lara-Martín, P.A.; Antón-Martín, R.; DelValls, T.A.; Martín-Díaz, M.L., 2015:
Are WWTPs effluents responsible for acute toxicity? Seasonal variations of sediment quality at the Bay of Cádiz (SW, Spain)

Waldrop, M.M., 1987:
Are We All in the Grip of a Great Attractor?: The Milky Way and all the other galaxies in the immediate universe may be under the sway of a mass to dwarf the superclusters

Brown, E.E., 1907:
Are we An Inventive people in the Field of Education?

Perry, E.B., 1935:
Are We Conscious for Better Hospitals?

Anonymous, 1948:
Are We Convinced?

Anonymous, 1906:
Are We Doing All We Should?

Pottenger, F.M., 1913:
Are We Doing as Much for the Tuberculosis Patient as We Should?

Hill, A.C., 1962:
Are We Inviting Government Intervention in Medicine?

Sieber, D.A.; Van Beek, A.L., 2014:
Are We Killing Our Fat Cells before Grafting Them?

Evans, G.H., 1916:
Are we Making Progress in the Early Recognition of Tuberculosis?

Abrams, J.A., 2009:
Are We Making Progress in Preventing Barrett's-Related Esophageal Cancer?

McNutt, L-Anne.; Waltermaurer, E.; Bednarczyk, R.A.; Carlson, B.E.; Kotval, J.; McCauley, J.; Campbell, J.C.; Ford, D.E., 2009:
Are We Misjudging How Well Informed Consent Forms are Read?

Anonymous, 1905:
Are We Owned by the Nostrums?

Blue, R., 1919:
Are we Physically Fit?: United States Handicapped in Coming Period of Commercial and Industrial Competition

Cohn, V., 1965:
Are We Really Telling the People about Science?: Science reporters are not doing well enough--scientists and science agencies often fail to help

Hubbert, M.K., 1963:
Are We Retrogressing in Science?: Despite superficial evidence to the contrary, science in the United States is in a state of confusion

Fairbairn, J.S., 1934:
Are we Satisfied with the Results of Ante-Natal Care ?

Maxie, G., 1987:
Are We providing Leadership?

Tait, J., 2007:
Are Web sites for veterinary practices worthwhile?

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Are Web-based Surveys the New Epidemiological Mode For Healthcare Research? - The Saudi Perspective

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Are You Going To St. Louis?

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Are You Interested in the Definition of Oral Surgery?

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Are You Keeping Up-to-Date?

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Are You Up-to-Date?

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Are You spending too much time looking up technical words that can't be found by your regular spell-checker?

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Are acute stroke-ready hospitals ready?

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Are adenine strands helical H-aggregates?

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Are adenosine antagonists, such as istradefylline, caffeine, and chocolate, useful in the treatment of Parkinson's disease?

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Are adrenaline autoinjectors fit for purpose? A pilot study of the mechanical and injection performance characteristics of a cartridge-versus a syringe-based autoinjector

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Are adrenergic receptor blockers effective or contraindicated in pulmonary arterial hypertension?

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Are aging and death programmed in our genes?

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Autistic Traits Are Not a Strong Predictor of Binocular Rivalry Dynamics

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Are aliens among us?

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Are all IV thrombolysis exclusion criteria necessary? Being SMART about evidence-based medicine

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Are all antegrade cerebral perfusion techniques equal?

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Are all antidepressants alike?

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Are all antidepressants equal?

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Are all antipsychotic drugs the same?

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Are all antipsychotics equal?

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Are all aromatase inhibitors alike?

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Are all bileaflet mechanical valves equal?

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Are all cancer stem cells created equal?

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Are all clinical trial sites created equal?

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Are all colloids same? How to select the right colloid?

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Are all colon cancers created equal?

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Are all drug-eluting stents the same?

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Are all end points created equal? The case for weighting

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Are all fish equally close to the heart?

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Are all granzymes cytotoxic in vivo?

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Are all hip implants created equal? An FDA analysis takes on the question and finds that newer doesn't mean better

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Are all illegal drugs soon to be legal? (5)

Nau, J-Yves., 2011:
Are all illegal drugs soon to be legal? (6)

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Are all individuals equally sensitive in the blood pressure to high salt intake? (Review article)

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Are all interferons the same for therapy in polycythemia vera?

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Are all lawyers the same?

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Autistic traits in a sample of adult patients with schizophrenia: prevalence and correlates

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Are all models wrong? Absolutely not

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Are all motoneurons created equal in the eyes of REM sleep and the mechanisms of muscle atonia?

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Are all multisubunit tethering complexes bona fide tethers?

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Are all mutant SNARES equal?

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Are all myelomas preceded by MGUS?

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Are all n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids created equal?

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Are all of your point of information needs covered?

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Are all patients that count included in palliative care studies?

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Are all pelvic (nonuterine) serous carcinomas of tubal origin?

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Are all perpetrators alike? Comparing risk factors for sexual coercion and aggression

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Are all pharmacy staff interested in potential future roles?

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Are all physical therapists qualified to provide sideline coverage of athletic events?

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Are all placebo respondents non-smokers?

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Are all pneumococcal infections mixed infections with viruses?

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Are all polar molecules hydrophilic? Hydration numbers of ketones and esters in aqueous solution

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Are all polar molecules hydrophilic? Hydration numbers of nitro compounds and nitriles in aqueous solution

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Are all pressure ulcers the result of deep tissue injury? A review of the literature

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Are all proton pump inhibitors created equal?

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Are all psittacine birds carriers of Cryptococcus neoformans?

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Are all pulmonary embolism clinical decision rules equal?

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Are all rational moralities equivalent?

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Are all readmissions bad readmissions?

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Are all readmissions the same?

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Are all regions of folded proteins that undergo ligand-dependent order-disorder transitions targets for allosteric peptide mimetics?

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Are all risks equal? Early experiences of poverty-related risk and children's functioning

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Are all seborrheic keratoses benign? Review of the typical lesion and its variants

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Are all sex chromosomes created equal?

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Are all soft tissue calcifications detected by cone-beam computed tomography in the submandibular region sialoliths?

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Are all species of Pseudorhabdosynochus strictly host specific? A molecular study

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Are all statins the same? Focus on the efficacy and tolerability of pitavastatin

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Are all steaks created equal?

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Are all subtypes created equal? The effectiveness of antiretroviral therapy against non-subtype B HIV-1

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Are all surgical referrals for endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography necessary?

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Are all the miRBase-registered microRNAs true? A structure- and expression-based re-examination in plants

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Are all types of expertise created equal? Car experts use different spatial frequency scales for subordinate categorization of cars and faces

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Are all types of morality compromised in psychopathy?

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Are all types of vertical information created equal?

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Are all units created equal?

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Are all urethral catheters created equal?

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Are all ventricular septal defects created equal?

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Are all "milks" created equal?

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Are all-cause and diagnosis-specific sickness absence, and sick-leave duration risk indicators for suicidal behaviour? A nationwide register-based cohort study of 4.9 million inhabitants of Sweden

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Are allergy advisory statements helpful to patients with food allergy?

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Are allogenic or xenogenic screws and plates a reasonable alternative to alloplastic material for osteosynthesis--a histomorphological analysis in a dynamic system

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Are aloe-coated gloves effective in healthcare?

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Are alpha-fetoprotein and other markers useful in the diagnosis and prognosis of hepatocellular carcinoma?

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Are alpha9alpha10 nicotinic acetylcholine receptors a pain target for alpha-conotoxins?

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Are alterations in transmitter receptor and ion channel expression responsible for epilepsies?

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Are altered smooth pursuit eye movements related to chronic pain and disability following whiplash injuries? A prospective trial with one-year follow-up

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Are alternative airway devices beneficial in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest?

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Are alternative donors really still "alternative?"

French, C.J.; Dodd, T.H., 2010:
Are alternative investments the right approach for your organization?

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Are alternative supplements effective treatment for diabetes mellitus?

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Are ambient water quality criteria for copper protective of olfactory impairment in fish?

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Are ambivalent α-helices entropically driven?

Archer, S.M., 2013:
Are amblyopia treatments really all equal? Is that even the right question?

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Are ambulatory femoral catheters for hemodialysis a safe vascular access?

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Are ambulatory surgical patients as healthy as we think? Using a self-reported health status questionnaire to identify unsuspected medical comorbidities

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Are amended surgical pathology reports getting to the correct responsible care provider?

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Are amyloid fibrils molecular spandrels?

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Are amyloid-degrading enzymes viable therapeutic targets in Alzheimer's disease?

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Are anabolic-androgenic steroid users polysubstance users?

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Are anaesthetists adequately trained to resuscitate patients?

Brummell, Z.; Khetani, H.; Seneviratne, R., 2012:
Are anaesthetists sure of the catheter length inserted into the epidural space?

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Are analogue insulins superior to human insulin in clinical practice?

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Are analyses of cytological cervix smears from young women more harmful than beneficial?

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Are analysts doing method validation in liquid chromatography?

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Are anaplastic lymphoma kinase gene rearrangements in non-small cell lung cancer prognostic, predictive, or both?

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Are ancient durum wheats less toxic to celiac patients? A study of α-gliadin from Graziella Ra and Kamut

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Are ancient proteins responsible for the age-related decline in health and fitness?

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Are anesthesia and surgery during infancy associated with altered academic performance during childhood?

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Are anesthesia start and end times randomly distributed? The influence of electronic records

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Are aneuploidy and chromosome breakage caused by a CINgle mechanism?

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Are aneurysms treated with balloon-assisted coiling and stent-assisted coiling different? Morphological analysis of 113 unruptured wide-necked aneurysms treated with adjunctive devices

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Are angiotensin II receptor antagonists useful strategies in steatotic and nonsteatotic livers in conditions of partial hepatectomy under ischemia-reperfusion?

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Are angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors and angiotensin 2 receptor blockers teratogenic?

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Are angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors and angiotensin receptor blockers especially useful for cardiovascular protection?

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Are angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors and angiotensin receptor blockers safe in pregnancy: a report of ninety-one pregnancies

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Are anidulafungin or voriconazole released from polymethylmethacrylate in vitro?

IVY, A.C.; ZOBEL, A.F., 2012:
Are animal experiments needed?

Bonhoeffer, P., 2010:
Are animal experiments the crux for decision making in whether new heart valves can be brought to clinical practice?

Shanks, N.; Greek, R.; Greek, J., 2009:
Are animal models predictive for humans?

Mitchell, B.F.; Taggart, M.J., 2009 :
Are animal models relevant to key aspects of human parturition?

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Are animal models useful for studying human disc disorders/degeneration?

Balls, M., 2013:
Are animal tests inherently valid?

Gundamaraju, R.; Vemuri, R.Chandra.; Hwi, K.Kah., 2014:
Are animals a bane for the spread of the deadly malady, the corona virus (MERS)?