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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 51697

Chapter 51697 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Miyaji, R.; Asano, K.; Matsubara, S., 2014:
Asymmetric chroman synthesis via an intramolecular oxy-Michael addition by bifunctional organocatalysts

Sundararaman, B.; Avitabile, D.; Konstandin, M.H.; Cottage, C.T.; Gude, N.; Sussman, M.A., 2012:
Asymmetric chromatid segregation in cardiac progenitor cells is enhanced by Pim-1 kinase

Ucci, A.P.; Martins, P.M.M.; Lau, I.F.; Bacci, Mício.; Belasque, Jé.; Ferreira, H., 2014:
Asymmetric chromosome segregation in Xanthomonas citri ssp. citri

Yuan, J.T.; Teng, E.; Heller, J.B.; Kawamoto, H.K.; Bradley, J.P., 2013:
Asymmetric class III malocclusion: association with cranial base deformation and occult torticollis

Tojima, T.; Itofusa, R.; Kamiguchi, H., 2010:
Asymmetric clathrin-mediated endocytosis drives repulsive growth cone guidance

Biswas, M.Kumar.; Patra, S.Chandra.; Maity, A.Nath.; Ke, S-Chu.; Weyhermüller, T.; Ghosh, P., 2013:
Asymmetric cleavage of 2,2'-pyridil to a picolinic acid anion radical coordinated to ruthenium(II): splitting of water to hydrogen

Śmieja, M.; Warszycki, D.; Tabor, J.; Bojarski, A.J., 2015:
Asymmetric clustering index in a case study of 5-HT1A receptor ligands

Roth, J.C.; Franconeri, S.L., 2012:
Asymmetric coding of categorical spatial relations in both language and vision

Wieland, S.; Nunes, A., 2014:
Asymmetric coevolutionary voter dynamics

Lee, S.H.; Fung, E.Y.; Riley, E.K.; Liddell, C.M., 2009:
Asymmetric colloidal dimers under quasi-two-dimensional confinement

Rajput, S.K.; Nishchal, N.K., 2012:
Asymmetric color cryptosystem using polarization selective diffractive optical element and structured phase mask

Ferraro, N.; Palopoli, L.; Panni, S.; Rombo, S.E., 2011:
Asymmetric comparison and querying of biological networks

Tai, H-Yin.; Chou, S-Huey.; Cheng, L-Ping.; Yu, H-Te.; Don, T-Ming., 2016:
Asymmetric composite membranes from chitosan and tricalcium phosphate useful for guided bone regeneration

Oshima, A.; Tani, K.; Toloue, M.M.; Hiroaki, Y.; Smock, A.; Inukai, S.; Cone, A.; Nicholson, B.J.; Sosinsky, G.E.; Fujiyoshi, Y., 2011:
Asymmetric configurations and N-terminal rearrangements in connexin26 gap junction channels

Weng, J.; Ma, J.; Fan, K.; Wang, W., 2009:
Asymmetric conformational flexibility in the ATP-binding cassette transporter HI1470/1

Reddy, V.R.Sudha.; Chakrabarti, S.Kumar.; Singh, M.Ch.; Devi, P.Punyabati.; Singh, C.Ksh.; Sharma, N.G., 2012:
Asymmetric conjoined twins: pyopagus parasite

Zhao, K.; Loh, T-Peng., 2015:
Asymmetric conjugate addition of Grignard reagents to 3-silyl unsaturated esters for the facile preparation of enantioenriched β-silylcarbonyl compounds and allylic silanes

Mao, B.; Fañanás-Mastral, Mín.; Feringa, B.L., 2013:
Asymmetric conjugate addition of Grignard reagents to pyranones

Maciver, E.E.; Maksymowicz, R.M.; Wilkinson, N.; Roth, P.M.C.; Fletcher, S.P., 2014:
Asymmetric conjugate addition of alkylzirconium reagents to α,β-unsaturated lactones

Strohmeier, M.; Leach, K.; Zajac, M.A., 2012:
Asymmetric conjugate addition of glycine derivatives under copper catalysis

Espinosa, M.; Blay, G.; Cardona, L.; Pedro, Jé.R., 2013:
Asymmetric conjugate addition of malonate esters to α,β-unsaturated N-sulfonyl imines: an expeditious route to chiral δ-aminoesters and piperidones

Wang, L.; Zhang, Q.; Zhou, X.; Liu, X.; Lin, L.; Qin, B.; Feng, X., 2010:
Asymmetric conjugate addition of nitromethane to enones catalyzed by chiral N,N'-dioxide-scandium(III) complexes

Li, X.; Luo, S.; Cheng, J-Pei., 2011:
Asymmetric conjugate addition of oxindoles to 2-chloroacrylonitrile: a highly effective organocatalytic strategy for simultaneous construction of 1,3-nonadjacent stereocenters leading to chiral pyrroloindolines

Germain, N.; Guénée, L.; Mauduit, M.; Alexakis, A., 2013:
Asymmetric conjugate addition to α-substituted enones/enolate trapping

Wu, T.Robert.; Chong, J.Michael., 2007:
Asymmetric conjugate alkenylation of enones catalyzed by chiral diols

Sakaguchi, Y.; Kurono, N.; Yamauchi, K.; Ohkuma, T., 2014:
Asymmetric conjugate hydrocyanation of α,β-unsaturated N-acylpyrroles with the Ru(phgly)2(binap)-CH3OLi catalyst system

Gallagher, B.D.; Taft, B.R.; Lipshutz, B.H., 2010:
Asymmetric conjugate reductions of coumarins. A new route to tolterodine and related coumarin derivatives

Hartmann, E.; Oestreich, M., 2010:
Asymmetric conjugate silyl transfer in iterative catalytic sequences: synthesis of the C7-C16 fragment of (+)-neopeltolide

Hurley, R.S.; Bonakdarpour, B.; Wang, X.; Mesulam, M-Marsel., 2015:
Asymmetric connectivity between the anterior temporal lobe and the language network

Munguia-Vega, A.; Jackson, A.; Marinone, S.Guido.; Erisman, B.; Moreno-Baez, M.; Girón-Nava, A.; Pfister, T.; Aburto-Oropeza, O.; Torre, J., 2014:
Asymmetric connectivity of spawning aggregations of a commercially important marine fish using a multidisciplinary approach

Li, Z.; Moore, A.Bacon.; Tyner, C.; Hu, X., 2009:
Asymmetric connectivity reduction and its relationship to "HAROLD" in aging brain

Zhang, G-Fen.; Lövei, Gábor.L.; Hu, M.; Wan, F-Hao., 2015:
Asymmetric consequences of host plant occupation on the competition between the whiteflies Bemisia tabaci cryptic species MEAM1 and Trialeurodes vaporariorum (Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae)

Rowlett, V.Wells.; Margolin, W., 2014:
Asymmetric constriction of dividing Escherichia coli cells induced by expression of a fusion between two min proteins

Xue, Z-Yong.; Fang, X.; Wang, C-Jiang., 2011:
Asymmetric construction of 3-vinylidene-pyrrolidine derivatives containing allene moiety via Ag(I)/TF-BiphamPhos-catalyzed 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition of azomethine ylides with diethyl 2-(3,3-diphenylpropa-1,2-dienylidene) malonate

Takao, K-ichi.; Sakamoto, S.; Touati, M.Ayaka.; Kusakawa, Y.; Tadano, K-ichi., 2013:
Asymmetric construction of all-carbon quaternary stereocenters by chiral-auxiliary-mediated Claisen rearrangement and total synthesis of (+)-bakuchiol

Shindo, M.; Yamamoto, Y.; Yamada, K-Ichi.; Tomioka, K., 2009:
Asymmetric construction of binaphthyl by the chiral diether-mediated conjugate addition of naphthyllithium to naphthalenecarboxylic acid 2,6-di-t-butyl-4-methoxyphenyl ester

Li, Q-Hua.; Wei, L.; Chen, X.; Wang, C-Jiang., 2014:
Asymmetric construction of fluorinated imidazolidines via Cu(I)-catalyzed exo'-selective 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition of azomethine ylides with fluorinated imines

Zhong, F.; Chen, G-Ying.; Han, X.; Yao, W.; Lu, Y., 2014:
Asymmetric construction of functionalized bicyclic imides via [3 + 2] annulation of MBH carbonates catalyzed by dipeptide-based phosphines

Yang, H.; Carter, R.G., 2009:
Asymmetric construction of nitrogen-containing [2.2.2] bicyclic scaffolds using N-( p-dodecylphenylsulfonyl)-2-pyrrolidinecarboxamide

Cai, Q.; Zhao, Z-An.; You, S-Li., 2009:
Asymmetric construction of polycyclic indoles through olefin cross-metathesis/intramolecular Friedel-Crafts alkylation under sequential catalysis

Suzuki, M.; Kawamoto, Y.; Sakai, T.; Yamamoto, Y.; Tomioka, K., 2009:
Asymmetric construction of quaternary carbon centers by sequential conjugate addition of lithium amide and in situ alkylation: utility in the synthesis of (-)-aspidospermidine

Qian, Z-Qing.; Zhou, F.; Du, T-Ping.; Wang, B-Lun.; Ding, M.; Zhao, X-Li.; Zhou, J., 2010:
Asymmetric construction of quaternary stereocenters by direct organocatalytic amination of 3-substituted oxindoles

Dunn, T.B.; Ellis, J.Michael.; Kofink, C.C.; Manning, J.R.; Overman, L.E., 2010:
Asymmetric construction of rings A-D of daphnicyclidin-type alkaloids

Wu, W.; Huang, H.; Yuan, X.; Zhu, K.; Ye, J., 2013:
Asymmetric construction of spirocyclohexanonerhodanines catalyzed by simple diamine derived from chiral tert-leucine

Albertshofer, K.; Tan, B.; Barbas, C.F., 2014:
Asymmetric construction of spirocyclopentenebenzofuranone core structures via highly selective phosphine-catalyzed [3 + 2] cycloaddition reactions

Nie, J.; Guo, H-Chao.; Cahard, D.; Ma, J-An., 2010:
Asymmetric construction of stereogenic carbon centers featuring a trifluoromethyl group from prochiral trifluoromethylated substrates

Yamamoto, Y.; Yasuda, Y.; Nasu, H.; Tomioka, K., 2009:
Asymmetric construction of three contiguous stereogenic centers by conjugate addition-alkylation of lithium ester enolate

Li, Q-Hua.; Tong, M-Chao.; Li, J.; Tao, H-Yan.; Wang, C-Jiang., 2012:
Asymmetric construction of trifluoromethylated pyrrolidines via Cu(I)-catalyzed 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition of azomethine ylides with 4,4,4-trifluorocrotonates

Huh, J.; Na, J.; Ha, J.Sook.; Kim, S.; Kim, G.Tae., 2011:
Asymmetric contacts on a single SnO₂ nanowire device: an investigation using an equivalent circuit model

Molnár, B.; Ercsey-Ravasz, Mária., 2014:
Asymmetric continuous-time neural networks without local traps for solving constraint satisfaction problems

Makwana, K.Madhusudan.; Mahalakshmi, R., 2015:
Asymmetric contribution of aromatic interactions stems from spatial positioning of the interacting aryl pairs in β-hairpins

Maki, Y.; Wong, K.Foon.Kevin.; Sugiura, M.; Ozaki, T.; Sadato, N., 2008:
Asymmetric control mechanisms of bimanual coordination: an application of directed connectivity analysis to kinematic and functional MRI data

Liu, S.; Huang, C-Qun.; Shen, C-Yin.; Chu, Y-Nan., 2014 :
Asymmetric control method for ion shutter and the resolution improvement of ion mobility spectrum

Frigon, A.; Gossard, J-Pierre., 2009:
Asymmetric control of cycle period by the spinal locomotor rhythm generator in the adult cat

Xu, H.; Zuend, S.J.; Woll, M.G.; Tao, Y.; Jacobsen, E.N., 2010:
Asymmetric cooperative catalysis of strong Brønsted acid-promoted reactions using chiral ureas

Lin, Z.; Gong, L.; Celik, M.Ali.; Harms, K.; Frenking, G.; Meggers, E., 2011:
Asymmetric coordination chemistry by chiral-auxiliary-mediated dynamic resolution under thermodynamic control

Miyake, G.M.; Mariott, W.R.; Chen, E.Y-X., 2007:
Asymmetric coordination polymerization of acrylamides by enantiomeric metallocenium ester enolate catalysts

Liu, Y.; Ren, W-Min.; Liu, J.; Lu, X-Bing., 2013:
Asymmetric copolymerization of CO2 with meso-epoxides mediated by dinuclear cobalt(III) complexes: unprecedented enantioselectivity and activity

Spangler, K.Yearick.; Wolf, C., 2009:
Asymmetric copper(I)-catalyzed Henry reaction with an aminoindanol-derived bisoxazolidine ligand

Zhou, F.; Tan, C.; Tang, J.; Zhang, Y-Yan.; Gao, W-Ming.; Wu, H-Hong.; Yu, Y-Hua.; Zhou, J., 2013:
Asymmetric copper(I)-catalyzed azide-alkyne cycloaddition to quaternary oxindoles

Slattery, C.N.; Maguire, A.R., 2011:
Asymmetric copper-catalysed intramolecular C-H insertion reactions of α-diazo-β-keto sulfones

Madduri, A.V.R.; Harutyunyan, S.R.; Minnaard, A.J., 2012:
Asymmetric copper-catalyzed addition of Grignard reagents to aryl alkyl ketones

Fang, P.; Hou, X-Long., 2009:
Asymmetric copper-catalyzed propargylic substitution reaction of propargylic acetates with enamines

Beenen, M.A.; An, C.; Ellman, J.A., 2008:
Asymmetric copper-catalyzed synthesis of alpha-amino boronate esters from N-tert-butanesulfinyl aldimines

Dai, J.; Zhai, H.; Zhou, A.; Gong, Y.; Luo, L., 2014:
Asymmetric correlation between experienced parental attachment and event-related potentials evoked in response to parental faces

Elboher, E.; Werman, M., 2014:
Asymmetric correlation: a noise robust similarity measure for template matching

Brancucci, A.; Prete, G.; Meraglia, E.; di Domenico, A.; Lugli, V.; Penolazzi, B.; Tommasi, L., 2012:
Asymmetric cortical adaptation effects during alternating auditory stimulation

da Rocha, Aônio.José.; Braga, Fávio.Túlio.; da Silva, C.Jorge.; Toyama, C.; Gama, H.Pereira.Pinto.; de Oliveira, M.Antonio.Conde., 2011:
Asymmetric cortical degenerative syndromes: an integrated approach to clinical and imaging review

Connell, M.; Cabernard, C.; Ricketson, D.; Doe, C.Q.; Prehoda, K.E., 2012:
Asymmetric cortical extension shifts cleavage furrow position in Drosophila neuroblasts

Wu, A.D.; Petzinger, G.M.; Lin, C-Ho.J.; Kung, M.; Fisher, B., 2007:
Asymmetric corticomotor excitability correlations in early Parkinson's disease

Wang, X.; List, B., 2007:
Asymmetric counteranion-directed catalysis for the epoxidation of enals

Mahlau, M.; List, B., 2013:
Asymmetric counteranion-directed catalysis: concept, definition, and applications

Mahlau, M.; García-García, P.; List, B., 2012:
Asymmetric counteranion-directed catalytic Hosomi-Sakurai reaction

Liao, S.; List, B., 2009:
Asymmetric counteranion-directed transition-metal catalysis: enantioselective epoxidation of alkenes with manganese(III) salen phosphate complexes

Chen, C-Yun.; Un, I-Wai.; Tai, N-Hwa.; Yen, T-Jen., 2009:
Asymmetric coupling between subradiant and superradiant plasmonic resonances and its enhanced sensing performance

Gupta, A.Kumar.; Dhiman, I., 2014:
Asymmetric coupling in two-lane simple exclusion processes with Langmuir kinetics: phase diagrams and boundary layers

Pérez-Sánchez, G.; Losada-Pérez, P.; Cerdeiriña, C.A.; Sengers, J.V.; Anisimov, M.A., 2010:
Asymmetric criticality in weakly compressible liquid mixtures

Yin, T.; Xu, C.; Lv, H.; Liu, S.; Wang, M.; Chen, Z.; Shen, W., 2014:
Asymmetric criticality of binary ionic solutions containing 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate and alcohol

Yin, T.; Liu, S.; Xie, J.; Shen, W., 2013:
Asymmetric criticality of the osmotic compressibility in binary mixtures

McGrew, G.I.; Stanciu, C.; Zhang, J.; Carroll, P.J.; Dreher, S.D.; Walsh, P.J., 2013:
Asymmetric cross-coupling of aryl triflates to the benzylic position of benzylamines

Glorius, F., 2008 :
Asymmetric cross-coupling of non-activated secondary alkyl halides

Neel, A.J.; Hehn, Jörg.P.; Tripet, P.F.; Toste, F.Dean., 2014:
Asymmetric cross-dehydrogenative coupling enabled by the design and application of chiral triazole-containing phosphoric acids

Hiroi, Y.; Komine, N.; Komiya, S.; Hirano, M., 2013:
Asymmetric cross-dimerization between methyl methacrylate and substituted alkene by Ru(0)-bicyclononadiene complex

Chen, K-Ming.; Yeh, S-Ling., 2009:
Asymmetric cross-modal effects in time perception

Noriega, C.E.; Lin, H-Yin.; Chen, L-Ling.; Williams, S.B.; Stewart, V., 2010:
Asymmetric cross-regulation between the nitrate-responsive NarX-NarL and NarQ-NarP two-component regulatory systems from Escherichia coli K-12

Wang, M.; Lin, L.; Shi, J.; Liu, X.; Kuang, Y.; Feng, X., 2011:
Asymmetric crossed-conjugate addition of nitroalkenes to enones by a chiral bifunctional diamine organocatalyst

Pasick, C.; McDonald-McGinn, D.M.; Simbolon, C.; Low, D.; Zackai, E.; Jackson, O., 2014:
Asymmetric crying facies in the 22q11.2 deletion syndrome: implications for future screening

Karagol, B.Saygili.; Zenciroglu, A., 2010:
Asymmetric crying facies with a couple of primary mandibular central incisor and 22q11 deletion

Hu, X-Ping.; Chen, J.; Xia, B.; Mu, D-Zhi., 2008:
Asymmetric crying facies: report of five cases

Qin, W.; Peng, X., 2010:
Asymmetric cryptosystem based on phase-truncated Fourier transforms

Liu, W.; Liu, Z.; Liu, S., 2013:
Asymmetric cryptosystem using random binary phase modulation based on mixture retrieval type of Yang-Gu algorithm

Anwar, J.; Chatchawalsaisin, J.; Kendrick, J., 2007:
Asymmetric crystal growth of alpha-resorcinol from the vapor phase: surface reconstruction and conformational change are the culprits

Feudner, E.M.; Gelisken, F.; Szurman, P., 2007:
Asymmetric crystalline retinal deposits

Perrachione, T.K.; Chiao, J.Y.; Wong, P.C.M., 2009:
Asymmetric cultural effects on perceptual expertise underlie an own-race bias for voices

Wang, J.; Li, W.; Liu, Y.; Chu, Y.; Lin, L.; Liu, X.; Feng, X., 2010:
Asymmetric cyanation of activated olefins with ethyl cyanoformate catalyzed by a modular titanium catalyst

Wang, J.; Wang, W.; Li, W.; Hu, X.; Shen, K.; Tan, C.; Liu, X.; Feng, X., 2009:
Asymmetric cyanation of aldehydes, ketones, aldimines, and ketimines catalyzed by a versatile catalyst generated from cinchona alkaloid, achiral substituted 2,2'-biphenol and tetraisopropyl titanate

Lin, L.; Yin, W.; Fu, X.; Zhang, J.; Ma, X.; Wang, R., 2012:
Asymmetric cyanation of nitroalkenes catalyzed by a salen-titanium catalyst

Pei, C-Kui.; Shi, M., 2012:
Asymmetric cyclization reactions of allenoates with imines or α,β-unsaturated ketones catalyzed by organocatalysts derived from cinchona alkaloids

Zhu, Y.; Xie, M.; Dong, S.; Zhao, X.; Lin, L.; Liu, X.; Feng, X., 2011:
Asymmetric cycloaddition of β,γ-unsaturated α-ketoesters with electron-rich alkenes catalyzed by a chiral Er(OTf)3/N,N'-dioxide complex: highly enantioselective synthesis of 3,4-dihydro-2H-pyrans

Suga, H.; Furihata, Y.; Sakamoto, A.; Itoh, K.; Okumura, Y.; Tsuchida, T.; Kakehi, A.; Baba, T., 2011:
Asymmetric cycloaddition reactions of diazoesters with 2-alkenoic acid derivatives catalyzed by binaphthyldiimine-Ni(II) complexes

Alden-Danforth, E.; Scerba, M.T.; Lectka, T., 2008:
Asymmetric cycloadditions of o-quinone methides employing chiral ammonium fluoride precatalysts

Wang, C.; Tunge, J.A., 2008:
Asymmetric cycloadditions of palladium-polarized aza-o-xylylenes

Nishimura, T.; Maeda, Y.; Hayashi, T., 2010:
Asymmetric cyclopropanation of alkenes with dimethyl diazomalonate catalyzed by chiral diene-rhodium complexes

Herchl, R.; Waser, M., 2014:
Asymmetric cyclopropanation of chalcones using chiral phase-transfer catalysts

Castano, B.; Guidone, S.; Gallo, E.; Ragaini, F.; Casati, N.; Macchi, P.; Sisti, M.; Caselli, A., 2013:
Asymmetric cyclopropanation of olefins catalysed by Cu(I) complexes of chiral pyridine-containing macrocyclic ligands (Pc-L*)

Chen, Y.; Zhang, X.Peter., 2007:
Asymmetric cyclopropanation of styrenes catalyzed by metal complexes of D2-symmetrical chiral porphyrin: superiority of cobalt over iron

Cheng, Y.; An, J.; Lu, L-Qiu.; Luo, L.; Wang, Z-Yi.; Chen, J-Rong.; Xiao, W-Jing., 2011:
Asymmetric cyclopropanation of β,γ-unsaturated α-ketoesters with stabilized sulfur ylides catalyzed by C2-symmetric ureas

Frandsen, M.T.; Sarkar, S., 2010:
Asymmetric dark matter and the sun

Kahle, K.M.; Steger, H.Kirby.; Root, M.J., 2010:
Asymmetric deactivation of HIV-1 gp41 following fusion inhibitor binding

Xiao, Y-Cai.; Yue, C-Zhen.; Chen, P-Qiao.; Chen, Y-Chun., 2014:
Asymmetric dearomatic Diels-Alder reactions of diverse heteroarenes via π-system activation

Wang, S-Guo.; Yin, Q.; Zhuo, C-Xiang.; You, S-Li., 2014:
Asymmetric dearomatization of β-naphthols through an amination reaction catalyzed by a chiral phosphoric acid

Dohi, T.; Takenaga, N.; Nakae, T.; Toyoda, Y.; Yamasaki, M.; Shiro, M.; Fujioka, H.; Maruyama, A.; Kita, Y., 2013:
Asymmetric dearomatizing spirolactonization of naphthols catalyzed by spirobiindane-based chiral hypervalent iodine species

Qiao, B.; Liu, Q.; Liu, H.; Yan, L.; Jiang, Z., 2015:
Asymmetric decarboxylative 1,4-addition of malonic acid half thioesters to vinyl sulfones: highly enantioselective synthesis of 3-monofluoromethyl-3-arylpropanoic esters

Franckevičius, V.; Cuthbertson, J.D.; Pickworth, M.; Pugh, D.S.; Taylor, R.J.K., 2011:
Asymmetric decarboxylative allylation of oxindoles

Pinho, T., 2013:
Asymmetric deep bite with a canted occlusal plane: a case report

Shafaq, N.; Suzuki, A.; Matsumura, A.; Terai, H.; Toyoda, H.; Yasuda, H.; Ibrahim, M.; Nakamura, H., 2012:
Asymmetric degeneration of paravertebral muscles in patients with degenerative lumbar scoliosis

Tanaka, S.; Seki, T.; Kitamura, M., 2010:
Asymmetric dehydrative cyclization of omega-hydroxy allyl alcohols catalyzed by ruthenium complexes

Comita, L.S.; Muller-Landau, H.C.; Aguilar, Són.; Hubbell, S.P., 2010:
Asymmetric density dependence shapes species abundances in a tropical tree community

Stead, D.; Carbone, G.; O'Brien, P.; Campos, K.R.; Coldham, I.; Sanderson, A., 2010:
Asymmetric deprotonation of N-boc piperidine: react IR monitoring and mechanistic aspects

Carbone, G.; O'Brien, P.; Hilmersson, Göran., 2010:
Asymmetric deprotonation using s-BuLi or i-PrLi and chiral diamines in THF: the diamine matters

Oña-Burgos, P.; Fernández, I.; Roces, L.; Torre-Fernández, L.; García-Granda, S.; López-Ortiz, F., 2008:
Asymmetric deprotonation-substitution of N-Pop-benzylamines using [RLi/(-)-sparteine]. Enantioselective sequential reactions and synthesis of N-heterocycles

Rosales, D.; Gonzalez, G.; Ariza, J.L., 1985:
Asymmetric derivatives of carbohydrazide and thiocarbohydrazide as analytical reagents

Kim, C-Keun.; Kim, D-Young.; Kim, J-Yong., 2013:
Asymmetric dermal-subdermal suture in trichophytic closure for wide hair transplantation donor wound

Li, Q.; Cui, L-Song.; Zhong, C.; Jiang, Z-Quan.; Liao, L-Sheng., 2014:
Asymmetric design of bipolar host materials with novel 1,2,4-oxadiazole unit in blue phosphorescent device

Hung, C-Tsang.; Ho, T-Lin.; Lu, T-Chang., 2013:
Asymmetric design of photonic crystal surface-emitting lasers with low-threshold characteristics

Tan, Q.; Hayashi, M., 2009:
Asymmetric desymmetrization of 4,5-epoxycyclohex-1-ene by enantioselective allylic oxidation

Schedel, H.; Kan, K.; Ueda, Y.; Mishiro, K.; Yoshida, K.; Furuta, T.; Kawabata, T., 2012:
Asymmetric desymmetrization of meso-diols by C(2)-symmetric chiral 4-pyrrolidinopyridines

Bajic, D.; Canto Moreira, N.; Wikström, J.; Raininko, R., 2012:
Asymmetric development of the hippocampal region is common: a fetal MR imaging study

Shiroyanagi, Y.; Suzuki, M.; Matsuno, D.; Mochizuki, K.; Kitagawa, N.; Tanaka, M.; Tanaka, Y.; Yamazaki, Y., 2008:
Asymmetric development of tumor-like cysts in a child with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease

Toribatake, K.; Nishiyama, H., 2013:
Asymmetric diboration of terminal alkenes with a rhodium catalyst and subsequent oxidation: enantioselective synthesis of optically active 1,2-diols

Xu, Y.; Jia, X.; Panke, S.; Li, Z., 2009:
Asymmetric dihydroxylation of aryl olefins by sequential enantioselective epoxidation and regioselective hydrolysis with tandem biocatalysts

Burghart-Stoll, H.; Böhnke, O.; Brückner, R., 2011:
Asymmetric dihydroxylations of 1-substituted (E)- and (Z)-3-methylpent-2-en-4-ynes: full compliance with the Sharpless mnemonic re-established and embellished

Burghart-Stoll, H.; Kapferer, T.; Brückner, R., 2011:
Asymmetric dihydroxylations of enynes with a trisubstituted C═C bond. An unprecedented route to γ-lactone building blocks with a quaternary stereocenter

Park, A.Young.; Chung, T-Sub.; Suh, S.Hyun.; Choi, H.Seok.; Lee, Y.Hee., 2011:
Asymmetric dilatation of virchow-robin space in unilateral internal carotid artery steno-occlusive disease

Muraki, N.; Seo, D.; Shiba, T.; Sakurai, T.; Kurisu, G., 2010:
Asymmetric dimeric structure of ferredoxin-NAD(P)+ oxidoreductase from the green sulfur bacterium Chlorobaculum tepidum: implications for binding ferredoxin and NADP+

Zsuga, J., 2008:
Asymmetric dimethil-arginine (ADMA) as a link between insulin resistance and atherosclerosis

Chen, S.; Li, N.; Deb-Chatterji, M.; Dong, Q.; Kielstein, J.T.; Weissenborn, K.; Worthmann, H., 2013:
Asymmetric dimethyarginine as marker and mediator in ischemic stroke

Abd El Dayem, S.M.; Battah, A.A.; El-Shehaby, A.; El Bohy, A.El.Maged., 2014:
Asymmetric dimethyl L-arginine, nitric oxide and cardiovascular disease in adolescent type 1 diabetics

Iribarren, C.; Husson, G.; Sydow, K.; Wang, B-Yin.; Sidney, S.; Cooke, J.P., 2007:
Asymmetric dimethyl-arginine and coronary artery calcification in young adults entering middle age: the CARDIA Study

Kasapkara, Çiğdem.Seher.; Tümer, L.; Biberoglu, G.; Kasapkara, A.; Hasanoğlu, A., 2013:
Asymmetric dimethylarginine (ADMA) and L-arginine levels in children with glycogen storage disease type I

Landim, Mício.Batista.Paes.; Casella Filho, Aônio.; Chagas, Aônio.Carlos.Palandri., 2010:
Asymmetric dimethylarginine (ADMA) and endothelial dysfunction: implications for atherogenesis

Vasilev, V.; Matrozova, J.; Elenkova, A.; Vandeva, S.; Kirilov, G.; Zacharieva, S., 2014:
Asymmetric dimethylarginine (ADMA) and soluble vascular cell adhesion molecule 1(sVCAM-1) as circulating markers for endothelial dysfunction in patients with pheochromocytoma

Zincir, S.; Zincir, S.Bozkurt.; Doruk, A.; Erdem, M.; Celik, C.; Ak, M.; Garip, Bıt.; Yükselir, C.; Karaahmetoğlu, Bülent., 2015:
Asymmetric dimethylarginine (ADMA) and treatment response relationship in male patients with first-episode schizophrenia: a controlled study

Nishiyama, Y.; Ueda, M.; Katsura, K-Ichiro.; Otsuka, T.; Abe, A.; Nagayama, H.; Katayama, Y., 2010:
Asymmetric dimethylarginine (ADMA) as a possible risk marker for ischemic stroke

Böger, R.H.; Maas, R.; Schulze, F.; Schwedhelm, E., 2010:
Asymmetric dimethylarginine (ADMA) as a prospective marker of cardiovascular disease and mortality--an update on patient populations with a wide range of cardiovascular risk

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Asymmetric gait nail unit syndrome: the most common worldwide toenail abnormality and onychomycosis

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Asymmetric generalization and interaction profiles in rhesus monkeys discriminating intravenous cocaine or intravenous heroin from vehicle

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Asymmetric programming: a highly reliable metadata allocation strategy for MLC NAND flash memory-based sensor systems

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Asymmetric radical and anionic cyclizations of axially chiral carbamates

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