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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 51736

Chapter 51736 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Rozen, W.M.; Ashton, M.W.; Murray, A.C.A.; Taylor, G.Ian., 2008:
Avoiding denervation of rectus abdominis in DIEP flap harvest: the importance of medial row perforators

Gravvanis, A.; Dionyssiou, D.D.; Chandrasekharan, L.; Francis, I.; Smith, R.W., 2009:
Avoiding denervation of rectus abdominis in DIEP flap harvest: the importance of paraneural perforators

Rozen, W.M.; Tran, T.M.N.; Barrington, M.J.; Ashton, M.W., 2009:
Avoiding denervation of the rectus abdominis muscle in DIEP flap harvest III: a functional study of the nerves to the rectus using anesthetic blockade

Galili, U., 2015:
Avoiding detrimental human immune response against Mammalian extracellular matrix implants

Curry, A., 2014:
Avoiding diabetes in pregnancy

Nunez, I.; Negreira, C., 2008:
Avoiding diffraction grid effect in ultrasonic fields of 1-3 PZT polymer piezocomposite transducers

Tsao, H.Nok.; Comte, P.; Yi, C.; Grätzel, M., 2012:
Avoiding diffusion limitations in cobalt(III/II)-tris(2,2'-bipyridine)-based dye-sensitized solar cells by tuning the mesoporous TiO2 film properties

Thompson, P.L.; Jiencke, F.W.; Reinhart, S.W.; Reha, M.E.; Byrne, S.S., 2013:
Avoiding digester upset

Fawdington, R.A.; Roberts, A.P., 2015:
Avoiding digital nerve injury in paediatric trigger thumb release

Barrett, S., 2011:
Avoiding disastrous climate change is possible but not inevitable

Blix, E., 2012:
Avoiding disturbance: midwifery practice in home birth settings in Norway

Bains, R.D.; Stanley, P.R.; Riaz, M., 2007:
Avoiding donor-site complications with bilateral DIEP flaps in patients with subcostal scars

Grattagliano, I.; Portincasa, P.; D'Ambrosio, G.; Palmieri, V.O.; Palasciano, G., 2010:
Avoiding drug interactions: here's help

Astrand, B., 2009:
Avoiding drug-drug interactions

Vassileva-Pencheva, R.; Galabov, A.S., 2010:
Avoiding drug-resistance development by novel approach of combining anti-enteroviral substances against coxsackievirus B1 infection in mice

Elli, L.; Bonura, A.; Bardella, M.T., 2010:
Avoiding duodenal endoscopic biopsies in celiac disease: are we going forward or looking to the past?

Mazur, M.D.; Sivakumar, W.; Riva-Cambrin, J.; Jones, J.; Brockmeyer, D.L., 2015:
Avoiding early complications and reoperation during occipitocervical fusion in pediatric patients

Silverberg, D.S.; Wexler, D., 2013:
Avoiding early dialysis for severe fluid retention in heart failure

White, J.B.; Barraja, M.; Mengesha, T.; Bose, S.; Ashktorab, S.; Bahn, R.; Vallance, R.; Lindsey, W.H., 2008:
Avoiding early revision rhytidectomy: a biomechanical comparison of tissue plication suture techniques

Seibold-Simpson, S.; Morrison-Beedy, D., 2010:
Avoiding early study attrition in adolescent girls: impact of recruitment contextual factors

Terry, M.A.; Shamie, N., 2009:
Avoiding eccentric trephination

Nieminen, J.O.; Vesanen, P.T.; Zevenhoven, K.C.J.; Dabek, J.; Hassel, J.; Luomahaara, J.; Penttilä, J.S.; Ilmoniemi, R.J., 2012:
Avoiding eddy-current problems in ultra-low-field MRI with self-shielded polarizing coils

Sabourin, G., 2012:
Avoiding emergencies: a study confirms the risks associated with elderly nursing home residents

Salles, N.; Floccia, M.; Videau, M-Neige.; Diallo, L.; Guérin, D.; Valentin, V.; Rainfray, M., 2014:
Avoiding emergency department admissions using telephonic consultations between general practitioners and hospital geriatricians

Fritz, D.; McKenzie, P., 2015:
Avoiding emergency department visits for COPD, pneumonia, and heart failure: when should patients go to the emergency department?

Hicks, F., 2012:
Avoiding emergency stops in end of life care

Friedberg, B.L., 2008:
Avoiding emetogenic triggers in the first place is more effective than using antiemetics

Healey, A.; Kay-Lambkin, F.; Bowman, J.; Childs, S., 2013 :
Avoiding emotional bonds: an examination of the dimensions of therapeutic alliance among cannabis users

Kyle, R.; Dodds, S., 2008:
Avoiding empty rhetoric: engaging publics in debates about nanotechnologies

Gerson, R.M., 1997:
Avoiding end hits in ultrasound-assisted lipoplasty

Fischer, H.S.; Bührer, C., 2014:
Avoiding endotracheal ventilation to prevent bronchopulmonary dysplasia: a meta-analysis

Lim, H-Tag.; Lee, J-Chan.; Hong, K-Hee.; Kim, Y-Ho., 2014:
Avoiding entanglement sudden death using single-qubit quantum measurement reversal

Anonymous, 2018:
A Vaccination Difficulty

Mossman, D.; Sellke, T., 2007:
Avoiding errors about 'margins of error'

Martin, C.McHenry., 2014:
Avoiding errors during transitions of care: medication reconciliation

Penmetsa, G.K.; Rodgers, G.M.; Smock, K.J., 2010:
Avoiding errors in the laboratory evaluation of potent lupus anticoagulants

Taylor-Robinson, A.W., 2016:
A vaccine effective against Zika virus is theoretically possible but may not be delivered anytime soon

Donnellan, F.; Hussain, T.; McGurk, C., 2009:
Avoiding errors with intravenous erythromycin administration

Phillips, J.; Stinson, K.; Strickler, J., 2014:
Avoiding eruptions: de-escalating agitated patients

Seoane, Jús.M.; Zambrano, S.; Euzzor, S.; Meucci, R.; Arecchi, F.T.; Sanjuán, M.A.F., 2008:
Avoiding escapes in open dynamical systems using phase control

Polly, D.K., 2014:
Avoiding ethical and legal issues in practice settings

Staples, J.; Rellini, A.H.; Roberts, S.P., 2012:
Avoiding experiences: sexual dysfunction in women with a history of sexual abuse in childhood and adolescence

Divani, K.; Subramanian, P.; Goldie, B., 2015:
Avoiding extensor tendon rupture after the use of palmar locking plates for distal radial fractures

Champagne, M., 2014:
Avoiding extraction of bicuspid's, is it at all possible?

Montanari, J.; Roncaglia, D.I.; Lado, L.A.; Morilla, M.J.; Romero, E.L., 2010:
Avoiding failed reconstitution of ultradeformable liposomes upon dehydration

Imaizumi, T.; Yano, T., 2008:
Avoiding failure in the checkout of anesthesia apparatus prior to use

Askew, T.; Trotter, T.L.; Vacchiano, S.; Garvey, P.; Overcash, J., 2013:
Avoiding failure to rescue situations: a simulation exercise for oncology nurses

Sabatti, C., 2007:
Avoiding false discoveries in association studies

Wessels, L.A.; Barnard, E., 1992:
Avoiding false local minima by proper initialization of connections

Björkelund, H.; Gedda, L.; Andersson, K., 2011:
Avoiding false negative results in specificity analysis of protein-protein interactions

Dodgson, G.; Gordon, S., 2009:
Avoiding false negatives: are some auditory hallucinations an evolved design flaw?

Cooper, R.V., 2014:
Avoiding false positives: zones of rarity, the threshold problem, and the DSM clinical significance criterion

Yen, T.; Coakley, J., 2010:
Avoiding false potassium results due to hyperleukocytosis

Won, S.Jae.; Yoon, J.Shik.; Kim, J.Yeon.; Kim, S.Joo.; Jeong, J.Seok., 2011:
Avoiding false-negative nerve conduction study in ulnar neuropathy at the elbow

Herff, H.; Wenzel, V.; Dorges, V., 2007:
Avoiding field airway management problems

Higgins, A.; Lalonde, D.H.; Bell, M.; McKee, D.; Lalonde, J.F., 2010:
Avoiding flexor tendon repair rupture with intraoperative total active movement examination

Wahowiak, L., 2014:
Avoiding food fights

Helton, J.R., 2010:
Avoiding fraud risks associated with EHRs

Fouassier, J.G., 2008:
Avoiding fraudulent enrollments is the plans' responsibility--so why do the providers have to pay?

Kairinos, N.; Hayes, P.M.; Nicol, A.J.; Kahn, D., 2010:
Avoiding futile damage control laparotomy

Grawe, B.; Smerina, A.; Allen, A., 2014:
Avoiding graft-tunnel length mismatch in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: the single-bone plug technique

Packer, D.J., 2009:
Avoiding groupthink: whereas weakly identified members remain silent, strongly identified members dissent about collective problems

Thomas, K.; English, J., 2013:
Avoiding hand eczema in healthcare workers

Ortmann-Vincenzo, E., 2007:
Avoiding harassment and discrimination as an optometric employer

Spiegel, D.M., 2012:
Avoiding harm and achieving optimal dialysis outcomes--the dialysate component

Bender, F.H., 2012:
Avoiding harm in peritoneal dialysis patients

Bonfig, W.; Hempel, M.; Teichert-von Lüttichau, I.; Liptay, S.; Burdach, S., 2012:
Avoiding harmful procedures in patients with elevated α-fetoprotein concentrations: hereditary persistence of α-fetoprotein is an important and benign differential diagnosis!

Taylor, J., 2015:
Avoiding harms to kidney vendors through legal, regulated markets

Barbour, J.B.; Rintamaki, L.S.; Ramsey, J.A.; Brashers, D.E., 2012:
Avoiding health information

Manuel, J., 2011:
Avoiding health pitfalls of home energy-efficiency retrofits

López, Álvaro.G.; Sabuco, J.; Seoane, Jús.M.; Duarte, J.; Januário, C.; Sanjuán, M.A.F., 2015:
Avoiding healthy cells extinction in a cancer model

Lewis, S.L., 2014:
Avoiding hemorrhagic stroke and confronting all the rest

Fanourakis, D.; Carvalho, S.M.P.; Almeida, D.P.F.; Heuvelink, E., 2011:
Avoiding high relative air humidity during critical stages of leaf ontogeny is decisive for stomatal functioning

Freschi, A.A.; Garcia, P.M.; Rasnik, I.; Frejlich, J.; Buse, K., 1996:
Avoiding hologram bending in photorefractive crystals

Qadan, L.; Al-Ozairi, E.; Ayed, A.; Huang, G., 2014:
Avoiding honest feedback: discordance between formal evaluations and candid assessments of Kuwaiti PBL students

Shepperd, S.; Doll, H.; Angus, R.M.; Clarke, M.J.; Iliffe, S.; Kalra, L.; Ricauda, N.Aimonio.; Tibaldi, V.; Wilson, A.D., 2009:
Avoiding hospital admission through provision of hospital care at home: a systematic review and meta-analysis of individual patient data

Littlehale, S.; Capitosti, S., 2009:
Avoiding hospitalizations

Malterud, K.; Hollnagel, H., 2007:
Avoiding humiliations in the clinical encounter

Modi, N., 2007:
Avoiding hypernatraemic dehydration in healthy term infants

Baquero, H.; Alviz, R.; Castillo, A.; Neira, F.; Sola, A., 2011:
Avoiding hyperoxemia during neonatal resuscitation: time to response of different SpO2 monitors

Barnett, A.H., 2010:
Avoiding hypoglycaemia while achieving good glycaemic control in type 2 diabetes through optimal use of oral agent therapy

Slomski, A., 2013:
Avoiding hypoglycemia at all costs is crucial for some with diabetes

Ahrén, B., 2013:
Avoiding hypoglycemia: a key to success for glucose-lowering therapy in type 2 diabetes

Pio, A.; Kirkwood, B.R.; Gove, S., 2010:
Avoiding hypothermia, an intervention to prevent morbidity and mortality from pneumonia in young children

Beck, C.E.; Choong, K.; Puligandla, P.S.; Hartfield, D.; Holland, J.; Lacroix, J.; Friedman, J.N., 2014:
Avoiding hypotonic solutions in paediatrics: Keeping our patients safe

Kretschmer, T.; Antoniadis, G.; Richter, H-Peter.; König, R.W., 2008:
Avoiding iatrogenic nerve injury in endoscopic carpal tunnel release

Yildirim, A.Ozgür.; Oken, O.Fuad.; Unal, V.Sema.; Esmer, A.Firat.; Gülçek, M.; Uçaner, A., 2012:
Avoiding iatrogenic radial nerve injury during humeral fracture surgery: a modified approach to the distal humerus

Chaudhary, K.; Gupta, L.; Anand, R., 2011 :
Avoiding iatrogenic thrombo-embolism: the "KAPLIT" technique

Kaplowitz, N., 2013:
Avoiding idiosyncratic DILI: two is better than one

Carnec, X.; Mateo, M.; Page, A.; Reynard, Séphanie.; Hortion, J.; Picard, C.; Yekwa, E.; Barrot, L.; Barron, Séphane.; Vallve, A.; Raoul, Hé.; Carbonnelle, C.; Ferron, Fçois.; Baize, S., 2018:
A Vaccine Platform against Arenaviruses Based on a Recombinant Hyperattenuated Mopeia Virus Expressing Heterologous Glycoproteins

Köhrmann, M.; Schellinger, P.D.; Breuer, L.; Dohrn, M.; Kuramatsu, J.B.; Blinzler, C.; Schwab, S.; Huttner, H.B., 2012:
Avoiding in hospital delays and eliminating the three-hour effect in thrombolysis for stroke

Thangaswamy, C.Rajeswari.; Elakkumanan, L.Babu., 2008:
Avoiding inadvertent intrathecal placement of an epidural catheter and timing of epidural bolus doses

Campbell, C.; Anandan, C.; Appleton, S.; Elton, R.; Patnick, J.; Weller, D., 2011:
Avoiding inappropriate invitations to cancer screening programmes: the role of primary care

Gish, M.; Dafni, A.; Inbar, M., 2012:
Avoiding incidental predation by mammalian herbivores: accurate detection and efficient response in aphids

Fernández-Urién, I.; Ostiz, M.; Jiménez, J., 2011:
Avoiding incomplete conventional colonoscopies: PillCam™ COLON capsule endoscopy

Miller, J., 2014:
Avoiding infection when adding a urine meter

Anonymous, 2009:
Avoiding infection: What to do at the doctor's office

Heinze, G.; Dunkler, D., 2008:
Avoiding infinite estimates of time-dependent effects in small-sample survival studies

Morrow, T., 2010:
Avoiding infusion therapy prime benefit of new MS drug

Barges-Coll, J.; Fernandez-Miranda, J.Carlos.; Prevedello, D.M.; Gardner, P.; Morera, V.; Madhok, R.; Carrau, R.L.; Snyderman, C.H.; Rhoton, A.L.; Kassam, A.B., 2013:
Avoiding injury to the abducens nerve during expanded endonasal endoscopic surgery: anatomic and clinical case studies

Burstein, J.; Mastin, C.; Le, B., 2008:
Avoiding injury to the inferior alveolar nerve by routine use of intraoperative radiographs during implant placement

Siddel, K., 2010:
Avoiding inpatient-only claims pitfalls

Ellison, C.; White, A.; Chapman, L., 2012:
Avoiding institutional outcomes for older adults living with disability: the use of community-based aged care supports

Heineman, B.W., 2007:
Avoiding integrity land mines

Marmur, J.D.; Bullock-Palmer, R.P.; Poludasu, S.; Cavusoglu, E., 2010:
Avoiding intelligence failures in the cardiac catheterization laboratory: Strategies for the safe and rational use of dalteparin or enoxaparin during percutaneous coronary intervention

Edelstein, R.S.; Gillath, O., 2007:
Avoiding interference: adult attachment and emotional processing biases

Jacobi, M.; Wahl, P.; Jakob, R.P., 2010:
Avoiding intraoperative complications in open-wedge high tibial valgus osteotomy: technical advancement

Nix, C.M.; Harmon, D.C., 2011:
Avoiding intravascular injection during ultrasound-guided stellate ganglion block

Bussel, J.B.; Cines, D.B., 2012:
Avoiding intuxication

Anonymous, 2007:
Avoiding invasion of influenza viruses: early treatment prevents serious sequelae

Steverman, S.; Lubin, T., 2007:
Avoiding jail pays off: diverting people with mental illnesses out of prison takes commitment from the community along with adequate funding

Gosfield, A.G., 2014:
Avoiding landmines when signing a hospital contract. Look closely at compensation, impacts of new payment models, termination clauses, and restrictive covenants

James, S.; Chilvers, R.; Havemann, D.; Phelps, J.Y., 2011:
Avoiding legal pitfalls in surrogacy arrangements

Packard, R.B., 2010:
Avoiding lens-iris diaphragm retropulsion syndrome

Pan, Y-Wei.; Kurre, P., 2010:
Avoiding lentiviral transduction culture induced MSC senescence

Dusch, R.W., 2011:
Avoiding lessee's remorse. Leasing office equipment offers many advantages over purchasing, but be sure to read the fine print

Trindade-Suedam, I.K.; Leite, Fábio.R.M.; de Morais, J.A.N.D.; Leite, E.R.M.; Marcantonio, E.Júnior.; Leite, A.A., 2008 :
Avoiding leukocyte contamination and early platelet activation in platelet-rich plasma

Gorney, M., 2011:
Avoiding litigation in breast modification

Starr, L., 2010:
Avoiding litigation--a matter of consent

Van de Sompel, D.; Ho, C.P.S.; Brady, M., 2011:
Avoiding local optima of the joint entropy prior in limited view tomography using a multiresolution scheme

Gawande, A.A.; Colla, C.H.; Halpern, S.D.; Landon, B.E., 2014:
Avoiding low-value care

Baca, S.G.; Secker, T.; Mikosch, A.; Speldrich, M.; van Leusen, J.; Ellern, A.; Kögerler, P., 2013:
Avoiding magnetochemical overparametrization, exemplified by one-dimensional chains of hexanuclear iron(III) pivalate clusters

Pickett, S.D.; Rodewald, K.J.; Billow, M.R.; Giannios, N.M.; Hurd, W.W., 2010:
Avoiding major vessel injury during laparoscopic instrument insertion

Funt, D.K., 2011:
Avoiding malar edema during midface/cheek augmentation with dermal fillers

Gamm, S., 2009:
Avoiding malpractice liability/risk prevention

Hviid, L.; Lavstsen, T.; Jensen, A.Tr., 2018:
A vaccine targeted specifically to prevent cerebral malaria - is there hope?

Caldeira, K., 2012:
Avoiding mangrove destruction by avoiding carbon dioxide emissions

Grindstaff, T.L.; Saliba, S.A., 2012:
Avoiding manuscript mistakes

Gerber, G., 2011:
Avoiding marketing mistakes

Estrada, A.H.; Pariaut, R.; Moïse, N.Sydney., 2010:
Avoiding medical error during electrical cardioversion of atrial fibrillation: prevention of unsynchronized shock delivery

Ullman, K., 2013:
Avoiding medical identity theft

O'Dell, D.M., 2011:
Avoiding medical negligence claims. A former plaintiffs' attorney and physician explains why practicing defensive medicine doesn't work--and tells you what does

Cotton, P.B.; Saxton, J.W.; Finkelstein, M.M., 2007:
Avoiding medicolegal complications

Patrick, R., 2008:
Avoiding mediocrity

Lamont, T.; Matthew, L.; Cousins, D.; Green, J., 2009:
Avoiding midazolam overdose: summary of a safety report from the National Patient Safety Agency

Dickson, P.V.; Sims, T.L.; Streck, C.J.; McCarville, M.Beth.; Santana, V.M.; McGregor, L.M.; Furman, W.L.; Davidoff, A.M., 2008:
Avoiding misdiagnosing neuroblastoma as Wilms tumor

Murphy, J.F.A., 2010:
Avoiding misdiagnosis

Hamilton, J.; Gupta, R., 2013:
Avoiding misdiagnosis in venous malformation of the parotid

Zhang, C.; Shen, Z.; Yu, C.; Li, Y., 2008:
Avoiding misdiagnosis of upper gastrointestinal Crohn's disease

Goldstein, J.L.; Verma, N.; McNickle, A.G.; Zelazny, A.; Ghodadra, N.; Bach, B.R., 2010:
Avoiding mismatch in allograft anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: correlation between patient height and patellar tendon length

Schnabel, K., 2013:
Avoiding misperceptions

Delfino, A.E.; Altermatt, F.R., 2012:
Avoiding misunderstandings

Aivar, M.Pilar.; Brenner, E.; Smeets, J.B.J., 2008:
Avoiding moving obstacles

Carron, J.D., 2014:
Avoiding narcotic analgesics in young children

Jackson, W.E.; Rizk, M.; Lashner, B.A., 2013:
Avoiding narcotics in Crohn's disease

Mehta, S.; Hubbard, G.Baker., 2013:
Avoiding neck strain in vitreoretinal surgery: an ergonomic approach to indirect ophthalmoscopy and laser photocoagulation

John, S.K.; Joseph, J.; Shetty, S.Raghunath., 2011:
Avoiding negative appendectomies in rural surgical practice: is C-reactive protein estimation useful as a diagnostic tool?

Delgado, M.R.; Jou, R.L.; Ledoux, J.E.; Phelps, E.A., 2009:
Avoiding negative outcomes: tracking the mechanisms of avoidance learning in humans during fear conditioning

Bingel, U.; Bingel, U.; Enck, P.; Rief, W.; Schedlowski, M., 2014:
Avoiding nocebo effects to optimize treatment outcome

Esterman, M.; Tamber-Rosenau, B.J.; Chiu, Y-Chin.; Yantis, S., 2010:
Avoiding non-independence in fMRI data analysis: leave one subject out

Richens, J.L.; Lunt, E.A.M.; Sanger, D.; McKenzie, G.; O'Shea, P., 2010:
Avoiding nonspecific interactions in studies of the plasma proteome: practical solutions to prevention of nonspecific interactions for label-free detection of low-abundance plasma proteins

Corke, C.; Silvester, W.; Bellomo, R., 2011:
Avoiding nosocomial dysthanasia and promoting eleothanasia

Holden, C., 1985:
Avoiding nuclear war

Köster, G.; Treml, F.; Gödel, M., 2014:
Avoiding numerical pitfalls in social force models

Mendonca, D.; Kenkere, D., 2014:
Avoiding occlusal derangement in facial fractures: An evidence based approach

Rojas, G.; Wagener, K.B., 2008:
Avoiding olefin isomerization during decyanation of alkylcyano alpha,omega-dienes: a deuterium labeling and structural study of mechanism

Simal Julián, J.Antonio.; Miranda Lloret, P.; Pancucci, G.; Sanromán Álvarez, P.; Botella Asunción, C., 2014:
Avoiding olfactory impairment after endoscopic endonasal expanded approaches

Vermeulen, J.; Gosselink, M.P.; Busschbach, J.J.V.; Lange, J.F., 2010:
Avoiding or reversing Hartmann's procedure provides improved quality of life after perforated diverticulitis

Lowry, T.R.; Workman, J.R., 2010:
Avoiding oral burns during electrocautery tonsillectomy

Flanagan, D., 2012:
Avoiding osseous grafting in the atrophic posterior mandible for implant-supported fixed partial dentures: a report of 2 cases

Mahran, M.A.; Sayed, A.T.; Imoh-Ita, F., 2008:
Avoiding over diagnosis of shoulder dystocia

Stell, L.K., 2010:
Avoiding over-deterrence in managing physicians' relationships with industry

Moreno, V.; Morales, M.B.; Traba, J., 2010:
Avoiding over-implementation of agri-environmental schemes for steppe bird conservation: a species-focused proposal based on expert criteria

Revel, M-Pierre., 2014:
Avoiding overdiagnosis in lung cancer screening: the volume doubling time strategy

Schaepe, S.; Kuprijanov, A.; Simutis, R.; Lübbert, A., 2015:
Avoiding overfeeding in high cell density fed-batch cultures of E. coli during the production of heterologous proteins

Brown, M.R.; Jennings, P.R., 2012:
Avoiding overtransfusion: an update on risks and latest indications

Demkow, M.; Malek, L.A.; Ruzyllo, W. , 2008:
Avoiding pacemaker lead entrapment during PFO closure

van Zundert, A.; Pieters, B.; van Zundert, T.; Gatt, S., 2012:
Avoiding palatopharyngeal trauma during videolaryngoscopy: do not forget the 'blind spots'

Finlay, A.Y., 2011:
Avoiding palmar ambiguity in the PREPI: a handprint is approximately 1% body surface area

Anonymous, 2009:
Avoiding panic in a pandemic

Zapolanski, T.; Jacob, S.E., 2008:
Avoiding paraphenylenediamine exposure in children

Kruja, J.; Vyshka, G., 2012:
Avoiding parental distress when discussing about SUDEP: the Albanian experience

Russell, R.D.; Huo, M.H.; Jones, R.E., 2015:
Avoiding patellar complications in total knee replacement

Clevens, R.A., 2010:
Avoiding patient dissatisfaction and complications in facelift surgery

Grissinger, M., 2014:
Avoiding patient harm from a magnesium bolus dose

Finks, S.W.; Campbell, J.D., 2014:
Avoiding patient morbidity: Updated statin drug interactions and risks for patient harm

Stewart, W.J.; Rodriguez, L.Leonardo., 2012:
Avoiding patient-prosthesis mismatch is TAVI a new solution?

Forsman, J.T.; Kivelä, S.M.; Jaakkonen, T.; Seppänen, J-Tuomas.; Gustafsson, L.; Doligez, B., 2014:
Avoiding perceived past resource use of potential competitors affects niche dynamics in a bird community

Shukla, A.; Curtis, A.B., 2014:
Avoiding permanent atrial fibrillation: treatment approaches to prevent disease progression

Scolnick, E.M., 2018:
A vaccine to prevent cervical cancer: academic and industrial collaboration and a Lasker award

Tribe, C.; Webb, J., 2015:
Avoiding piecemeal research on participation in cervical cancer screening: the advantages of a social identity framework

Tjärnberg, A.; Nordling, Törn.E.M.; Studham, M.; Nelander, S.; Sonnhammer, E.L.L., 2016:
Avoiding pitfalls in L1-regularised inference of gene networks

Colvin, A.Chiang.; Shen, W.; Musahl, V.; Fu, F.H., 2009:
Avoiding pitfalls in anatomic ACL reconstruction

Mazur, M.D.; Mumert, M.L.; Bisson, E.F.; Schmidt, M.H., 2012:
Avoiding pitfalls in anterior screw fixation for type II odontoid fractures

Rennert, H.; Leonard, D.G.B.; Cushing, M.; Azurin, C.; Shore, T., 2013:
Avoiding pitfalls in bone marrow engraftment analysis: a case study highlighting the weakness of using buccal cells for determining a patient's constitutional genotype after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

Salvino, M.J., 2010:
Avoiding pitfalls in craniofacial reconstruction using absorbable plates

Conforto, A.Bastos.; Ciríaco, J.Gobbi.Marchesi.; Yamamoto, Fábio.Iuji.; Puglia Júnior, P.; Leite, C.da.Costa.; Martin, M.da.Graça.Morais.; Scaff, M., 2011:
Avoiding pitfalls in diagnosing basilar artery occlusive disease: clinical and imaging clues - case report

Ostlund, G.; Sonnhammer, E.L.L., 2014:
Avoiding pitfalls in gene (co)expression meta-analysis

Roberts-Klein, S.; Iuanow, E.; Slanetz, P.J., 2011:
Avoiding pitfalls in mammographic interpretation

Tria, A.J., 2010:
Avoiding pitfalls in minimally invasive total knee arthroplasty

Kluk, M.Joseph.; An, Y.; James, P.; Coulter, D.; Harris, D.; Wu, B-Lin.; Shen, Y., 2011:
Avoiding pitfalls in molecular genetic testing: case studies of high-resolution array comparative genomic hybridization testing in the definitive diagnosis of Mowat-Wilson syndrome

Qian, S.Y.; Malata, C.M., 2014:
Avoiding pitfalls in open augmentation rhinoplasty with autologous L-shaped costal cartilage strut grafts for saddle nose collapse due to autoimmune disease: the Cambridge experience

Huntley, P.Nils., 2014:
Avoiding pitfalls in planning with the Incognito lingual system

Werner, M., 2015:
Avoiding pitfalls in the diagnostics of bone neoplasms: importance of reference pathology

Nasraway, S.A., 2014:
Avoiding pitfalls of anticoagulation therapy

Rocha-Martins, Mício.; Njaine, B.; Silveira, M.S., 2013:
Avoiding pitfalls of internal controls: validation of reference genes for analysis by qRT-PCR and Western blot throughout rat retinal development

Molinari, G.José.Dal.Poggetto.; Dalbem, Aéia.Marques.de.Oliveira.; Guillaumon, A.Terezinha., 2015:
Avoiding pitfalls of intraoperative peripheral endovascular surgery with the aid of OsiriX: expanding the use of virtual fluoroscopy

Agarwal, A.K.; Karri, V.; Pickford, M.A., 2007:
Avoiding pitfalls of the pins and rubbers traction technique for fractures of the proximal interphalangeal joint

Price, R.B., 2014:
Avoiding pitfalls when using a light-curing unit

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Avoiding poisons: a matter of bitter taste?

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Avoiding potential pitfalls of generic substitution

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Avoiding probate: is it worth it?

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Avoiding problems with hydrogen misplacement in reporting crystal structures

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Avoiding problems with insulin pens in the hospital

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Avoiding professional extinction

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Avoiding prosthesis-patient mismatch in the elderly: options other than mechanical prostheses

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Avoiding proteolysis during protein chromatography

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Avoiding quality fraud

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Avoiding re-inventing the wheel in a people-centered approach to REDD+

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Avoiding recurrent laryngeal nerve injury in thyroid surgery

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Avoiding rejection

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Avoiding research waste through cost-effectiveness analysis: the example of medication adherence-enhancing interventions

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Avoiding restorative failure

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Avoiding revenue loss due to 'lesser of' contract clauses

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Avoiding revision rhinoplasty

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Avoiding risk at what cost? Putting use of medicines for breastfeeding women into perspective

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Avoiding risk means limiting your exposure

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Avoiding risky business: supporting optimal home medication administration for children with cancer

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Avoiding sedation in pediatric radiology

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Avoiding selective ethical objections to nudges

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Avoiding serious accidents can be easy

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Avoiding side effects in implementing health insurance reform

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Avoiding simultaneous incisional and parastomal herniation

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Avoiding spurious hyperkalaemia

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Avoiding steam explosions during catheter ablation: "stopping before popping"

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Avoiding stereotypical nursing images

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Avoiding surgical errors by referencing anatomical landmarks

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Avoiding surprises when implementing a single quality system

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Avoiding surrogate measures and incorporating subjective experience into clinical research

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Avoiding temporal distortions in tilted pulses

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Avoiding tension in the medical interview

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Avoiding testocracy

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Avoiding the 'twilight zone': recommendations for the transition of services from adolescence to adulthood for young people with ADHD

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Avoiding the 2015 medicare EHR incentive program penalty

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Avoiding the V-V flap when performing an atasoy V-Y flap

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Avoiding the appearance of faculty favoritism

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Avoiding the approach trap: a response bias theory of the emotional Stroop effect

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Avoiding the bad and enhancing the good of soy supplements in breast cancer

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Avoiding the bedint

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Avoiding the courthouse

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Avoiding the critical care nursing brain drain

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Avoiding the cross-talk phenomenon when assessing cardiac output using the transpulmonary thermodilution technique via the femoral vein access

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Avoiding the danger that stop smoking services may exacerbate health inequalities: building equity into performance assessment

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Avoiding the drama of health care-associated infections

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Avoiding the eclamptic convulsion

Anonymous, 2009:
Avoiding the emergency department

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Avoiding the fall no employee wants to take

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Avoiding the fate of Troy: response to Arlettaz et al

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Avoiding the formation of vesicles by patch excision from Xenopus oocytes

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Avoiding the imminent plague of troponinitis: the need for reference limits for high-sensitivity cardiac troponin T

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Avoiding the impact of musculoskeletal pain on quality of life in children with hemophilia

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Avoiding the major complication of ophthalmic pathology: misdiagnosis. A review of three common diagnostic challenges

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Avoiding the mistakes of the "mother country": the New Zealand garden city movement, 1900-1926

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Avoiding the obvious

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Avoiding the operated on look in multiple face lifts

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Avoiding the penalty box. New rules on readmissions push hospitals, post-acute providers into closer collaboration

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Avoiding the perfect storm: the biologic and clinical case for reevaluating the 7-day expectation for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus bacteremia before switching therapy

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Avoiding the performance improvement trap

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Avoiding the pitfalls and perils of catheter care

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Avoiding the pitfalls of Action Learning

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Avoiding the pitfalls of Medicare's 'incident-to' rules

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Avoiding the pitfalls of single particle cryo-electron microscopy: Einstein from noise

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Avoiding the plunge. Looming fiscal deadlines pose challenges for healthcare, nation

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Avoiding the polarization catastrophe in LaAlO3 overlayers on SrTiO3(001) through polar distortion

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Avoiding the post-implementation blues

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Avoiding the potential pitfalls of using negative priming tasks in developmental studies: assessing inhibitory control in children, adolescents, and adults

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Avoiding the problem state bottleneck by strategic use of the environment

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Avoiding the regulatory capture of the Food and Drug Administration

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Avoiding the resistance pitfall in infection control. Does the use of antiseptic products contribute to the spread of antibiotic resistance?

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Avoiding the side-effect of high-performance spectrometers with coded apertures

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Avoiding the stereotypes of the culturalist approach in healthcare

Anonymous, 2010:
Avoiding the sting of malaria

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Avoiding the supine posture during sleep for patients with mild obstructive sleep apnea

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Avoiding the term 'obesity': an experimental study of the impact of doctors' language on patients' beliefs

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Avoiding the tragedy of another balcony collapse

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Avoiding the trap in the HITECH Act's incentive timeframe for implementing the EHR

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Avoiding the trap of overtreatment

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Avoiding the under-diagnosis of low bone mineral density in Egyptian children with chronic medical conditions affecting bone health

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Avoiding the unsanitary hip spica

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Avoiding the unthinkable: a tale of 2 triangles and the process of care they govern

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Avoiding the use of agency staff in the operating department

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Avoiding the use of anthracyclines in the adjuvant therapy of breast cancer: the "TC" (docetaxel and cyclophosphamide) regimen

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Avoiding the use of helmet continuous positive airway pressure after surgery on thoracic aorta

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Avoiding the use of human chorionic gonadotropin combined with oocyte vitrification and GnRH agonist triggering versus coasting: a new strategy to avoid ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome

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Avoiding the van der Waals endpoint problem using serial atomic insertion

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Avoiding the zero sum game in global cancer policy: beyond 2011 UN high level summit

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Avoiding the "danger zones" when injecting dermal fillers and volume enhancers

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Avoiding the "déjà-variable" phenomenon: social psychology needs more guides to constructs

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Avoiding the "no"

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Avoiding the "pixie-ear" deformity following face lift surgery by differential insetting and secondary intention healing

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Avoiding therapeutic pitfalls: the rational use of specifically targeted agents against hepatitis C infection

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Avoiding thoughtless waste: consider the energy cost of emails in the NHS

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Avoiding threat in late adulthood: testing two life span theories of emotion

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Avoiding tokenism in health professional education

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Avoiding tracheostomy complication

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Avoiding transcription factor competition at promoter level increases the chances of obtaining oscillation

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Avoiding transgenerational risks of mitochondrial DNA disorders: a morally acceptable reason for sex selection?

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Avoiding transmitting identified mutations to offspring using preimplantation genetic diagnosis

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Avoiding traumatic injury to the tissues in the new millennium

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Avoiding treatment of leiomyosarcomas: the role of magnetic resonance in focused ultrasound surgery

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Avoiding troubled waters

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Avoiding tunnel collisions between fibular collateral ligament and ACL posterolateral bundle reconstruction

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Avoiding twisted pixels: ethical guidelines for the appropriate use and manipulation of scientific digital images

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Avoiding type III, IV, and V errors through collaborative research

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Avoiding unanticipated adverse effects of recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 therapy in craniofacial surgery with experiences from spinal applications

Weimann, A.; Singer, P., 2013:
Avoiding underfeeding in severely ill patients

Roig, M., 2013:
Avoiding unethical writing practices

Bhattacharya, S., 2014:
Avoiding unfavorable results in postburn contracture hand

Khanna, A.; Filobbos, G., 2014:
Avoiding unfavourable outcomes in liposuction

Venter, O.; Watson, J.E.M.; Meijaard, E.; Laurance, W.F.; Possingham, H.P., 2010:
Avoiding unintended outcomes from REDD

Williams, J.L.; Miller, T.E.X.; Ellner, S.P., 2012:
Avoiding unintentional eviction from integral projection models

Gasparini, M., 2014:
Avoiding unnecessary aggressive ICD programming after MADIT-RIT and ADVANCE III trials

Vinayak, S.; Sande, J.A., 2012:
Avoiding unnecessary fine-needle aspiration cytology by accuractely predicting the benign nature of thyroid nodules using ultrasound

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Avoiding unnecessary fragrance-induced pigmented contact dermatitis: the 'pulse point' myth

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Avoiding unnecessary surgery in irritable bowel syndrome

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Avoiding unphysical kinetic traps in Monte Carlo simulations of strongly attractive particles

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Avoiding unplanned resections of wrist sarcomas: an algorithm for evaluating dorsal wrist masses

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Avoiding unscheduled transcription in shared promoters: Saccharomyces cerevisiae Sum1p represses the divergent gene pair SPS18-SPS19 through a midsporulation element (MSE)

Bertsch, R.Ann., 2010:
Avoiding upper respiratory tract infections by not touching the face

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Avoiding vaginal cuff dehiscence after robotic oncological surgery: reliable suturing technique

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Avoiding varus malreduction during cephalomedullary nailing of intertrochanteric hip fractures

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Avoiding vascular complications during minimally invasive, totally endoscopic intracardiac surgery

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Avoiding violation of the dead donor rule: the costs to patients

Gibson, C.L.; Fagan, A.A.; Antle, K., 2014:
Avoiding violent victimization among youths in urban neighborhoods: the importance of street efficacy

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Avoiding wrong site surgery: a systematic review

Hussain, W., 2013:
Avoiding wrong site surgery: how language and technology can help

Chung, Y.; Rabe-Hesketh, S.; Choi, I-Hee., 2015:
Avoiding zero between-study variance estimates in random-effects meta-analysis

Chan, J., 2015:
Avoiding "culture rejection" in healthcare mergers and acquisitions: how New Heights Community Health Centres and York Community Services minimized the culture risk when forming Unison Health and Community Services

Macleod, L., 2012:
Avoiding "groupthink": a manager's challenge

Santanach Carreras, E.; Chabert, F.; Dunstan, D.E.; Franks, G.V., 2007:
Avoiding "mud" cracks during drying of thin films from aqueous colloidal suspensions

Duffy, J.D., 2008:
Avoiding "neuro-Hobbesian" ethics: an autopoietic approach to altruistic behaviors

Schaefer, P.W.; Mui, K.; Kamalian, S.; Nogueira, R.G.; Gonzalez, R.Gilberto.; Lev, M.H., 2009:
Avoiding "pseudo-reversibility" of CT-CBV infarct core lesions in acute stroke patients after thrombolytic therapy: the need for algorithmically "delay-corrected" CT perfusion map postprocessing software

Green, D., 2009:
Avoiding "sticker" shock

Pressler, J.L.; Kenner, C., 2008:
Avoiding "too little, too late" in supporting faculty research

Messinger, J.W.; Trémeau, F.; Antonius, D.; Mendelsohn, E.; Prudent, V.; Stanford, A.D.; Malaspina, D., 2011:
Avolition and expressive deficits capture negative symptom phenomenology: implications for DSM-5 and schizophrenia research

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Avosentan for overt diabetic nephropathy

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Awaiting movement on mental health parity bill

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Awaiting orders from the court

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Awaiting the Next Mexico City Earthquake: All eyes are on the Guerrero seismic gap off Mexico where the next great earthquake to shake Mexico City may be building

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Availability and accessibility of perinatal data for the Robson classification of caesarean sections in Switzerland

Mahmud, A.; Aljunid, S.Mohamed., 2018:
Availability and accessibility of subsidized mammogram screening program in peninsular Malaysia: A preliminary study using travel impedance approach

Anonymous, 1943:
Award Of The Research Council On Problems Of Alcohol

Anonymous, 1945:
Award Of The Roebling Medal Of The Mineralogical Society Of America

Anonymous, 1944:
Award Of The Walter Reed Medal

Anonymous, 1944:
Award Of The Willard Gibbs Medal

Anonymous, 1941:
Award Of The Willard Gibbs Medal To Dr. Doisy

Anonymous, 1943:
Award Of The William H. Nichols Medal

Anonymous, 1944:
Award Of The William H. Nichols Medal

Saqib, A.; Iftikhar, S.; Sarwar, M.Rehan., 2018:
Availability and affordability of biologic versus non-biologic anticancer medicines: a cross-sectional study in Punjab, Pakistan

Anonymous, 1944:
Award To Colonel Bradley Dewey Of The Chemical Industry Medal

Anonymous, 1926:
Award To Dr. Bundesen

Anonymous, 1942:
Award To Dr. Howe Of The Medal Of The Society Of Chemical Industry

Anonymous, 1941:
Award To The Bausch And Lomb Optical Company

Anonymous, 1941:
Award To The Dow Chemical Company

Anonymous, 1944:
Award To The National Academy Of Sciences

Caliari, S.R.; Mozdzen, L.C.; Armitage, O.; Oyen, M.L.; Harley, B.A.C., 2014:
Award Winner in the Young Investigator Category, 2014 Society for Biomaterials Annual Meeting and Exposition, Denver, Colorado, April 16-19, 2014: Periodically perforated core-shell collagen biomaterials balance cell infiltration, bioactivity, and mechanical properties

Dongaonkar, R.M.; Stewart, R.H.; Quick, C.M.; Uray, K.L.; Cox, C.S.; Laine, G.A., 2013:
Award article: Microcirculatory Society Award for Excellence in Lymphatic Research: time course of myocardial interstitial edema resolution and associated left ventricular dysfunction

Anonymous, 2011:
Award for Distinguished Career Contributions to Education and Training and Award for Distinguished Contributions to Education and Training

Anonymous, 2011:
Award for Distinguished Contributions of Applications of Psychology to Education and Training

Anonymous, 2011:
Award for Distinguished Contributions to Research in Public Policy

Anonymous, 2011:
Award for Distinguished Professional Contributions to Independent Practice

Anonymous, 2011:
Award for Distinguished Professional Contributions to Institutional Practice

Anonymous, 2011:
Award for Distinguished Scientific Applications of Psychology

Anonymous, 1936:
Award for Distinguished Service

Fetissov, Sï.O., 2008:
Award for General Nutrition. In search of the missing link in the regulation of appetite and body weight

Randolph, K.; Kornman, K., 2008:
Award for Nurition and Metabolism. A nutrigenetics proof-of-principle study: 12 years of molecular genetics meets 70 years of nutrition science

Landgraf, M.A., 2008:
Award for Pediatric Nutrition. Intrauterine undernutrition and inflammation: the story of our work

Anonymous, 2014:
Award for Roddick

Anonymous, 2014:
Award for animal service to society

Rupp, I., 2014:
Award for best continuing medical education article 2013. Cardiologist presented with the Springer CME award Der Internist

Rupp, I.; Pannicke, N., 2014:
Award for best continuing medical education article: Springer CME award Der Internist presented for the ninth time

Márquez, M.F., 2015:
Award for best original research article published in Archivos de Cardiología de México in 2012

Forehand, R.Lloyd., 2008:
Award for distinguished career contributions to education and training in psychology: Rex Lloyd Forehand

Mayer, R.E., 2008:
Award for distinguished contributions of applications of psychology to education and training: Richard E. Mayer

Helms, J.E., 2008:
Award for distinguished contributions to research in public policy: Janet E. Helms

Heppner, P.Paul., 2008:
Award for distinguished contributions to the international advancement of psychology: Puncky Paul Heppner

Campbell, R., 2008:
Award for distinguished early career contributions to psychology in the public interest: Rebecca Campbell

Rogers, R., 2008:
Award for distinguished professional contributions to applied research: Richard Rogers

Dale, G., 2008:
Award for distinguished professional contributions to independent or institutional practice in the private sector: Grady Dale Jr

Holland, J.L., 2008:
Award for distinguished scientific applications of psychology: John L. Holland

Markus, H.Rose., 2008:
Award for distinguished scientific contributions: Hazel Rose Markus

Huttenlocher, J., 2008:
Award for distinguished scientific contributions: Janellen Huttenlocher

Gazzaniga, M.S., 2008:
Award for distinguished scientific contributions: Michael S. Gazzaniga

Epel, E.Sarah., 2008:
Award for distinguished scientific early career contributions to psychology: Elissa Sarah Epel

Quas, J.Anne., 2008:
Award for distinguished scientific early career contributions to psychology: Jodi Anne Quas

Curtin, J.J., 2008:
Award for distinguished scientific early career contributions to psychology: John J. Curtin

Tenenbaum, J.B., 2008:
Award for distinguished scientific early career contributions to psychology: Joshua B. Tenenbaum

Gallo, L.C., 2008:
Award for distinguished scientific early career contributions to psychology: Linda C. Gallo

Gosling, S.D., 2008:
Award for distinguished scientific early career contributions to psychology: Samuel D. Gosling

Zimbardo, P.G., 2008:
Award for distinguished senior career contributions to psychology in the public interest: Philip G. Zimbardo

Ikuta, K., 2015:
Award for excellent poster presentation in the 60th Annual JSV Meeting

Glenn, S.S., 1994:
Award for lifetime achievement in behavior analysis presented to F. S. Keller, May 29, 1994

Anonymous, 1982:
Award for scientific writing

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Availability and affordability of blood pressure-lowering medicines and the effect on blood pressure control in high-income, middle-income, and low-income countries: an analysis of the PURE study data

Pearce, L., 2016:
Award highlighted our specialty

Beran, D.; Ewen, M.; Lipska, K.; Hirsch, I.B.; Yudkin, J.S., 2018:
Availability and Affordability of Essential Medicines: Implications for Global Diabetes Treatment

Salacz, Görgy.; Vértes, László., 2008:
Award medals in Hungarian ophthalmology

Anonymous, 1931:
Award of Alexander Cochran Bowen Scholarship

Anonymous, 2012:
Award of Excellence/Built: UC San Diego Health System's Sulpizio Cardiovascular Center, La Jolla, Calif

Anonymous, 2012:
Award of Excellence/Built: Vivian and Seymour Milstein Family Heart Center, New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center, New York

Anonymous, 2009:
Award of excellence/built. Grand Itasca Clinic & Hospital, Grand Rapids, Minn

Anonymous, 1930:
Award of the Academy Medal

Puchala, J.Wojciech., 2009:
Award of the G. Whitaker International Burns Prize for 2009 Palermo, Italy

Adams, A.J., 2011:
Award papers reveal a remarkable state

Anonymous, 1996:
Award presentations and plenary lecture

Anonymous, 2013:
Award recognises commitment to women in academia

Anonymous, 2012:
Award recognises contributions to advances in humane slaughter

Lynas, K., 2013:
Award recognition for ADAPT continuing education program for pharmacists

Anonymous, 1965:
Award to an Educator

Harvey-Smith, E.A., 1966:
Award to junior staff

Adam Young, D.; Bajaj, V.; Christman, K.L., 2014:
Award winner for outstanding research in the PhD category, 2014 Society for Biomaterials annual meeting and exposition, Denver, Colorado, April 16-19, 2014: Decellularized adipose matrix hydrogels stimulate in vivo neovascularization and adipose formation

Anonymous, 2007:
Award winner involves entire staff in quality improvement initiatives

Anonymous, 1968:
Award winner reports

Scott, G., 2009:
Award winning nurses

Luther, F., 2007:
Award winning papers. So what?

Anonymous, 2008:
Award-winning ED treats its patients like family

Wallis, L., 2009:
Award-winning achievement

Haldeman, S.; Chapman-Smith, D., 2012:
Award-winning articles and posters from the World Federation of Chiropractic's 11th Biennial Congress 2011

Haldeman, S.; Chapman-Smith, D., 2014:
Award-winning articles and posters from the World Federation of Chiropractic's 12th Biennial Congress 2013

Horii, N.Hoshino., 2011:
Award-winning ballroom dancer and CEO

Anonymous, 2014:
Award-winning bereavement care

Baillie, J., 2010:
Award-winning centre a spur for regeneration

Holt, T., 2013:
Award-winning charity worker

Anonymous, 2010:
Award-winning clinical improvement/innovation posters: Sunday, March 14, to Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dapelo-Garcia, A., 2011:
Award-winning customer service: Stanford Hospital & Clinics

Goeppinger, K.H., 2008:
Award-winning debt-management education

Davis, C., 2014:
Award-winning nurse wants to end cases of mistaken identity

Fulton, B.R.; Malott, D.L.; Ayala, L., 2010:
Award-winning outpatient service: finding the common thread

Sérvio, T.Cavalcante.; Ghisi, G.Lima.de.Melo.; Silva, L.Pinto.da.; Silva, L.Duarte.Novais.; Lima, M.Maria.Oliveira.; Pereira, D.Aparecida.Gomes.; Grace, S.L.; Britto, R.Rodrigues., 2018:
Availability and characteristics of cardiac rehabilitation programs in one Brazilian state: a cross-sectional study

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Availability and feasibility of structured, routine collection of comorbidity data in a colorectal cancer multi-disciplinary team (MDT) setting

Anonymous, 2008:
Award-winning program slashes sepsis mortalities

Anonymous, 2008:
Award. NIAID director recognized for role in HIV/AIDS programs

Murakami, M., 2014:
Awarded IADR distinguished scientist on salivary research 2013

Meinke, D.K.; Morata, T.C., 2012:
Awarding and promoting excellence in hearing loss prevention

Anonymous, 2014:
Awarding excellence

Williamson, J.C.; Schrop, S.Labuda.; Costa, A.J., 2008:
Awarding faculty rank to non-tenured physician faculty in a consortium medical school

Gormley, G.J.; Johnston, J.; Thomson, C.; McGlade, K., 2012:
Awarding global grades in OSCEs: evaluation of a novel eLearning resource for OSCE examiners

Lin, J., 2010:
Awarding of 2008 most influential bioelectromagnetics journal paper by citation awards

Anonymous, 1982:

Anonymous, 1983:

Anonymous, 1983:

Anonymous, 1984:

Anonymous, 1994:

Anonymous, 1994:

Anonymous, 1994:

Anonymous, 1994 :

Anonymous, 1989:
Awards 1989

Anonymous, 1942:
Awards For Achievement In Aeronautics

Spilberg, G.; Scholtz, J-Erik.; Hoffman, U.; Rosman, D.A.; Brink, J.; Hirsch, J.A.; Ghoshhajra, B.B., 2018:
Availability and Location of Cardiac CT and MR Services in Massachusetts

Anonymous, 1927:
Awards For Research At The University Of California

Jelliff, F.R., 1931:
Awards For Scientific Research By The Congress

Anonymous, 1941:
Awards In The William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition

Anonymous, 1943:
Awards Of Sigma Xi Grants-In-Aid Of Research

Leggett, S.S.; Wesley, J.M.; Myla, A.; McCoy, P.; Betson, N., 2018:
Availability and Quality of Physical Activity Resources in Neighborhood Parks for Pregnant Women and Women of Childbearing Age

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Availability and Safety of Osteotomy in Esthetic Rhinoplasty of East Asian Patients

Bhalla, D., 2018:
Availability and sufficiency of phenobarbital, an essential medication, in Bhutan: a survey of global and neuropsychiatric relevance

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Availability and use of healthcare resources in prisons according to the transference model: a comparative study in Spain

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Availability and use of magnesium sulphate at health care facilities in two selected districts of North Karnataka, India

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Availability and use of mental health services in European countries: Influence on national suicide rates

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Availability and Use of Workplace Supports for Health Promotion Among Employees of Small and Large Businesses

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Availability of alcohol: Location, time and ease of purchase in high- and middle-income countries: Data from the International Alcohol Control Study

Ito, R.; Ito, M.; Asano, Y.; Murakumo, A.; Yamamoto, N.; Horiguchi, A., 2018:
Availability of a Magnetic Method for Hepatocyte Transplantation

Anonymous, 1944:
Awards Of The British Geological Society

Anonymous, 1941:
Awards Of The Charles Frederick Chandler Medal

Anonymous, 1936:
Awards Of The Ella Sachs Plotz Foundation

Anonymous, 1915:
Awards Of The Franklin Medal

Anonymous, 1945:
Awards Of The Geological Society, London

Anonymous, 1934:
Awards Of The Guggenheim Foundation

Anonymous, 1945:
Awards Of The Institute Of The Aeronautical Sciences

Anonymous, 1914:
Awards Of The John Scott Medal

Anonymous, 1926:
Awards Of The John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Fellowships

Anonymous, 1906:
Awards Of The Royal Geographical Society

Anonymous, 1942:
Awards Of The Social Science Research Council

Anonymous, 1943:
Awards Of The Social Science Research Council

Anonymous, 1944:
Awards Of The Television Broadcasters Association

Anonymous, 1945:
Awards Of The Washington Academy Of Sciences

Nixon, C.P.; Cheves, T.A.; Sweeney, J.D., 2018:
Availability of an ADAMTS13 assay with rapid turnaround time may avoid interhospital transfer in patients with thrombotic microangiopathy

Allen, E.W., 1905:
Awards To The Collective Exhibit Of The Land-Grant Colleges And The Experiment Stations

Rice, D.I., 1982:
Awards and Grants CFPC 1982

Anonymous, 1997:
Awards and honors program-88th annual meeting

Anonymous, 2008:
Awards and honors program-89th annual meeting

Anonymous, 2008:
Awards and honors program-90th annual meeting

Anonymous, 2008:
Awards and honors program-91st annual meeting

Anonymous, 2008:
Awards and honors program-92nd annual meeting

Anonymous, 2008:
Awards and honors program-93rd annual meeting

Siemiatycki, J.; Lavoué, Jérôme., 2018:
Availability of a New Job-Exposure Matrix (CANJEM) for Epidemiologic and Occupational Medicine Purposes

Anonymous, 1957:
Awards at the 1957 Convention of the National Medical Association

Anonymous, 2010:
Awards at the AP-HP Museum

Brettingham, M., 2008:
Awards ceremony celebrates treatments to repair hearts, fill bones, and match drugs

Anonymous, 2011:
Awards for Distinguished Scientific Early Career Contributions to Psychology

Anonymous, 2016:
Awards for being cat friendly

Benjamin, J., 2014:
Awards for feminist research

Anonymous, 2015:
Awards for outstanding contributions to animal welfare

Ohshiro, T., 2014:
Awards galore … the results are in!

Sarwar, M.Rehan.; Iftikhar, S.; Saqib, A., 2018:
Availability of anticancer medicines in public and private sectors, and their affordability by low, middle and high-income class patients in Pakistan

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Availability of attention affects time-to-contact estimation

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Availability of brands of six essential medicines in 124 pharmacies in Maharashtra

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Awards of the thyroid societies and thyroid awards at the fourteenth international thyroid congress

Wrather, J., 1988:
Awards presented at annual meeting

Stallings, M.C.; Goldsmith, H.Hill., 2007:
Awards presented at the 37th annual meeting of the Behavior Genetics Association, June 5, 2007, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Thakur, M., 2008:
Awards promote MI research

Freshwater, M.Felix., 2010:
Awards season yin and yang

Walker, C., 2011:
Awards, innovation and outcome

Lau, D.; Barker, F.G.; Aghi, M.K., 2015:
Awards, lectures, and fellowships sponsored by the AANS/CNS Section on Tumors

Anonymous, 2009:
Awards, scholarships and grants awarded at the SICB Meeting in January 2009

Anonymous, 2007:
Awards. Science wins communication award

Bhattacharjee, Y.; Meadows, D.; Kuhl, D., 2009:
Awards. Two Americans win Japan Prize

Butler, D., 2012:
Awards: Conscientious counsellors

Donnan, G.A., 2014:
Awards: what do they mean?

Yan, X-ming., 2007:
Aware of glaucoma in the patients after excimer laser refractive surgery

Berry, J.; Vázquez, E., 2013:
Aware of the heart

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AwareCare: a pilot randomized controlled trial of an awareness-based staff training intervention to improve quality of life for residents with severe dementia in long-term care settings

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Awareness about Aids among elderly males and young adults: a study of the perception of this disease

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Awareness about BLS (CPR) among medical students: status and requirements

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Awareness about Birth Registration in a Resettlement Colony of Delhi

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Awareness about HIV infection among the paramedical staff in a tertiary care hospital in Delhi, India

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Awareness about HIV/AIDS in first year medical students of Rohtak

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Awareness about Human Papilloma Virus and its Vaccine Among Medical Students

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Awareness about and educational intervention for chronic kidney disease in the general population: from a survey of participants at the CKD educational lecture in Miyagi prefecture

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Awareness about antiretroviral treatment, intentions to use condoms, and decisions to have an HIV test among rural Northern Lowland Thai and ethnic minority young adults

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Awareness about autism among school teachers in Oman: a cross-sectional study

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Awareness about basic life support and emergency medical services and its associated factors among students in a tertiary care hospital in South India

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Awareness about bibliographic databases among students of Ayurveda and qualified Ayurveda practitioners

dos Santos, G.Dias.; Chubaci, R.Yuka.Sato., 2011:
Awareness about breast cancer and mammography in elderly women who frequent Daycare Centers in São Paulo (SP, Brazil)

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Awareness about clostridium difficile infection among internal medicine residents in the United States

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Awareness about eye diseases among diabetic patients: a survey in South India

Saikumar, S.J.; Giridhar, A.; Mahesh, G.; Elias, A.; Bhat, S., 2007:
Awareness about eye diseases among diabetics - a survey in South India

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Awareness about management of 'avulsed teeth' among primary contact doctors

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Awareness about medical expenses and certifications of eligibility for limited health insurance payments for chemotherapy among clinicians at the Ehime Cancer Care Network Priority Hospitals (Ehime Cancer Kyoten Hospitals)

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Awareness about medical research among resident doctors in a tertiary care hospital: A cross-sectional survey

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Awareness about oral cancer among dental postgraduate students in the State of Andhra Pradesh, India

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Awareness about organ donation among school girls

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Awareness about organ donation especially kidney donation in Nurpur Shahan, a rural community area in Islamabad, Pakistan

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Awareness about pictorial warnings on tobacco products and its impact on tobacco consumers in Bellary, India

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Awareness about possible reactivation of HBsAg-negative patients when prescribing biological therapy

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Awareness about prescribed drugs among patients attending Out-patient departments

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Awareness about preventable cardiovascular risk factors of students attending Faculties of Nursing and Literature

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Awareness about psychiatry in undergraduate medical students in Nepal

Salahuddin, N.; Jamali, S.; Ibraheem, K.; Sardar, S., 2012:
Awareness about rabies post exposure prophylaxis in Pakistan among patients and health care workers: results from an Asian Rabies Expert Bureau study

Crouzil, B., 2008:
Awareness about the ethical questioning of operating rooms nurses: an exploratory study

Chudasama, R.K., 2008:
Awareness about vaccine vial monitor at pulse polio booths

Majluf-Cruz, A.; Aragón-García, D.; Castro Martínez, G.; Liceaga-Cravioto, G.; Herrera Cornejo, Mín.Alberto.; Alcántar-Luna, E.; Majluf-Cruz, K.; Espinosa-Larrañaga, F.; García-Chávez, J., 2016:
Awareness about venous thromboembolic disease among residents and graduates in internal medicine

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Awareness among Indian dentist regarding the role of physical activity in prevention of work related musculoskeletal disorders

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Awareness among barbers about health hazards associated with their profession

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Awareness among general population attending Civil Hospital Karachi about risk factors associated with infertility

Kumar, V.; Singh, A.Kumar.; Faisal, A.; Nandini, R., 2012:
Awareness among medical fraternity regarding the role of plastic surgeon

Ekman, E.; Petersson, Göran.; Tågerud, S.; Bäckström, M., 2012:
Awareness among nurses about reporting of adverse drug reactions in Sweden

Arif, F.; Fayyaz, J.; Hamid, A., 2008:
Awareness among parents of children with thalassemia major

Ishaq, F.; Abid, H.; Kokab, F.; Akhtar, A.; Mahmood, S., 2012:
Awareness among parents of β-thalassemia major patients, regarding prenatal diagnosis and premarital screening

Saha, A.; Dutta, S.; Vijaya, V.; Rajnikant, N., 2013:
Awareness among patients regarding Implants as a treatment option for replacement of missing teeth in Chattisgarh