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BST-2/tetherin is overexpressed in mammary gland and tumor tissues in MMTV-induced mammary cancer

Jones, P.H.; Mahauad-Fernandez, W.D.; Madison, M.N.; Okeoma, C.M.

Virology 444(1-2): 124-139


ISSN/ISBN: 1096-0341
PMID: 23806386
DOI: 10.1016/j.virol.2013.05.042
Accession: 051744861

BST-2 restricts MMTV replication, but once infection has established, MMTV modulates BST-2 levels. MMTV-directed BST-2 modulation is tissue-specific and dependent on infection and neoplastic transformation status of cells. In the lymphoid compartment of infected mice, BST-2 expression is first upregulated and then significantly downregulated regardless of absence or presence of mammary tumors. However, in mammary gland tissues, upregulation of BST-2 expression is dependent on the presence of mammary tumors and tumor tissues themselves have high BST-2 levels. Elevated BST-2 expression in these tissues is not attributable to IFN since levels of IFNα and IFNγ negatively correlate with BST-2. Importantly, soluble factors released by tumor cells suppress IFNα and IFNγ but induce BST-2. These data suggest that overexpression of BST-2 in carcinoma tissues could not be attributed to IFNs but to a yet to be determined factor that upregulates BST-2 once oncogenesis is initiated.

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