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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 51803

Chapter 51803 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Méhats, C.; Schmitz, T.; Marcellin, L.; Breuiller-Fouché, M., 2011:
Biochemistry of fetal membranes rupture

Payasi, A.; Mishra, N.Nath.; Chaves, A.Lucia.Soares.; Singh, R., 2009:
Biochemistry of fruit softening: an overview

Pemberton, C.J.; Richards, A.Mark., 2007:
Biochemistry of ghrelin precursor peptides

Salas, Jín.J.; Martínez-Force, E.; Harwood, J.L.; Venegas-Calerón, Mónica.; Aznar-Moreno, J.Antonio.; Moreno-Pérez, A.J.; Ruíz-López, Ní.; Serrano-Vega, Mía.J.; Graham, I.A.; Mullen, R.T.; Garcés, R., 2015:
Biochemistry of high stearic sunflower, a new source of saturated fats

Romero-Guido, C.; Belo, I.; Ta, T.Minh.Ngoc.; Cao-Hoang, L.; Alchihab, M.; Gomes, N.; Thonart, P.; Teixeira, J.A.; Destain, J.; Waché, Y., 2011:
Biochemistry of lactone formation in yeast and fungi and its utilisation for the production of flavour and fragrance compounds

Chinaglia, S.; Chiarelli, L.R.; Maggi, M.; Rodolfi, M.; Valentini, G.; Picco, A.Maria., 2015:
Biochemistry of lipolytic enzymes secreted by Penicillium solitum and Cladosporium cladosporioides

Owen, M.J.; Crumpton, M.J., 1980:
Biochemistry of major human histocompatibility antigens

Ragsdale, S.W., 2015:
Biochemistry of methyl-coenzyme M reductase: the nickel metalloenzyme that catalyzes the final step in synthesis and the first step in anaerobic oxidation of the greenhouse gas methane

Lal, R.; Pandey, G.; Sharma, P.; Kumari, K.; Malhotra, S.; Pandey, R.; Raina, V.; Kohler, H-Peter.E.; Holliger, C.; Jackson, C.; Oakeshott, J.G., 2010:
Biochemistry of microbial degradation of hexachlorocyclohexane and prospects for bioremediation

Steiger, M.G.; Blumhoff, M.L.; Mattanovich, D.; Sauer, M., 2013:
Biochemistry of microbial itaconic acid production

Kawai, F.; Hu, X., 2009:
Biochemistry of microbial polyvinyl alcohol degradation

Koga, Y.; Tanaka, M.; Ohta, S.; Wei, Y-Huei., 2012:
Biochemistry of mitochondria, life and intervention 2010

Pluth, M.D.; Tomat, E.; Lippard, S.J., 2011:
Biochemistry of mobile zinc and nitric oxide revealed by fluorescent sensors

de Herder, W.W., 2007:
Biochemistry of neuroendocrine tumours

Habib, S.; Ali, A., 2012:
Biochemistry of nitric oxide

Lees, H.; Quastel, J.H., 2011:
Biochemistry of nitrification in soil; kinetics of, and the effects of poison on, soil nitrification, as studied by a soil perfusion technique; a soil perfusion apparatus

Lees, H.; Quastel, J.H., 2011:
Biochemistry of nitrification in soil; nitrification of various organic nitrogen compounds

Huff Lonergan, E.; Zhang, W.; Lonergan, S.M., 2010:
Biochemistry of postmortem muscle - lessons on mechanisms of meat tenderization

Enayati, A.Ali.; Motevalli Haghi, F., 2008:
Biochemistry of pyrethroid resistance in German cockroach (Dictyoptera, Blatellidae) from hospitals of Sari, Iran

Reading, H.W., 1980:
Biochemistry of retinal degeneration in rats and mice: A short review

Caton-Williams, J.; Huang, Z., 2008:
Biochemistry of selenium-derivatized naturally occurring and unnatural nucleic acids

Derbyshire, E.R.; Marletta, M.A., 2009:
Biochemistry of soluble guanylate cyclase

Fliederbaum, J., 1948:
Biochemistry of starvation

Schaser, A.J.; Wang, H.; Volz, L.M.; Connor, N.P., 2012:
Biochemistry of the anterior, medial, and posterior genioglossus in the aged rat

Montagna, E.; Guerreiro, J.R.; Torres, B.B., 2010:
Biochemistry of the envenomation response-A generator theme for interdisciplinary integration

Sano, H., 2008:
Biochemistry of the extrapyramidal system Shinkei Kennkyu No Shinpo, Advances in Neurological Sciences. (ISSN 0001-8724) Tokyo, October 1960;5:42-48

Gallagher, T.F., 1948:
Biochemistry of the hormones

Semenov, A.G.; Seferian, K.R., 2012:
Biochemistry of the human B-type natriuretic peptide precursor and molecular aspects of its processing

Lederer, E., 1948:
Biochemistry of the natural pigments

Nüsse, O., 2012:
Biochemistry of the phagosome: the challenge to study a transient organelle

Carter, H.E.; Haines, W.J., 2018:
Biochemistry of the sphingolipides; preparation of sphingolipides from beef brain and spinal cord

Paul, H.E.; Paul, M.F., 1948:
Biochemistry of wound healing; oxygen uptake of healing tissue of skin wounds

Taylor, J.D.; Paul, H.E.; Paul, M.F., 1948:
Biochemistry of wound healing; total lipide, phospholipide, and cholesterol content of skin and repair tissue of skin wounds

Paul, H.E.; Paul, M.F., 1948:
Biochemistry of wound healing; water and protein content of healing tissue of skin wounds

Van Valen, D.; Haataja, M.; Phillips, R., 2009:
Biochemistry on a leash: the roles of tether length and geometry in signal integration proteins

Sikaris, K., 2010:
Biochemistry on the human scale

Anonymous, 2008:
Biochemistry plays an important role and addictive behavior

Leive, L., 1975:
Biochemistry registry

Linenberger, K.J.; Bretz, S.Lowery., 2015:
Biochemistry students' ideas about shape and charge in enzyme-substrate interactions

Maduke, M.C.; Reimer, R.J., 2012:
Biochemistry to the rescue: a ClC-2 auxiliary subunit provides a tangible link to leukodystrophy

Fearon, W.R., 2010:
Biochemistry yesterday and tomorrow

Correa, L.M.; Kochhann, D.; Becker, A.G.; Pavanato, M.A.; Llesuy, S.F.; Loro, V.L.; Raabe, A.; Mesko, Márcia.F.; Flores, E.M.M.; Dressler, V.L.; Baldisserotto, B., 2008:
Biochemistry, cytogenetics and bioaccumulation in silver catfish (Rhamdia quelen) exposed to different thorium concentrations

Langworthy, O.R.; Whitehorn, J.C., 2010:
Biochemistry, endocrinology and neuropathology

Biegel, E.; Schmidt, S.; González, Jé.M.; Müller, V., 2011:
Biochemistry, evolution and physiological function of the Rnf complex, a novel ion-motive electron transport complex in prokaryotes

Mannelli, M., 2009:
Biochemistry, genetics and therapy of malignant pheochromocytomas

Tan, O.; Bukulmez, O., 2011:
Biochemistry, molecular biology and cell biology of gonadotropin-releasing hormone antagonists

Liu, H.; Liu, J-Yuan.; Wu, X.; Zhang, J-Ting., 2010:
Biochemistry, molecular biology, and pharmacology of fatty acid synthase, an emerging therapeutic target and diagnosis/prognosis marker

Wu, J-Jing.; Tang, H-Kuan.; Yeh, T-Kuang.; Chen, C-Min.; Shy, H-Shing.; Chu, Y-Ru.; Chien, C-Hui.; Tsai, T-Yueh.; Huang, Y-Chen.; Huang, Y-Lin.; Huang, C-Hsiang.; Tseng, H-Yi.; Jiaang, W-Torn.; Chao, Y-Sheng.; Chen, X., 2009:
Biochemistry, pharmacokinetics, and toxicology of a potent and selective DPP8/9 inhibitor

Barton, L.L.; Fauque, G.D., 2009:
Biochemistry, physiology and biotechnology of sulfate-reducing bacteria

Takeuchi, K.; Reue, K., 2009:
Biochemistry, physiology, and genetics of GPAT, AGPAT, and lipin enzymes in triglyceride synthesis

Lassègue, B.; San Martín, A.; Griendling, K.K., 2012:
Biochemistry, physiology, and pathophysiology of NADPH oxidases in the cardiovascular system

Havelund, J.F.; Thelen, J.J.; Møller, I.M., 2013:
Biochemistry, proteomics, and phosphoproteomics of plant mitochondria from non-photosynthetic cells

Sheinin, M.Y.; Wang, M.D., 2012:
Biochemistry. A DNA twist diffuses and hops

Vogel, Jörg., 2014:
Biochemistry. A bacterial seek-and-destroy system for foreign DNA

Reistrup, H.; Zetner, D.Bregner.; Andersen, K.; Rosenberg, J., 2018:
A watchful waiting strategy in ventral and inguinal hernias

Rathmell, J.C.; Newgard, C.B., 2009:
Biochemistry. A glucose-to-gene link

Armstrong, F.A.; Fontecilla-Camps, J.C., 2008:
Biochemistry. A natural choice for activating hydrogen

Sjöberg, B-Marie., 2010:
Biochemistry. A never-ending story

Weinstein, J.N., 2008:
Biochemistry. A postgenomic visual icon

Diallinas, G., 2009:
Biochemistry. An almost-complete movie

Wilmot, C.M., 2007:
Biochemistry. An ancient and intimate partnership

Hilser, V.J., 2010:
Biochemistry. An ensemble view of allostery

Smith, J.L.; Sherman, D.H., 2008:
An enzyme assembly line

Weissman, K.J., 2008:
Biochemistry. Anatomy of a fungal polyketide synthase

Stroud, D.A.; Meisinger, C.; Pfanner, N.; Wiedemann, N., 2010:
Biochemistry. Assembling the outer membrane

Hardie, D.Grahame., 2007:
Biochemistry. Balancing cellular energy

Frommer, W.B., 2010:
Biochemistry. CO2mmon sense

Braakman, I.; Otsu, M., 2008:
Biochemistry. Cargo load reduction

Moënne-Loccoz, P.; Fee, J.A., 2011:
Biochemistry. Catalyzing NO to N2O in the nitrogen cycle

Uversky, V.N.; Dunker, A.Keith., 2008:
Biochemistry. Controlled chaos

White, S.H., 2007:
Biochemistry. Crowds of syntaxins

Janin, Jël., 2008:
Biochemistry. Dicey assemblies

Bollinger, J.Martin., 2008:
Biochemistry. Electron relay in proteins

Xie, X.Sunney., 2014:
Biochemistry. Enzyme kinetics, past and present

Al-Hashimi, H.M., 2010:
Biochemistry. Exciting structures

Groves, J.T.; Boaz, N.C., 2014:
Biochemistry. Fishing for peroxidase protons

Gebhardt, J.Christof.M.; Rief, M., 2009:
Biochemistry. Force signaling in biology

Veigel, C.; Schmidt, C.F., 2009:
Biochemistry. Friction in motor proteins

Liljas, A., 2008:
Biochemistry. Getting close to termination

Tommassen, J., 2007:
Biochemistry. Getting into and through the outer membrane

Malik, S.; Roeder, R.G., 2013:
Biochemistry. Have your PIC!

Baker, M., 2010:
Biochemistry. Hidden code in the protein code

Nies, D.H., 2007:
Biochemistry. How cells control zinc homeostasis

Boehr, D.D.; Wright, P.E., 2008:
Biochemistry. How do proteins interact?

Ringe, D.; Petsko, G.A., 2008:
Biochemistry. How enzymes work

Sosnick, T.R.; Hinshaw, J.R., 2011:
Biochemistry. How proteins fold

Yeates, T.O.; Clubb, R.T., 2007:
Biochemistry. How some pili pull

Shi, F.; Lemmon, M.A., 2011:
Biochemistry. KSR plays CRAF-ty

Liljas, A., 2010:
Biochemistry. Leaps in translational elongation

Stone, R., 2008:
Biochemistry. Lifting the veil on traditional Chinese medicine

Saibil, H.R., 2013:
Biochemistry. Machinery to reverse irreversible aggregates

Pickett, C.J., 2014:
Biochemistry. Making the H-cluster from scratch

Gollihar, J.; Levy, M.; Ellington, A.D., 2014:
Biochemistry. Many paths to the origin of life

Tate, C.G., 2010:
Biochemistry. Membrane protein gymnastics

Murzin, A.G., 2008:
Biochemistry. Metamorphic proteins

Spudich, J.A., 2011:
Biochemistry. Molecular motors, beauty in complexity

Kampmann, M.; Blobel, Günter., 2010:
Biochemistry. Nascent proteins caught in the act

Raushel, F.M., 2013:
Biochemistry. Not an oxidase, but a peroxidase

Jensen, L.Juhl.; Bork, P., 2008:
Biochemistry. Not comparable, but complementary

Otterstrom, J.J.; van Oijen, A.M., 2009:
Biochemistry. Nudging through a nucleosome

Weyand, S.; Iwata, S., 2010:
Biochemistry. Old gate gets a new look

Britt, R.David.; Oyala, P.H., 2014:
Biochemistry. One step closer to O₂

Gandhi, C.S.; Rees, D.C., 2008:
Biochemistry. Opening the molecular floodgates

Lee, J.Y.; Engelman, J.A.; Cantley, L.C., 2007:
Biochemistry. PI3K charges ahead

Skourtis, S.S.; Beratan, D.N., 2007:
Biochemistry. Photosynthesis from the protein's perspective

Hummer, G., 2014:
Biochemistry. Potassium ions line up

Amos, L.A., 2009:
Biochemistry. Pressing levers or pulling strings?

Hackney, D.D., 2007:
Biochemistry. Processive motor movement

Sharp, K.A., 2014:
Biochemistry. Protein folding, interrupted

Sarafianos, S.G.; Arnold, E., 2008:
Biochemistry. RT slides home..

Sakmar, T.P., 2012:
Biochemistry. Redder than red

Lutz, S., 2010:
Biochemistry. Reengineering enzymes

Bollinger, J.Martin.; Matthews, M.L., 2010:
Biochemistry. Remote enzyme microsurgery

Baum, J.; Cowman, A.F., 2011:
Biochemistry. Revealing a parasite's invasive trick

Holmgren, A., 2008:
Biochemistry. SNO removal

Reif, J.H., 2011:
Biochemistry. Scaling up DNA computation

Junge, W.; Müller, D.J., 2011:
Biochemistry. Seeing a molecular motor at work

Ranganathan, R., 2007:
Biochemistry. Signaling across the cell membrane

Kang, S.; Douglas, T., 2010:
Biochemistry. Some enzymes just need a space of their own

Prindle, A.; Hasty, J., 2010:
Biochemistry. Stochastic emergence of groupthink

Service, R.F., 2009:
Biochemistry. Taking stock of a cell's protein production

Wilson, T.J.; Lilley, D.M.J., 2009:
Biochemistry. The evolution of ribozyme chemistry

Kröger, N., 2009:
Biochemistry. The molecular basis of nacre formation

Kühlbrandt, W., 2014:
Biochemistry. The resolution revolution

Stubbe, J., 2011:
Biochemistry. The two faces of SAM

Sheps, J.A., 2009:
Biochemistry. Through a mirror, differently

Lutkenhaus, J., 2008:
Biochemistry. Tinkering with acellular division

Omichinski, J.G., 2007:
Biochemistry. Toward methylmercury bioremediation

Piccirilli, J.A., 2008:
Biochemistry. Toward understanding self-splicing

Gamerdinger, M.; Deuerling, E., 2014:
Biochemistry. Trigger factor flexibility

Best, R.B.; Hummer, G., 2009:
Biochemistry. Unfolding the secrets of calmodulin

Cappellini, E.; Collins, M.J.; Gilbert, M.Thomas.P., 2014:
Biochemistry. Unlocking ancient protein palimpsests

Tao, Y.Jane.; Zheng, W., 2013:
Biochemistry. Visualizing the influenza genome

Supattapone, S., 2010:
Biochemistry. What makes a prion infectious?

Pennisi, E., 2010:
Biochemistry. What poison? Bacterium uses arsenic to build DNA and other molecules

Pinaud, F.; Dahan, M., 2008:
Biochemistry. Zooming into live cells

Smith, A.D., 1983:
Biochemistry: retrospect and prospect

Wilson, J.S.; Virag, L.; Di Achille, P.; Karsaj, I.; Humphrey, J.D., 2013:
Biochemomechanics of intraluminal thrombus in abdominal aortic aneurysms

Verma, S.; Petrella, T.; Hamm, C.; Bak, K.; Charette, M., 2008:
Biochemotherapy for the treatment of metastatic malignant melanoma: a clinical practice guideline

Hamm, C.; Verma, S.; Petrella, T.; Bak, K.; Charette, M., 2007:
Biochemotherapy for the treatment of metastatic malignant melanoma: a systematic review

Bartell, H.L.; Bedikian, A.Y.; Papadopoulos, N.E.; Dett, T.K.; Ballo, M.T.; Myers, J.N.; Hwu, P.; Kim, K.B., 2008:
Biochemotherapy in patients with advanced head and neck mucosal melanoma

González Astorga, B.; Jiménez Rubiano, B.; Delgado Pérez, J.Ramón.; Valdivia Bautista, J.; Sánchez Toro, C.; González Flores, Eón.; Luque Caro, R.; Castellón Rubio, V., 2009:
Biochemotherapy in the treatment of metastatic melanoma in selected patients

Su, P-Jung.; Chen, J-Shi.; Liaw, C-Chi.; Chang, H-Kun.; Wang, H-Ming.; Yang, T-Sheng.; Lin, Y-Chang.; Liau, C-Ting.; Yang, H-Yi.; Yeh, K-Yun.; Ho, M-Mo.; Chang, N-Jun.; Wang, C-Hsu.; Chang, J.Wen-Chen., 2012:
Biochemotherapy with carmustine, cisplatin, dacarbazine, tamoxifen and low-dose interleukin-2 for patients with metastatic malignant melanoma

Lissoni, P., 2007:
Biochemotherapy with immunomodulating pineal hormones other than melatonin: 5-methoxytryptamine as a new oncostatic pineal agent

Fan, M.Q.; Wang, P.X.; Feng, J.Y.; Xiao, Y.; Huang, C.B., 2014:
Biochip analysis of prostate cancer

Braun, Y.; Wai, D.H.; Biemel, K.; Schäfer, K.L.; Gabbert, H.E.; Poremba, C., 2007:
Biochip analysis: status quo

Horacek, J.M.; Kupsa, T.; Vasatova, M.; Jebavy, L.; Zak, P., 2015:
Biochip array technology and evaluation of serum levels of multiple cytokines and adhesion molecules in patients with newly diagnosed acute myeloid leukemia

Kavsak, P.A.; Henderson, M.; Moretto, P.; Hirte, H.; Evans, K.; Wong, D.; Korz, W.; Hotte, S.J., 2009:
Biochip arrays for the discovery of a biomarker surrogate in a phase I/II study assessing a novel anti-metastasis agent

Hottin, Jérôme.; Moreau, J.; Bellemain, A.; Canva, M., 2012:
Biochip data normalization using multifunctional probes

Mohamed, H.; Turner, J.N.; Caggana, M., 2007:
Biochip for separating fetal cells from maternal circulation

Malic, L.; Veres, T.; Tabrizian, M., 2009:
Biochip functionalization using electrowetting-on-dielectric digital microfluidics for surface plasmon resonance imaging detection of DNA hybridization

Zhu, L.; Jiang, G.; Wang, S.; Wang, C.; Li, Q.; Yu, H.; Zhou, Y.; Zhao, B.; Huang, H.; Xing, W.; Mitchelson, K.; Cheng, J.; Zhao, Y.; Guo, Y., 2011:
Biochip system for rapid and accurate identification of mycobacterial species from isolates and sputum

Markelov, M.L.; Shipulin, G.A.; Pokrovskiĭ, V.I., 2008:
Biochip technologies--new prospects in diagnosis of human diseases

Kriegshäuser, G.; Fabjani, G.; Ziegler, B.; Zöchbauer-Müller, S.; End, A.; Zeillinger, R., 2012:
Biochip-based detection of KRAS mutation in non-small cell lung cancer

ul Haque, A.; Chatni, M.Rameez.; Li, G.; Porterfield, D.Marshall., 2007:
Biochips and other microtechnologies for physiomics

Arrabito, G.; Reisewitz, S.; Dehmelt, L.; Bastiaens, P.I.; Pignataro, B.; Schroeder, H.; Niemeyer, C.M., 2014:
Biochips for cell biology by combined dip-pen nanolithography and DNA-directed protein immobilization

Kolchinskiĭĭ, A.M.; Barskiĭ, V.E.; Zasedatelev, A.S.; Mirzabekov, A��., 2008:
Biochips in the laboratory of A. D. Mirzabekov: 1988-2007

Brauer, H.Ann.; Lampe, P.D.; Yasui, Y.Y.; Hamajima, N.; Stolowitz, M.L., 2011:
Biochips that sequentially capture and focus antigens for immunoaffinity MALDI-TOF MS: a new tool for biomarker verification

Marquette, C.A.; Corgier, B.P.; Heyries, K.A.; Blum, L.J., 2007:
Biochips: non-conventional strategies for biosensing elements immobilization

Pirlo, R.K.; Sweeney, A.J.; Ringeisen, B.R.; Kindy, M.; Gao, B.Z., 2011:
Biochip∕laser cell deposition system to assess polarized axonal growth from single neurons and neuron∕glia pairs in microchannels with novel asymmetrical geometries

Bagnost, T.; Guillaume, Y.C.; Thomassin, M.; Berthelot, A.; Demougeot, C.; André, C., 2008:
Biochromatographic framework for analyzing magnesium chloride salt dependence on nor-NOHA binding to arginase enzyme

Palombo, M.R., 2011:
Biochronology, paleobiogeography and faunal turnover in western Mediterranean Cenozoic mammals

Smetana, A.B.; Klabunde, K.J.; Marchin, G.R.; Sorensen, C.M., 2008:
Biocidal activity of nanocrystalline silver powders and particles

Akinpelu, D.A.; Adegboye, M.F.; Adeloye, O.A.; Okoh, A.I., 2009:
Biocidal activity of partially purified fractions from methanolic extract of Garcinia kola (Heckel) seeds on bacterial isolates

Schiffman, J.D.; Wang, Y.; Giannelis, E.P.; Elimelech, M., 2012:
Biocidal activity of plasma modified electrospun polysulfone mats functionalized with polyethyleneimine-capped silver nanoparticles

Tiecco, M.; Cardinali, G.; Roscini, L.; Germani, R.; Corte, L., 2015:
Biocidal and inhibitory activity screening of de novo synthesized surfactants against two eukaryotic and two prokaryotic microbial species

Cerrada, Mía.L.; Serrano, C.; Sánchez-Chaves, M.; Fernandez-García, M.; D.A.drés, A.; Riobóo, R.J.; Fernandez-Martín, F.; Kubacka, A.; Ferrer, M.; Fernández-García, M., 2009:
Biocidal capability optimization in organic-inorganic nanocomposites based on titania

Githui, W.A.; Matu, S.W.; Tunge, N.; Juma, E., 2007:
Biocidal effect of bleach on Mycobacterium tuberculosis: a safety measure

Warnes, S.L.; Green, S.M.; Michels, H.T.; Keevil, C.W., 2010:
Biocidal efficacy of copper alloys against pathogenic enterococci involves degradation of genomic and plasmid DNAs

Goudot, S.; Herbelin, P.; Mathieu, L.; Soreau, S.; Banas, S.; Jorand, F.P.A., 2014:
Biocidal efficacy of monochloramine against planktonic and biofilm-associated Naegleria fowleri cells

Dantam, J.; Zhu, H.; Stapleton, F., 2011:
Biocidal efficacy of silver-impregnated contact lens storage cases in vitro

Larson, A.M.; Klibanov, A.M., 2013:
Biocidal packaging for pharmaceuticals, foods, and other perishables

Piunova, V.; Berger, D.; Neckers, D.C.; Bullerjahn, G.S.; McKay, R.Michael.; Fedorov, A.V., 2008:
Biocidal performance of acrylated glyphosate in a model photopolymerizable coating formulation

Alamri, A.; El-Newehy, M.H.; Al-Deyab, S.S., 2012:
Biocidal polymers: synthesis and antimicrobial properties of benzaldehyde derivatives immobilized onto amine-terminated polyacrylonitrile

Cocca, M.; D'Orazio, L.; Gambacorta, A.; Romano, I., 2012:
Biocidal properties of a silver/poly(carbonate urethane) nanocomposite by in situ reduction

Haggstrom, J.A.; Klabunde, K.J.; Marchin, G.L., 2010:
Biocidal properties of metal oxide nanoparticles and their halogen adducts

Malic, S.; Jordan, R.P.C.; Waters, M.G.J.; Stickler, D.J.; Williams, D.W., 2014:
Biocide activity against urinary catheter pathogens

Gantzhorn, M.Rørbæk.; Pedersen, K.; Olsen, J.Elmerdahl.; Thomsen, L.Elnif., 2014:
Biocide and antibiotic susceptibility of Salmonella isolates obtained before and after cleaning at six Danish pig slaughterhouses

Valenzuela, A.Sánchez.; Benomar, N.; Abriouel, H.; Cañamero, M.Martínez.; López, R.Lucas.; Gálvez, A., 2014:
Biocide and copper tolerance in enterococci from different sources

Demchenko, N.R.; Kurmakova, I.M.; Tretiak, O.P., 2007:
Biocide and inhibiting effect of hydrobromide para-(4'-chlorbenzyl)pyridine and its derivatives on the corrosion induced by microbic communities

Łukasik-Głebocka, M.; Nawrocka, K., 2012:
Biocide exposures reported to Poznan Toxicological Information Center

Lupsea, M.; Mathies, H.; Schoknecht, U.; Tiruta-Barna, L.; Schiopu, N., 2013:
Biocide leaching from CBA treated wood - a mechanistic interpretation

Leung, C.Y.; Chan, Y.C.; Samaranayake, L.P.; Seneviratne, C.J., 2012:
Biocide resistance of Candida and Escherichia coli biofilms is associated with higher antioxidative capacities

Rose, H.; Baldwin, A.; Dowson, C.G.; Mahenthiralingam, E., 2009:
Biocide susceptibility of the Burkholderia cepacia complex

Barrionuevo, Mín.R.E.; Gaylarde, C.C., 2011:
Biocide-containing varnish for the protection of sandstone: comparison of formulations and laboratory test methods

Rajamohan, G.; Srinivasan, V.B.; Gebreyes, W.A., 2010:
Biocide-tolerant multidrug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii clinical strains are associated with higher biofilm formation

Bollmann, U.E.; Tang, C.; Eriksson, E.; Jönsson, K.; Vollertsen, J.; Bester, K., 2015:
Biocides in urban wastewater treatment plant influent at dry and wet weather: concentrations, mass flows and possible sources

Gnanadhas, D.Prakash.; Marathe, S.Amol.; Chakravortty, D., 2013:
Biocides--resistance, cross-resistance mechanisms and assessment

Cooter, R., 2008:

Zhang, M.; Xue, Y-Nan.; Liu, M.; Zhuo, R-Xi.; Huang, S-Wen., 2010:
Biocleavable Polycationic Micelles as Highly Efficient Gene Delivery Vectors

Wang, Z-Hui.; Zhu, Y.; Chai, M-Ying.; Yang, W-Tai.; Xu, F-Jian., 2012:
Biocleavable comb-shaped gene carriers from dextran backbones with bioreducible ATRP initiation sites

Yang, X.; Zhao, N.; Xu, F-Jian., 2015:
Biocleavable graphene oxide based-nanohybrids synthesized via ATRP for gene/drug delivery

Weigelt, P.; Jetz, W.; Kreft, H., 2013:
Bioclimatic and physical characterization of the world's islands

Kargioglu, M.; Serteser, A.; Senkul, C.; Konuk, M., 2011:
Bioclimatic characteristic of oak species Quercus macranthera subsp. syspirensis and Quercus petraea subsp. pinnatiloba in Turkey

Rutty, M.; Scott, D., 2015:
Bioclimatic comfort and the thermal perceptions and preferences of beach tourists

Freitas, D.França.; Martins, I.Vf.; Dos Santos, G.Mada.; Dos Santos, A.R.; Gomes, D.da.Silva., 2014:
Bioclimatic distribution and prevalence maps for Fasciola hepatica in Espírito Santo State, Brazil

Acosta, L.E., 2016:
Bioclimatic profile and potential distribution of the Mesopotamian harvestman Discocyrtus testudineus (Holmberg, 1876) (Opiliones, Gonyleptidae)

Sreedevi, G.; Prasad, Y.Gerard.; Prabhakar, M.; Rao, G.Ramachandra.; Vennila, S.; Venkateswarlu, B., 2014 :
Bioclimatic thresholds, thermal constants and survival of mealybug, Phenacoccus solenopsis (hemiptera: pseudococcidae) in response to constant temperatures on hibiscus

Zauli Sajani, S.; Scotto, F.; Marchesi, S.; Cacciamani, C.; Tibaldi, S.; Lauriola, P., 2008:
Bioclimatic warning systems: the experience of Emilia-Romagna

Rajda, F., 1948:
Bioclimatologic contribution to treatment of hypertension at Mariánské Láznĕ

De Kock, G.; Quin, J.I., 1948:
Bioclimatological studies on white rats in South Africa; skin cancer in rats following continued exposure to sunlight

Sargent, F.; Itoh, S., 1965:

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Bioclinical markers in breast cancer: updates and perspectives

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