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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 51853

Chapter 51853 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Torgovnick, J.; Sethi, N.K.; Arsura, E.; Pendleton, A.C., 2009:
Botulinum toxin: time to call it quits?

Kenis, V.M.; Baindurashvili, A.G.; Dovbeshko, A.G.; Korol'kova, T.N.; Ivanov, A.M.; Stepanova, I.A.; Protasov, O.V., 2011:
Botulinum toxine treatment and the formation of antibodies to botulotoxin in patients with cerebral palsy

Smith, H.S., 2009:
Botulinum toxins for analgesia

Soinila, S.; Haanpää, M., 2012:
Botulinum toxins for pain

Truong, D.D., 2008:
Botulinum toxins revisited

Sengoku, A.; Okamura, K.; Kimoto, Y.; Ogawa, T.; Namima, T.; Yamanishi, T.; Yokoyama, T.; Akino, H.; Maeda, Y., 2015:
Botulinum toxin A injection for the treatment of neurogenic detrusor overactivity secondary to spinal cord injury: multi-institutional experience in Japan

Brin, M.F.; Pogoda, J.M.; Boodhoo, T.; Bowen, B., 2011:
Botulinum type A treatment: no evidence of increased risk of seizures in juvenile cerebral palsy

Anonymous, 1922:
Botulinus Antitoxin

Johnson, E.A.; Montecucco, C., 2008 :

Anonymous, 1924:
Botulism Again

Anonymous, 1933:
Botulism Danger In Home-Canned Products

Burkholder-Allen, K.; Rega, P.; Bork, C.; Budd, C., 2011:
Botulism Questionnaire: a tactical tool for community use in a mass casualty incident

Mangilli, L.Davison.; Andrade, C.Regina.Furquim.de., 2007:
Botulism and dysphagia

King, L.A.; Niskanen, T.; Junnikkala, M.; Moilanen, E.; Lindstrom, M.; Korkeala, H.; Korhonen, T.; Popoff, M.; Mazuet, C.; Callon, H.; Pihier, N.; Peloux, F.; Ichai, C.; Quintard, H.; Dellamonica, P.; Cua, E.; Lasfargue, M.; Pierre, F.; de Valk, H., 2010:
Botulism and hot-smoked whitefish: a family cluster of type E botulism in France, September 2009

Tobin-D'Angelo, M.; Duffus, W.A., 2009:
Botulism and its relevance to public health preparedness

Rice, D.B., 1949:
Botulism and tick paralysis; in the differential diagnosis of acute bulbar poliomyelitis

Smith, L.A., 2009:
Botulism and vaccines for its prevention

Tejada García, M.; Guindel Jiménez, C., 2010:
Botulism antitoxin treatment in two cases of foodborne botulism

El-Bahnasawy, M.M.; Aly, N.Zein-El-Abdeen.; Abdel-Fattah, M.Abdel.Hameed.; Morsy, T.A., 2014:
Botulism as a food poisoning: what is it?

Anonymous, 2007:
Botulism associated with commercially canned chili sauce--Texas and Indiana, July 2007

Anonymous, 2013:
Botulism associated with home-fermented tofu in two Chinese immigrants--New York City, March-April 2012

Newell, C.R.; Ma, L.; Doyle, M., 2012:
Botulism challenge studies of a modified atmosphere package for fresh mussels: inoculated pack studies

Cai, S.; Singh, B.Ram.; Sharma, S., 2007:
Botulism diagnostics: from clinical symptoms to in vitro assays

Anonymous, 2012:
Botulism from drinking prison-made illicit alcohol - Utah 2011

Vugia, D.J.; Mase, S.R.; Cole, B.; Stiles, J.; Rosenberg, J.; Velasquez, L.; Radner, A.; Inami, G., 2009:
Botulism from drinking pruno

Thom, C., 1922:
Botulism from the Regulatory Viewpoint

Gentil, A.; Soichot, P.; Maugras, Cécile.; Lemesle-Martin, M.; Béjot, Y.; Rouaud, O.; Osseby, G-Victor.; Fromont, Aès.; Couvreur, Gégory.; Moreau, T.; Giroud, M., 2008:
Botulism has not disappeared

Uriarte, A.; Thibaud, J-Laurent.; Blot, Séphane., 2011:
Botulism in 2 urban dogs

Rowlands, R.Estela.Gravato.; Ristori, C.Asturiano.; Lopes, G.Ibette.S.Lopez.; Paula, A.Maria.Ramalho.de.; Sakuma, H.; Grigaliunas, R.; Lopreato Filho, R.; Gelli, D.Scala.; Eduardo, M.Bernadete.de.Paula.; Jakabi, M., 2011 :
Botulism in Brazil, 2000-2008: epidemiology, clinical findings and laboratorial diagnosis

Dolman, C.E.; Kerr, D.E., 2011:
Botulism in Canada, with report of a type E outbreak at Nanaimo, B. C

Boycott, B.R., 1963:
Botulism in Ducklings

Leth, P.Mygind., 2015:
Botulism in Greenland

Anonymous, 1951:
Botulism in Mink

Wylder, M.K., 1948:
Botulism in New Mexico; incidence over 10 years, with report of six cases

Czerwińiski, Mł.; Czarkowski, Mław.P.; Kondej, B., 2007:
Botulism in Poland in 2005

Czerwiński, Mł.; Czarkowski, Mław.P.; Kondej, B., 2008:
Botulism in Poland in 2006

Czerwiński, Mł.; Czarkowski, Mław.P.; Kondej, B., 2009:
Botulism in Poland in 2007

Czerwiński, Mł.; Czarkowski, Mław.P.; Kondej, B., 2010:
Botulism in Poland in 2008

Czerwiński, Mł.; Czarkowski, Mław.P.; Kondej, B., 2011:
Botulism in Poland in 2009

Czerwiński, Mł.; Czarkowski, Mław.P.; Kondej, B., 2012:
Botulism in Poland in 2010

Flanders, C.M., 1948:
Botulism in a Cow

Nielsen, A.Bybeck.; Nordly, S.Brit.; Clausen, M.Engel., 2010:
Botulism in an infant

Kennedy, S.; Ball, H., 2011:
Botulism in cattle associated with poultry litter

Khan, M.Rehan.; Maheshwari, P.Kumar.; Ibrahim, S.Hamid.; Haque, A., 2013:
Botulism in children: a diagnostic dilemma in developing countries

Holzhauer, M.; Roest, H.I.J.; de Jong, M.G.; Vos, J.H., 2009:
Botulism in dairy cattle in 2008: symptoms, diagnosis, pathogenesis, therapy, and prevention

Johnson, D.E.; Styles, G.W., 1949:
Botulism in human beings from home and commercially canned foods

Berkes, A.; Szegedi, Ián.; Szikszay, E.; Gulyás, Márta.; Oláh, E., 2007:
Botulism in infancy - survey of literature based on a case report

Barry, J.; Ward, M.; Cotter, S.; Macdiarmada, J.; Hannan, M.; Sweeney, B.; Grant, K.A.; McKeown, P., 2009:
Botulism in injecting drug users, Dublin, Ireland, November-December 2008

Allwright, D.M.; Wilson, M.; Vanrensburg, W.J., 1994:
Botulism in ostriches (Struthio camelus)

Austin, J.W.; Leclair, D., 2011:
Botulism in the North: a disease without borders

Bielec, D.; Modrzewska, R., 2007:
Botulism in the past and today--clinical aspects

Bielec, D.; Modrzewska, R., 2007:
Botulism in the past and today--etiological, epidemiological and pathogenic aspects

Lundin, F.; Personne, M.; Hanberger, Håkan., 2014:
Botulism is a treatable, very rare type of poisoning. Smoked vacuum packed whitefish provided guidance to the diagnosis

Espelund, M.; Klaveness, D., 2014:
Botulism outbreaks in natural environments - an update

Nystrom, S.C.; Wells, E.V.; Pokharna, H.S.; Johnson, L.E.; Najjar, M.A.; Mamou, F.M.; Rudrik, J.T.; Miller, C.E.; Boulton, M.L., 2012:
Botulism toxemia following laparoscopic appendectomy

Zhang, J-Cong.; Sun, L.; Nie, Q-He., 2011:
Botulism, where are we now?

Moniuszko, A.; Czupryna, P.; Pancewicz, Sławomir.Andrzej.; Kondrusik, M.; Grygorczuk, S.; Zajkowska, J.Maria., 2009:
Botulism--actual epidemiologic and clinical problem

Glancy, J.A., 1920:
Botulism-A Clinical Study of an Outbreak in the Yukon

Anderson, F.R., 1934:
Botulism-Due to Freshly Fermented Food: Five Fatal Cases in a Japanese Family

Gasparini, S.; Ferlazzo, E.; Tripodi, G.Gaspare.; Cianci, V.; Aguglia, U., 2014:
Botulism-induced unilateral submandibular sialoadenitis: a case report

Dickson, E.C.; Shevky, R., 1923:
Botulism. Studies on the Manner in which the Toxin of Clostridium Botulinum Acts Upon the Body : I. the Effect Upon the Autonomic Nervous System

Dickson, E.C.; Shevky, E., 1923:
Botulism. Studies on the Manner in which the Toxin of Clostridium Botulinum Acts Upon the Body : Ii. the Effect Upon the Voluntary Nervous System

Mohanty, S.; Dhawan, B.; Chaudhry, R., 2007:
Botulism: An update

Dickson, E.C., 1916:
Botulism: its Occurrence in California

Parigi, L.; Torta, M.; Barbero, R.; Boncristiano, D.M.; Clerici, D.; Meduri, E.; Rigano, A.; Vendramin, S., 2015:
Botulism: a case of severe intoxication

Chaudhry, R., 2011:
Botulism: a diagnostic challenge

Wenham, T.N., 2007:
Botulism: a rare complication of injecting drug use

Dembek, Z.F.; Smith, L.A.; Rusnak, J.M., 2008:
Botulism: cause, effects, diagnosis, clinical and laboratory identification, and treatment modalities

Oguma, K.; Yamamoto, Y.; Suzuki, T.; Fatmawati, N.Nengah.Dwi.; Fujita, K., 2013:
Botulism: structure and function of botulinum toxin and its clinical application

Tabashnikova, T.V.; Serova, N.K.; Shimanskiĭ, V.N.; Grigor'eva, N.N., 2013:
Botulotoxin type A (lantox) for inducing temporal ptosis in neurosurgical patients

Trépardoux, F.; Ségal, A.; Bouchardat, A., 2008:
Bouchardat and hygienic medicine

Ichinomiya, T., 2013:
Bouchaud-Mézard model on a random network

Lima-Martínez, M.M.; Gil, V.; Zerpa, Jé.; Rivas, P.; Gómez-Pérez, R.; Osuna, Jús., 2014:
Boucher-Neuhäuser syndrome

Tarnutzer, A.A.; Gerth-Kahlert, C.; Timmann, D.; Chang, D.I.; Harmuth, F.; Bauer, P.; Straumann, D.; Synofzik, M., 2016:
Boucher-Neuhäuser syndrome: cerebellar degeneration, chorioretinal dystrophy and hypogonadotropic hypogonadism: two novel cases and a review of 40 cases from the literature

Sperati, G.; Felisati, D.; O'Dwyer, J.; Bouchut, E��ne., 2008:
Bouchut, O'Dwyer and laryngeal intubation in patients with croup

Singh, A.; Swann, A., 2007:
Bouffee Delirante in a 69-year-old male precipitated by stress of caring

Rich, M.; Sujeeve, S., 2012:
Bouffée délirante and contemporary psychiatric nosology

Reis, L.de.Andrade.; Reis, G.Frederico.Ferreira.Dos.; Oliveira, M.Roberto.Marchi.de.; Ingarano, L.El.Bredy., 2010:

Tomek, S., 2011:
Bougie it! The gum elastic bougie is a viable adjunct for the difficult endotracheal intubation

Weingart, S.D., 2013:
Bougie placement and the hold-up sign

Bowman, S.; Renwick, S., 2012:
Bougie regulation; is it stiff enough?

Higgs, A.; Goddard, C., 2009:
Bougie trauma: insertion or railroad?

Katib, A.Abdulhamid.; Al-Adawi, M.Ahmad., 2014:
Bougie urethral dilators: revival or survival?

Reardon, R.; Joing, S.; Hill, C., 2010:
Bougie-guided cricothyrotomy technique

Marson, B.A.; Anderson, E.; Wilkes, A.R.; Hodzovic, I., 2014:
Bougie-related airway trauma: dangers of the hold-up sign

Kumar, S.; Walker, R., 2009:
Bougie-related tension pneumothorax in a neonate

Dahshan, A.H.; Kevin Donovan, G., 2007:
Bougienage versus endoscopy for esophageal coin removal in children

Bacon, A., 2009:

Millar, F.A.; Hutchison, G.L., 2014:
Bougies--or capnography?

Anonymous, 1914:
Bouillon Cubes Not Concentrated Meat Essence

Tan, L.Tong.; Okino, T.; Gerwick, W.H., 2014:
Bouillonamide: a mixed polyketide-peptide cytotoxin from the marine cyanobacterium Moorea bouillonii

Williamson, A.; Beckett, D.; Arestis, N., 2018:
A young breathless patient

Abrams, D.A., 1941:
Boulder Dam Investigations: Significance of Experimental Data

Reynolds, L.B., 1930:
Boulder Dam Symposium : The Sanitary Engineering Aspect

Hommon, H.B., 1930:
Boulder Dam Symposium: Problems of Sanitation at Headquarters Area During Construction

Foard, F.T., 1930:
Boulder Dam Symposium: The Immigration Aspect

Anonymous, 1986:
Boulder Hosts SWARM Annual Meeting

Granados Mendoza, C.; Isnard, S.; Charles-Dominique, T.; Van den Bulcke, J.; Rowe, N.P.; Van Acker, J.; Goetghebeur, P.; Samain, M-Stéphanie., 2015:
Bouldering: an alternative strategy to long-vertical climbing in root-climbing hortensias

Eirín-López, Jé.M.; Ausió, J., 2011:
Boule and the Evolutionary Origin of Metazoan Gametogenesis: A Grandpa's Tale

Xu, H.; Li, Z.; Li, M.; Wang, L.; Hong, Y., 2009:
Boule is present in fish and bisexually expressed in adult and embryonic germ cells of medaka

Taguchi, Y.; Takashima, S.; Tanaka, K., 2007:
Boule musculaire associated with cervical spondylosis

Sekeres, M.A.; Steensma, D.P., 2013:
Boulevard of broken dreams: drug approval for older adults with acute myeloid leukemia

Rudolf, R.D., 1915:
Boulogne in War Time

Foran, A.; Wuerth-Sarvis, B.; Milne, W.Ken., 2010:
Bounce-back visits in a rural emergency department

Moran, P., 2012:

Shaw, A.M.; Zare, R.N.; Bennett, C.V.; Kolner, B.H., 2001:
Bounce-by-bounce cavity ring-down spectroscopy: femtosecond temporal imaging

Udani, J.K.; Singh, B.B.; Singh, V.J.; Sandoval, E., 2009:
BounceBack capsules for reduction of DOMS after eccentric exercise: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover pilot study

Hartney, M.; Liu, Y.; Velanovich, V.; Fabri, P.; Marcet, J.; Grieco, M.; Huang, S.; Zayas-Castro, J., 2014:
Bounceback branchpoints: using conditional inference trees to analyze readmissions

Klaassens, E.Renée., 2010:
Bouncing back - trauma and the HPA-axis in healthy adults

Halloran, L., 2010:
Bouncing back after failure. Don't be so hard on yourself!

Coffee, P.; Rees, T.; Haslam, S.Alexander., 2010:
Bouncing back from failure: the interactive impact of perceived controllability and stability on self-efficacy beliefs and future task performance

Gauldin, D., 2007:
Bouncing back!

Fuller-Thomson, E.; Battiston, M.; Gadalla, T.M.; Brennenstuhl, S., 2014:
Bouncing back: remission from depression in a 12-year panel study of a representative Canadian community sample

Ertas, F.; Kaya, H.; Caliskan, A.; Yavuz, C., 2012:
Bouncing ball myxoma in the left atrial cavity

Dietz, B.; Mössner, B.; Papenbrock, T.; Reif, U.; Richter, A., 2008:
Bouncing ball orbits and symmetry breaking effects in a three-dimensional chaotic billiard

Barroso, J.J.; Carneiro, M.V.; Macau, E.E.N., 2009:
Bouncing ball problem: stability of the periodic modes

Ronsse, R.; Sternad, D., 2011:
Bouncing between model and data: stability, passivity, and optimality in hybrid dynamics

Shirokoff, D., 2013:
Bouncing droplets on a billiard table

Chen, L.; Li, Z., 2010:
Bouncing droplets on nonsuperhydrophobic surfaces

Thrasher, M.; Jung, S.; Pang, Y.Kwong.; Chuu, C-Piao.; Swinney, H.L., 2008:
Bouncing jet: a Newtonian liquid rebounding off a free surface

Gorbach, A.V.; Skryabin, D.V., 2007:
Bouncing of a dispersive pulse on an accelerating soliton and stepwise frequency conversion in optical fibers

Gier, S.; Dorbolo, S.; Terwagne, D.; Vandewalle, N.; Wagner, C., 2013:
Bouncing of polymeric droplets on liquid interfaces

Kuzmin, N.V.; Alkemade, P.F.; 't Hooft, G.W.; Eliel, E.R., 2007:
Bouncing surface plasmons

Kram, R., 2011:
Bouncing to conclusions: clear evidence for the metabolic cost of generating muscular force

Pérez-Ángel, G.; Nahmad-Molinari, Y., 2011:
Bouncing, rolling, energy flows, and cluster formation in a two-dimensional vibrated granular gas

Kind, A.J.H.; Smith, M.A.; Pandhi, N.; Frytak, J.R.; Finch, M.D., 2007:
Bouncing-back: rehospitalization in patients with complicated transitions in the first thirty days after hospital discharge for acute stroke

Inoue, T.; Ishii, N.; Aoki, S.; Doi, T.; Hatsuda, T.; Ikeda, Y.; Murano, K.; Nemura, H.; Sasaki, K., 2011:
Bound H dibaryon in flavor SU(3) limit of lattice QCD

Marinica, D.C.; Borisov, A.G.; Shabanov, S.V., 2008:
Bound States in the continuum in photonics

Anonymous, 1915:
Bound To Publish It

Larciprete, M.C.; Bovino, F.A.; Belardini, A.; Sibilia, C.; Bertolotti, M., 2009:
Bound and free waves in non-collinear second harmonic generation

Han, L.; Hyung, S-Joon.; Mayers, J.J.S.; Ruotolo, B.T., 2011:
Bound anions differentially stabilize multiprotein complexes in the absence of bulk solvent

Rodríguez-Bencomo, J.J.; Cabrera-Valido, Héctor.M.; Pérez-Trujillo, J.P.; Cacho, J., 2011:
Bound aroma compounds of Gual and Listán blanco grape varieties and their influence in the elaborated wines

Eidelman, M.M.; Gordon, F.J., 1949:
Bound ascorbic acid in the blood

Abdelmalek, J.A.; Rifkin, D.E., 2012:
Bound by a promise: advance directives and "uninformed consent"

Zigmond, J., 2008:
Bound by bureaucracy. Rural hospitals must negotiate some complex rules if they want to relocate and still keep their critical-access status

Bouchard, C.E., 2009:
Bound by fear: health care reform means letting go. The public's resistance to change clashes with responsibilities to justice and the common good

Prentiss, M.G., 1993:
Bound by light

Musatov, A.; Robinson, N.C., 2015:
Bound cardiolipin is essential for cytochrome c oxidase proton translocation

Han, L.; Hyung, S-Joon.; Ruotolo, B.T., 2012:
Bound cations significantly stabilize the structure of multiprotein complexes in the gas phase

Mutt, V., 1949:
Bound chlorine in casein and in tissue proteins

Spano, R.; Daldosso, N.; Cazzanelli, M.; Ferraioli, L.; Tartara, L.; Yu, J.; Degiorgio, V.; Giordana, E.; Fedeli, J.M.; Pavesi, L., 2009:
Bound electronic and free carrier nonlinearities in Silicon nanocrystals at 1550nm

Ozols, M.; Smith, G.; Smolin, J.A., 2014:
Bound entangled states with a private key and their classical counterpart

Sumikura, H.; Nishiguchi, K.; Ono, Y.; Fujiwara, A.; Notomi, M., 2012:
Bound exciton photoluminescence from ion‑implanted phosphorus in thin silicon layers

Kim, K.W.; Gu, G.D.; Homes, C.C.; Noh, T.W., 2008:
Bound excitons in Sr2CuO3

Deslippe, J.; Spataru, C.D.; Prendergast, D.; Louie, S.G., 2007:
Bound excitons in metallic single-walled carbon nanotubes

Barbiroli, A.; Bonomi, F.; Ferranti, P.; Fessas, D.; Nasi, A.; Rasmussen, P.; Iametti, S., 2011:
Bound fatty acids modulate the sensitivity of bovine β-lactoglobulin to chemical and physical denaturation

Mayer, B.; Gallaher, M., 2009:
Bound for connectivity

Bolon, D.N.A., 2012:
Bound for observation

Huang, H-han.; Fetters, L.; Hale, J.; McBride, A., 2009:
Bound for success: a systematic review of constraint-induced movement therapy in children with cerebral palsy supports improved arm and hand use

Storchak, V.G.; Brewer, J.H.; Russo, P.L.; Stubbs, S.L.; Parfenov, O.E.; Lichti, R.L.; Aminov, T'man.G., 2011:
Bound magnetic polarons in the 3d-electron ferromagnetic spinel semiconductor CdCr2Se4

Binfeng, Y.; Guohua, H.; Yiping, C., 2009 :
Bound modes analysis of symmetric dielectric loaded surface plasmon-polariton waveguides

Hodgkinson, I.; Endelema, D., 1990:
Bound modes in anisotropic multilayer thin film waveguides

Brunner, N.; Cavalcanti, D.; Salles, A.; Skrzypczyk, P., 2011:
Bound nonlocality and activation

Alboussière, T., 2009:
Bound of dissipation on a plane Couette dynamo

Johnson, S.; Cain, S., 2008:
Bound on range precision for shot-noise limited ladar systems

Altschul, B., 2007:
Bound on the photon charge from the phase coherence of extragalactic radiation

Su, X-Cheng.; Wang, Y.; Yagi, H.; Shishmarev, D.; Mason, C.E.; Smith, P.J.; Vandevenne, Mène.; Dixon, N.E.; Otting, G., 2014:
Bound or free: interaction of the C-terminal domain of Escherichia coli single-stranded DNA-binding protein (SSB) with the tetrameric core of SSB

Acosta-Estrada, B.A.; Gutiérrez-Uribe, J.A.; Serna-Saldívar, S.O., 2014:
Bound phenolics in foods, a review

Neacsu, M.; McMonagle, J.; Fletcher, R.J.; Scobbie, L.; Duncan, G.J.; Cantlay, L.; de Roos, B.; Duthie, G.G.; Russell, W.R., 2014:
Bound phytophenols from ready-to-eat cereals: comparison with other plant-based foods

Stikov, N.; Perry, L.M.; Mezer, A.; Rykhlevskaia, E.; Wandell, B.A.; Pauly, J.M.; Dougherty, R.F., 2011:
Bound pool fractions complement diffusion measures to describe white matter micro and macrostructure

Podlipensky, A.; Szarniak, P.; Joly, N.Y.; Poulton, C.G.; Russell, P.St.J., 2007:
Bound soliton pairs in photonic crystal fiber

Mou, C.; Sergeyev, S.V.; Rozhin, A.G.; Turitsyn, S.K., 2013:
Bound state vector solitons with locked and precessing states of polarization

Qi, R.; Zhai, H., 2011:
Bound states and scattering resonances induced by spatially modulated interactions

Campbell, E.T.; Browne, D.E., 2010:
Bound states for magic state distillation in fault-tolerant quantum computation

Levinsen, J.; Parish, M.M., 2013:
Bound states in a quasi-two-dimensional Fermi gas

Bittner, S.; Dietz, B.; Miski-Oglu, M.; Richter, A.; Ripp, C.; Sadurní, E.; Schleich, W.P., 2013:
Bound states in sharply bent waveguides: analytical and experimental approach

Longhi, S., 2014:
Bound states in the continuum in PT-symmetric optical lattices

Zhang, J.M.; Braak, D.; Kollar, M., 2012:
Bound states in the continuum realized in the one-dimensional two-particle Hubbard model with an impurity

Khosravi, E.; Stefanucci, G.; Kurth, S.; Gross, E.K.U., 2009:
Bound states in time-dependent quantum transport: oscillations and memory effects in current and density

Rüegg, A.; Lin, C., 2015:
Bound states of conical singularities in graphene-based topological insulators

Zhao, L.M.; Tang, D.Y.; Cheng, T.H.; Tam, H.Y.; Lu, C., 2007:
Bound states of dispersion-managed solitons in a fiber laser at near zero dispersion

Zhao, L.M.; Tang, D.Y.; Wu, X.; Lei, D.J.; Wen, S.C., 2007:
Bound states of gain-guided solitons in a passively mode-locked fiber laser

He, Y.J.; Malomed, B.A.; Mihalache, D.; Liu, B.; Huang, H.C.; Yang, H.; Wang, H.Z., 2009:
Bound states of one-, two-, and three-dimensional solitons in complex Ginzburg-Landau equations with a linear potential

Groenenboom, G.C.; Fishchuk, A.V.; van der Avoird, A., 2009:
Bound states of the OH(2Pi)-HCl complex on ab initio diabatic potentials

Tachikawa, M.; Kita, Y.; Buenker, R.J., 2011:
Bound states of the positron with nitrile species with a configuration interaction multi-component molecular orbital approach

Yakimenko, I.I.; Tsykunov, V.S.; Berggren, K-F., 2013:
Bound states, electron localization and spin correlations in low-dimensional GaAs/AlGaAs quantum constrictions

Saha, S.; Lindeberg, M., 2014:
Bound to Succeed: transcription factor binding-site prediction and its contribution to understanding virulence and environmental adaptation in bacterial plant pathogens

Henry, L.Keith.; Meiler, J.; Blakely, R.D., 2008:
Bound to be different: neurotransmitter transporters meet their bacterial cousins

Fessler, D.M.T.; Holbrook, C., 2014:
Bound to lose: physical incapacitation increases the conceptualized size of an antagonist in men

Sun, Z-Yuan.; Gao, Y-Tian.; Yu, X.; Liu, W-Jun.; Liu, Y., 2010:
Bound vector solitons and soliton complexes for the coupled nonlinear Schrödinger equations

Du, X.; Finn, C.E.; Qian, M.C., 2010:
Bound volatile precursors in genotypes in the pedigree of 'Marion' blackberry (Rubus sp.)

Bach, L.M.N., 2010:
Bound water

Ahmed, M.H.; Spyrakis, F.; Cozzini, P.; Tripathi, P.K.; Mozzarelli, A.; Scarsdale, J.Neel.; Safo, M.A.; Kellogg, G.E., 2012:
Bound water at protein-protein interfaces: partners, roles and hydrophobic bubbles as a conserved motif

Gillman, B.E.; Jacobs, S.D., 2008:
Bound-abrasive polishers for optical glass

Chudinov, A.N.; Shulginov, A.A.; Zel'dovich, B.Y., 1994:
Bound-bound transition in a field with a nonzero average cube in a molecule in a Langmuir-Blodgett film

Bednarski, H.; Spałek, J., 2012:
Bound-magnetic-polaron molecule in diluted magnetic semiconductors

Baldicchi, M.; Nesterenko, A.V.; Prosperi, G.M.; Shirkov, D.V.; Simolo, C., 2008:
Bound-state approach to the QCD coupling constant at low-energy scales

Nishiyama, Y., 2008:
Bound-state energy of the three-dimensional Ising model in the broken-symmetry phase: suppressed finite-size corrections

Buisseret, F.; Semay, C., 2007:
Bound-state equivalent potentials with the Lagrange mesh method

Hsieh, C-Ti.; Chang, S-Wei., 2014:
Bound-to-continuum absorption with tunneling in type-II nanostructures: a multiband source-radiation approach

Haelterman, M.; Sheppard, A.P.; Snyder, A.W., 1993:
Bound-vector solitary waves in isotropic nonlinear dispersive media

Fung, M.M., 2010:

Anonymous, 1936:
Boundaries Of National Forests

Homburg, E., 2009:
Boundaries and audiences of national histories of science: insights from the history of science and technology of the Netherlands

Madsen, W.; Bradshaw, J., 2008:
Boundaries and barriers: a history of district nursing management in regional Queensland

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