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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 51862

Chapter 51862 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Zahoránszky, László.A.; Katona, G.Y.; Hári, Péter.; Málnási-Csizmadia, Aás.; Zweig, K.A.; Zahoránszky-Köhalmi, G., 2009:
Breaking the hierarchy--a new cluster selection mechanism for hierarchical clustering methods

Britton, L-Mae.P.; Gonzales-Cope, M.; Zee, B.M.; Garcia, B.A., 2012:
Breaking the histone code with quantitative mass spectrometry

Shields, R., 2012:
Breaking the hybrid-species barrier

Stobbe, M.; Mishra, T.; Macintyre, G., 2014:
Breaking the ice and forging links: the importance of socializing in research

Mosak, J.; Furie, R., 2013:
Breaking the ice in systemic lupus erythematosus: belimumab, a promising new therapy

Kalra, G., 2012:
Breaking the ice: IJP on homosexuality

Kilanowski, J.F., 2012:
Breaking the ice: a pre-intervention strategy to engage research participants

Latorre, J.Gene.S., 2013:
Breaking the ice: therapeutic hypothermia for in-hospital cardiac arrest*

Ma, C.; Liu, Z., 2012:
Breaking the imaging symmetry in negative refraction lenses

Sambhara, S.; Poland, G.A., 2007:
Breaking the immunogenicity barrier of bird flu vaccines

Anonymous, 2008:
Breaking the impasse: time for decisive action?

Bove, P.F.; Dang, H.; Cheluvaraju, C.; Jones, L.C.; Liu, X.; O'Neal, W.K.; Randell, S.H.; Schlegel, R.; Boucher, R.C., 2014:
Breaking the in vitro alveolar type II cell proliferation barrier while retaining ion transport properties

Brehm, W.; Diederichs, K., 2014:
Breaking the indexing ambiguity in serial crystallography

Morgenroth, A.; Vogg, A.T.J.; Zlatopolskiy, B.D.; Siluschek, M.; Oedekoven, C.; Mottaghy, F.M., 2014:
Breaking the invulnerability of cancer stem cells: two-step strategy to kill the stem-like cell subpopulation of multiple myeloma

Anonymous, 2014:
Breaking the itch cycle

Carter, S.Jean., 2010:
Breaking the law: midwives and civil disobedience

Yan, B.; Boyd, D., 2012:
Breaking the light and heavy chain linkage of human immunoglobulin G1 (IgG1) by radical reactions

Bratincsak, A.; Moore, J.W.; Gulker, B.; Choules, B.; Koren, L.; El-Said, H.G., 2015:
Breaking the limit: mechanical characterization of overexpanded balloon expandable stents used in congenital heart disease

Putyrski, M.; Dikic, I., 2014 :
Breaking the limits of artificial ubiquitination

Collins, L.; Tselev, A.; Jesse, S.; Okatan, M.B.; Proksch, R.; Mathews, J.P.; Mitchell, G.D.; Rodriguez, B.J.; Kalinin, S.V.; Ivanov, I.N., 2015:
Breaking the limits of structural and mechanical imaging of the heterogeneous structure of coal macerals

Zilkens, K.M.; Bastian, N.; Löffler, K.U.; Holz, F.G., 2013:
Breaking the line of defence

Harmen Smit, H.; Meijaard, E.; van der Laan, C.; Mantel, S.; Budiman, A.; Verweij, P., 2014:
Breaking the link between environmental degradation and oil palm expansion: a method for enabling sustainable oil palm expansion

Duhaney, T., 2014:
Breaking the link between promotion and consumption

Siegel, J.P., 2014:
Breaking the links in intergenerational violence: an emotional regulation perspective

Kulshrestha, M.; Mathews, J.Jacob.; Kapadia, C.M.; Sanwatsarkar, S., 2013:
Breaking the midnight fast: An observational cross-sectional audit of preoperative fasting policies and practices at a Tertiary Care Hospital

Berger, C.L., 2013:
Breaking the millisecond barrier: single molecule motors wobble to find their next binding sites

Zhang, L.; Zhang, J.; Li, Z-Ji.; Qin, Y-Yan.; Lin, Q-Pu.; Yao, Y-Gen., 2009:
Breaking the mirror: pH-controlled chirality generation from a meso ligand to a racemic ligand

Talebi, N.; Sigle, W.; Vogelgesang, R.; Koch, C.T.; Fernández-López, C.; Liz-Marzán, L.M.; Ögüt, B.; Rohm, M.; van Aken, P.A., 2012:
Breaking the mode degeneracy of surface plasmon resonances in a triangular system

Peden, M.C.; Neelakantan, A.; Orlando, C.; Khan, S.A.; Lessner, A.; Bhatti, M.Tariq., 2008:
Breaking the mold of orbital cellulitis

Stewart, K., 2008:
Breaking the mold. Adapting a one-size-fits-all approach to LIS for a growing NYC medical lab requires a few adjustments

Lee, J., 2013:
Breaking the mold. Swedish to lead WellPoint through reform's changes

Peterson, T., 2013:
Breaking the mold: new paradigms for physician leadership in patient safety

Schmidt, C.W., 2014:
Breaking the mold: new strategies for fighting aflatoxins

Papp, P.; Scheinkman, M.; Malpas, J., 2015:
Breaking the mold: sculpting impasses in couples' therapy

Thornton, C.R., 2015:
Breaking the mould - novel diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for invasive pulmonary aspergillosis in the immune deficient patient

Degos, L.; Amalberti, Ré.; Bacou, J.; Carlet, J.; Bruneau, C., 2009:
Breaking the mould in patient safety

Clark, K.W.; Whiting, E.; Rowland, J.; Thompson, L.E.; Missenden, I.; Schellein, G., 2013:
Breaking the mould without breaking the system: the development and pilot of a clinical dashboard at The Prince Charles Hospital

Roy, L.; Mittal, S.; Paul, A., 2012:
Breaking the myth of the recalcitrant chemisorbed hydrogens on boron niride nanotubes: a theoretical perspective

Danz, M.; Schulz, G.; Hinkelbein, J.; Braunecker, S., 2014:
Breaking the needle: a rare complication on EZ-IO removal

Kirshblum, S.; Fichtenbaum, J., 2008:
Breaking the news in spinal cord injury

Dasgupta, N.; Mandl, K.D.; Brownstein, J.S., 2010:
Breaking the news or fueling the epidemic? Temporal association between news media report volume and opioid-related mortality

Devoldère, R., 2007:
Breaking the news to parents of their child's disability

Aparicio, Fátima.; Matesanz, E.; Sánchez, L., 2014:
Breaking the odd-even effect in the self-assembly of linear bis(benzamides)

Anonymous, 2013:
Breaking the pain barrier: Newman Government reviews workers' compensation

Friedrichs, O.; Remhof, A.; Borgschulte, A.; Buchter, F.; Orimo, S.I.; Züttel, A., 2010:
Breaking the passivation--the road to a solvent free borohydride synthesis

Sachs, J.D., 2007:
Breaking the poverty trap. Targeted investments can trump a region's geographic disadvantages

Atinmo, T.; Mirmiran, P.; Oyewole, O.E.; Belahsen, R.; Serra-Majem, Lís., 2009:
Breaking the poverty/malnutrition cycle in Africa and the Middle East

He, C.; Neya, S.; Knipp, M., 2011 :
Breaking the proximal Fe(II)-N(His) bond in heme proteins through local structural tension: lessons from the heme b proteins nitrophorin 4, nitrophorin 7, and related site-directed mutant proteins

Gao, L.; Cooks, R.Graham.; Ouyang, Z., 2008:
Breaking the pumping speed barrier in mass spectrometry: discontinuous atmospheric pressure interface

Meisburger, S.P.; Warkentin, M.; Chen, H.; Hopkins, J.B.; Gillilan, R.E.; Pollack, L.; Thorne, R.E., 2013:
Breaking the radiation damage limit with Cryo-SAXS

Wollinsky, B.; Ludwig, L.; Xie, X.; Li, S-Ming., 2013:
Breaking the regioselectivity of indole prenyltransferases: identification of regular C3-prenylated hexahydropyrrolo[2,3-b]indoles as side products of the regular C2-prenyltransferase FtmPT1

Porter, L.S.; Holness, N.A., 2012:
Breaking the repeat teen pregnancy cycle

Heintzmann, R.; Ficz, G., 2007:
Breaking the resolution limit in light microscopy

Heintzmann, R.; Ficz, G., 2014:
Breaking the resolution limit in light microscopy

O'Brien, C.J.; Lavigne, F.; Coyle, E.E.; Holohan, A.J.; Doonan, B.J., 2013:
Breaking the ring through a room temperature catalytic Wittig reaction

Mosna, R.A.; Beller, D.A.; Kamien, R.D., 2013:
Breaking the rules for topological defects: smectic order on conical substrates

Daly, R., 2012:
Breaking the rules. Fiscal benefits of less red tape questioned

Conn, J., 2013:
Breaking the rules. Insurers fail to meet coverage query requirements

Munson, C.F.; Davidson, D.; Lohana, P., 2014:
Breaking the rules: Dupuytren's disease under Skoog's fibres

Yott, J.; Poulin-Dubois, D., 2012:
Breaking the rules: do infants have a true understanding of false belief?

Carthey, J.; Walker, S.; Deelchand, V.; Vincent, C.; Griffiths, W.Harrop., 2012:
Breaking the rules: understanding non-compliance with policies and guidelines

Headley, C.M., 2014:
Breaking the safety barrier

Illig, R.; Fritsch, H.; Schwarzer, C., 2009:
Breaking the seals: efficient mRNA detection from human archival paraffin-embedded tissue

Ravat, P.; Teki, Y.; Ito, Y.; Gorelik, E.; Baumgarten, M., 2014:
Breaking the semi-quinoid structure: spin-switching from strongly coupled singlet to polarized triplet state

Sheppard, V.B.; Christopher, J.; Nwabukwu, I., 2010:
Breaking the silence barrier: opportunities to address breast cancer in African-born women

Habozit, A.; Moro, M.Rose., 2013:
Breaking the silence in Colombia to resist violence 1/2

Habozit, A.; Moro, M.Rose., 2013:
Breaking the silence in Colombia to resist violence 2/2

Reid, S.D.; Reddock, R.; Nickenig, T., 2014:
Breaking the silence of child sexual abuse in the Caribbean: a community-based action research intervention model

Leung, S.Fong.; Ma, J.; Russell, J., 2012:
Breaking the silence of eating disorders with the hope of an online self-help programme

Lawrie, J., 2014:
Breaking the silence on equal pay

Valdiserri, R.O.; Koh, H.K., 2014:
Breaking the silence on viral hepatitis

Grow, J.M.; Christopher, S.A., 2008:
Breaking the silence surrounding hepatitis C by promoting self-efficacy: hepatitis C public service announcements

Nembhard, I.M.; Labao, I.; Savage, S., 2016:
Breaking the silence: Determinants of voice for quality improvement in hospitals

Rispel, L.C.; Metcalf, C.A., 2009:
Breaking the silence: South African HIV policies and the needs of men who have sex with men

Holdridge, A.; DiGregorio, H.; Selekman, J., 2014:
Breaking the silence: addressing skin issues in obese and overweight children

Houston, S.; Ray, S.; Chitsike, I.; Mielke, J.; Chingono, A.; Mutetwa, S.; Gangaidzo, I., 2007:
Breaking the silence: an HIV-related educational intervention for medical students in Zimbabwe

Al-Amoudi, S.; Cañas, J.; Hohl, S.D.; Distelhorst, S.R.; Thompson, B., 2015:
Breaking the silence: breast cancer knowledge and beliefs among Somali Muslim women in Seattle, Washington

Krol, M.; Sendi, P.; Brouwer, W., 2008:
Breaking the silence: exploring the potential effects of explicit instructions on incorporating income and leisure in TTO exercises

Renigunta, V.; Zou, X.; Kling, S.; Schlichthörl, Günter.; Daut, Jürgen., 2015:
Breaking the silence: functional expression of the two-pore-domain potassium channel THIK-2

Peate, I., 2012:
Breaking the silence: helping men with erectile dysfunction

Braun, T.; Dimmeler, S., 2009:
Breaking the silence: stimulating proliferation of adult cardiomyocytes

Mugavero, M.J., 2012:
Breaking the silence: the insidious effects of trauma and PTSD

Koniak-Griffin, D.; Nyamathi, A.; Tallen, L.; González-Figueroa, E.; Dominick, E., 2007:
Breaking the silence: what homeless 18- to 24-year-olds say about HIV vaccine trials

Valenta, A.L.; Brooks, I.; Laureto, R.Ann.; Ramaprasad, A., 2009:
Breaking the silo. Using informatics to support clinical and translational science

Venkatramani, R.; Wierzbinski, E.; Waldeck, D.H.; Beratan, D.N., 2015:
Breaking the simple proportionality between molecular conductances and charge transfer rates

Coon, K.A., 2008:
Breaking the sleep barrier

Giraldo, G., 2010:
Breaking the sound barrier: Cuba's Cochlear implant program

Shetty, V.; Kumar, J.; Hegde, A., 2016:
Breaking the sound barrier: oral health education for children with hearing impairment

Shames, S.R.; Finlay, B.Brett., 2011:
Breaking the stereotype: virulence factor-mediated protection of host cells in bacterial pathogenesis

Bledsoe, B.E.; Casey, M.; Hodnick, R., 2012:
Breaking the surface: Arm yourself with knowledge about penetrating trauma

Ohtsuki, H.; Nowak, M.A.; Pacheco, J.M., 2007:
Breaking the symmetry between interaction and replacement in evolutionary dynamics on graphs

Olivier, Céline.; Solari, E.; Scopelliti, R.; Severin, K., 2008:
Breaking the symmetry: assembly of cylindrical nanostructures with a C3-symmetrical ligand

Pegado, F.; Nakamura, K.; Cohen, L.; Dehaene, S., 2011:
Breaking the symmetry: mirror discrimination for single letters but not for pictures in the Visual Word Form Area

Muggleton, J.; Guy, H.; Howard, R., 2016:
Breaking the taboo: an interpretative phenomenological analysis of healthcare professionals' experience of caring for palliative patients with disgusting symptoms

Aguilar-Alberola, J.A.; Mesquita-Joanes, F., 2014:
Breaking the temperature-size rule: thermal effects on growth, development and fecundity of a crustacean from temporary waters

Neuhauser, D.; Gao, Y.; Arntsen, C.; Karshenas, C.; Rabani, E.; Baer, R., 2014:
Breaking the theoretical scaling limit for predicting quasiparticle energies: the stochastic GW approach

Milone, M.C.; Shaw, L.M., 2015:
Breaking the therapeutic drug monitoring logistics barrier

Bennett, S.M.; Andrews, J.O.; Heath, J.H., 2007:
Breaking the ties of nicotine dependence

Tulodziecki, D., 2007:
Breaking the ties: epistemic significance, bacilli, and underdetermination

Standiford, T.J.; Keshamouni, V.G., 2012:
Breaking the tolerance for tumor: Targeting negative regulators of TLR signaling

Anonymous, 2014:
Breaking the vicious circle

Falk, K.; Granger, B.B.; Swedberg, K.; Ekman, I., 2007:
Breaking the vicious circle of fatigue in patients with chronic heart failure

Linkie, M.; Sloan, S.; Kasia, R.; Kiswayadi, D.; Azmi, W., 2015:
Breaking the vicious circle of illegal logging in Indonesia

Tishova, Y.; Kalinchenko, S.Y., 2010:
Breaking the vicious circle of obesity: the metabolic syndrome and low testosterone by administration of testosterone to a young man with morbid obesity

Marioni, J.C.; Thorne, N.P.; Valsesia, A.; Fitzgerald, T.; Redon, R.; Fiegler, H.; Andrews, T.Daniel.; Stranger, B.E.; Lynch, A.G.; Dermitzakis, E.T.; Carter, N.P.; Tavaré, S.; Hurles, M.E., 2007:
Breaking the waves: improved detection of copy number variation from microarray-based comparative genomic hybridization

An der Heiden, M.; Buchholz, U.; Krause, Gérard.; Kirchner, Göran.; Claus, H.; Haas, W.H., 2010:
Breaking the waves: modelling the potential impact of public health measures to defer the epidemic peak of novel influenza A/H1N1

Aurbach, R., 2016:
Breaking the web of needless disability

Lecube, A.; Burguera, Bé.; Rubio, M.Ángel.; Arrizabalaga, Jé.; Bretón, I.; Burguera, Bé.; Caixàs, A.; Calañas, A.; Cordido, F.; Díaz, Mía.Jesús.; García-Luna, P.Pablo.; Goday, A.; Iglesias, P.; Lecube, A.; Masmiquel, Lís.; Monereo, S.; Moreiro, Jé.; Moreno, B.; Morales, Mía.José.; Rubio, M.Ángel.; Vidal, J.; Vilarrasa, Núria., 2012:
Breaking therapeutic inertia: should metabolic surgery be considered one more option for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus?

Barnes, K.C., 2011:
Breaking through

Pal, S.Kumar.; Kortylewski, M.; Yu, H.; Figlin, R.A., 2011:
Breaking through a plateau in renal cell carcinoma therapeutics: development and incorporation of biomarkers

Toivanen, R.; Taylor, R.A.; Pook, D.W.; Ellem, S.J.; Risbridger, G.P., 2012:
Breaking through a roadblock in prostate cancer research: an update on human model systems

Juárez-Moreno, K.; Erices, R.; Beltran, A.S.; Stolzenburg, S.; Cuello-Fredes, M.; Owen, G.I.; Qian, H.; Blancafort, P., 2013:
Breaking through an epigenetic wall: re-activation of Oct4 by KRAB-containing designer zinc finger transcription factors

Schwartz, D.M., 2015:
Breaking through barriers: using technology to address executive function weaknesses and improve student achievement

Rodgers, B., 2014:
Breaking through limbo: experiences of adults living with obstructive sleep apnea

Pater, R., 2014:
Breaking through repeating problems

Heim, S., 2007:
Breaking through silence. Children of mentally ill parents

Gregory, B., 2014:
Breaking through the barriers

Dixon, T., 1989:
Breaking through the boundaries

Sagarin, R.D.; Crowder, L.B., 2008:
Breaking through the crisis in marine conservation and management: insights from the philosophies of Ed Ricketts

Mendes da Mata, A., 2014:
Breaking through the culture of fear in dementia care

Smith, R.Scott.; Matthiesen, J.; Kay, B.D., 2010:
Breaking through the glass ceiling: the correlation between the self-diffusivity in and krypton permeation through deeply supercooled liquid nanoscale methanol films

Kondziolka, D., 2009:
Breaking through the ice of neurosurgery: 2007 Congress of Neurological Surgeons Presidential Address

Feigin, R.; Sapir, Y.; Patinkin, N.; Turner, D., 2014:
Breaking through the silence: the experience of living with HIV-positive serostatus, and its implications on disclosure

Koh, H.K.; Gordon, J.L., 2013:
Breaking through the status quo: improving influenza vaccination coverage among health-care personnel

Guinote, Iês.Batista.; Moreira, R.Neves.; Barahona, S.; Freire, P.; Vicente, M.; Arraiano, Cília.Maria., 2015:
Breaking through the stress barrier: the role of BolA in Gram-negative survival

Anonymous, 2015:
Breaking through to a new smile: what happens when your baby is teething?

Hagland, M., 2012:
Breaking through to the other side. How provider organizations are strategizing to break new ground in healthcare

Choi, P., 2013:
Breaking through to youth: a preventive and holistic approach:Interview of Dr Philemon Choi with student reporters. Interviewed by Winnie Sung and Clara Tsui

May, D., 2011:
Breaking through. Upbeat reports on medical research highlight value of federal, private funding

Sharabi, A.; Ghera, N.Haran., 2010:
Breaking tolerance in a mouse model of multiple myeloma by chemoimmunotherapy

McLachlan, S.M.; Aliesky, H.A.; Chen, C-Rong.; Chong, G.; Rapoport, B., 2013:
Breaking tolerance in transgenic mice expressing the human TSH receptor A-subunit: thyroiditis, epitope spreading and adjuvant as a 'double edged sword'

Yu, J.; Venstrom, J.M.; Liu, X-Rong.; Pring, J.; Hasan, R.S.; O'Reilly, R.J.; Hsu, K.C., 2009:
Breaking tolerance to self, circulating natural killer cells expressing inhibitory KIR for non-self HLA exhibit effector function after T cell-depleted allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation

McLachlan, S.M.; Rapoport, B., 2014:
Breaking tolerance to thyroid antigens: changing concepts in thyroid autoimmunity

Ufere, N.N., 2009:
Breaking tradition: changing medical education to preserve the patient-doctor relationship

Stephenson, G., 2015:
Breaking traditions with reciprocal mentoring

Schnurr, M.; Duewell, P., 2013:
Breaking tumor-induced immunosuppression with 5'-triphosphate siRNA silencing TGFβ and activating RIG-I

Kmietowicz, Z., 2008:
Breaking up foundation programme offers no advantages, says leading dean

Kennedy, S.; Ruggles, S., 2014:
Breaking up is hard to count: the rise of divorce in the United States, 1980-2010

Kashatus, D.F.; Counter, C.M., 2012:
Breaking up is hard to do: RalA, mitochondrial fission and cancer

Katz, J.; Tirone, V.; Schukrafft, M., 2012:
Breaking up is hard to do: psychological entrapment and women's commitment to violent dating relationships

Mortimer, D.; Li, J.Jing.; Watts, J.; Harris, A., 2012:
Breaking up is hard to do: the economic impact of provisional funding contingent upon evidence development

Haas, M.; Hall, J.; Viney, R.; Gallego, G., 2012:
Breaking up is hard to do: why disinvestment in medical technology is harder than investment

Winding, M.; Gelfand, V.I., 2014:
Breaking up isn't easy: myosin V and its cargoes need Dma1 ubiquitin ligase's help

Kenworthy, A.K., 2007:
Breaking up isn't so hard to do

Klein, H.L.; Symington, L.S., 2009:
Breaking up just got easier to do

Dunstan, D.W.; Kingwell, B.A.; Larsen, R.; Healy, G.N.; Cerin, E.; Hamilton, M.T.; Shaw, J.E.; Bertovic, D.A.; Zimmet, P.Z.; Salmon, J.; Owen, N., 2012:
Breaking up prolonged sitting reduces postprandial glucose and insulin responses

Larsen, R.N.; Kingwell, B.A.; Sethi, P.; Cerin, E.; Owen, N.; Dunstan, D.W., 2015:
Breaking up prolonged sitting reduces resting blood pressure in overweight/obese adults

Bailey, D.P.; Locke, C.D., 2016:
Breaking up prolonged sitting with light-intensity walking improves postprandial glycemia, but breaking up sitting with standing does not

Coltri, P.; Effenberger, K.; Chalkley, R.J.; Burlingame, A.L.; Jurica, M.S., 2011:
Breaking up the C complex spliceosome shows stable association of proteins with the lariat intron intermediate

Scott, G., 2012:
Breaking up the NHS is devastating for its staff

Paulik, D., 2007:
Breaking up the transcription logjam can improve cash flow

Polidori, C.; García, A.Jorge.; Nieves-Aldrey, Jé.L., 2014:
Breaking up the wall: metal-enrichment in Ovipositors, but not in mandibles, co-varies with substrate hardness in gall-wasps and their associates

Thorp, A.A.; Kingwell, B.A.; Owen, N.; Dunstan, D.W., 2015:
Breaking up workplace sitting time with intermittent standing bouts improves fatigue and musculoskeletal discomfort in overweight/obese office workers

Nelson, J.A., 2014:
Breaking wind to survive: fishes that breathe air with their gut

Seaton, A., 2015:
Breaking with Galen: Servetus, Colombo and the lesser circulation

Robbé, I.J.; Burnie, R., 2013:
Breaking with tradition: case studies and role-play

Chhatriwalla, A.K.; Bhatt, D.L., 2008:
Breaking with tradition: is diagnostic angiography really necessary before primary PCI?

Lockhart, J., 2014:
Breaking "bad" proteins to modulate abscisic acid signaling

Kamaladini, H.; Nor Akmar Abdullah, S.; Aziz, M.Abdul.; Ismail, I.Bin.; Haddadi, F., 2013:
Breaking-off tissue specific activity of the oil palm metallothionein-like gene promoter in T(1) seedlings of tomato exposed to metal ions

Pradhan, S.; Hemmer, P.C., 2009:
Breaking-rate minimum predicts the collapse point of overloaded materials

Sardinha, Lís.B.; Santos, D.A.; Silva, A.M.; Baptista, Fátima.; Owen, N., 2015:
Breaking-up sedentary time is associated with physical function in older adults

Kiss, R.; Drews, R., 2016:
Breakout Session A: Elimination or Treatment of High-risk Raw Materials

Otomo, Y.; Burkle, F.M., 2015:
Breakout session 1 summary: frameworks and policies relating to medical preparedness and health management in disasters

Sugawara, J.; Yeskey, K., 2015:
Breakout session 2 summary: health planning for all phases of a disaster including risk assessment with concern for vulnerable populations

Tomita, H.; Ursano, R.J., 2015:
Breakout session 3 summary: psychosocial/mental health concerns and building community resilience

Pesigan, A.; Cullison, T., 2015:
Breakout session 4 summary: health infrastructure and logistics for disaster preparedness, including resources and funding

Radjak, A.; Redmond, A., 2015:
Breakout session 5 summary: development of evidence-based technical guidance and education/ training programs for the advancement of health and disaster risk management capabilities

Byrnes, A.P.; Willkommen, H., 2016:
Breakout session C summary: current virus detection methods

Martinez, M.N.; Rathbone, M.J.; Burgess, D.; Huynh, M., 2010:
Breakout session summary from AAPS/CRS joint workshop on critical variables in the in vitro and in vivo performance of parenteral sustained release products

Dy, C.J.; Nelson, C.L., 2011:
Breakout session: Diversity, cultural competence, and patient trust

Johnson, A.E.; Lavernia, C., 2011:
Breakout session: Ethnic and gender differences in diabetic foot management and amputations

Morgan, R.C.; Slover, J., 2011:
Breakout session: Ethnic and racial disparities in joint arthroplasty

Kamath, A.F.; O'Connor, M.I., 2011 :
Breakout session: Gender and ethnic disparities in pain management

O'Connor, M.I.; Hooten, E.Gerken., 2011:
Breakout session: Gender disparities in knee osteoarthritis and TKA

Neuman, M.D.; Kennelly, A.M.; Tosi, L.L., 2011:
Breakout session: Sex/Gender and racial/ethnic disparities in the care of osteoporosis and fragility fractures

Spiegel, D.A., 2008:
Breakout sessions

Giacomini, C.P.; Sun, S.; Varma, S.; Shain, A.Hunter.; Giacomini, M.M.; Balagtas, J.; Sweeney, R.T.; Lai, E.; Del Vecchio, C.A.; Forster, A.D.; Clarke, N.; Montgomery, K.D.; Zhu, S.; Wong, A.J.; van de Rijn, M.; West, R.B.; Pollack, J.R., 2016:
Breakpoint analysis of transcriptional and genomic profiles uncovers novel gene fusions spanning multiple human cancer types

Torrezan, G.T.; da Silva, F.C.C.; Krepischi, A.C.V.; Santos, Érika.M.M.; Ferreira, Fábio.de.O.; Rossi, B.M.; Carraro, D.M., 2011:
Breakpoint characterization of a novel large intragenic deletion of MUTYH detected in a MAP patient: case report

Jennes, I.; de Jong, D.; Mees, K.; Hogendoorn, P.C.W.; Szuhai, K.; Wuyts, W., 2011:
Breakpoint characterization of large deletions in EXT1 or EXT2 in 10 multiple osteochondromas families

Rana, A.; Ali, G.M.; Ali, S.; Khan, A.; Sabiha, B.; Malik, S.; Riaz, A.M.; Farooqi, A.A., 2013:
Breakpoint cluster region-c-abl oncogene 1, non-receptor tyrosine kinase signaling: current patterns of the versatile regulator revisited

Resta, N.; Giorda, R.; Bagnulo, R.; Beri, S.; Della Mina, E.; Stella, A.; Piglionica, M.; Susca, F.Claudio.; Guanti, G.; Zuffardi, O.; Ciccone, R., 2010:
Breakpoint determination of 15 large deletions in Peutz-Jeghers subjects

Boeva, V.; Jouannet, Séphanie.; Daveau, R.; Combaret, Vérie.; Pierre-Eugène, Cécile.; Cazes, A.; Louis-Brennetot, C.; Schleiermacher, G.; Ferrand, S.; Pierron, Gëlle.; Lermine, A.; Rio Frio, T.; Raynal, V.; Vassal, G.; Barillot, E.; Delattre, O.; Janoueix-Lerosey, I., 2014:
Breakpoint features of genomic rearrangements in neuroblastoma with unbalanced translocations and chromothripsis

Alekseyev, M.A.; Pevzner, P.A., 2009:
Breakpoint graphs and ancestral genome reconstructions

Tu, X.; Cong, X.; Yan, A.; Zeng, J.; Zhu, Z., 2010:
Breakpoint localization of Y-chromosome massive deletions in 49 spermatogenesis dysfunction patients

Shriberg, L.D.; Jakielski, K.J.; El-Shanti, H., 2008:
Breakpoint localization using array-CGH in three siblings with an unbalanced 4q;16q translocation and childhood apraxia of speech (CAS)

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Breakpoints for extended-spectrum beta-lactamase-producing Enterobacteriacae: pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic considerations

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Breakpoints for susceptibility testing should not divide wild-type distributions of important target species

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Breaks In Dogs Immunized Against Rabies Disease

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Breaks during 5Hz rTMS are essential for facilitatory after effects

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Breaks in sedentary time during childhood and adolescence: Iowa bone development study

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Breaks in the Dyke

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Breaks invisible to the DNA damage response machinery accumulate in ATM-deficient cells

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Breakthrough Candida dubliniensis fungemia in an acute myeloid leukemia patient during voriconazole therapy successfully treated with caspofungin

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Breakthrough Drug Approval Process and Postmarketing ADR Reporting

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Breakthrough HBV infection in vaccinated children in Taiwan: surveillance for HBV mutants

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Breakthrough Pneumocystis jiroveci pneumonia under pentamidine prophylaxis: imaging findings revisited

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Breakthrough articles: putting science first

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Breakthrough behavior of 17.5 mol% water in methanol, ethanol, isopropanol, and t-butanol vapors passed over corn grits

Anonymous, 2012:
Breakthrough breast cancer drug. Finally, some hope for women who've run out of options

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Breakthrough breast cancer treatment--PARP inhibitor, BRCA, and triple negative breast cancer

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Breakthrough breastfeeding strategies. Practical advice for time-pressed NPs

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A zero percent plastic ingestion rate by silver hake (Merluccius bilinearis) from the south coast of Newfoundland, Canada

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Breakthrough cancer pain

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Breakthrough cancer pain (BTcP): a synthesis of taxonomy, pathogenesis, therapy, and good clinical practice in adult patients in Italy

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Breakthrough cancer pain: mending the break in the continuum of care

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Breakthrough cancer pain: the current situation

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Breakthrough cancer pain: the role of the nurse

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Breakthrough cryptococcosis in a patient with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) receiving micafungin

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Breakthrough discoveries in drug delivery technologies: the next 30 years

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Breakthrough discovery of HbA1c by Professor Samuel Rahbar in 1968

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Breakthrough disseminated fusariosis in an immunocompromised patient on voriconazole therapy

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Breakthrough drug category demands more communication

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Breakthrough explains some of the concerns about GP consortia commissioning mental health services

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Breakthrough febrile neutropenia and associated complications in Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma patients receiving pegfilgrastim

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Breakthrough filamentous fungal infections in pediatric hematopoetic stem cell transplant and oncology patients receiving caspofungin

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Breakthrough for a DNA break-preventer

von Minckwitz, G., 2008:
Breakthrough for neoadjuvant chemotherapy

Tsuboi, T.; Takeo, S.; Torii, M., 2011:
Breakthrough for the post-genome malaria vaccine candidate discovery: wheat germ cell-free protein production system

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Breakthrough for transcatheter aortic valve implantation. But "evidence-based experience" has not kept up

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Breakthrough fungemia due to Candida glabrata during posaconazole prophylaxis in hematology patients treated with anidulafungin - report of 5 cases

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Breakthrough hepatitis B Virus (HBV) infection from mother-to-infant transmission is the key problem hindering HBV eradication

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Breakthrough ideas for 2010. A faster path from lab to market

Dixon, R., 2010:
Breakthrough ideas for 2010. The technology that can revolutionize health care

Bonabeau, E.; Bingham, A.; Schacht, A., 2010:
Breakthrough ideas for 2010.Getting the drugs we need

Willy, C., 2015:
Breakthrough ideas leading to new futures: next steps

Willy, C., 2014:
Breakthrough ideas leading to new futures: prologue

Anonymous, 2013:
Breakthrough in ER+ breast cancer. Specific gene's shutdown is detectable in blood; indicates cancer cell vulnerability, thus enabling earlier treatment

Sadeghi, S.J.; Fantuzzi, A.; Gilardi, G., 2011 :
Breakthrough in P450 bioelectrochemistry and future perspectives

Yao, J.; Wang, L.V., 2014:
Breakthrough in Photonics 2013: Photoacoustic Tomography in Biomedicine

Stassen, L.F.A., 2011:
Breakthrough in awareness of head, neck and mouth cancers

Anonymous, 2012:
Breakthrough in breast cancer treatment. "Smart bullet" T-DM1 delivers a payload to cancer cells and avoids healthy ones

Thum, T.; Springer, J., 2011:
Breakthrough in cachexia treatment through a novel selective androgen receptor modulator?!

Liu, X.; Kong, X.; Zhang, Y.; Tu, L.; Wang, Y.; Zeng, Q.; Li, C.; Shi, Z.; Zhang, H., 2012:
Breakthrough in concentration quenching threshold of upconversion luminescence via spatial separation of the emitter doping area for bio-applications

Rudert, W.A.; Trucco, M., 2009:
Breakthrough in diabetes therapy ... Just around the corner?

Anonymous, 2012:
Breakthrough in dry version of macular degeneration. Discovery of biological pathway may lead to cure for dry AMD

Anonymous, 2014:
Breakthrough in hearing technology: an end to background noise. New research will change the lives of the hearing impaired

Anonymous, 2013:
Breakthrough in mitral valve treatment. New approach allows valves to be repaired from the inside

Tsutsui, K.; Ubuka, T., 2015:
Breakthrough in neuroendocrinology by discovering novel neuropeptides and neurosteroids: 1. Discovery of gonadotropin-inhibitory hormone (GnIH) across vertebrates

Tsutsui, K.; Haraguchi, S., 2015:
Breakthrough in neuroendocrinology by discovering novel neuropeptides and neurosteroids: 2. Discovery of neurosteroids and pineal neurosteroids

Soriano, F.; Cafini, F.; Aguilar, L.; Tarragó, D.; Alou, L.; Giménez, M-Jose.; Gracia, M.; Ponte, M-Carmen.; Leu, D.; Pana, M.; Letowska, I.; Fenoll, A., 2008:
Breakthrough in penicillin resistance? Streptococcus pneumoniae isolates with penicillin/cefotaxime MICs of 16 mg/L and their genotypic and geographical relatedness

Weiland, O., 2016:
Breakthrough in the treatment of chronic hepatitis C virus infections. Direct acting antivirals heals over 90 percent

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Breakthrough in three-dimensional scoliosis diagnosis: significance of horizontal plane view and vertebra vectors

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Breakthrough indicator for aromatic VOCs using needle trap samplers for activated carbon adsorbent

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Breakthrough invasive fungal diseases during echinocandin treatment in high-risk hospitalized hematologic patients

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Breakthrough invasive fungal infection in an immunocompromised host while on posaconazole prophylaxis: an omission in patient counseling and follow-up

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Breakthrough leadership

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Breakthrough lung Scedosporium prolificans infection with multiple cavity lesions in a patient receiving voriconazole for probable invasive aspergillosis associated with monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS)

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Breakthrough model of recombinant human-like collagen in immobilized metal affinity chromatography

Tanaka, S.; Fujimori, S.; Sakamoto, C., 2009:
Breakthrough of enteroscopic diagnoses for small intestinal diseases

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Breakthrough of immune self-tolerance to calreticulin induced by CpG-oligodeoxynucleotides as adjuvant

Qin, S-he., 2013:
Breakthrough of the bottleneck of nonunion and bone defect treatment

Kennedy, D., 2007:
Breakthrough of the year

Anonymous, 2014:
Breakthrough of the year 2013. ...Areas to watch in 2014

Couzin-Frankel, J., 2014:
Breakthrough of the year 2013. Cancer immunotherapy

Anonymous, 2014:
Breakthrough of the year 2013. How we did in 2013 and..

Anonymous, 2014:
Breakthrough of the year 2013. Notable developments

Normile, D.; Kerr, R.A., 2012:
Breakthrough of the year. A disaster and a warning--but of what?

Malakoff, D., 2013:
Breakthrough of the year. A year on, the H5N1 debate remains infectious, with no end in sight

Gibbons, A., 2010:
Breakthrough of the year. Ardipithecus ramidus

Anonymous, 2009:
Breakthrough of the year. Areas to watch

Anonymous, 2010:
Breakthrough of the year. Areas to watch

Anonymous, 2011:
Breakthrough of the year. Areas to watch

Anonymous, 2012:
Breakthrough of the year. Areas to watch

Anonymous, 2013:
Breakthrough of the year. Areas to watch

Stokstad, E., 2011:
Breakthrough of the year. Diving into the oil spill

Kintisch, E.; Kerr, R.A., 2007:
Breakthrough of the year. Global warming, hotter than ever

Cohen, J., 2012:
Breakthrough of the year. HIV treatment as prevention

Anonymous, 2007:
Breakthrough of the year. How'd we do?

Pennisi, E., 2007:
Breakthrough of the year. Human genetic variation

Malakoff, D., 2012:
Breakthrough of the year. Italian quake verdicts rattle researchers

Vogel, G., 2009:
Breakthrough of the year. Reprogramming Cells

Anonymous, 2013:
Breakthrough of the year. Scorecard: rating last year's areas to watch

Cho, A., 2012:
Breakthrough of the year. The discovery of the Higgs boson

Cho, A., 2010:
Breakthrough of the year. The first quantum machine

Anonymous, 2007:
Breakthrough of the year. The runners-up

Anonymous, 2009:
Breakthrough of the year. The runners-up

Anonymous, 2010:
Breakthrough of the year. The runners-up

Anonymous, 2011:
Breakthrough of the year. The runners-up

Anonymous, 2012:
Breakthrough of the year. The runners-up

Anonymous, 2013:
Breakthrough of the year. The runners-up

Anonymous, 2013:
Breakthrough of the year. The year in news

Kaiser, J., 2011:
Breakthrough of the year. Whiplash for stem cell researchers

Rhea, S., 2008:
Breakthrough or budget-breaker? New breast-cancer tests might be too costly: experts

Gaertner, J.; Voltz, R., 2010:
Breakthrough pain

Beutlhauser, T.; Oeltjenbruns, J.; Schäfer, M., 2014:
Breakthrough pain and short-acting opioids

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Breakthrough pain frequency in cancer patients and the efficiency of oral transmucosal fentanyl citrate

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Breakthrough pain in a patient with bronchial carcinoma. Oral morphine hardly possible - what can help?

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Breakthrough pain in advanced cancer patients followed at home: a longitudinal study

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Breakthrough pain in cancer patients

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Breakthrough pain in children with cancer

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Breakthrough pain in chronic non-cancer pain: fact, fiction, or abuse

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Breakthrough pain in chronic persistent pain syndromes: emerging treatment options and implications for managed care. Introduction

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Breakthrough pain in community-dwelling patients with cancer pain and noncancer pain, part 1: prevalence and characteristics

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Breakthrough pain in community-dwelling patients with cancer pain and noncancer pain, part 2: impact on function, mood, and quality of life

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Breakthrough pain in elderly patients with cancer: treatment options

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Breakthrough pain in oncology: a longitudinal study

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Breakthrough pain in patients with abdominal cancer pain

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Breakthrough pain in patients with controlled or uncontrolled basal pain: an observational study

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Breakthrough pain in the management of chronic persistent pain syndromes

Takigawa, C.; Goto, F.; Tanda, S.; Shima, Y.; Yomiya, K.; Matoba, M.; Adachi, I.; Yoshimoto, T.; Eguchi, K., 2015:
Breakthrough pain management using fentanyl buccal tablet (FBT) in combination with around-the-clock (ATC) opioids based on the efficacy and safety of FBT, and its relationship with ATC opioids: results from an open-label, multi-center study in Japanese cancer patients with detailed evaluation

Starostzik, C., 2012:
Breakthrough pain treatment is often successful only with a combination

Domingo-Triadó, V.; López Alarcón, M.D.; Villegas Estévez, F.; Alba Moratillas, C.; Massa Domínguez, B.; Palomares Payá, F.; Mínguez Martí, A.; Debón Vicent, L., 2016:
Breakthrough pain treatment with sublingual fentanyl in patients with chronic cutaneous ulcers

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Breakthrough pain--what to consider when treating with rapid onset opioids

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Breakthrough pain-novel analgesics

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Breakthrough pain: a qualitative study involving patients with advanced cancer

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Breakthrough pain: on the road again

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Breakthrough pain: progress in management

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Breakthrough pain: the importance of baseline analgesic regimen with opioids

Shindo, M.; Sato, K.; Jimbo, J.; Hosoki, T.; Ikuta, K.; Sano, A.; Nishimura, K.; Torimoto, Y.; Kohgo, Y., 2007:
Breakthrough pulmonary mucormycosis during voriconazole treatment after reduced-intensity cord blood transplantation for a patient with acute myeloid leukemia

Caldwell, C.; Butler, G.; Grah, J., 2008:
Breakthrough quality: what the board must do

Jingu, A.; Fukuda, J.; Taketomi-Takahashi, A.; Tsushima, Y., 2015:
Breakthrough reactions of iodinated and gadolinium contrast media after oral steroid premedication protocol

Ramos, A.; Cuervas-Mons, V.; Noblejas, A.; Baños, I.; Duran, P.; Marcos, R.; Sánchez-Turrión, V.; Jiménez, M.; Arellano, B.; Corbacho, C.; Sánchez-Romero, I., 2009:
Breakthrough rhinocerebral mucormycosis in a liver transplant patient receiving caspofungin

Anonymous, 2014:
Breakthrough salivary test to aid in the fight against oral cancer

Ahamad, K.Uddin.; Jawed, M., 2013:
Breakthrough studies with mono-, binary- and ternary-ion systems comprised of Fe(II), F(-) and As(III) using river sand packed columns for groundwater treatment

Galili, M.; Xu, J.; Mulvad, H.C.H.; Oxenløwe, L.K.; Clausen, A.T.; Jeppesen, P.; Luther-Davis, B.; Madden, S.; Rode, A.; Choi, D-Yong.; Pelusi, M.; Luan, F.; Eggleton, B.J., 2009:
Breakthrough switching speed with an all-optical chalcogenide glass chip: 640 Gbit/s demultiplexing

Lianos, G.D.; Mangano, A.; Rausei, S.; Roukos, D.H., 2014:
Breakthrough therapies in melanoma

Coyne, K.P.; Clifford, P.Gorman.; Dye, Rée., 2008:
Breakthrough thinking from inside the box

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