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Bridged heterocyclium dicationic closo-icosahedral perfluoroborane, borane, and carborane salts via aqueous, open-air benchtop synthesis

Shackelford, S.A.; Belletire, J.L.; Boatz, J.A.; Schneider, S.; Wheaton, A.K.; Wight, B.A.; Ammon, H.L.; Peryshkov, D.V.; Strauss, S.H.

Organic Letters 12(12): 2714-2717


ISSN/ISBN: 1523-7052
PMID: 20499850
DOI: 10.1021/ol100752y
Accession: 051866110

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Thirteen bridged triazolium and imidazolium dicationic salts, which uniquely pair closo-icosahedral perfluoroborane [B(12)F(12)](2-), borane [B(12)H(12)](2-), or carborane [CB(11)H(12)](-) anionic species with unsaturated bridged heterocyclium dications, were synthesized using an aqueous benchtop method. This considerably extends the scope of a reported aqueous synthesis of binary [heterocyclium](2)[B(12)H(12)] and [heterocyclium][CB(11)H(12)] salts. Also, the one-step preparation of five new precursor bridged heterocyclium dicationic dihalide salts using conventional procedures and in one case a microwave-assisted method is described.

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