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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 51908

Chapter 51908 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Tylavsky, F.A.; Cowan, P.A.; Terrell, S.; Hutson, M.; Velasquez-Mieyer, P., 2012:
Calcium intake and body composition in African-American children and adolescents at risk for overweight and obesity

Suárez Cortina, L.; Moreno Villares, J.M.; Martínez Suárez, V.; Aranceta Bartrina, J.; Dalmau Serra, J.; Gil Hernández, A.; Lama More, R.; Martín Mateos, M.A.; Pavón Belinchón, P., 2011:
Calcium intake and bone mineral density in a group of Spanish school-children

Keum, N.; Lee, D.Hoon.; Greenwood, D.C.; Zhang, X.; Giovannucci, E.L., 2015:
Calcium intake and colorectal adenoma risk: dose-response meta-analysis of prospective observational studies

Keum, N.; Aune, D.; Greenwood, D.C.; Ju, W.; Giovannucci, E.L., 2014:
Calcium intake and colorectal cancer risk: dose-response meta-analysis of prospective observational studies

Pachocka, L.M.; Nowak, A.; Targosz, U.; Kłosiewicz-Latoszek, L.; Stolarska, I., 2007:
Calcium intake and glucose and lipids concetrations in overweight and obese patients

Zhu, X.; Liang, J.; Shrubsole, M.J.; Ness, R.M.; Cai, Q.; Long, J.; Chen, Z.; Li, G.; Wiese, D.; Zhang, B.; Smalley, W.E.; Edwards, T.L.; Giovannucci, E.; Zheng, W.; Dai, Q., 2014:
Calcium intake and ion transporter genetic polymorphisms interact in human colorectal neoplasia risk in a 2-phase study

Goldberg, T.Beres.Lederer.; da Silva, C.Cristiane.; Peres, L.Natal.Lopes.; Berbel, M.Nogueira.; Heigasi, Máircia.Braz.; Ribeiro, J.Maria.Cabral.; Suzuki, K.; Josué, L.Mílcia.Aparecida.; Dalmas, Jé.Carlos., 2009:
Calcium intake and its relationship with risk of overweight and obesity in adolescents

Takata, Y.; Shu, X-Ou.; Yang, G.; Li, H.; Dai, Q.; Gao, J.; Cai, Q.; Gao, Y-Tang.; Zheng, W., 2013:
Calcium intake and lung cancer risk among female nonsmokers: a report from the Shanghai Women's Health Study

Duran de Campos, C.; Dalcanale, Lça.; Pajecki, D.; Garrido, A.B.; Halpern, A., 2008:
Calcium intake and metabolic bone disease after eight years of Roux-en-Y gastric bypass

Włodarek, D.; Głąbska, D.; Kołota, A.; Adamczyk, P.; Czekajło, A.; Grzeszczak, Władysław.; Drozdzowska, B.; Pluskiewicz, W., 2014:
Calcium intake and osteoporosis: the influence of calcium intake from dairy products on hip bone mineral density and fracture incidence - a population-based study in women over 55 years of age

Wang, L.; Manson, J.E.; Sesso, H.D., 2012:
Calcium intake and risk of cardiovascular disease: a review of prospective studies and randomized clinical trials

Paik, J.M.; Curhan, G.C.; Taylor, E.N., 2013:
Calcium intake and risk of primary hyperparathyroidism in women: prospective cohort study

Uush, T., 2014:
Calcium intake and serum calcium status in Mongolian children

Van Hemelrijck, M.; Michaelsson, K.; Linseisen, J.; Rohrmann, S., 2013:
Calcium intake and serum concentration in relation to risk of cardiovascular death in NHANES III

Kabrnová-Hlavatá, K.; Hainer, V.; Gojová, M.; Hlavatý, P.; Kopský, V.; Nedvídková, J.; Kunesová, M.; Parízková, J.; Wagenknecht, M.; Hill, M.; Drbohlav, J., 2007:
Calcium intake and the outcome of short-term weight management

Meng, X.; Kerr, D.A.; Zhu, K.; Devine, A.; Solah, V.; Binns, C.W.; Prince, R.L., 2012:
Calcium intake in elderly Australian women is inadequate

Cho, K.; Cederholm, T.; Lökk, J., 2008:
Calcium intake in elderly patients with hip fractures

Mangano, K.M.; Walsh, S.J.; Insogna, K.L.; Kenny, A.M.; Kerstetter, J.E., 2011:
Calcium intake in the United States from dietary and supplemental sources across adult age groups: new estimates from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2003-2006

Butler, L.M.; Wong, A.S.; Koh, W-Puay.; Wang, R.; Yuan, J-Min.; Yu, M.C., 2010:
Calcium intake increases risk of prostate cancer among Singapore Chinese

Tanaka, K.; Miyake, Y.; Okubo, H.; Hanioka, T.; Sasaki, S.; Miyatake, N.; Arakawa, M., 2015:
Calcium intake is associated with decreased prevalence of periodontal disease in young Japanese women

Cho, G.Joon.; Park, H.Tae.; Shin, J.Ho.; Hur, J.Young.; Kim, Y.Tae.; Kim, S.Haeng.; Lee, K.Wan.; Kim, T., 2009:
Calcium intake is inversely associated with metabolic syndrome in postmenopausal women: Korea National Health and Nutrition Survey, 2001 and 2005

Sánchez, C.L.; Rodríguez, A.B.; Sánchez, J.; González, R.; Rivero, M.; Barriga, C.; Cubero, J., 2009:
Calcium intake nutritional status in breastfeeding women

Zhang, Y.; Ojima, T.; Murata, C., 2007:
Calcium intake pattern among Japanese women across five stages of health behavior change

Anderson, J.J.B.; Roggenkamp, K.J.; Suchindran, C.M., 2013:
Calcium intakes and femoral and lumbar bone density of elderly U.S. men and women: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2005-2006 analysis

Haghmorad, D.; Mahmoudi, M.B.; Mahmoudi, M.; Rab, S.Z.T.; Rastin, M.; Shegarfi, H.; Azizi, G.; Mirshafiey, A., 2014:
Calcium intervention ameliorates experimental model of multiple sclerosis

Xu, Z.; Lei, P.; Feng, X.; Xu, X.; Liang, J.; Chi, B.; Xu, H., 2015:
Calcium involved in the poly(γ-glutamic acid)-mediated promotion of Chinese cabbage nitrogen metabolism

Kudela, P.; Bergey, G.K.; Franaszczuk, P.J., 2010:
Calcium involvement in regulation of neuronal bursting in disinhibited neuronal networks: insights from calcium studies in a spherical cell model

Calcium ion activities in supersaturated solutions stabilized by sodium metaphosphate as determined by clay membrane electrodes

Endo, M.; Ebashi, S., 2008:
Calcium ion and troponin: Professor S. Ebashi's epoch-making achievement

Swainsbury, D.J.K.; Zhou, L.; Oldroyd, G.E.D.; Bornemann, S., 2012:
Calcium ion binding properties of Medicago truncatula calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase

Li, C.; Ban, X.; Gu, Z.; Li, Z., 2014:
Calcium ion contribution to thermostability of cyclodextrin glycosyltransferase is closely related to calcium-binding site CaIII

Lisi, A.; Ledda, M.; De Carlo, F.; Foletti, A.; Giuliani, L.; D'Emilia, E.; Grimaldi, S., 2008:
Calcium ion cyclotron resonance (ICR) transfers information to living systems: effects on human epithelial cell differentiation

Foletti, A.; Ledda, M.; De Carlo, F.; Grimaldi, S.; Lisi, A., 2011:
Calcium ion cyclotron resonance (ICR), 7.0 Hz, 9.2 microT magnetic field exposure initiates differentiation of pituitary corticotrope-derived AtT20 D16V cells

Ozdemir, Hüseyin.Ozgür.; Ozçelik, B.; Karabucak, B.; Cehreli, Z.C., 2008:
Calcium ion diffusion from mineral trioxide aggregate through simulated root resorption defects

George, G.Koshy.; Rajkumar, K.; Sanjeev, K.; Mahalaxmi, S., 2010:
Calcium ion diffusion levels from MTA and ApexCal in simulated external root resorption at middle third of the root

Brophy, M.Brunjes.; Hayden, J.A.; Nolan, E.M., 2013:
Calcium ion gradients modulate the zinc affinity and antibacterial activity of human calprotectin

Sharma, P.; Ping, L., 2014:
Calcium ion influx in microglial cells: physiological and therapeutic significance

Bárány, M., 1978:
Calcium ion interactions

Goto, M.; Ikeyama, K.; Tsutsumi, M.; Denda, S.; Denda, M., 2010:
Calcium ion propagation in cultured keratinocytes and other cells in skin in response to hydraulic pressure stimulation

Mizuno, M.; Banzai, Y., 2009:
Calcium ion release from calcium hydroxide stimulated fibronectin gene expression in dental pulp cells and the differentiation of dental pulp cells to mineralized tissue forming cells by fibronectin

Bondarenko, O.; Dzyuba, B.; Cosson, J.; Rodina, M.; Linhart, O., 2014:
Calcium ion supplementation increases brook trout Salvelinus fontinalis spermatozoa activation at the end of the spawning season

Kumar, V.S.Suvanish.; Gopalakrishnan, A.; Naziroğlu, M.; Rajanikant, G.K., 2015:
Calcium ion--the key player in cerebral ischemia

Cvirkaite-Krupovic, V.; Krupovic, M.; Daugelavicius, R.; Bamford, D.H., 2010:
Calcium ion-dependent entry of the membrane-containing bacteriophage PM2 into its Pseudoalteromonas host

Kobayashi, M.; Hondoh, H.; Mori, H.; Saburi, W.; Okuyama, M.; Kimura, A., 2012:
Calcium ion-dependent increase in thermostability of dextran glucosidase from Streptococcus mutans

Lefèvre, C.T.; Santini, C-Lise.; Bernadac, A.; Zhang, W-Jia.; Li, Y.; Wu, L-Fei., 2011:
Calcium ion-mediated assembly and function of glycosylated flagellar sheath of marine magnetotactic bacterium

Rao, T.S.; Currie, J.L.; Shaffer, A.F.; Isakson, P.C., 1993:
Calcium ionophore (A-23187) induced peritoneal eicosanoid biosynthesis: a rapid method to evaluate inhibitors of arachidonic acid metabolism in vivo

Saunders, M.J.; Hepler, P.K., 1982:
Calcium ionophore a23187 stimulates cytokinin-like mitosis in funaria

He, S-heng.; He, Y-song.; Xie, H., 2012:
Calcium ionophore induced histamine and tryptase release from human mast cells

Zhou, H-Rong.; Chen, J-Min.; Chen, Z-Zhe.; Wu, S-Wen.; Guo, J-Rui.; Huang, Y-Qun., 2011:
Calcium ionophore induces the differentiation of chronic myeloid leukemia cells into dendritic cells

Pintus, F.; Spanò, D.; Medda, R.; Floris, G., 2011:
Calcium ions and a secreted peroxidase in Euphorbia characias latex are made for each other

Klar, R.M.; Duarte, R.; Dix-Peek, T.; Dickens, C.; Ferretti, C.; Ripamonti, U., 2014:
Calcium ions and osteoclastogenesis initiate the induction of bone formation by coral-derived macroporous constructs

Fink, J.; Jeblick, W.; Blaschek, W.; Kauss, H., 1987:
Calcium ions and polyamines activate the plasma membrane-located 1,3-β-glucan synthase

Calcium ions and the development of hardness in the eggs of speckled trout

Mossaad, E.; Asada, M.; Nakatani, D.; Inoue, N.; Yokoyama, N.; Kaneko, O.; Kawazu, S-ichiro., 2016:
Calcium ions are involved in egress of Babesia bovis merozoites from bovine erythrocytes

Kimura, Y.; Yu, L-Jiang.; Hirano, Y.; Suzuki, H.; Wang, Z-Yu., 2008:
Calcium ions are required for the enhanced thermal stability of the light-harvesting-reaction center core complex from thermophilic purple sulfur bacterium Thermochromatium tepidum

Saleem, M.; Meyer, M.C.; Breitenstein, D.; Galla, H-Joachim., 2009:
Calcium ions as "miscibility switch": colocalization of surfactant protein B with anionic lipids under absolute calcium free conditions

Kostiuk, P.H., 2010:
Calcium ions in cell nucleus

Moraczewska, J.; Sliwińska, Młgorzata.; Redowicz, M.Jolanta., 2013:
Calcium ions in the regulation of acto-myosin interactions

Schneck, E.; Papp-Szabo, E.; Quinn, B.E.; Konovalov, O.V.; Beveridge, T.J.; Pink, D.A.; Tanaka, M., 2009:
Calcium ions induce collapse of charged O-side chains of lipopolysaccharides from Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Itkin, A.; Dupres, V.; Dufrêne, Y.F.; Bechinger, B.; Ruysschaert, J-Marie.; Raussens, V., 2011:
Calcium ions promote formation of amyloid β-peptide (1-40) oligomers causally implicated in neuronal toxicity of Alzheimer's disease

An, S.; Gao, Y.; Ling, J.; Wei, X.; Xiao, Y., 2012:
Calcium ions promote osteogenic differentiation and mineralization of human dental pulp cells: implications for pulp capping materials

He, D.; Wang, S.; Jia, Z.; Cui, L.; Lu, Y.; Hu, H.; Qin, B., 2015:
Calcium ions promote primary renal epithelial cell differentiation into cells with bone-associated phenotypes via transforming growth factor-β1-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition in idiopathic hypercalciuria patients

Leal, Sónia.S.; Cardoso, I.; Valentine, J.S.; Gomes, Cáudio.M., 2013:
Calcium ions promote superoxide dismutase 1 (SOD1) aggregation into non-fibrillar amyloid: a link to toxic effects of calcium overload in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)?

Skalska, J.; Bednarczyk, P.; Piwońska, M.; Kulawiak, B.; Wilczynski, G.; Dołowy, K.; Kudin, A.P.; Kunz, W.S.; Szewczyk, A., 2009:
Calcium ions regulate K⁺ uptake into brain mitochondria: the evidence for a novel potassium channel

Shi, J.; Gao, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Pan, Y.; Xu, B., 2012:
Calcium ions to cross-link supramolecular nanofibers to tune the elasticity of hydrogels over orders of magnitude

Kühnle, R.I.; Börner, H.G., 2011:
Calcium ions to remotely control the reversible switching of secondary and quaternary structures in bioconjugates

Gałecki, P.; Florkowski, A.; Mrowicka, Młgorzata.; Pietras, T.; Gałecka, E., 2008:
Calcium ions, glutaminate acid, hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, calcium dependent ATP-ase as causes of oxidative damage in depression patients (part II)

Gałecki, P.; Florkowski, A.; Mrowicka, Młgorzata.; Malinowska, K.; Gałecka, E., 2008:
Calcium ions, glutaminate acid, hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, calcium dependent ATP-ase as causes of oxidative damage in depression patients--Part I

Wagner, S.J.; Skripchenko, A.; Myrup, A.; Thompson-Montgomery, D.; Awatefe, H.; Moroff, G., 2010:
Calcium is a key constituent for maintaining the in vitro properties of platelets suspended in the bicarbonate-containing additive solution M-sol with low plasma levels

Herbette, S.; Cochard, H., 2010:
Calcium is a major determinant of xylem vulnerability to cavitation

Korotkov, K.V.; Gray, M.D.; Kreger, A.; Turley, S.; Sandkvist, M.; Hol, W.G.J., 2009:
Calcium is essential for the major pseudopilin in the type 2 secretion system

Davies, L.J.; Brown, C.R.; Elling, A.A., 2015:
Calcium is involved in the R Mc1 (blb)-mediated hypersensitive response against Meloidogyne chitwoodi in potato

Pott, C.; Eckardt, L., 2013:
Calcium is omnipresent in the physiology and pathophysiology of heart disease

Opper, Bázs.; Németh, Péter.; Engelmann, Péter., 2010:
Calcium is required for coelomocyte activation in earthworms

Muleya, V.; Wheeler, J.I.; Ruzvidzo, O.; Freihat, L.; Manallack, D.T.; Gehring, C.; Irving, H.R., 2015:
Calcium is the switch in the moonlighting dual function of the ligand-activated receptor kinase phytosulfokine receptor 1

Miller, J.J.; Hui, S.K.; Jackson, G.S.; Clark, S.P.; Einstein, J.; Weaver, C.M.; Bhattacharyya, M.H., 2013:
Calcium isolation from large-volume human urine samples for 41Ca analysis by accelerator mass spectrometry

Boulyga, S.F., 2010:
Calcium isotope analysis by mass spectrometry

Nemoto, S.; Nomura, M.; Oi, T., 2013:
Calcium isotope fractionation in liquid chromatography with crown ether resin in methanol medium

Leaf, D.E., 2010:
Calcium kidney stones

Vezzoli, G.; Terranegra, A.; Arcidiacono, T.; Gambaro, G.; Milanesi, L.; Mosca, E.; Soldati, L., 2010:
Calcium kidney stones are associated with a haplotype of the calcium-sensing receptor gene regulatory region

Arcidiacono, T.; Terranegra, A.; Biasion, R.; Soldati, L.; Vezzoli, G., 2008:
Calcium kidney stones. Diagnostic and preventive prospects

Smith, S.M.; Castaneda-Sceppa, C.; O'Brien, K.O.; Abrams, S.A.; Gillman, P.; Brooks, N.E.; Cloutier, G.J.; Heer, M.; Zwart, S.R.; Wastney, M.E., 2016:
Calcium kinetics during bed rest with artificial gravity and exercise countermeasures

Pereira, L.M.; Carmello-Guerreiro, S.M.; Junqueira, Véria.C.A.; Ferrari, C.C.; Hubinger, M.D., 2011:
Calcium lactate effect on the shelf life of osmotically dehydrated guavas

Turssi, C.P.; Hara, A.T.; Amaral, Fávia.L.B.; França, F.M.G.; Basting, R.T., 2016:
Calcium lactate pre-rinse increased fluoride protection against enamel erosion in a randomized controlled in situ trial

Li, Z-Feng.; Li, B.; Liu, Z-Guo.; Wang, M.; Gu, Z-Biao.; Du, G-Cheng.; Wu, J.; Chen, J., 2009:
Calcium leads to further increase in glycine-enhanced extracellular secretion of recombinant alpha-cyclodextrin glycosyltransferase in Escherichia coli

Li, Q.; Wang, Y-Ying.; Li, H.; Jiao, B.; Yu, Z-Bin., 2016:
Calcium leak of sarcoplasmic reticulum induces degradation of troponin I in skeletal muscle fibers.

Suzuki, M.; Nagai, Y.; Wada, K.; Koike, T., 2013:
Calcium leak through ryanodine receptor is involved in neuronal death induced by mutant huntingtin

Shan, J.; Xie, W.; Betzenhauser, M.; Reiken, S.; Chen, B-Xing.; Wronska, A.; Marks, A.R., 2012 :
Calcium leak through ryanodine receptors leads to atrial fibrillation in 3 mouse models of catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia

Mukherjee, R., 2008:
Calcium leaks: initiator of atrial fibrillation?

Gabbay, A.; Tzur, T.; Weintraub, A.Y.; Shoham-Vardi, I.; Sergienko, R.; Sheiner, E., 2015:
Calcium level during the first trimester of pregnancy as a predictor of preeclampsia

Heinrich, T.; Heidt, H.; Hafner, V.; Schmidt-Gayk, H.; Jenetzky, E.; Walter-Sack, I.; Mikus, G.; Bommer, Jürgen., 2008:
Calcium load during administration of calcium carbonate or sevelamer in individuals with normal renal function

Iijima, T.; Tanaka, K.; Matsubara, S.; Kawakami, H.; Mishima, T.; Suga, K.; Akagawa, K.; Iwao, Y., 2008:
Calcium loading capacity and morphological changes in mitochondria in an ischemic preconditioned model

Sayin, T.Cem.; Serper, A.; Cehreli, Z.C.; Kalayci, S., 2007:
Calcium loss from root canal dentin following EDTA, EGTA, EDTAC, and tetracycline-HCl treatment with or without subsequent NaOCl irrigation

Nordin, B.E.Christopher.; Morris, H.A.; Horowitz, M.; Coates, P.S.; O'Loughlin, P.D.; Need, A.G., 2009:
Calcium malabsorption does not cause secondary hyperparathyroidism

Khan, I.; Nazir, K.; Wang, Z-Peng.; Liu, G-Lei.; Chi, Z-Ming., 2014:
Calcium malate overproduction by Penicillium viticola 152 using the medium containing corn steep liquor

Singer, M.C.; Bhakta, D.; Seybt, M.W.; Terris, D.J., 2012:
Calcium management after thyroidectomy: a simple and cost-effective method

Shevela, D.; Koroidov, S.; Najafpour, M.Mahdi.; Messinger, J.; Kurz, P., 2011 :
Calcium manganese oxides as oxygen evolution catalysts: O2 formation pathways indicated by 18O-labelling studies

Najafpour, M.Mahdi.; Ehrenberg, T.; Wiechen, M.; Kurz, P., 2010:
Calcium manganese(III) oxides (CaMn2O4.xH2O) as biomimetic oxygen-evolving catalysts

Najafpour, M.Mahdi.; Pashaei, B.; Nayeri, S., 2012:
Calcium manganese(IV) oxides: biomimetic and efficient catalysts for water oxidation

Basile, C.; Libutti, P.; Di Turo, A.Lucia.; Tundo, S.; Maselli, P.; Casucci, F.; Losurdo, N.; Teutonico, A.; Vernaglione, L.; Lomonte, C., 2012:
Calcium mass balances during standard bicarbonate hemodialysis and long-hour slow-flow bicarbonate hemodialysis

Basile, C., 2011:
Calcium mass balances in bicarbonate hemodialysis

Pugashetti, R.; Shinkai, K.; Ruben, B.S.; Grossman, M.E.; Maldonado, J.; Fox, L.P., 2011:
Calcium may preferentially deposit in areas of elastic tissue damage

Choi, B-Rak., 2013:
Calcium measurements from whole heart using Rhod-2

Ahmed, M.; Ishihara, K.; Narain, R., 2014:
Calcium mediated formation of phosphorylcholine-based polyplexes for efficient knockdown of epidermal growth factor receptors (EGFR) in HeLa cells

Turesson, M.; Labbez, C.; Nonat, Aé., 2011:
Calcium mediated polyelectrolyte adsorption on like-charged surfaces

Sun, J.; Dai, S.; Wang, R.; Chen, S.; Li, N.; Zhou, X.; Lu, C.; Shen, X.; Zheng, X.; Hu, Z.; Zhang, Z.; Song, J.; Xu, Y., 2009:
Calcium mediates root K+/Na+ homeostasis in poplar species differing in salt tolerance

Mihalas, S., 2011:
Calcium messenger heterogeneity: a possible signal for spike timing-dependent plasticity

Vestergaard, P., 2011:
Calcium metabolic disorders and treatment of these - boning up for the future

Lumachi, F.; Motta, R.; Cecchin, D.; Ave, S.; Camozzi, V.; Basso, S.M.M.; Luisetto, G., 2011:
Calcium metabolism & hypercalcemia in adults

Hosoi, T., 2008:
Calcium metabolism and anti-aging of bone

Emkey, R.D.; Emkey, G.R., 2013:
Calcium metabolism and correcting calcium deficiencies

Tsuda, K., 2015:
Calcium metabolism and its relation to blood pressure during pregnancy

Lihonenko, O.V.; Dihtiar, I.I., 2010:
Calcium metabolism and lipid peroxidation in acute pancreatitis

Sheweita, S.A.; Khoshhal, K.I., 2007:
Calcium metabolism and oxidative stress in bone fractures: role of antioxidants

GUTMAN, A.B., 2010:
Calcium metabolism and the parathyroid glands

Lumachi, F., 2012:
Calcium metabolism and treatment of hypercalcemia

Bilge, Şule.Yaşar.; Korkmaz, C., 2012 :
Calcium metabolism disorders simulating rheumatologic diseases

Akat, K.; Kaden, J.Johannes.; Schmitz, F.; Ewering, S.; Anton, A.; Klomfass, S.; Hoffmann, R.; Ortlepp, J.Rudolf., 2010:
Calcium metabolism in adults with severe aortic valve stenosis and preserved renal function

Byers, P.D., 1981:
Calcium metabolism in bone disease

Gow, A.G.; Gow, D.J.; Bell, R.; Simpson, J.W.; Chandler, M.L.; Evans, H.; Berry, J.L.; Herrtage, M.E.; Mellanby, R.J., 2009:
Calcium metabolism in eight dogs with hypoadrenocorticism

Peacock, M., 2010:
Calcium metabolism in health and disease

GAMBASSI, G., 2014:
Calcium metabolism in hepatic diseases. I. Correlation of blood, urine and bile calcium

Evenepoel, P., 2011:
Calcium metabolism in the early post-transplant period

Evenepoel, P.; Van Den Bergh, B.; Naesens, M.; De Jonge, H.; Bammens, B.; Claes, K.; Kuypers, D.; Vanrenterghem, Y., 2009:
Calcium metabolism in the early posttransplantation period

PERSIKE, E.C., 1948:
Calcium metabolism in the nephrotic syndrome

Costa, T.L.; Paganotto, M.; Radominski, R.B.; Kulak, C.M.; Borba, V.C., 2015:
Calcium metabolism, vitamin D and bone mineral density after bariatric surgery

Bortolozzi, M.; Lelli, A.; Mammano, F., 2008 :
Calcium microdomains at presynaptic active zones of vertebrate hair cells unmasked by stochastic deconvolution

Myoga, M.H.; Regehr, W.G., 2011:
Calcium microdomains near R-type calcium channels control the induction of presynaptic long-term potentiation at parallel fiber to purkinje cell synapses

Hopf, F.W.; Turner, P.R.; Steinhardt, R.A., 2008:
Calcium misregulation and the pathogenesis of muscular dystrophy

Arachiche, A.; de la Fuente, Mía.; Nieman, M.T., 2013:
Calcium mobilization and protein kinase C activation downstream of protease activated receptor 4 (PAR4) is negatively regulated by PAR3 in mouse platelets

Zamaraeva, M.; Charishnikova, O.; Saidkhodjaev, A.; Isidorov, V.; Granosik, M.; Różalski, M.; Watała, C., 2011:
Calcium mobilization by the plant estrogen ferutinin does not induce blood platelet aggregation

Huang, Y.; Zheng, L.; Yang, H.; Chen, J.; Wang, Y.; Li, H.; Xie, S., 2015:
Calcium mobilization in HeLa cells induced by nitric oxide

Xu, A.Y.; Damron, D.S., 2001:
Calcium mobilization in ovarian cancer cells in response to lysophospholipids

Agle, K.A.; Vongsa, R.A.; Dwinell, M.B., 2010:
Calcium mobilization triggered by the chemokine CXCL12 regulates migration in wounded intestinal epithelial monolayers

Arai, M., 2012:
Calcium mobilizers and calcium sensitizers

Thompson, A.J.; Lummis, S.C.R., 2008:
Calcium modulation of 5-HT3 receptor binding and function

Khuzakhmetova, V.F.; Fatikhov, N.F.; Bukharaeva, E.A.; Nikol'skiĭ, E.E., 2012:
Calcium modulation of the release kinetics of the acetylcholine quanta generating multiquantal postsynaptic response

Aggarwal, S.K., 2008:
Calcium modulation of toxicities due to Cisplatin

Mitchell, N.J.; Xue, K.S.; Lin, S.; Marroquin-Cardona, A.; Brown, K.A.; Elmore, S.E.; Tang, L.; Romoser, A.; Gelderblom, W.C.A.; Wang, J-Sheng.; Phillips, T.D., 2015:
Calcium montmorillonite clay reduces AFB1 and FB1 biomarkers in rats exposed to single and co-exposures of aflatoxin and fumonisin

Robinson, A.; Johnson, N.M.; Strey, A.; Taylor, J.F.; Marroquin-Cardona, A.; Mitchell, N.J.; Afriyie-Gyawu, E.; Ankrah, N.A.; Williams, J.H.; Wang, J.S.; Jolly, P.E.; Nachman, R.J.; Phillips, T.D., 2012:
Calcium montmorillonite clay reduces urinary biomarkers of fumonisin B₁ exposure in rats and humans

Boyman, L.; Chikando, A.C.; Williams, G.S.B.; Khairallah, R.J.; Kettlewell, S.; Ward, C.W.; Smith, G.L.; Kao, J.P.Y.; Lederer, W.Jonathan., 2015:
Calcium movement in cardiac mitochondria

Wardlaw, R.; Victor, D.; Feagans, J.; Smith, J., 2007:
Calcium multimineral complex induced esophageal stricture

Li, R.; Lei, Q.; Song, G.; He, X.; Xie, Z., 2008:
Calcium near the release site is essential for basal ACh release in Xenopus

Calcium necrosis of the skin

Arrabal-Polo, M.A.; Cano-García, Mía.del.Carmen.; Canales, B.K.; Arrabal-Martín, M., 2015:
Calcium nephrolithiasis and bone demineralization: pathophysiology, diagnosis, and medical management

Merino-Salas, S.; Arrabal-Polo, M.Angel.; Cano-Garcia, M.del.Carmen.; Arrabal-Martin, M., 2016:
Calcium nephrolithiasis induced by topiramate

Gambaro, G.; Ferraro, P.Manuel.; Capasso, G., 2013:
Calcium nephrolithiasis, metabolic syndrome and the cardiovascular risk

Yamada, T.M.; Sueitt, A.P.E.; Beraldo, D.A.S.; Botta, C.M.R.; Fadini, P.S.; Nascimento, M.R.L.; Faria, B.M.; Mozeto, A.A., 2013:
Calcium nitrate addition to control the internal load of phosphorus from sediments of a tropical eutrophic reservoir: microcosm experiments

Mesías, M.; Seiquer, I.; Navarro, M.Pilar., 2011:
Calcium nutrition in adolescence

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