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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 51977

Chapter 51977 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

García-Fadrique, G.; Morales, G.; Arlandis, S.; Bonillo, M.A.; Jiménez-Cruz, J.F., 2011:
Causes, characteristics and mid-term course of acute urinary retention in women referred to a urodynamics unit

Chalasani, N.; Fontana, R.J.; Bonkovsky, H.L.; Watkins, P.B.; Davern, T.; Serrano, J.; Yang, H.; Rochon, J.; Chalasani, N.; Vuppalanchi, R.; Molleston, J.; Lumeng, L.; Corne, A.; Plummer, A.; Bonkovsky, H.; Protiva, P.; Freston, J.; Rosson, R.; Levine, R.A.; Maliakkal, B.; Appleton, P.; Smialek, M.; Fontana, R.J.; Conjeevaram, H.; Gordon, S.; Welch, S.; Worley, J.; Kridler, J.; Watkins, P.; Hayashi, P.; Russo, M.; Guess, H.; Beaver, K.; Smith, A.; Lewis, J.; Pusek, S.; Davern, T.; Bonacini, M.;, 2009:
Causes, clinical features, and outcomes from a prospective study of drug-induced liver injury in the United States

Maitre, S., 2006:
Causes, clinical manifestations, and treatment of fat embolism

Tseng, Y-Tzu.; Sheng, W-Huei.; Lin, B-Han.; Lin, C-Wu.; Wang, J-Tay.; Chen, Y-Chun.; Chang, S-Chwen., 2011:
Causes, clinical symptoms, and outcomes of infectious diseases associated with hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis in Taiwanese adults

Luzina, E.V.; Lareva, N.V.; Goncharova, M.A., 2011:
Causes, complications and risk factors of severe influenza A (H1N1)

Som, A., 2016:
Causes, consequences and solutions of phylogenetic incongruence

Zaman, A.K.M.Tarikuz.; Sobel, B.E., 2012:
Causes, consequences, and amelioration of late adverse ventricular remodeling after myocardial infarction

Walker, R.S.; Hill, K.R., 2015:
Causes, consequences, and kin bias of human group fissions

Ruppé, E.; Andremont, A., 2013:
Causes, consequences, and perspectives in the variations of intestinal density of colonization of multidrug-resistant enterobacteria

Stylianopoulos, T.; Martin, J.D.; Chauhan, V.P.; Jain, S.R.; Diop-Frimpong, B.; Bardeesy, N.; Smith, B.L.; Ferrone, C.R.; Hornicek, F.J.; Boucher, Y.; Munn, L.L.; Jain, R.K., 2012:
Causes, consequences, and remedies for growth-induced solid stress in murine and human tumors

Montecino-Rodriguez, E.; Berent-Maoz, B.; Dorshkind, K., 2013:
Causes, consequences, and reversal of immune system aging

Banu, J., 2014:
Causes, consequences, and treatment of osteoporosis in men

Lippi, G.; Blanckaert, N.; Bonini, P.; Green, S.; Kitchen, S.; Palicka, V.; Vassault, A.J.; Mattiuzzi, C.; Plebani, M., 2009:
Causes, consequences, detection, and prevention of identification errors in laboratory diagnostics

Schulz, P.J.; Hartung, U.; Riva, S., 2014:
Causes, coping, and culture: a comparative survey study on representation of back pain in three Swiss language regions

Kozarić-Kovačić, D., 2009:
Causes, diagnoses and treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder

Münnich, A.; Küchenmeister, U., 2015:
Causes, diagnosis and therapy of common diseases in neonatal puppies in the first days of life: cornerstones of practical approach

Chervier, C.; Chabanne, L.; Godde, M.; Rodriguez-Piñeiro, M.I.; Deputte, B.L.; Cadoré, J-Luc., 2012:
Causes, diagnostic signs, and the utility of investigations of fever in dogs: 50 cases

Ungerechts, R.; Grenzebach, U.; Harder, B.; Emmerich, K-H., 2012:
Causes, diagnostics and therapy for paediatric ptosis

Gabell, D., 1922:
Causes, due to Vulcanite, of the Misfit of Dentures, and Some Remedies

Gogate, P.; Sahasrabudhe, M.; Shah, M.; Patil, S.; Kulkarni, A., 2013:
Causes, epidemiology, and long-term outcome of traumatic cataracts in children in rural India

Sucker, C.; Michiels, J.Jacques.; Zotz, R.B., 2009:
Causes, etiology and diagnosis of acquired von Willebrand disease: a prospective diagnostic workup to establish the most effective therapeutic strategies

Chehade, M.; Lucendo, A.J.; Achem, S.R.; Souza, R.F., 2013:
Causes, evaluation, and consequences of eosinophilic esophagitis

Hessler, C.; Eckert, V.; Meiners, J.; Jürgens, C.; Reicke, B.; Matthes, G.; Ekkernkamp, A.; Püschel, K., 2015:
Causes, injuries, therapy and possibilities of prevention of equine-related accidents. Results of a 2-center-study

Long, Z.; He, L-Ye.; Jiang, X-Zhen.; Zhang, Y-Chuan.; Wang, G-Min.; Pei, X-Ming.; Huang, K., 2012:
Causes, location and management of BPH surgery-related urethral stricture

Harrison, J.D., 2010:
Causes, natural history, and incidence of salivary stones and obstructions

Soeder, B.M.; Gleissner, U.; Urbach, H.; Clusmann, H.; Elger, C.E.; Vincent, A.; Bien, C.G., 2009:
Causes, presentation and outcome of lesional adult onset mediotemporal lobe epilepsy

Gould, D., 2012:
Causes, prevention and management of surgical site infection

Gould, D., 2010:
Causes, prevention and treatment of Escherichia coli infections

Blaisdell, F.William., 2012:
Causes, prevention, and treatment of intravascular coagulation and disseminated intravascular coagulation

Van Biljon, G., 2008:
Causes, prognostic factors and treatment results of acute renal failure in children treated in a tertiary hospital in South Africa

Lemieux, L., 2008:
Causes, relationships and explanations: the power and limitations of observational longitudinal imaging studies

Koh, I.Jun.; Cho, W-Shin.; Choi, N.Yong.; Kim, T.Kyun., 2014:
Causes, risk factors, and trends in failures after TKA in Korea over the past 5 years: a multicenter study

Parascandola, M., 2012:
Causes, risks, and probabilities: probabilistic concepts of causation in chronic disease epidemiology

Diall, I.; Coulibaly, S.; Minta, I.; Ba, H.; Diakite, M.; Sidibe, N.; Sangare, I.; Diakite, S.; Sanogo, K.; Diallo, B., 2012:
Causes, signs and outcome of 30 patients with pulmonary embolus

Osifo, O.D.; Oku, O.R., 2010:
Causes, spectrum and effects of surgical child abuse and neglect in a Nigerian city

Zukiewicz-Sobczak, W.Agnieszka.; Wróblewska, P.; Adamczuk, P.; Kopczyński, Pław., 2013:
Causes, symptoms and prevention of food allergy

Verma, N., 2008:
Causes, symptoms, and diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea

Rezek, P., 2011:
Causes, theories, classification of cancer

Anionwu, E.; Anionwu, E., 2013:
Causing a stir. Interview by Louise Naughton

Tychsen, L., 2008:
Causing and curing infantile esotropia in primates: the role of decorrelated binocular input (an American Ophthalmological Society thesis)

Glick, M., 2013:
Causist or casuist? The difference is you

Terry, H., 1943:
Caustic Soda Burns: Prevention and Treatment

Wang, L., 2008:
Caustic and anticaustic points in the phonon focusing patterns of cubic crystals

Cornejo, A.; Malacara, D., 1978:
Caustic coordinates in Platzeck-Gaviola test of conic mirrors

Efremidis, N.K.; Chremmos, I.D., 2012:
Caustic design in periodic lattices

Kennedy, S.M.; Zheng, C.X.; Tang, W.X.; Paganin, D.M.; Jesson, D.E., 2011:
Caustic imaging of gallium droplets using mirror electron microscopy

Ruol, A.; Rampado, S.; Parenti, A.; Portale, G.; Giacomelli, L.; Battaglia, G.; Cagol, M.; Ancona, E., 2011:
Caustic ingestion and oesophageal cancer: intra- and peri-tumoral fibrosis is associated with a better prognosis

Sánchez-Ramírez, C.A.; Larrosa-Haro, A.; Vásquez Garibay, E.M.; Larios-Arceo, F., 2011:
Caustic ingestion and oesophageal damage in children: Clinical spectrum and feeding practices

Lee, M., 2010:
Caustic ingestion and upper digestive tract injury

Postlethwaite, R.J., 2015:
Caustic ingestion as a manifestation of fabricated and induced illness (Munchausen syndrome by proxy)

Cheng, H-Tsai.; Cheng, C-Liang.; Lin, C-Hui.; Tang, J-Hsiang.; Chu, Y-Yi.; Liu, N-Jen.; Chen, P-Chi., 2008:
Caustic ingestion in adults: the role of endoscopic classification in predicting outcome

Elshabrawi, M.; A-Kader, H.H., 2012:
Caustic ingestion in children

Contini, S.; Swarray-Deen, A.; Scarpignato, C., 2009:
Caustic ingestion in children: is endoscopy always indicated? A perspective from a Sierra Leone experience

Betalli, P.; Falchetti, D.; Giuliani, S.; Pane, A.; Dall'Oglio, L.; de Angelis, G.Luigi.; Caldore, M.; Romano, C.; Gamba, P.; Baldo, V.; Bordignon, G.; Boroni, G.; Crocoli, A.; Gasparella, M.; Liotta, L.; Lisiero, M.; Lo Piccolo, R.; Sabbi, T.; Tommasoni, N., 2008:
Caustic ingestion in children: is endoscopy always indicated? The results of an Italian multicenter observational study

Rodríguez Guerineau, L.; Martínez Sánchez, L.; Quintillá Martínez, J.M.; Trenchs Sainz De La Maza, V.; Vila Miravet, V.; Luaces Cubells, C., 2012:
Caustic ingestion: current situation and review of updated recommendations

Eyer, F.; Zilker, T., 2009:
Caustic injuries of the eye, skin and the gastrointestinal tract

Cabral, C.; Chirica, Méa.; de Chaisemartin, Cécile.; Gornet, J-Marc.; Munoz-Bongrand, N.; Halimi, B.; Cattan, P.; Sarfati, E., 2012:
Caustic injuries of the upper digestive tract: a population observational study

Scott, C.I.; Koenig, M.; Carstairs, S.D.; Clark, R.F., 2011:
Caustic injury due to unintentional ingestion of a cooking adjunct

Contini, S.; Scarpignato, C., 2014:
Caustic injury of the upper gastrointestinal tract: a comprehensive review

Ryu, H.Ho.; Jeung, K.Woon.; Lee, B.Kook.; Uhm, J.Hwan.; Park, Y.Hun.; Shin, M.Ho.; Kim, H.Lee.; Heo, T.; Min, Y.Il., 2010:
Caustic injury: can CT grading system enable prediction of esophageal stricture?

Kassim, A.M.; Shealy, D.L.; Burkhard, D.G., 1989:
Caustic merit function for optical design

Eroglu, M.; Mutluoglu, M.; Uzun, G.; Ay, H., 2014:
Caustic skin burn caused by sodium hydroxide

Weldon, E.; Martey, P.M., 2013:
Caustic soda poisoning in Ghana--an alarming increase

Shealy, D.L.; Burkhard, D.G., 1973:
Caustic surfaces and irradiance for reflection and refraction from an ellipsoid, elliptic paraboloid, and elliptic cone

Machovcova, A., 2010:
Caustic ulcers caused by cement aqua: report of a case

Hamilton, R.J.; Lovecchio, F., 2008:
Caustics and steroids: a case of Simpson's Paradox

Avendaño-Alejo, M.; Díaz-Uribe, R.; Moreno, I., 2008:
Caustics caused by refraction in the interface between an isotropic medium and a uniaxial crystal

Cserti, József.; Pályi, Aás.; Péterfalvi, C., 2008:
Caustics due to a negative refractive index in circular graphene p-n junctions

Shendeleva, M.L., 2008:
Caustics in a field negatively refracted at a plane interface

Maca-García, S.; Avendaño-Alejo, M.; Castañeda, L., 2012:
Caustics in a meridional plane produced by concave conic mirrors

Avendaño-Alejo, M., 2013:
Caustics in a meridional plane produced by plano-convex aspheric lenses

Avendaño-Alejo, M.; González-Utrera, D.; Castañeda, L., 2011:
Caustics in a meridional plane produced by plano-convex conic lenses

Traub, E.F., 2011:
Cautaneous cancer from the standpoint of the dermatologist

Tomkinson, J.G., 1908:
Cauterization as an Adjuvant to Radiotherapy

Boscia, F.; Besozzi, G.; Recchimurzo, N.; Sborgia, L.; Furino, C., 2011:
Cauterization for the prevention of leaking sclerotomies after 23-gauge transconjunctival pars plana vitrectomy: an easy way to obtain sclerotomy closure

Chen, W.; Lin, H.; Dong, N.; Sanae, T.; Liu, Z.; Yoshitomi, T., 2010:
Cauterization of central cornea induces recruitment of major histocompatibility complex class II+ Langerhans cells from limbal basal epithelium

Camprubí, M.; Ortega, A.; Balaguer, A.; Iglesias, I.; Girabent, M.; Callejo, J.; Figueras, J.; Krauel, X., 2009:
Cauterization of meso-ovarian vessels, a new model of intrauterine growth restriction in rats

Legros, R.; Coupez, F., 1974:
Cauterization of the uterine cervix: electrocauterization and cryotherapy

Hu, X-Ting.; Zhang, Z-Duan.; Zhou, R.; Pan, Q-Tuo., 2014:
Cauterization technique for suture erosion in transscleral fixation of intraocular lenses

Balfour, D.C., 1918:
Cautery Excision of Gastric Ulcer: Further Observations on the Value of the Method

Saunders, T.S., 2011:
Cautery drainage of subungual abscess

Bradley, J.C., 2011:
Cautery fixation for amniotic membrane transplant in pterygium surgery

Farr, M.R.B.; De, R.; Irving, R.M., 2012:
Cautery of the tympanic membrane: the lesser known history of myringoplasty

Stupart, D.A.; Sim, F.W.; Chan, Z.H.; Guest, G.D.; Watters, D.A., 2017:
Cautery versus scalpel for abdominal skin incisions: a double blind, randomized crossover trial of scar cosmesis

Anonymous, 1921:
Caution Regarding Pluri Glandular Therapeutics

Cantarini, L.; Lucherini, O.Maria.; Rigante, D., 2013:
Caution Should be Used in the Recognition of Adult-Onset Autoinflammatory Disorders: Facts or Fiction?

Han, G-Zhu.; Liu, X-Ping.; Li, S-Shen., 2008:
Caution about Newcastle disease virus-based live attenuated vaccine

Hamilton, N.D.; O'Loughlin, E.; English, J., 2010:
Caution about diluting Xylocaine 10% pump spray for topical airway anaesthesia

Slaughter, J.C.; Goutte, M.; Rymer, J.A.; Oranu, A.C.; Schneider, J.A.; Garrett, C.Gaelyn.; Hagaman, D.; Vaezi, M.F., 2012:
Caution about overinterpretation of symptom indexes in reflux monitoring for refractory gastroesophageal reflux disease

Wong, J.W.; Heller, M.M.; Murase, J.E., 2013:
Caution advised in interpretation of US FDA risk classification for dermatological medications during pregnancy

Fuhrman, T., 2010:
Caution advised with use of fospropofol

O'Gara, P.T., 2014:
Caution advised: Medicare's physician-payment data release

Foo, T.Lin., 2012:
Caution against percutaneous trigger release in patients on anticoagulant

Lankton, S., 2010:
Caution among clinicians

Williams, D., 2008:
Caution and causation: lessons from the delicate story of dental amalgam

Goldstein, S.M., 2008:
Caution cutting the canthus: thoughts on microphthalmic expansion

Pecori Giraldi, F.; Federici, A.B.; Cavagnini, F., 2014:
Caution during use of desmopressin in IPSS

Karim, R.; Parmar, D.N.; Sykakis, E., 2013:
Caution essential in quick-pull technique

Rhea, S., 2010:
Caution flags. Industry fears implications of new FDA process

Wang, S-Yu.; Chen, H.; Di, L-Gai., 2014:
Caution for acute submassive pulmonary embolism with syncope as initial symptom: a case report

Unai, S.; Miessau, J.; Karbowski, P.; Baram, M.; Cavarocchi, N.C.; Hirose, H., 2014:
Caution for anabolic androgenic steroid use: a case report of multiple organ dysfunction syndrome

Wu, Z.; Guo, K.; Sun, H.; Yu, L.; Lv, Y.; Wang, B., 2014:
Caution for diagnosis and surgical treatment of recurrent cholangitis: lessons from 5 cases of bile duct tumor thrombus without a detectable intrahepatic tumor

Willemsen, A.E.C.A.B.; Grutters, J.C.; Gerritsen, W.R.; Tol, J.; van Herpen, C.M.L., 2014:
Caution for interstitial lung disease as a cause of CA 15-3 rise in advanced breast cancer patients treated with everolimus

Kobayashi, T., 2014:
Caution for treatment of the patient taking anti–platelet and anti-coagulant

Cartwright, S.M.I., 2014:
Caution in a can: energy drinks and the day surgery patient

Li, M.; Shen, S.; Zhou, H., 2015:
Caution in a case of highly discrepant carbohydrate antigen 19-9 values in an apparently healthy patient taking spirulina: a case report

Ziogas, D.; Roukos, D., 2010:
Caution in adding bevacizumab in the adjuvant treatment of breast cancer

Steenland, K.; Bartell, S., 2007:
Caution in drawing conclusions from PBPK models based on sparse human data

Valapour, M., 2009:
Caution in expanding role of transplant professionals in assessing living organ donors

Flemmer, A., 2011:
Caution in food preparation: our body needs iodized salt!

Briesacher, B.A.; Madden, J.M.; Soumerai, S.B., 2011:
Caution in generalizing Part D results to Medicare population

Kennedy, R.H., 2017:
Caution in handling the extensively injured

Singleton, R.; Klejka, J., 2014:
Caution in interpretation of association of genetic variant with infectious disease outcomes

Helling, T.S., 2013:
Caution in interpretation of the tumor marker CA 19.9 in patients with obstructive jaundice: illustrative case reports

Germain, M.; Saut, Némie.; Oudot-Mellakh, T.; Letenneur, L.; Dupuy, A-Marie.; Bertrand, M.; Alessi, M-Christine.; Lambert, J-Charles.; Zelenika, D.; Emmerich, J.; Tiret, L.; Cambien, F.; Lathrop, M.; Amouyel, P.; Morange, P-Emmanuel.; Trégouët, D-Alexandre., 2012:
Caution in interpreting results from imputation analysis when linkage disequilibrium extends over a large distance: a case study on venous thrombosis

Navarese, E.Pio.; Gurbel, P.; Tantry, U.; Obonska, K.; Sukiennik, A.; Kubica, J., 2013:
Caution in interpreting the findings from small observational studies

Auerbach, M.; Kane, R.C., 2012:
Caution in making inferences from FDA's Adverse Event Reporting System

Robson, Y.; Blackford, S.; Roberts, D., 2013:
Caution in melanoma risk analysis with smartphone application technology

Gilmore, L.; Dewar, R., 2011:
Caution in metastatic renal cell carcinoma within lymph nodes: PAX-2 expression is also seen in nodal lymphocytes

Xu, F., 2008:
Caution in prescribing antidepressants for patients with cancer

Chlebowski, R.T.; Pettinger, M.; Kooperberg, C., 2012:
Caution in reinterpreting the Women's Health Initiative (WHI) Calcium and Vitamin D Trial breast cancer results

Zimmerman, G.W., 2014:
Caution in sharing patient data

Webb, S.T., 2008:
Caution in the administration of adrenaline in cardiac arrest following cardiac surgery

Toro, A.; Di Carlo, I., 2011:
Caution in the indication for cholecystectomy in patients with modified Child C cirrhosis

Fett, J.D., 2008:
Caution in the use of bromocriptine in peripartum cardiomyopathy

Biesman, B., 2010:
Caution in the use of soft tissue injectable fillers in the tear trough region

Taylor, D.H., 2003:
Caution in the use of the apolipoprotein E e4 allele as a predictor of healthcare costs

Al-Benna, S., 2007:
Caution in the use of the internal mammary artery in breast reconstruction

Anonymous, 2007:
Caution in treating temporomandibular disorders. You may be ready to try anything for relief. But unproven fixes can cause greater injury and disability

Do, C.; Anpalahan, M.; Janus, E., 2009:
Caution is advised in the treatment of chronic hyponatremia

Jagannathan, N.; Kho, M.F.; Wong, D.T., 2010:
Caution is essential when using a tracheal tube as a stabilizing rod to remove the Intubating Laryngeal Airway (ILA) after tracheal intubation in children

Stamenkovic, D.; Kangrga, I.; Karanikolas, M., 2009:
Caution is necessary when dexmedetomidine is used off-label, especially when combined with other sedatives

Boethel, C.D.; Ghamande, S.A.; Fader, R.C.; Arroliga, A.C., 2015:
Caution is needed concerning location of legionella testing, as 1 size (method) does not fit all

Enderby, P., 2012:
Caution is needed in extrapolating results of randomised controlled trial

Dalgleish, S.; Finlayson, D., 2013:
Caution is needed in interpreting results

Pencina, M.J., 2012:
Caution is needed in the interpretation of added value of biomarkers analyzed in matched case control studies

Nagashima, T.; Minota, S., 2015:
Caution is needed when interpreting changes of matrix metalloproteinase-3 in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Chao, M.; Gibbs, P., 2010:
Caution is required before recommending routine carcinoembryonic antigen and imaging follow-up for patients with early-stage colon cancer

Maffiuletti, N.A., 2008:
Caution is required when comparing the effectiveness of voluntary versus stimulated versus combined strength training modalities

Rowe, A.K.; Kachur, S.Patrick.; Yoon, S.S.; Lynch, M.; Slutsker, L.; Steketee, R.W., 2009:
Caution is required when using health facility-based data to evaluate the health impact of malaria control efforts in Africa

Carey, S., 2008:
Caution is still needed when prescribing atypical antipsychotics

Ramey, S.Landesman.; Deluca, S.C.; Case-Smith, J.; Stevenson, R., 2012:
Caution is warranted in interpreting data from a recent trial of modified constraint-induced therapy

Autier, P.; Boniol, M., 2011:
Caution needed for country-specific cancer survival

Ding, S.; Bai, X.; Fan, C.; Zhang, L., 2010 :
Caution needed in pretreatment of sediments for refining phosphorus-31 nuclear magnetic resonance analysis: results from a comprehensive assessment of pretreatment with ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid

Shrivastava, A.; Gupta, N.; Upadhyay, P.; Puliyel, J., 2013:
Caution needed in using oral polio vaccine beyond the cold chain: vaccine vial monitors may be unreliable at high temperatures

Screen, J.A.; Simmonds, I., 2013:
Caution needed when linking weather extremes to amplified planetary waves

Prasad, V., 2011:
Caution needed when predicting problem residents

Sandhu, G.; Zouain, E.; Chan, G., 2013:
Caution of overdependence on formulas while treating hyponatremia

Wang, X-Ling.; Wang, Y-Qian.; Mu, Y-Ming., 2012:
Caution on diagnosis of idiopathetic central diabetes insipidus

Ashrani, A.A.; Heit, J.A., 2012:
Caution on interpreting the time trends in pulmonary embolism as "overdiagnosis"

Filipiak, L.; Mathieu, F.; Moreau, J., 2010:
Caution on the assessment of intestinal parasitic load in studying parasite-mediated sexual selection: the case of Blackbirds coccidiosis

Karpe, F.; Hodson, L., 2008:
Caution on the interpretation of plasma fatty acid composition as a proxy marker for SCD1 activity: particular implications for using the 16:1/16:0 ratio in QTL studies involving hyperlipidemic patients

Spangenberg, J.E., 2013:
Caution on the storage of waters and aqueous solutions in plastic containers for hydrogen and oxygen stable isotope analysis

Qi, H.; Coplen, T.B.; Olack, G.A.; Vennemann, T.W., 2014:
Caution on the use of NBS 30 biotite for hydrogen-isotope measurements with on-line high-temperature conversion systems

Klein, G.R.; Rapuri, V.; Hozack, W.J.; Parvizi, J.; Purtill, J.J., 2007:
Caution on the use of combined constrained liners and cages in revision total hip arthroplasty

Coplen, T.B.; Qi, H., 2010:
Caution on the use of liquid nitrogen traps in stable hydrogen isotope-ratio mass spectrometry

McCoy, H.; Vaughn, M.G.; Maynard, B.R.; Salas-Wright, C.P., 2015:
Caution or warning? A validity study of the MAYSI-2 with juvenile offenders

Wallis, L., 2014:
Caution over antidepressants may have backfired

Williams, D., 2012:
Caution over social care reform funding

Kwok, A.L.M.; Wong, O.Gee-Wan.; Wong, E.S.Y.; Tsun, O.Ka-Lai.; Chan, K-Kui.; Cheung, A.Nga-Yin., 2014:
Caution over use of ES2 as a model of ovarian clear cell carcinoma

Van Brabandt, H.; Neyt, M.; Devos, C., 2013:
Caution over use of catheter ablation for atrial fibrillation

Chlebowski, R.T., 2009:
Caution regarding 25-hydroxyvitamin D monitoring in women with breast cancer

Lowe, S.A.; Lust, K.; North, R.A.; McMahon, L.; Paech, M., 2015:
Caution regarding first trimester screening for pre-eclampsia

Yu, K-Da.; Di, G-Hong.; Fan, L.; Hu, Z.; Chen, A-Xiang.; Shao, Z-Ming., 2010:
Caution regarding genotyping methodology for a tri-allelic polymorphism in the novel breast cancer susceptibility gene NQO2

Inkster, T.; Halley, L., 2007:
Caution regarding interpretation of positive Streptococcal pnuemoniae latex agglutination results from blood cultures

Anonymous, 2008:
Caution regarding nelfinavir use in children and pregnant women

Keller, D.Louis., 2012:
Caution regarding testosterone therapy

Wallen, M.; Ziviani, J., 2013:
Caution regarding the Pediatric Motor Activity Log to measure upper limb intervention outcomes for children with unilateral cerebral palsy

Smith, D.C.; Esterhuizen, A.; Greenberg, J., 2014:
Caution regarding the interpretation of homoallelism in polyglutamine multiplex assays: a recommendation for confirmatory testing of homozygous alleles

Araki, M.; Nojima, K.; Ishii, T., 2014:
Caution required for handling genome editing technology

Kesman, T.J.; Kane, P.H.; Kaufman, K.R.; Trousdale, R.T., 2010:
Caution required when using an intraoperative knee balancer in total knee arthroplasty

McAvoy, B.R., 2014:
Caution required with total disc replacement for chronic back pain

Machado, P.; Vaz, F., 2008:
Caution should be taken in the methodology used to confirm c.156_157insAlu BRCA2 mutation

Rowhani-Farid, A.; Barnett, A.G., 2018:
Badges for sharing data and code at Biostatistics: an observational study

Díez, O.; Gutiérrez-Enríquez, S.; Ramón y Cajal, T.; Alonso, C.; Balmaña, J.; Llort, G., 2007:
Caution should be used when interpreting alterations affecting the exon 3 of the BRCA2 gene in breast/ovarian cancer families

Verhagen, E.; Bolling, C.; Finch, C.F., 2015:
Caution this drug may cause serious harm! Why we must report adverse effects of physical activity promotion

Zhang, F-ju.; Sun, X-guang., 2013:
Caution to perform excimer laser corneal ablation on the ametropia with corneal guttata

Iacobucci, G., 2013:
Caution urged amid wide variation in response rates to friends and family test

Miller, C.L., 2014:
Caution urged in interpreting a negative study of cannabis use and schizophrenia

Mitka, M., 2012:
Caution urged in ramping up use of transcatheter aortic valve replacement

Schneider, G., 2007:
Caution urged on the concept of lumbar instability

Davies, J.E.; Shanmuganathan, M.; Francis, D.P.; Mayet, J.; Hackett, D.R.; Hughes, A.D., 2010:
Caution using brachial systolic pressure to calibrate radial tonometric pressure waveforms: lessons from invasive study

Turturro, F.; Leary, C.; Stephens, J.; Veillon, D.; Lowery-Nordberg, M., 2010:
Caution using hypomethylating agents in myelodysplasia or myeloid leukemia with complex cytogenetics

Miyares, M.A., 2014:
Caution warranted when defining contraindications in initiating β-blocker therapy

Holick, M.F., 2012:
Caution when D-ealing with vitamin D-based multidimensional nomogram: the parathyroid hormone D-ilemma

Cheng, A.; Mahajan, A.; Rozner, M., 2012:
Caution when applying "lessons" from Suresh et al

Woollard, A.J.; Hodzovic, I.; Latto, I.P., 2009:
Caution when cooling tracheal introducers

Sawyer, K.N.; Kurz, M.C., 2015:
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Caution when prescribing cholinesterase inhibitors

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Caution with cooking spices: salt raises blood pressure!

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Caution with hypofractionated dose-escalating radiotherapy in non-small cell lung cancer

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Caution with regards to stem-cell therapies

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Caution with the published database reviews analyzing the off-label use of recombinant activated factor VII (rFVIIa) in cardiac surgery

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Caution with the word "overextended" (2)

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Caution! All data are not created equal: The hazards of using National Weather Service data for calculating accumulated degree days

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Caution! Analyze transcripts from conditional knockout alleles

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Caution, nutrition rumors. Eat, my child--spinach has a lot of iron!

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Caution, risk of accident!

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Caution--expert opinion

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Caution. Rumor kitchen: honey is better than sugar

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Caution: Affordable Care Act pediatric dental/medical embedded deductible

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Caution: Danger ahead!!: The Pitfalls of continuously educating oneself!!!

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Caution: Javel water!

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Caution: Not seeing may be believing

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BadGluc, a β-glucosidase from Bjerkandera adusta with anthocyanase properties

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Caution: abnormal venous anatomy when inserting central venous catheters

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Caution: all "medrols" are not the same

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Caution: arterial line error

Anonymous, 2009:
Caution: business tax! A physician employing a colleague in the practice must monitor his work

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Caution: chlamydia surveillance data ahead

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Caution: coloured medication and the colour blind

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Caution: conscience is the limb on which medical ethics sits

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Caution: critical illness policies

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Caution: fragile! Regulating the interpersonal security of chronically insecure partners

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Caution: killing germs may be hazardous to your health

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Caution: maintain anti-platelet therapy in patients with coronary artery stents

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Caution: more scrutiny ahead. Regardless of federal standards on what constitutes adequate community benefits, hospitals still face close look from the states

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Caution: screening for lung cancer

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Caution: the Phadia hazelnut ImmunoCAP (f17) has been supplemented with recombinant Cor a 1 and now detects Bet v 1-specific IgE, which leads to elevated values for persons with birch pollen allergy

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Cautionary Note Concerning the CuSO(4) X-Ray Laser

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Cautionary alert, information for applicants and licensees

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Cautionary case: low Glasgow Coma Scale scores, brainstem involvement, decompressive craniectomy, full recovery, and one more reason for advocacy/collaboration

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Cautionary note on use of INSTANT-VIEW M-1 to avoid incomplete reaction

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Cautionary note regarding the use of CIs obtained from Kaplan-Meier survival curves

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Cautionary notes on the use of NF-κB p65 and p50 antibodies for CNS studies

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Cautionary tales for thrill seekers

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Cautionary tales in the clinical interpretation of studies of diagnostic tests

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Cautionary tales in the clinical interpretation of trials assessing therapy-induced changes in health status

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Cautionary tales in the interpretation of clinical studies involving older persons

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Cautionary tales in the interpretation of studies of tools for predicting risk and prognosis

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Cautionary tales of pitfalls ahead

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Cautionary tales of the unexpected

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Cautioning against causal alcohol-cardiovascular assumptions

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Cautioning the use of degree-day models for climate change projections in the presence of parametric uncertainty

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Cautions in the Treatment of Ureteral Calculi

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Cautions and caveats to the treatment of acquired hemophilia A

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Cautions and precautions

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Cautions and research needs identified at the equol, soy, and menopause research leadership conference

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Cautions before interpreting scattergram abnormalities on XE-2100 in malaria detection

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Cautions concerning botox therapy

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Cautions for pharmaceutical care in cancer patients-comparative evaluation between cancer and non-cancer

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Cautions in the Use of Surgical Instruments and Appliances

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Cautions in the adoption of common reference intervals

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Cautions in the conservative management of epidural hematomas

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Cautions in usage of generic epinastine

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Cautions regarding the fitting and interpretation of survival curves: examples from NICE single technology appraisals of drugs for cancer

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Cautious Optimism on High-Tech Weapons for NATO Forces

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Cautious Use of Intrathecal Baclofen in Walking Spastic Patients: Results on Long-term Follow-up

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Cautious advice

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Cautious application of the hepatorenal syndrome criteria to critically ill patients with cirrhosis

Anonymous, 2012:
Cautious backing for proposals to reduce red tape in farming

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Cautious but committed: moving toward adaptive planning and operation strategies for renewable energy's wildlife implications

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Cautious choice of new intraocular lenses in patients with cataract rehabilitation surgery in China

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Cautious comparison between East and West is necessary in terms of the serum pepsinogen test

Anonymous, 2016:
Cautious confirmation for easier aneurysm repair. For some people, fixing a bulging aorta from the inside is an okay alternative to surgery

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Cautious enthusiasm about GWAS findings

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Cautious epoprostenol therapy is a safe bridge to lung transplantation in pulmonary veno-occlusive disease

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Cautious first guidance for prescribing pot

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Cautious notification and continual monitoring of patients with mild cognitive impairment

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Cautious observation or blanket scanning? An investigation into paediatric attendances to an emergency department after head injury

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Cautious optimism concerning long-term safety of kidney donation

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Cautious optimism for HIV vaccine science

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Cautious optimism for extreme dose escalation in prostate cancer

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Cautious optimism for proposed European MRI exposure limit exemption

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Cautious optimism on public health in post-earthquake Haiti

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Cautious optimism over Norway-Indonesia REDD pact

Anonymous, 2014:
Cautious optimism regarding the impact of comparative effectiveness research on decision-making

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Bad is Stronger Than Good for Stigmatized, but Not Admired Outgroups: Meta-Analytical Tests of Intergroup Valence Asymmetry in Individual-to-Group Generalization Experiments

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Cautious reassurance: cardiovascular risk in the context of stimulant use

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Cautious renal transplantation for the elderly is realistic

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Cautious use of drug eluting stents in treating acute myocardial infarction

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Cautious use of thread shape factor

Anonymous, 2011:
Cautious welcome for fall in Welsh TB figures

Robeznieks, A., 2014:
Cautiously hopeful. But docs still unsure about exchange participation

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Cave Ecology

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Cave microbiology

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Cave-Air for Ventilation

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Caveamus surgeones: five great threats to surgery in the new millennium

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Caveat Emptor

Anonymous, 1926:
Caveat Emptor!

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Caveat actor, Caveat emptor: some notes on some hazards of Tinseltown teaching

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Caveat emptor

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Caveat emptor

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Caveat emptor

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Caveat emptor

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Caveat emptor

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Caveat emptor, venditor, et praescribor: legal liability associated with methyplenidate hydrochloride (MPH) use by postsecondary students

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Caveat emptor...let the buyer beware

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Caveat emptor: bitemporal intractable epilepsy: could it be surgically treated?

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Caveat emptor: does testosterone treatment reduce mortality in men?

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Caveat emptor: if you have PKD, be careful of what you drink?

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Caveat emptor: limitations of the automated reconstruction of metabolic pathways in Plasmodium

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Caveat emptor: single nucleotide polymorphism reporting in pharmacogenomics

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Caveat emptor? Meta-analysis of studies comparing self-observed therapy and directly observed therapy for tuberculosis

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Caveat evidence: be a discriminating scrutinizer of health care information

Anonymous, 2012:
Caveat for nurses serving as jurors in cases involving medical care. Case on point: Ledbetter v. Howard, 2012 OK 39 (4/24/2012)-OK

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Caveat injector

Eldawlatly, A.; Shafer, S.L., 2012:
Caveat lector

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Caveat lector

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Caveat mTOR: aberrant signaling disrupts corticogenesis

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Caveat medicus

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Caveat medicus! Pulmonary hypertension in the elderly: a word of caution

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Caveat of RNAi in plants: the off-target effect

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Caveat on the C-reactive protein (CRP) values: a note to our readers

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Caveat promisor: the potential pitfalls of clinical guarantees

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Caveat regarding ESPGHAN/NASPGHAN functional constipation treatment recommendations

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Caveat spectator: digital imaging and data manipulation

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Caveat utilitor: take measure of your marker

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Caveat: Explain the variables affecting the effectiveness of homeopathic therapy

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