Chemical constituents of essential oils from the leaves and stem barks of four Vietnamese species of Fissistigma (Annonaceae)

Thang, T.D.; Luu, H.V.; Dung, V.C.; Tuan, N.N.; Hung, N.H.; Dai, D.N.; Ogunwande, I.A.

Natural Product Research 28(3): 174-184


ISSN/ISBN: 1478-6419
PMID: 24499402
DOI: 10.1080/14786419.2013.863199
Accession: 052047021

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Chemical profiles of essential oils from four Fissistigma species: Fissistigma bracteolatum Chatt., Fissistigma villosissimum Merr., Fissistigma latifolium (Dunal) Merr. and Fissistigma glaucescens (Hance) Merr. were analysed by gas chromatography-flame ionisation detector and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Fissistigma essential oils consist mainly of sesquiterpenes (48.7-83.8%), monoterpenes (3.2-30.9%) and fatty acids (0.5-33.4%). Data on the essential oil composition of F. villosissimum, F. latifolium and F. glaucescens are reported for the first time.