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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 52099

Chapter 52099 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Erwin, C.O., 2013:
Classifying and comparing fundraising performance for nonprofit hospitals

Beldon, P., 2008:
Classifying and managing pretibial lacerations in older people

Pepper, R.J.; Salama, A.D., 2012:
Classifying and predicting outcomes in ANCA-associated glomerulonephritis

Alarcón-del-Amo, Mía-del-Carmen.; Lorenzo-Romero, C.; Gómez-Borja, M-Ángel., 2012:
Classifying and profiling Social Networking Site users: a latent segmentation approach

Ma, E.Y.T.; Cameron, C.J.F.; Kremer, S.C., 2011:
Classifying and scoring of molecules with the NGN: new datasets, significance tests, and generalization

Jindal, R.D.; Keshavan, M.S., 2008:
Classifying antipsychotic agents : need for new terminology

Carmel, H.; Gorman, J.M., 2009:
Classifying antipsychotics by likelihood of metabolic side-effects

Cowen, M.K.; Wakefield, D.B.; Cloutier, M.M., 2007:
Classifying asthma severity: objective versus subjective measures

Kaye, P.H.; Hirst, E.; Greenaway, R.S.; Ulanowski, Z.; Hesse, E.; Demott, P.J.; Saunders, C.; Connolly, P., 2008 :
Classifying atmospheric ice crystals by spatial light scattering

Hoffmann, Jürgen.; Wallwiener, D., 2009:
Classifying breast cancer surgery: a novel, complexity-based system for oncological, oncoplastic and reconstructive procedures, and proof of principle by analysis of 1225 operations in 1166 patients

Parlitz, U.; Berg, S.; Luther, S.; Schirdewan, A.; Kurths, J.; Wessel, N., 2012:
Classifying cardiac biosignals using ordinal pattern statistics and symbolic dynamics

Mandaleson, A.; Lee, Y.; Kerr, C.; Graham, H.Kerr., 2015:
Classifying cerebral palsy: are we nearly there?

Parker, G., 2011:
Classifying clinical depression: an operational proposal

Carels, N.; Frías, D., 2010:
Classifying coding DNA with nucleotide statistics

Luijsterburg, A.J.M.; Rozendaal, A.M.; Vermeij-Keers, C., 2018:
Classifying common oral clefts: a new approach after descriptive registration

Armand, P.; Kim, H.T.; Zhang, M-Jie.; Perez, W.S.; Dal Cin, P.S.; Klumpp, T.R.; Waller, E.K.; Litzow, M.R.; Liesveld, J.L.; Lazarus, H.M.; Artz, A.S.; Gupta, V.; Savani, B.N.; McCarthy, P.L.; Cahn, J-Yves.; Schouten, H.C.; Finke, Jürgen.; Ball, E.D.; Aljurf, M.D.; Cutler, C.S.; Rowe, J.M.; Antin, J.H.; Isola, L.M.; Di Bartolomeo, P.; Camitta, B.M.; Miller, A.M.; Cairo, M.S.; Stockerl-Goldstein, K.; Sierra, J.; Savoie, M.Lynn.; Halter, J.; Stiff, P.J.; Nabhan, C.; Jakubowski, A.A.; Bunjes, D.W.;, 2012:
Classifying cytogenetics in patients with acute myelogenous leukemia in complete remission undergoing allogeneic transplantation: a Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplant Research study

Lee, M.R.; Tabbal, G.; Kurkjian, T.Jonathan.; Roostaeian, J.; Rohrich, R.J., 2014:
Classifying deformities of the columella base in rhinoplasty

Winocur, E.; Reiter, S.; Krichmer, M.; Kaffe, I., 2010:
Classifying degenerative joint disease by the RDC/TMD and by panoramic imaging: a retrospective analysis

Helvey, G.A., 2015:
Classifying dental ceramics: numerous materials and formulations available for indirect restorations

Hosseinifard, B.; Moradi, M.Hassan.; Rostami, R., 2013:
Classifying depression patients and normal subjects using machine learning techniques and nonlinear features from EEG signal

Esmaeili, V.; Shamsollahi, M.Bagher.; Arefian, N.Mohammad.; Assareh, A., 2007:
Classifying depth of anesthesia using EEG features, a comparison

Lee, Y-Yun.; Hsieh, S., 2015:
Classifying different emotional states by means of EEG-based functional connectivity patterns

Liao, K-Ming.; Ou, C-Ying.; Chen, C-Wen., 2011:
Classifying different types of double triggering based on airway pressure and flow deflection in mechanically ventilated patients

Conway, M.; Doan, S.; Kawazoe, A.; Collier, N., 2010:
Classifying disease outbreak reports using n-grams and semantic features

Longo, C.; Lallas, A.; Kyrgidis, A.; Rabinovitz, H.; Moscarella, E.; Ciardo, S.; Zalaudek, I.; Oliviero, M.; Losi, A.; Gonzalez, S.; Guitera, P.; Piana, S.; Argenziano, G.; Pellacani, G., 2014:
Classifying distinct basal cell carcinoma subtype by means of dermatoscopy and reflectance confocal microscopy

Bloom, T.; Friedman, H., 2013:
Classifying dogs' (Canis familiaris) facial expressions from photographs

Scott, S., 2014:
Classifying eating and drinking ability in people with cerebral palsy

Wright, J.Timothy.; Morris, C.; Clements, S.E.; D'Souza, R.; Gaide, O.; Mikkola, M.; Zonana, J., 2010:
Classifying ectodermal dysplasias: Incorporating the molecular basis and pathways (Workshop II)

Blunt, I.; Bardsley, M.; Grove, A.; Clarke, A., 2015:
Classifying emergency 30-day readmissions in England using routine hospital data 2004-2010: what is the scope for reduction?

Heymann, W.R., 2008:
Classifying epidermolysis bullosa

Koçer, S.; Canal, M.Rahmi., 2011:
Classifying epilepsy diseases using artificial neural networks and genetic algorithm

Pardasani, V.; Khadilkar, S., 2014:
Classifying epilepsy: what's new?

Zhu, G.; Li, Y.; Wen, P.Paul.; Wang, S., 2015:
Classifying epileptic EEG signals with delay permutation entropy and Multi-Scale K-means

Vioque, S.M.; Kim, P.K.; McMaster, J.; Gallagher, J.; Allen, S.R.; Holena, D.N.; Reilly, P.M.; Pascual, J.L., 2014:
Classifying errors in preventable and potentially preventable trauma deaths: a 9-year review using the Joint Commission's standardized methodology

Kwon, H.Jun.; Kim, S.Geol.; Chun, J.Min.; Hwang, Y.Jin., 2015:
Classifying extrahepatic bile duct metachronous carcinoma by de novo neoplasia site

Blautzik, J.; Vetter, Céline.; Peres, I.; Gutyrchik, E.; Keeser, D.; Berman, A.; Kirsch, V.; Mueller, S.; Pöppel, E.; Reiser, M.; Roenneberg, T.; Meindl, T., 2013:
Classifying fMRI-derived resting-state connectivity patterns according to their daily rhythmicity

Stitt, J.P.; Newell, K.M., 2012:
Classifying features of the Intrinsic Mode Functions generated by Empirical Mode Decomposition of isometric force response using a fuzzy classifier

Rivera, J.; Vallejo, M.A.; Offenbächer, M., 2015:
Classifying fibromyalgia patients according to severity: the combined index of severity in fibromyalgia

Narayan, S.M.; Wright, M.; Derval, N.; Jadidi, A.; Forclaz, A.; Nault, I.; Miyazaki, S.; Sacher, Fédéric.; Bordachar, P.; Clémenty, J.; Jaïs, P.; Haïssaguerre, M.; Hocini, Mélèze., 2011:
Classifying fractionated electrograms in human atrial fibrillation using monophasic action potentials and activation mapping: evidence for localized drivers, rate acceleration, and nonlocal signal etiologies

Xarchas, K.C.; Verettas, D.A.; Kazakos, K.J., 2009:
Classifying fractures of the distal radius: impossible or unnecessary? Review of the literature and proposal of a grouping system

Simeonsson, R.J., 2010:
Classifying functional manifestations of ectodermal dysplasias

Murray, P.J.; Edwards, C.M.; Tindall, M.J.; Maini, P.K., 2012:
Classifying general nonlinear force laws in cell-based models via the continuum limit

Amthauer, H.A.; Tsatsoulis, C., 2010:
Classifying genes to the correct Gene Ontology Slim term in Saccharomyces cerevisiae using neighbouring genes with classification learning

Badawi, A.M.; Weiss, E.; Sleeman, W.C.; Hugo, G.D., 2012:
Classifying geometric variability by dominant eigenmodes of deformation in regressing tumours during active breath-hold lung cancer radiotherapy

Vila-Arteaga, J.; Vila-Mascarell, E., 2016:
Classifying glaucoma surgical techniques

Escobar, A.Julian.Gutierrez.; Castaño, D.Montoya., 2010:
Classifying glycerol dehydratase by its functional residues and purifying selection in its evolution

Locke, N., 1949:
Classifying health agency positions

Warm, D.; Edwards, P., 2013:
Classifying health information technology patient safety related incidents - an approach used in Wales

Boot, Cécile.R.L.; Meijman, F.J., 2010:
Classifying health questions asked by the public using the ICPC-2 classification and a taxonomy of generic clinical questions: an empirical exploration of the feasibility

McEachan, R.R.C.; Lawton, R.J.; Conner, M., 2010:
Classifying health-related behaviours: exploring similarities and differences amongst behaviours

Leung, T.S.; Jiang, S., 2013:
Classifying hidden colors behind an opaque layer with the acoustically modulated laser speckle contrast technique

Vernon, P.E., 1949:
Classifying high-grade occupational interest

Wechsler, J., 2013:
Classifying histiocytosis, a heterogeneous group of predominantly cutaneous disorders

Alexandrescu, R.; Bottle, A.; Jarman, B.; Aylin, P., 2015:
Classifying hospitals as mortality outliers: logistic versus hierarchical logistic models

Oshima, Y.; Kawaguchi, K.; Tanaka, S.; Ohkawara, K.; Hikihara, Y.; Ishikawa-Takata, K.; Tabata, I., 2010:
Classifying household and locomotive activities using a triaxial accelerometer

Tunçel, O.; Altun, K.; Barshan, B., 2009:
Classifying human leg motions with uniaxial piezoelectric gyroscopes

Bullock, I.M.; Dollar, A.M., 2012:
Classifying human manipulation behavior

Taylor, P.E.; Almeida, G.J.M.; Kanade, T.; Hodgins, J.K., 2011:
Classifying human motion quality for knee osteoarthritis using accelerometers

Fong, S.; Lan, K.; Wong, R., 2014:
Classifying human voices by using hybrid SFX time-series preprocessing and ensemble feature selection

Stein, D.J., 2008:
Classifying hypersexual disorders: compulsive, impulsive, and addictive models

Linklater, H.; Pipitone, Nò.; Rose, M.R.; Norwood, F.; Campbell, R.; Salvarani, C.; Scott, D.L.; Gordon, P., 2013:
Classifying idiopathic inflammatory myopathies: comparing the performance of six existing criteria

Mansfield, P.R., 1991:
Classifying improvements to drug marketing and justifications for claims of efficacy

McManus, B.M.; Carle, A.C.; Rapport, M.J., 2014:
Classifying infants and toddlers with developmental vulnerability: who is most likely to receive early intervention?

Mikkelsen, M.E.; Gaieski, D.F., 2013:
Classifying infections in the ICU: seeking certainty in an uncertain environment

Posid, J.M.; Goodman, R.A.; Khan, A.S., 2014:
Classifying infectious disease outbreaks to improve timeliness and efficiency of response

Fung, W.; Jonsson, A.; Buhren, V.; Bhandari, M., 2007:
Classifying intertrochanteric fractures of the proximal femur: does experience matter?

Mussa, H.Y.; Hawizy, L.; Nigsch, F.; Glen, R.C., 2011:
Classifying large chemical data sets: using a regularized potential function method

Henry-Feugeas, M.Cécile.; Onen, F.; Claeys, E.Schouman., 2008:
Classifying late-onset dementia with MRI: is arteriosclerotic brain degeneration the most common cause of Alzheimer's syndrome?

Lockwood, D.N.J.; Sarno, E.; Smith, W.Cairns., 2008:
Classifying leprosy patients--searching for the perfect solution?

Rousseau, M.; Ferraiuolo, M.A.; Crutchley, J.L.; Wang, X.Qing.; Miura, H.; Blanchette, M.; Dostie, Jée., 2015:
Classifying leukemia types with chromatin conformation data

Bekemeier, B.; Pantazis, A.; Dunbar, M.D.; Herting, J.R., 2015:
Classifying local health departments on the basis of the constellation of services they provide

Zhang, J.; Lockhart, T.E.; Soangra, R., 2014:
Classifying lower extremity muscle fatigue during walking using machine learning and inertial sensors

Volpp, S., 2008:
Classifying lust: the seventeenth-century vogue for male love

Noyes, H.J., 1949:
Classifying malocclusion

Kilday, J.; Palmieri, F.; Fox, M.D., 1993:
Classifying mammographic lesions using computerized image analysis

Smith, R.A.; Wienke, S.E.; Baker, M.K., 2015:
Classifying married adults diagnosed with alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency based on spousal communication patterns using latent class analysis: insights for intervention

Rizzo, D.; Creti, L.; Bailes, S.; Baltzan, M.; Grad, R.; Amsel, R.; Fichten, C.S.; Libman, E., 2011:
Classifying medication use in clinical research

Paramsothy, P.; Harlow, Sán.D.; Elliott, M.R.; Lisabeth, L.D.; Crawford, S.L.; Randolph, J.F., 2014:
Classifying menopause stage by menstrual calendars and annual interviews: need for improved questionnaires

Wang, X.; Chen, X.; Yang, P.; Wang, L.; Han, J., 2018:
Barcoding the Dendrobium (Orchidaceae) Species and Analysis of the Intragenomic Variation Based on the Internal Transcribed Spacer 2

Richiardi, J.; Gschwind, M.; Simioni, S.; Annoni, J-Marie.; Greco, B.; Hagmann, P.; Schluep, M.; Vuilleumier, P.; Van De Ville, D., 2012:
Classifying minimally disabled multiple sclerosis patients from resting state functional connectivity

Lowe, R.; Mussa, H.Y.; Mitchell, J.B.O.; Glen, R.C., 2011:
Classifying molecules using a sparse probabilistic kernel binary classifier

Benazzi, F., 2008:
Classifying mood disorders by age-at-onset instead of polarity

Patterson, T.A.; Basson, M.; Bravington, M.V.; Gunn, J.S., 2010:
Classifying movement behaviour in relation to environmental conditions using hidden Markov models

Guerri-Guttenberg, R.A.; Ingolotti, M., 2009:
Classifying musculocutaneous nerve variations

Carr, J., 2012:
Classifying myoclonus: a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma

Gould, A.C.; Apparicio, P.; Cloutier, M-Soleil., 2013:
Classifying neighbourhoods by level of access to stores selling fresh fruit and vegetables and groceries: identifying problematic areas in the city of Gatineau, Quebec

Somervuo, P.; Koskinen, P.; Mei, P.; Holm, L.; Auvinen, P.; Paulin, L., 2018:
BARCOSEL: a tool for selecting an optimal barcode set for high-throughput sequencing

Li, J.; Zhen, X.; Liu, X.; Ouyang, G., 2015:
Classifying normal and abnormal status based on video recordings of epileptic patients

Tran, D.T.; Johnson, M., 2011:
Classifying nursing errors in clinical management within an Australian hospital

Al-Mardini, M.; Aloul, F.; Sagahyroon, A.; Al-Husseini, L., 2015:
Classifying obstructive sleep apnea using smartphones

Shetty, D.Charan.; Urs, A.B.; Godhi, S.; Gupta, S., 2010:
Classifying odontogenic keratocysts as benign cystic neoplasms: a molecular insight into its aggressiveness

Matzke, A.; Lüthy, Jürg., 2009:
Classifying of strategies and measures against overweight and obesity: a controversial issue

Bell, N.; Sobolev, B.; Townson, A.; Evans, D.C.; Anton, H.; Simons, R.K., 2015:
Classifying outcomes of care for injured patients

Van Calster, B.; Timmerman, D.; Nabney, I.T.; Valentin, L.; Van Holsbeke, C.; Van Huffel, S., 2007:
Classifying ovarian tumors using Bayesian Multi-Layer Perceptrons and Automatic Relevance Determination: a multi-center study

Taylor, E.G.; Ross, B.H., 2009:
Classifying partial exemplars: seeing less and learning more

Dixon, L.; Hamilton-Giachritsis, C.; Browne, K., 2007:
Classifying partner femicide

Ahn, J.; McCombs, J.S.; Jung, C.; Croudace, T.J.; McDonnell, D.; Ascher-Svanum, H.; Edgell, E.T.; Shi, L., 2008:
Classifying patients by antipsychotic adherence patterns using latent class analysis: characteristics of nonadherent groups in the California Medicaid (Medi-Cal) program

Wraith, D.; Wolfe, R., 2016:
Classifying patients by their characteristics and clinical presentations; the use of latent class analysis

Evans, R.L.; Pottala, J.V.; Egland, K.A., 2015:
Classifying patients for breast cancer by detection of autoantibodies against a panel of conformation-carrying antigens

Polat, M.; Vahaboglu, G.; Onde, U.; Eksioglu, M., 2009:
Classifying patients with Behçet's disease for disease severity, using a discriminating analysis method

St Hilaire, M.A.; Sullivan, J.P.; Anderson, C.; Cohen, D.A.; Barger, L.K.; Lockley, S.W.; Klerman, E.B., 2013:
Classifying performance impairment in response to sleep loss using pattern recognition algorithms on single session testing

Crawford, M.J.; Koldobsky, N.; Mulder, R.; Tyrer, P., 2011:
Classifying personality disorder according to severity

Millon, T., 2011:
Classifying personality disorders: an evolution-based alternative to an evidence-based approach

Harris, P.L.; Morris, P.E.; Bassett, E., 1977:
Classifying pictures and words: Implications for the dual-coding hypothesis

Loos, M.J.A.; Roumen, R.M.H.; Scheltinga, M.R.M., 2007:
Classifying post-herniorrhaphy pain syndromes following elective inguinal hernia repair

Roosink, M.; van Dongen, R.T.M.; Renzenbrink, G.J.; Ijzerman, M.J., 2011:
Classifying post-stroke shoulder pain: can the DN4 be helpful?

Harbi, D.; Harrison, P.M., 2015:
Classifying prion and prion-like phenomena

Dunfield, K.A.; Kuhlmeier, V.A., 2014:
Classifying prosocial behavior: children's responses to instrumental need, emotional distress, and material desire

Loeffler, M.; Greulich, L.; Scheibe, P.; Kahl, P.; Shaikhibrahim, Z.; Braumann, U-Dietrich.; Kuska, J-Peer.; Wernert, N., 2013:
Classifying prostate cancer malignancy by quantitative histomorphometry

Redfield, M.T.; Cagle, J.C.; Hafner, B.J.; Sanders, J.E., 2014:
Classifying prosthetic use via accelerometry in persons with transtibial amputations

Kim, S.; Wilbur, W.John., 2012:
Classifying protein-protein interaction articles using word and syntactic features

Mann, M.; Maticzka, D.; Saunders, R.; Backofen, R., 2009:
Classifying proteinlike sequences in arbitrary lattice protein models using LatPack

Kolker, N.; Higdon, R.; Broomall, W.; Stanberry, L.; Welch, D.; Lu, W.; Haynes, W.; Barga, R.; Kolker, E., 2011:
Classifying proteins into functional groups based on all-versus-all BLAST of 10 million proteins

Anderson, D.A.; Davis, L.Sue.; Keehn, K.; Palazzolo, L., 2013:
Classifying psychiatric inpatient pediatric populations

Gaebel, W.; Zielasek, Jürgen.; Cleveland, H-Rose., 2013:
Classifying psychosis--challenges and opportunities

Gureje, O., 2008:
Classifying psychosis: when is the time ripe for changes?

Stahl, S.M., 2013:
Classifying psychotropic drugs by mode of action and not by target disorder

Schulze-Neick, I.; Beghetti, M., 2008:
Classifying pulmonary hypertension in the setting of the congenitally malformed heart--cleaning up a dog's dinner

Zhang, J.; Chen, W.; Gu, Y.; Wu, B.; Qi, Y.; Zheng, X., 2012:
Classifying real and imaginary finger press tasks on a P300-based brain-computer interface

Kahya, Y.P.; Yeginer, M.; Bilgic, B., 2007:
Classifying respiratory sounds with different feature sets

Schelble, J.L.; Therriault, D.J.; Miller, M.David., 2012:
Classifying retrieval strategies as a function of working memory

Sharma, J.C.; Bachmann, C.G.; Linazasoro, G., 2011:
Classifying risk factors for dyskinesia in Parkinson's disease

Thorp, M.L., 2011:
Classifying risk in patients with chronic kidney disease

Nielsen, R.Oestergaard.; Nohr, E.Aagaard.; Rasmussen, S.; Sørensen, H., 2013:
Classifying running-related injuries based upon etiology, with emphasis on volume and pace

Devinsky, O.; Najjar, S., 2011:
Classifying seizures and epilepsies: limits of science and semantics

Zammerilla, L.L.; Zou, R.H.; Dong, Z.M.; Winger, D.G.; Rubin, J.Peter.; Gusenoff, J.A., 2015:
Classifying severity of abdominal contour deformities after weight loss to aid in patient counseling: a review of 1006 cases

Woessner, G., 2010:
Classifying sexual offenders: an empirical model for generating type-specific approaches to intervention

Hafemeister, C.; Costa, I.G.; Schönhuth, A.; Schliep, A., 2011:
Classifying short gene expression time-courses with Bayesian estimation of piecewise constant functions

Parks, D.H.; MacDonald, N.J.; Beiko, R.G., 2011:
Classifying short genomic fragments from novel lineages using composition and homology

Wu, W.; Gao, X.; Hong, B.; Gao, S., 2008:
Classifying single-trial EEG during motor imagery by iterative spatio-spectral patterns learning (ISSPL)

Frick, A.; Gingnell, M.; Marquand, A.F.; Howner, K.; Fischer, Håkan.; Kristiansson, M.; Williams, S.C.R.; Fredrikson, M.; Furmark, T., 2014:
Classifying social anxiety disorder using multivoxel pattern analyses of brain function and structure

Weiss, J.; Hayes, D.Neil., 2014:
Classifying squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck: prognosis, prediction and implications for therapy

Melia, B.Michele.; Holmes, J.M.; Chandler, D.L.; Christiansen, S.P., 2011:
Classifying stability of misalignment in children with esotropia using simulations

Altalie, S.; Thevissen, P.; Willems, G., 2015:
Classifying stages of third molar development: crown length as a predictor for the mature root length

Slaboda, J.C.; Boston, J.Robert.; Rudy, T.E.; Lieber, S.J., 2008:
Classifying subgroups of chronic low back pain patients based on lifting patterns

DeVon, H.A.; Ryan, C.J.; Rankin, S.H.; Cooper, B.A., 2010:
Classifying subgroups of patients with symptoms of acute coronary syndromes: A cluster analysis

Schaadt, N.S.; Christoph, J.; Helms, V., 2011:
Classifying substrate specificities of membrane transporters from Arabidopsis thaliana

Saal, D.P.; van Dijk, J.Gert., 2015:
Classifying syncope

Van Dijk, J.Gert., 2010:
Classifying syncope: the need for less confusion

Dignam, P.Terence., 2016:
Classifying teenage depression

Lou, Q.; Obradovic, Z., 2014:
Classifying temporal microarray data by selecting informative genes

D'Souza, J.; Ng, V., 2014:
Classifying temporal relations in clinical data: a hybrid, knowledge-rich approach

ter Braak, B.; Siezen, C.L.E.; Kannegieter, N.; Koedoot, E.; van de Water, B.; van der Laan, J.W., 2016:
Classifying the adverse mitogenic mode of action of insulin analogues using a novel mechanism-based genetically engineered human breast cancer cell panel

Block, M.; Schöll, E.; Drasdo, D., 2008:
Classifying the expansion kinetics and critical surface dynamics of growing cell populations

Kedziora, D.J.; Ankiewicz, A.; Akhmediev, N., 2013:
Classifying the hierarchy of nonlinear-Schrödinger-equation rogue-wave solutions

McGlynn, S.E.; Boyd, E.S.; Peters, J.W.; Orphan, V.J., 2013:
Classifying the metal dependence of uncharacterized nitrogenases

Cerquera, A.; Greschner, M.; Freund, J.A., 2009:
Classifying the motion of visual stimuli from the spike response of a population of retinal ganglion cells

Macagno, F., 2016:
Classifying the properties of life

Esteban, Cóbal.; Quintana, J.M.; Egurrola, M.; Moraza, J.; Aburto, M.; Pérez-Izquierdo, J.; Basualdo, L.V.; Capelastegui, A., 2009:
Classifying the severity of COPD: are the new severity scales better than the old?

Kim, J.; Lee, S-Kyung.; Lee, B., 2015:
Classifying the speech response of the brain using Gaussian hidden markov model (HMM) with independent component analysis (ICA)

Chen, Y-Gang.; Liu, Z.; Wang, X-Shan., 2014:
Classifying the stage IV colorectal cancer: prognostic impact of radical resection for colorectal liver metastases and proposal for a new staging system

Gelencsér, Z.; Choudhary, K.Sonal.; Coutinho, B.Goncalves.; Hudaiberdiev, S.; Galbáts, B.; Venturi, V.; Pongor, Sándor., 2012:
Classifying the topology of AHL-driven quorum sensing circuits in proteobacterial genomes

Tusche, A.; Smallwood, J.; Bernhardt, B.C.; Singer, T., 2015:
Classifying the wandering mind: revealing the affective content of thoughts during task-free rest periods

Addis, B.J.; den Bakker, M.A., 2008:
Classifying thymomas

Yamal, J-Miguel.; Follen, M.; Guillaud, M.; Cox, D.D., 2012:
Classifying tissue samples from measurements on cells with within-class tissue sample heterogeneity

Posluszny, J.A.; Conrad, P.; Halerz, M.; Shankar, R.; Gamelli, R.L., 2011:
Classifying transfusions related to the anemia of critical illness in burn patients

Beaney, T., 2014:
Classifying unknowns: the idiopathic problem

Miller, P.J.; Duraisamy, S.; Newell, J.A.; Chan, P.A.; Tie, M.M.; Rogers, A.E.; Ankuda, C.K.; von Walstrom, G.M.; Bond, J.P.; Greenblatt, M.S., 2011:
Classifying variants of CDKN2A using computational and laboratory studies

Dijksterhuis, C.; de Waard, D.; Brookhuis, K.A.; Mulder, B.L.J.M.; de Jong, R., 2013:
Classifying visuomotor workload in a driving simulator using subject specific spatial brain patterns

Patanaik, A.; Kwoh, C.Keong.; Chua, E.C.P.; Gooley, J.J.; Chee, M.W.L., 2015:
Classifying vulnerability to sleep deprivation using baseline measures of psychomotor vigilance

Huffman, E.K., 2011:
Classifying, indexing and filing medical illustration material

Cragin, T., 2012:
Classless monster: the representation of criminals in Parisian news, 1830-1900

Lom, B., 2013:
Classroom Activities: Simple Strategies to Incorporate Student-Centered Activities within Undergraduate Science Lectures

Anderman, E.M.; Cupp, P.K.; Lane, D.R.; Zimmerman, R.; Gray, D.L.; O'Connell, A., 2011:
Classroom Goal Structures and HIV/Pregnancy Prevention Education in Rural High School Health Classrooms

Kramer, P.J.; Basmajian, J.V., 1961:
Classroom Teaching and Research

Baker, S.J., 1918:
Classroom Ventilation and Respiratory Diseases Among School Children

Persson, R.; Kristiansen, J.; Lund, Søren.P.; Shibuya, H.; Nielsen, P.Møberg., 2014:
Classroom acoustics and hearing ability as determinants for perceived social climate and intentions to stay at work

Donelan, S., 2010:
Classroom and reality: what should we teach in wilderness first aid courses?

Clay-Williams, R.; McIntosh, C.A.; Kerridge, R.; Braithwaite, J., 2014:
Classroom and simulation team training: a randomized controlled trial

Bloom, S.E.; Iwata, B.A.; Fritz, J.N.; Roscoe, E.M.; Carreau, A.B., 2011:
Classroom application of a trial-based functional analysis

Hawks, S.R.; Madanat, H.; Smith, T.; De La Cruz, N., 2008:
Classroom approach for managing dietary restraint, negative eating styles, and body image concerns among college women

Stallard, P.; Sayal, K.; Phillips, R.; Taylor, J.A.; Spears, M.; Anderson, R.; Araya, R.; Lewis, G.; Millings, A.; Montgomery, A.A., 2012:
Classroom based cognitive behavioural therapy in reducing symptoms of depression in high risk adolescents: pragmatic cluster randomised controlled trial

Gaihre, S.; Semple, S.; Miller, J.; Fielding, S.; Turner, S., 2015:
Classroom carbon dioxide concentration, school attendance, and educational attainment

Colaco, J., 2008:
Classroom clients

Vedder, P.; Kouwenhoven, C.; Burk, W.J., 2008:
Classroom climate and students' goal preferences: a cross-cultural comparison

Gniewosz, B.; Noack, P., 2007:
Classroom climate indicators and attitudes towards foreigners

Muscatiello, N.; McCarthy, A.; Kielb, C.; Hsu, W-H.; Hwang, S-A.; Lin, S., 2016:
Classroom conditions and CO2 concentrations and teacher health symptom reporting in 10 New York State Schools

Dotterer, A.M.; Lowe, K., 2012:
Classroom context, school engagement, and academic achievement in early adolescence

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Clean seating. Selecting and maintaining hospital upholstery

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Clean storage of the tip of a catheter bag

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Clean switch: the case for prison needle and syringe programs

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Clean tech rising

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Clean the underwriting house

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Clean those teeth

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Clean thoughts on clean air

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Clean up on hand hygiene compliance

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Clean up the colon on insertion for better adenoma detection (with video)

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Clean up varicose vein surgery-use a tourniquet

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Clean up your act: every patient you encounter deserves respect

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Clean up your revenue cycle now: 6 survival tips for icd-10-induced payment slowdowns

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Clean versus sterile technique for common joint injections: a review from the physiatry perspective

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Clean vs. sterile dressing techniques for management of chronic wounds: a fact sheet

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Clean water and sanitation in developing areas lacking conventional power

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Clean water should be recognized as a human right

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Clean water, sanitation, and the millennium development goals

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Clean-air college. As more schools ban smoking outside, compliance is often left to peer pressure, not punishment

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CleanEST: a database of cleansed EST libraries

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CleanEx: new data extraction and merging tools based on MeSH term annotation

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Cleanable particulate filter for diesel engines

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Cleaner LASIK is possible

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Cleaner air

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Cleaner air over Scandinavia

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Cleaner air--fewer cars

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